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“I followed Jeremy in YouTube. I was not really putting money into the stock market at that time. It started during the crash. I got to know his private stock group. I watched his videos and tried to use his methods. I got to understand how Jeremy analyzes the stocks, it gives you a little confidence. I started from $0 to $100K.”

All right. Hello, everybody. We’re hearing from another member of Germany’s financial education, spide, group member, Mr. How are you? Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m Frank. Great yeah, how about you tell the viewers. I’m doing great, right, I’m doing great. We’re hearing in you’re up there in Germany, so we’re all across the world. 

But, you know, we’re connecting way to the stock market, I guess. And why don’t you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself and how did you get to know about Jeremy? Yeah, YouTube, like while grossing some information I got to know, Jeremy, like, I follow them not on a daily basis, but, you know, his profile and the way he speaks and analyzes interested me then.

But I was really that’s not like putting money in the stock market at the time. It started after the crash. Yeah how can I say like after watching his videos and like seeing that his portfolio is getting bigger, you know, like I was also getting greedy and like, OK, I have money. And I have to put it in the stock market, but you know how to analyze it. And I got to know his private stock group. 

So I a joint group, but due to some like work and kids, etc., I wasn’t like I didn’t have like daily time to watch it, but I like what most of them like also like try to use his methods and like the way how he analyzes et cetera and slowly started putting money in the stock market. Yeah some of them went really, really good from 0 to at the moment over 100,000 as my portfolio. 

And I started at 0 dollars. And then you’re now at 100k and I’d say less than a year or two or very close to one of those. I’m very, very close to them. I’m knocking on the door. I really want one guy. I can’t wait to get there. And so before you get to know him, let’s say, what was it like when you first saw him? What was the what was the thing that struck you? 

What was the thing that really did you see? Wow, this guy maybe knows what he’s talking about. You know, I’m not a native English speaker, it is difficult to understand, like every English will say, like he speaks and he explains in a way that I could understand it, like that’s why I started watching him. I could understand him. 

That was big reason at the beginning. Yeah like. And the way he analyzes, he calculates also like before the cue, like reports, etc., then that I got to understand how he analyzes the sports. That helped me a lot. So and it brings some, some confidence, you know, OK, I had money on the sides. Shall I put it on the stock market or not? And I like his stock picks.

 I also made my work. I realized the same way. And I trusted OK, it looks good. Let’s start putting slowly. And it went good and good and always better. And the first, second seconds. Third stock. So I have a good portfolio. Yeah, he does have a very good. 

And he explains things very, very easy for someone that starting from 0 he makes it very simple to, to get started because a lot of people are at that zero point where they don’t know how to even start going to where to look. But he makes it very, very simple and gives you confidence, like you said, which which is great. What was what was the one thing that you struggled with, obviously, you didn’t you weren’t in the stock market before. 

What was what was difficult for you before? Was it more the calculations? Was it the fundamental basis, knowledge? The fear of losing money, you know, the money, but I’m not holding my money easily, so, you know, during the stock crash, he was like explaining, OK, if it goes down, it’s the time to buy. 

Don’t be afraid. No, he was giving this confidence instead of fearing of losing money. And I followed him that had a like. Like, I started buying, it, went down, I bought more, it’s been taken down, but like his daily videos, it gave me confidence to buy more. And I saw that the mood was turning on the right direction of. 

Yeah, the confidence, so he’s been in the market for over a decade, he’s been in the market since, I believe, 2008, 2009, when the financial crisis occurred. So he definitely knows tough times in the market. He knows all the bad times in the market as well as the good times. So he’s able to give you that experience. 

And from someone that’s been there, which obviously gives you confidence. Give me a lot of confidence as well. I totally agree with that. And speaking of confidence, that when you got your confidence, obviously wasn’t just from Jeremy because, you know, the private group, the private discord, it’s full of people, multimillionaires, people that have been in the market for decades. 

And there are no options that know this, that no every single thing you can possibly look at the stock market, they know it. And how did that help you feel, first of all, in your confidence and also in your research to learn how to look into certain stocks?

 Yeah, very good point, very good point. You know, I’m a full time worker. I don’t have much time to analyze everything by myself. This is private stuff. You know, you go to the chat of this specific stock, there are a lot of people had already researched and they’re just pushing the information like one after one. 

And I mean, instead of, like, searching online to get the information, just browse the, you know, this court and you have the information that you need that also happened that, you know, for someone who doesn’t have much experience and you see that the people are keeping buying instead of selling and like, putting the right information in front of you. Yeah, it is. It is something good. Yeah, I mean, it is definitely worth it.

 Like like I entered this group. That’s that’s good to hear because, you know, obviously, you know, when you’re in, when you’re in, when you’re on the internet trying to search certain stocks with so much information out there, it’s just like overwhelming. Sometimes you see. So much things. You don’t know which ones are right, which ones are wrong, which, you know. Yeah like people are posting. They’re like games, daily games or weekly games. 

And it gives you more confidence to like others are doing as well. And the information that they are giving, they’re definitely right that they’re earning money. So, yeah, I mean, the expression in your network is your net worth is not there for nothing. 

It’s just there for a reason like you are who you put yourself around and obviously from someone that’s, you know, that works like you but doesn’t have too much time to go and research every day and having people that are experienced and knowing what they’re talking about do some sort of research and provide that research inside the chat is very helpful. I know it helped me a lot that way because when I was studying, I had a very little time to research. 

I had to spend most of my time in school. So that helped me a lot. I totally relate to you. I understand exactly where you came from. And how about we move on to the becoming master, the stock market course? Obviously, when you get into the private group, that’s probably the first thing you advise is to look at to go through the video. 

So you can understand the basics and the fundamentals. How did that help you since you started from zero? Yeah, like, you know, it’s like learning, working as a baby, you know, like how to start, you know, learning like I’m an engineer, man. I’m not. Yeah you know, I was always like having the information with me, with my hands. I was traveling in a train. 

And just opening a stock market group and watching the videos, like every time I was on the way. You know, it’s also something that you can also take it with you. And the information is that like a private teacher. That’s true, think that’s very true. 

And obviously, as you know, the Livestream that he does the Q&A is that we have with Jeremy all the time that can always be taken. Obviously, now, you know, with the smartphones that we have, with all the cell phones out there, it’s so easy to just be connected. And, you know, he gives everything. He gives us a private episode. 

Private video is not the one that he on YouTube, but there’s private video that he does weekly, you know, the live streams, the Q&A, and he also does portfolio reviews, the portfolio reviews. I feel like I really like watching them, you get to be like, what kind of people what kind of situations, other people are in. What’s his take on it? 

Yeah, and for somebody that’s for somebody that’s on the outside thinking of coming in, not sure. You know, I know a lot of people that are looking at the YouTube channel. They’re understanding, but they want to get in. But they are hesitant. They don’t know if it’s good for them, if they’re going to benefit and/or they want to put more money in their account. 

They don’t want to get want to put the investment into themselves. And what would you recommend or what would be your opinion on that? Definitely worth it, the how can I say it? It is also an investment for me. It’s not a stock, but it’s an investment for myself that I could learn how to research, learn how to pick the stocks and see them growing. 

Without this investment on me, it would be difficult. You know, and this private stock group, it is it open. So many doors, like there are a lot of like different stocks that a lot of people are putting information in it. And you are buying all of them, you know, by entering it. So it is definitely worth it that this information flow, it is that easy to find. 

Yeah, I think yeah, that’s, I think you put it you explain it perfectly, it’s an investment in yourself. It’s, you know, it’s like a stock. You find a stock and you and your research are very, very good. And thoroughly and you understand it and you really want to put money in it. Well, you know, that stock is yourself. That stock in the first part should be yourself. 

It should be you, because you want to know how to do this, because like you said, I think we spoke earlier before we started recording that then, you know, you have two kids, right. And think that could be very valuable for them growing up, obviously, because if you learn it and you’re able to teach it to your kids, to your family members, to your loved ones, it can change lives right now. 

Yeah, I’m also trying to convince my friends to join the group. And if you already there. That’s amazing to hear to the audience. You know, from 0 to over $100,000 with the trophy shows that trophy one more time. Sorry, can you show us that trophy one more time? I got it, I got it. Last week. 

He shifted pretty fast. You’re lucky you came in a quick match that I want that trophy, to be honest, I want that trophy. But, you know, thank you so much for being here. Is there any last words that you had, you know, before we ended up before we wrap it up?

 Anything that you didn’t cover that you feel like you want to talk about? How can I say? Like the thank you very much for the time for the interview that I can also share my experience and yeah, I could just only speak positive about it. Like I like him. I like Jeremy. 

I like the private group. I like to discuss chat. Yeah thank you very much. Now, of course, of course, hopefully we can see those two kids become 6 figure the service members. Well, we’ll bring them in also. Thank you so much, Martin. 

I enjoyed my time here with you. And I’m sure a lot of the viewers understand and are going to benefit from what you said. Thank you so much, Ben.

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