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Are you flipping my flapjacks, guys? I think I found the next big stock. So today, I am going to share with you which stock I recently started buying. I will tell you exactly how many shares I have bought so far and if I plan on buying more of this stock soon. I will share with you exactly why I believe this stock is going to 5x.

I get so excited when I find a company and I wanted to share it with you. With this particular stock, I get a little upset at myself because one the coaches in my private stock group brought this stock to me when it was way less than it is today and I didn’t take advantage of it. Saying that, I still believe this stock has major growth ahead of itself and it has grown INSANE amounts recently.

I hope you enjoy this video where I talk to you about a specific stock that I am buying and why I believe so much in this stock. I hope you are able to research this stock on your own and make an investment decision on your own. Like always, do your own due diligence and stick your fundamentals! Leave me your opinion on this stock in the comment section. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or if there is a stock to watch now!

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Well, howdy there, folks, and welcome into today’s video. Hope you’re doing great out there. As always, today I share with you my next 5x stock that I literally just started buying this stock could actually end up being way more than a 5x.

I just feel like a 5x is what I’m looking for. In this stock. I just started buying it very recently, I’m going to share in detail why I think the stock has ridiculous upside potential. Okay, we’ll also talk about the bear case, in this video, I’m going to show you guys exactly how many shares I’ve bought so far, exactly the cost basis on them. And this company is growing at an insane rate.

 Okay, I’m talking like, you know, I own some very fast growing companies. All right. And I think this one takes the cake over them all pretty much. The growth rates around this company are ridiculous recently. Wait till you see some of these numbers.

Right. Now, this is a stock, I just started buying very recently. And I’m kind of frustrated because coach Brian, one of our seven figure coaches, okay, he pointed this out to me months ago, and he pointed the stock out to me, and he’s like, dude, you got to buy the stock.

And he gave me the bull thesis around and I was kind of like, I don’t know, it’s a little early days. I don’t know, I don’t know. And then I looked at the numbers recently, they came out a few weeks ago. And that’s what really changed my mind about this one.

And I was like, yeah, Brian, I probably should have listened to you. Because that was back when it was like a five, I don’t know, $5 stock $6 stock, something like that. And, you know, obviously I’m having to pay much higher prices. But the crazy thing about that is, I think it’s still ridiculously low for the stock overall.

So hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, today, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button that helps this YouTube channel out in a massive way. Also, lets me know you guys appreciate a video like this where I bring a stock to you guys attention that is under the radar.

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So if you haven’t seen or if you haven’t even have heard of it coin base, okay. coin bases valuation is nearing $100 billion. And it’s about to have the biggest direct listing in possibly the history of the stock market. Okay. Coinbase.

Yeah, like literally, some of you guys might not have heard of Coinbase, which is crazy. And this company is around $100 billion market cap cave coin base, it’s basically known as a place you can buy and sell kryptos. All right, and they get a 4.6 star rating on the App Store.

People love it. It’s it’s a big beast of a company. It’s huge. All right. But what if I told you there was a crypto brokerage on the come up that people like even more than Coinbase, and it’s a much smaller company, much more nimble, and is growing at likely a much faster clip than coin basis, okay.

And that company is Voyager, Voyager digital, okay, this app gets a 4.8 out of five stars on the Apple App Store. And it is usually one of the most downloaded apps each and every day, then the finance niche very recently, it’s been absolutely doing amazing.

And as of today, it’s a place where you can pretty much buy and sell a ton of different kryptos right from your phone and even earn interest on some of these like usdc. Okay, I think it’s like a 9% interest rate or so on usdc.

So a lot of folks including myself are looking at that and they’re like, let’s just put some cash over there to earn some interest because obviously a traditional savings account or something like that you get like basically no interest rate.

And so something like that is a little compelling to at least put some of my cash over there for now and hopefully earn some very nice interest on that. Now, the huge reason why invest in a stock and we’re going to go through A lot of the reasons okay, but a huge reason is a massive market opportunity.

Wait till I show you guys the growth rates around this company, you are going to have your mind blown, okay? I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about such a high growth company and in all my years of talking about stocks, and that’s saying something because this is a guy that, you know, bought Tesla many years ago in the planet.

Which is a company that’s been growing revenues at young and all expected to grow revenue like 100%, this upcoming year, very good food company growing revenues at hundreds of percent per quarter. But I’m telling guys, this one takes the cake, okay, but a huge reason why I invested is this company long term can actually be much more than just a crypto brokerage.

Now keep in mind, just as a crypto brokerage, that could be something that 3x 5x 10x as a stock over the next three, five years, just that alone, okay. But on top of that, them getting more into maybe online banking, as well as potentially stocks, right as a stock brokerage, General Consumer Services, things like that.

There’s such massive market opportunity in front of this company over the coming years. This is a huge reason why I invest in Robin Hood, Robin Hood has like a 40 billion if not more than a $40 billion valuation on the company.

Thing about all the bad press Robin Hood has received over the last I don’t know few years, over a ton of different things in that company still has a 40 billion plus dollar valuation that continues to climb, you know why?

Cuz they got a ton of people using Robin Hood each and every day. Okay. So when you look at things like Coinbase, things like Robin Hood valuations, you really start to understand how big we’re talking, these companies are today and are going to be in the future, okay, in this Voyager company is teeny tiny compared to those guys.

When it comes to market capitalization. Okay, Voyager, this goes over their timeline. It’s a somewhat new company out there. And they’ve really started to take off on the App Store over the last quarter or two.

Okay, the big take off started to happen, in my opinion, around q4, that’s when this started really getting popular. It really started, you know, getting some attention outside some big attention. Let’s just put it that way. All right. Look at this.

This is back in February. So last month, okay. Robin Hood Move over. Voyager crypto trading app gets 250,000 downloads over a three day period. Okay. Voyager just very recently over the last several months has been absolutely going beast mode.

Okay. Now remember, I talked to you guys about some crazy growth, I promised to show you some insane growth. So get ready for this? Oh, my gosh, okay. This shows you that net deposits and asset growth accelerated dramatically just over the past year or two.

Okay, look at that $5 million in assets in December of 2019. And at the end of last month, over $1.7 billion of assets under management now for this company. That’s a 340x in like a like a snap of fingers. Guys.

This is ridiculous. Okay, absolutely epic growth. Look at this 8500 trades processed in December 2019. And they just did over 2 million trades processed in February of 2021. That’s a 235x. Like I said, Guys, like, you know, I own some amazing growth companies with some insane growth rates.

But I’m telling you guys, this one takes the cake by a mile. It is ridiculous. Okay? No, they also actually have some big competitive advantages against the big guys, this is where things get very interesting.

And we’re gonna get into the management team, the CEO and why this is very interesting company here. But they actually have competitive advantages against their bigger competition that is massive. And you know, usually if you think about a little guy on the come up, here’s your thing.

They don’t have any competitive ventures, there are disadvantages across the board. It’s not like that for Voyager in that makes this company pretty darn special. Just one of the things that makes this company pretty darn special. Okay, now here, they’re talking about future growth opportunities, and where this company is going over the coming years, okay.

Now, as far as the opportunity to finance company over the next year, two years, three years, I think are realistic for them to expand into. I think debit cards should be like ASAP, credit cards, margin accounts, obviously, right?

Traditional banking products, international expansion is going to be huge for this company over the coming years. And then ultimately, stock equities. I think they should compete in the stock brokerage space as well long term where they’re actually you know, don’t you can’t just buy kryptos there, you can also buy stocks, because.

I’m finding more and more people, including myself, want to own not just stocks, but also kryptos. And so that’s the future man, if you’re going to if you’re going to be able to buy, you know, ETFs on a place and stocks, individual stocks and index funds and crypto funds and kryptos in general and things like that, like that’s the future that’s where we’re going over time.

And so these are the opportunities. I think this company is going to go after over the next one to three years. And I think they got a pretty decent probability of executing. Okay. You know why they have actually a pretty dang good team?

I know it’s a small company, they got a pretty good team. Okay. Former Vice President brokerage at E trade is a gentleman who runs this company, Steve. Okay. And so yeah, I mean, you know, he’s got some pretty darn good experience when it comes to stock brokerages.

And it’s amazing. They’re competing insanely well in the crypto brokerage space. But remember, his specialty is stock brokerages. Right? And so he’s going to be able to kind of like look to the future and be like, Okay, what type of things did we do wrong in E trade?

What type of things did we do well, and when we go to launch a stock brokerage, which I think this company is going to do over the next, let’s say, one to two years, he’s gonna be able to look at it and be like, Okay, this is the way we’re going to do it, and things like that. Okay. Oscar Salazar.

He’s a former architect and founding CTO Chief Technology Officer at Uber. And so I’m looking at kind of the this team they got in place and I’m like, okay, you know, this is looking pretty darn good.

Okay, now we have a lot more to get into in regards to stock K, but let me quickly show you how many shares I own so far the stock Okay, as of right now, I own 5000 shares of this stock. So that’s $93,000 worth right now cost base of $17.16.

Right now, okay. Now, if it were to go down a bunch short term, let me be very clear. I’ll buy another 5000 shares the stock, okay? This isn’t like I’m done buying this stock, I’m good. Now. I’m good. If it continues to say skyrocket over the coming weeks and months, then I’ll be like, Alright,

I’ll just hold my 5000 shares. But let me be very clear, if this goes down short term, I will be more than happy to buy another 5000 shares this company and get myself up to about 10,000 shares, okay? coin base 100 billion dollar valuation.

Robin Hood $40 billion valuation, Voyager 2 billion to hook valuation. Okay. $2 billion. Here’s how I feel about Voyager. If they just have decent execution. I’m not even talking about Wow, this company is clicking on all cylinders.

They’re doing amazing which they have been. They’ve been clicking all cylinders are doing amazing, okay, I’m just talking. If they actually take a step back, and just have decent execution, I think this company is going to $10 billion over the next three years when it comes to market cap.

That’s a decent execution, okay. Robin Hood, like, like, how do you feel about Robin Hood? Do you feel like they’ve executed decently or less than decently and look at Robin Hood’s valuation over the past several years, even as they’ve had tons of dramatic things, like I remember was just yesterday, Robin Hood had a valuation of what was it eight or $10 billion.

And then all the bad news has come out about Robin Hood and all the bad press and yet the company’s valuation just keeps climbing getting bigger. like think about this, guys. I mean, this is where the huge opportunity is in the FinTech space.

Okay. Now great execution, let’s let’s hypothetically say they have great execution, like they’ve been executing on so far, and they just, you know, knock it out of the ballpark over the coming years.

I think this could be a 40 to $100 billion market cap in three years from now. Do the math on that 2 billion today, I think if they execute great, they can be 40 billion 200 billion. And this isn’t like a list isn’t like, Oh my gosh, it’s impossible to get there something that we’ve watched Coinbase do it.

We’ve watched Robin Hood, do it, even with you know what a lot of people would feel like poor execution out of Robin Hood. And they’ve gotten to 40 billion plus, right. So I mean, imagine if this company executes great, they build a great brand for themselves, a great brokerage overall, it has kryptos, and stocks, ETFs, index funds, all those things.

Imagine you could purchase anything like that gold, like anything like that, right? Plus debit cards, credit cards, and things like that, that they could easily get into over the next, you know, year or two. Like that’s not like the most complicated things out there to get in involved with they have their eyes on international expansion in a massive opportunity.

Like, there’s no doubt in my mind, if this company like like clicks on all cylinders for the next three years, this is going to 40 billion $200 billion market cap, Kay, let’s talk about the bear case for this company. You know, he can’t just be about the reward potential, we have to talk about the risks.

There are four main risks for this investment of mine here. Okay. The first one is what if a massive crypto crash happened where we’re talking, you know, Bitcoin falls from, you know, it’s been trading at 50 to $60,000 per Bitcoin recently, right?

What if Bitcoin was to fall to 20,000 10,000 or something like that, and stay down there for a while, that would obviously probably hurt, you know, crypto in the short term, but I will say, if that were to happen, I you know, it’s hard for me to even believe that, like believe that would happen now, because of so much buying interest in Bitcoin.

And I’m not just talking about from retail investors. I’m talking about from funds now. I’m talking about from companies. I mean, we’ve seen some of the biggest the big companies just start to buy a little bit of crypto recently, right?

Never mind if crypto was code on like say 10,000 I’m not talking about crypto I’m talking about Bitcoin was a fall of 10,000 Wasn’t 20,000? It’s hard for me to imagine that right? And so it’s possible.

What if the whole Bitcoin market and the whole crypto market in general crash? Okay, that’s a bear case for this company, obviously, that would potentially hurt the company in the short term. But man, that would be a lot of trading volume.

Also, you know, this, and this puts and takes with all this right? Then you say, Well, what if no new users with no one wants to use this app? Obviously, that’s their best for the company, because it trades at a premium.

You know, basically, there’s a lot of growth expecting this company. So what if no new users come out and and they just keep their users they have right now. or dare I say, users start to flee the platform and just want to use Coinbase, something like that.

That’s obviously a risk. Now the complete opposite of that is really going on in the real world. There’s actually tons of users coming onto this platform each and every day. But we got to at least accept the risk that what if no new users came on, okay, what if the company had no innovation?

What if they don’t get into debit cards and credit cards and a stock brokerage? And what if they don’t expand internationally? In all these sorts of things? Okay, that’s obviously a risk if this company just doesn’t innovate.

I mean, but you know, how realistic scenarios, okay, where the company just doesn’t innovate. They’ve just been like, well, we’re doing all this and they just stopped doing it, what’s the chances, they just like, stop, you know, start losing users and things like that.

And I feel like the last big risk for this company is some sort of massive hack situation, where you know, a ton of accounts are hacked or something like that. And I’m talking about Ton Ton, and it creates a bad a ton of bad publicity out there.

And then also, people don’t want to use the app anymore, or something like that. But even next scenario, member Robin Hood, they had this okay, I mean, you know, Robin Hood’s had a lot of bad press over the last, you know, year or two, so it’s hard to keep track of it all.

Don’t you guys remember, like, I don’t know, if it was three, six months ago, there was all that news coming out about Robin Hood, and there was a bunch of accounts hacked and things like that. And look at Robin Hood’s valuation, they just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger.

Okay. So even the bear case is it’s hard to like formulate a really strong bear case around this company. But you got to always take these things into account. Okay. So I would say there’s about a 10% chance that this stock drops 50% or more over the next three years, okay.

About a 10% chance is about a 20% chance that the stock would still be somewhere around where it’s trading at today, in three years from now, meaning it’s somewhere roughly around a $2 billion mark cap, let’s say 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion and really has gone anywhere, you know, three years from basically me recording this video.

I think there’s a 70% chance this stock, five X’s or more over the next three years, okay? And keep in mind, somebody I respect a lot believes this stock is going to 3x, two 5x this year, and I’m talking from here, you know, somebody I respect a lot thinks this market caps going to six to 10 billion this year.

Okay, I don’t like to make those short term predictions. Usually, I’m kind of looking three to five years out. But I do think I would put about a 70% probability, this talk five X’s or more within the next three years, okay.

Now, the craziest thing, there’s not a lot of analysts that cover the stock, there’s only a few, but some of them have this company already being actually really, really profitable. Now, that’s just a cherry on top, I’m not pricing in, you know, sweet profitability for this company at all.

Okay, Ray, now this company is growing so rapidly, they’re going to be expanding their business massively over the coming years that I’m not pricing in any profitability in the short term.

However, I will say, if this company is profitable in the short term, you know, despite this massive growth, they have ahead, I’m going to say like, this is just like the best stock ever. I mean, that would just be ridiculous.

Okay, you don’t usually get, you know, you don’t usually get a situation with the stock where the stock is growing like crazy, the revenues going insane for a company, and they’re profitable, it just doesn’t usually work like that, like usually how it works is a company’s growing revenue like crazy, they’re probably taking market share from their competitors.

And you know, like GPS is like down your GPS is just negative in that sort of situation. But I gotta say, that’s just a cherry on top, if this company could somehow eke out nice profitability over the next you know, couple years.

I’m not personally but it is a possibility. And keep in mind, this company just raised not that long ago, nine figures worth of cash I think was somewhere around I want to say like 163 billion or so.

And don’t be surprised, especially as this company expands, they can probably raise more capital easily if they want to. Now if the company is making some sweet profits, raising capital is not going to be nearly as as important because obviously they can take that positive cash flow and kind of pour that into the business.

Okay, so that’s something to kind of keep in mind there. Look at this. We’re not even through all the ridiculous growth around this. This really is what changed my mind. Just you know, over the past few weeks in regards to stock This made me really have to take these guys serious.

Take a look at this preliminary revenue for this company in February. Keep in mind, February is a short month. 28 days okay? In February, they had revenue of $20 million 20 million. If you go back to December of 2022 months before, they had $1.7 million of revenue, and they just did $20 million.

Okay, that’s ridiculous growth net deposits of 400 million versus 170 million in January 2021. And keep in mind right now, when it comes to Voyager, you can only basically put $10,000 in your account per time, if they raise that over time to, you know, 50k 100k, a quarter million, something like that.

I mean, I think the the net deposits is gonna rise actually much more rapidly. But just the top line growth. I mean, you don’t see that type of top line growth in almost any company on a two month span like that, like even year over year for them to it. I mean, imagine if this was year over year, like we’re looking at, let’s say, February of 2020, versus February 2021.

If they had grown at 10x plus revenues year over year, that’d be ridiculous. But when you’re taxing revenues on a two month span, Oh, my gosh, guys, this is ridiculous. This is really what changed my mind in regards to stock and made me say.

Okay, between seeing where this, this company is ranking on the finance apps on iOS day in and day out, and then seeing the preliminary revenues, and actually signing up for the app and experience it, and kind of, you know, making a few moves out there.

I’m like, Huh, okay, this is pretty darn big opportunity. Now, the craziest thing about this is, it’s not like this company’s necessarily trading, like hugely rich, like, you might think the valuation have to be insane in the stock. Here’s what I think.

I think this company is going to likely do 200 million to 300 million of revenue in 2021. Now, maybe I’m too high on my numbers. Maybe I’m too low on my numbers. Keep in mind, you know it well, if this app continues to take off, and continues to build and build and build and more people are telling you know, friends and family Hey.

Download this app is that you can buy bitcoin Did you buy a theory of you know, dare I say stocks at some point this year? Oh, no. Maybe they don’t get there this year. But man, if they did, Holy smokes, ain’t no joke is okay. I think his company is going to do 200 million to 300 million revenue.

That puts him at a price to sales ratio of like, let’s say 6.7 to maybe 10. Somewhere in there off of what I feel is going to be 2021 revenue estimates. Okay, the Jeremy estimates. So when you look at it from that perspective, it’s not even like it’s a crazy rich valuation based upon where the company’s trading at today. That’s what’s the craziest about this? Okay.

I mean, I think there’s a lot of big banks that would love to acquire Voyager today. I don’t think Voyager should be acquired. I think they should build this out into hopefully a $10 billion market cap or if not, you know, much more than that over the coming years.

I think that’s about they should go they should try to become a big beast. I think they have that type of potential. Sometimes I’ll get companies I’m like, Ah, you know, I don’t think they quite have it. I think they should be acquired by somebody else.

And you know, they can build the business out that way. Not for Voyager. I feel like they truly have this type of opportunity for themselves and they could potentially execute to become huge. Okay, guys, we might have another big one here.

Okay, we might have real is in another big fish out of the ocean. Okay, I don’t know we’ll see over time. This is definitely a stock to watch in my opinion out there over the next few years because my goodness is this is one of the stocks out there that you can find that is you know, not a massive company but you know can you could very easily see this company being a massive company.

Three years out, five years out from now. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button. If you have not already Our goal is at least 5000 thumbs up on this video.

I hope you guys enjoy videos like this where I’m sharing my next big stock potential with you guys out there. If you’re looking to get into becoming master of the stock market course that is out of retirement for this week, in this week only.

It will be the pin comment down there. If you don’t get it this week, you got to wait till March of 2022 to get it Okay, so hope you guys enjoy that. The $250 off will already be taken at checkout. Make sure you take advantage of that. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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