Javier Velasco

“I was into stock 3 years ago but I was kind of afraid of investing out of Spain, which was the biggest mistake I made. After the huge drop, I started to become interested again. Then I started to like Jeremy’s ways and after 1 or 2 months I had a meeting with Jeremy’s team. Then I joined his team. It completely changed the way I look at things. I think this course is for everybody.”

All right, good morning here, folks. We’re here with heavy, another member of Jeremy’s financial education private group. He joined approximately in August. So he’s a newer member. But how are you doing. And how? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Tell us a little bit maybe how you found out about Jeremy and your story in the marketplace. Sure so, Yeah. Hi hi, everyone. Hi how are you? Thank you for having me here. So, yeah, I started actually, I met I met Jeremy and I was aware of Jeremy and the channel that the channel around. I think this story can be shared by many people busier like around April. 

I would say I was into stock before, internet stocks before. But I was going to say, like from three years ago, I started to be interested to donate. I started three that I started to I don’t know the typical books that everybody would recommend, but I was kind of scared. Let’s say I was I’m from Spain. I don’t live now there, but I’m from there. 

So at that time, I was living there, so I was kind of afraid of investing out of Spain. So this is the huge. The biggest mistake. I, I, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think you’re even aware. But if you look at the Spanish stock market, it’s kind of hard. I mean, I like a nightmare from 2009. 

I mean, they don’t never recover from the huge financial crisis, which actually was quite big in Spain because of this all this real estate bubble. And that’s not the topic of today. So then, yes, as you can imagine, after the huge drop, I mean, the a huge sell off in the market in march, I was I started to be interested that again, I thought, to be honest, it was going to take a longer time to recover. 

So I thought I had plenty of time. So I wasn’t able to capture all this opportunity, I think, because back in march, the end of march, when all this started, I contacted a friend who is more into this. And he was more. Now I’m more into this than him. 

And he was more aware how it works. And then, at that time, I did, because what I wanted to do at the beginning was, listen, I would just buy some American ETF. I mean, something that replicates the S&P or the NASDAQ and I would forget.

 And that’s it. I think if you don’t have the knowledge, I think it’s something good for anybody that don’t want to go into commodities. So I can to him. He told me that from from, I don’t know, one 1, two years ago in Europe you cannot buy. It’s kind of I don’t know the relation you cannot buy directly ETFs from ETFs from America. 

So I said, OK, I will start looking on my own. And I found I guess by coincidence, I found Jeremy’s channel. And this sounds probably like, I don’t know, I got an advertisement or publicity or something, but truly changed my life. I think I like totally. I mean, the way I started to look at companies, the way I mean, well, sort of Yeah, I met I was aware of it. 

The channel around April, I would say mid April, end of April, probably started watching videos every day, watching more and more. I mean, the way he has to communicate, you know, it’s very simple. I would say, like he’s not let’s say he doesn’t go into every financial metrics that any boring podcast or expert would tell you. 

Yeah, but I mean, he goes into those, but maybe not into that detail, but it makes it understandable, I guess, for everybody, you know. Yeah so this is what I like at the beginning. And this is what made me made me be more prone to stay, let’s say, and start to dig into previous videos, not only the new ones, but they’re starting to look into the history. 

And to be honest, I never thought I would join the private group. I did. I didn’t even know how much was it. But I thought, I don’t care. Mean, I don’t think there’s huge value there for me. But then I don’t know. I started to, let’s say, getting more I don’t want to say love, but more into Jeremy and Jeremy’s ways. 

And I even. I didn’t do it in the end, but I thought about contacting somebody, I don’t know how, but I thought I could probably contact some of the members and ask for ask for. I think I even thought about how to do it. 

And maybe he was uploading these screenshots or of the six figures club or whatever. And I felt like I’m sure I could find some of these folks in Instagram. I find I didn’t do it, but I said, OK, let’s see. So I have after one or two months, not three months, probably because I think I join in almost. 

I said, let’s give it a try, at least, let’s have some conversations with them. Let’s see. I mean, I’m I mean. And let’s see what they have to offer. I had the meeting with, like I think it was. So yeah, he was very, very, very nice, very close to me. I mean, very close to me, very well. 

And I felt comfortable. I told him. He didn’t push me, which I liked, because I thought he was going to be more. Yeah, more like say yeah, Yeah. We have this brother. I think you will really suit you. You have to know he wasn’t trying to do anything like that. He was like, so yeah, we offer this, think about it. He of course, he asked me about my situation and what I know about stocks, what I know about the markets, what I wanted.

 And we finalized that conversation with OK, so let’s have another one. And two weeks and tell me what do you think he’ll then tell me. I think you could really benefit from this like that directly. You know, he was saying, OK, I can get you you qualify a little bit because, you know, already it’s not like you’re coming from scratch. You you have to know the basic knowledge of you, I think. Yeah but he wasn’t pushing it. So this is something I like. 

And yeah, after one, two weeks. I was thinking about it at the beginning. I had to say I thought it was a bit expensive, but then I said, well, if I take the two year plan, it’s not that bad in the end. And I didn’t really see the content, of course, of the course before I joined. 

But I said, OK, well, let’s write a joint and after, I don’t know, one, two months. I think you can totally see it in my brokerage account. I can show you later. And Yeah. I mean, there’s a huge difference. I was even if I told you. I was in the market. Let me piggyback on that. 

Let me piggyback on that actually, because you mentioned two things that were very important to me is that, number one, the obviously you weren’t pushed to do it, but because, you know, and I think it’s a big. We’re a big advocate or Jeremy actually himself is a big advocate of wanting people to do their own decisions. 

You know, you want to inform the people, you want to inform everyone of all the choices that they have, you know, look at their situation. And then make them feel like if they feel like it’s the right choice for them, it’s a step in their life, because at the end of the day, your only. 

You’re your only judge at the end of the day. And number two, I one thing for me is that when first joining, like you said, it automatically hits the brokerage account, obviously, because it’s something it’s life changing, because you can start learning the stuff on your own. But most importantly, it’s like you have to know to invest in yourself first because you can go in and buy ETFs and buy all that said, you’re going to get, you know, obviously, whatever. 

Warren Buffett even says ETFs are not bad. There’s nothing wrong. So there’s always better to do. There’s always something better to do in any situation. And if you really feel like you want to do better. And you want to change a life, like, obviously, you’re saying it’s life changing and you’ve only been for a couple of months or so, I can only imagine if you’re for a couple of years, you’ll see something, then. That’s something I think of today. 

Like if only I meant this. Sorry to interrupt. No, no, no. I mean, all of us are like that. Right? so I’m just wanted to touch upon what was something that you very briefly, what was something you struggled with before entering? If there was something that you struggled with specifically that maybe you. And yes, no, not I, I will, even if I read, as I said, I read it and all the typical books that anybody would recommend that I know better listen to these kind of things. 

And even if I read those books, I have a very hard time to really find value in companies. Like, first of all, I was really scared of high valuation. I mean, high market sorry, market cap companies like I don’t know them. And I’m invested in Facebook. I think it’s a great opportunity right now. That time I was I mean, I’m talking about three years ago when Facebook was even a bigger deal than now. I was like, no way I’m investing in this company. 

Have you seen the valuation? I mean, it’s just I mean, for sure this makes no sense. And now you start to see I mean, once I joined, once I started to learn, I started to find this. I was about to take off here in value, but to value the company actually to see, OK, this is the value right now, but probably in a couple of compared to five years, it would be double, triple. So I think it could be a good investment. 

Also, I think what is important that I bought from him or his course, is that the confidence to be confident on your own. I mean, I think this is something I for sure is going to have anytime I made a trade or I bought something. And I was like, it’s not like not sleeping well, but almost, you know, like, I don’t know if I should do this. I don’t know if I. But now having all I mean, also I really, I think is one of the biggest parts of all this package. 

Jeremy’s package, let’s say it’s the group, of course, all these people doing research. So you can totally contrast your points with them, that it’s highly, highly intelligent people. They’re I mean, it’s like I think that it doesn’t surprise anything at think that only without the curse, which is also very important, and especially maybe for people who are not that knowledgeable about the markets, the group. 

I think it’s I mean that the value that people give I mean, I’m not looking for anything in return to be. Yeah, sorry, but only there are great discussions and Yeah, I know there people, people’s due diligence is. So I think that’s great. And I think that’s something anybody can benefit from. 

It’s funny because you, you covered my next question. I had that question, OK, because I know that that’s I mean. Yeah because, you know, like it’s hard not to talk about it. Right it’s hard when you have millionaires inside a group, you know. Yeah, I see this all the time. 

And I’m sure the viewers are going to keep hearing it. You know, your network is your net worth, you know, like who you know is going to get you to places where you want to go. Yeah, if you hang around people that are not going to go somewhere, you’re not going to go somewhere at the end of the day. 

Right and just being able to be around those six figure, seven figure people that have been in the market since the financial crisis that have been in the market from before, they’ve seen the bad, the good, the struggles, the fear and anxiety of the market. 

And they’re still able to stay, maintain their composure, especially during a time, like the there on your own, like Jeremy likes to call it. You know, that was a scary moment when that was a moment where a lot of people certainly could have could have lost a lot of their livelihoods. A lot of things could have went bad. 

But thankfully for the group, a lot of people stayed calm, took millionaires that are and coaches that are in the group. And people that are just been in situations like you said, I wanted to touch upon one thing similar, because obviously, you can get the private group, you get Jeremy’s weekly Q&A portfolio reviews, weekly private videos that he makes for us, which are all great. 

But just to be coming of the stock market course, how did that kind of give you the confidence? Because obviously you said confidence was one thing that you wanted to feel confident in your research. So then you could sleep at night, which is probably this like you have to have that to be able to invest in anything, you know. 

How did that help you in that? Yeah So the core curriculum, I think it completely changed the way I looked at the company. So before I couldn’t I couldn’t really understand the balance sheet. Not in not talking, of course, about I think you. I mean, this was out of the discussion, of course, but even a simple balance sheet. I mean, OK, I understand everything. 

And this time profit. I understand liabilities a bit and understood it. Now I. Veterans say understanding of what does everything mean, everything, I mean, I know that I need to think this is very important, even if I try to avoid it or to even I started also thinking about Jeremy’s researches or research. I know, but then none of it. 

If you want to be as I said, if you want to be confused, if you want to sleep well, know what people usually say. Yeah, you really need to do your research on your own. And get to your conclusions by your own. Of course, as we said, Jeremy’s or these are people from the group are important and their point of view shown that they are more knowledgeable than me. 

And they know better than me. And I really take those into the considerations. But I looked at them also from another point of view, like I mean, I try not to be biased also because that’s also something it could happen very easily. They are usually like these people who just put this amount of money here for him is a big deal. So it has to be a big deal. So I would fight about going back to your question, something. I mean, this is very particular.

 Maybe not for everybody, but something that really helped me to understand was the options. I was there. I tried it. It’s not like I didn’t. I type with YouTube videos. I read reading papers, trying to really understand how they work. And I was like, I can’t. I can’t. I mean, I don’t understand. It’s impossible. And and he’s I mean, it’s not that long.

 I think it’s like ten, 12. I don’t remember. I did it some months ago. Videos and they are very I mean, I watch it twice, I have to say. But from the only to be fully, fully, I mean, to capture everything. But the first time. It’s more than enough to at least understand. I’m not saying like go through all your money to show something that can still that’s dangerous. 

You have to understand it. But it totally changed my mind. I understood only buying because this is something I could more or less understand, but especially selling, selling, selling. Both was like or dislike. I’m in total. So I didn’t want to call you. So like, like you funny you mention options because a lot of people start off with you mentioned two very difficult things throughout our talk to is valuing growth companies like Facebook back in the day. 

And options, which are two things that most people value when valuing a value company alone is difficult. Like that alone is difficult. But you get into the growth stocks where there’s so much more than just numbers, there’s so much more than just there’s like branding. 

There’s uncertainty. And he talks about. So many things. But like you said, the curriculum is not too long. It’s very precise. And it’s very concise to you know, I want to get you to the point. I don’t want to fluff around. It’s get to the point, learn it. 

So you can go your own, like you said, so you can make your own decisions on your own because you don’t want to be biased. And at the end of the day, if you can learn this and grow up with it. And teach it to, let’s say you’re second generation friends, family you care about, it can change a lot of lives, like you said. So that’s very I love that you mentioned that. 

I had it very briefly before we go into your account and see a broker, just to kind of keep the fund to the end. I want to ask one thing. There’s so there’s some people that are on the fence. I always ask this question. There are some people that are maybe I want to join, maybe I don’t want to join. And one thing is that they don’t want to invest in themselves in the course. 

They want to kind of put more money in their account. I want to put more money. I totally understand. I was in that situation. I was back about what was actually what would you what would you say? Obviously, you want to advise them to do their own decisions, but what would you recommend as a friend? You know, just as a friend before what? 

As a friend having lot of confidence. I would say just do it. I mean, let me just do it, because if you’re my friend, I want the best for you. And the short, short answer is do it if you’re interested in this. I think it’s something that, as I said, can change your life. 

And I would like to also make up. I mean, I know I guess I would like to explain something here. I know that this year was. And I know, it was pretty crazy. And probably my returns would be different. 

But I know for sure it will be different in other years. But anyway, I think Yeah. I mean, it’s that difficult all the time in the market, that time in the market. So I think this is something that how to say this. Of course, the package, I think it’s for everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter if you’re a girl and a guy all young. And I think anybody can benefit from it, even if you’re not really interested in the stock market. But I’m not really interested. 

We’re buying it. Yes, that’s for sure. But if you are somehow interested, you have the minimum of interest. I think the value of the record, the videos, of course, of the curriculum and the group, the group. And I want to emphasize here, I mean, this network, these discussions, ideas, of course, and ideas for running out for Iran, for new companies and, you know, spy or whatever. I want to say Xbox. I have I’m not interested in. I mean, I’m invested in somebody, but it’s not like I had. 

This is only when I’m looking. But I don’t know if this craziness will continue with all these stocks going parabolic in one month. It’s going to get. How to explain this, but the group told me, at least because if your influence, the influence influenced only sorry, my English is not my mother and now you got do would say, if I only got the influence from YouTube. 

This year, I think it would be OK this year could have worked because almost anything worked this year anyway. Yeah, but all this craziness that is due to a bump in stocks, this, click, click bait, then the next. And then next. I think this is very dangerous because you get used to it. You get you think this is the way you have to invest. 

And in the group, even I like discussing some of these guys from time to time. Everybody likes a stream. No, I mean, everybody is spending a little bit and sort of heavy in some respects, based. I think it really teach you the value of the long haul, the long term vision. 

And even if the team in the group, when these discussions are getting more into more and more and more broadly, there’s one or two days where, like recently, it was inevitable with the and everything. And you see people saying, listen, guys, I hope you are taking this as what it is. 

This is fun because then you can put a couple of dollars there just to see what happens Follow but don’t take this as your main investments. Don’t do these stupid decisions. And I think it’s kind of like a buffer for me, you know, like everybody.

 I mean, it’s trying to keep let’s replicate Jeremy’s way of thinking. And I think that’s the best very important. And I think that’s the best way of putting everybody trying to replicate his way thinking. And it’s proven that it works. I mean, I’m sorry, but I mean, like, you can’t avoid it, right? 

It’s not it’s not always going to be going to the Casino. You’re not going to win money that time. Right you’re going to win maybe once or twice. You’ll feel good. Yeah and over time, you lose that money back. And if anything, they’ll take more. So that’s the whole point of long term investing, is that you avoid that mentality, you avoid those risks. 

And I think you kind of COVID everything that I wanted to have to have COVID in the private group, because you mentioned all the great points of it. It’s probably one of my favorite features. OK, yes. I honestly think because it’s on the go, you don’t have to spend too much time in it. You can just chat like you’re texting people. But that’s great. 

Like I said, I wanted to keep the fun stuff to the end. Why don’t you show us your brokerage account? So is there any. A little bit. We’ll keep it brief, like maybe three minutes, and then. Sure would like to make. First, I would like to say it’s in euros, so you have to mentally convert energy. Gaines’s the same rate, the exact same amount. 

So let me know if you can see it yet, we can see. So one is enough, actually, because I started my account in may, so it’s not even one year. I mean, I had previously, I had another shitty brokerage, Spanish one. And it’s I mean, when I joined the before I joined and I, I know, I knew this year that I was going to try next level investment. 

Let’s say I did my entire brokerage account. I created it. And I started doing it. May not I mean, not a lot of money, as you can see. I started with some. So that was just what you’re done around 10000? Yeah, less than 10,000 in total. I think I’ve put here. I saw it yesterday, like 50 grand or less. Now But yeah, I think the returns here is when I joined more or less around August, September between August. And so. Exactly yeah, Yeah. 

I think even beginning of September or something like this, I mean big sell on itself. I think I kind of guessed it. There because like you can tell how. Yeah everything just switched after that. It’s exactly that’s a monumental return to be on. It’s like I’ve seen a lot. I’m really thankful. 

Yeah Yeah. And you know, obviously, the more the account grows, the more the returns are going to be long as long as you have the right mentality, and you have the right system, obviously, you’ve learned it and you’ve taken time to learn Jeremy’s philosophy. 

And I feel like I’m knocking on the door on the sixth floor. So I’m almost there. I’m almost there. OK, yeah, I’m almost there. I can’t wait to get back to let you know first. Yes, I have a good year. I think it’s a matter of I mean, of course, with the right train of thought. 

The right mentality. Sorry that’s what I was trying to say. I think it’s a matter of time, if you have the minimum basic skills that during this course. I want to say here, you don’t need these script. I mean, nobody needs it. It’s I mean, you can be successful, successful without it. 

But of course, I’m sorry. My personal experience helped to say how much to manage that. It was like, I mean, you can see that I could tell you whatever. But then if I show you this, it’s certainly true that in the last month, it was a crazy run up, I have to say. But there will be other times when it will go down for sure. But how is this higher, higher, higher highs, lower levels?

 I fear that I go. That’s yeah, exactly. I know. Yeah I’m not expecting, as I said, this kind of reduction. I don’t know if you see here from the start of December, even know before from November, it’s where all the craziness happened. Yet I’m not expecting this every year, every month for sure. But as I can, I got half. Half Yeah. It’s good. I’m not going to complain. 

That’s honestly amazing. I number one, I thank you so much for being here. That’s obviously, that’s you know, we took it up a little bit of you. No worries. But it’s kind of like anybody. Yeah, that’s the goal. Right it’s nice to see you’ve gained from it. 

It’s nice to see that you’ve told your story because I know a lot of people are thinking about it, and they’re trying to weigh the pros and cons. They’re trying to see if it’s actually beneficial. They’re trying to see if it does work. And testimonial or your case study here is definitely something that people will look at. And it will definitely resonate in their minds, because your story is really it’s a beautiful story. 

I just wanted to ask me lastly, is there anything that we haven’t touched upon that you feel like you want to talk about? Well, before we know? Well, I would love to say Thanks to you. Thanks to Jamie. Thanks to the team. He SQLite also talking. 

I didn’t say, but he is quite approachable. When you’re in the team setting them in the group. Yeah, this. I didn’t touch it, but I think it’s really important also, even if I dress, he speaks well, he will always respond. And that’s something outsole that has a huge amount of value. Yes Yeah. And I want to emphasize to the people in the people in the group, they are amazing. 

I didn’t see it’s been more than half a year. Now And I didn’t see any bad vibes, you know, any fights or at least in a big letter, you know, there could be something minor. But even know if you’re active, if you like to be active. I’m not that active. I would to be more. 

But I for sure, I read almost everything. And I try to participate when I can. But it’s sometimes like I’m a little bit, not at that level yet. I want to be. But even if that happens, don’t be like me. Try to talk to these guys, because I think doing this is when you would really I mean, this with this kind of people is when you really get better. And you’re really I mean, nobody’s going to make fun of you. 

Nobody is going to judge. And we are here to learn. So if people are hesitating, if you have it clear you don’t want it, then OK, maybe it’s not for you. If you’re hesitating, just give it a try. I think it’s worth it for sure. I think, you know, it was a perfect ending.

 And if you just the people in the group, I think that’s the best way of putting it. And I last thing that you also mentioned that I forgot to mention as well is that he is very approachable. And when you’re innocent, he does respond. He does respond within a reasonable time. You can talk to the coaches as well, which are seven, six figures, which have been in the market just as long as him of his knowledge. And he hand-picked them. 

They’re very approachable as well. So, you know, just having that many people around you, I think increases your chances of success tremendously. And I think I would like to end it at that. Thank you. I appreciate your time. Next to you. We thank you. And I you help a lot of people. Don’t worry. Anytime, anytime you need, I will be here.

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