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In this video, I show a stock portfolio I have that has over $700,000 in it and has 14 stocks in it. I show every single stock in there and how much the stocks are down or up. I am interested to hear from you guys if you think these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch? Lmk

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Hello guys am I excited to do today’s video, we got an exciting one for you here. Today I’m going to take you behind the curtains on a stock market portfolio I have in which has over $700,000 in this particular one, and I’m going to show you everything in it.

Okay, I’m going to show you the stocks we own. I’m going to show you the cost basis how much we’re up on that stock down on that stock everything across the board. Now I’ll just spend a minute or two talking about each of these individual stocks and kind of giving you my opinion on them as well.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this. Okay, so some facts around this account. There are 14 different stocks I hold in this account, which is about what I feel comfortable with being that it’s an account that has about $700,000.

So 14 stocks, that’s about where I like to be. There are many different stocks in this account, we have some growth stocks and stocks that have some insane revenue growth, some insane potential for that top line bottom line over the next 510 years, we have some dividend stocks as account that are consistent dividend payers.

We even have some value stocks in our citizen mix of everything something I try to pride myself on is not just being one dimensional. When it comes to stock market picking I feel like if you’re going to be a new age investor, that is truly a great investor, you need to be good at everything.

You can’t just be into growth stocks, you can’t just be in a dividend stocks. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you can’t call yourself a great investor, in my opinion, unless you can do it all. And that’s going to really be the future in my opinion, because different categories get super overpriced at different times.

Sometimes value is way overpriced, and you needed to go with growth stocks, sometimes growth stocks are a ripoff. And you need to find value stocks and dividend stocks. And so if you really want to be a great investor, in my opinion, you got to master all three overtime, okay, I have over $700,000 in this account, some of these positions are up some of these positions are down.

This particular account was started in late 2017. And we really got it rolling in 2018. Okay, what can you learn from a video like this one is portfolio strategy. You know, I’m somebody that’s been in the market for over a decade now i’m i’m fairly decent at what I do this is put it that way, in running a portfolio, we can see how I initially position size.

So how much I’m like putting in a particular position, you can see how I diversify money around different stocks. And you can see the mix of stocks I have out there. Once again, it’s not just like I just own growth stocks or just own dividend stocks. It’s a much a mixture of all these different stocks.

So you should be able to learn a lot from this. Okay, but also for full disclosure, how much have we taken for profits or losses. So far this year, we have taken $15,940 in profits in just this account this year in 2020.

I could take literally hundreds of 1000s of dollars more in profit right now if I wanted to. But I’m not so interested in that. Okay, let’s just put it that way, because a lot of these stocks have huge potential in the future.

And so for me to sell some of these stocks, it doesn’t really make sense. But that’s what we’ve actually taken for profits so far this year in this particular account. As of right now remember, I told you, I could take hundreds of 1000s of dollars.

As of right now we are up $296,000 on these particular positions. And that does not account for any dividends received in any of these stocks and members, some of these stocks actually pay me out dividends.

That’s just since I bought those stocks $296,000 in profit I could take here today, we have a 73% gain on this account, the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the past year is down 1.7%. The s&p 500 is up 7%, which means we’re absolutely destroying the market in in the nastiest way possible, which is what I’m really going for.

That’s why I put in all this work. That’s why I stepped up to three in the morning reading annual reports and all sorts of things. Looking in the stocks. I’m looking to destroy the market each and every year.

And that’s what I try to do just like I need you guys to destroy that like button down there. I’ll just wait for you guys to turn it blue and just absolutely obliterate that button. Okay. And also just so you guys know I’m gonna exclusive video second link in the description that goes into how I made 100,000 plus dollars from one stock using my system.

So if you want to check out that, definitely check it out, you will enjoy it. Okay, let’s start getting into all these different stocks first up here, cake. Okay, this is one of my newer investments out there.

Though, I think this is the only direct restaurant play I have in this particular account. This one I would count kind of as a value proposition type stock, we’re just looking at very attractive on a valuation based upon where I believe this company is going to be three years out from now five years out from now, as of right now we’re up seven and a half percent on the stock we’re up $1,200.

 So we could take that profit today if we wanted. We have 800 shares in the cost base on this stock is $21.05. This is a position I would love to build bigger in this particular account. I would love to get it up to like a 30k or maybe even have like 40k in this particular stock in this particular account.

I own a lot of shares in cake and a couple other accounts. But I would honestly love to build an even bigger here I’m a big believer in the valuation of the stock. I actually just talked about this stock in a video very recently. That’s when it was like right around $20 a share.

It’s up a little bit since then. It was a video I did called Five cheap stocks to buy now and five stocks I’m just really interested in that where you know around $20 or less Okay, this next stock up here CCL Okay, we, man, I think a lot of you guys end up making a lot of money on this because I put a video CCL stock a buy at $8.

And you know that that video ended up going crazy it got 239,000 views like most my videos get like, you know, 50,000 to like 100,000 views so for that one to get 239,000 views, it was a lot and I think a lot of you guys have made a lot of money on the stock.

Unfortunately I’m not one of those people has made a lot of money on CCL, I started investing in this one right before running around and it was such bad timing. I mean, sometimes, you know, something’s gonna happen in the stock market like a once in 100 year event that’s gonna come out of nowhere, and you’re just gonna be unprepared for it.

And I was I was completely unprepared for a once in 100 year event to just absolutely dismantle the cruise industry for you know, potentially at least a few years here. Okay, so CCL, we’re getting destroyed on the stock, or, you know, it’s getting better for us actually, in regards the stock not nearly as destroyed as we once were.

But it’s still the worst stock I’ve held in the years, this stock were down 44k on down 55% 2250 shares for this particular stock cost based on this 135 52 I might bring down that cost basis some more over time, especially as we get closer and closer to 2021.

Assuming the stock price is still kind of down here or somewhere around there, it looks like you know, I used to have like a kind of like a 60 40% probability like 60%, they would make it through 40%, they’d go bankrupt, moving that up to 7030.

Now 70% chance they make it through this mess, only a 30% chance was still really high 30% chance they go bankrupt because as I’ve looked at the business, what they’ve done as far as balance sheet wise and kind of raising some money and whatnot is looking more and more like they should get through this mess and get to the other side.

And that’s the most important thing for CCL all they have to do really is get to that other side where business opens back up and we get past this once in 100 year event. And ultimately, as long as that can happen CCL likely will be a stock that you know will come back over the next three to five years.

Let’s just put it that way. Okay, this next stock up here, it’s a growth stock that I really really like I’ve made a lot of money on the stock in the past. I made a lot of money on the stock right now.

Okay, and this particular stock is cruzi doozy, Cirrus Logic so this is a position we’re up over $6,000 now we’re up over 84% if you don’t know Cirrus Logic they make the audio chips that go into a lot of different Apple products Okay, they also supply to a ton of other OEMs out there original equipment manufacturers.

But apples are big customers so if you’re watching this video right now, on an iPhone, guess what my voice right now is coming through Cirrus Logic chips to you right now and iPad, same exact thing Okay, voice processing amplifiers, all those sorts of things.

That’s what they specialize in. They’re very high margin they’re very like white glove service. Let’s put it that way in terms of you know, dealing with the customer on a very high level you can’t just rip their chips out and go with the cheapest supplier you could do that but it usually would be a very bad decision versus staying with somebody like a Cirrus Logic.

bit of a smaller company only a few billion dollars in market cap but I really really like this company is is a made of a ton of money we’ve taken a ton of profits on the stock in the past like literally 10s of 1000s of dollars.

And you know in terms of our current position it’s treating us very well let’s put it that way. Okay, mood stock up here is elf beauty. Yes, a cosmetics company. So right off the bat you can see me and just in the first four stocks here we have very many different stocks and bourbon in different industries, right.

A restaurant play a travel shipping company, right Cruise is obviously an audio chip supplier for smartphones and other electronics out there and then who have a cosmetics company so right off the bat you can tell we’re very diversified, needless to say, okay, so elf beauty cosmetics company, we’re up 167% on the stock. We have $12,200 on the stock on 1000 shares right now.

Cost base is $7.28. And when it comes to elf cosmetics, this is a cosmetics turnaround play that wall street had kind of given up on forgot about our cost base is $7.28 of stock set. You know, what is it at now? 1948. Right?

It wants you to forgotten about the stock they given up on and what I saw was a turnaround play in a massive way here I saw something Wall Street didn’t I really understood the business on the high level or invest in it.

We’ve been fortunate enough to take 10s of 1000s of dollars in profit in this stock in 2019. The gains were ridiculous, okay, I took some you know, we just ridiculous profits in this particular stock. I’m still holding those 1000 shares and they’re doing very well for us and their products are very low price.

So let’s just imagine we’re in a recession scenario for a couple years. It’s just a down economic environment right because a running run over the next few years. elf is actually somebody that benefits in the cosmetics industry if people are trading down because our products are still very high quality but the price points are so much lower than most companies in the cosmetics industry.

 And so elf beauty is a beauty Have a stock, okay, mid stock up here. So let’s imagine I had to go to sleep sleepy poo for like five years until like 2025. Let’s just put it that way I just like, just knocked out for five years.

And you told me, I got to put all my money in one stock for the next five years. And so if I’m thinking about that type of scenario, I’m thinking about natural stock that will hopefully make me money over those five years, but also a stock that I almost have a, you know, a close to a 0% chance of my wealth going down if I’m in that stock over the next five years.

And that stock is the FBX. Okay, the FBX is a juggernaut of juggernauts. Just a company, that it’s just amazing. I mean, you know, when you think about the scale this company has, it’s it’s on a whole nother level than we’ve ever seen from basically any company.

And you know, before and that’s essentially why I believe this will be the biggest market cap company in the world. Within five years. I’ve been saying that and I know some people think, oh, that might not be possible and things like that.

We’ll see. We’ll see who’s right on the whole situation. Let’s just put it that way. But I believe the FB will be the biggest market capitalization company and the entire world within five years. Yes, it will pass a amazings on Yes, it will pass Google McDougal and apple and Mr. Softee and all the others in my personal opinion, and it’s already doing very amazing for us, let’s be honest.

I mean, we’re up 57% on the stock we’re up over $32,000 we have 371 shares this particular stock this was supposed to be the biggest stock in the portfolio, but one of my other stocks has gone so crazy that it actually became the biggest you know, stock in the portfolio.

But it’s doing amazing for us cost base on this one is $153.35 and that’s definitely one that’s just a long long long term hold this put it that way. It’s one of those stocks that if it was to go up to 100 plus percent I still wouldn’t sell it it’s just like that’s a long term hold. I feel very comfortable in that stock a note stock up here how Wall Street Okay.

This was one of those stocks that wall street had given up on they thought it was doomed. You know what let’s just put it this way. Wall Street ny we had a difference of opinion on this particular stock. Okay.

And I started investing in this one, probably about four months ago or so. And it’s done amazing for us. fizzy, get dizzy. Okay, fizzy get dizzy. This talk we have 960 shares up our cost base are $40.42 we’re up over 65% of the stock up over $25,000 right now, on Google fizzy get dizzy.

It’s just I mean, it’s an amazing, amazing company. That’s just an amazing turnaround mode. And like I said Wall Street had completely given up on this stock they really have and fizzy is now growing Wall Street thought this company was going to continue to shrink revenues shrink their business.

I had a very much a difference of opinion with Wall Street. I thought they were gonna start growing again. And sure enough, they are growing again. And what else is growing their stock price is growing so Wall Street.

Nice try guys. You got beat again. Okay, mid stock up here. This another stock that I’ve added here in 2020 is usually a very nice dividend payer, and they’ll be a nice dividend payer in the future.

And that’s the footlocker okay. footlocker. So 560 shares we have the stock we’re down 2% on right now. $331 down. Okay, cost based on this 129 48 I’m looking to definitely add more footlocker in the future.

I could see myself owning, you know, somewhere between, let’s say $25,000.30 $5,000 worth of footlocker shares. In this particular account. I love foot lockers, business mode, they’re one of the few like, let’s call them mall based retailers that actually like in matter of fact, I think they are pretty much the only one I actually like.

And it’s not like they’re just mall based. They actually have some online platforms they own some apps they have investments in and things like that, that are actually you know, very high performance. Let’s just put that way.

I like the management team on a very high level over there at footlocker and ultimately I think that’s a stock that will throw us off a lot of dividend money over the next few years or play start paying dividends in my opinion as early as 2021 again, and I think.

I’ll throw us off ton dividend money and I think when they get nice share appreciation on the stock so when I look at footlocker I’m looking at this as a value play and I’m also looking at this as a dividend play.

Okay, I absolutely love that one. Okay, next stock up here I got a couple of these in the house. One is upstairs. Okay, I mean, it’s a it’s a fairly big house. So there’s a lot to clean in this house.

A lot of vacuum that one upstairs, one downstairs Okay, a couple different models spent a lot of money on this company’s products over time but they paid me back a lot more than I ever spent with them. Let’s just put it that way.

And that is a bi robot. Okay. In this particular account, we’re up over $20,000 on iRobot ticker symbol IR bt up over 84% 520 shares on this one with a cost basis of $46.04 and this is one I’m not looking to add but I’m really not actually looking to sell this one either.

Even though the gains are absolutely substantial in this particular stock. But when you think about you know the ronnie Rona situation you think about you know cleaning of your home and you think about everybody paying more attention to cleaning and cleanliness and all those sorts of things.

Anything about a company That makes robots that do this, these sorts of things right and do these type of tasks. By the way, they don’t just actually make the Roomba that vacuum they actually make for cleaning robots as well called the Brava, which actually can sanitize your floors.

And so little robot that goes around as far as that goes to anything about less and less people might be interested in having maids in their homes right now on things like that. So you know, not everybody wants to mop their floor, let’s be honest, or can mop their floor, especially if you’re elderly, something like that.

So iRobot phenomenal play on this whole wave. And I think it’s gonna continue to perform very well for us over time. And I really liked that song. Let’s just put it that way. Phenomenal balance sheet management’s done very good job growing the business over the past several years.

Okay, mood stock up here. So this is a stock I’ve talked about a lot recently, you know, I went to the top of the mountain I wanted to plant my flag. So every single person in the world knows I’m invested in the stock and they can judge me for better or for worse because of this stock in the day, because I think this one’s going to perform amazing for us over the next five plus years.

As a shock I’m most excited to invest in since Tesla, my EFSA, which is saying a lot. And I just you know, I remember back in the day people said made to make Tesla videos, right? I want to make sure everybody flippin knew that I was the Tesla guy investing in Tesla and and now this is new stock that I’m like, everybody pay attention, because I’m gonna mention this one, okay.

And then is polluted 13 holdings. So we’re up almost 65% on the stock up over $8,000 10,000 shares. I’m not going to, you know, talk about this stock, really, because I’ve done several videos over the past week or two in regards to stock.

So, you know, you can check out all those different videos I have on financial education one and financial education too, if you want to hear my bullish thesis and why I’m such a big believer in that stock over the next 510 years.

Okay, next stock up here is revolv ticker symbol, this one is RV. lv, so we’re up 35% of the stock right now. We’re up almost $10,000. So a very nice gainer for us. $9,900 on 2375 shares our cost base on this one, I was $11.86.

This company is amazing, okay, revolve is just, it’s just an amazing company. In my opinion, the management team over there, they’re so New Age, they’re so up on what’s going on now, trends, understanding using.

Instagram influencers, they’re even understanding how to basically set up stores inside different platforms, they’re they’re so much faster moving, and they understand the business of retail in such a higher level in 2020, than any of their competitors.

And I just look at this company, I’m like this is this is one of those few stocks that you can really look at and be like, if they continue to execute the way they’ve been executing, essentially on the business.

And they do that for the next 510 years. This is one of the few stocks you’re gonna find that actually has, in my opinion, a five to 10x opportunity over the next five to 10 years, it’s very rare, you can find one stock sense like this actually might be one of those realistic situations.

And I really feel like that when it comes to revolve, I’m pretty comfortable with the position sizing I have in this, you know, particular stock right now current value of 38. I couldn’t maybe potentially add a little more shares.

But I’m pretty comfortable with where we’re at with that one. But I’m a huge believer in that management team. Specifically though, I mean, obviously, the product, the way the company’s grinding, doing things, but ultimately, the management team, they’re amazing how fast they move.

It’s so much faster than any other retailer out there. And meanwhile, there’s so many of their competitors, if you want to call them competitors, right, that are selling clothing, what’s happening a lot of these department stores and different businesses, they’re going under, right? They’re going out of business.

So the competitive landscape when it comes to selling clothing is getting less competitive over the next few years, then it’s been over the past few years. put it that way. And so revolves New Age. Love that one.

Okay, 5g, so obviously, 5g is coming, right, 5g phones, 5g everything is coming over the next five years, essentially all sudden, it’s gonna move from this wave of everybody has 4g devices to everybody’s gonna have 5g devices.

There’s going to be a mass rollout over the next five years. And so 5g is really starting to get the hype behind it now and people recently have really started looking into Okay, where are the 5g opportunities?

What are they going to be the 5g players, what are going to be the major 5g stocks that have a chance to grow their business substantially right. And so I’m always going to look for like semiconductor companies that are going to play in the 5g space.

And I think I have one in which is going to be a very high performer. Let’s just put it that way. in future years and it’s already been a very high performer. And it is sky work solutions ticker symbol SW Ks.

Were up already on the stock almost 74% over $36,000 in profit we could take today if we wanted to. This is a very consistent dividend paying company. One of the best balance sheets you’ll ever find from any company no debt, over a billion dollars in cash, which is a phenomenal amount for a company their size. 5g should be something that increases top line for them.

And bottom line substantially. Okay, substantially, this company should see a double up if not more. more than double up and their top line and bottom line over the next five years let’s put it that way.

And so we’re doing amazing on 650 shares 7570 cost basis and sometimes people wonder like that’s a really big game there man 36,000 thing about taking profit absolutely not like I said this one pays me out dividends that aren’t even accounted for in that number.

And also I think the shock will be a $200 plus stock a few years from now so to sell at 131 I’m not so interested in it that’s a kind of look that one is similar to like an FB it’s really like a long long term hold Okay.

Whoa st Oh, I already told you guys to kiss my you know what already wants in this video and Wall Street just go ahead and kiss kiss my Tesla’s for a minute okay, just just get some Okay, Tesla short sellers you guys are some of the most pathetic individuals.

I’ve ever seen short sellers in general are some of the most pathetic people I’ve ever come across. Okay, these individuals will make up lies they will manipulate they’ll do anything to try to hurt a company and put employees out of work and devastate a company and put a company that has a good cause behind them like Tesla electric vehicles moving to sustainable energy so many of these individuals will do everything everything to try to just make a buck and it’s absolutely amazing.

So Tesla short sellers kiss my Tesla my Tesla Okay, Tesla stock okay $190,000 gain on this one up 559% bone 150 shares look at that the other investment into the stock in this particular account was only 34k and here we are with the position sizing 225,000 Tesla can go down massively and we will still be fortunate enough to have massive gains in the stock.

And it’s not a stock I’m interested in selling I know some people see the gains in it it is tempting when you see gosh it’s $190,000 in profit we could take that today it is tempting to say well maybe maybe at the end of the day.

I think the stock that will be much higher than it is today and five years from now and so should I sell it at 1500 or should I hold it more unlikely I’ll just hold it for long term if it goes down short term it is what it is heck if it went down enough I might end up buying the stock once again and Wall Street you guys just got this one wrong you know.

You wouldn’t you went to war with us right and you won some battles you know all your short sellers want to see all the Tesla employees lose their job and see Ilan musk go down all sorts of things. You guys won a few battles, but we won the war in the end and just wait to see what Tessa puts up for revenues over the next five or 10 years.

You guys got another thing coming for you that’s just put it that way but I’ll Tesla my Yes. Okay, next stock up here is upward ticker symbol up Wk on this one is a freelancing company that’s out there that if you have a small business, midsize business or large business, you can actually use them to outsource some work essentially.

Okay, you can see, you know, actual reviews on these individuals, you can contact them message them all through the platform, you know, book, the appointments, everything you can essentially do through Upwork. And this is a newer investment for us.

We don’t have a big position and yet I would love to make it bigger. We’re up 12% on the stock as of right now on 250 shares $371 of gains. You know, like I said, this is a very, very new position for us. I would love to build it much, much bigger than where it is that today.

Okay, we’re just going to take some time to do that one. Okay. Ned Stark up here. Another travel related company. This is our second travel related company at nccl obviously, they’re dealing devastated right now it’s winning resorts, which isn’t so winning right now.

Right stocks down about 7% for us down about $2,100? Or is it all is there potential here to make money over time? Absolutely. In my opinion, we have 345 shares, you know, when I look when I look at Wynn resorts I looked at them starting to come back as far as if you’re looking at their business in 2021 but really.

I’m looking at 2022 and 2023 is being you know, more of a major ramp years for the business model as travel starts to open back up more and more people feel comfortable, we start hopefully getting past Roni rolling and things like that.

So I look at 2021 that’s kind of a rebuilding year and I look at 2022 and 2023 as being you know, the major growth years where it’s like oh, their business is back on track and things like that.

So I look at this one and there is opportunity here once again accounting total up $296,000 up 73% very fortunate to have you know accounts of that size. This is just one of seven stock market accounts I have this one’s actually available for everybody my private group to see every single.

Move I ever make in this particular account. And they get to just kind of learn from you know, the way I look into stocks as well as you know how I diversify my funds around so I hope you guys really enjoyed today’s video as always make sure to smash that thumbs up button for me and you know, leave me a comment and if you guys like any of these particular stocks.

You know which ones do you like the most. And always believe in yourself, especially when you have a great strategy. And if you’re looking for a great strategy and you’re looking for a system.

Go ahead and check out second link in the description that will put you to a video that kind of goes into exactly how I use my system to find some of these different stocks out there. Thank you for watching and have a Great Day.

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