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Today we discuss 1 of my 7 stock market accounts. This one is a publicly disclosed stock market account where everyone in my private group can see every single move I make in the account. I hope you enjoy me discoloring this for you guys! Usually only the members of my stock group can see all this that I’m about to show you.

People sometimes wonder what type of stock market investor i am. usually stock market investors can be boxed into a category of growth investing, dividend investing or value investing. i am one of the few that can successfully do growth investing, value investing, and dividend investing all at the same time. I think an investor who can do all 3 at a high level will be a the top of the stock market investing game.

We have built this account over the past year or 2 into an absolute beast. We are up huge on our current positions and we have also cashed over 5 figures of profits this year. We have also collected a ton of passive income dividend income from out dividend stocks. Whenever I make passive income from dividends I use that money to put back into more stocks. Whenever i sell for a profit I just re invest the gains. I like to stay at the top like I’m stuck.

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Well good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there. As always, if you’re new here I am Jeremy and today I’m going to do a video that I haven’t done in about two or three months on the channel where I publicly disclose exactly what stocks I own in the public account along with cost basis as I show everything last time I did this was like two or three months ago when we had about $265,000 in the account.

So I hope you guys enjoy this video here. Today, we’re gonna look at everything every single stock I own in that account, which it’s like 10 or 12 stocks and we’re also gonna look at how much I’m up or down on these positions, cost basis, everything fully disclosed.

So I hope you guys enjoy this make sure you smash the thumbs up button that lets me know that you guys enjoy a video like this. Okay, and leave me a comment down there. If you have some great stocks that are doing phenomenal for you that you think I should look into. Okay, let me know in the comment section.

Okay, now before we get into all these different stocks and the cost basis and whatnot, I just want to cover a few things, especially for some of the people that don’t watch my channel on a super regular basis, which is like half the audience like watches every single video I put out in about half the audience watches sometimes.

Let me just address a few things. Okay. So the first question I get a lot is like what do I do with the stock gains? What do I do with the dividends? Okay? For my loyal viewers, let me know in the comment section you guys already know what I do I reinvest every single penny back into stocks, okay, I don’t like sell out of stock for a gain.

I don’t like get dividend money and like pull it out and like go buy stuff with it or something like that. Okay. I like it. Like how I live life is from like the YouTube income. And this is like my job making YouTube videos, right. And even when I didn’t do YouTube, like back when I was working as a manager a quick trip back when I had my real estate marketing company.

I tried to never take money out of stock market accounts to go buy stuff, I just reinvest that money, we build bigger, we build bigger, we build bigger, okay, I think this account can get to over a half a million dollars within the next two years.

And I think within five years, we can get this account to be a seven figure account meaning over a million dollars, okay? And you know, get to those type of numbers. If you’re taking money out all the time, like, all we do is we reinvest the money, okay.

The plan is growth, growth growth, okay. Now a few other people ask, Well, what kind of investor are you exactly? Are you a growth investor? Are you a value investor? Are you a dividend investor, okay. And so my view on this is, I believe in the future, the best investors in the world will be able to do all three of these things and do them on a phenomenal level.

Okay, so I’m trying to prep myself, I’ve been in the stock market for over 10 years now. And I’m trying to prep myself to be the best investor possible. And what I’ve noticed over the past 10 years, what I’ve noticed is there are certain opportunities you get in the market where one of these categories can get unbelievably undervalued. And sometimes some of these categories can get unbelievably overvalued.

So if you only do one, let’s say you only do growth investing, okay, you’re only looking for growth stocks, you’re only looking for stocks growing 20% Plus, right? There are some times especially when the market sells off where those those type of stocks get hit in a major, major way. Okay.

And sometimes that presents an unbelievable opportunity, but also when the market gets too euphoric, guess what growth stocks their valuations go through the moon and they present opportunities that aren’t there anymore You’re just buying into stocks that are super overvalued Okay, if you’re just value investing sometimes value stocks are way overvalued, their Pease are way too high for the type of growth they have.

And other times everybody forgets about value stocks and they get way too low. Same thing with dividend stocks. There are some times where dividend yields are way too low. And if you want to find a high yielding dividend stock, you need to look through like very speculative type dividend stocks.

And there are other times when everybody forgets about dividend stocks usually when the markets to euphoric and those dividend yields climb and you can get some great stocks for very undervalued prices. Okay, so when we go through these stocks, some of these are dividend stocks.

Some of these are growth stocks, some of these stocks are growing their businesses 20% plus and some of the stocks might not be growing right now 20% plus but over the next few years because of certain opportunities, they will be growing 20% plus and some of these stocks don’t have much growth at all they’re just strictly value plays on companies I believe are undervalued.

Okay, so I tried to combine all these it’s kind of like being a boxer right? You could have a really strong punch like Mike Tyson. But guess what Mike Tyson got knocked out plenty of times throughout his career because he has some lapses in defense right you want to be the best boxer possible you need to be a well rounded you need to be able to do everything and if.

I look at stock market investing if you want to be a truly truly Great Investor like one of the best if you can combine all these together man it like means the world okay so once again hope you guys enjoy this Today’s video is sponsored by my private stock market membership group that is gonna be linked down there in the description.

I’m not going to tell you why you should join that group just click the link down there in the description the sales page will tell you everything you could possibly ever know and if you ever have any other questions DM me on my Instagram but one of the most common questions we get is is that group for people that are like newer to the stock market or people that have a lot of money in the stock market.

I’ve been in the stock market and has truly both like a screenshots tab basically on there and it’s it’s crazy because we have such diversity in that group. We have People that are just investing their first $1,000 in that group in the discord chat, we have people that literally have what like a guy last night he posted his account he’s got.

$1.2 million in the market and he’s got $990,000 of cash sitting on the sideline okay so needless to say we have other people in there that have sold businesses for $7 million $10 million like we have everybody like for people that are just getting their first $1,000 or $10,000 invested to people that literally have millions of dollars in the market and everything in between guys so with that being said.

Let’s start getting into this guys. Okay, first doc up here the bunch is good old Baba Ali Baba. Okay, one of the biggest Chinese companies in the world, one of the biggest companies in the world, period, you know, I love them for not just being an e commerce play in China, in Asia in general and also the expanding world but I also think their cloud business could be probably their biggest business long term.

If I look at what Amazon’s been able to do over time. Alibaba thinks going rate that route I think will probably be the number two and number three biggest player in cloud long term. Okay, so we are up $2,741 on our Alibaba shares right now we’re up 12.34% we own 140 Alibaba shares current value of just under $25,000 $24,953 what those shares are worth and our cost basis what we paid overall for those shares are $158.66 so.

Alibaba is off to a good start for us that’s a long term play there not not a stock I’m planning on selling anytime soon. A type of company I feel very comfortable with it’s actually my only direct Chinese investment Okay, I own another stock you’re gonna see in this account that gets a lot of their business from China and actually a lot of these stocks in here good business from China, but no other direct Chinese investments other than that one right there.

Okay, stock number two up here is a stock I called cruzi doozy okay Cirrus Logic ticker symbol si R Us this stock is doing on believably well for us especially when you consider the trade war going on and the negativity around the semiconductor industry like we’ve just been you know, blessed to do amazing with the stock so we are $15,190.37 on the stock to be exact.

We’re up just under 42% on the shares current value in this one is $51,423 we owe 915 shares here cost basis is $39.60. There Cirrus Logic you know unbelievable opportunity in front of that company for more and more customers when it comes to voice chips and expanding into their current customers Apple Samsung, you look at a lot of the tear downs of some of the biggest phone companies in the world.

You’re gonna see you’re gonna find a lot of Cirrus Logic chips in there okay, and they got a ton of expanding opportunities. Third stock up here is good old elf on a shelf. Okay, Elf on the Shelf ticker symbol e l f if you don’t know what they do, they’re basically a makeup company.

Okay, beauty company. That’s what they sell in their business models a lot different than a lot of other companies where a lot of other cosmetics companies you know, they try to create really expensive products elfs creating a lot of products that are in the three to like $15 price points. Okay, so they’re, they’re basically anybody can be an elf customer.

If you’re buying makeup, we are up over $10,925 on l shares right now and we’ve already cashed in five figures plus of profits on l throughout 2019. So far, we’re up 120% on this stock what we have left our current value is just over $20,000 and we own 1250 shares of elf our cost base on this one of at least as far as the remaining shares are $7.28 and that one’s definitely our shining star because that one we got involved with.

I think it was around February March sometime around them and to be up 120% and already cashed in five figures plus of profits on that stock throughout the year. Like you know, that’s our shining star of all the shining stars right there. Okay, next one up here. This one is actually our biggest investment in this accounts actually my biggest investment in all my different accounts.

If you add up you know what I have in different stocks out there and that is Facebook Okay, so it’s definitely a stock I feel very comfortable with ticker symbol FB on this one huge opportunity in front of themselves to continue to bring in more and more big companies as advertisers advertiser rates will continue to climb for the company.

And that is phenomenal for them. Okay, as far as total gain loss in the stock, we’re up $12,657.50 as far as the percent gain we’re up 22.25% man, you know, I love twos I wish it could have been 22.22% Okay, current value on this one a little under $70,000 $69,551 on this one we own 371 shares cost base on this one of $153.35 they’re on Facebook, definitely a stock I feel very comfortable with as far as you know.

Who could displace them. There was like Snapchat was coming a few years back and it was like oh man that might be coming after like Instagram but then snapchats growth like slowed in a massive, massive way and Facebook, Follow them off pretty good. And then Snapchat also had some mistakes they made over there.

So definitely a stock I feel very comfortable holding. And then even if we ever had a recession scenario, I think this is a company that would really thrive because basically what happens when you have a recession, right? What do businesses do businesses downsize and then they start cutting marketing spend, okay?

Now, if companies are start cutting marketing spend, a lot of these companies are still spending marketing dollars that are not being placed in the best places possible. Okay. So what would end up happening is a company like Facebook could actually thrive in that environment, because let’s say you have a marketing budget for this company of $25 million dollars and it gets cut to $5 million.

Now you need to make that $5 million, go as far as possible, right. And so you’re gonna look at Instagram, Facebook, because those are really the best platforms to get the best bang for your buck, rather than some of the traditional things a lot of these companies might have been doing. So Facebook, definitely a company.

I feel very comfortable having as my biggest investment. All right, next one up here is fizzy get a dizzy national beverage Corporation. All right, we are up $3,246.23 on this stock to be exact, we’re up about 12.75% as far as a percent on the stock current value on this one is $28,712.70 we own 610 shares, this one in our cost basis is $41.75.

So we’re able to build a pretty good position in that stock. And that’s actually not a regular paying dividend stock. So it is technically a dividend stock but usually they pay out once a year usually it’s around like November and December if you look at like their dividend, you know past history and whatnot. So we should get some good dividends from that stock over time.

But I believe we’ll get good share price gains over in future years. And I you know, I love holding drink company we have one of our most successful investments we ever had was monster back in the day when a monster was a huge growing brand. You know, I don’t know if this one will do as well as monster did for us.

But you know, it’s off to a decent start so far. Okay, next one up here is AI robots ticker symbol I RVT. You guys might know iRobot and they make the Roomba vacuum cleaner. And they have more future little robots that are supposed to clean your house and do different things like that they even have a lawn cutting one coming in the future.

Okay, I don’t know if that one will do big numbers. But intriguing product. All right. This one’s on our newest investments might actually be technically our newest investments count. But it’s off to a pretty decent start. First, we have $758 so far on the stock were up 6.86%.

As far as a percentage, our current value on this one’s $11,818. We own 180 shares this one and cost basis on 6145 for iRobot iRobot, the stock that’s got caught up into the trade war because a lot of their vacuums, the roombas and whatnot are assembled in China, their tariffs have hit them 25% tariff, you know iRobot has to eat that so it’s definitely something that’s hurt their business here in the short term.

That’s why the stock went from like 120 something dollar stock to like, recently it was in the you know, low 60s and I had to say, you know, I’m ready to start buying a little bit of this stock and if it ever drops below the 16th I’ll continue to add to that position over time. Okay, next one up here is ticker symbol JW en it’s Nordstrom Corporation, they’re a retailer, really catering to the high end of the market.

You know, top 10% of incomers out there top 10% of the wealthy lot of designer names and things like that is what they sell. Okay, Nordstrom we’re up about $1,191 on this particular stock. By the way, this is a really a dividend investing focus stock here with JW n, we’re getting good gains on it, we’re up over 10% on 10.25%.

But really, it’s a dividend stock. I mean, when we bought this stock, I think it was yielding something like a six or 7% yield something really really high was what Nordstrom was yielding when we started buying and even today, like even though it’s up 10 plus percent it still is amazing dividend yielding stock current value on this one is $12,809.

We own 370 shares of this stock 3140 is our cost basis here on Nordstrom and the only thing that makes me happier than actually receiving those dividend payments from Nordstrom is when you guys smash that thumbs up button. Okay, let’s get in this next one is sky work solutions. This is one of our biggest positions.

In this particular account. I think it’s our second biggest position in total. SW Ks is the ticker symbol and this one skyworks Solutions has an unbelievable opportunity for themselves with 5g revolution that’s about to take off here over the next few years. And so far we’re doing pretty decent.

This one we are $4,306.68 on this stock. We have 8.75% $53,514.50 is what we have in the stock as far as what the current value is. And then we owe 650 shares 7570 is the cost basis on this particular stock and like I said was skyworks Solutions definitely not a stock I’m planning on getting out of anytime soon.

They already have an unbelievable business like if you just look at a tear down of most electronics products out there. Good cheap. Sky work solutions in there especially if we’re talking smartphones, almost everybody’s a customer there’s and they have an unbelievable opportunity for themselves with 5g coming out to expand their business expand their content in these type of customers.

So definitely definitely a stock I really love. Okay, next one up here. This one’s more of a dividend investing focus slash, you know, value investing focus stock here, it’s TPR ticker symbol TPR, which is tapestry company. Now, if you don’t know what they do, basically, they own some great brands, they own the coach brand, they own the Kate Spade brand.

And they also own a brand called Stuart Weitzman, which makes very expensive high heels and different shoe products like that kind of more luxury items. And so they own those three businesses and this is a newer investment to this account and is doing absolutely amazing for us.

So we’re up $2,429 on the stock as of right now we’re up 27% plus on the stock and this is a stock we’ve owned for oh my gosh, probably a month maybe even less than a month like it hasn’t been like that long, we’ve owned the stock I know that and it’s just doing ridiculous I 27% gain in such a short amount of time like you go tapestry you are 50 we’re a fan of you and by the way, it’s a great dividend stock.

I mean think it pays like a 7% yield or something insanely high at least when we bought it. Current Value on this one is $11,383 we have 445 shares a tapestry and $20.12 is our cost basis there once again not a stock that we’re even planning on getting like great gains and really just a dividend play you know great brand.

They’re good management team and things like that pretty good balance sheet and I looked at the dividend yield like it was it was yielding I think 7% or something like that maybe even higher than 7% when we initially bought in that stock and their payout ratio was fair and I had the more and more.

I looked at this business I said I have to buy this as a dividend play and neither say not only you’re gonna make a lot of dividend money from that but looks like we’re going to make some great stock gains. Okay, next one up here is a hole you guys love this one. It’s good old Tesla Corporation. Hello, Mr. Elon Musk.

If you’re watching this video ticker symbol TS la on this one, we’re up about 8% on the stock web $2,749. As far as current value on the stock is $36,880 is what our shares in this particular account are worth we have 150 shares in total our cost base in this account is $227.54.

I mean guys, you know if you’ve been following this channel for any amount of time at all, you know how ridiculously bullish I am on Tesla stock for the long term. Definitely not a stock I plan on selling anytime soon. You know, I’m not going to cover it because I feel like I’ve covered it a million times but.

I think that’s going to be if I had to guess what is going to be the best performing stock for us five years from now over the next five years I would guess it would be Tesla we’ll see what happened but I think it’ll be Tesla Okay, next one up here is good old winning resorts all right ticker symbol w y and and Wynn resorts.

I mean, they they operate unbelievably fancy resorts that are gambling joints at the end of the day, but very glorified ones in Vegas and Macau, and now they actually even have one right outside of Boston. All right, and so Wynn resorts were up about 7% just over 7% on those shares.

Their current value on this one is $14,400 we own 123 shares of Wynn resorts and as far as our cost basis goes on this one $109.35 now in terms of Wynn resorts, another stock has been caught up in the whole trade situation tariffs and all those sorts of things. Tariffs doesn’t really hurt them.

But what does hurt them is you know, if the Chinese economy dips, that’s not good for Macau numbers. Also, there was those protests that was going on in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is right outside of Macau, that’s a negative thing for business for Macau. So short term things, they’re great long term company.

Okay, very well run. And so the question is, how much is his account up in total and as a percent Okay, and let’s go ahead and look at that now. $57,146.63 to be exact is what our total gain is on this stock as of right now, at least we are green on all these stocks, if any of them dip and they were to go red, I’d probably start buying them and lowering cost basis.

If that did happen, we’re up over 20% in total and keep in mind that doesn’t even account for dividends received or profits already taken into account. Okay, so you can add at least you know, one to 2% on top of that, if not more than that need to say even on the positions we are in right now we’re up over 20% which is you know, that’s kind of my goal at least every year.

I try to aim at least for 20% Plus, that doesn’t mean it’s always possible but at least you know if I’m setting a goal that’s what I’m trying to go after. So hope you guys enjoyed today’s video me disclosing all this information make sure you smash that thumbs up button.

Oh my goodness, I’m losing my voice as must be like a 20 minute video because I know when usually it hits about 20 minutes that’s when I start losing my voice guys and I started eating some water. Alright, if you’re interested in joining my private stock market membership group, go ahead and click the link down there in the description and check that out.

If you ever have any questions that aren’t answered on this sales page and whatnot. Go ahead and DM me in my Instagram which I’m probably showing you right here. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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