Is Tesla Stock The New Gopro GoBroke For Me?

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Today we discuss if Tesla stock is the new GoPro stock for me. Some of you may not remember the Go broke days… Man were those the days lol.

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Well guys here today we’re gonna go ahead and discuss something that I’ve been noticing in the comments section whenever I post Tesla videos, some people like to say things like it’s going to be GoPro volume to okay in that I’m going to lose all my money like I did in GoPro.

Okay, now First off, I didn’t lose all my money and GoPro but it was our worst stock market investment by far and away I’ve ever made in my life. I lost like $37,000 in a GoPro investment many years ago, okay, and this was a stock I was very obsessed with, uh, you know, back in like 2016 2017 very obsessed with this GoPro stock.

I actually made it into my biggest investment. And we weren’t very bad. And needless to say, we used to post videos about the stock all the time, okay, people think I’m obsessed with Tesla. My goodness, guys, it was just as bad if not worse with GoPro.

Okay, there was constantly I was posting videos and videos of videos on GoPro constantly. I’ve mentioned that all the time and whatnot. And so I see some comments or I see a lot of comments on honestly, in some of the test videos saying it’s going to be my next GoPro investment, okay, I’m going to lose my button and I’m going to lose tons of money in this is what’s going to happen.

Okay, so we’re going to have a serious discussion here about if this is actually accurate, if Tesla can really be like the next GoPro and it’s going to continue to go down, I’ll end up selling for a big loss and then kind of you know, never comes back or something like that.

And then we’ll take a cut and talk about some main differences I see in Tulsa GoPro, there are some stark differences that make these companies very, very different. I’m not just talking about their business model, talk about some much deeper things. Okay.

So by the way, is I just want to flex on the haters real quick. People said my channel would die if the GoPro investment didn’t work out. That’s what some folks said back in the day. And, and we shared in die, we just became the biggest Okay, so let’s start getting into this guys.

The similarities here are there are some similarities. Okay, GoPro is a stock I was obsessed with Tesla. You know, I post quite a few Tesla videos, I would say I’m a little obsessed about Tesla stock right now. Okay. Some people get obsessed over women.

Some people get obsessed over cars. You know, guys like me, I get obsessed over stocks, okay, it’s just the way it is. Okay, so I can definitely see, you know why some people may call it the next GoPro for me or whatnot. Because I’m so obsessed with that stock. I can understand that.

Okay, both stocks I was invested in Okay, obviously, Tesla’s a current investment of mine. And GoPro was my biggest investment literally in my accounts. Okay. Number three, both couldn’t put consistent profits together. Tesla has not put consistent profits together.

They were profitable, like two out of the last, I don’t know, two quarters out of the last, I don’t know, 15 or 20 quarters or something insane like that. Okay. And GoPro was the same thing. It was a profitable company, and then they started to lose money, and then they could just never make money on the bottom line.

Okay. So needless to say, there’s just two companies that literally, he and I still to this day, I don’t think GoPro can consistently put profits together. And obviously, Tesla just took a big loss in their past quarter, okay, both hold a lot of promise or held a lot of promise GoPro, when.

I first started getting involved with that stock, it was a stock that actually held a lot of promise because they were going to expand their action camera market they were talking about, they could potentially sell, you know, 10 million plus action cameras a year and at that time, they were only selling a few million a year, they were talking about maybe we can sell 20 million a year.

There was also a lot of promise around a drone, it was called Karma drone wellbeing wasn’t even launched at that time, there was a lot of like speculation that they get in the drone market. And Woodman had you know, hinted about they were going to come out with a drone and the drone market at that time was exploding.

So the fact that GoPro had this action camera, imagine if they come out with a successful drone, this could dramatically increase the market cap of that company, it could need to dramatically increase it they were talking about you know, coming out with stabilizer devices and accessories that we’re going to advance the company on.

And needless to say, the company dropped the ball time and time again, like like I don’t need to go over everything that went wrong with GoPro but needless to say they came out with the drone like a year to a year and a half after they were supposed to come out with a drone.

And then the here’s the best part when they did come out with the drone, it literally was falling out of the sky like it was the most It was the most is that it was the worst management team back at that time that I had ever invested in by far and away it was literally they could not execute on anything.

Every one of my bullish thesis is I had for GoPro failed because management failed time and time again, everything they tried it was like Oh, they come out with a new camera and it was like a generation behind where it should have been like it was just it was unbelievable the way that that management team failed like one time they had a good camera in the market but they couldn’t produce enough units so then.

BestBuy ended up you know, handling the promo It was so it was like I can’t even think about it. It makes my head want to explode. Okay, GoPro was completely mismanaged to the highest level and needless to say the investment failed, okay. And Tesla today obviously holds a massive amount of promise to where that company can go with electric vehicles with autonomous vehicles and things like that.

I’m not gonna give you the whole bullish thesis but let’s say it holds a lot of promise as of right now. Okay, and both have super popular CEOs obviously Ilan Musk is the most popular CEO in the world as of right now. Okay, but one man was Very popular CEO as well that I remember they were doing like 60 minute documentaries on him.

I remember HBO did a special on GoPro and Nick Woodman and his story on how he went on a surfing trip and then he like made a camera that could strap on your wrist and then they made that into a next generation and blah blah blah and it was like all this talk about you know why like the whole.

GoPro story and he was like featured on you know, anybody that ever did an interview and anything related business they want to Woodman on so they both have very popular CEOs with obviously Ilan must be in the more popular one because there’s really no one that’s popular is as Ilan musk honestly in the CEO world but what Minh was extremely popular.

CEO and still kind of is to this day, he’s just you know, since GoPros just fallen off the map obviously they’re they’re you know, way you know, he’s not nearly as popular as he once was. Okay, so I understand the similarities in regards to the stocks However, there are some big differences and let’s get into that now already guys.

Now let’s go into talking about some massive massive differences between GoPro and Tesla and once again, I mean, I’ll talk about their business models obviously one sold action cameras, and one sells cars. Okay, so very, very different business models at the end of the day. But needless to say there’s a lot of other differences between these two stocks.

Okay, one GoPro, the revenues were shrinking for that company, that company was going downhill, okay, they were making less and less money. The money coming in through the door was was declining when I started investing in this talk, where’s Tesla stock complete opposite test.

So the revenues are booming, the company’s becoming more and more relevant with each passing day, whereas GoPro was literally becoming less relevant with each passing day. Okay, so there are two businesses in very dramatically different places in terms of their revenues, and their relevancy, the double whores Okay, number two, Tessa has a needs based product, what Tesla sells is a needs based product, okay, everybody needs a car.

And if you don’t need a car, you need a car more than likely to take you somewhere, right? So you need to like take an Uber or Lyft or somewhere like that. Okay, so Tesla sells a needs based product at the end of the day. Whereas GoPro was selling action cameras, no one really needs an action camera.

You might want an action camera because you go mountain biking, you want to if you don’t be able to film it, or you go skydiving, you want to be able to film it from your helmet or something like that. But no one needs a GoPro, okay, everyone needs a car or they need a vehicle to get them you know, transported to wherever they need to go work or to the restaurant or to the food shopping, whatever it is.

So the needs based product is a massive, massive difference between these you know, GoPro was always going to be you know, pretty much a niche based company at the end of the day. And never mind that smartphones, the cameras continue to get better and better and better over time. And that also eliminated the need for GoPro.

So it made GoPro even more niche over time. Okay, so very, very different businesses, one’s needs based one’s a want, Okay, number three, everyone wants to get into Tesla’s market GoPro, it wasn’t really that case, you didn’t see all some like Apple launch action cameras, something like that.

And go and Google and all the big tech companies and Amazon, all those big tech companies could have launched action cameras. They weren’t like rocket science put those products together. But most of us kind of saw it as it’s some niche thing, we’re not going to really go after that.

The electric car market, everyone wants a piece of that, which shows the power that Tesla has in that space, and how much they’ve driven excitement. Every single auto manufacturer out there is convinced now that electric vehicles are the future where if you just go back five, seven years ago, a lot of auto manufacturers, a lot of executives are like not even sure about electric vehicles that might come someday.

But now every single electric, you know auto manufacturers out there is talking about they’re dumping $10 billion into electric vehicles, and every vehicles sold in the future is going to be electric and blah, blah, blah. Everyone’s trying to come in their space. It shows how strong the market is that.

Tesla’s in Okay, number four, GoPro relied on viral YouTube videos to kind of drive their marketing GoPro would also spend money on television advertising in like, you know, traditional marketing and whatnot. But they really relied on like, their videos to go viral on YouTube.

And they had these super popular videos like, you know, back in the day, in the heyday of GoPros, YouTube channel, you know, they would launch a video and it would get, you know, half a million views or a few million views, and they’re really good ones would get 10s of millions of views. And these videos would go viral.

They were obviously GoPro branded, and it would drive people to end up buying GoPro cameras. Okay, so that was great until their YouTube channel started to go kind of the wrong way and whatnot. And then, you know, nowadays, like GoPro doesn’t have viral videos really anymore, they have a big subscriber base, but their videos don’t really get as many views or even close to as many views as they used to back in the day.

So that obviously hurts camera sales. Tesla doesn’t rely on anything really to go viral or whatever to sell a test. Okay, everybody makes videos about it or talks about it or writes articles about Tesla all the time. And what Tesla’s doing what Ilan Musk is doing so they just kind of always stay in the news cycle.

They don’t rely on just, you know, some videos to kind of push their marketing or something like that. Okay, number five, I would say Ilan Musk is a much more focused than Woodman, okay, Woodman, you know, the way I’ll describe Woodman He had good intentions in my personal opinion, but I just don’t think the guy worked hard enough.

I think he got a really unfocused when the company went public, I think, you know, when you’re just some surfer guy and you start this company and you build it in this thing, and all sudden you’re a billionaire, I think he got too caught up in the lifestyle and all those things that can bring the money and all those sorts of things, which is fine for him.

I just don’t think he was really focused enough on the business. And it clearly showed with GoPros products they came out with after the company went public, they were just very disappointing. They’re always a generation behind where they should have been with the cameras, their drone fell out of the sky once again. And that was like delayed like a year, year and a half.

Like it was clear as day that the top level management at GoPro was not good enough and Woodman was not focused enough with Elan Musk, I would say Elan Musk is much more focused on Tesla and Tesla succeeding and becoming a very successful company and changing the world and all these sorts of things.

So the two CEOs Yeah, they’re both were very popular guys. But I can’t really compare them because I just feel like Musk is 10 times more focused than what Woodman was would mean I could picture him on the weekends partying on a yacht, Elan Musk, I could picture him more like focused on like, like, how do we, you know, get the next tough so they’ll be you know, $25,000 in the future or something like that.

Okay, so very different focuses there. Number six tests will pose a lot of miracles consistently Okay, go over on the other hand, they couldn’t even find a way to like make a drone after like the three years of development, they couldn’t even find a way to make a drone that the battery wouldn’t fall out of.

Okay, so GoPro no miracles wherever possible, if anything was complete opposite, okay. With Tesla, this company pulls miracles and then the fact that they’re they’ve gotten to the stage they they are right now, it’s a miracle, right? There’s only what two companies in all the United States that haven’t gone bankrupt to vehicle makers ever Ford and Tesla, right, those are the only two that.

I can possibly think of that haven’t gone bankrupt. That’s a miracle in itself. Never mind you’re trying to do electric vehicles with autonomous driving in the stages Tesla’s ad, these are these are all pure miracles that Ilan musk in in the management team over there tests on those workers have basically put together with that company, it is literally miracle.

So Tesla, you’re betting on a company that consistently pulls off miracles, GoPro, you’re betting on a company that literally couldn’t even find a way to you know, create a drone that the battery didn’t fall out of the back of in three years. Like it was ridiculous.

So very, very, very different businesses, they’re in number seven, you know, just on like a human level, like almost all humans want Tesla to succeed, whether they’re Tesla owner or not, they really want Tesla to succeed, they want Tesla to kind of push things forward, they want you know, Tesla to be a company that kind of, you know, is a change for the better for all humans and for the environment and things like that.

Whereas, you know, the GoPro, I don’t think anybody really cared if GoPro failed or made it or whatever. The only people that probably don’t want Tesla to succeed are short sellers. At the end of the day, if you are like have a heart, you probably want the Tesla’s to succeed. If you’re a short seller, you don’t want them to succeed.

Okay, that’s pretty much the bottom line. So it’s good when you have you know, all humanity basically other than short sellers, wanting your company to, you know, to succeed and become a great big company in the future because you’re going to do better by people. So those are some massive differences between the two companies.

I cannot say these two are alike at all, it is possible I could lose money on the Tesla investment and, you know, two years from now I’m doing a video I sold out on my Tesla and I sold out and I lost 40,000 or whatever. But the other big difference I’ll say is GoPro was my biggest investment, which was a really stupid thing, which we won’t even get into.

It was a bad bad mistake. Okay, Tesla’s a very minor investment of mine, if you compare it to my biggest investments, it’s it’s almost like a joke investment for me. So although you might say, Oh, you bought $7,000 worth of stock or you bought this much amount in the grand scheme of things on how much money I have in other stocks is actually very, very small investments.

Okay, Tesla’s probably my six biggest investment so that’s like way down there in the rankings. Okay, maybe I could get up to my fifth biggest investment or something like that, but that’s still like like that’s really really small investment cuz it is it is a bit speculative.

And that’s what I should have done with GoPro GoPro should have been more of a speculative investment I believed in the company that was cool, but it should have been a speculative investment shouldn’t been in my biggest investment I was a stupidest thing ever.

I don’t want to get into it. I’m just gonna get myself frustrated guys. But anyways, hope you enjoy this. As always, make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video kind of showing you guys the differences between these two companies. All right, then. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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