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Well guys 2021 is just around the corner. So I decided to do a video to show you my portfolio, which now sets at $1.2 Million!! I will show you all 13 stocks that I own in that portfolio and a small bull case for each stock.

And at the end of the video I will tell you about two potential stocks that I might add to that portfolio. Been in the stock market for 12 years and I did not think that this account was going to hit 1 mil this year but I am thankful it did.

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about my public account and talk about several stocks that I own. Leave me a comment with your opinion on my account.

Do you like the stocks that I have invested in? Do you think I should invest in another stock in the stock market? Would love to hear your opinion. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Here we are at the end of 2020, only a couple days left in this year, which means we’re about to start 2021. And I thought, let’s do a fun video today, in depth video, looking at the public account in detail going into 2021, I’m not expecting to make any moves in the public account over the next couple days, which means, you know, all by at least like $700,000 worth, I’m not just kidding.

But I’m not expected to make any moves the next couple of days. So this is the account that I’m going into 2021 with, and these are stocks that I’m planning on riding with for 2021. Okay, so I want to show you all 13 stocks, I own in this account, I would love to hear from you guys, if you feel like any of these stocks or stocks to buy stocks to watch things like that, I’m gonna show you all 13 stocks, I’m going to show you if they’re up down,

I’m gonna show you cost basis everything across the board, I’m going to tell you a little bull case around each of these stocks, alright, and then just do a little extra because you guys know I gotta do a little extra for your call the time.

I’m going to share with you two stocks that I could potentially add in I’m probably add in this account in 2021, to bring it up to let’s say 15 stocks, or so. Okay, now I know plenty of people out there want to know how much money have actually made in this account this year in terms of booked profits in just this account.

Keep in mind, this is just one of my stock market accounts. This is my second biggest stock market account, okay, I have my main big dog private account and then add this account, then all the other accounts from there on are basically smaller.

But in this account, I’ve made $53,000 in this account this year, okay, so that’s money actually have to pay taxes on meaning essentially, I sold those positions and booked profits for them. Okay. Now, I also have another almost $750,000 worth of profits that I could take literally right now if I wanted to, okay, which would mean I would have made $800,000 or actually over $800,000 in this account just this year in terms of book profits. But at the end of the day, like a lot of these stocks, I love for the long term.

And I’m not interested in selling out a lot of these stocks way too early because some of these stocks have huge runs to go on over the next few years. And so it takes $750,000 in extra profit. I’m good for now. Okay, I’ll wait to pay my taxes on that. I’ll wait to take those games down the road when they’re even bigger. Okay, this account is over $1.2 million.

In terms of one year rate of return, we’re at 129% and as calculated by Fidelity Investments, so the performance is you know, that’s something I always strive for. I mean, we are absolutely destroying the market.

You look at what the s&p 500 up you look at the Dow you look at even the NASDAQ, which NASDAQ’s by far the best performer of all three of those, and we’re just destroying all those and that’s why I put in all this work man. I’m not gonna like putting all this time research in these companies.

And like doing all this like grind essentially, just to try to keep up with the market or something like that, like you guys know, I want to absolutely destroy the markets every year. And that’s what I strive for. And last year, we destroyed the markets as well in 2019 this account, we got over 91% one year rate of return and that is calculated by Fidelity Investments Okay, this account is over three years old now, which I still consider this account a baby account.

I know it’s got 1.2 plus million dollars in it now, but I still consider it a baby like in the scheme of like investing like this is not an old portfolio when you’re talking about you know, three and a half years maybe now or maybe even less than three and a half years it’s a baby when it turns five years old. I’ll call it a kid Okay, we’ll turn it into a kid I hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button helps YouTube channel out massively with that YouTube algorithm.

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Like I need it like sometimes we don’t even hit 10% like some of you guys are just being lazy on me you guys get lazy on me I’m gonna start getting lazy on you I’m gonna start doing videos like top five best checking accounts and bank accounts and I’m gonna start doing we both affiliates if you guys start getting lazy on me man, you better not get lazy on me.

You better smash the thumbs up on I’m waiting. I will wait. Don’t make me ask a year. Okay. If you want to join stock up is absolutely free to do so that’s linked in the description as well have those pin comments you want apply for my private group? That will be the pin comment on there as well. All right.

So what I’m gonna do for you guys here today, I’m gonna sort these the smallest to the biggest positions and we’ll run through these Okay, first up cruzi dues okay Cirrus Logic, this is a smallest position in this account. Were up 127% on this stock right now, up $9,000 or so. And we only have 200 shares. Okay. cruzi doozy You know, this is such a small position this account I have thought about just selling it off.

But me and it’s hard for me to sell it off because at the end of the day, Apple is going through a supercycle in iPhones and they’re going to go through the cycle over the next like two to three years basically, where you know, the whole world’s gonna basically go to 5g phones right and when you look at cruzi doozy.

Like they have many different audio components inside those iPhones every time somebody buys a new iPhone cruisey doozy makes a bunch of money on that. Okay? And so if I’m thinking about this stock, I’m like, do I really want to sell it also, this is a company.

This is the best company in the world when it comes to small audio chips, audio components, and you look at the world, everything being run by audio voice becoming bigger and bigger than ever, right?

And this is the number one company in the world that does that. Do I really want to sell off this asset? That’s the way I always think about these stocks, their underlying businesses, their assets, at the end of day, do I really want to sell it off, and still I don’t, so I’m still holding that stock.

I think it’s honestly probably going to do pretty well over the next couple years. Because like I said, the iPhone numbers are likely going to be ridiculous. And that’s why Apple stock has climbed so much over the past year. So I think a lot of people have figured out Oh, man, 5g is going to be a supercycle. wait to see those numbers.

So yeah. cruzi doozy I’m still holding in. All right. Next, up here is Elf on a shelf. All right, elf beauty of cosmetics, whatever you want to call them. This is a stock rep 218% on top, about $16,000 on the stock on 1000 shares.

And so this company, it adds a little diversity in that portfolio. Okay, it’s a cosmetics company, beauty company, whatever you want to call them as little diversity. Okay, non tech related. I like that, because I hold a lot of tech companies. Okay, so I like holding something that’s non tech.

Also, it’s a company that was a great turnaround play, I got in the stock at the perfect time when the turnaround was happening. And I just, you know, happen to play perfect. We took a ton of profits on the stock, and I’m kind of looking at what I’m holding $23,000 and I’m like, I’m comfortable with that.

I really am. And so for right now, that’s just a hole. This is a company that has great products, you know, a lot of the people that watch my channel, you know, you don’t wear makeup. Okay, so But needless to say, this company makes very high quality products for a lot of times under $10. And the cosmetics industry, like, you know, products are extremely expensive, for the most part, okay. And if you go cheap, it’s hard to get like good quality.

Health is like a balance of great value, but also very good quality. And you know, that’s why they built a very successful brands for themselves. So yeah, I’m still holding that one up board. Next one up here, ticker symbol up Wk.

So Upwork is a freelance economy type company, okay. And they’re one of the biggest players in the entire world. When it comes to that freelance economy. They basically have a website, where people essentially you need somebody do something for you, you can find them on there, especially anything that’s like computer related software related, anything that you can exchange files back and forth, things like that. Okay, but many other services as well, right.

But up work, the stocks done phenomenal for us up 167% over $18,000 gain on this we could take right now, we have the positions, almost $30,000 825 shares. And this is a stock with a cost base of 1343. I really don’t want to part with it. It’s another great asset.

The freelance economy is just getting bigger and bigger and will continue to in the coming years. So why do I have to sell out a stock like Upwork I don’t want to do that. I want to hold that asset. It’s a great company.

They got a good team there and I’m just not willing to get rid of that stock. Okay, already, guys, so top 10 times so the level of seriousness is going up now, right? So stock number nine up here.

My ninth biggest investment in the public count is switch stock ticker symbol s WC, HRA. This one is I think our worst performing stock I want to say are close to our worst performing stock at a bunch. So we’re up 1700 bucks on a stock up about almost 6% on it. $32,000 is our current value on this one on 2000 shares, switches a data center related company.

The brand themselves so well when you think about like, you know, imagine you’re your mid size business or big business, right? It’s much cheaper to have somebody like switch hold your equipment and potentially actually last safer as well because those facilities are like, you know, you’re not breaking in those like Fort Knox, but probably even better than that, okay. And those facilities are amazing. They have their branding they have is amazing.

And the other day, it’s a service that a lot of companies need. And this company is expanding to the edge. They also have new products and services coming out over the next few years. The company has been in big expansion mode. It’s a nice growing company, not the type of company it’s like, oh, they have their revenues about 50% but it’s a solid like high single digit, like low double digit revenue growth company.

I think profitability is going to start to increase massively in the back half of 2021 and moving in 2022 and I think this will be a cash flow machine business down the road. Okay, so I’m looking at that stock and I like okay, that switch stock beyond me ticker symbol b y nd next one up here 300 shares what this is, I stand corrected, this is our worst of the bunch. Okay, so the stock were down $225 as of right now on $37,000 worth of shares are beyond me, okay.

talkspace on this one’s $126.65 beyond me, there the Pioneer really in this whole you know, biggest company in this like plant based movement, okay, where, you know, essentially trying to cut down on the amount of, you know, actual meat people eat in They’re doing a phenomenal job with it, their branding spectacular, they got the number one brand name by a mile in the space. And they got Ethan Brown, who I think’s just a visionary in the space.

And so I’m looking at this company and I just love it. I just think they’ve so much expansion opportunity for this company over the coming years that I can’t sell out of this stock. It’s just it’s one of those stocks, I just want to hold as a long term investment over the next 510 years. And when I think about beyond me, the brand itself has massive expansion around the world.

Okay, keep in mind, they’re very North American still, okay, around the world, huge, huge potential restaurants, huge potential fast food, huge potential, there’s talk that they could have a deal with McDonald’s, potentially in 2021. We’ll have to see, okay, I don’t want to get too excited about that.

But beyond meats everywhere, the brand names everywhere. And that brand name is going to basically create a cash flow machine, a huge growth company for years and years ago in the future. The restaurants like advertise it as beyond meat, right, Pizza Hut just did a deal with them.

They advertised as beyond me, basically, sausage pizza, pizza hut, like it’s it’s beautiful. And so that’s just a company I love holding as a long term investment. The planet. All right, the planet is an excellent up here. ticker symbol on this one is p L and h f. All right, well, 337% on this one. It’s one of our best performing stocks and they count up over $42,000 current value and this one’s 54,000 I should have bought this one way heavier in this account.

lucky enough I bought it I did buy pretty heavy in my main private account, but I didn’t bite heavy enough in the public. Oh my gosh, I should have bought a heavier on 10,000 shares in the planet. I really, really honestly believe this company has a great opportunity to be one of the most important companies in the entire world when it comes to MJ space.

And if you’re talking about that, I mean, this is a company that has potential to be a 10 billion plus dollar company.Okay, I really truly believe that when I see the team that have in place when I see the way this this business executes when I see the way they can get funding for their business and and keep in mind they can’t even get the type of funding they really are going to be able to get in the future when things are federally legalized.

Once things are federally legalized, they’re going to be able to go to the big indexes they’ll be able to be listed on the NASDAQ if they want or something like that. And the ease of capital at that point. Oh my gosh, guys, I mean, it’s gonna be ridiculous.

Nevermind This is going to be a cash flow generating machine in the future. And I’m just looking at the stock and I’m just wishing I bought it so much heavier in this account. Like I said, I bought a really good position my main private account, but I just I went way too small in his account with only a $12,500 initial investment.

So yeah, even though that one’s up 337% I don’t sit around thinking about selling plant 13 I can tell you that doesn’t even cross my mind ever. Okay, love that one for the long term. Next one up here is winning resort This one’s up a little less.

Okay, this one’s up 37% versus the other one was 337% but Wynn resorts you guys know them you know huge properties in Vegas right the when the Encore they got the Boston property encore Boston right? They have two properties when an encore in the old part of Macau by the way I’m just basically taking all this off my head I don’t even create notes for this or anything like that.

I’m just basically talking to you guys like this is a conversation and then they got winpalace which is a beast that it was like a property that was geez and I was probably over $4 billion that property and that’s the creme de la creme that’s going to be the biggest cash flow machine in my opinion from basically 2022 to 2030 in Macau by far in a way in my personal opinion is going to generate generate crazy profits.

I think this is a company that will be able to do $10 ETFs long term and it’s it’s a stock that will give me a lot better gains in the future in my opinion, but not just that this is a dividend beast okay when Wynn resorts business is on track which basically as soon as Brony Rona is a thing of the past which will be in let’s say 12 months from now.

When it’s going to be a dividend beast again is going to be a cash flow machine and when that happens you know all these shares I’m going to make a lot of dividend money on them on top of hopefully you know really good gains because this is a stock that will probably go back to $200 again and as long as you know nothing crazy happens again the stock should be able to actually go over 200 and stay over 200 but you know that remains to be seen you never know maybe another once in 100 year health event happens but yeah wins a beautiful company All right.

ruble ticker symbol RV Lv on this one. All right. revolve is an online e commerce company that sells clothing All right, the gentlemen that run that business have done a phenomenal job growing it over the past you know number of years with influencers and a lot on Instagram but other other you know, social platforms as well.

They don’t phenomenal job. Stocks a beast are up 153% or not up $43,000 that position $71,000 2375 shares. I’m not interested in selling that business. I really am not. I mean when I look at revolve,

I look at a company that is like one of the premier players in Entire world when it comes to clothing selling clothing online and when I look at clothing online, Amazon’s not just gonna win that Amazon could win like very basic materials like I don’t know like t shirts and underwear and stuff like that but at the end of the day like you know more specific products like Amazon’s just not that place because people view Amazon in kind of like a light kind of similar to like a Walmart.

Where you know you might get some clothing at Walmart but you’re probably not buying your whole wardrobe for Walmart right you’re going to other stores for that and that’s really the way I view revolve and so that’s a that’s an incredible business.

They’re doing phenomenal the company’s survived this mess which is essentially a once in 100 year event which has basically made a lot of people go out way less which is a bad thing for clothing sales and revolve should be a huge comeback in terms of their business the gross should be ridiculous

So I love that stock and I’m not interested in selling that one at all even though we got really nice gains on already Alright, already has now to the top five biggest investments in this account Okay, it’s time to get super serious and then after that I’ll share with you two stocks I’m thinking about adding in this account all right.

Coming in at the fifth biggest investment sky work solutions ticker symbol SW Ks Okay, the stocks almost 100% gainer for us up over $48,000 $97,000 current value on this stock quantity 650 shares cost me 7570 sky works you know I’ve looked at this company for years and started investing this 120 18 and at the end of day one I just was looking into sky works I just found a company that I thought was one of the best position companies in the world to benefit from 5g huge and I mean huge. And so you know that company? I’m not interested in getting rid of it.

Yeah, we’ve almost doubled up our money on it. I’m not I’m not ditching sky works. I can tell you that. That’s just a company that remember talking about the supercycle of iPhones. Check out how many chips or in iPhone from sky work solutions, you’re going to probably find like I think it’s seven or eight chips, seven or eight chips just from sky work solutions and the new iPhones iPhone 12. So if you have an iPhone 12 Thank you, okay.

And if you want Skywalk solution stock, you need to be thanking everybody that’s buying new iPhones because skyworks Solutions is making a lot of money off that and as well skyworks Solutions is in with pretty much all the phone players. So anybody that’s buying 5g devices in the future skyworks solutions will benefit from that. It’s a great dividend paying stock, phenomenal management team.

A Pristine, perfect balance sheet. And yeah, I mean literally there’s no reason for me to say I gotta go ditch sky works. It doesn’t make sense. Okay, so I love that stock. Coming in at the fourth biggest investment in the count is a new one. Okay. T TCF tattooed chef, Lucan how aggressively I’ve been buying the stock, we’re up to over basically over six figures now current value in this stock 4500 shares, I own this stock.

I own you know, massively more shares than this, I can tell you that my main private account like that, that position is really really big in that account. But man, yeah, I love this Soc. cost me 1772. I mean, you know, I think I even bought some today and my main private account, I want to say a tattooed chef, but yeah, I mean, anything around this, this value it’s at, I want to buy it.

I think tattoos chef, the way I’m looking at this business, I think they’re going to be a giant, I think they’re going to be a giant in the food industry. I’m talking like size of like a conagra foods or something like that, or maybe even bigger, long term, we’ll see. But I mean, you look at something like conagra foods or some of the big companies, a lot of them trade at 1520 $25 billion valuations.

Okay, this is a, you know, one point something billion dollar valuation today. And so when I look at tattoos, Chef, I really have a lot of belief that they will become a giant in the food space. I’ve tried so many other products, I’ve seen their product packaging, I see the way they sell.

And I’m just like,you know,I love that stock. It’s literally maybe my favorite stock in the stock market. Right? Well, it is in terms of me actually buying it. Well, that might be one other stock, but this one I absolutely love. Okay, so yeah, that one, I can see myself holding that for, I don’t know, that’s one of those rare stocks.

I don’t know if I’d ever sell out of it. I’ll be honest, food companies, if you own a great food or drink company and you get in early on them, a lot of times it doesn’t make sense to ever sell a stock because then they end up over time.

Their growth rates slow, but you know, what doesn’t the cash flows and they start producing a ton of dividends. And so I don’t know if I’ll ever sell tattoo, Jeff, we’ll see. You know, you know, history is long, right? But in the future is long but I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever sell that stock. It’s just a thing of beauty. Okay, next one up here is the FB Facebook stock.

All right, this one is $102,000 position here up 80% on this one up over $45,000 on it as of right now. 371 shares cost basis 153 35 you know, thanks. But what can I tell you about that company? its own, it’s undervalued.

They own the Facebook platform and Instagram platform. They own WhatsApp. They own Oculus number one player in virtual reality, right, which is just another booming industry for the next decade. And so when you look at that stock, it’s like, you know, the only thing bad you can really say about it is, oh, I, you know, government, maybe they split them up something like that, you know, I don’t know. Here’s the thing. You split up Facebook. Who’s next?

You’re gonna split up Google, you’re gonna split up Amazon? You don’t I mean, like, if you’re going to split up Facebook, you’re going to have to start potentially splitting up others. And you go down that rabbit hole of well, wait, you’re trying to split us up.

But what you’re not going to split these other companies up? Because other companies have done some amazing acquisitions over time. Right? And so yeah, that would be just crazy to split up Facebook, and then say all these other companies, like look at Amazon, look how many businesses Amazon owns, you know, if you’re going to split, if you’re going to split Facebook, from Instagram, then why not split Amazon from Amazon Web Services?

And you know, from some of their other businesses, I mean, look at Apple, I mean, they got over 50% market share of like, let’s say cell phones in the United States.

And you know, they got a lot of power, right? I mean, there’s so many of these, these big tech companies are so powerful if you go after them, how do you not go after the others? So at the end of the day, even if they did, let’s say they did go after the FB, they made them split up, it would unlock huge shareholder value.

So regardless, it’s gravy. It’s all gravy, and I love FB long term. Okay, B’s company B’s business, one of the top five best balance sheets in the entire world. Okay. Dropbox is the next stock up here. ticker symbol DB X on this one. Okay?

So Dropbox, I love this stock a, the valuation far too low for p far too low cash flow machine, cloud II signing of documents, smart workspace, it’s just a beautiful company, we’re up 18%. On up, we’re up over $17,000 $114,000 is our current value on this one on our 5000 shares? Yeah, I have no interest in getting out of this one.

If anything I would add to the stock. Like let’s say Dropbox went down bunch, like it went down to, you know, I mean, even here, I should be that like, even here, I should be adding, I’ll be honest, at $22 I should be adding, it’s silly that I’m not adding more of the stock right now.

It really is I should be, you know, that’s just like, as simple as that. Like, I feel like I’m gonna look back in a few years and regret not have been buying this heavy and not making this like let’s say, a quarter million dollar position.

And the public Council have $114,000 position right now. So yeah, I love that one Dropbox thing of beauty already has his time for the number one stock. And then after that, we will get into the two stocks.

I’m thinking about adding to this account for it basically in 2021. And you guys probably don’t have any clue what stock This is, right? I mean, you just don’t know it. It’s Tesla. Of course, okay.

Definitely MySQL is not just the number one stock in US account. It’s by far and away the number one stock in this account, okay? It’s a half million dollar position, you know, I mean, out of a $1.2 million account, so it makes up a good portion of it that way, okay. 750 shares in this one, we’re up a whopping 1,363%

It is my best stock I’ve ever had, I’ve never had a stock that I held that over 10 x I’ve had Sox hours invest in so that along the way that ended up texting or more, but I’ve never actually been invested in a company that I over 10 x my money and this is that company up $465,000.

Man, I mean, it’s crazy to think like when I was investing in that stock, that stock was seen as risky. It really was like when I was investing in Tesla was seen as like a risky stock, even back then. And I would call it the you know, kind of more of a speculative stock I was holding. And so that’s why I only bought 34 k but man looking back I should have I should have you know, went way heavier. In this account.

Obviously, I had, you know, shares in other accounts I did really well on right. But man, yeah, who could ever foresaw it would have gone this, this much is fast. It’s just at the end of the day. Everybody’s just got behind Tesla, because they’re realizing oh my gosh, like the numbers are gonna be crazy for this company for the next 510 years.

Like just absolutely epic. Okay. And so when we look at Tesla, it’s a company with a market cap of over $600 billion right now. And there’s no doubt that it’s a really, really high valuation based upon what what Tesla is doing for numbers here today.

And I’ll be honest, you know, almost every day the market is open for the past three, four or five months, I thought about selling the stock. I did. You know, I got the 750 shares there, and I’m like, Well, what if I just sold 50? What if I just sold 150? What if I just sold 100 shares? What if I just, you know, cashed a little bit.

What if I cashed half the shares out? What if I sold it all? Like these thoughts always go through my mind in regards to Tesla, because the valuation has gone crazy, and I’ve never been part of a stock that text in terms of actually staying invested in it. So this is a first for me.

Like uncharted waters essentially. And so sometimes it’s even hard for me to believe oh my gosh, it’s really gone up this much. And so I’m consistently always think about selling this one. But then the day still got all 750 of those shares in this account.

So, yeah, that says that. Okay, so now let’s talk for a moment about a couple stocks that could potentially be adding in the first half of 2021. And things could change, obviously, maybe some other stocks get on my radar that I want to add even more.

But WPA, I really want to add this documents account. Okay, I don’t have a position in this account. I have a huge position. Like when I say huge, I’m talking 20,000 shares of WPA and my main private account, big dog hit 20,000 shares. So yeah, I should probably add some in the public as well.

And WPA, I’m just so convinced that the numbers are going to be phenomenal for this company that it’s just a perfect storm with the stock is so many things. I’m probably featured on three stocks on buying at some point for the January 2021 edition, and I’ll go really in depth in this one.

But I’m just so 100% convinced that I’m going to likely double up my money in the stock over the next couple years that, you know, it’s hard for me not to add this one in the public count as well. So like I said, that one will likely be featured on three stocks on buying January edition, and I’ll go super in depth on that one. Okay.

Berkshire Hathaway, I could see myself definitely adding Berkshire Hathaway in the public account in 2021,Berkshire Hathaway just such a big diversified business, I own a lot of tech stocks, right. And I feel like this stock we just had some really good diversity.

I mean, it doesn’t get more diversified than Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett’s company, right? And they have so many successful investments, throwing them off crazy money worth of dividends, they’re Apple positions, you know, Oh, my gosh, what is that a 12 figure plus position now 12 figures. Like it’s crazy. And so I just feel like Berkshires an undervalued asset. And I feel like it would add good, like good stable company to my portfolio in the end.

So that’s definitely another stock I could add. So hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you haven’t yet, smash that thumbs up for me, I appreciate it. I just went through all these kind of small bowl cases right off top my head.

So appreciate if you guys smash that thumbs up button, as always, and then if you want to try to apply for my private group, learn all my strategies on how I make money from the stock market, how identify great stocks to buy, that make me money over time and those sorts of things and build a successful portfolio.

So hopefully, you can get to six figures, seven figures, eight figures in the stock market as well. You can go ahead and check that out. That will be linked in the description. Also. I’ll probably have that as the pin comment, if you’re interested in applying in there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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