3 Ways You Can Make More Money In The Stock Market

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Today I share with you 3 ways you can make more money in the stock market. Stock market investing can be a phenomenal thing to get involved with but only if you have the right approach and thought process. By doing these 3 things you will make way more money in the stock market.

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Well, good day subscribers hope you having a great day out there. As always, if you’re new here I am Jeremy. And today I want to give you guys three different ways that you can make a lot more money in the stock market, these three ways are proven, and these three ways can make you a lot of money in the stock market. Now we are talking about investing.

So when you’re talking about investing, you’re talking about putting money up for risk, nothing is ever guaranteed. That’s whether you’re talking stock market investing, real estate investing, any type of investing, in general, nothing’s guaranteed. But if you do these three things, there’s a great probability you will make a lot of money from the stock market.

Alright, so hope you guys get a ton of value out of today’s video. As always, now I’m going to have a pinned comment down in the comments section, which is basically a link to enter the contest we’re having, we’re giving away five free scholarships to becoming master of the stock market course. So if you want to enter that, go ahead and check out the pinned comment down there.

And as always, let’s get into this already. Guys, before we get into this first one, I want to explain There are two types of people basically, in the market when you’re looking at investors, okay, you have the wolf, and you have the sheep.

Now, basically the sheep, they always jump on to a stock when it comes to negativity around that stock or positivity in regards to a stock. So if everybody’s super positive on a stock, they’re much more likely to buy that stock. And if everybody’s super negative on a stock, and if that stock continues to fall, they’re much more likely to jump on the hate train saying why that business is irrelevant.

Say why that business is going out of business and not even look at that as an opportunity. Okay, and those are the two main folks you have when it comes to investors in the stock market. And you kind of got to think about where do you want to be? Do you want to be a sheep?

Or do you want to be a wolf when it comes to stock market investing, okay, so one of the ways you can make so much more money from the stock market is buying being down stocks that have great business models, okay, there’s no stock in the stock market that you could point me to, that has not gone through times where their stock was beaten down, we want to talk about Apple.

I can show you a ton of times, when Apple the unbelievable business model that Apple is built, I can show you a ton of times when that stock was heavily beaten down when just everybody was so negative on it, okay, Facebook stock, Amazon stock, Google stock.

I don’t care, we could talk the best of the best business models in the world that you look at as oh my gosh, that business model is amazing. And yet these stocks have been beaten down time and time again, okay. And the issue is, a lot of folks don’t even take advantage of those opportunities.

When you have some of these great businesses that has great underlying business models, but their stock has fallen 20 3040 50%, you have a lot of folks that don’t even invest in it when the stocks have fallen so much. And the reason is, they’re sheep.

And so there’s so much negativity that will come out with a stock that is falling, falling, falling, okay, he could be the best business model in the world. And there just be tons of negative articles written in the sheeple Look at that, as oh my gosh, I’m too scared to invest in that stock, even though everybody in the back of their mind understands that’s an unbelievable business model.

And they’re gonna make it through this, and they’re probably gonna become a one way bigger company in the future. Even though people know that in the back of their mind, if they’re sheep, they just can’t get to the point where they understand it well enough. So they can say, Okay, let me go ahead and buy that stock.

And that’s unfortunate. However, guess what, there’s a lot of people that are buying those stocks to the wolves. And it’s actually a select few that are seeing these opportunities on some great business models, and the stocks get beaten down, and they go ahead and take advantage of it. And they go ahead and actually make a lot of money from the stocks.

Okay, well, let’s go through one of the most, the most popular stock I talked about on this YouTube channel, which is a perfect example. Okay, the most popular stock by far and away every single person watching this video knows is types of stock, okay?

If you were buying Tesla stock seven or eight months ago, there was a lot of positivity around the stock, actually a ton of positivity, the shares were like 370 $380 a share. If you’re buying during the time, you’re more than likely a sheep okay.

However, a month and a half ago, just a month and a half ago, Tesla shares were selling at about $180 a share. Okay? If you’re buying at $180 a share, you are a wolf, because there was so much negativity around Tesla, we all we read in the news articles and whatnot was how they’re going out of business and how they had no demand and the short sellers were putting out so much negativity.

So if you’re buying Tesla at $180, a share a month and a half ago, you’re a wolf, because you’re going against like what the popular beliefs are out there, the particular time what’s being written out there, and you’re going ahead and buying that stock.

And we can go through stock after stock that is like that, that have some unbelievable business models, but just people get way too positive on them at a certain time, or people get way too negative on us at a certain time. You got to go ahead and find these opportunities.

And I can promise you, you will get plenty of opportunities to buy great business models at extremely discounted prices in the future, okay, probably even this year, and if not this year, then I can almost guarantee you next year there will be plenty of times in the stock market where great companies will get beaten down and it’s your job to go ahead and identify when those situations happen and go ahead and buy those stocks.

Okay, by the way before we get into number two, let me just mention one more point on number one. That’s a huge issue is so many times people get too greedy when it comes to going ahead and maybe buying When these stocks, so let’s say you’ll see a stock fall big or company that has a great business model company like an.

Apple or Google or somebody like that, it will start falling and falling and falling, they’ll get to a point where they get greedy, because they’ve seen it falling, falling, falling that they’re like, Oh, I’m gonna wait for it to fall even more, oh, probably fall another 5%, it will probably fall another 10%. Because it already has, that’s a really, really bad mistake.

Because I’ve seen it time and time again, where folks are getting greedy, waiting for it to hopefully fall another 5% after it’s already fallen so much. And after the stock has already gotten extremely undervalued, they get so greedy with it.

And they’re waiting and waiting and then all sudden the stock starts to tick up and goes up and goes up. And they never got in the stock because they got so greedy just because they saw it downtrending they’re like let’s let’s wait for it to fall even more and then we’ll buy and it never falls out another 5% or 10% it starts going up and they miss the entire opportunity because they got too greedy with that.

I’ve seen it a million times, it’ll happen a million times in the future. When you see great companies that gets severely undervalued, go ahead and start taking advantage of those opportunities. Okay, if it goes lower, you can always buy some more shares if it goes down more okay, but don’t just wait for that first initial position because you might never get that opportunity.

Okay, now let’s get into number two already guys, a second way you can make a lot more money in the stock market is going ahead and doing what we call collecting dividends from dividend paying companies. Okay, dividend investing and reinvesting that money you get off.

So not going ahead and taking that out of your account, not going ahead and buying something with it going ahead. And basically there are a ton of stocks that pay dividends, okay, many of the stocks that are in the s&p 500 or in the Dow 30 actually pay you dividends, basically meaning you get free money paid out to you just for holding a stock, okay?

So every three months you get dividend payments, I am not strictly a dividend investor. However, I will make 1000s of dollars this year, my different stock market accounts through dividend stocks at high hold. And what do I go ahead and do with that dividend money.

I go ahead and I reinvest that dividend money into other stocks, maybe other dividend paying stocks, which will go ahead and make me even more dividend money in the next quarter and in the next year, or just go ahead and stick that money in other stocks in general where I see opportunities, okay, this can be a phenomenal way of continuing to build wealth.

And there are people that have focused solely on dividend vesting, which once again, I do not just fully focus on dividend investing, I do a mix of growth, investing value investing in dividend investing, some folks just focus on dividend investing, they’ll focus on that for 20 years, 30 years.

And next thing you know, they’ve built up such large dividend portfolios, that they’re actually receiving dividend payments, every three months of $10,000 $20,000. There’ll be making 40,000 to 80,000, if not 100,000 plus dollars in dividend money each year, and they’re able to retire in their 40s and 50s.

And just live off this dividend money travel different places around the world and do all those sorts of things. And here they are 45 years old, and it’s like they’re already retired and just living off all this dividend money. Okay, reinvesting the dividend money is so important the compounding of how big your money can get.

And the amounts of money just get bigger and bigger and bigger that can come into your accounts every three months. Okay, guys, so I highly suggest you go ahead and make sure you’re reinvesting dividend money, each time you’re getting that do that dividend money and going ahead and making your accounts bigger and bigger and bigger.

The third way on how to make more money in the stock market is up next Friday, guys, the third way on how you can make so much more money from the stock market is this is the easiest one in the world. This is the easiest one by far, however, people have so much trouble with this one, okay, and it can put you in such a wrong mentality, okay.

And the bottom line is, don’t pull out money out of your stock market accounts. Okay. And unless it is an absolute emergency situation, or unless you literally don’t want to invest in the stock market anymore, unless you’re already retired. Outside of those three scenarios and extreme emergency, you don’t want to invest in the stock market anymore, or you’re already retired unless it’s one of those three scenarios.

Don’t pull out money out of your stock market accounts. Okay, it’s fine to sell stocks every once in a while when I’m talking about pulling out money out of your account. Let’s say you have a stock market account that’s at $10,000. To go ahead and say, Well, I made some profits this year.

I made $2,000 in profits this year, let me go ahead and suck that money out. Let me pull that money out of my stock market account. And let me put it in my bank account. And let me go ahead and buy some stuff with that. It’s just usually a very poor decision.

Now you can do whatever you want. But I can promise you if you’re talking about building the wealth to big, big levels, where you have six figures, invest in the stock market, seven figures invest in the stock market, eight figures invest in the stock market, if you’re talking about you’re trying to get to those type of levels.

Okay, and you’re always pulling out money out of stock market, it’s not going to happen you will always be stuck in the four figure to five figure brackets if that’s what you’re doing. Okay. If you want to build up to really huge numbers, you’ve got to keep your money in your stock market counts. Even if you made a big profit, even if you receive some nice dividends.

Go ahead and stick that money back. to some other great stock which regardless of the market we’re in, regardless of the market, there always deals in stock market, whether the stock market’s fairly valued, overvalued, undervalued, there are always opportunities for you to buy stocks out there.

And the fact is, there’s going to be way less compounding of the money. If you’re consistently pulling out, like just go like like getting on a compounding calculator. And you’ll see if you continuously pull out money out of account, again, it begins to get really hard to grow that money.

If you’re always reinvesting profits and always reinvesting the dividends, basically, how I built up from basically no money to about $200,000, before it was age 25 is I reinvested all the money, I didn’t say, Oh, I made $20,000 on the stock, let me pull this out, let me go buy some stuff with it or something like that.

No, I went ahead and reinvested it. And then I would deposit money into the account, I would get gains, I would get dividend money. And I was constantly reinvesting. It’s the same thing I do today, I don’t pull money out of my stock market accounts I live off of like what I can make from YouTube, which is my quote, unquote, job, you know, everybody’s got a different job.

Mine happens to be making YouTube videos and helping people achieve a lot of wealth through the stock market, okay, that’s what I do for my job. And that’s what pays the bills. But I reinvest all my stock market money, all the gains, I get on a stock, guess where that money goes, I, let’s say I sold a stock, I make $30,000 on that stock, guess where that money goes, I go ahead, and I reinvest that into the next stock.

And that’s how you build these massive, massive accounts that have you know, hundreds of 1000s of dollars in them millions of dollars or 10s of millions, it’s always taking the profits, always taking the dividend money and going ahead and reinvesting that into the next one, next one, next one and you continue to build as the same type of mentality that any great person in business has, right?

They take the profits from that one business they made, and they go ahead and reinvest in the next one. Why is Amazon gotten so big? It’s because they’re always taking their profits, they’re always taking that cash flow and plowing that into the next business, okay. And that’s what great businesses do and that’s what great investors do.

They go ahead they take the profits they make they take the dividend money they make and they stick it into the next one. Okay? That’s how you get to massive levels if you’re trying to go there if you’re okay with just having you know, $6,000 invested in your stock market account for the rest of your life cool.

Allow money all the time, but you’re not going to grow to massive massive levels unless you always reinvest in the money guys hope you’re able to apply these tips to your stock market investing life Hope you guys got a ton of value. Today’s video, make sure you smash that thumbs up button. Don’t forget to check out the pinned comment about the course giveaway. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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