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With the stock market falling so much lately, I thought about all the stocks that have been going down lately. I will talk about 10 stocks that have dropped 50%+. These stocks have been beaten down or forgotten in this down trending stock market.

Let me know your opinions of these stocks in the comment section. Maybe you can find a stock in this list that you like and can research on a deeper level. Do you think any of these stocks are a good deal at the current price? Are you looking to buy any of these stocks? Also let me know if there is a stock that you are watching or a stock that you are buying? Enjoy! Do you think any of these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch?

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Oh my goodness guys am I excited to do this video here today I am going to tell you guys all about my next 1 million plus dollar stock a stock that I believe has 2x two 5x potential over the next five years and it’s almost impossible for me to imagine losing money.

On the stock over the next five years now as always don’t just buy a stock because I’m buying a stock make sure you’re not just using this video as your research or something like that like go do the research for yourself but I can tell you I love to talk about stocks that.

I’m in love with and I can tell you this stock oh my gosh, like I was already kind of sold on the stock as of a few weeks ago and I just done more and more digging on this stock and what I have found is this stock is just gonna be a beast for me flat out we’re gonna go super in depth in this video here today on this company why I’m bullish about it.

I hope I do a really good job of explaining that I have a lot of slides prep for you guys I’m really giving my full bullish thesis like there’s nothing I’m hiding in this presentation here today there’s nothing like there’s not like an extra thing like.

I’m giving everything out there about this document why I’m so excited about this. I think this will be the next Tesla or Planet 13 or elephant a shell for me that type of home run stock that I ended up making, you know 100% plus and let’s just put that way over the next few years as those ones have done. By the way sky works FB fizzy get dizzy.

Cruzi doozy those would already be homerun stocks if it wasn’t for the dang Roni Rona but that’s all right. Okay, we got plenty more homers on the way Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up helps our YouTube channel out immensely.

lets me know you guys enjoy video like this where I share a stock that I am absolutely positively in love with. Okay. And also, if you didn’t know I’m on the gram, you can follow me on the gram if you’re on the gram. Alright, already, guys, let me tell you about this business here.

Okay, the IPO happened in 2018. So this is somewhat of a newer company to the public market, this company hasn’t been public forever, like 100 years, something like that. So Wall Street, still trying to figure out this one investor is still trying to figure out this one.

If they’re excited about if they’re not excited about it is kind of in between, okay, and I can tell you, based on my research, I’m very excited about it. Okay, recurring revenue business model, this business model is completely recurring revenue. So think about this way, right?

You have certain business models out there that are not recurring. And you have to consistently sell your product or service out there. And it’s like a one time thing, you constantly need to sell it again and sell it again and sell it again. Okay? This is not that way at all.

This is a recurring revenue business model means somebody signs up for this product or service. And basically, they keep paying for years and years and years to go in the future, if not decades to go in the future. And I love recurring revenue business models. I think they are the creme de la creme.

And if you’re wondering why Apple stock has taken off over the last couple years, despite iPhone volumes, not going crazy. It’s because Apple’s built out their recurring revenue business model II mentally and that’s gotten a lot of investors excited around their services and things like that. Okay.

Now, this company we’re talking about here, they have a sticky product, okay, the high majority of their clients stick with this product, they don’t just like move around and like, Oh, I’m gonna go try this. Okay, the majority of folks that are sign up for their product, keep on that product and do for years and years and go in the future. Okay, but a customer’s company for a long time.

Okay. Now, this is an apple stock we’re talking about here today. In this video, I just want to give you an example of an iPhone iPhones a very sticky product at the end of the day. I mean, there’s a million companies that basically sell phones, right?

Like literally I could, I could buy a phone from so many companies, and I’m funny. But man, if my phone breaks tomorrow, I’m going to buy another iPhone, if I want another phone, I’m getting another iPhone Kay. And so apples got a really sticky ecosystem of sticky product.

And people just, you know, continue to buy that product over and over again, in this company has a very sticky product. Okay, let me give you another example of very sticky product, even though this one doesn’t technically cost anything, right google google search, I mean, my goodness, you know, that’s such a sticky product.

Like if I’m going to search anything, I’m going straight to Google every single time. It’s just it’s a super sticky product. And I continue to use that even though I don’t technically pay Google any money. Okay, so this is a very much a sticky product company that people stick with for years to go into the future. Okay.

The company is founder LED, you guys know, I love a company that’s founder LED. I just think there’s something about having the founder lead a company that’s just much more powerful than just a random CEO comes in and takes their place and tries to run the business. Something about that person that, you know, started that business and ran it.

I don’t know, it’s just something magical about that. You know, when you think about like, Elan Musk, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, you know, the people that were there when the company was nothing right, and watched it grow into a beast and overlooked it during that time.

And so I just love the fact that this this company is founder led it down the day the CEO is on the Facebook Board of Directors, okay? Which means essentially, he’s, you know, a pretty important guy, okay, you don’t just get on the Facebook.

I mean, Facebook’s arguably the most powerful company in the world. You don’t just get on their board of directors without, you know, being pretty impressive yourself. Right? The CEO just invested in a company very recently. That’s a new startup.

He did so alongside Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff. Okay, Jeff Bezos names. You guys know him, right? Marc Benioff. He’s a CEO and leader of Salesforce, okay. I mean, you know, this guy is acquainted with a lot of people that are really, really important.

tech giants, right? Salesforce, Amazon, Zuckerberg, okay, just like start putting all these pieces together, and you’re gonna find that this guy is in with everybody you want to be in with us put that way in the business world.

And I mean, when you’re around that type of talent, I mean, it just takes you up to a whole nother level. Okay, the company is growing revenues at 10% Plus, and they should for years to go in the future.

I think over the next five years, this company will grow 10% plus each and every year for the next at least five years, if not past that, okay, the company is profitable, and is getting more and more profitable with each passing year, this year should be more profitable in the previous year.

And next year, we’ll be having a lot more profitable than this year, okay, they have one quarter and kind of messed them up because they’re running Rona as all companies dead, right. But as that laps and we get into next year, I mean, 2021 will be massively more profitable for this company than 2020 was.

And that will just continue on for years to go in the future based upon what I’m looking at with the margins with this company, the revenue expected, the company is just going to get more and more profitable.

I mean, there’s talk about a billion dollars of cash flows down the road, okay, the company has no customer concentration, this is so big. And this is so overlooked when investors are looking into a company, okay?

Put it this way, there are a lot of companies out there that get 5% 10% 15% 20% plus of their revenues from one company, okay, which means you have big customer concentration, if that customer leaves you, you, your business models in a really bad place. Okay?

If you don’t have customer concentration, that means you have pricing power, because you’re not scared about one guy ended up leaving you think about it, imagine you get half your business from one client or one customer, right?

If that one person leads you, you are screwed, okay, you are screwed in the worst way. You were like dunzo, right. But if you don’t have any customer concentration, it allows you to sleep well at night.

And it’s like if a customer leaves you, they make up like point 1% of your revenue or point 01 percent or point 000000 1% of your revenue. And it doesn’t matter that much. At the end of day, obviously you never want customers leaving in droves or something like that.

But just the fact that you don’t have big customer concentration lets you sleep well at night, I own one of my stocks, cruzi doozy Okay, that’s a complete opposite, they get like 80 something percent of their revenues from Apple, it’s absolutely ridiculous. And that’s a scary stock to be.

And that’s why it has to be always like a small position of mine, I can’t make it a big position because they have a crazy customer concentration. And most businesses have some sort of customer concentration, this business model basically has none.

That’s super overlooked in investing. Don’t ever overlook that, because that what I just showed you there is huge. Okay, the company is at the perfect Crossroads right now, in my personal opinion, okay, there are at the crossroads of cloud, which is a huge market that will continue to boom for, you know, years to go in the future, if not decades to go in the future, right?

workplace communication, which is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger communication inside organizations and outside of organizations. This is really, really important, as well as I need to include this in there.

But actually like documents signing, ie signing of documents, things like that, okay, at the crossroads of all those huge growth vectors that are going to be you know, massive categories that grow for, you know, literally years to go in the future, if not decades to go in the future.

It’s not like those things are slowing down like no one needs cloud tomorrow. No one needs workplace communication. He signing documents like those are just going to keep growing bigger and bigger and bigger. This company has an $18 stock price on it right now. $7.8 billion market cap in a 21 four p e 21.

Four p remember, we just talked about this company is growing quite rapidly, right and will likely continue to grow quite rapidly for years to go in the future and a 21 four p i bet you weren’t expecting that, especially after all these things we’ve gone through here today. Okay, the company is innovating very fast.

I would say they’re innovating faster in the past year or two than I’ve ever seen them ever in their history. I feel like they’ve launched more interesting products and services in the past year than in the entire company’s history. Essentially.

It’s amazing though the wheels are really turning at that company. Innovation wise, I think just the fact that the company went public, I think it’s just kind of taking the company to whole new levels in terms of their innovation.

And there’s more innovation coming in for q2 of 2020. CEOs talk about it. I’m super excited about that, and they’ll likely be more innovation coming in 2021 as well. So keep tuned for that. Okay. In terms of the latest quarter this company just reported about a month ago now Okay, if you want the most updated numbers, revenue was up 16% very strong growth for this company.

free cash flow in the most recent quarter was $120 million of very, very nice number. Paid users are increasing this company. Very important, average revenue per user is increasing for this company. So that’s like a double whammy of good things, right? You want always more clients, you want always more customers, right?

And you always want whoever your customers are to be hopefully paying more and more over time, this company has both of those things, okay. Not many business models have all these things I’m putting together for you guys. I mean, it’s really hard to find any business model that is, you know, kind of in this wave, it’s very few and far between.

It’s magical, okay, the company has 1.1 billion plus dollars in cash, cash equivalents and investments, and they have no true long term debt on their balance sheet. This is phenomenal. This company’s in a huge position of power.

They are a huge position of power in terms of, if somebody wants to acquire them, you know, just the fact that there’s not a bunch of debt on that balance sheet, you’re getting 1.1 billion back to you in cash and cash equivalents and investments.

You know, if somebody wanted to acquire this company, they would have to pay a huge premium, I mean, huge premium to acquire them. I don’t want this company to be acquired, I think, if anything, they’re going to be acquire or have companies in the future, okay.

1.1 billion on that balance sheet, they can continue to buy companies that are innovative in game changers in their space. Okay, so let’s recap everything we just went through, okay, revenues are increasing double digits for this company.

profits are increasing dramatically for this company. They have a sticky product that you know, people don’t just leave and go to a new product all the time. Okay. They have basically all recurring revenues in their business model.

It’s not like there’s a one off sale, and then no one buys from them again, no, it’s year after year, and sometimes month after month, recurring revenues, okay. They’re basically no customer concentration. One of the most overlooked things in investing that almost nobody talks about cash flow beast.

This company has just in the latest quarter, or only wrote a quarter that is okay, 120 million free cash flow, cash flow beast innovation is, you know, at a better level for this company than any time in its history, just flat out its founder LED, and as a four P of 21.

Which is ridiculously low for a company in this space, and all these different things they’re doing in the fact that the kind of market we’re in like, that’s just, it’s just silly, okay? They’re the same competition they’ve had for years and years and years.

There’s no new entrant to the space that’s just going to knock them out the same companies they’ve been competing with for the last 510 years, or the same companies they’re competing with today.

So it’s not like this some Oh, there’s a new product. There’s a new company over there. That’s just gonna knock them out. No, it’s all the same competition. They’ve been fighting for years, and years, and they’ve thrived.

Despite all that she’s super tough competition, okay. 1.1 billion plus dollars in cash and cash equivalents and investments. They’re at the perfect place of cloud, workplace communication, ie signing of documents was just continues to be a beast, right? DocuSign look at DocuSign valuation.

Now, the biggest player in esign documents, think that one has a market cap of I want to say like how maybe $40 billion or something like it’s absolutely incredible, like the valuation on DocuSign.
Okay, all when you put all those things together, I believe I’m going to 2x 5x my money in the stock over the next five years, there’s just no way around it, I think it’s almost impossible for me to lose money on the stock and 2x.

Two 5x is is pretty easy, in my opinion. Over the next five years. What is this stock, it is a Dropbox ticker symbol d b X on this one, I’ve talked about a little bit in the past few weeks, but I don’t haven’t gone into it.

Like I went into it in this video and really gave my full bullish thesis, really in depth here, Dropbox is absolutely going to be a stock in the future that is massively more valuable than it is today. This is a stock that it’s just, it’s just, you know.

I don’t know, I don’t wanna say disrespected, but I just don’t think people are really looking at it. Because they never have like a crazy beat in a quarter. It’s not like this company just report some, you know, astronomical like, well, they just grew revenues, like 600%, this quarter, or something like that.

It’s just a solid company that continues to grow bigger and bigger, more powerful, more innovative, and more of a competitive threat to basically everybody out there that they compete with.

And I’m just super impressed by this company. Overall, if you want to look more in depth and Dropbox, if this is actually a company, yours, you know, want to research more, you want to look into more, check out their.

Investor Relations page, there’s a bunch of sec documents on there, you can listen to conference calls, you can, you know, look at the investor presentations, you can do all the research work for yourself out there. In my opinion, this will be a 1 million plus dollar stock for me in the future.

There’s just no doubt about it. Okay, I’m going to put a really good amount of money into the stock and that money will grow over the next five years to you know, pretty high numbers. Let’s put it that way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up turning out to be a 2 million or $3 million stock for me in the future. I could potentially listen to this Okay, this is how much I believe in this company. And not just believe just I’m just looking at the facts. That’s not like I’m just like throwing out random opinions like this is just like facts.

So I’m given out here, okay, I could make this my number one stock market investment. Think about that for a moment, and I might do it, I might do it. Like, I don’t think I’m gonna stop buying the stock anytime soon, I think I’m gonna keep buying it and keep buying it for the for at least the next the remainder of 2020.

Okay, I could make this my number one stock market investment. And in order to become my number one stock market investment, you have to have an extremely, I mean extremely attractive risk reward profile, it has to be where there’s less than a 1% probability that I lose money in this over the next five years, there’s no way.

I’m putting in all this work research in this company for the past, you know, month or two just to see my money stagnate or go down over the next five years, there’s no way about it, okay, I will absolutely make a lot of money in the stock and I want to be in the type of stocks that are going to 2x two 5x over the next five years.

If it’s not, if I’m not at least doubling my money in five years, if not a lot more than that. There’s no reason for me to be in that stock. Okay, there’s no reason at all. And so I’m 100% sold on the stock in a massive way in this company, and their vision for the future where they’re going where they’ve been and you know all the numbers and the concrete proof and facts around this company.
I could very much make it my number one stock and you know, only time will tell Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, regardless if you like Dropbox as a stock or you don’t like Dropbox as a stock. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps you to channel out in a massive, massive way and I appreciate you know, you guys do that and I appreciate you know, be able to share my opinion on different stocks I’m buying and things like that. Also, if you want to follow me on the grid, go ahead and do that. If you didn’t know I am on there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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