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Today I share with you all my passive income, investing and Online Business goals for 2018. I share with you the numbers I hope to hit with these financial goals for 2018.

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My financial goals for 2018 that is exactly what we’re discussing here. Today, guys, we’re gonna go exactly into detail on all my financial goals. For 2018. We’re talking about income, we’re talking about investing goals, we’re talking about even some leisure goals I have guys. So I’m going to get into all this, I’m gonna really enjoy sharing this with you guys.

I love doing these kind of videos there once a year and they’re really special. Now, some people don’t like it, they feel like I’m flexing, I’m not at all this is a financial education channel. It’s kind of interesting how I make money and what I’m looking at to make money. Some people don’t like how much money I make, whatever.

I got a massive amount of people who love this kind of video, which is really like a once a year video where I kind of go into all my financials and what my goals are for the upcoming year, guys. So first off, we got to ask ourselves, did I even reach my financial goals? I want it last year.

So last year, I posted a video called my five financial goals for 2017. This was posted in last December, did I hit any of these goals? So my first goal was to buy or rent a house. I did hit that goal. If you guys remember last month, I posted the new house tour, we moved into a new house, myself and my family.

So yes, we did meet that goal. Thank goodness, that’s awesome. One number two YouTube channel pays all the bills did we meet that goal? Absolutely. The YouTube income alone, way over reaches what basically on all my bills add up to all together, guys. So we did meet that goal.

Number three, double my business revenue. This was in regards to my real estate marketing company. This was a failed objective. We did not hit that. Why did we not hit this? Well, basically, because I put in 0% effort toward trying to grow that business. I just tried to keep it consistent.

The main reason was YouTube just kept taking off taking off, ended up launching a best selling book in April, which just kind of propelled things even more. And it kind of made me realize how big the opportunity was, for me building a personal brand on YouTube and things and it was like, why am I going to even try to build that business when it’s so insignificant compared to what.

I can build here on YouTube and building a personal brand and those kinds of things, guys, so that is the main reason we didn’t reach out it just didn’t put in any effort to growing the business. Number four, spend less money at restaurants. I definitely failed that we spent probably much more restaurants this year, unfortunately.

And number five, go on a nice vacation with my wife. This is kind of a yes and no, we did take a vacation to somewhere else. Newport Beach is only like three days. And it wasn’t just heard I was a my son as well. Now the main reason we didn’t end up doing a nice extravagant vacation, just her and I was because she got pregnant.

As you guys know, just a few months ago, we welcomed our second son into the world. So it’s a beautiful thing. So that’s the main reason why we did not do that. But as far as the financial goals, I’m pretty happy all the way around. As far as how this year went, everything pretty much exceeded where I wanted it to go, guys.

So now we are talking about what are my financial goals going into this year, I got some big ones guys. Number one is has to do with YouTube, I want to double everything I want to double everything in 2018 double subscribers, so we just reached over 100,000 subscribers.

I want to have over 200,000 by this time next year, double the amount of views we’re getting somewhere around now we’re also we’re getting close to a million views or maybe more than a million views a month. Okay, so on our on run rate of last year, I think we did somewhere around 4 million views roughly.

I want to at least double that. And we can probably easily double that, you know to 8 million, if not 10 million 12 million 15 million something around there. And basically double the YouTube income when you double your views and you double everything basically, you can probably double your your YouTube income, which would put us well well well above 10,000.

Maybe in though somewhere in the range between 12,015 $1,000 for income just from the ads at play on this channel before videos and after videos ends. So that’s Goal number one. Goal number two is to double my membership group my stock market membership group. Right now we have about 200 and I think is 230 members in my stock market membership group.

I would like to double that and hit that you know, get that up, we’re close to 500 members in that group. If you do the numbers on that, that should be somewhere around 12,015 $1,000 in income from that that’s a very steady income source. And about as far as the ratio on that goes, people that join are usually very happy and they stick around.

For every five members that join in a week let’s say only one member will actually cancel their membership and get out of the group. So the customer retention in that stock market membership group is very very high. And I’m very happy that it’s high because it’s something I did worry about when I started that is am I just going to be fighting an uphill battle like I get a new new member and then another member drops off or.

I get another member really it’s about five new members for every one that actually leaves a group so I’m very happy with the way that groups going and just building that out and that’s something I want to build out it’s something off of YouTube that’s completely not reliant on YouTube that you know if the YouTube channel.

I don’t know shut down tomorrow or something like I could still have that group going and things like that, which hopefully doesn’t you know, YouTube keeps going on and things like that, guys, number three is To keep my affiliate book and course income consistent, right now we’re doing over $3,000 a month between those type of things, you know, affiliate in my in my books, and then.

I have a couple stock market actual courses that are not related to my stock market membership group, right, and we’re doing well over $3,000 a month, I’ve liked to keep that somewhere consistent around there. If we can do that, that would definitely be a success. Number four is to have the new epic product.

Which I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, I want to have that launch by the end of February 2018, I want to have that product launch and ready to go. By that time guys. Now, so those cover kind of my income related things you see, there’s nothing about my real estate marketing company.

Reason being is I may shut that business down, I mentioned that business down, I haven’t made my final decision on it yet. I’m gonna wait I’m gonna wait throughout January and in February, I’m gonna make a decision whether I want to keep doing that, or whether I just want to stop doing it.

It’s very time intensive. And I have so much stuff going on with the with the YouTube and building things right now guys that I’m like, do I really do I really want to keep doing that? Do I really want to keep putting time into that. And like I said, I don’t have any time to grow the business.

I’m just kind of keeping my customers I have currently do I want to keep doing that it’s a little scary to me, because it obviously helps me diversify my income even more. And also, it’s my baby, it’s the first business ever started. That was a success.

So you know, it’s kind of some sentimental value there with it and to let it all go and let those customer relationships go. It’s, it’s hard, but at the same time, the business isn’t making enough money, where I could like, employ an employee just to run that business or whatnot, unless I really want to grow it.

And then if I’m spending time on trying to grow the business, then it takes away from all my other stuff I got going on guys. So that’s kind of the dealio there. And Goal number five is my new YouTube channel, I start that I’m making a one year commitment to called regular guy tech.

I have a goal that I would like to hit at least 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year. So by December 2018, I would like to hit 10,000 subscribers, guys. So that’s the goal for that new channel that we’re growing from zero. Alright, let’s talk about these investing goals here.

So my first investing related goal is I want to make at least 30 to $60,000 profit from stocks sold, okay, so from stocks I sell, I want to be make a minimum of $30,000. You know, I would like to make upwards of $60,000, if possible in 2018. That’s my first investing goal.

Now real quick, as far as investing goals, investing goals go, I don’t take those ones nearly as serious as the income ones because income was I can control that so much more because I can I can think of marketing schemes, I can, you know, put more time into things, investing goes a little bit harder, because even though you might be in the right stock, it doesn’t mean Wall Street thinks that’s the right stock at that particular time.

And you can’t control that price going up or down, okay, you can’t control it, that’s a completely out of your control, you get to put yourself in the best position to try to pick the right stocks, but it’s not 100% sure that even if you’re in a great stock that stocks gonna go up, that’s something we do know.

And that’s why I’m a long term investor. And I think long term and things like that, because I know eventually I’m going to be right on that stock. Okay, so that’s my first goal, though in and I just don’t take the investing ones quite as serious, but at least $30,000 if not $60,000 in profits sold from stocks, that’s investing gold number one.

I think that’s definitely doable. The second one is to not go negative more than 20% on any position. I would love that to happen. Obviously that happened with GoPro, I went more than negative negative more than 20%. I would love for that not to happen on a position in the future.

I do not mind a stock going down as you guys know, I love to buy into a stock a very small position, it goes down I buy bigger, it goes down more I buy bigger, the ones that go down more than 20% is so rare that ever happens GoPros a situation that did happen this past year, I want to definitely avoid any situations like that guys, where I’m down over 20% on a position since I opened it.

So if I buy no stock at $10 I don’t want that stock going below $8 You know, I’m fine with it going to nine fine with it going to 850 I buy more getting heavy, but that stuff where it goes below eight, I just don’t want to deal with that guy. So that’s definitely another big investing goal of mine. My third investing goal for this upcoming year.

I want to make at least $10,000 profit from options, okay, options is something I’ve gotten much more into this past year, as far as taking more that more serious and kind of learning and like all things options kind of take a little little bit of a learning you know, where you kind of, you know, got to practice it and see you know, kind of refine your skills and kind of see you know.

What’s a better deal and things like that no different than stock market stock market my first year in stock market where I was taking it really serious, which I think was 2009 You know, it was kind of like testing the waters and I’m making some money and that’s good and whatnot.

But then 2010 is when things really got gearing for me 2016 was a year of me learning options. 2017 was a year of me starting to, you know, buy a lot of options do a lot of options related activity. I think 2018 is where all that Learning I did all that, you know, time spent in trying to buy different options and sell offs and do these different things.

I think that’s gonna really start to pay off for me in 2018. And, you know, I’m really looking forward to that because I think I think I have a lot of talent toward options. And I think it’s something that not a lot of people really realize how much money you can save yourself or make yourself through options.

Obviously, there are definitely risks with options, which I explained in all my options, videos in my options course and things like that, guys. So those are my investing goals. Now as far as leisure goals or leisure goals go, I have two goals there.

My first one is I want to get a nice big SUV for myself and my family right now we still have a car. Now that we have two kids, a car doesn’t really cut it anymore, we kind of need an SUV more space and things like that guys. So that’s definitely a big goal I have for myself as I want to get a nice big SUV.

We’ll probably do that in February or March. And my second one is I want to take a nice five to seven day vacation with just my wife and I and nice vacation somewhere we’ve never been before. Obviously with the pregnancy last year, we weren’t able to do that.

So I would love it if you know just her and I could get away for five to seven days and just take a nice trip somewhere we’ve never been and those are my financial goals for 2018. Now in that comment section, I want to know your guys, your financial goals in that comment section.

I would love to hear from you guys. I love reading through those comments and kind of seeing what your guy’s financial goals are and all those kinds of things guys. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for watching and have a great day.


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