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Well guys I have a real fun video for you! I am going to share with you guys what my 7 biggest positions are in my portfolio. Not only I’m I going to tell you what those positions are but I am going to tell you why they are my biggest positions.

Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment on what you think of these stocks that I own. Let me know what you think of how big each of these stocks are. Do you think I should reduce any of these stocks? Do you think I should increase my position in any of these stocks? Also let me know your top 3 stocks in your own portfolio.

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Hello folks welcome into today’s video do I have an exciting one planned for you guys here today in this video here today we’re gonna get into two things Okay, number one I went ahead and I did some math and I went ahead and added up what are my biggest positions across all my accounts like what are the seven biggest stocks?

I have I’m going to share that with you here today we’re going to count it down from number seven to number one what is the stock I have the most money in of them all okay, we’ll count on down in number two and most importantly, why are these my biggest investments which is obviously the most important thing right?

Because like I can have my money in any stocks and stock market there are 1000s of stocks literally in the stock market. Why these seven stocks specifically do I have more money in than any other stocks out there? Okay,

I think that is an important subject All right, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up that was an entire intro there. And yeah, it definitely helps out the YouTube channel massively appreciate each and every one of you that are part of the thumbs up squad if you have not had a chance to get in stock club yet is absolutely free to do so.

That’s our free discord chat where you can chat stocks with a ton of other investors out there. I think we’re over 22,000 members now if I recall and stock up so it’s a growing beast. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Alright.

Alright, let’s start getting to this. So stock number seven of the seven stocks up here. First one up sky work solutions. This is my seventh biggest investments so skyworks solutions they play in the semiconductor space.

They’re a big player in 5g they’re gonna be a big player in 5g okay skyworks solutions here today ticker symbol SW ks $141 stock I honestly still think this stock is a deal okay.

If you go ahead and you pull up like an iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro tear down k which is done by I fix it you get to see the chips and the semiconductors that are actually in let’s say like the new iPhone which is going to be a crazy seller let’s just put that way it’s gonna be the best selling iPhone Apple’s ever had in my opinion.

Okay, we’re gonna see some different chips in there you’ll see some Qualcomm which Qualcomm is a stock I own unfortunately didn’t buy enough of Qualcomm, I only bought a very small position, but they’re back in the iPhone. So great news for Qualcomm, you’re gonna see another company that I basically am investor in which is called Cirrus Logic.

They make a lot of the audio components in there. And then you’re gonna see sky work solutions, dominance in the iPhone, okay, I had a count this up twice. Okay, I was counting and I was like, Oh, they have six chips in there. I was like, Oh, wait, I can’t count. They have seven chips. I went ahead and did counting.

And I was like, No, they have eight chips. Like I couldn’t even believe it. I literally couldn’t even believe it. skyward solutions has a chips in the new iPhone. Okay. Anybody that knows anything about semiconductors and you know, smartphones and how they’re put together and things like that, like to win eight chips is huge.

I mean, absolutely massive, okay, that’s a lot of money Skywalk solutions is making off of each one of those iPhones sold, I can tell you that. Okay, so every time you buy a new iPhone, like thank you for doing business with skyworks solutions, by the way, if you buy pretty much any smartphone, almost in the world, okay, you’re giving money to skyworks solutions.

So I appreciate each and every one of you guys. And if you ever want to make money from basically the fact that people buy smartphones every year, you know, skyworks Solutions could be potentially an interesting stock. All right.

So current year, they’re already into their fiscal 2021. Current year, okay, they’re expect to grow about 17% I’m going to be honest, they’re gonna grow 20% Plus, easily, in my personal opinion, okay. And that’s pretty much regardless of whatever happens with the whole Roni run a mess.

In my opinion, the company will grow 20% plus easily just because the new generation of phones, they’re going to make a lot more for each phone. So Never mind that. I mean, there’s just the sales numbers like you just have to wait on the sales numbers. Okay, that’s all I’m gonna say.

They’re gonna be pretty darn exciting, especially around Apple’s products specifically, okay. Next year, the company is going to grow supposedly 8.8% who, like analysts don’t even have close to the right number.

In my opinion, the company will grow 15% plus next year as well when it comes to 5g phones. It’s not like every single person on the planet is going to go buy 5g phones this year. Okay, this is a multi year growth factor.

So this is something like next year in the year following everybody is going to upgrade to 5g phones but it’s going to take like five years for everybody or you know most people to get on to the 5g wave Okay, it’s not like this year, every single human an out there goes buys a new iPhone.

Okay, so this is going to be a long tail effect for sky work solutions, and they’re going to grow for a year or so ago in the future. Okay, when it comes to 5g, there are the three main players Okay, there are a lot of players that are going to benefit huge from 5g Okay, in my opinion, like the three easiest if you’re going to want to play 5g.

It’s Apple, obviously okay. Qualcomm which in my opinion is the best suited company for 5g and the whole 5g wave K and then it skyworks solutions and the fact that This is arguably like the third best company to play if you want to play 5g, the fact that the company is trading at an 18 or 19.

Four P is just disrespectful. Okay, that’s the best way I can put it. It’s just ridiculous. Okay, this is going to be a double digit growth for the next several years. They’re one of the biggest players in 5g, which is just a huge technology that’s going to take off over the next 510 years, and they’ll be trading at that low valuation is silly.

This should be a stock that’s trading at a forward p e of 30. Plus, this should be a stock that’s over $200. My opinion, this is a stock that will go over $200 In my opinion, I just think it should already be there.

Okay, so yeah, it’s just it’s way undervalued. Even now, never mind if you’re buying the stock a year or two ago, like I was k cash and cash equivalents when it comes to skyward solutions, almost a billion dollars sitting on their balance sheet in cash with non existent debt.

Okay, not as an amazing balance sheet that allows a company just follow more money into research and development funnel more money to dividends. Stock repurchases, if they want to buy another company, or buy another company, it’s amazing.

Okay, I love skyworks solutions here as my number seven biggest stock I hold love this one, okay, we’re up at six, almost 87% in the stock just in the public count.

This is just the shares I own in the public account. Never mind, like any shares or scour solutions I own in my other accounts. Okay. And, you know, we’re doing really good on this position, I think we’re going to do a lot better in the future 91,090 $2,000 position, just in the public count alone, nevermind what I hold in other accounts.

I’m playing a whole net for quite a while in the future. And keep in mind, every single share I hold, I get $2 per year in dividends paid out to me. So I also get that cash flow. Now also, remember, this company’s going to likely get much more profitable over the next few years, which means.

Likely they’re going to up that dividend more and moreover, future years so that $2 I’m getting paid out now also is going to be $2.50 I’m getting paid out per share. And then $3 per share is going to keep moving up in future years in my personal opinion.

So yeah, skyworks Solutions, it’s an exciting stock, I’m happy to be in it and it is my seventh biggest stock market investment. My six biggest stock market investment in the stock market is beyond meat ticker symbol b y, nd Okay, this is extraordinary. If you know, you know, I have you know, quite a bit of money invest in the stock market, right.

And these positions are really, really large when you add them up across all my different accounts. Right. And so beyond me this come out of nowhere, like I had no position in the stock as of like a week and a half ago probably or so. And over the past several trading days. I have been playing this one so day aggressively that I did the math, and it’s already up to my six biggest investment.

Okay, and with beyond me, this could go top three, okay, this could very well go top three biggest investment for me. It could go number one, okay. You know, we’ll see if it goes number one as far as my biggest investment, but like it’s almost an automatic that says we’ll go top three, okay. And that’s without even assuming the stock goes up a bunch.

That’s just assuming like how much money I’m planning on putting in the stock over the coming months as long as the stock is anywhere close to the valuation is right now. Okay. beyond me, because this company is growing very, very fast.

42% plus expected in this year, next year, the company is expected to grow around 60% revenues on the top line. Okay, this is a just one of the fastest growing companies you will find out there.

Very impressive numbers. Okay. Exponential APS growth from 29 cent loss to this year, they’re expected to make a seven cent profit 10 next year. 59 cent profit, okay. 59. That’s like, what like an 800 plus percent increase year over year and EP s okay. So needless to say EP S is exponentially increasing right now.

And that’s extremely exciting for beyond me, especially when you’re talking about potential 60% top line move next year. It’s extraordinary, right? They got factories going up all over the place, okay.

In the US, they’re building new factories, but also in Europe, they have a new factory going up in Europe. And that one’s just opened very recently, China, they have two new facilities which China is going to you know, long term, China could be a way bigger market than Europe or the United States for beyond me. Okay, so really, really exciting.

What’s going on in China for beyond meat over the next decade. And Ethan Brown, the CEO over there, this is a guy I really like I gotta say, I’ve watched countless interviews with him, listen to several conference calls.

And he’s leading the most innovative food company in the world by far, like name another company in the world that’s innovating anywhere remotely close to as fast as his company. You’re not going to find them, okay? You haven put this company in the same category as any other food company in the world.

And I don’t care if you’re talking about like restaurants. I don’t care if you’re talking about fast food. I don’t care if you’re talking about consumer packaged goods plays like Coca Cola and Pepsi’s and energy drink products. I don’t care.

If you’re talking anything food and drinks, beyond me, is the most innovative company in the world by far. In terms of innovating new products, and getting them out into the market and having them be successful in that is huge. Okay.

They’re in the food category, like everybody eats multiple times per day, right? And think about this for a moment, if you’re the most innovative company in a massive industry, you get massive results for that. Right. Okay.

Amazon, Amazon’s been the most innovative company in retail for like, 20 plus years now, right? Pretty much no one’s out innovating, Amazon out there, right. And look what has happened.

Amazon’s gone to a $1.6 trillion market cap, Kay, I have no plans for this beyond meat positioned in total $1.6 trillion market cap? I hope it does. I don’t think it will. But man, that would be amazing.

But this just goes to show you how crazy it is when you are going after a massive industry. And you can be just out innovative people, every single year, Amazon’s done it. Look at Tesla. So this is another example of a perfect company that has out innovated everybody in their space, and they get the riches.

Okay, I mean, Tesla’s been the most innovative company by far in the automobile space for 10 plus years now. And now this company has a $387 billion market cap, I don’t think beyond me, it’s gonna $387 billion market cap, but they got a long way to go.

Let’s put it that way in terms of increasing their market cap, this will be a massive company. The fact is, when you go after massive industries, and you can out innovate everybody year after year, after year after year for years to go in the future, like the riches are yours.

And beyond meat is sitting at a $7.8 billion market cap. Do you think you know this company can’t go to a 70 or $80 billion company if they’re the most innovative food company in the world that executes on a high level for the next 10 years?

Of course they can’t Okay, and this is why I’m investing so heavily in this stock because I think this can absolutely be a 7080 if not $100 billion company if we look at a decade from now, because

I just don’t see anybody unless the culture just like goes away at that company and they stopped innovating and they stopped caring about coming out with new products and in executing and getting those products out in the market.

Like in my opinion, this will be the most innovative company and it already is the most innovative company in food Okay, now I was super in depth on the stock I did like a 30 plus minute video just on beyond me to call it my next Tesla stock 10x potential Okay, putting $250,000 plus in fast and yeah.

So I did that video that’s on the that’s on the main channel that we released a couple days ago if you want to check out that and learn more about beyond me in depth K, the fifth biggest stock market investment I have time for the top five.

Okay, it is the FB Foos book, okay, this is my fifth biggest investment. And you know, it was supposed to be my number one biggest investment but although it’s performed great for us, we’ve had some other stocks just honestly performed a lot better. And so that’s one of the reasons why Facebook’s down here at number five and not like number one or number two, okay.

But when I get when I look at the FB, this was the most attractive risk reward company I could find in stock market, okay. And it still is pretty much right up there, I would still say it’s like top three most attractive risk reward. Now when I think about risk reward, here’s what I mean.

I’m basically thinking if I’m invested in the stock for the next five years, what is the probability I’m going to lose money in that stock over the next five years? And what’s the probability I’m going to double up or more than double my money?

And when I look at the FBX, this is one of the premier stocks out there in terms of like, it’s almost impossible for me to lose money, you know, everything’s possible, but it’s almost impossible for me to lose money in the stock over the next five years. And a very high probability I at least make 50% on my money over the next five years, if not 100% plus K.

And that’s exactly what I see in the stock K, they own the FB platform, right Facebook, they also own Facebook Messenger. Okay, these are massive. They own Instagram, right? They own WhatsApp, these are the biggest services in the world. Okay, year in year out absolutely extraordinary.

They also own Oculus, which I took a picture of the new Oculus I just got it’s I think called the quest two or something like that. And that’s a lot of fun. So, you know, VR, VR gaming, everything in that space is going to be massive over the next decade or two.

So they own pretty much the premier player in virtual reality right? Now, look at the numbers for this company. Okay, this shows you family daily active people, this is one of the most important numbers you can look at if you’re invest in the stock or thinking about investing.

Okay, this basically shows you if somebody’s logging on to either Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp in a given day, right 2.5 4 billion people are logging onto these platforms, day in and day out.

That’s an extraordinary number as far as family monthly active people 3.2 1 billion, okay, those numbers are gargantuan almost everybody saw on one of these platforms. Okay. absolutely extraordinary. Okay.

And when it comes to the FB the growth moving forward is not in getting more people to use the platform although they continue to still put up numbers and they Continue to get more people to use the platforms.

It’s really in the revenue, okay? And the fact that there’ll be more ads on these platforms over time and ad you have to pay to get in front of people’s faces are more and more expensive. And that will just continue to go up and get more expensive over time.

Okay, when it comes to revenue for this company, look at it, it’s ridiculous. They just did almost $21.5 billion in revenue versus 17. Point 6 billion in the same quarter year ago.

We’re in the middle of a once in 100 year event health event, okay, think about how many businesses have cut advertising spend on the FB and yet they still grew revenues, what almost $4 billion in a three month span.

This I mean, this is the ultimate proof that this is arguably one of the best business models in the world, when you can grow your revenues almost $4 billion year over year. And you’re in the middle of a once in 100 year devastating business event called Roni Rona.

That’s extraordinary. I mean, absolutely extraordinary. And that’s why I say a stock like this, one of the most attractive risk rewards because it doesn’t matter what happens. It could be a once in 100 year event, it could be a massive recession. It literally doesn’t matter.

The FB will grow revenues, regardless and very nicely. Okay. diluted earnings per share the best ever think about this for a moment. Like once 100 year event in the company just reported their best diluted earnings per share. Ever. Okay?

I mean, this is all the proof in the world if you ever thought like, Huh, I wonder if this is a good stock or not like, that’s just it’s just ridiculous. Okay, as the best way I can put it just ridiculous.

All right. capital expenditures, his company has been spending heavily over the past several years. All right. 2017 to 2018, they took a huge bump up in capital expenditures and the company just spending money left and right.

Okay. Oh, we up to almost 14 billion they spent in 2018. Last year in 2019. They spent 15 point 6 billion, but there’s been much more of a leveling off in terms of their capital expenditures. Okay. So the crazy spend in terms of the increases, it’s starting to slow down a lot. I mean, look at the quarterly numbers 3.6 billion last year, right 3.8 billion this year, okay.

There’s been a huge leveling off of capital expenditures, and the company is not spending like increasing their spend ridiculously like they have the past few years. Okay. And if you’re thinking about that, for the overall business model, it’s like a calming of the business model. Let’s just put it that way. Okay.

This company has so many offices and data centers and employees and just everything last few years. It’s it’s really extraordinary. Okay, that’s starting to slow down big time. Okay, now balance sheet wise. Look at the numbers. Okay. Well over 11 billion in cash marketable securities, over 44 billion over 6 billion in equity investments.

We’re talking over $61 billion in cash, short term investments and long term investments that’s bs okay. It’s absolutely bs with with debts that are pretty much non existent for this company. absolutely extraordinary a balance sheet that’s top five in the world I would say top three in the world Okay, it’s a top three best balance sheet you will ever see in your entire life okay.

absolutely extraordinary the FB when it comes to their balance sheet and their income statement and and in terms of the users Okay, we just went over all that now look at valuation you think my gosh verbis company.

Like this evaluation must be insane no four p in this company is under 27 for p under 27 for the FB a company that is growing like a beast even despite everything going on a profit machine a company that’s starting to slow down their spend a lot on social get even more profitable in future years and in considerably more profitable.

Lik look at this. It’s just it’s it’s a little silly In my opinion, okay, this is still an extremely undervalued stock no doubt about it and it’s a stock that I just love holding in my portfolio for safety Okay, the risk reward just so dang attractive in that one love holding the FB and that’s why it’s my fifth biggest investment in the stock market.

My fourth biggest investment in this stock market is this one the planet k Planet 13 Holdings ticker symbol p L and h f is a $3.51 cent stock this one mainly has gotten number four because it’s gone up so dang much like almost all my shares.

I own the stock have doubled and so we own over 55,000 shares I think actually quite a bit over 55,000 shares of this stock across all my different accounts has just simply been a beast that’s the best way I can put it is B stock and its climb to obey the fourth biggest position which was never intended to be my fourth biggest investment because.

It’s a speculative sock but when it just keeps going up and up and up I mean what are you going to do right? Okay look at current year.

You mean this should not be this should be a year of mass mass like losses for the company. But not just that, like huge revenue down numbers like planet should have reported like 50% revenues down this year. They’re gonna do 16% plus growth this year.

That’s been real okay. I don’t know what other way to say it like that is absolutely unreal this company should have seen their revenues down 50% this year to grow 16% just like like Bravo to the management team I you know you guys approach the song and say about that Okay, next year 2021 this company should grow 90%

I can see them growing potentially 100% Plus it all depends on when the Santa Ana location opens for this company just a you know massive player Okay, so for my full bull case as well this is the my full bull case this is like a part of the bull case around this company plant 13 Okay.

One Vegas will start coming back in 2021 and that’s obviously going to be huge for this company as their main location their main superstores what raid off the Las Vegas Strip.

Okay, so as Vegas starts to come back, especially in the back half of the year, that’s just going to be a good thing for the obviously the planet 13 that’s here in Vegas. Very good news, k superstore expansion.

So they’re, they’re they’re expanding the superstore huge right now that’s literally going on as we speak, that should be done within the next, I would say probably the next three to five months, as far as the superstore expansion goes.

And that’s going to allow for a ton more square footage in there basically where they can sell, which is huge, because a lot of times if you go to the planet, especially on a busy weekend, you have to wait sometimes an hour just to speak to somebody sometimes more than an hour.

That’s kind of unacceptable, okay. You want to be able to, you know, no, I don’t think anybody has a problem with waiting 10 minutes or 15 minutes, but like to wait an hour, two hours. I’ve you know, had people go there in the past and they’re like, dude.

I had to wait, like an hour and a half and it was like 11 o’clock at night on a Wednesday. Okay, you know, that’s just they need to expand the superstar. That’s just the flat, honest truth. Never mind. Imagine when Vegas gets back busy again, because it’s even busy this year. Vegas is dead.

Okay, like, I mean, that’s crazy, right? fortress balance sheet in this company. they’ve raised money, I think, what three different times this year, they’ve got 10s of millions of dollars now on that balance sheet.

And for a very small company like they are loaded with cash on their company’s balance sheet now, okay, the medicine store, which is or their smaller store here in Vegas is going to reback open here. I mean, should I should probably go by there’s probably an open I will say any day if it hasn’t already.

And yeah, so that store is going to be reopening. That’s just another profit center for the company they used to do. They’re just do like 5 million a quarter. So in revenues, so Hey, man, you know, that adds up to some pretty nice numbers. In the end, the Santa Ana store should be opening in 2021 when it comes to Santa Ana store that will be a superstore that will be the company second superstore.

It should be epic, just like the Vegas locations epic. Maybe it’s not quite that epic, but it should be dang cool. I think it’s about 10 minutes away from Disneyland or so. So yeah, Santa Ana location should be amazing brand expansion in California, because right now, they can’t really expand their brands in California because they don’t have a location there. Right.

And you can’t ship across federal lines. So once I get that store open in California, oh my gosh, like all the owned brands, his company has expanding them to all the different locations that sell this product across California like Oh, man, like, Look, our kids, I’m gonna say in future years for the brand expansion for this company.

And then more and more states just went legal. That’s great news. Like, obviously, the election was last week, right? And a ton of states a ton more states went legal. And so obviously, if you think about this company expanding in future years, you need more and more states to go legal. So hopefully, eventually there can be federal legalization on this. And we can move past that. Okay, player 13, the management team phenomenal.

Like I said, this company should have had a disaster year, just simply put, I mean, this was one of those companies, you could have thought if they didn’t execute, maybe they would have gone bankrupt or something because it wasn’t like they had a ton of cash on the balance sheet going into this.

They had to pivot the business to delivery curbside pickup and then get excitement back once the strip opened back up, even though it was limited visitors right.

And they’ve done all that they’ve just I mean, I have to give him an A plus, they literally couldn’t have done better this year, like literally what the circumstances being what they are, the management team could not have done a better job. Like I don’t know.

Like, literally, if you put any management team in there, they couldn’t have done better than these guys on real job by those gentlemen. Okay. And ladies, like they absolutely deserve it. All right. Now, when it comes to the planet, I think this could be the biggest MJ company long term. I really do. If they are maybe they are maybe they aren’t.

Maybe their top five, we’ll see, I think between their brands, and then their physical locations that do crazy business. This could be long term, if we’re looking at a decade could be the biggest MJ company out there. Right now.

It’s a $536 million market cap. Like just think about what like the fifth biggest, the third biggest the biggest MJ companies will be like, like as far as Mark cap goes a decade from now.

I mean, we’re going to be talking about companies that have you know, valuations of the 10 have billions of dollars. Okay? That’s just where we’re going. Because this is a massive industry. And this is going to just grow like crazy, especially once things are federally legalized.

So I’m looking at this one and I’m like, dang, I love this one as my fourth biggest investment and hey, it might continue to go up.

And if it continues to go up, I’ll continue to hold it. And yeah, this is a long long term play for me when it comes to planning. Alright, step number three of the seven stocks. The third biggest investment I have now we’re to the top three is winning resorts.

Okay, winning resorts, I’ve been buying the stock very heavy, specifically, the past 60 days was already a stock I owned in the past. Okay, it was already a position I had across a few different accounts. But I’m telling you the past 60 days, I’ve been loading the boat on the stock, okay? I mean, absolutely give me everything in sight. Okay. That’s just the way I’ve been with Wynn resorts recently. And that’s how it’s climbed all the way to my third biggest position in my portfolio.

Okay, when it comes to winning resorts, it’s a disaster every year for this company. We know they’re in the travel industry, right? their properties are in Las Vegas, their properties are in Macau and the properties are in Boston.

Okay. And travel. This is the worst year for travel in the history of travel and will likely hopefully be the worst year in the history of travel for a long time into the future. Right. And so revenues down 66% but next year, the company starts coming back now do not expect a full comeback for this company in 2021.

But there’s no doubt Vegas, Macau Boston, these areas, there’ll be more traveling 2021 especially in the back half of 2021 then there was this year. Okay, so revenues as far as next year expected to go up well over 100% we’ll see where they shake out.

They could go up as much as 100% they could go up 150% we’ll see where everything shakes out. analysts have them doing basically about 133% more revenues in 2021.

Then in 2020 Okay, now look at this. This is almost shocking. Okay, when Macau Ltd pawsitive October EBITDA. That’s crazy, right? I mean, think about this, like Macau still, like awful. I mean, there’s no other way to put it like.

Macau is still awful this hardly anybody going to Macau right now compared to usually and the main reason is because of so many visa restrictions and things like that, okay.

And so for the basically when Macau to already be have have a positive EBIT, da month. That’s, that’s amazing. That’s insane about that. It’s absolutely amazing. So just think where this company’s gonna be at as things start to hopefully return to normal over time, okay, Macau, ggR, was up 229%, sequentially in October.

Now keep in mind, these numbers are really, really low, obviously, because they’re just starting to, you know, basically, they’re barely starting to open back up Macau a little bit at a time. Now, as far as.

Macau in general, the area, we’ll get back to year over year growth in March, in my opinion, and moving forward. So March, April, that’s when they’ll start to show like positive numbers year over year for Macau, and the numbers are gonna be crazy.

That’s not gonna say, because when you basically were doing almost nothing, and you start doing something like this, it looks like ridiculous. So, you know, you might see some numbers and it’s like, 500% growth year over year 100% growth or 1,000% growth and things like that, you know, that’s good.

That’s gonna be a step in the right direction. But it doesn’t mean you know, things are even close to back to normal yet, right? As far as Las Vegas the monthly tourism numbers, so they only have up to September, as of right now, unfortunately, even though we’re already in what mid November now, right.

So they usually they usually lag by at least a month in terms of these numbers. But you can see numbers were you know, they were fine in January 3.5 million visitors and then they started to drop once, you know, some some folks started to worry about Roni in February, right down to 3.3 million.

And then March data 1.5 million in Vegas closes only 106,000 visitors to Las Vegas in April 151,000 in May. And then as you know, Vegas starts to reopen again, more and more visitors so up to a little over a million in June 1.4 million in July over 1.5 million in August.

And then September, the latest month, we have numbers for over 1.7 million, I expect October to probably even be stronger, potentially then September and then November and December will probably be cool off months. We’ll see what happens is

if we’re going to get a shutdown in January, February, March, anything like that, that could obviously impact numbers really negatively. You know, it remains to be seen what happens as far as that goes. Okay, but here’s what I’m looking at with winds business. Okay. 2021 is a slow comeback for this company.

A slow comeback. Okay? Be very clear about that slow comeback in 2021. Okay, but it will be a comeback nonetheless. 2022 is the year where you can start to look at that Vegas, Macau. The numbers coming out there as maybe not all the way back to normal but pretty dang close.

So you’re like, hey, it’s things are getting back to normal in those markets. And there’ll be some months in 2020 to where it basically is back to normal.

And there’ll be some months where it’s like, oh, it’s off 10% 15% send something like that. But that’ll be the year you can start to say things getting back to normal. So many people already want to try to do that in 2021. I’m just saying no, okay, 2021 just needs to be looked at as a comeback year. Okay.

2023 will be a beast year for when, in my opinion and then 2024 and after, this is a company that should be doing $10 plus of epcs per share, and it should be a company that’s throwing off $2 $3 $4 if not $5 a year in dividends per share out to the shareholders, okay, like, yeah, so if you’re looking for, you know, a stock that it’s going to be a dividend beast in the future.

And this is why I’ll probably end up holding my wind shares long term, this is usually a pretty good stock to trade in and out of usually buy for under 100. Right, then you sell it when it goes to close to 200.

Usually how you kind of play stock like when but honestly, I’ll probably hold this one long term, just because probably don’t want to pay the taxes on it once I get all the gains in the stock. But not just that the dividends

This is going to end up being a cash flow machine for me that will be able to use that money and just plug it into more stocks and more stocks and buy more and more and more. So yeah, I love Wynn resorts, that’s going to be a beast stock for us, you know, over the next few years, okay, it’s gonna take time, but when things start to materialize, it’s gonna get fun at winning my opinion, by the way, they got over $3 billion in cash.

So if there’s any questions about what if we shut down again, they will make it through that just fine and dandy? Okay, stock number two up here. My second biggest investment Okay, this stock will go number one, okay. This stock will let me be very clear, this stock will end up as my biggest investment.

I’m very confident in that. Okay. It’s Dropbox ticker symbol d b X on this one. I love the risk reward with this one. I when I say love I mean with a capital L okay. Absolutely love the risk reward with this one is another one of those that it’s almost impossible for me to lose money on the stock over the next five years.

Once again, everything’s possible, but I would say 1% probability I lose money on the stock over the next five years. And I would say a very high probability, let’s just leave it like that a very high probability I double up or more than double up my money on this and the stock becomes a $40 plus stock five years from now.

Okay, so when we look at Dropbox, it’s a revenue growth beast. Okay, very nice. Well, I don’t wanna call it growth Bs, but it’s a very nice growing company, his put that way. This year, they’re expected to grow around 15% revenues top line next year, they expect to grow 11% I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up growing 12 to 14%.

Next year, expect another strong year for Dropbox next year. Okay. As far as epcs goes, 87 cents are expected to this year that’s versus 50 cents last year. So they’re they’re increasing profitability dramatically right now. Next year, analysts have them doing 97 cents a VPS.

I think they’re gonna do over $1 A VPS. Next year. Okay. And we’re talking about a $19 stock, which is pretty darn attractive. Right. Let’s go this next slide. Look at this. Okay, hold company trading right now is $7.7 billion market cap for PMS companies. 19. I mean, that’s silly. I don’t know one other way to put it that silly.

I mean, you’re talking about a business that has almost no customer concentration, which is phenomenal. Okay, you’re talking about a business model that has recurring revenues, which is phenomenal. It’s exactly the type of business you want to be in.

You’re talking about a needs based business, like businesses need cloud, right? They need storage they need at the end of the day, like a signing of documents, like from hellosign.

If they’re not using Hello sign, they’re using DocuSign. Right, which is another company, but obviously Dropbox owns Hello, sight. You’re just looking at this one. It’s just it’s silly. If the Wall Street has completely mispriced this one, and things don’t stay Miss price forever.

That’s all to say about that. Okay, over time valuations change, and this one is going to see a mass increase in a stock price because the valuation on it right now is just far too silly. In my personal opinion, let’s look at the latest quarter this company just reported about a week ago Okay, revenues of 487 million.

That was up 14% year over year, net cash provided by operating activities of $200 million free cash flow of $187 million gap and non GAAP operating income of 30 million in 112 million, up 261% and 100%. year over year. Okay.

In q3, we saw momentum across a business with strong operating income, profitability and free cash flow said Dropbox co founder, Chief Executive Officer true housden.

Our margin expansion demonstrates the strength of our business model in execution against our long term targets. We believe the opportunity to redesign work has never been bigger. And now as the virtual first company, we truly live our mission as we build better products for distributed teams.

Okay, when you look at the balance sheet for this company, over $1.2 billion in cash and cash equivalents and short term investments, like that’s an incredible number, right?

This company only has what a seven point $7 billion market cap on it or so, like that’s that’s incredible to have that much cash on this balance sheet Okay, huge buy back time okay this company was very clear in that conference call they are going to aggressively buy back shares for the next number of months okay.

That’s gonna help out earnings per share in a massive way long term you get a bunch more shares bought back in the company that can go ahead and expire those you know and when your company has this much money around then your stock prices this disrespecting this low use a share buyback I’m all for it man.

I think this is this is a great time to do it. Sometimes companies are desperate to use share buybacks and sometimes it’s really smart. And in my opinion, Dropbox is probably the smartest move they can make with their money unless there’s some magical company they should acquire for a few 100 million like this is the next best move for them right now.

Okay, and so when I look at Dropbox overall this is a stock I easily see being $40 plus in five years, I think it’s gonna be a lot higher than that I’ll be honest, but you know, my worst case scenario is around $40 or so in five years so really, really attractive risk reward in this one Alright.

Now before we get into number one if you don’t mind if you haven’t already smash that thumbs up button this is a beast video I’ve had to put together for you guys here. I hope you appreciate I hope you’re loving okay my number one biggest investment in the stock market when I add up all my different accounts okay?

It is Tesla my Tesla you guys knew this one had to be on here somewhere Okay,Tesla my Tesla is my biggest investment Okay, ticker symbol tsla on this one. It’s a $408 stock as of right now. And let me be very clear about Tesla. It’s number one because it went up so dang much okay, on we’re I mean, across our accounts were up like 800% or so on this dock.

I mean, it’s just gone beast mode. Like it was never like, Oh, I want to make Tesla my biggest investment. It’s like Tesla’s going to be in investment of mine maybe top five but the stock went so dang crazy that literally it went up so much that it became my biggest investment overall Okay,

so absolutely extraordinary what has happened with the stock and when it comes to stock I got in literally the perfect time okay well other than maybe buying an IPO or something like that but I mean this stock was stagnant for years and I got in like the year literally before it started to go up huge so I got in on the perfect time with this one and just looked at everything that was going on.

I looked at with a market cap was trading at and I looked at the balance sheet I was like I have I have a lot of doubts that this company is gonna go bankrupt. I understand Ilan musk guy is so good at raising money and I’m looking at the stock and I’m like it’s just a deal. It’s a steel deal.

I need to start buying this one so I bought it bought it bought it bought it for months and months actually, probably more than a year continue to add across my accounts. And next thing you know, the stock just started going Booz Marquis. I mean look at this company 25% revenue growth expected for this year and a once in 100.

Year Roni Rona event, right? I mean, miles driven in the United States of America and across the world are probably going to be the worst they’ve been any time in recent history, right? I mean, it’s not the ideal time to be selling cars when people are driving less than they’ve ever driven before.

And yet, TESSA miasto is gonna put up an amazing year this year with over 20% growth like that’s incredible right next year, as he you know, and this is probably despite if the economy has to shut down again or things like that company should grow 45% plus next year.

Don’t be surprised if they end up growing 50% plus next year. Okay. Beast year for Tesla expected next year, Ilan Musk, I mean, you know, could you ask for a better guy to be running a company for you getting this guy and his his you know, he’s focused more on this company than any of his other companies.

I you know, I like I said, I don’t think you can ask for a better CEO to be in front of a company that is changing the world and having a visionary in front of this company. Hey, Ilan Musk is not to be confused with Ilan dusk who is our bot and stock hub. Okay, just in case anybody was confused about that. Okay. All right.

that was a corny joke. Now do I really need to go on my full bull thesis around tests? Oh, my goodness guys. I think I’ve done this in about 100 different videos over the past two years or so to two and a half years.

I’ve just been talking about this one and Yes, of course I got to go into my full both thesis around this one okay. All new car sales in 2030 and after will be electric In my opinion, okay, new car sales very key new car sales in 2030.

And pass will be electric. Tesla is by far the biggest and most dominant player in electric vehicles out there okay, outside of China. Let’s just put it that way. Okay, in Europe and the United States all new car sales in 2030.

And after will be expected to have full self driving just flat out okay. There’s no way people are going to be going to buy a car in my opinion in year 2032. And be like, Oh, I have to drive it myself. Right? No, okay.

Just know, okay. Everybody’s going to be getting electric cars at that time. And everybody’s going to be getting cars if you’re even getting car if you’re going to get a car you’re going to be getting a car that can drive itself around much safer than anybody could do out there. k e.

These are going to be much more profitable In my opinion, long term than ice vehicles. There’s just I I’ve run the numbers and I see the way battery costs are coming down and the way they build these.

Tesla’s and everything integrated just in like a computer and just it’s beautiful, okay, in my opinion is no doubt in my mind, especially as this business ramps bigger that IE V’s will be more profitable than ice vehicles k e V’s have way more post production revenue.

Opportunities than traditional vehicles Heck, like Tesla all sudden you you can buy a Tesla without full self driving, then you drive it for a while he’s like, No, I want full self driving.

It’s like that’s $8,000 I’ll send you want a faster zero to 60 often you want some apps on your, you know, extra apps that aren’t free and you buy something through there. And so there’s got to be so many posts.

Opportunities to make money for Tesla than any of these other ice vehicle car makers have had in the past this is put that way and all the money that much that stuff goes straight to profit. Okay, yeah, it’s gonna be a beautiful, beautiful thing that Tesla’s cashflow to now I think the latest quarter hoping on this speak.

I think it was like something like what $14 billion or so if I recall on the balance sheet in terms of like cash and investments I think it was something like that so their cash loaded like crazy right now worldwide respected cool brain like is there more respected, cool brand out there than.

Tesla, like so respected in Tesla right now is very nice in terms of the amount of numbers they put up in terms of total vehicle sales, but yet people know tests all over the world.

There’s like hundreds of millions of people out there that use it Tesla and like, oh, man, that’s an awesome electric car company. That’s that’s incredible, right? Absolutely incredible. The energy business.

Elan Musk has gone on record saying the energy business could be as big if not bigger than the auto business. And this is just something that people just you know, I even myself, I have trouble getting my head around how big the opportunity for their energy business could be.

But yeah, the energy business could be absolutely massive for this company over time. Okay, Tesla is a fastest innovating company, maybe in the world, maybe in any industry, certainly in their industry, right. There’s no one who’s innovating as fast as TAF.

So like, look what Tesla has on the real world today. Look what everybody else has like, No, okay, they’re just not even in the same sentence. But Tesla literally might be the fastest innovating company in the world. And that’s powerful when you can say you own the most innovative company in the world, that they’re just moving faster.

Nobody else. That’s that’s really special. Okay, the competition in their space is slow to react. We’ve clearly seen this model three model, Why cybertruck? The semi, maybe a two seater model three down the road that’s maybe comes in with something with a two in front of it. 20 something? 1000? Right.

I mean, can you think of a product lineup that is more exciting than that of any company out there? Nevermind in the auto space, like insane, okay, autonomous taxi network could be a business that’s, you know, 100 billion plus dollar business for them.

They have a chance to be the number one player in that market long term, when we’re talking about autonomous taxi network, which we’re essentially talking about Uber and Lyft. Right, Kareem? Some of those platforms, right? But we’re talking about it.

Basically, we’re Tesla, the car comes to you, it drives itself. There’s no driver and Okay, so autonomous taxi network could be massive auto insurance business. Oh, Holy smokes, this ain’t no joke.

It’s like auto insurance is massive. Tesla’s gonna probably roll that over the next year or two into becoming a massive player in auto insurance. And there’s just so much more coming for those companies innovative company, they’ll keep innovating.

I mean, my goodness, guys, I love Tesla, you guys know that. And yeah, you know, it’s just, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash me a thumbs up.

This was a beast of a video to put together telling you my seven biggest investments in the stock market and why I appreciate each and every one of you guys if you want to go ahead and go ahead and get in stock hub, you can do that.

I’ll probably have that as a pinned comment down there if you want to try to get in my private stock group probably have that pinned down there in the comment section as well but it’s also the first link in the description now allow you to apply hopefully try to get in so you can learn how to pick stocks just like I do.

Make money from the stocks and hopefully change your life for the better forever. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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