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Well, folks I just put $10,000 into an easy money stock today! Super excited about this stock over the next 5 years! I believe this stock has one of the best risks vs reward profiles in the stock market for the next 5 years. I highly doubt.

I will lose money on this stock in the next 5 years and I think the probability I make 50% or more in the next 5 years on this stock is high. Would you put this stock in the stocks to buy now category or just stocks to watch? LMK. Needless to say, this stock is a Warren Buffett stock.

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Well guys in today’s feature presentation we’re going to cover two things. The first is we’re gonna talk about what easy money stock I just bought I just put $10,000 into a stock that I feel like is easy money over the next few years.

Okay, the second thing we’ll talk about which is actually much more important, why is this stock easy money? Why am I likely gonna get a very nice ROI on the stock over the next few years? It says an easy money stock Okay, now what is an easy money stock? First off.

I rarely ever call a stock and easy money stock I talk about stocks all the time on the channel stocks I like stocks I don’t like stocks I’m like and I talk about stocks all the time, then you very rarely ever hear me call a stock in easy money stock hands because there’s not that few Okay.

What is an easy money stock and easy money stock is a stock that has near a 0% chance of going down if you hold that stock for a five year span and this stock I believe it’s definitely less than 1% chance that if I’m in this stock over the next five years that.

I lose money on the stock that I’m like down on so whatever price I bought out today like the the price is going to be you know quite a bit higher than wherever I bought it out here today over the next five years okay?

And it’s also a stock that has a high probability very high probability of being up 50% plus in five years from now these are the two biggest things that make up an easy money stock and let’s put it this way.

I’ve been making you know videos like crazy for the last four plus years on YouTube and there have only been two stocks ever ever okay that have gotten this title of quote unquote in easy money stock Think about that.

How many stocks I’ve talked about how many stocks I’ve been bullish on and only two stocks ever I called easy money stocks The first one being Apple Okay, Apple back when it was 100 something dollars that was the first stock.

I ever coined the term easy money stock over the coming years now you know that video the stock was 100 something dollars here today Apple stock $382 a share so needless to say yeah, Apple was easy money there was a very low probability you lost money in that one and a very high probability it was going to go up 50% plus and it even went up a lot more than.

I even expected that stock to go up okay, this second stock The only other stock I’ve called other than this stock we’re doing a video about here day in Apple stock and easy money stock is the FV Okay.

FB absolutely was an easy money stock and I told you guys it’s just you know one of those stocks that very low probability you lose money on this one over the coming years and very high probability I make 50% plus on my money over the coming years okay and look at this stock is treating us pretty dang Well okay.

Just in the public count alone in that position, we are up over $33,000 as of yet and that one’s gonna keep climbing over the next five years in my opinion Okay, so that’s the only other easy money stock even Tessa I never called Tesla easy my stock as much as I’ve been bullish on it and doing videos about how.

I believe is going to be xx price I’ve never ever once ever called Tesla and easy money stock even though I thought it had potential huge upside. You know, you never knew what could happen with Tesla especially back when.

I was invested in it and things were a lot less clear it was possible things could have went south and maybe you know I lost money in that stock or something so I never called that stock an easy money stock by the way that video is a classic right there Tesla stock $3,000 might tell you the craziest story you’ll ever hear in the history YouTube Okay.

Literally I released that video very shortly after I got super super bullish on tests. I released a video called Tesla stock on a 3000 keep in mind Tesla stock back then was like, I don’t know 200 something dollars a share.

So it sounded ridiculous as it was to anybody at that time. Okay, I release it at 1:30am Okay, the next day, Tesla stock goes down for teen percent okay, some crazy news comes out around Ilan Musk, the SEC something at that time, stock goes down 14% literally within 24 hours of me putting out this super bullish Tesla video.

And I got absolutely obliterated in the comments section people. I mean, that was one of the videos I’ve ever done probably top three video ever where I got crazy amounts of hate. I mean, I’m not even going to read you these comments because I’d probably probably get demonetized if I made you off these comments.

I mean, and there’s just a small fraction and people were just going at me saying I’m the dumbest person in the world forever believing in Tesla look at a wind down 14% here Today you’re losing you know it the the screenshots show it all okay and needless to say we did we were doing all right on test so you know.

I’m not I’m not sure who was right in that whole situation. But uh, yeah, yeah, we’re doing okay, okay. Make sure you guys smash the thumbs up on this video for the stuff I have to put up with here on YouTube like releasing a video goes down and then people say I’m an idiot and then it goes up.

500% most people are never to be found again. Okay and as well as to say thank you to all the believers in the fans of this channel in me in general in the content I put out because you guys are the reason that you know the channels as big as it is I mean over a half million subscribers now and the second channel you know as big as that channel is.

I just want to say thank you to you guys for always believing in the channel and being fans of it because you know, those people they left so much negativity at that time in through so much dirt on me you know, that next day when Tesla went down huge and you know, it is what it is. Thank you guys.

Okay, so this stock here today we’re talking about that I put over $10,000 and actually $10,713 in about 60 shares of stock I paid $178.55 for the stock here today Do you want to know what it is? It is a Berkshire Hathaway yes Berkshire Hathaway is the lucky stock to be the third stock ever in the history of the channel to be called an easy money stock and that’s exactly what it is.

And I want to explain you why now Okay, so Berkshire Hathaway, I just added some more shares. So I bought this one a little bit in the past. I bought some more here today, obviously cost basis right now.

$177.29 I really hope it goes down short term because I would love to build this into a really, really large position across my different accounts. Okay. But why is this such an easy money stock over the next five years?

Why am I so confident that the chances this stock I lose money in the next five years are so low and the chances I make 50% plus over the next five years? Why do I feel those odds are so high? Well, let’s start out here.

Okay, so the market capitalization on Berkshire Hathaway right now is $434 billion. That is essentially means the cost if you’re buying the entire company, everything they do their cash, everything, okay? It costs you $434 billion dollars.

Now, I want you to keep that number in the back of your mind, because it’s going to be very important as we go through this. Okay, what we’re going to go through the four pillars of my bull case around Berkshire Hathaway, and why this is such an easy money stock.

Okay. pillar number one has to do with the fact that Berkshire Hathaway owns 100% stake in a ton of different companies. Berkshire Hathaway isn’t just like one company in the sense of you think about a company like Microsoft, and it’s just like Microsoft products or something like that.

No, Berkshire owns a ton of different subsidiaries. Okay. This is just a small amount of the amount of subsidiaries at Berkshire Hathaway owns, okay. They own Geico, which is their real real cash flow machine insurance business. Okay.

They own Dairy Queen, they own Duracell batteries. They own Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, one of the biggest real car companies in all of the world and especially in the United States of America. Another company, it’s just a cash flow machine. Okay.

They own Fruit of the Loom. see’s candies. Oh, yeah, I love some see’s candies once in a while, right. Benjamin Moore paints Lubrizol, one of the biggest lubricant companies in all of the world Lubrizol.

Okay, Heinz, Kraft, Heinz, you guys probably know Kraft Heinz, right. McLean along with a ton of other companies that have all valued in the hundreds of millions or potentially billions or 10s of billions of dollars. Okay. And what do all these companies do?

They throw off cash flow left and right, okay. All these businesses, for the most part are very stable in almost all the subsidiaries that Berkshire Hathaway owns are usually very, very profitable. Businesses know with everything going on with Roni Rona. Obviously cash flows can get hit in the short term for any of these business models.

It’s just something we know for pretty much just about any company out there right now. But the fact is, we will get to more normal levels over time. And the cash flow machines that are the subsidiaries will get back up and running.

And here’s the exciting part about all that cash flow you think about they own these businesses like Geico in Burlington, Northern Santa Fe and Lubrizol. All these massive companies that throw off, you know, billions upon billions upon billions of dollars of cash flow back to Berkshire Hathaway.

They can essentially use that money to buy more businesses like Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t pay dividends, and they do have a share buyback arm but they don’t buy that many shares back. So usually what they do they put that money on their balance sheet in cash.

And then they go buy 100% stakes in more businesses, they’ll just buy out a company just like, Hey, you know, Buffett will see a great deal. You know, somebody will contact him, Hey, we’re thinking about selling this business. $2 billion. Would you like to buy it?

You know, what, not 2 billion. I’ll give you 1.7. Okay, deal sold to Buffett for 1.7. That’s what Warren Buffett loves to do. That’s what he’s done successfully his entire career and how we built the business. And so you just buy more and more businesses or you invest in other businesses where maybe you aren’t buying 100% ownership in but you’re buying a good chunk of that business.

Okay. a deal. It’s a perfect example is look at this deal. They just did a you know, very recently like a few days ago with Dominion where they bought a ton of natural gas assets from Dominion right now.

There are definitely some folks that looked at this deal. Elon said, you know, Warren Buffett got a great deal a good let’s, let’s put it that way a great deal on those natural gas assets that he ended up buying from dominion, okay, this is what they go ahead and do.

And because of all those cash flows, Buffett can do special deals like this, or he can buy 100% ownership stakes in companies or just by, you know, part ownership stakes in companies like Apple like they’ve done at Berkshire Hathaway. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Okay, that’s pillar number one. They’re 100% owned subsidiaries. pillar number two, a four why I’m so excited about this stock, and why it’s an easy money stock is you got to go, okay, Warren Buffett, one of the best investors ever one of the best businessman ever, he’s still at the company.

And he’s still running guys about to turn 90, I think in August, right. And I gotta say, you know, I’ve watched you know, interviews with him in the past year to that guy still is, you know, quick, quick, quick, and he’s still putting together deals like this Dominion deal.

It’s amazing, okay, it’s simply amazing, the guy is still the head of the company doing a great job, he runs one of the biggest companies literally in all of the world in doing a phenomenal job. And he’s still at the helm.

But mostly, like, we just have to understand if you’re buying a stock, eventually Buffett’s gonna leave, right, Buffett’s gonna retire at some point time, and maybe it’s next year, maybe it’s three years now. Maybe it’s five years now.

But sometime likely, within the next five years, Buffett is likely going to step down from the company. But I think he’s instilling a great culture into the company into the managers and executives at this company.

Two big things that Buffett you know, two big buffet principles. One is always focusing on the long term, what is this asset we’re buying? What’s it laying I like the produce over the next 510 15 years, always focus on long term.

And number two, you know, Warren Buffett is going to instill in that culture to get great deals, he’s teaching these guys that are going to take over the company for the long, long run, how to get these great deals, how do you negotiate how to look for the next opportunity where you can 2x 3x your money.

If you put in Buffett’s done a ton of these special deals over time, where he’s been able to make you know, 50% 100% 200% ROI on money that was invested in different things he did deal with Bank of America, I remember many, many years ago, and made out like a bandit on that, okay, those are the two biggest things he’s gonna just have instilled in the culture.

And this is something great CEOs can really do something Steve Jobs did very successfully. Okay, Steve Jobs really got the culture right at Apple before Unfortunately, he passed on. And because he did that the company has been able to thrive over the last decade.

So even after Steve Jobs went away from the company, and unfortunately passed on, you know, the company has been able to well over double up its business since then well over double up and been able to grow into, you know, right around the biggest company in the world, all because Steve Jobs instilled a specific culture in that company that.

You know, fortunately enough, well, you know, has continued on that. Okay, pillar number three of four and why this is an easy money stock, is that cash pile, okay. As of the most recent quarter, Berkshire Hathaway had $137 million in cash just sitting around, okay, this is pillar number three, or four, why I’m so excited about this stock.

In my estimation, this company, Berkshire Hathaway is going to have between 140,000,000,100 and $50 billion in cash by q1 of 2021. I’m not sure why it looks like q1 of 2020, but supposed to be q1 of 2021. So 140 to $150 billion in cash by q1 of 2021. That’s amazing, guys, I mean, just think about that number.

That’s just, you know, unbelievable number. Basically, they’re in a prime position to, you know, take advantage of deals, right. They just did the Dominion deal, which was a deal that was several billion dollars, but they’re ready for any deals out there.

If we get any type of major, major dip in the stock market again, or let’s say, stock market has weakness over the next year, they can take advantage of that, let’s say, you know, there’s a lot of businesses right now, that are right, putting a really close, and maybe gonna go under.

Hey, guess what Warren Buffett can be there to potentially buy you out, do a deal for some equity, things like that. They have so much cash, they are in prime position for any company that’s in trouble to basically take advantage and get a good deal and help that company through times like that.

I absolutely love a company that is primed with crazy amounts of cash. And the fact is Berkshire Hathaway has about as much if not more cash than just about any company in the entire world. And so that I definitely love about that.

And then you think about, you know, Warren Buffett’s biggest investment, Warren Buffett’s biggest investment is Apple stock, right? Who holds the most cash of any public company in the world? Apple Isn’t that incredible Berkshire Hathaway one of the top three or five companies in the world in terms of holding cash.

And their biggest investment is the number one company holding cash talking about two companies that are primed and ready to take advantage of any deals and just give you that that you know when when we talk about things like you know the odds it goes down over the next five years extremely low that let somebody like myself Sleep really well at night.

Just understanding they got crazy cash around. Okay, now on to pillar number four a four. Okay, and this is this one I just love. Okay, let’s say this is just the cherry on top. I mean, if it wasn’t, you know.

I can already make an argument that just based upon the cash pile in the 100% owned businesses that Berkshire has, I could already kind of make an argument that you know, Berkshire Hathaway is actually a decently value stock here.

Okay, but this last one, number four is the cherry on top. This is what puts it overboard for me and this one, you know, it makes me very confident that I’d be able to get a 50% plus ROI on the stock over the next five years. Okay.

Look at its investment load. We’re talking Berkshire Hathaway now has $216 billion in investments as of today, okay. Look at those massive positions. $96 billion is their investment position in Apple Corporation.

21 billion and bank of america 17 billion and Coca Cola American Express $13 billion stake Kraft Heinz $10 billion stake Wells Fargo $8 billion stake Moody’s $7 billion stake JP Morgan Chase $5 billion stake engine look at how many massive positions they have at this company.

Okay. $216 billion is the total amount they have invested right now. So if they sold all those stocks, they get 216 more billion in cash, like basically having a balance sheet, which would you know, take it up to what 350 billion or some just silly, silly number, right 19 stocks, they have over $1 billion.

And think about that for a moment. Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio over 19 stock. I mean, just imagine having one stock with a billion dollars in 19 different stocks with over a billion dollar stakes and Okay, five stocks that they have over $10 billion with this crazy numbers, crazy numbers, okay?

They have almost $100 billion stake now in Apple Corporation, and they receive billions of dollars in dividends. Something you might have missed when you looked at that portfolio is guess what the majority of those stocks, they pay out dividend money, very nice dividend money, a lot of stocks yield 2% 3% 4% 5%, some even 6% dividend yields.

And so Berkshire Hathaway every single year receives billions upon billions upon billions of dollars in dividends. And think about this for a moment. Okay, those billions of dollars in dividends, the company receives each and every year one.

Their tax is much less of a rate than if you were to take short term gains or something like that, too, is they can put this money into just sitting on cash in the balance sheet just to you know, wait for some great deals, or they can buy more stocks with it right?

They buy more and more stocks and more and more ownership in different companies. And guess what, they get paid out even more dividends, which will allows him to buy even more stocks, right? They can 100% buy out different corporations, right?

Let’s say Berkshire Hathaway is going to receive, let’s say $5 billion in dividends next year, for instance, okay, that $5 billion in just go ahead and buy a company straight up 100% of it for $5 billion, and still be able to keep a massive cash load on the balance sheet.

And then they can also win those billions of dollars in dividends coming in each year buffet can take advantage of special deals kind of like that Dominion deal that just did for those natural gas assets. Okay, which Buffett loves to do those special type of deals.

And so when you add up all this, and you look at the market cap of you know, a little over 430 billion, you can begin to start understanding that this business is absolutely this stock is absolutely easy money over the next five years.

Yes, you know, the business is being hurt right now, because of Roni arona. That will pass we will move on. And guess what, you know, Berkshire Hathaway will continue to thrive into the future. And the probability of this company is a 600 billion or $800 billion market capitalization in five years now.

I would say very, very, very high. Okay. And the chances this market cap is 200 billion or 300,000,000,005 years from now, I would say extremely, extremely low. I don’t even want to know the market cap of all the other companies out there.

If Berkshire Hathaway is at 200 to 300 billion in five years from now. So congratulations to the mentor I’ve never met in real life Warren Buffett Okay, you and your company have been only the third stock ever in the history of my youtube channel take it in easy money stock so why don’t you go buy yourself a nicer cheeseburger tonight and McDonald’s you know, Mr. Buffett.

I know you love some Mickey D’s Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, let me know what you think about this stock in the comment section. Would you put this in the category of stocks to buy type stock? Are you thinking just like a stock to watch.

I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, make sure you smash that thumbs up button. Thank you for watching. Oh, one more thing real quick. First link in that description is to an exclusive video.

I put together for you guys that basically takes you in how to create a low risk high reward stock market portfolio so if you want to check out that video, definitely check that out this exclusive video first link in the description. I think you’ll really enjoy that one. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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