im very disapointed

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Not gonna yell and scream for today’s video, I’m just disappointed in you guys very disappointed. Some bins weighing on my mind for a while to things that have extremely, extremely disappointed me.

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Sometimes I think like I’m doing good out here and I’m like teaching people and like inspiring people to to, you know, take money into their own hands invest money, build money, get passive income streams, all that type of stuff.

And lately I’ve just been feeling like a little less inspired that say by some of the comments I read sometimes and whatnot, it’s around two things, two things that I’ve really been waiting on me about wanting to talk about for a while and involves you guys.

One is the copying of stocks I own is absurd. Like, like the It’s ridiculous. Like, I love to talk about stocks. Okay, what stocks I own, I think it’s interesting for the channel, I think it inspires people.

And I think it’s also important to understand that my thought process behind why I buy particular stocks, the issue comes in, when you decide you’re going to buy a stock just because I’m buying a stock, that is a massive issue I see out there.

People buying shares of companies I own just because I am buying it, you’re literally not doing any like, like, I don’t want that that should never ever happen, what you should be doing is deciding for yourself, based upon the fundamentals.

You looked into a company that you like that company, so you want to invest that money, the whole goal, the whole thing with investing in particular stocks, investing your own money, is the fact that you’re taking the power out of other people’s hands.

And you’re taking it into your own hands, okay? But if you just follow the stocks I buy, and you’re just like, oh, Jeremy bought a stock ABC, I’m buying that stock, I’m Jerry bought stock XYZ I’m gonna buy that stock.

If you’re just doing that, literally all you’re doing is just putting the power in my hands and I don’t want that power. That’s the whole thing I’m trying to teach you guys is not to ever let someone else have the power over you.

You and making your own decisions because you have that belief in that confidence in that strategy and that discipline to go out there and do it. If you’re just buying the stocks that buy you’re not you’re not you’re not taking power in your own hands.

Taking power in your own hands means buying stocks for yourself. Okay? And it’s a massive and I see all the time, Jeremy I bought stock and I lost money because I bought this stock that you you believed in or whatever, it whatever or I made money on this stock.

Thank you so much for you know, saying that name. And I’m like, What do you guys do and like, it’s fine. If I mentioned a stock and then you go research in the stock and you’re like, I love this stock.

I researched into it. I love everything about a nouveau investment. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. Okay? But the issue comes in when you just buy it when you’re simply just buying and selling shares because I buy and sell shares.

That’s a huge issue, guys. It’s literally goes against everything I teach, okay, you might as well just invest in a 401k or whatever, at that point. Okay. second issue I have. Oh my gosh, and this one’s really bothers me.

This one really bothers me. Maybe just as much maybe not quite as much but um, let’s say this guy’s listen this so I sell courses. I felt like a couple courses. You know, they’re linked in the description, right.

So listen to this 30% 30% three out of every 10 people that buy one of my courses, never even opened one episode, never even watch one episode, I can see all the statistics behind everybody that looks at every single episode.

I can see it all in the background, right? In 30% of people that buy one of my courses, never even open one episode. That’s just like, that’s just like, so disappointing. To me. I’m like, why even buy it? Like, I appreciate it.

Like the money goes to me and I can you know, feed my family with that and do things and invest more money. That’s awesome. But at the same time, 30% of people don’t not even like you know.

It’s one thing if you watch the whole course and then you never apply it like that’s already already an issue right? Like you you watch the whole stock market course and you’re like I don’t wanna invest in stock market and then you never invest the stock like okay, whatever right.

But the fact that three out of 10 people will buy a course and then never even open one episode that’s like a mind blowing to me guys that’s mind blowing say why even buying in the first place like the knowledge is out there for you.

I spend hours creating those courses sometimes you know, months creating them my 51 video course like that took a ridiculous amount of time. I poured it into that one and then people buy it and you know 30% of people don’t even don’t even watch.

One video not even one they literally sign up they literally buy in and they never even touch it. Like Come on guys like like like like at least put in the work ethic. How are you ever going to be a successful investor if you came in watch a video course you bought late like.

It’s just not it’s not your Cut out for this Okay, so stock market investing individual stock picking it’s a tonne of research if you can’t even watch a course that you bought lately you’re not cut out for this game guys like get serious man.

This this should be every single person that buys one of the courses should watch the whole course every single video in that course like why pay for it should watch it all nevermind 30% of people don’t even open one episode is so bad it bothers me a lot.

This stuff’s been weighing on my mind for a while I’ve just been waiting to get it out. And I thought now’s the time so the whole trend follow thing let’s just buy stock because Jeremy’s buying it quit that guy’s like, like quit that right now.

Like you take the power in your own hands, man. That’s the whole key. The whole key is when you take the power in your own hands, man, never. I’m trying to teach people how to fish not trying to go fish for people. Like guys get with the programme. That’s all I got to say. not mad just disappointed. That’s all

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