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HOLY SMOKAS THIS AINT NOOOOO JOKAS here is the video that everyone has been waiting for. Today I will tell you about my next 10X Stock! This stock has huge potential in the stock market and I truly believe that this stock is going to 10x for me! This stock I have mentioned before but I have not made a video with my full thesis on this stock.

In this video, I will tell you exactly which stock this is and more importantly I will tell you why I think this stock is going to 10x. I will show you how much of this stock I own and if I plan on buying anymore shares of this stock. I will also give you a Bear case and tell you how realistic that the bear case comes to fruition.

Hope you enjoy this video! It was fun to make this video for you where I talk about a new stock that I believe will 10x. Like always, do your own research on this company. 

Especially because it is such a small company right now. There is a lot of risk when investing in a stock with this small market cap. Do your own DUE DILIGENCE! Leave me a comment with your opinion on this stock. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hello guys I’ve been a busy over on financial education three trying to keep you guys up to date on the stock market crash the NASDAQ drama The tech stock drama valuations coming down trying to keep you guys up to date on that by the way if you haven’t subscribed over there and put on notifications go ahead and do so okay, but this’ll busy over there that haven’t had a chance to tell you guys about my next 10x stock Okay,

I believe this stock has the potential keywords potential to be my next 10x stock in the stock market and they just reported earnings not just that I’ve been busy to tell you guys about the stock but I wanted to really see their earnings. I just bought the stock recently and I’m like I want to see their earnings before I go ahead and tell you guys about it.

I want to make sure like this is like a good stock and things like that and they just reported earnings last night in the earnings were on believable okay straight up unbelievable. So in this video here today I’m going to tell you about my next 10x document tell you what stock This is. But most importantly I’m gonna tell you why the bull thesis I have around the stock Why am I putting money in the stock?

Why do I believe this could be my next 10x stock cave in morning I’m gonna put out a warning before I even get into the stock k This company has a lot to prove they’re very young company they are growing rapidly but they’re very young is is not some super established company or something like that they have a ton to prove over the coming years this is not like a Google stock or you know apple or Amazon FBA or stocks like they that are super proven and things like that this company is very young.

And this is a type of stock I could put a low six figure amount in but not seven figures. Okay, so just want to be very clear about that. Before we get into this as always with all my socks, I think about the risk reward and this stock has absolutely huge reward potential but it also comes along with its risk and I hope Okay, I hope to regret not putting seven figures in the stock someday.

That is always my goal with the stock I should always be able to look back and say, why didn’t I put more? Why didn’t I put more Okay, that’s the goal because that means the stock went up and with all my stocks that go up a ton over time.

I always think myself like why did I put more in that stock that’s the goal. Okay, that means the stock went really well if you feel like that so let’s get into this guys hope you enjoy. As always, don’t forget to smash make sure you smash that thumbs up button. lets me know you enjoy a video like this where I’m sharing my next big potential stock out there.

If you want to try to apply for my private stock group to learn all my different strategies everything I look for in a stock if you want to join the private discord chat, which by the way, this stock came from my private discord chat, okay, at several members mentioned this stock to me. And I really looked into and I’m like, Oh my gosh, you guys found something here. Okay.

Several of them brought this talk to me. And once again, man, they come through big time. All right, so first off, this is a jack Jackson stock. If you don’t know what jack Jackson is, look in the comments, maybe there’s something you know, I think you should know what the jack Jackson is. And I on, you know, quite a few shares of stock so far. So in my main private account, I own 333,333 shares in that particular account. Okay, that just level looks threes there.

All right. And so far, we’re doing really good on the stock, but I think we’re gonna do a whole lot better long term. And then in another account that I only own jack Jackson stocks and I bought 55,000 shares so far in that account, okay. And when I say jack Jackson stocks only actually went to jack Jackson stocks as of right now, the planet in this one. So I bought 55,000 shares in that account there at a cost basis of 63 cents.

Okay, and that was here today. And I’m definitely interested in buying more of the shares. And let me be very clear, I have 0% interest in selling the stock for years. Okay. Regardless of the price, I don’t care if it goes up 20% or 100%, or 50% or down 50% I don’t care.

Okay, this is one of those stocks that I’m buying. I’m put in the filing cabinet. And I’m like, let’s see where it’s at three years from now, five years from now it’s too young of a company and there’s way too much opportunity for this company for me to say Hmm, let me go ahead and take my profit now that I made 50% on or something like that, not that type of stock.

I have 0% interest in selling the stock. This stock is called g tech holdings ticker symbol g GE TT efforts around $100 million market cap and it’s a small company, but they have a crazy massive opportunity for this company. Let me get into this. Okay, first off, they’re not to be confused with the other g tech which is this this company called Greenland technologies holding is not that company.

Okay? So just want to make that very clear. Okay, this is G tech jack Jackson, right? This is their actual website g cane. know, if you’re interested in the stock, make sure you follow this gentleman Norton, on Twitter, okay, because this is a smaller company, actually, he releases a lot of the information, the key information on his Twitter page.

He’s a CEO of the company, and really the man that’s behind this company. Okay. Look at the revenue growth. This is a number that just came out last night. Okay, revenue growth of 267%. year over year came, they did almost $9 million in revenue this past year. Keep in mind, this is a super small company, obviously, the growth rate is ridiculous.

They increased production by 269% substantial reduction in operating expenses by 40%. In obviously, this company has changed the profit profile in a massive way. So when I look at a company that is changing their profit profile in a massive way, they have crazy revenue growth and all these things are lining up.

This is why I got in this stock. And there’s other reasons as well, I’ll get into in this video, but like that, when the financials are all lining up, this is what I love. It’s like when I when I saw Tesla, you know, a few years ago, I saw revenue growth coming massive because of the model three, and then I saw the profitability profiled in the cash burn turned to a cash turn. And I was just like all this is perfect.

And this is very similar to what I’m seeing in this company just this is very, very early days company. Okay. During fiscal 2020, the company’s core focus was to establish relevant market share with the premium category premium category through its black market and attends Oh brands, while concurrently reducing corporate overheads. 

As a result, management believes it is well positioned to continue driving revenue growth and cost efficiencies going forward. gross revenues, they did $8.8 million dollars compared to $2.4 million in the previous year.

That is up 267% year over year gross margin dollars a $4 million compared to $1 million in the previous year. Unbelievable recreation. This is key, okay, recreational jack Jackson sales accounted for 79% of total sales compared to 4%. Previously, that’s an unbelievable number there, okay, past cost of production was $1.96 per gram compared to $2.60 2%. In the past, that’s a decrease of 25%.

That’s a very, very important and obviously the profit profile, the loss profile has changed massively for this company. The 2020 fiscal year was a transformational year during which we became a relevant and meaningful player within the premium jack Jackson category, said Norton, the founder and CEO of GE tech.

Within a relatively short timeframe, we have built in established brands that resonate with our target consumers, while concurrently delivering significant reductions in corporate overhead and divesting of non performing assets. We remain committed to executing our strategy of becoming a leading premium jack Jackson company in North America while operating in a fiscally disciplined manner. This is huge stuff, guys. I absolutely love this.

And I really like the CEO. It Listen, okay, if I’m going to risk money in a super small company like this, okay? I have to, like have ultra belief in the CEO because I’m risking my money out there with a very small cap company, okay. And if I’m gonna do that, I better believe that that CEO has their head on straight and they’re focused and they are determined to make this company a huge success.

And I absolutely believe that with this gentleman Norton, okay. And that is huge. I’ve watched several interviews with him now. I think he’s a straight shooter. I think he I think he’s gonna you know, perform very well, over time key highlights of fiscal 2020 launch recreational brand black market in the province of BC at the end of fiscal 2019.

with significant follow on demand in fiscal 2020 and commence sales in the province of Ontario at the end of q3 2020. significantly increased its product listings from two listings in one province to over 70 listings across five Providence so they’re expanding very successfully in Canada established black market as a top selling premium jack Jackson brand in Canadian provinces were sold completed the construction of three PL ventures cultivation facility, which is purpose built indoor cultivation facility with approximately 60,000 square feet.

This is big here. Okay, this next one, great Bruce farms and tumbleweed farms Corp received the necessary Blizzard these are brands owned by the company essentially received the necessary approvals from Health Canada are sales related license amendments. 

As a result all three of the company’s licensed cultivation facilities are now authorized to sell recreational package jack Jackson in provinces and territories that is key there okay, that is key for the long term growth of this company absolutely massive okay. 

They also sold a commercial property which was not being utilized by operations for total gross proceeds of one million dollars lastly in terms of their key highlights of fiscal 2020, they repaid there mm c a p senior secured conventional debentures of $5 million.

Also see, okay, they launched some amazing products in fiscal 2020. If you want to read more about them there, the march 1, basically news that came out around the gray Bruce farms that is huge, huge for this company, they divested their last remaining retail asset for gross proceeds of $500,000. 

They repaid some very high interest debt they had out there. I love that, Okay, once again, if you’re at all interested in this company, you want to like, you know, think about investing or something like that, like, make sure you follow the CEO on his Twitter page. Okay, so basically, they got a new product coming out the first legal little, on February 4, they announced that Kay that has massive potential there.

This is huge. Okay, so this gentleman is talking about how, you know, a lot of these individuals might not be you know, in the best positions or have their minds are straight in Norton says, Hey, when you have $4 million of your own money on the line, and another $2 million from your parents and brother, you don’t mess around, you spend wisely, by wisely, move wisely.

In trust is so key in any business transaction investment transaction, but especially in small cap investments, you have to have ultra trust the CEO, in fact, is this guy has a lot more on the line than I have on the line, when it comes to stock in I love that, okay, I love a CEO who’s willing to put their money where their mouth is.

And Norton has actually been buying the stock in the past year in several different times, from what I have seen. I love that, okay, I love a CEO that’s willing to put their money where their mouth is, I remember when when Ilan was buying more Tesla stock back when Tesla stock was, you know, down and out. And he was trying to stick every dollar and there were rumors about you know, he was so cash for it.

And you know, you might have to sell houses and things like that just to buy more Tesla stock. I love that I love founders of companies that are not just like about the vision of the company and growing and things like that, but are willing to put their money where their mouth is, and invest heavily in that company to make sure their success long term. 

Now this company is really focused on the high end of the product, which I think is key. Okay, the last thing I want to be at is in some company that just is like a generic player, and they’re just trying to mass distribute, there’s plenty of those players in this space, okay, that are just trying to produce as much of jack Jackson as possible.

And who cares about the quality just produce produce produce, that is not this company at all, they are focused on the ultra premium product, purpose built indoor facilities. I love that. Okay, I think this is key for long term success this company, he wanted to have a brand in my opinion, that is, you know, viewed as an ultra premium brand. You know.

I love when you play at the high end, just like I love, you know, planet stores, you know, plant 13, which is obviously a very successful investment of mine in the space. new stores are not like the average stores.

They’re their palaces, okay. They’re unbelievable. There’s nothing else you can compare them to out there just flat out. And I love players that are differentiating themselves on on the high end in this company is as far as their product goes. And if you’re somebody that enjoys this product, I think you’re going to appreciate their brand in a major, major way.

Okay, premium focus, superior cultivation sought after brand strong leadership proven results. I love playing at the high end, you guys know? Nope, no pun intended. Okay, I love that. Look at this here. Okay, the majority of our harvests are testing above 20% THC, cccccc, with several in the 26 to 29% range, some of the highest content in the sector.

Okay. So, you know, this is obviously, if you’re somebody that you know, is not into these type of products at all, you might not know what that means and things like that. And I’m not gonna go into, you know, a 10 minute explanation of that, but that’s big, okay. And especially if you’re a consumer of these products on the regular, and the black market brand high THC strains for experienced consumers, they have the tendo brand, which is balanced jack Jackson with diverse rich strains.

And then they have green tech, which is medical jack Jackson to help assist with pain relief. So they’re trying to play in several different markets in those brands are just growing and they’re growing quite strongly packaging.

They do premium glass jars, protects product quality, consumer preferred sizes, maintains moisture levels, extends product, shelf life, all those sorts of things child resistant, I love that, okay, you know, I love like, this is like so big, if you’re gonna build really successful brands for long term, especially in the high end space, the product, the feel, the product, the packaging, the branding, all those things have to be on point.

And this company is so dang focused on this. And I mean, you know, look where they’re at today. Imagine where this company as long as they keep the pedal to the metal, imagine where they’re going to be five years from now. 10 years from now, when it comes to this company, as far as packaging, branding, product, all those sorts of things.

Like the thing got to understand about, you know, CEOs that have their heads on straight and are really focused on growing their companies over the long term and make sure that brands are right is the Don’t let up, they just get better and better and better. And that’s something very important. Okay, the three po joint venture. So first cultivation is expecting July 2021. So coming up in a few months, that facility size is supposed to be 60,000 square feet.

This is great news for the company overall, how do I see this playing out over the next several years now, you know, the company’s obviously a massive growth company, their profit profiles changing in a major way, they’re going to have very healthy growth margins long term. No, they’re playing on the high end.

So how do I see this stock going over the next several years? Okay, well, I think they’re going to have massive growth through 2025. I think they’re going to grow each and every year and substantially, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if this company puts up another triple digit growth year overall, in 2021, whether that happens or not, we have to, we’ll see. But I would not be surprised at all, if this company doesn’t grow triple digits, again in 2021. And then massively still, in the years go into the future. Okay.

Canada’s obviously their main focus right now, United States could be a market longer term, especially if we get federal legalization within the next few years. I mean, you know, Canada is such a big market opportunity for this company alone, they could grow, you know, huge and just that market, but United States Oh, you’re talking about a whole different animal, their long term. Okay. So you haven’t that kind of call option out there.

Obviously, the European market is different European markets, this company could get in longer term, you know, as long as they can successfully build the brand in different markets, like, literally unlimited Tam, pretty much for this company, especially when you’re growing from such a small base overall, okay. In my opinion, 2025, based upon the numbers they’re putting up now, it’s upon the Canada my projections and things like that. I think worst case scenario is companies doing $50 million of revenue in 2025.

I think best case scenario, they’re doing $150 million of revenue in 2025. Okay, so if we want to do mid point, mid points, about $100 million, I can see them doing in 2025. That’s massive growth ahead. Okay. What I also see happening is because they’re going to have such strong growth, and they’re in a sector that everybody wants to play in, right, and they’re focused on the high end, so they got a differentiated product versus other, you know, companies out there, I think their stock price is going to do very well over the coming years.

And with a stock price that let’s say keeps going up over the coming years, yes, are they going to be able to do, they’re going to be able to raise capital, for more and more expansion, whether that means more and more expansion into new products, or countries, territories, anything like that more facilities, more employees, sales teams, anything like that, they’re going to be able to raise capital, in my opinion, because their stock price is likely going to go up.

And they’re going to be able to raise capital pretty cheaply and get financing that a lot of other companies in the space just can’t get okay. I think they’re gonna end up turning into a very cash rich company, which some people look at right now. And they’re like, Oh, this is a cash poor company.

Well, you know, if their stock price keeps going up, and they’re able to raise, you know, 5 million, 10 million $20 million, this is going to turn to a cash rich company, we saw this play out with the planet stock, the plenty of stock when I first got in that it was obviously a very cash poor company.

But then they started putting up these amazing numbers when everybody thought the business was dead. And they just put up amazing numbers. And everybody started believing in the management team, the numbers were insane, stock price started flying high. And the next thing you know, they were able to raise tons of money.

And now they’re sitting on nine figures, nine figures of cash on the planet’s balance sheet. Okay. Does this company ever have nine figures of cash? Maybe someday? I don’t think that’s anytime soon.

But can I see this company having multi seven figures, if not eight figures of cash in the next few years? Absolute Dang, loosely. Okay, I absolutely think they’ll become a cash rich company, I think they’ll get to a place where they’re pretty much debt free.

And basically in a position where there’s no reason to really take out debt, especially if they continue to perform. You know, I’m very strong level and put up some amazing growth numbers, because the bottom line is people want to be invested in jack Jackson companies, investors, institutions, it doesn’t really matter.

Okay, hedge funds. And if you got the major growth, you know, when you could put up another, let’s say, triple digit growth year, next year. Okay, a lot more people are gonna be flocking in this stock. That’s all I have to say about that. Okay.

They have high end focus, which, when you have high end focus, you’re going to get high end margins. That’s something I love about obviously wins business model, right? You know, at the Wynn resorts, you know, if somebody is coming to, you know, game, let’s just put it that way, right. You know, you know, a lot of their customer base is going to come spend, you know, 10,000 50,000 $100,000 in a weekend at the Wynn and encore, okay, and those different properties, winpalace, maybe even millions. And, you know, that’s, that’s brilliant, okay, that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

You don’t want to be done with the customer basis spending, you know, 50 bucks or 100 bucks or something like that. And so this company, they’re focused on the high end, they’re going to get high end margins long term, which means this company long term will be ultra profitable.

I think that’s One of the, if you’re looking at, you know what comes in for revenue and what reaches the bottom line over the companies I’ve been able to look into in the space, which I’ve been able to look into a lot of them now,

I think this company is going to have one of the biggest numbers in terms of, you know, basically what reaches the bottom line from that top line number, I definitely see it being anywhere from 10% to 30%, of top line reaching bottom line for this company long term.

So yeah, ultra profitability, net income in 2025, in my opinion, is going to be worst case scenario, $10 million, in my opinion, to best case scenario, $40 million of net income in 2025, for this company, and that’s assuming they get to that, you know, 100 and $50 million revenue number. And so that’s kind of my best case. And worst case scenario, when it comes to net income.

That would mean this company would have a market capitalization, in my opinion, of somewhere between $200 million and a billion dollars in 2025. I think, you know, worst case scenario is about 200 mil that, you know, at a $10 million in net income, that would be at a 20. Pe, if they were at, you know, 200 mil or so keep in mind, this company should have massive growth ahead even way past 2025. So I don’t think a 20 p would be very fair for this company. You know,

I think they would come in much more than that, in Yeah, they’re doing something like 30 40 million, and they still got major growth ahead, I can see this company being somewhere priced around a billion dollar market cap in 2025. And keep in mind, look at the market capitalization today.

This is a company that trades in a $93 million market cap K and you know, recently it’s been trading anywhere from $50 million to $100 million, essentially, you know, this company is going where I think it’s going over the next five years, where I think the coin to 200 million to a billion dollars.

I mean, the growth is a massive in terms of the revenues and profitability for this company, will employee base over time, the market cap, the stock price, everything like that. Okay, now, that’s the bull case, what’s the bear case? Okay, what could go wrong here? Okay, well, if they just couldn’t grow. So, you know, they grew 267% this past year, I mean.

if also they can’t grow the business, or that growth rate drops to I don’t know, 5% or something like that next year? That would be pretty ugly, right? I mean, you can’t go from 267% growth to 5%, or 0%, or negative or something like that, that would be really, really bad. I don’t see that happening.

Okay. I think this company is going to have tremendous growth again in 21. And tremendous growth again in 2022 and moving in future years. But that’s always a risk. Like, what if they just stopped growing tape? And I don’t know, no one wanted to buy their product, and they couldn’t get distribution and all sorts of things, what management just stops caring about the business?

And they just like, whatever. And I don’t know, they just start, I don’t know, smoking lenses all the time. And then, like, who cares about the business? It’s always a possibility. But I don’t really see that happening either. Okay, nor than the man in charge there is obviously very focused on this company, he’s got considerable amount of his net worth invest in this company.

I don’t know exactly what percentage, but I would say it’s probably a huge percentage, if not, most of his net worth is tied up in this company. And so I would say there’s a high probability he wants his company be ultra successful long term, but there’s always a risk.

What if the management team just stopped caring about the business or something like that? And what if they couldn’t capital raise or something like that, and obviously, if the business started shrinking, you know, the stock price would go down, they wouldn’t be able to raise capital, likely because people won’t want to buy the stock if it’s not growing or something like that.

So that’s the bear case. I don’t see it being very realistic. I mean, for the company just stopped growing all sudden in management to not care about it, and they wouldn’t be able to raise capital, I don’t see it being being very realistic, I would put it at like a under a 2% probability, but it always is a possibility out there. And you always have to consider things like that.

Okay, so the bottom line is with GG TTF. It has its risks, but it has great opportunity, in my opinion, it could be my next TEDx talk, I think it has great potential to be my next 10x stock. And let me reiterate, I have 0% interest in selling this stock regardless of price. So don’t ask me if it goes up.

You know, 100% over the next year, it’s like well, you know, I don’t care Okay, if it goes up, or if it goes down 30% next week, are you selling the stock? No, I don’t care. Okay, the bottom line is this. This is a young company with massive potential upside I have 0% interest in selling this stock at all, how much more could I buy at a stock? That’s good question.

Okay, that couldn’t buy that much more maybe like 100,000 more shares or so. At the end of the day, this company has risked I can’t make this into some seven figure position or even you know, in terms of money I put in or $500,000 position or something like that. So yeah, obviously maximum amount more I could personally buy is probably 100,000 shares, and I’m kind of good with what I hold but I wouldn’t mind adding some more shares this I did that with planet even after planet went up a bunch.

I still end up buying more shares in you know, sometimes these companies just have big opportunities and things even get better than you ever expected. You You know average up I’ve done that in Tesla in the past I mean heck if Tesla falls a ton more I might buy some more shares that you know what if that fellow $200 a share man I may be tempted by some even though I was buying that on a split adjusted basis of like 45 or whatever it was right so yeah, we’ll see what happens over time but this this company has a bright future in my opinion hope you guys enjoy this as always, don’t forget to smash Thumbs up if you haven’t already.

lets me know you guys enjoy a video like this where I go in depth on the next big stock of mine you’re looking to try to apply for the private stock group that will be linked in the description down there where you can learn all my strategies on investing in the stock market be part of our private discord chat is over 100 people now in there with at least seven thinkers plus in the stock market. So yeah, our discord chat is something that is just epic on the private side. So anyways, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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