My #1 Rule To Become Rich in 2018

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My #1 rule for getting rich is kind of ironic because it is changing the rules. If you want to get rich that means you want to become part of the 1%. How can you become part of the 1% by doing average things and playing by the average playbook? It just doesn’t make sense. Enjoy!

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How dare you even click on this video, the audacity that you have to click on this video and think you can become rich. Wow, I’m happy to have you here actually. But it’s a pretty crazy thing.

When you really think about it, you want to become rich, right? You want to become part of the 1% wealthiest people in the world. Wow, think about that for a second, you want to become rich.

You want my number one rule on how to get into this 1%? Okay, how do you do it? My number one rule, I’m going to share it with you today. Like if my kids like came to me and they’re like, Papa, can you teach me the number one rule on how you can get a lot of money.

This is exactly what I would tell you. Okay, this is exactly what I would tell you. You want to get here. You got to do something, okay? And you know, it’s nothing cliche, okay? I’m going to give you some bs cliche, crap, save money, invest money, startup business, blah, blah, blah.

Like all the cliche stuff you always hear, okay? We’re not going there with this one. Okay, I’m going to tell you one specific thing that has been the differentiator in my life, and it has been changing the rules, okay, we’re going to write this up here.

Change the rules, I’m explain exactly what this means. Okay, let’s change the rules. This is the number one key you want to get in the 1%, you need to change the rules. Let’s think about something logically real quick.

Okay, before we get into this, and I’ll give you examples of what I mean exactly by this. Think about this logically, for a second. If you want to play by the rules, you want to go with the status quo, you want to go with what the average person does out there, you’re going to get average results.

Okay, you’re going to get average results, you do what the status quo is, you play by the normal set of rules for that thing, guess what you’re going to get, you’re going to get the average results, which is going to put you average.

You’re going to make an average amount of money, you have an average amount of wealth, and you’re going to be average, okay? You want to be rich, you want to get that 1%, you want to have it all you want to have that financial life that you can do anything anytime you want.

You can go on vacation, wherever you want. You can do things with your family, you can have experiences you never thought possible. You want that type of life, you need to change the rules, okay.

You change the rules across the board and everything you do, you need to think outside of the box on every single thing you do, while other people are doing the status quo, the normal thing to average thing do you need to change it.

Okay? Let’s talk about this for a second. I’m gonna give you so many examples for this. It’s going to expand your mind, you’re going to understand exactly what I mean by this changing the rules. Okay? So when I’m in college, okay.

I’m in community college. There was the status quo is not to start investing, okay? And especially on stocks, okay, maybe you need to go get your degree and then maybe work for somebody who maybe is involved with stock market investing somehow and learn that way.

And then some day start investing. I went the opposite way. Okay, I change the rules. And then I said, No, no, no, that’s not the way we’re going to do it. Okay. Wait, wait, we’re going to do it.

I’m going to start investing now. I’m going to start investing now. What do I have to lose? Man like a 500 bucks to my name? What do I have to lose? When I got nothing for money? I have nothing to lose. Okay.

I don’t have $500,000. Okay, I’ve never I don’t know anything about stocks. I don’t have $5 million. I don’t have anything like a $500. What do I have to lose at 19 years old to start investing? start experimenting.

Okay, what do I have to lose? It’s time to go now. Okay. We’re in a big recession at that time. All right, big recession, when we was just getting worse and worse, get uglier and uglier. I took the unconventional route.

And I was like, I’m gonna start taking this into my own hands. I’m gonna start investing in stocks actually buying ownership of companies. It’s a beautiful thing. Okay, I did the I did the opposite thing of what most people would go with, okay.

When I start my real estate marketing company, all right, I start my real estate marketing company, right. It’s basically a photography and videography comb, you know, company for homes that are going up for sale and whatnot, right.

Start this company, the conventional route, the conventional route would have been for me to get to become a great photographer. Well, guess what? You want to become a great photographer.

It’s gonna take you months and months, usually years, okay. I had no photography experience, but I’m like, I’m gonna come on here and do this. I’m gonna do it a different way. I’m gonna go a different route.

By the way, most photographers and people that start photography and videography companies like they fail, okay, they fail. They don’t ever make enough money to even support themselves.

I actually within by the end of the first year, I got the company to a point where not only was I supported myself, I was also supporting my wife and my son I had at the time. Okay, so I was supporting a household in a three bedroom at a very nice area.

I was able to do that after the first year. All right. How do we get there? Well, I want an unconventional route where most people are worried about oh, I need to become such a great photographer.

But that’s not what you need to do. That’s not what you need to do. I was the most garbage photographer in the world. They horrible horrible I wish I would have been better because I would have made more money.

But regardless what the route I went, I spent all my time contacting customers, Okay, I’m gonna contact customers, I’m gonna go after price points, I’m gonna undercut the competition.

And I’m gonna go after these customers because I understand the psychology of a realtor, okay? a realtor doesn’t understand necessarily what a decent photo was, which was I was doing maybe, you know.

I call myself garbage, but it might have been decent realtors eyes, versus what a really good photo would be okay, they don’t really understand the difference of that they’re not trained to look at that to the end of the untrained eye, okay.

They don’t understand the difference, really, okay, they could look at it. And if they were side by side as a Whoa, this one, it’s actually way better. But if it’s not side by side, they don’t really know. Okay.

And most realtors are kind of struggling out there, okay, they don’t have a bunch of money to throw around. So if some guys charging 199 for that house that’s going up for sale for $250, right.

They’re charging $199 to the fo job, and I’m coming in 99. And that realtor is kind of tight on money, who you think they’re picking this coming out of their pocket, they’re gonna pick me, okay.

So I go route, a totally unconventional route. And I end up making this into a successful business by the end of the first year, and I’m actually able to pay all the bills and get a self sufficient business, okay, as a someone that’s really horrible at photography, okay.

And I ended up getting all these customers, I start getting better and better at photography over time, and I get all these customers Las Vegas, and then I start YouTube and whatnot. And that starts to take off and I just let the real estate business kind of go and whatnot.

Okay, but I want a totally unconventional route in it totally worked. Okay, we started on YouTube. Okay, we start on YouTube, YouTube, the conventional route would be you need to put a ton of time into your videos.

You need to have unbelievable thumbnails that are so fancy new, put a ton of time in your videos, have all these fancy effects, have music in the background? have all these jump cuts, blah, blah, blah.

And Holy smokes, does that not end up working out? Because the majority of people that start YouTube channels, do all those things, okay? They do all those things. And they never get anywhere in here I am.

I don’t do anything like I just freakin record a video and do a simple edit like nothing complicated at all. No music, no nothing. And I put a thumbnail and I talked about nice subjects.

And we grow to be a massive channel, every video I throw up getting 10,000 plus views usually within the first 24 hours, if they’re going to really pick up they may end up getting you know, 50,000 or 100,000 views on niche subjects.

And while other people are trying their hardest and then putting all this effort into their videos and have all these fancy effects and coming in and out and music and blah, blah, blah. And they never get anywhere. Okay? I changed the rules.

I say, you guys think that’s gonna work over there? No, I’m gonna do this thing because you understand the real game that’s played okay. The real game is played on YouTube is authentic. Okay, Ken, does a person feel like you’re authentic through the camera.

That’s a real game. Can the person actually connect with you? That’s a real game. People are probably so jealous of me that like Dude, that guy hardly put any time into his channel. He looked at his thumbnails.

He just put some text up there. And then he gets all those views and his subjects aren’t even trending or popular subjects and he gets all those views I understand like people can be very envious of me and jealous of me.

And they’re like Dude, I put all this work into my my videos and I don’t get anywhere. It’s like Dude, you because you’re not going about the right way you’re not authentic. Okay, you don’t connect with the audience.

That’s not good. All right. And the game on YouTube is to connect with the audience be authentic. appear have people understand your story where you come from your background.

All right, be good on camera is key. You’ve got to be good on camera. Like so many people try to focus on all this other stuff. I’m like, you can have all the fancy effects in the world. You suck on camera, dude.

Like you’re not gonna get anywhere. Okay? It doesn’t matter. All right, and YouTube cares about watch time All right, they care about watch time, something so many people don’t feel like like, just realize like, it’s watch time and that’s the end goal for YouTube.

They want people to be watching for like they just people don’t understand like they are they play by a different set of rules. They play by a normal set of rules and I play by a different set of rules and it’s just another reason Okay.

I write this book Okay, I write this book I’ve never wrote a book in my life and I’m a garbage like writer pretty much okay garbage. never write a book of my life. The conventional way would have been you know.

Have ghost writers and then pay people to proofread it and have a fancy cover and all this different stuff. Okay, when I launched this book, it was April of 2017 I believe, and that would have been the conventional way and I’m like.

No, dude, I’m going to use the Amazon like one they have on the who like the website or whatever. I’m gonna write this myself. I’m not gonna have any proof reader like I think I might have my wife like proofread it.

I think maybe I don’t know when Amazon bestseller when Amazon bestseller and by the way, we have way smaller of an audience back then. Okay. Amazon bestseller okay. Amazon bestseller no proofreader never wrote a book in my life use literally like an Amazon covered or you know for the book and whatnot.

And it would Amazon bestseller I play by a different set of rules. While everybody else is worried about how do I play by the rules, how do I do this? I’m like, dude, I’m gonna play by a different set of rules by so many people.

You know, in stocks, right? There’s so many people they want to play the game of. They look at just past results. And that’s how they judge a stock and return on equity and things like that.

And oh, it’s got this much and they’ve had this much growth in the past. I’m like, dude, the game is a little bit different than that, right? The past doesn’t mean guarantee future results, you need to be focusing on the future, and understanding where that business is going in the future.

So many people worry about stocks in the past, and then losing a lot of money over the long term because that stock starts to change. But they never viewed it as like, the forward thinking, Okay, yeah, the past is the past.

Whatever happened in the past is the past, okay? Apple comes along, they knock out Nokia, all right, and they knock out all these other competitors, and Blackberry, all these dominant companies in the phone game.

You know, if you’re looking at just the numbers of those companies, the conventional way, you were just looking at the numbers all the hitting these numbers, that’s great. And not looking at the forward and not looking at the wall is this company Apple coming in.

They just launched an iPhone, this could be a major competitive threat. I mean, a forward thinking your backwards thinking, Okay, you’ve got to learn to change the rules on every single thing you do, you got to learn to approach it from a different angle.

Remember, you want average results, do it the average way, okay? Do it the status quo way, and you’re gonna have average results and you’ll always be an average person, you want to be special, which if you’re in the 1%, you’re fucking special, okay.

You want to be in that you want to be in that you better learn to change the rules, man, you better learn to change the rules, you better not be average, not better not be doing the status quo thing.

You do the status quo thing. Good luck to you, you’re going to be an average person, you’re never going to be rich. I don’t know why you click them in this video, learn to start changing the rules.

And you know, things will just start to open up to you in a bigger way. I could have gave 8 million examples of how I’ve you know, been able to change the rules in my life and how it’s benefited me in a massive way.

You know, I think I gave enough reasons to for hopefully you guys to understand. Hope you guys enjoyed this. As always, make sure you follow me on Instagram link down there in the description. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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