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Well Holy Smokas This Ain’t No Jokas! Today I decided to talk about my biggest stocks when it comes to upside potential. And in this video I am ONLY going to talk about upside potential and not down side potential. These stocks are stocks I own and I think are going to grow a lot and one of these stocks I am going to talk about has potential for 100x. These are all long term potential, nothing short term.

When I talk about these stocks I am going to assume that they execute and that they have good luck and not bad luck. I will talk to you about these stocks and why I think they are going to grow so much in the future. Some of the stocks in this list are stocks ive already held for a long time and some of these stocks I’ve been holding for a very short amount of time.

Hope you enjoy this video! I know you guys love when I talk about a group of stocks and their potential. Don’t forget to smash that like button! Leave me your opinion in the comment section. Would love to hear what your thoughts on these stocks and their potential. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hello guys here today I get to address one of the questions I get more than any other out there. Hey, what are my biggest stocks for upside potential in the future years? And I hate answering this question. And the reason being is, when I think about stocks, I think about risk reward.

So I’m not just thinking about what’s the potential upside of the stock, I’m also thinking about what is the potential downside.And the greater the probability is that I’m going to make a 2x or more on my money in a stock over the next let’s say three or five years, versus lose 50%.

Plus of my money in that stock, like, the better those probabilities are, like, the higher chances I’m gonna invest in that stock invest heavier and heavier, so I don’t just think about upside.

But for today’s video, we’re just gonna talk about the upside the thing that people want me to talk about more than any other as always, so hope you guys enjoy this video. Don’t forget to smash the thumbs up.

As always, that helps you to john and mathway lets me know you appreciate a video like this where I’m going into my biggest stocks for upside potential and why it’s not just about the stocks,

it’s about why do I think these specific stocks have so much upside potential, okay, we’re thinking long term with the stocks. These aren’t just like day trades or like this, get in and out of these or something like that.

These are long term investments for me. And today, we’re talking about the next five to 10 years with these stocks. Whenever I go into investment, I really like to focus on the next three to five years.

Okay, but for today’s video, we’re really gonna focus on the next five to 10 years with the stock we’re really thinking about, like 2030 numbers 2030, Where can the stock prices be 2030? Where can these market caps be?

And we’re going to go all the way from my fifth you know, biggest upside stock and my potential all the way to number one, by the way that technically sharing six stocks with you here today, cuz I have two stocks that basically

I’ve run numbers on. And I think, you know, both of those stocks are going to be around a forex, they’re all the way to this last one that has 100x potential, like absolutely ridiculous, okay, now, we’re assuming, you know.

When we’re talking about massive upside, we’re assuming there’s going to be no super bad luck for these companies, which keep in mind, in everything in life, including in investments, luck does play some sort of factor, okay?

If I look at my most successful investments, like there was fortunate, nothing went super wrong in some of my other investments where things went really wrong.

Sometimes it was just like, like, the worst things happen. And sometimes it was luck related, right? Like, for instance, investment on mine back in, you know,

I started investing in this company in late 2019, the beginning of 2020. And then all sudden, they had to shut down their entire business for over a year.

And that was CCL right? Carnival Cruise Line, I invest in a business who is undervalued asset, it looked like a great dividend play, plus probably getting share appreciation over time.

And then next thing, you know, all sudden, a once in 100 year health event comes out, they have to completely shut down their business and go from, you know, a profit machine to awesome, they’re losing millions of dollars.

Like, that’s kind of bad luck, right? Sometimes you’re going to get some really good luck in the stock market. Sometimes you’re going to get some really bad luck. It just depends.

Okay, I know I’ve been I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some really good luck in a lot of stocks out there, where everything just went exactly as planned, and maybe even better as planned. Okay. And that’s what happens sometimes, by the way, peep the shirt, okay, from 2008 free shirt.

This was you get you know, you volunteer your time, you get a free shirt. Okay, and I’m still rocking it today in videos. All right. But that’s what we’re thinking about.

We’re thinking about over the long term, you are assuming no super bad luck happens things companies, we’re assuming these companies keep the pedal to the metal, which is another factor you have to think about, you know, are these companies in get complacent?

Are their management teams gonna get complacent, things like that, you know, these companies are gonna have to work their tails off and they’re gonna have to execute on a plus level to reach these type of valuations that think these companies can go over time.

Okay, and last thing we’ll get into before we get into these five stocks, Well, technically six stocks is why not just invest in in all my money in these particular stocks?

And this is a good question because obviously, these are stocks I hold that I think have the biggest upside potential and if we’re thinking about just the reward potential, then it would make sense just to put all my money in these stocks because these are clear the stocks I believe, that have the biggest upside that I hold, right.But at the same time, the stock market doesn’t just work in reward potential, it works in risk potential, right?

It’s not just about what could go right for that stock. It’s about what could go wrong for that stock and those sorts of things. So you know, nowadays especially with the type of money I have invest in the market,

I like to be in 15 or 20 different stocks out there years ago when I had 100k to my name or 200k to my name or less than that I was cool with being in five stocks like I was fine with that. But nowadays.

It’s different Okay, there’s different amounts there and I like to be more diversified and I like to be a well rounded investor in some great value stocks and some dividend stocks, some turn around place, some high growth companies, things like that.

Okay, so hope you guys enjoy this video as always, and let’s get into This guy so first off up here it looks like we need a light blue marker to figure out this by the way, if anybody can guess all you know 60 stocks you are special okay?

That means you watch way too many my videos, man, you need to go like go research some stocks quit watching my videos. Anyways guys. So first stock up here of the bunch is Tesla, my Tesla.

Okay, so Tesla, I think this company has 4x ROI potential by the year 2030 I think they could go from Great, now they’re at about $600 billion market cap, I think they could potentially go to 2.4 trillion by the year 2030.

Now this assumes several different things. Okay, this assumes that I am going to be correct about the high majority of cars being sold in year 2030, or electric cars cave, that’s assuming I’m correct on that.

That’s also assuming that I am correct on this thesis I have in which I believe in developed markets like United States, Canada, Europe and maybe some other markets, I believe that Tesla will have around a 25% to maybe even up to a potential 50% market share in new cars sold by year 2030.

Okay, so those are two big things. Okay, one, we have to completely transitioned from the high high majority of cars sold here today, or ice vehicles, gasoline.

We have to convert over to getting almost all new cars sold by year 2030 to basically be electric cars. And then Tesla has to have a market share that we haven’t seen ever in modern history when it comes to automobile sales, okay.

And this is also assuming Tesla gets the autonomous taxi network rolled out in all major markets. This is assuming like, you know, the the numbers on China are really strong and those sorts of things.

They’re not going to In my opinion, Tesla’s not going to get a 25% or 50% market share in China, India and some other big markets, okay. But in some of those markets, if they just get 5% market share, they’re winning.

Like like apple, for instance, Apple has a very small, a very small market share in China compared to like the United States. But China is still the second most important market for Apple because the market so dang big in China, right? And so same thing with Tesla, Tesla doesn’t have to get 25% or 50% market share in China, they get 5%. That’s massive. Okay.

So this is assuming some things go right. This is assuming Tesla can build into a cash flow machine. Now, in regards to tests of the wild card is really the autonomous taxi network. And I you know, the thing is an autonomous taxi network. Okay, first off, this has never been done before. So we have no model to go off of, for that business model.

There’s some folks that believe the Thomas taxi network business is going to be incredibly profitable, like an absolute cash flow machine, to the sky for Tesla. I don’t know, okay, when I look at this opportunity.

I know it’s massive, there’s no doubt like the market for a car coming to be able to pick me up where I’m at, and there’s no driver inside. It just takes me wherever I want to get out. And it charges me a fee. But that’s great.

Okay. I don’t know, like, what the cash flows are going to be there long term, because we don’t have anything to model this off of. And that’s really, really important. Okay. So, you know, maybe this is something that will bring Tesla in the year 2030 a billion dollars of extra net income, maybe it’s something that brings them $10 billion.

I don’t really No, no, no arcs run numbers on this. But at the same time, remember, you know, when you go into a brand new business where it’s never been done before, things don’t always go according to plan. So the big wildcard to these numbers is really autonomous taxi network.

And that could be the difference between Tesla being a $2 billion company, or excuse me, a $2 trillion company, and maybe a 4 trillion or 6 trillion or something like that. That’s really the wildcard, we’ve got to let that play out, though, no one truly knows how profitable or not profitable that business model will be long term.

One thing I do know, though, is Tesla has a great chance to be the number one player in that market based upon all the studies I’ve done in that company over the years, like I truly believe, like, like their technology, for self driving vehicles is superior to anybody else out there. I think they have more data than anybody by a mile by a whole lot more than one mile.

Okay. And so that one definitely meets the criteria of big, you know, potential short term or Tessa. Okay, the short term if we’re talking over the next year or two, you know, I think we’re in a kind of a moment where it’s about show me, you know, I think this stock has climbed so dang much. I mean, we’re talking about I was invested in this company a couple years ago.

And it was like a 30 to $40 billion mark cap is climbed into one of the biggest companies in the world. At one point it was over 800 billion. And I think now in the short term, the next year or so, I think the market is going to say, Ilan.

Tesla executives proved to me the numbers that this company deserves to be valued over time with Apple, Amazon, Google, fb. These are the huge companies out there, okay. And I think if Tesla can do that, I think their stock will start to roar again. I think if you know they falter.

Their numbers are bad. You know, in the short term, there definitely can be some more weakness. But I think right now, the stocks taking a breather. Let’s talk to taking a breather and saying, Okay, let’s see the numbers over these next few quarters prove to me that you’re going to stay high growth. And these numbers are going to be beast. And I think that’s what the market is saying right now. So yeah, for its potential.

Now, I have another stock here that also has 4x potential. Okay. And I couldn’t forget this one here. So this one is the tattooed chef, okay. tattooed chef, up here. So tattooed chef, this is a company in the plant based foods space that is rapidly growing. I mean, they’re expected to grow 50% plus revenues this year. Okay.

And I think they have, I think they’re going to be able to grow double digit revenue growth. For the next decade, essentially, like this entire period, we’re in 2022, through 2030, I think tattoo chef is going to grow double digits the entire dang time, okay.

When I think about how much opportunity is frozen in front of this company, and as long as they keep the pedal to the metal here, there’s no doubt in my mind that they can just boom, boom, boom, boom, you know, maybe they don’t grow 50% every year, but maybe they slow down to 20% growth 10% growth in the food industry.

That’s amazing growth rates, let’s be This isn’t like a software business or something like that. Like if you can grow consistently 10 to 20% revenues, year in a year out, oh my gosh, like you’re going to become the food giant. That’s where I think this company is going to Okay, I think they have true forex potential by the year 2030, maybe even larger than that.

But what I do know about the food space is it is highly competitive. And sometimes it can get promotional. And so why did this number instead of let’s say 10 billion or something like that, is I’m trying to price in the fact that not just they’re gonna grow super strong.

But maybe there’s time periods in there, where they drop price on product to take market share and a new product category, and they’re not as profitable as can be. And that’s something to also take into account with Tesla numbers.

And this is something no one else takes into account when they run their dang Tesla numbers. Kay, we’ve seen this time and time again from Ilan Musk, where the company will get will be able to build a model three or whatever car more profitably.

And what does Tesla do? drop the price to take market share? Now that’s hurts short term profitability in a massive way. It really does. Okay, because if let’s say you drop the cost of producing a car by $3,000, right, and then all of a sudden, you drop the price by 3000. Okay, you didn’t eat, all you did was it make the car cheaper now, for consumers, rather than take that $3,000 of profit, that’s gonna go hit net income.

Now, it’s just $3,000 cheaper, but cheaper car means you can sell more units out there. And so if I look at something like ctcf, I definitely see there being periods where maybe they launch into a new product category, and they put coupons out there, or they send product to some consumers for free for trying these products and things like that.

Or they’re really competitive around price points. Like what if they want to compete with another company, like I own longer term, like a beyond me, when they launch a product and to get that into stores?

There’s a good probability they would want to undercut price of beyond meat, right? If they want to launch full on sausage products and, and you know, you know, fake hamburger patties or whatever want to kind of plant based hamburger patties and things like that when you think about these sorts of things that could definitely get promotional there.

And that’s why I put them at a $6.4 billion company rather than like a 10 or 15 it is possible they get there. But all I know about that one is man to the head massive growth ahead. And man those food companies and drink companies can be extremely profitable.

And when I think about the margins, their products are going to have long term I think they’re going to be industry leading tight margins long term, okay, kind of like Tesla’s might potentially have you know, industry leading margins but at the same time, it comes down to do you want to take market share, do you want to take profits, you know, and that sort of thing?

That’s always been the thing with Amazon what is Amazon always done, Amazon could take way more profit in the short term if they wanted to, and you know, raise price and everything but Amazon continues to say we want to take market share, okay? Something very important to think about, okay, alright guys, next one up here.

I need a red marker for this one. And this one is a somewhat newer investment for me. Course err gaming, okay? gaming related companies. So Coursera they own the course their brand, which if you’ve ever thought about building a PC or something that you’ve probably bought bought course their products are considered it their products are top tier, unbelievable product quality, out of that company.

Ticker symbol c r. s are, they’re in a strong capital position, somewhat newer company in the public markets, they bought a company called Elgato, which you know, makes the, the thing about course here is like they are known for quality and they they bought this other company that’s more in the streaming space, which is something that’s getting huge right now called Elgato, which is growing rapidly, absolutely rapidly right now, in that company is known for great quality products as well.

So if you’re thinking about streaming and gaming, to industries that are getting exponentially bigger each and every We’re not going to continue to for at least the next decade, in my opinion, like streaming is just going to get a lot bigger than it is today, gaming is just going to begin to get a lot bigger than it is today.

And they have very strong brand names in this. They also bought another company recently that basically makes like high end controllers for like ps4 and Xbox and things like that. And obviously, it’ll be in the new generation as well. And that that company is the biggest name in their space for making customized controllers.

And here’s the thing, the only weakness that that brand has ever had, is product control quality. Well, of course, they’re What are they known for great quality products that work phenomenally, and this is why they get 4.5 4.8 stars on most of their products out there. When you look on Amazon and things like that from space, you know, gamers aren’t easy product reviews.

So when they say something’s great, it’s truly great. Okay, and so with that controller brand, they’re actually going to bring product quality up to a much higher standards there. And those controllers usually sold for anywhere from 150 to $200. Okay. And so when I look at just their hardware opportunity over the coming years, it is a massive, okay, never mind, I think over time this company, I’m already seeing the small ambitions there.

And I think these ambitions are gonna get a lot bigger to get into more software related things, maybe more apps, maybe more, you know, recurring revenue streams and things like that. So they’re not just labeled as a hardware business.

Because the moment this business isn’t just respected as a hardware business, and as maybe even software as well, maybe even recurring revenue streams, services, that’s when your multiple can basically double up almost overnight.

That’s what kind of happened with Apple. By the way, Apple was always you know, disrespect to stock in the market, it was always valued like it was just hardware stock. As soon as people started finally taking services serious.

And the amazing business that is Apple software business, a lot of people never like understood that the valuation almost doubled immediately. Very similar thing will happen to Coursera. Long term.

My opinion. Logitech is about a $17 billion company today 17 or $18 billion. In my opinion by year 2030. I think Coursera can easily be close to Logitech, maybe they’re even bigger. Okay, I, I might be too conservative with my numbers here. I think the stock has 5x potential from about a $3 billion company here today to about 15 billion,

I think they’re going to be one of the leaders in gaming, one of the leaders in streaming product products over time, they already are kind of high end controllers for console’s one of the premier players there. And then it’s only 2021.

Imagine how many new categories this company is going to get into over the next five to 10 years that are going to grow this business massively. And these are very profitable products.

So you put all this together, I honestly think I’m being too conservative. I truly do. I think this company actually has much bigger potential net. But since it’s such a newer investment for me, I’d rather be a little more conservative for this number, then a little bigger, but let’s put it this way. If this company doesn’t at least 5x by 2030, for me, I’ll be disappointed. I’ll be very disappointed. Let’s just put it that way.

This is all the numbers I have up here. In my opinion, this might be the most conservative one. Okay, just something to keep in mind that okay, some people might say the test one is it depends, you know, some people are so bullish on that I think it’s going to 8 trillion by 2030. Everybody’s got different opinions out there, things like that.

But in my personal opinion from what I wrote out here, I think this is my most conservative number. Okay, let’s get into this next one, number three. So number three, this one’s kind of similar to

Tesla where it’s one of those companies you look at in the short term and you say looks really really overvalued Okay, you know, something like a course here game entries at a Ford P of like 2022 it’s hard to make an argument that that one’s super overvalued okay.

But you know, this doc in a Tesla, they trade a very rich valuations okay? And because they trade a very rich valuation in the short term.

If you look at a trailing 12 month p, you look at a you know, a Ford p look at a price to sales ratio, you say, oh, gosh, company trades rich. Okay. But the long term opportunity for this company is absolutely massive.

Okay, this is Shopify. Okay, the company that I have a few $100,000 in right now. Okay. ticker symbol shop on this one. The way I look at Shopify is ecommerce is obviously going to get massively bigger over the coming years.

And in my opinion, if I look, if I look at my crystal ball, and I’m looking at the year 2030 for stocks, it’s hard for me to look at that crystal ball and not see Shopify as being one of the most important companies in the world.

Okay, want to just see how many businesses are starting to use Shopify over the past few years, small and big businesses, how this company continues to innovate in their space, the recurring revenue streams that this business is going to throw off the cash flows that this business is going to throw off long term. When I look at all this is hard for me to look at that crystal ball and say Shopify is not one of the most, let’s say 25 most important companies in the world in the year 2030.

Okay, if that’s the case, this is going to be a trillion dollar plus company okay? in mind, you know, we already have several companies now that are trillion dollars, we’re in 2021.

But you’re 2030 with how much economic growth there will be around the world, you know, over the next nine years, there’s going to be many, there’s going to be, I would say, probably 40 to 100 companies around the world that will have a trillion plus dollar market cap by the year 2030.

Easily 40 to 100. Okay, 40 worst case scenario, hunt, you know, like, we’re in a big massive recession at the time of something that 100 on the top end, okay, it’s hard for me not to Shopify is gonna be one of those $140 billion company, I think it’s going to at least a trillion by 2030.

When I look at the revenue growth this company has right now, when I think about the revenue growth they’re going to have in future years, they they did not like well, this is where they’re getting a ton their revenue just from one or two customers, you have almost no customer concentration, recurring revenue streams, pricing advantages long term, they’re in a space that is exponentially growing, and will continue to for the longest time into the future.

And so I think this one has at least 7x ROI potential, and that’s why I invest in the stock even though you know, it’s a lot higher valuation than it could have bought several years ago. And then the day I look at this company.

I’d say it’s hard for me not to imagine this being a trillion dollar company by 2030. Okay, so if I’m right on that, obviously, there’s huge ROI potential there. Okay. Last two stocks up here that I hold that have the biggest upside potential, okay. And number two is palantir.

Just kidding. Okay. Although no, all seriousness, I am looking into palantir right now, I got more research to do. I don’t own that stock yet. But I am doing research into palantir and trying to figure out you know what their realistic Tam is long term, so I don’t own that one yet, but maybe someday, okay. But this one is the planet.

Okay, can it? Let’s see that I say that right. Let me see. Uno, dos tres cuatro. cinco says yet the ultra no ideas on say don’t say dresser. Yeah, planet dresser. Okay. The planet. Basically, they have a massive superstore in Las Vegas, in the jack Jackson space, they are going to have another one opening an orange county in a few months.

You know, these stores are massive, like Disneyland for jack Jackson, okay, they own they have a ton of own brands that they’re going to continue to distribute all over the United States. Now that they’re going to have a California location open, they’re going to be able to remember those own brands I was talking about, okay, and how that potential bigger, they’re going to be able to get that product throughout California.

Now, basically, you can’t ship over you like state lines and things like that. Imagine how big that opportunity is for California long term. Like, the magical thing about opening that Orange County store for the planet is actually not the store, even though that’s going to be a cash flow machine to the sky in my personal opinion, long term. It’s actually the fact that now we’ll be able to have distribution throughout California for their own brands. And that is a game changer for the planet.

Okay, so this is a company that I think is another one of those companies kind of like a TT CFO talking about, that’s going to be able to grow double digits every single year for literally, as long as I can see, like, as long as like Intel, at least 2030 I think this company is gonna be able to grow anywhere else from, you know, 100%, maybe triple digits next year, all the way to, you know, 10 15% per year for the next decade.

Okay, so massive revenue growth ahead for this company, the profitability for this company is gonna be immense, long term, not just from their superstores, but they’re probably gonna open smaller format, retail stores as well around the United States, because those are way less costly, and way less time consuming to open those stores.

So they’re gonna have that cash flow machine. And then the own brands is bigger. It’s bigger than the store opportunity for this company, long term. And federal legalization, likely coming very soon, more and more states are legalizing no matter what, when federal legalization comes.

Okay, so I have to say about that. So in my opinion, there’s a $1 billion company, I think they have the potential to go to about a $10 billion company by the year 2030. Keep in mind in the jack Jackson space. I mean, when federal legalization comes, there’s going to be overtime, there’s going to be 510, maybe more than 10 companies that are going to have $10 billion plus valuations on them.

I think the planet has a great opportunity to be one of those companies when I think about their superstores plus smaller format stores which they have one smaller format store in Las Vegas as well right now I’ve checked it out, it’s nice, it’s like you know, nicer than the average you know, smaller format store.

And then I think about the own brands which could be a profit machine to the sky long term for this company, never mind they have other opportunities that I’m not even talking about. They want to open lounges in the superstores and things like that, you know, potential clubs like there’s so much dang opportunity here like I don’t even think people quite get the full picture yet the you know,

I just talked about usually the store the super stores and I usually just talk about the known brands, and we don’t even get into all these other things, but I mean, there’s so much potential here and the company has nine figures plus of cash now on the balance sheet as of today, from what our understanding?

You know, when you think about all this, they’re in such a great capital position, federal legalization coming more and more states legalizing no matter what, I think this company has at least 10x potential over the next you know, whatever you want to call it over the next nine years or so. Okay.

And let me reset this camera here and then we’re going to get to the last one number one already guys, last one up here, numero uno, okay is G tech ticker symbol g g TTF. Alright, this is my newest play in the jack Jackson space. You know, meet Kevin did a great interview with the CEO very recently, I really enjoyed that.

And it’s a smaller company that has ridiculous a huge potential cave in the jack Jackson space about $100 million company today, I believe long term, if this company executes on a high level over the next nine years or so, I think ultimately, they could potentially become a $10 billion company, which would be 100x ROI on this company. Okay.

So if I’m going to invest in a smaller company, I really have to believe a lot in the leadership, Kay, the CEO, specifically of that company. And so I definitely saw that with the planet when I started invest in that company that was like 100 $200 million company. And what I saw there was a management team that had their heads on straight, they weren’t just trying to, you know, create some, you know, crap, Penny stock that was going to be a penny stock forever, they’re trying to create a massive company.

And the great thing about the jack Jackson space, is because things aren’t federally legalized, and the way that the banking system works and whatnot, you know, it’s one of the biggest advantages in a market I’ve seen ever, ever, in my 12 or 13 years, because we’re basically almost like being the VCs in these companies. Okay, that’s kind of the way I almost looked at the plan.

I’m like, I’m kind of like the VC I’m getting in this company, way earlier stage, then, you know, you can ever dream about getting in most companies, okay, because of the industry. They’re in where it’s like, federally still illegal, right?

And when it comes to jttf, exact same thing, okay, super small company, and they are basically making the high end product in the space. Okay. And the way I think about this, Kim, the way I view them, I mean, I don’t think it’s, you know, I think they’re gonna be a lot higher end than this company is.

But the way I look at Sam Adams, okay, Samuel Adams, that that that, you know, beer, okay, and what they’ve been able to do over time with branding their product in the Oktoberfest and all the different, you know.

Winter Fest, and all those different brands that company has that are seasonal, as well as their other products and things like that, they’ve actually built this like, more like craft brewery into actually a really big company over time.

And I think g Tech has that type of, you know, that type of possibility. And keep in mind cmll Samuel Adams, I think that company is valued at something like 13 billion, okay, $13 billion or so. And in my opinion, the jack Jackson space long term is going to be much, much more profitable than the beer industry, much more profitable occasions, no doubt, in my mind.

That’s why you’re seeing a lot of these beer companies, and liquor companies with a lot of them doing, they’re trying to buy out companies that are coming up in this jack Jackson space. And it’s possible that Gigi TTF, could get bought out over time, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.

I’m hoping this company just worked their tails off, keeps a pedal to the metal and expand this business massively. But I will tell you, the CEO, I think he’s got his head on straight, I think he’s focused around this business. I think this is another one of companies, it’s gonna grow double digits per year for years and years to go in the future.

This year, they could potentially grow triple digits, okay. If I look at this business, and I think, you know, I think they’re gonna be able to grow at a compound rate of probably anywhere from 20% to 40%. Over the next decade, okay, so we’re not talking about small amounts. And I think when this when the profits really start rolling in for this company in a few years, they’re going to be immense.

And they’re going to be much higher than most business models we’ve seen in the past because they’re on the higher end, okay? And, you know, I love investments that that are more on the higher end, think about Wynn resorts and some of those companies think about the planet right superstore is that you just can’t compare to anything else like these, these stores. And GTF.

Like this is a company that is trying to make the highest of the highest end product that thinking about everything is like handcrafted. And as his brand builds over time, I believe there’s going to be like a cult like following around this brand. And I think it’s going to be something pretty magical.

And I think they’re going to have some of the highest end product that is the most respected in their category that people with with you know, that are willing to spend a decent chunk of change on this company’s products are going to spend it Okay, nevermind now.

There’s a potential that they could buy out of the companies over time and expand even faster, more cultivation facilities. Who the United States opportunity, my gosh, okay, as soon as things are federally legalized in the States, you know.

I would assume the CEO is already working on plans on you know, when that day comes, how they’re going to enter the US market and how fast we’re going to do it, and how successfully you’re going to do it. And so when I look at that company,

I think that has the upside potential, obviously, it comes with risk. It’s a very small company today and things like that, as with all these stocks, they all come with risks. Okay, some of them traded really high valuations on a short term basis.

Some of them you know, I don’t know, maybe some people think everybody already bought gaming products, so no one’s gonna buy gaming or streaming gear now or something like that, like all them, you could poke something at, but my gosh, when.

I think about the long term art for that company, as well as willing to invest in it, you know, because I’m just like, that is loss of Okay, so anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this, as always, this is going through my stocks that I own personally, that I think have the biggest upside potential out there.

Okay. And yeah, if you want to try to apply for my private stock group that’s linked in the description, but I was having as a pin, comment down there, if you wanna learn all my strategies, how I value companies, how I find these companies, things like that be part of our private discord chat, which now has,

I think we have over honestly over 100 people in the private group now that have a minimum of a million dollars invested in the stock market, so a lot of high level thinkers in there. A lot of these stocks nowadays are coming from my private discord chat in terms of like, did they spark these ideas for me and they start looking into I’m like, Oh, these geniuses found something again. Anyways, thank you for watching. Have a great day. Don’t forget to smash

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