My Top 5 Worst Stocks I Hold Right Now!

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Today we do a video in which I show the top 5 worst stocks I have. 2 of the stocks are not too bad, however, the other 3 are down big. I am doing this video to show that sometimes you will pick a bad stock for the short term or long term. That is okay! no one can be perfect in the stock market. 

Sometimes you will make a mistake! Welcome to the world of WallstreetBets! haha just kidding! Welcome to the world of stock market investing and business. not everything will always go perfect. you must accept that and move on.

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Holy smokes, this is a no joke is today we’re doing a painful video for me to do. It’s called my top five worst stocks I hold right now, this is obviously not the most fun video in the world for me to do, I’d much rather two or three stocks I’m buying video or something like that.

But I think this video is gonna be really important for a lot of you guys to see out there. And hey, maybe there’s some opportunities in the stocks, maybe there isn’t. But at the end of the day, I think there’s some big psychological factors that will be why this video is very, very important for me to do here today. Okay, it’s not the most fun video.

So public count, we have a 151% one year rate of return in their in my main private account, we have a 137% one year rate of return. And just understand that is not always possible. And that is not always realistic in the stock market. Okay, it’s been an amazing past few years for me in the market.

But believe me, it doesn’t always go like that sometimes you’re gonna have some stocks that just don’t work out, you’re going to take some short term ELLs in stock market investing, and for anybody that is in their first like few years of investing, maybe you’re just getting in the market, you’re thinking about getting in the market, you’ve been in the market for a little bit now.

Okay, you’re gonna take some short term ELLs in this game, there’s no doubt about it, okay, there’s no other way around it, you just have to get past that psychological barrier. And I’m thinking like every stock you ever pick is going to go up because it doesn’t work out for anybody.

Okay, there’s nobody that’s been doing this for decades and decades, and has never picked a bad stock in the short term. Okay, the short term Hey, man, let’s let’s just allows you to buy more, it’s buying opportunities. That’s the way I look at it.

If we go ahead, and we pull up the public count, and we pull up the best stocks as in that account, okay. And my in terms of like the most dollars I gained on those stocks, six out of those seven stocks went down in the short term after I had initially bought guess what I did, I bought more and more and more built those companies into much bigger positions.

And now, you know, look at the gains in the stocks like Tesla, if I sold it today buys me a house, right? Like, like sky work solutions. I could sell that. And in Facebook, right, that could buy me a couple model threes right there.

I could sell fizzy get dizzy today for what $32,000 profit. I mean, that would pay for at least one or two classes at Harvard. I mean, think about that for a moment, okay, if I sold my iRobot shares that might you know, pay for a class at like Arizona state university or something like that, right.

So I mean, when you just think about that, it’s all about getting your cost basis, lower over time, and any stock you love, if you goes down short term, she’ll get that as a buying opportunity. But also understand, you’re gonna take some long term ELLs, even over the long term, there might be a stock or two you buy that doesn’t work out and you can hold the stock for years.

And it might simply just not work out. Okay. Perfect example for me was go broke back in the day, we coined that stock go broke back then, because all it did was go down. Okay, I got in that stock back half of 2015.

I ended up selling out of that stock in January of 2018. And I took a big l on that. Okay, so a big L. And sometimes that’s going to happen, like things just aren’t gonna work out on the GoPro. I mean, the management team just completely messed up everything they were doing at that particular time.

I mean, they had they had a just had massive opportunity. And they just they squandered it, essentially. And I took a big long term l on that. And, you know, sometimes you got to make the decision, just cut it loose. And I’m glad I did that would go broke.

Because that stocks down I think about 50%, roughly, from where I sold out in January 2018. I mean, it’s just gone down more and more since then, never mind. Guess what, I ended up rebuilding my portfolios.

After that, with three core stocks, those three core stocks ended up being Tesla sky works in Facebook, okay. So you know, sometimes you just got to take the big L and rebuild your portfolio. And that’s what I ended up doing in January 2018.

And we started building out the portfolios again, and oh, my goodness, you know, it’s been, it’s been a world of differences to put that way between companies that actually execute, versus that company that completely didn’t execute.

So don’t ever be scared of making a mistake in the stock market, it will happen, okay, accept it, just accept it accept that sometimes, it’s not gonna work out. Sometimes, you know, stocks are gonna go down short term. And sometimes stocks are gonna go down long term.

The fact is, you will never buy any stocks, if you’re super scared of buying a stock in the first place, right? And you’re scared, like, what if it goes down? What if my money goes down in the stock? Like, if you if you have that type of fear, like it’s just not going to work out?

And as long as you know what you’re doing? Nine out of 10 times you should pick winning stocks. Okay. I can tell you in my stock market accounts, nine out of 10 stocks, I pick go up over the long term, and you know, quite a few of them go up substantially several of those will end up being homerun stocks, meaning they go up 100% Plus.

While I hold those stocks, and I know one out of every 10 is going to be that stock that just doesn’t work out. It’s just the way it works. But believe me, you’re gonna make so much more money in the stock market as long as nine out of 10 stocks you pick are doing really good.

And that one out of 10 You know, it is what it is you just you know, it’s like it’s like kicking field goals in the NFL. Or something like that as long as you’re making a heck of a lot more field goals and you’re missing you’re winning Okay, so hope you guys enjoy today’s video as always, even though.

It’s not the most fun one to talk about all right if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up helps YouTube channel out in a massive massive way and also if you want the opportunity to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market while taking less risk felt application below it’s gonna be first link in the description down there.

We actually even offer one on one coaching now as well in that program okay financial fortress already guys, let’s get into this the fifth worst stock, okay, this one’s super lame. Okay, don’t worry.

Number three through one, those will be the kind of epic ELS is that way as far as those ones. But Walgreens it’s my fifth worst stock I hold right now it’s down to whole point three 4% down $32 this is held in the dividends only account which essentially account I created this probably about oh gosh, maybe six to 12 months ago or so.

In the actual private group I have basically I’m just trying to build out a dividend account and try to see like how I do as a dividend investor has never been something I’ve really focused on so that account can only hold dividend stocks in it Yeah, Walgreens is a stock that is down for us but it’s down very little Believe me We’ll get to some much bigger else in this one.

Okay, let me just cover real quick why I believe in Walgreens kind of long term or kind of you know, give you more of my bullish thesis around all these different stocks and and kind of why these haven’t worked out so far.

So why believe in Walgreens boots Alliance, these needs based business, you know, it’s a pharmacy, you go there if you need a pucks a band aids, you need some toothpaste or you need some Tylenol or some Pepto bismol or whatever.

Okay, it’s a needs based business at the end of the day and I definitely liked that about Walgreens boots Alliance, okay, it has a seven, four p on it, you’re not many stocks, you’re gonna find a stock market that trade that cheaply, okay.

And especially for needs based businesses, keep in mind anything that’s needs based or looked at as a category of, you know, a solid company. You know, usually those sorts of companies trade pretty rich, a lot of times they can trade it like 20s.

In terms of for peace. Walgreens is at a seven I think that’s really low. Walgreens is a turnaround play, the stock is right around its 52 week low. And I think it’s actually even a multi year low right around now. Okay, so if you look at that stock, it’s literally right around a multi year low for that stock right now.

I think it’s a good turnaround play. I think they’re doing a you know, decent job. As far as turnaround the business, they have plans to basically open even like kind of like I almost want to call it like doctor’s office slash urgent cares, actually, in part of their stores are going to I think do like 500 to 750 retrofits of stores around the United States over the next five years or so.
And they’re partnering with a company to do that. I think that’s going to be really intriguing. Okay, we’ll see what happens with that long term. And that’s a 5% dividend yield. I mean, we’re talking about a dividend beast of a company and in a very profitable business model, just a very, very profitable business model at the end of the day, so overall, you know, Walgreens.

Yeah, we’re down on at point three 4% right now, but you know, that’s one if it goes down more, I’ll likely continue to add that one the dividend count, because I like that one for the next several years.

As far as a dividend, play. Okay, next stock up here. Number four worst stock I hold. This is down 5.52%. For us in the dividends only account this is Oh, man, that’s a great way to start for the dividend account I 5.52%. down or $1,220. We’re down on this stock.

As of right now in the dividends only account on a cost basis of $15.97 in stocks trading just above 15. Right now. Okay. What do I like about JW? N Nordstrom? Number one, the premier department store in the United States of America.

I mean, almost everybody in the department store business is going out of business, right? A lot of bankruptcies in that space. Just a bad situation. And, you know, for good reason, because a lot of those players didn’t really have strong brands, they weren’t doing big things.

And I feel like Nordstrom is the only good one of the bunch. Let’s be honest. It’s the only good one of the bunch. Everything else is a mess. Macy’s, JC Penney’s, you know dillards all those other players forever 21. Like those are all just, you know, stocks, GWS actually has their act together.

It’s a very well run company for decades and decades. And it’s still a very well run company to this day. It’s a premier department store. And I don’t think that experience is going away tomorrow. Let’s just put it that way. Okay.

And in terms of Nordstrom, they also own Nordstrom Rack, which is a more of a strip mall related business, okay, you’ll find that in strip malls. In Nordstrom Rack, they sell basically, you know, higher end clothing that might be out of style or out of season or something like that, or just didn’t sell and basically they’ll sell it for much cheaper prices.

And generally speaking, you go to Nordstrom Rack stores, they’re pretty busy places. So just put that way because everybody wants a deal, right? And Nordstrom Rack provides the deals. Okay, so that’s actually a really, really good business model.

You’d like a secondary business model that this company owns. Okay, number three, they’ve expanded massively into online shopping over the past year or two. They’ve never taken a super serious I think because there’s department store business in the Nordstrom Rack business.

I can tell you over the last year or two, they focus on this way more than ever before. And I think this Roni Rona situation has made the company focus even more heavy than ever before, which is I think, Long Term great thing for the company.

I think he’s gonna wake them up even to a higher level to say, dude, we have to take online shopping super serious. And if we don’t take online shopping super serious, then you know, we could become irrelevant long term.

So I think that’s a good thing. Okay, number four, it’s a super cheap valuation like look at the four p on the stock, super, super, super cheap valuation on the stock number five I like the management team over there, I really do.

You know, I’ve watched several investor presentations from these folks. And I got to say, I think they got their heads on straight, I think they are headed in the right direction, I think they’re going to get this business very focused over the next several years.

They’re going to bring it back to major profitability, obviously, you know, their stores being shut down for you know, part of this year because of Ronnie Rauner was devastating in the short term, but the long term is going to be a learning experience for the company, I think they’re going to come out as better than ever.

And I really believe in this management team, which you know, a management team can make or break and invest. That’s why I think this one will be a winner for us long term. Okay. And number six, it is a very profitable business model.

Profits should return, you know, back half of this year, and definitely in 2021. So overall JW n if that one continues to go down, or maybe even hangs around here, I’ll still continue to buy that stock. All right, that was number four, stock number three up of the bunch. My third worst stock at the moment is winning resorts, which right now is losing resorts.

All right, this one I hold in the public account, I hold 345 shares in that particular account, I do hold some when in some other accounts, but this was the account that was the most negative of negative 12% here Okay, so we’re down $3,782 on the stock as of right now, cost base of $90.75 in the public count that want to start buying you know.

I think a few months or so, before Ronnie Rona started take off. And obviously you know, when you have to close your entire resorts down and you know, global travel basically, you know, just goes away overnight. It’s it’s pretty bad for your business model.

It’s just put that way okay. But in terms of winning resorts, I gotta say I do love this stock on a long term basis. Okay, anytime I can get this stock for under $100 it is a deal on the stock, okay, anytime I can get under $100 it is a deal. Number two, they are the highest end gaming play. Okay, so their business model is really built upon.

Basically having VIP guests come to their resorts, Cates the highest and experience the restaurants and clubs, the gaming experience on the gaming floors, pools, all those sorts of things, the spas highest of the highest end, okay, so VIPs and premium mass of the type of folks that come here.

This is really important, because these are type of people that spend a lot of money usually gaming, okay, now spend 10,000 100,000 million dollars on a trip, okay? This is very important for their business model to work overall, you don’t want just a bunch of you know, gamers coming in there who are playing with 50 bucks or 80 bucks out of their pocket, okay.

You want the people that are playing with 1000s 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s or even millions of dollars. And those are also the same exact people that are going to spend, you know, $500 $1,000, if not much more than that on a dinner at your restaurant. Right?

rather than, you know, go to you know, some I don’t know, cafe that, you know, they spend $20 or something like some of these other gaming resorts, right. It’s a totally different experience. And I like that they cater and kind of have a dominant market share in that market, not just in Las Vegas, but in Macau as well. And they do have a property in Boston, also.

Okay, now speaking about Macau in Vegas, all right. 2021 in 2022 will be the years where those properties come back. Okay, you know, 2020 Yeah, the properties have reopened, but you know, business is slow or relatively slowly should put that way.

2021 2022 I expect global travel to start opening up more and more and more and more conventions will start being booked, especially in the back half of 21 in my opinion, and in 2022 that’s going to be very big.

Also just global travel starting to open up and I think we know once travel starts to really open up in a major way. I think we will get crazy numbers from anything travel related essentially because people have been cooped up for quite a while and especially if this rolls into 2021.

Believe me, man, people are going to are going to have more of an appetite to traveling go places than you know probably ever in human history. Let’s just put it that way. So needless to say I think the business will be really strong coming back starting next year and especially if you’re looking at a little longer term to like 2022 Okay, that’s really exciting.

Number four is a great dividend stock you know, as this business comes back more and more of the dividends will return and the cash flow machine that is a stock which is a dividend stock it will start to roar higher and higher okay.

They do have future growth coming I’m not just talking about their business coming back in general right in Vegas, you know, getting stronger in Macau getting stronger. I’m also talking about future projects so they actually have a project they’re going to be working on in Macau.

That should be you know an amazing new project that should attract a ton more tourists coming to their properties. They’re talking about cleanup potentially doing something here in Vegas over the next couple years like to see all the shakes out with this whole Rooney Ronan situation.

But as as you know, passes and gets further and further in the distance, this company will get back to future growth and future projects, especially as that cash flow returns to the business model. So overall, you know, Wynn resorts has been a stock I’ve done phenomenal on the past, and I think I’ll do phenomenal on this one.

In the future. It’s just caught up in the worst situation right now. Let’s put it that way. Okay, start number two, that is my worst stock of a bunch. is n a t, Nordic American tank? Oh, my goodness. So many you guys been wanting me to talk about this one? Okay.

This one a hold in my main private account, okay. And this one, I am down about 26% on down about 90, almost 90 $400. On this particular stock, a cost base of 526 on this one, okay. Now, the loss isn’t quite as big as it looks.

Although it is still big, because I have received dividends at least a couple times from the stock now, including the latest one that was just paid out to my account what was at about a week, week and a half ago or so of $1,380.

So you know, we’re still taking a big l on this one, but it’s not as bad as it looks just because we have received some nice dividends from the stock k. Now nit let me talk about this one for a moment. Okay. It’s a very high dividend. Okay.

I mean, look at the yield 14.43%. I mean, it’s one of the highest you’ll ever see out there. In the stock market. It’s a very, very high yield stock, trailing P of six and a half on this company, very, very low for p we’re gonna have to see I mean, the, you know, the tanker industry rates.

It can change really quick, like, you know, it was the end of the world for nit, like 12 months ago, and all sudden, you know, six months ago, they’re on top of the world now. It looks horrible.
Again, I mean, it’s it’s a business model that is all over the place is super volatile. It’s why it’s not my favorite stock at the end of the day. So what Yeah, one minute, it’s like, oh, they’re doomed in next minutes.

Like, Oh, my gosh, I’m gonna make so much money. It’s crazy. Okay, and they’ve been making so much money this year. It’s crazy. Okay, we’ll take a supply in terms of new ships coming on very low. I think that’s really good news.

It’s not like any tease out there ordering a bunch of new ships. And most players in this market are not ordering a bunch of new ships, I think this is very important and very good. The business model long term, because if there’s not a glut of supply out there, then basically, you know.

Whoever needs that oil transport it, they’re gonna have to pay, you know, higher rates of just put that way. and higher rates are obviously good for business model, like nit, if everybody just you know, produces a ton more ships out there all sudden, guess what happens?

Well, you know, the rates you’re going to get for your Suez maxes are going to go down, and down and down and down. That’s obviously not a good thing. Okay. I’m planning on holding this stock for the next, you know, one to two years.

Like I said, it’s definitely not my favorite stock in the world. You know, it’s a profit machine right now. It’s a dividend machine right now, and that’s fine. But yeah, I’m planning on holding for the next one to two years. And, you know, we’ll see what happens with that one. Okay.

Definitely not my favorite is actually my least favorite stock I hold but it is what it is. Okay. Already, guys. Now before we get to number one, okay. Oh my gosh. Number one. Remember to never ever buy a stock that involves ships. Okay, this is all gonna make sense.

You just saw number two. Okay. It’s an oil tanker company shipping company. Okay, and guess what number one’s gonna be in the same space? All right. Already, guys. Number one, the time has come. Carnival Cruise Line ticker? Si Si l this one I do hold in the public account.

And oh, my goodness has ever been a bad. Okay. down almost $43,000 on this stock down. 53.73%. Oh, what an ugly situation. 2250 shares cost base of 35 52k. I mean, yeah, this one is treating us poorly. So when it comes to CCL, here’s how I look at this one.

Okay, one I started getting in the stock rate before Roni Rona took off K, like the worst time I could have possibly bought in stock. And unfortunately, it was right at that time, when you know, all sudden, all travel started being suspended.

It got really ugly really fast. Obviously, anything in the travel sector has been devastated by this, including CCL. This is a stock I’ve held all the way through this whole experience, right? It went all the way down to $8.

I think at this lows, and you know, now today, it’s like 16, I’m planning on to continue to hold this stock. This is that stock I’ve kind of looked at and I said no stocks, either going to go bankrupt is either going to go to zero, or it’s going to make it through this and it’s probably going to be a 30 or $40 stock in the future.

I’m leaning more toward this is probably going to be a 30 or $40 stock in the future. I’m not running out to put more money in it because even if it goes back to 30 or 40, you know, office, you know 16 $17 share price right now.

It’s not like it provides that crazy of an opportunity for me, right? I mean, I can maybe double up my money in the stock over the next three to five years. That’s nothing wrong with that. But I think there’s definitely plenty of stocks out there I’m looking at that have way more than double capacity in terms of stock price over the next three to five years.

Because they’re just in a stronger position than something like a CCI like CCL is gonna have to prove and a lot of those stocks have almost you know, virtually no chance of going bankrupt anytime soon.

CCL we’ll have to see the hope is that Roni Rona doesn’t take back off in any major way. And hope the hope is, you know, obviously, from a human standpoint, and from a stock standpoint, that, you know, deaths do not rise in any considerable way and those numbers stay down.

If that happens, you know, travel can start opening back up more and more, if numbers spike up huge, you know, they might have to close it down completely again, they might have to, you know, stop sailing, that would be really bad for their stock.

So, you know, but anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, this is uh, you know, it’s never fun to talk about your worst stocks you hold but I hope you guys appreciate if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button and just understand like.

Sometimes it’s not going to work out like sometimes you’re going to have to, you’re going to have a carnival situation where you’re just getting a stock at the wrong you’re the wrong place wrong time, I guess you can say and as long as you got a lot more winners and losers, that’s all that matters.

Literally all that matters in the stock market as long as you’re making way more money than you know you ever take on a loss that’s what’s the most important thing in the day.

So hope you guys enjoy this as always, if you want to apply for my private group, check out the description down there is gonna be the first link down there.

We even have one on one coaching now for millionaire students of mine that have you know, 1 million 2 million, 3 million plus in the stock market. So if you’re looking for something like that

We even offer that now but you do have to fill out an application get on the phone with somebody from a team to see if you are a fit for that group.

So hope you guys enjoyed this. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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