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Well guys do I have an exciting stock video today! In this video here today I will be telling you about 5 stocks that are new and I have $0 invested in them. These stocks have massive growth in their future. All of these stocks have been really popular in my instagram dms and in my private stock group messages. So I will tell you about these 5 stocks.

Not only I’m I going to tell you the name of these 5 stocks, but I will tell you exactly why I believe in these stocks. All of these stocks I have been researching lately so I do not own any of them. So this video is really directed to that small amount of people that complain about me not talking about stocks until I actually buy them. So here it is guys! Enjoy it!

Leave me your opinion in the comment section. Do you own any of these stocks? If you do which stock is your favorite? Do you understand any of these stocks in a very high level? If you do, please dm me and lets talk about it. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hey, guys, welcome into today’s video. Hope you’re all doing great out there. As always, in this video here today, I’m gonna share with you five stocks that I think could be my next a million dollar stocks.

Okay, and here’s the deal with this video here today, none of the stocks I currently own. I’m currently researching all the stocks that I’m sharing with you here today. Okay, I’m seeing some promising things from all five of these stocks.

Okay, and so it’s definitely possible I could buy at least one of these stocks, if not multiple of these different stocks. And I have $0 in all of these stocks here at the moment as of recording this video.

And this is for those 11 folks out this a man who never talked about a stock until you already own Okay, this is a video for you guys to enjoy out there where I’m going to get into some stocks I’m actually researching and don’t have any money invested in yet. So hope you guys enjoyed this.

As always hope this video makes you happy. Don’t forget to smash as always helps our YouTube channel out in a massive way it helps the videos out it lets me know you guys enjoy a video like this where I get into some new stocks I don’t even own yet that I’m researching.

And I do appreciate that in a huge way. If you’re looking to apply for my private stock group that’s going to be linked in the description down there. We’ve helped ridiculous amounts of folks scale to six figures, seven figures and even eight figures in the stock market now.

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Alright guys, let’s get into this a first stock of these five stocks up here is palantir Technologies ticker symbol PLT are on this one. Okay, it’s about 24 $25 stock here today, but a $45 billion market cap. This is a data related company, they also want to use artificial intelligence to basically help out companies make much better decisions for their businesses overall, right?

The 52 week range in the stock is crazy anywhere from $8.90 to $45. You know, some of that’s before the spec, some of that was after in like just a lot of excitement around this product, such as foundry in Gotham are supposed to be huge, huge for this company long term.

And these are the type of products that are supposed to help this company grow into its valuation. Over time, we just saw a partnership very recently with IBM, that gives, you know, the palantir, essentially, a massive sales staff overall, in palantir, should be in massive expansion mode for the next five to 10 years essentially.

Okay, and actually build like a business that works with a lot of the big companies out there maybe much of the Fortune 500 over time, and get recurring revenue streams that are in the millions or 10s of millions of dollars for many of these companies.

Okay, look at the revenue growth expected for this company, it is is nothing to laugh at right 35% revenue growth expected for this company and 21, as far as 20 to 31%, revenue growth is expected. Some folks even believed maybe they’re seen back in those numbers as a new public company to the to the markets, right?

So they’re like maybe they’re they’ve kind of seen back in numbers a little bit. There’s companies coming off, like 47% revenue growth. So you know, maybe they keep up that 40% Plus, obviously, that would be really, really exciting for the stock.

know, if you’re looking at valuation wise for this company, obviously, it’s not just about the growth potential for this company, in what the business has. It’s about the price to sales ratio, right? for a company like this, right?

Because they’re not, they’re not making profits yet. So you can’t compare them on a P e ratio or something like that. But you’re really looking at price to sales ratio. Okay. So based upon what they’re supposed to have coming in through the front door, okay, revenue wise, in 2021.

This company is trading at about a price to sales ratio of about 30. Right now, right $45 billion market cap, about 1.5 billion expected in revenue. So that’s about a 30 price to sales ratio. Okay. Now.

That’s, that’s pretty darn high in the market overall, in the kind of trades in line with even a stock like I own such as Shopify, right? In these type of business models, anything, you know, whether it be ecommerce related or software related data related, all those sorts of business models, they generally just trade rich, right?

Shopify is supposed to do a little over $4 billion in revenue this year, you go ahead and run those numbers on Shopify, Shopify is trading at a basically a price to sales ratio for 2021 of about 33. And like I said, for, you know, it’s certainly not cheap for companies like, you know, palantir, or Shopify, but at the end of the day, these business models are pretty, pretty, pretty special, long term.

Let’s just put it that way. I mean, you think about Shopify, I mean, imagine where they’re going to be in five or 10 years. You think about this palantir company where they’re going to be in 510 years, okay. And it’s pretty darn exciting.

Let’s talk like I hold ugtt F, right. You know, that one trades, a lot of people say that one trades really rich, right? Obviously, they’re in a way different industry than those stocks, but that one trades it like an eight to 12 price to sales ratio, just for reference, and that’s actually gotten much more rapid growth than something like a Shopify, or palantir.

But needless to say, you know, a lot of people love these sorts of businesses. Like palantir has now keep in mind Ark invest Cathy wood. What have they been buying recently? One of the stocks is palantir technologies is up to their 20th biggest holdings in the ark next generation internet ETF, okay?

I mean, they’ve been adding that one pretty darn aggressively they’re up to what is it $126 million worth of shares. Now, I mean, up to like 5.2 million shares of palantir. They now own over their Ark invest. So this is a business model that seems pretty darn special.

And it seems like the long term team in front of this company is massive, okay. And for me, it’s just trying to figure out what the realistic Tam, this company can get over the next five to 10 years. That’s what I’m trying to research right now. And understand a very high level.

Now if you’re somebody that understands their business model on a super high level, send me a DM on it, if you’re on it. Okay. I would love to hear other folks kind of break this one down super in depth.

Also, you can feel free to leave me a YouTube comment. If you you know, I’ll go through the comments on this video. But you really got to understand this on a super high level, you know, to really break down their business in the realistic Tam long term, not just like, well, there’s you know, $100 billion.

So they’re going to, like, what’s the realistic numbers there? If somebody is watching this that’s in my private stock group, just send me a discord dm, but only send me an if you understand his business on an extremely high level. I’m talking like the 1% of the 1% understanding of this business model.

We’ll love to hear from you guys, as always, okay. Alright, guys, let’s get into the stock number two, five up here is Voyager digital Ltd. Okay, this is an online brokerage mostly used for crypto at the moment. VYGV f is a ticker symbol.

And this one’s a $15 stock right around a $2 billion market cap or just under a $2 billion market cap. And I’m about to show you growth that is going to blow your mind. Okay, this might be the strongest growth I’ve ever seen that I’m about to show you right now. Okay. And here it is.

Look at that growth, guys. For 2021. They’re expected to grow revenues. 10,220%. Okay. Oh my gosh, okay. Talk about growth that you just can’t even like, comprehend. All right, in the public markets, you’d never see companies growing like that.

Like, if you could see a company growing, you know, 100% 300% that’s like ridiculous, okay. In the public markets. Usually companies have already you know, experienced rapid growth before they get in the public market. So this is 110 1,220% is just on real unheard of, okay, as far as 22 goes for this company, they expect to have about 116% revenue growth, which is still ridiculous rate is not 10,000%.

But 116% is still just downright insane. Okay. In this tiny, okay, this company’s already expected to be profitable in 21, expect a 42 cents of profit. Are you kidding me per share? And then 74 cents expect in 22?

This, you know, whoa, okay, whoa, was all I have to say about this one? Okay. This is why this one’s intriguing me a lot. And this is why I’m looking into this one. Because I’m looking at this company.

I’m saying, Wait a minute, they’ve got some of the most ridiculous growth I’ve ever seen in my life. And this business is already going to be profitable. That’s not usually two things you get usually get insane growth with insane losses, or you get, you know, huge profits with not much growth, right?

It’s very rare that you can get ridiculous growth along with ridiculous profits. So this is where I’m looking at the stock and I’m saying it’s interesting as not just that, okay, Brian, who is one of our seven figure coaches, man, you know, that guy’s a genius. Love that guy.

Okay, I had to give him his own discord chat recently in the private group, because it’s so dang smart. He brought the stock to me months and months ago, when this was like, you know, let’s just put it this way. It was a much, much cheaper stock than it is today.

And I looked at and I said, Ah, man, I don’t know, Brian. I don’t know, man. I didn’t invest in in oh my gosh, am I kicking myself? I’ve seen you know, Brian’s made some ridiculous money on the stock.

You know, I should have taken a little more seriously when he brought it to me a few months ago. Dang, I’m kicking myself but at the same time, I’m looking at it. I’m like, this still might be a phenomenal deal for a long term shareholder. My like myself, man, when I’m looking at this company, I’d like a $2 billion market cap. And I’m thinking where the long term total addressable market is for this company.

I’m like, Oh, my gosh, okay. If we look at like the the Play Store on Google and and obviously, the App Store for Apple, right, gets pretty darn high ratings. It gets a 4.1 on Google Play. And on Apple. Clearly, there’s even like an uptick there. Okay, as far as like that product on that service, right.

4.8 out of five stars on the Apple iOS store. Okay. I mean, we’re talking about people clearly love that app. You don’t get a 4.8 on 22,000 reviews unless people really really enjoy your app, and they think it’s a great experience.

Right? And so that makes a sock very darn interesting. Also, this came out just a few weeks ago, Voyager digital raises $100 million by Closing private placements, so they’ve raised a ton of money. Look at these numbers. Okay.

December 2020, they had $1.7 million, roughly in revenue, February 2021 20 million. I mean, we’re talking about month over month growth that is just hard to even comprehend. Never mind year over year growth, but you’re just looking at month over month.

That’s just ridiculous. Okay. Look at this case, December 2020. net deposits of 28 million now 400 million assets under management a $230 million in December 2020. Now 1.7 billion, Oh, my gosh, okay. trades per day back in December was 6500. On the platform.

Now it’s 70,000 new funded accounts in December 2020, was at 6000. Now it’s at 70,000, new verified users was at 36,000. Now it’s at 190,000. That’s the only number i thought was weird. Because if you look new verified users in January was 250,000, then 190,000.

That was the only number I’ve seen so far with this company. That seemed a little strange to me. So I’m going to look more in depth than that, and see what what exactly is going on there. But look at this, okay, Robin Hood, this was last month, basically, is signaling that they might have a valuation of $40 billion or so there’s a lot of talk that Robin Hood could potentially go public in 2021, maybe the back half of the year.

And there’s some folks even thinking about $60 billion valuation for Robin Hood. And you think about all the drama Robin Hood’s been in, and you think about all the bad stuff. I mean, if that company still has a valuation of 40 to 60 billion, I mean, the opportunity in front of a company like Voyager is just massive.

So we’ll see what happens over time with this one I will continue to do my research and I’ll keep you guys up to date on that one nerd stock up here number three of five of the stocks that could be my next million dollar stock is ticker symbol, h i t i f high tide Okay, this is a pretty small cap company here today about $330 million market cap and this one came on my radar very recently.
Okay, so when I bought into GG TTF a few weeks ago, a lot of people in my private group started messaging me about this talking like Hey, man, you should look into high tide this company is a beast as well. Okay.

And so look at this high tide company, they’ve obviously played in the jack Jackson space. Look at this cape. They just came out with results very recently 166% increase in revenue in record adjusted EBIT ah of $8 million.

Look at these numbers by high tide Okay, revenue increased by 118% to 24 point 9 million in the fourth quarter 2020 in by 166% to 83 point 3 million for the year ended October 3120 20k. And those numbers don’t include any contribution from the meta growth Corporation.

The acquisition was closed at the end of the quarter, gross profit increased by 112% in the fourth quarter, and 172% for the year and gross profit in the fourth quarter was 35% and 37%. For this fiscal year ended in October adjusted EBIT off of the company was 3.6 mil.

You know, you’re looking at these numbers and they’re just darn darn impressive. Okay, and this is what is interesting me about this, but you know, potential investment here in high tide. Now, the big question for me when it comes to the jack Jackson space is how many stocks do I want to hold because keep in mind already invested in two companies in the space one being the planet.

Okay, ticker symbol, PL and HF need to have superstores also have one smaller format store when they could build out more smaller format stores. But they’re really known for their super stores. They have huge potential brands in the future here with the gummy brands, chocolate brands.

And even some flower brands and different products like that they have on their balance sheet right now they should have about nine figures of cash cave, and they have huge growth in next decade expected in the US focus.

So I look at the planet at about a billion dollar market cap and I’m like, I’m happy I already own that stock. But why not maybe just potentially buy some more of that stock. And then I look at G tech holdings GG TTF.

And I’m like, okay, that’s a stock that’s obviously in the high end space. They’re competing on the high end of product, you know, not just like the generic commodity related jack Jackson products that some of these other companies have.

They have huge growth in Canada ahead of themselves, and very impressive CEO, and they have rapid, you know, growth just across the board, nevermind what’s going to happen over the next several years for them. And that’s obviously a much smaller market cap at 127 million.

And so I’m trying to figure out, you know, maybe this high tides a third stock out in the space, because remember that, you know, although I have more work to do on this one, remember, I’ve made a prediction that I believe there’s going to be multiple companies it by the end of this decade by 2030.

I think there’s going to be multiple companies with 10 billion plus dollar market caps on them in the jack Jackson space. I think there’s probably going to be 50 to 100 companies in this space by the end of this decade that have a billion dollar or more market. capitalization on them.

I think this is going to be one of the bigger industries out there. And when I look at some of the stocks, I say, you know, from a long term investor standpoint, somebody likes to participate in stocks over the coming years.

And I look at this industry that’s massive, and it’s just gonna get a lot bigger over time. I look at a stock like high time I say this, I have to take this one serious. And I have to really do my research work here and see if that makes sense to add a third stock in the space.

I don’t mind doing it. Look at the plant based food space. That’s something I’m super bullish on for the next decade, right? I own beyond me, I own very good food company. I own tattoo chef, all different sized companies.

Maybe I do a very similar thing here in the jack Jackson space. Time will tell with that one. If you have a bullish thesis on high tide, let me know what it is in the comment section. Or, you know, you shoot me a DM on Instagram, or if you’re in the private group, and you understand the stock on a high level, you know, just put it in the MJ or MJ chat. I’ll read through those tonight. Okay, stock number four or five up here of these stocks is ticker symbol B, i g c, big commerce holdings.

It’s a $58 stock here at a market capitalization of about 4.2 billion in looking at 52 week range in where the stock is trading at right now. This is clearly a bean down dog stock right now. Okay? I mean, it’s trading at anywhere from $57 to $60. Here day, it’s 52.

Week range is between $51 and $162. So I mean, if we got any real weakness in the market in the short term, I wouldn’t be surprised if this stock fell to its 52 week low, if not below that, okay. So this is where things get interesting with the stock like this, it has very nice growth, okay, current year expect to have 25% sales growth.

Remember, this is in one of those industries of you know, obviously, like e commerce that, you know, people will pay hefty valuations for them, because they just look at these business models as being some of the most special you’re gonna be able to find out their software, business models, recurring revenue streams, things like that people definitely pay up for these, okay, you look at 22 and expect to have 23, you know, 20 to 23%, revenue growth in 2022.

And also, when it comes to this company, they’re expected to make some great progress as far as their losses go. So this past year, they lost 79 cents. APS on the bottom line, they expect to only lose 45 cents upcoming year. And then they’re supposed to get that down to 25 cents in 2022.

Okay, now, when it comes to big commerce, okay, from my understanding of based upon the research I’ve done in this company, they’re not going to be the next Shopify. Okay. And so I think, folks, if they’re looking into this company, including myself, I don’t think we should look at it through the lens of like, this is an X Shopify, and they’re going to compete with Shopify, because it’s not really okay.

Big Commerce has some advantages that maybe Shopify doesn’t have with certain other customers. But Shopify is really that an e commerce play that’s for the masses, right? similar to like Amazon, I look at like this big commerce as a little more of a niche player in the market.

And so can this company ever have $133 billion market cap? Maybe, but I doubt it. Okay. I doubt it’s going on where Shopify is over time, but at the end of the day, can this company have a very nice niche where they have a 10 to $20 billion market cap 510 years?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out right now. I’m not trying to look at this through lenses. This is a next Shopify, I’m on a 20x 30x my money, I’m trying to figure out a big commerce is a potential double up, triple up, quadruple up type stock over the next 510 years.

Because if it is, then I’m very interested in the stock right? And so I’m trying to figure out not just what the TAM is for big commerce, but what’s the realistic Tam for big commerce overall very similar what how I’m looking into palantir and think about not just what the cameras but what’s the realistic tm opportunity for palantir What is it here with big commerce?

Okay, so we’ll see I’ve heard some very good things about this big commerce company from some folks that know a lot about e commerce and so I got more work to do with big commerce overall, but I gotta say it’s somewhat exciting Okay.

Let’s stock up here number five of five of these stocks that could be my next million dollar stock is ticker symbol r k t. Rocket companies the stocks about $25 here day about a $50 billion mark cap just over 50 billion this stock was in the news just about a week or two ago because the stock essentially had some crazy short seller situation where the stock just went absolutely nuts in like the short squeeze next thing you know, it was trading at like $41 I think it got all the way up to $43 at the high end or something like that. Okay, just went absolute craziness.

And then it came down almost in a straight line in here today. It’s about 25 $26. Okay, in this rocket company, okay. It has me very intrigued but I gotta say this is one of the more confusing stocks I’ve looked into, in trying to figure out if I’m getting a great deal in the stock is as cheap as dirt or if I’m way overpaying for this company.

And that’s what I’m trying to figure out here with this rocket companies. Okay. So the four p in the stock is 9.9. Now you look at that you say This seems insanely cheap, okay, this seems like the best deal in the world like buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, but then you go ahead and you look at revenue expectations for 2122.

And things get a little scary. Okay. They’re expected to have revenues go down 25% and 2021. I mean, every analyst pretty much out there expects this company to have, almost every analyst expects this company have declining revenues, but on average, on average, they expect revenue to go down. 25%. Okay.

And I definitely expect their revenues to go down in this year, I don’t think you know, especially in the back half of this year, especially if mortgage rates continue to climb, they just pulled forward a lot of demand for not just mortgages, but refinances.

Okay, and so that’s a scary number, when you see 25% decline, also in 22. They’re not expecting to get back to growth, either that year, they’re expected to have revenues go down to almost 16%. I mean, those are two massive numbers here. And this is where things get very confusing for me when it comes to this stock trying to figure out, am I getting a great deal on the stock? Or am I getting ripped off? And so let’s take this last stock to the whiteboard of justice. Okay.

And let’s kind of break this down. So insane growth for this company in 2020. Like insane, unbelievable growth they have Okay, revenues to the sky, profitability going crazy, everything lined up. And everybody cares about their house more than ever in the real estate markets, really strong. mortgage rates went to the lowest we’ve ever seen them ever.

Okay, in Ulsan. You had everybody out, though, refinancing, I think I’ve refinanced what one of my houses I’ve refinanced twice, in the same year. Okay, that’s just how ridiculous this is. Okay. And so a ton of pull for demand revenue went insane, but massive revenue and profit shrink expect in 2021, and 2022, for this company.

And so this company seems I mean, when I look at this rocket company, I feel like this is going to be a business model that’s going to be much more relevant, much more relevant in five years from now than it is today.

And this is where things get really interesting, right? Much more relevant five years in is today. But confusing, because they grew like insane. Now they’re supposed to expect like massive shrink. So it looks cheap, this company looks cheap, looks cheap, as dirt, but it feels expensive. It feels expensive, when you look at the fact that they’re supposed to have revenues go down 25% this year, and another 16% roughly next year.

That’s where that’s where things are getting really confusing here. And so what I’m trying to figure out with rocket right now is what is the long term sustainable revenue for this company, and the long term sustainable net income for its company, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

This is a very confusing stock This is not for the faint of heart. Okay, this is not for people that don’t know how to value companies, this is one of those you really have to know how to value companies on a very high level to understand if you’re getting ripped off in the stock buying in a $50 billion or if you’re getting actually an insane deal and this is going to be 100 billion $200 billion company and future years.

Okay, so I got more work to do here but specifically around valuation for this company. So hope you guys enjoyed this video as always hope you got a tremendous amount of value out of me looking at some of these stocks out there if you’re looking to understand everything I look for in stocks be part of our private discord chat, all those sorts of things we’ve been able to help tons of people out there get to six figures or seven figures in plus in their accounts.

The first link in the description down there is absolutely to apply for my private stock group also have it linked in the description if you don’t mind smash thumbs up before you leave. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.


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