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Well guys I am finally going to talk about everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Bitcoin has been so popular for so long and everyone is always asking me what I think about cryptocurrency and what I think about bitcoin. And today I have decided to talk about what I think and what my play on cryptocurrency and bitcoin is.

I hope you enjoy this video where I go into a popular subject like cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Leave me a comment with your opinion on this. Do you think bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the future? Do you own any cryptocurrency? Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hey guys today we get to speak about everybody’s favorite cryptocurrency Bitcoin Okay, we’re gonna talk about Bitcoin in this video there’s some big stuff going on okay? I mean some very big stuff going on with Bitcoin right now that not a lot of peeps are honestly talking about at the moment okay Bitcoin is now over $35,000 for just one bitcoin at this particular time.

Look at that back in December of 2015 one bitcoin was $436 Okay, and there were definitely a lot of people saying, oh man bitcoin price is really high back then. Right? And here we are at $35,000 now Okay, and I’ve been looking into bitcoin from a lot of different perspectives over the past couple years, I mean, shoot, if we go back to prior to like 2017 our hardly knew what Bitcoin was okay.

And then obviously, it started getting really popular in 2017 started looking into a little bit and it was like, I don’t know what this thing Okay, and then we saw Bitcoin, you know, kind of go through the floor, and then we’ve kind of seen Bitcoin stay relevant, and actually become more relevant.

And so I’ve been looking at from a lot of different perspectives recently, and it kind of said, you know, what, I’ve got to put some speculative money in this case $50,000 into something in relation to Bitcoin, because everything I’m looking at here, kind of shows that Bitcoin is gonna be going up in the future and we’re gonna get into all that in this video. So I’m thinking about this.

I’m like, I gotta I gotta get like $50,000 in something Bitcoin related. Okay, so I’m kind of thinking about Should I just buy bitcoin straight up? seeing things like this K Man makes last ditch effort to recover $280 million in Bitcoin he accidentally threw out okay. Might be me. Okay.

James house 35 years old, said he mistakenly put a hard drive was 7500 bitcoins in trash while clearing out his home in 2013. At today’s price, that hole would be worth more than $280 million. He needs permission from his local council to search a garbage dump he believes contains a lost hardware. guts, okay, and he keeps getting rejected for this whole situation.

All that is painful. Okay. And then what about this one? Have you guys seen this one? This was in the news last few days. Okay. The New York Times reports that a German born programmer in San Francisco has two tries left two tries left to access his Bitcoin account with about $220 million worth of Bitcoin in it. Stephane Thomas told the times that he forgot the password to his account with iron key and encrypted hard drive all Could you imagine that you only have literally two chances left to literally guess like what the password is this and if not literally the bitcoins gone? Oh my gosh, okay. That is like my worst nightmare right there.

Okay, so you know, these situations are really for me, okay, I thought I lost from this weekend. Okay. I was like, I couldn’t find my frog anywhere. I’m like, Did I just lose him or what’s going on? So I don’t know man, I could easily throw out a hard drive with a bunch of Bitcoin on okay. passwords. Oh my gosh, okay. 

YouTube channels the Instagram chase fidelity stock hub, the private group and that’s just a tip of the iceberg as far as all these different passwords I have around all the time I would be that guy with like the two tries left is just like what’s the password and there’s no way you can reset it or something like that. And I’m just like, I don’t know what those are for me. Okay.

Um, instead I was looking at like, what about Robin Hood? Okay, I do have a robin hood account set up I have like hardly any money in it. But I do at least have a robin hood account set up and I know Robin Hood you know does kryptos and so I look into that. And in Nevada I can’t even do it. That’s my main residence right in Las Vegas Nevada. So literally, I can’t do it. I’m like this is ridiculous. Like, I mean, like everything’s legal in Vegas. like are you kidding me? 

Like you could almost do anything in Las Vegas and get away with it and yet you can like buy like like Bitcoin through Robin Hood in Vegas. Are you kidding? Like I’m like, this is ridiculous case. So I can’t do it that way. So then it got me thinking okay, what about a Bitcoin stock? 

Hmm. And so then I started looking into some of the Bitcoin mining companies okay. And there’s several of them out there. Okay. Some of them are a little safer than others. Some of them are highly speculative. And a lot of them are very, very interesting I must say okay, but you got to keep in mind when it comes to Bitcoin mining essentially Bitcoin mining in a year from now is going to be even harder than it was two years ago or three years ago or something like that.

Okay, so cost will continue to go up the energy costs will continue to go up over time. Okay. Now if asset prices continue to go up that’s great for these particular stocks it’s almost like the oil exploration plays right where you know oil just keeps going up and up and up and price like those are looking great but man as soon as like oil price starts to dip those stocks get absolutely destroyed. Same thing with the natural gas plays.

Okay. And so with a lot of these, you know, Bitcoin miners or we could just call them crypto miners in general man, so the assets keep going up while those will be looking really good, but I’m just saying Like, I don’t know if I want to go there. Okay. And then I remembered Michael Saylor. Okay, Michael CLR. He was in the news recently around you know Elon Musk and trying to get Ilan musk to put a bunch of Tesla’s cash into bitcoin essentially.

And I remember this Michael sailor guy, I remember him like, you know, several months ago, talking about how he was putting, like, almost all the company’s cash on the company’s balance sheet in the Bitcoin and as like, I remember this, okay.

And this is a very interesting take. And if you look out there at the Internet, there’s a lot of folks that have getting really, really bullish on Bitcoin that haven’t been necessarily in the past. Okay, these aren’t like the people that were super into this stuff like 510 years ago, okay, you have Scaramucci going on CNBC saying bitcoins in the early innings, you have PayPal getting more and more into crypto rate, you have come off saying that bitcoins going to go to 100,000 then 150,000 than 200,000 that was just a week ago and komak You know, a lot of people are huge fans that come off no different than like Cathy wood has, you know, tons of the world’s attention in the investment world. Right.

So moth is almost up there, man. He’s got a lot of respect and a lot of attention. And so he says, Hey, man, this is going 100,000 150,000 200,000 over time. You know, there’s going to be a lot of people and a lot of people with a lot of money that are going to listen to it very closely and say, Hmm, maybe he’s onto something there. Right?

We saw square A few months ago by $50 million worth of Bitcoin. Okay, says cryptocurrency aligns with company’s purpose. This is all very interesting and square, who’s the CEO of square? Oh, is jack Dorsey. And then what’s the biggest social media for getting Business News pretty much in the world? Oh, it’s Twitter. And guess who’s the CEO of that company?

Oh, also jack Dorsey. Huh? Okay, this is this is getting pretty interesting. Right. Okay. And so this company MicroStrategy This is a company Michael Saylor? Is it head off? Okay. This company bought over a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in 2020.

As of December 21 2020, the company holds an aggregate of approximately 70,470 bitcoins, which some folks don’t like the word bitcoins, okay, hey, they put it in the announcement here. Okay. So don’t don’t hate the player hate the game. Okay. Yeah, I know, some of you say, hey, it’s called Bitcoin you don’t say bitcoins, hey, okay, it is what hits Okay, which were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of approximately $1.125 billion and an average purchase price of around $15,964 includes fees and expenses of each Bitcoin.

Okay. very intriguing. So, just at the current price, the current price, which, you know, Bitcoin, we looked at the beginning of the video is trading at like $35,742. Right. And I, you know, obviously, the price is always changing, and they have 70,470 Bitcoin, right? And keep in mind, they could have bought more recently, they could have also sold some highly doubt they would have sold anything, but they could have bought more since December 21.

We really don’t know. Okay, but we know they got at least that number. That’s 2.5 that’s over $2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin this company holds right now on its balance sheet. Okay? Now keep in mind, a lot of people believe bitcoins going to five x 10 x over the next 10 years.

Okay, so it let’s assume the company just holds that much Bitcoin over the next, you know, I don’t know, 510 years and that scenario plays out 12.5 to $25 billion, just in Bitcoin, this company could happen as balance sheet. Okay, that is a massive number, especially for rather small market cap company in general. Okay, so this company in general, the business the underlying business, although it is a relatively good sized business underlying rate, almost $500 million run rate per year as far as their business.

It’s not like it’s a huge growth business around 1% growth, okay, but I will say, Hey, man, this guy has gotten so much publicity this company is getting so much publicity, I wouldn’t be surprised if you know, the company’s actual underlying business actually moves up a bit because when you have that much press and publicity come out and run your company in the business space and you’re a b2b company, right? That’s a really really good thing.

This is like free advertising about your company and people started what does this company actually do? Oh, maybe we can use their products and services and things like that. 

So don’t be surprised if actually the company’s growth rates pick up because of how much how much like literally free advertising this company’s got but you know, at the end of the day, this is a rather sleepy business model expected only have 1% growth Okay, so me buying into this company it’s mainly buying in because the Bitcoin aspect of it and kind of the forward looking CEO at this company who you know, if he’s just forward looking, maybe he’s looking into some other you know, game changing things in the future. Okay. 

And now keep in mind all this money they’re making off Bitcoin, which is tremendous. Okay, never mind if Bitcoin goes to, you know, 50,000 70,000 100,000, okay, all this money, they’re making off Bitcoin. 

They could, they could sell off some of it over time, and invest it into the business or buy other businesses with that right. Or basically leverage that money into, you know, potentially debt instruments at very low interest rates and buy other businesses and start a business and get that growth going at a much faster Faster clip right and all sudden get to a you know a place where there may be grown 5% 10% 20% a year right? 

Then I’ll send you change how the company is valued in general, which right now is valued at a lot of you know, basically, you know what they have in Bitcoin tell us and if this is like a Bitcoin play plus a growth company, that’s game changing, hey, then Ulsan this company starts going into beast mode. Okay, so this is getting really, really interesting. 

So I said, You know what, looking at all this and we’re gonna still get it. We haven’t even got into all the special stuff that’s going on around Bitcoin, why this price is likely going to start, you know, keep going up, essentially, in the coming years. Okay. 

But I said I gotta buy this stock. Okay, so I went ahead, mstr, I went ahead, and I put my little, you know, $50,000 spec plant, put the money into it. Okay, about 135 shares. This was on December 28, and $372.50 is what I paid for the shares. 

And so far, it’s looking really good. Okay. It’s looking really good. So far know, the shares are trading at, you know, here we are three weeks later, it’s trading at $578. Right? And I’ve already made over $27,000 already a 55% gain in weeks on this. 

So so far, it’s going really good. And you know, what happens every single time I ever invest into something and it goes up a ton in the short term. I say, why didn’t I do more? Why did I only do 50,000? 

Why don’t you do a half mil man oh my gosh, 10 x 10 x. Okay, that $27,000 gain could have been $270,000 gain in three weeks. Whoa, that’s some money there. 

Okay. I mean, hey, you know, I can’t complain. 27,003 weeks, still good. But man, there’s a little bit of a difference between 27,270 $1,000 difference cake. And by the way, this is a goal with every stock, like this is always my goal, I always want to be able to look back and say why didn’t I go heavier? Okay, same thing with Tesla, right?

 I look at that. And I’m like, I only bought $34,000 worth of stock in the public account, I could have bought so much more, I should have gone so much heavier. Okay. I mean, I could have put $340,000 in this document was nothing in the game would have been 5.8 million right now, instead of 585,000. Right? But that’s always my goal. When I invest in something, I always want to be able to look back and say, why didn’t I put more money? 

Okay, because on the flip side, maybe look at it and say, Why did I put that much I should have put way lesser should never bought it. That’s a bad sign. Okay, I always want to be able to say, I should have bought more. Okay, but why am I willing to risk $50,000 into a Bitcoin play? This is a big question. Okay. 

There’s got to be some very interesting things going on with Bitcoin right now. Right? Gotta be okay. And let me tell you, there are some very interesting things going on with Bitcoin right now. Okay, not just in five years from now. 10 years from now I’m talking right now. 

First, if we go ahead and take a look at the liabilities on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, we’re gonna see it’s gone crazy. Okay. I mean, obviously, just in the past, you know, basically the past 10 months, the Federal balance sheet of the Fed has just gone to ridiculous levels, okay. 

Everything across the board. It’s just, it’s just boom, okay, that’s the best way to put it, boom. I mean, you look at that, the printing of money, or, you know, they call it the printing of money. It’s not just literally the printing of money. It’s basically, the creation of currency, pretty much out of thin air has been at levels we haven’t really seen. 

I mean, in a 10 month span, it just went absolutely crazy. I mean, look at the total assets on the federal balance sheet. Okay. I mean, look at that, from under 4 trillion to well over 7 trillion, and it’s even been climbing very recently, okay, to over 7 trillion, like over a $3 trillion increase in a matter of like, like 10 months or something like that, like that’s absolutely on real. 

Okay, absolutely. Unreal, like stuff we haven’t seen other than maybe like the great financial crisis. Okay. And here’s the thing, the Fed’s balance sheet will continue to grow in 2021. Okay, you know, so it’s not like, Oh, this is all over, like, now the the balance sheet is gonna start to shrink. No, it’s supposed to continue to grow in 2021 we don’t know where the numbers will stop. 

Okay. And you see all this right, you see, you know, 12 $100 stimulus checks get sent out in 2020. Now, everybody’s getting you know, not everybody, obviously, but you know, a lot of people are getting $600 stimulus checks now, right. 

And now we hear a lot of talk that in springtime $2,000 stimulus checks are going to be sent out there. And you know, it’s a lot of money there’s no doubt when you add up how many people are going to get those stimulus checks then when he’s not coming out of somewhere just to be very clear, okay, that money is basically being created a thin air it’s not like they’re gonna you know, there’s some extra tax right now that’s going on to pay for that know, you could talk about well, maybe taxes will be raised on the you know, the wealthy in the future and talk about this and that and all that stuff in the future is is who knows what happens Okay, the fact is, all the stimulus money has been basically given out there. It’s just being created. Okay? 

And so that’s something very, very important. You see this Okay, we have this Biden’s talking about a $1.9 trillion rescue plan. We think that money is coming out of, we’re like, just Just think about it for a minute, okay. is basically being created out of thin air, I’m not gonna lie to you. Okay. 

That’s basically the scenario is going on. Like, no one’s paying for that. Okay. Maybe we pay for it over time over the next, you know, 15 years, maybe, maybe not. Okay. But the fact is, we don’t just have like, all this money just laying around. 

This is just money that’s basically created and boom, pumped out there. Okay. And, you know, you even saw Ray Dalio basically, back in in January, right. 2012 he made this famous statement, he said cash is trash. Okay. And, you know, no, he has a point. Okay. At that time, it was actually a really bad timing, because literally Ronnie Rona took off like, you know, a month or two after that. And then literally in March in March of 2020, and even the month following that, right?

 Cash was everything at that particular time, because everybody was selling stocks left and right. The Dow fell that what was that 18,000 or something like that, right? s&p 500 crash, the NASDAQ crashed it was like 35% decline in like 22 trading days or some insane like cash was literally everything two months after the statement, because it was just, it was just awful. But the statement became true over time. And now you look at it and and honestly, a lot of people are viewing cash as trash and like, why why do I want a bunch of cash or it’s just being devalued? 

They’re creating more and more of it. $1.9 trillion plan 12 $100 stimulus check $600 stimulus checks, oh, $2,000 stimulus checks. And people are like looking at this. And like, oh, man, I don’t know about this. And you know, to be like to have some cash around was definitely put you in a position of power. I bought two homes. I went into contracts for two homes in the spring of 2020. And with two different home builders, and I was able to do that because I had some cash around. 

And I was able to leverage this whole Roni Roni situation, which was nice to be able to leverage that against those home builders. Because if you ever, you know, built a home before, you know how greedy those home builders are, okay? You ever gotten in that Design Center, and you see like a faucet there and it’s like 450 bucks, and you realize, oh, at Home Depot, that’s like 100 bucks or something, man, you know, I was able to actually, you know, leverage that. 

And I bought over seven figures worth of stocks from April to December 2020. I was a little scared in March because I was like, I don’t know what happens I’m, you know, you there’s no economic time, we can go back to where you shut off money velocity, and you force the economy to shut down. So I was a little scared March. So I wasn’t really buying. 

But as soon as I saw, like, kind of the plans get announced and the money starting to flood out there and the market starts to recover. I started saying okay, you know, I got to start I got started really plugging money in and man did I do that throughout the year, and I ended up buying seven figures worth of stocks. And obviously it worked out tremendously. 

Okay, we’re up way over $150,000 on the easy home, the Vegas home having moved into that home yet, and we’re already up well over $200,000 on that home, the stocks roll up huge as not because I’m some kind of super genius in this situation. It’s just a fact that I had money around and assets got super cheap, and there was a flood of money that was about to come. 

So things were due to recover. I mean, they’ve recovered even faster than a lot of folks expect including myself, but they recovered really, really quickly. Okay. And so at the end of the day, like Hey, man, you know, it’s good to have some cash around certain times. But then the day like all this cash flooded, is making assets get more and more expensive homes going up in value, value value, okay, stocks going up and up and up. Okay. 

And in regards to Bitcoin, you have big institutions now starting to buy bitcoin, okay? It’s not just the crypto nerds anymore. Okay. You will back five years ago, it was just the people that were you know, talking about, Satoshi and oh, yeah, Bitcoin and it’s, you know, it’s just the people that were like super super into this stuff, right? It’s not like that anymore. 

We got big funds buying into bitcoin now. We got people with high net worth buying into bitcoin right now. Okay. And keep in mind, when it comes these institutions and even the wealthy that are putting some money in Bitcoin, they’re putting very small percentages, look what I put in, I put 50,000 Okay, you didn’t see me put a half million, you didn’t see me put 5 million I could have done either of those. Right? You saw me by 50,000. Okay. 

So keep in mind, what happens over time, if Bitcoin continues to rise over time, continues to be a good store of value over time. And people believe more and more Bitcoin over time, like, you know, these big institutions, the wealthy and all these folks, right, the investment funds, they’re going to put more and more into it over time. So this is just something to keep in mind there. People are just dipping their toes in Bitcoin right now. Okay. Very, very important. Okay. 

Then you have companies switching potentially a ton of their cash to Bitcoin over time, or putting, you know, let’s say you got, you know, you say your company with, you know, let’s say you got $2 billion in cash on your balance sheet. Okay. That, you know, some of these companies are going to start considering Hey, let’s put 10 percent of that cash into bitcoin. So let’s say they put you know, $200 million into bitcoin, something like that, right? 

Think about that for a moment. And then imagine if this is company after company after company doing this. And then imagine, just imagine a moment where Apple starts switching some money Apple has, you know, usually anywhere from 100 to $200 billion of cash that is a melting ice cube as Michael Saylor likes to say, right? 

Google McDougal usually has 100 billion plus in cash that’s usually sitting around his balance sheet Okay, imagine all the big corporations and small corporations and mid sized corporations that could potentially start making moves similar to what Michael sailor did here with his company MicroStrategy where they just put let’s put a little bit of money over here into bitcoin Okay, think about that this is likely gonna happen more and more because what’s going to happen is you know, if Bitcoin continues to rise over time, and you know, the CEOs that are you know, obviously the ones that are investing in Bitcoin and putting some of their company’s cash in in essentially Bitcoin they’re going to be respected as like heroes and then board of directors and investors of these other companies are gonna say, hey, why aren’t you doing this Tim Cook? 

Why aren’t you doing this? Hey, you know this person over here? Why aren’t you doing this? We got our cash been devalued over time on our balance sheet at our company. Why aren’t we putting a little bit of that in Bitcoin? Okay, this is something really really important to keep in mind okay. And all this will end up creating a situation where there’s heavy buying pressure on Bitcoin Okay, this is what ends up happening. And so if you look at the buy side, you have obviously retail buying Bitcoin, which has been buying Bitcoin for years now, right? 

You have the wealthy starting to buy and take, you know, Bitcoin more and more serious, right? And I’m talking about people that got rich from kryptos. I’m talking about people that got rich from stocks, real estate business in general, like a lot of those folks are starting to look at Bitcoin as a serious you know, possible asset to put some money in Okay, you have even some gold bugs starting to move over to Bitcoin a little bit. 

They’re looking at things I say, Man gold hasn’t really gone much of anywhere in the last 578 10 years and they’re looking at Bitcoin, they’re like, you know, bitcoins kind of being you know, competition a little bit. A lot of people are looking at Bitcoin as a store of capital, and so even have some gold bugs saying, Hey, man, let me put some of my money over there into bitcoin. You have investment funds buying heavier and heavier into bitcoin. 

And keep in mind, the amounts are so small still today, compared to any other asset class out there. And then you have the possibility of more and more corporations buying in? I mean, the buy sides heavy for the coming years, likely, and then the sell side, who’s selling lately? Seriously, who’s selling Bitcoin at 35,000 40,000 50,000? Okay, obviously, there’s always going to be a certain amount of sellers out there, but I have yet to meet somebody that’s proudly selling Bitcoin, okay? No, that just doesn’t happen. Okay. 

No one likes to sell their Bitcoin. It’s just, you know, a lot of these people are in it, because they believe bitcoins gonna be I mean, I don’t know if you guys see these price targets, a lot of these people that are super bullish on Bitcoin, a lot of them are the hundreds of 1000s If not, you know, a lot of them believe bitcoins going to a million dollars, okay, over time, million dollars plus for one bitcoin. And so when you have people that are thinking like that, do you think these people are interested in selling Bitcoin at 35,000?

 No, because they’re looking at that. And that’s a joke compared to where bitcoins going to be in 1010 years from now, same way, I kind of looked at Tesla’s, you know, it’s obviously continued to rise in the public cownose think, hey, maybe today, I’ll sell Tesla, and I still never do it.

 Because I look at that stock. And I’m like, you know, I’ve looked at it along the way. And I was like, Man, this this company, over time, could be a trillion dollar company. And, you know, obviously, it’s on its way to becoming that. And so for me to have sold it, let’s say 70 billion or 80 billion or 100 billion or something in the public count, it just wouldn’t have made sense because of where I thought that stock was going over time. And you got the same exact phenomenon happening in Bitcoin right now. Plus, on top of that, mining is always getting harder for Bitcoin. 

It’s always getting more and more difficult, obviously, you know, you folks should know there’s a finite amount of Bitcoin that will ever be able to get mined, what is it 21 million into my knees over time, it gets harder and harder and harder. And so you add all that up? And what do you get? and likely you’re going to get Bitcoin to go up substantially more in the coming years, okay. Likely Bitcoin is going to rise a lot more over the coming years. I mean, you just look at all that you look at the buy side and you look at the sell side, the sell side is so non existent for coming years, and yet the buy side is looking like an avalanche coming over the next 510 years, and especially especially if Bitcoin continues to steadily rise, that’s a big thing. Like if Bitcoin continues to steadily rise, it’s going to show even more validation around Bitcoin, okay. And so that is huge. 

And I’m telling you, if more and more companies continue to buy in, that’s not just a from a perspective of like, oh, let’s create more by side pressure. That’s just more validation, that bitcoins a real deal. When you saw square by it, you see a company like this, I mean, all it’s gonna take is a really, really, really large corporation. Imagine Facebook buys a bunch of Bitcoin that’s on their balance sheet. They put you know, it’d be nothing for you know, Facebook to put a billion dollars in Bitcoin tomorrow, nothing? What if they do it? How much validation? Does that add extra to Bitcoin over time? What if Microsoft this year next year puts $3 billion of their cash into bitcoin? 

Okay, like I said, That’s nothing. That’s nothing from Microsoft, what if that happens, okay? like imagine the validation for Bitcoin over time, okay? This is why this price is likely going to go up and up, and the whole $0 argument like Bitcoin worthless, I just think those days are probably long over, I think yours in the past, you could have probably said that, but I think we’ve gone too far now at this point, where the whole Oh, it’s going to become worthless, it’s just your own digital currency. 

It’s, it’s, I, it’s hard for me to say that that argument is still valid or make sense anymore. There’s just too many people that have been buying into this and giving it value. 

And so it’s hard to go back now. Because like we talked about, there’s so many people that aren’t going to sell their Bitcoin, you know, pretty much regardless of whatever happens with price action, the short term, and so there’s just so many huge believers of Bitcoin, it’s hard to ever foresee a situation where it becomes worthless, no different than, you know, let’s say, for instance, on cash, right? 

Like, even though they, you know, create all this cash out there, they create all this currency all the time, at the end of the day, like, you know, that cash is still worth something, and why is it not just become worthless? Well, because people are still giving it value. And people still believe in it, right? 

And basically, the only reason you believe in $1 is because it’s backed up by the US government, right? And so you’re like, you know, you continue to give it power over time, right. And I see a similar phenomenon happening with Bitcoin, except it’s not really necessarily backed by a government, it’s just backed by belief in people that this is the this is the future. 

And this is the best Asset Store value that you can get in the world. And these people are like, you know, a lot of them are highly intelligent. It’s not just like some people that are trying to gamble money around, although there are some of those in the Bitcoin space, all these people are highly intelligent. And so yeah, that whole, you know, it’s gonna become worthless.

Yeah, everything’s possible. But it’s really, really difficult to, I think, make that argument nowadays. Like I said, 567 years ago, you could have made that argument very well. Now, it’s difficult. Okay. And so we shall see what happens to this play over time, this mstr like I said, so far, it’s going really good, but we’ll see what happens over time is a possibility, you know, Bitcoin just goes down and down, down.

And, you know, obviously, there are 2.5 billion or whatever they have in Bitcoin right now becomes worth less and less, it’s always possible, I just don’t think it’s the most realistic scenario. And I think there’s a much higher probability that this stock could be potentially a very great stock to actually be in over the next 510 years. It just always thinking risk reward perspective. 

And that’s why I’m, you know, kind of thinking about well, you know, as a spec play, I like it Okay, in it. For me, this is a much safer spec play than a lot of the spec plays people are doing I mean, a lot of people are investing money, if they’re thinking of spec plays into companies that have non existent business models. Keep in mind, this company has an actual existing business model that has almost $500 million of revenue per year, and on top of that, they have Bitcoin to the sky. 

Okay, that is pretty darn attractive from a risk reward standpoint for me so hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button that helps out the YouTube channel massively lets me know you enjoy a video like this where I share a new stock I’ve been buying with you guys. As always, I hope you do appreciate it. 

Okay, stock hub, if you want to join it down there, that’s going to be the first link in the description I believe I might also have that as a pin comment, the best and biggest free discord chat for talking stocks around the world. And hey, we have a Bitcoin tab in there. 

We also have an aetherium tab and an overall cryptocurrency tab as well. If you want to try to apply for my private stock group that’s gonna be linked in the description as well might also have that as a second pin comment down there. That’s if you want to learn exactly my strategies on how I make money from stock. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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