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And why I think its going to be a home run sock in the future! I will also go in depth on my bull case in this video!! I believe this is a good value in this stock market.

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Hey guys, welcome into today’s video,thank you so much for joining me, as always hope you having a phenomenal day out there. Alright, in this video, I’m gonna tell you why I have been buying a certain stock so big like very heavily for 2021.

And I just started buying the stock a couple weeks ago, like basically within the past week or two and I am building this position very aggressively, very fast. Okay, this is going to be one of those bs videos where I go into my Phobos thesis on a company and this is a company I’ve never gone into a full bullish thesis on. I’ve only mentioned it one other time, I think in the literally the history of the channel.

I’ll give you my full bullish thesis on this. Okay, I’m going to show you exactly how much money I have in the stock right now, I’m going to share with you exactly how much more money I’m going to put into the stock. And I’m even going to share with you the price points that I’m looking to buy.

Where do I add aggressively? Where do I kind of chill back a little bit? Okay, I’m very confident that this will be my next home run stock. Okay. And when I say my next home run stock, I’m basically talking about stock that goes up 100% or more. Okay, we have a very, very, very, very long list of homerun stocks just in the past year or two.

Like it’s been ridiculous. Okay. And I feel this company I’m sharing with you here today will be my next one. Okay, I think this stock has two x plus potential in front of it, if not a lot more than that is a food company I’m going to tell you about here day. Okay, a food related company. Yeah, it’s not a tech stock. Although this company is highly innovative. It’s not some tech stock or something like that.

But this is a food company that I think is going to lead to x if not a lot more than that in future years. And it’s not beyond me, it is not very good food company. My other two investments, you guys know, I’m invested in beyond meat, right. And I’m also invested in a very good food company, to other companies that are at very different stages in this company kind of feels like it’s in the stage right kind of between beyond meat and very good food company were very good food companies very, very early days, right? Beyond meats more well established.

I feel like this company I’m going to tell you about here today is kind of reading between those two, okay? And no is not Coca Cola, I just have to see that headline. And I was like, oh, man, that’s rough. Kay, this is a most innovative time period we’re living through right now in food since the 1940s and 1950s.

Okay, there’s not been this much innovation in this space, literally since the 40s and 50s. That’s why I am investing in several different companies. You guys know I got the beyond me investment, the very good food but now I’m adding this one on top. This is going to be three super innovative companies that are participating in the food space, but I’m just looking at it and

I’m like this isn’t this is a historic time we’re going through literally since like, if you guys don’t know basically the like fridges, okay, refrigerators, freezers and stuff like that. Like it wasn’t just like around from like the beginning of human history. Okay, the fridges started becoming very popular after world war two in the 40s. Okay, in the 40s and 50s. It was a game changing time period for food,okay, and a ton of massive food companies were built out of that time period. Okay, TV dinners were created in the 50s.

And that was just, it was just a special time for the food industry because of some of the technology that was happening at those particular times. And I’m looking right now and I’m like, I think the innovation speed is going way faster than back then. And this is a whole game changing. Okay, so hope you guys enjoy this video. As always enjoy this time period. We’re in human history when it comes to food.

Because this is the biggest game changing time we’ve seen literally in decades and decades and decades, a long, long time like generations. Okay? If you don’t mind smash that thumbs up on the helps YouTube channel out massively 10,000 is our goal today. I don’t think we hit it yesterday.

But I think this video is going to be big enough that we could actually potentially hit 10,000 thumbs up on this video. So can we hit it, it’s all up to you guys. I hope we can all right, you want to join stock hub it’s absolutely free to do so that’s going to be linked down in the description also have those one as a pinned comments down there.

And we actually have a category we can talk about this particular stock we’re talking about in this video. If you want to talk with you know 30,000 plus other investors out there you want to try to apply for my private stock group. You can also do that down in the description. I might also have that as one of the pinned comments. Already guys, the time has come to divulge of this company tech to Jeff Corporation.

ticker symbol TT CF on this one’s right around a $20 stock as of today. It’s been trading recently around a 1.2 $1.3 billion dollar company Okay, and oh my goodness in my bullish on this one. Okay, I’m gonna share my full bullish thesis now and then we’ll get into how much money I have in it. How much more money I’m looking to buy worth of this stock and then price points. Okay. Costco, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club.

They’re all those massive retailers already okay. And they got a ton more skews coming for those retailers. And from my understanding, by pretty much every single one of those retailers, like sales are going very strong for this company. 

So it’s not like they’re just like Getting in these retailers. And by the way, you don’t just get in these retailers unless you’re selling really well. Okay? Costco doesn’t just take you if you’re not like you got to move, big volume to be in Costco, hey, Walmart, Target Sam’s Club, you got to be moving big volumes to be in those type of retailers essentially at the end of day, let me show you guys some of their products.

Okay, I like their product packaging. I’ve tried many other different products. Here’s just a bunch of them that that they already have in the market. They got a bunch more Cummins super innovative company, and you can just tell their product packaging, like you know, once you buy one of their products, like you’re going to be able to identify future products much, much easier. 

Okay, I’ve tried so many of the products is look at my freezer. I have some of those cauliflower crust white pizzas, okay, I got some of those farmers market, right alette? Is that what you call that? Oh, man, I’m so bad at pronouncing some things. Okay.

The cold brew dark chocolate smoothie bowls, that Chi balls. You know, I’ve tried a ton of their different products out there, they got a keen product out there. Some of the things we’ve tried in and everything I’ve tried from the company has either been okay, or good. And that’s a good sign. Okay, it hasn’t been anything I’ve had where I’m like, Oh, this is nasty, like everything I’ve had has been like really, really good or just like an okay product. Okay.

Now, they’re also in Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. But when it comes to those retailers, they’re in those from their private label. So they also have a private label business, okay, where they actually produce many different like vegetable related products, and they sell those to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Okay, so they’re also in those big retailers, as well. Okay, then we’ll get into my full bullish thesis.

But let me just show you guys exactly how much I have as far as skin in the game for the stock as of right now. Okay, so this is a public count of $85,000 worth of shares in that account right now. And then my big dog main private account, I have over $200,000 worth of shares in this particular stock as of right now.

Okay, so tattooed chef, they had their analysts day, I think it was yesterday, the day before came the day sometimes run together. All right. And I thought this was a really helpful presentation they put together Okay, so first off, we’re gonna start here, look at the growth over time. I mean, you know, you go back to 2010 is a company doing like $4 million in revenue. Okay.

And I mean, look where they’re at here today. You know, I mean, 148, they’re talking about well over $200 million in revenue in 2021, in the big growth has really honestly picked up when they launched their tattooed chef products, okay, their branded products, which is only like a few years old now. Okay, this is more like a 2017 2018, they really started exploring that.

Before that it was just a lot of private label stuff. And we talked about Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, some of those retailers, it was just that was kind of like their big thing. And then the major growth started when tattooed chef products started coming out. And they really started coming out, you know, in real for like the past year. Okay. Now look at this growth. 2018 $47 million in revenue. Look at 2021 estimates.

They’re expecting $222 million of revenue. You know, I love 222 million. Oh, man, just about all those twos get okay. But look at that growth. I mean, you’re talking about one of the fastest growing food companies you’re going to find out there. Okay. And if you look at the quarter over quarter year over year, oh my gosh, I mean, 9.5 million to 60 million, my goodness. And keep in mind, this is with no investment in marketing or brand.

So it’s not like they got a bunch of commercials running everywhere all over the place. No, they don’t. Okay. And so that type of growth, with basically no marketing spent is almost like historically impossible in the food industry. It’s absolutely amazing what they’ve been able to do. Okay, the company has over $90 million in cash on the balance sheet. And remember, we talked about this company was what a 1.2 $1.3 billion dollar market cap.

So having a 90 mil plus is a lot of money to have, they can reinvest that money back into the business, build out more manufacturing lines, all those sorts of things, which keep in mind, they have 200,000 square feet of manufacturing right now. They’re expected to double capacity in 2020. They’re expected to double capacity again in 2021.

Okay, so needless to say, this company is on a big build out, their manufacturing lines are going to be built and they’re going to be able to put out some crazy volumes out of these over time. And keep in mind when you’re in Costco, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, as you know, especially once we get into more of the grocery stores, which a grocery store is almost on tap for them right now.Nevermind all those other retailers expanding, like you’re gonna need, like huge manufacturing, okay, if you’re going to take this business to billions of dollars, 

okay. And speaking about some of their long term growth opportunities, obviously, we talked about 222 million expected and 21 companies talking about 300 million or so in 22 and 2023. The goal is to do over half a billion dollars or somewhere around a half billion dollars in revenue.

I 100%. Agree with those numbers. I feel very confident that the company will hit those numbers. I think they’ll do better than 222 this upcoming year 2021. Okay. I think they’ll do better than 300 million in 22. And I think they’ll do better than 500 million in 23. 

But I feel comfortable with those numbers at the end of the day. Okay. Now as far as the leadership Team obviously very important, especially for a smaller company, okay, all companies, it’s important but especially for smaller company, Sam galletti, the guy in charge their CEO and president, he’s been in the food industry longer than I had been on this planet, okay, the guy is like, you know, just a veteran in this industry, okay.

And his daughter, Sarah galletti. She’s kind of like the one that’s actually innovating. She’s just like the superhero of the company, when it comes to innovating products, coming out with something to market. You know, Sam said, you know, in interviews in the past, where I’ve watched, he said, essentially, like, Sarah is kind of like, you know, she can do things in a matter of days or weeks that other companies would take months or years to accomplish.

As far as like the innovation and the r&d, and just getting stuff done, man, and done well, and tasting good and those sorts of things. So super, super impressed by just kind of those two, specifically, you know, the rest of the management teams, from what I’ve seen, so far as good as well as just those two are kind of, you know, 

if you think about who’s going to make this company successful or not successful, it’s going to be riding with those two, at the end of the day, and you have to really put your faith in that. Okay? Now, in terms of skews Tanith schemes, okay, and they’re just continuing to expand skews. And it’s not just about like, you’re getting a new skew, but it’s about actually getting those in the retailers.

Okay. So keep in mind, a lot of these skews are so new, that they haven’t even begun to get into a lot of these retailers yet. Okay. This is a whole process, all right. And it takes, you know, sometimes a year, two years to get into some of these retailers, then you expand and expand and the company is going to have a wide range of different skews out there, they’ll test a lot of different things out, some stuff will work really, really well.

And it’s gonna sell amazing and other stuff won’t work that well, and you kind of kill off those skews. And the other ones, you expand to other retailers. And the great thing is, as you get more and more results, you can show that to more and more retailers.

And they’re like, oh, man, they’re moving 10 units a day of blah, blah, blah, product over at this retailer, we had to get this as well, because retail is at the end of the day, like all they care about is what’s moving, what’s going to move if I put it in the freezer case or wherever, okay, what product is going to move.

And so that’s what’s huge for this company over time, never mind as this company expands into products that aren’t in the freezer aisle. I mean, that’s a whole other growth factor for this company, but the one they’re going after right now huge, okay. 2021, they have a massive marketing and advertising campaign going on.

Okay. And this is the first time they’ve ever done anything like this, this is going to be huge for the brand of tattooed chef Kay. I think a lot of people that don’t know anything about this company are going to start to know the tattooed chef brand, very soon, okay, they’re going to pour a lot of money into this, it’s going to be very exciting to see what results come from this, okay, they also launched an e commerce business.

So you can actually go on their website and actually buy the products straight from basically their own website. Okay, the great thing about that business is you make, you know, way better margins on that than selling the retail is right, retailers are going to nickel and dime you all away to get the product as cheap as possible, right. And on your own website, you can sell it for whatever price you want to sell it for. Okay, they’re building up a nice email list.

And what I see as kind of being the big thing for e commerce for this company over time is not necessarily like, that ever becomes like a massive business for themselves. Although, you know, it could potentially that’s not what I’m looking for. I think it’s gonna be really like a great innovation platform.

Like if you have this massive email list of customers that love your products, okay? You can like incentivize them to try some new product you have coming out basically way before it gets into Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, any of the other stores out there. I mean, that would be really exciting. People love to be the first especially if it’s a brand they’re passionate about, they’d love to be the first to try it and give you feedback and those sorts of things. So I think that’s a brilliant, brilliant idea.

And these are things that a lot of the established big food companies, they’re not even thinking in these type of terms, okay, because there’s just, there’s a lot of big food companies are just a little too old school in their thinking at the end of the day, okay. Now, they’ve just started kind of getting into some big retailers are showing products, introducing the tattoo chef brand to some of these big retailers out there.

Okay. And so, the two big ones, in my opinion, are obviously the Albertsons Safeway, which are kind of like one company. Okay, that’s, I mean, you’re talking about 1000s and 1000s, of huge grocery stores in Kroger, which is a biggest grocer in the United States. Okay.

Those are I mean, not to say all the other accounts don’t matter, because they do you know, you want to get into more and more than other accounts, but at the end of the day, like the huge next growth vector like 2022 through 2025, it’s going to be getting in all those big huge grocery stores and getting your products distributed those and starting out with five skews and then go on to 10 skews. 1520 and kind of just continue to move up the chain there. Okay.Now, as far as like the Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco target opportunity.

Keep in mind, this is a huge long term opportunity, okay, because there’s not even like the company as of today at least is in every single Walmart or Sam’s Club or Costco or target that’s going to happen over time.

Okay, it just takes time to kind of get distribution across all the Walmart’s and all the Sam’s clubs and all the Costco and all the targets like it takes Time K, that’s a huge long term opportunity. Never mind that it’s all about the skews, it’s going to be all about getting more and more skews into these retailers.

So maybe they carried five products, but eventually over time they carry 10. And then 15 and things like that. Look at this, okay, this is a case study with Walmart, okay. And I call it the land and expand land and expand. So they started with five products, five different skews. And 467 different Walmart’s Okay, or, you know, it was a maximum amount they could be and it could have been less than that. Okay.

And basically, now there’s been, you know, something that’s happened, well, there’s obviously there must be some pretty good that now they’re going to likely go up to 11 skews, and then likely going to get more mass distribution in Walmart, okay, that’s what I call land and expand. So you get a retailer, you show them that you can do sales for your products, okay. And then you expand more skews, and more skews. And so they basically grant you more and more spots in the store. And keep in mind that these stores only have so many different spots, right.

But at the end of the day, there’s a lot of products that don’t move that great. And those ones are just waiting to be taken over and a company like tattoo chef, they look like they’re in a really good position to take out a lot of those, those companies that just aren’t moving products at the end of the day, okay, this company is vertically integrated. And this is sometimes something you might hear talked about with some special tech companies, it’s a vertically integrated company, okay? You don’t hear talked about that much in the food industry.

But it’s kind of beautiful, the company can innovate, they design their own packaging, how they want it done everything like that. They plant the product, they grow the product, and they manufacture it all. And so it’s such a vertically integrated company that they can they can out innovate a lot of these other companies out there, okay, they can maneuver so much faster than, you know, a lot of these these old school food companies, okay, they look and come out with a couple new skews a year.

And here this company is they could potentially come out with 2030 4050 new skews per year, see what’s hidden, see what’s not kill off what’s not, and make the stuff that it’s going to be you know, successful, successful. Okay. And keep in mind, as I’m doing this presentation, we’re only talking about United States of America opportunity. Okay. We’re not even talking about the opportunity for tattoo chef in Europe and across the world.
Okay. We’re just literally talking about the United States of America.

So think about how big the opportunity for this company is. Long term as a vertically integrated company. I mean, it is it is a pretty special opportunity, in my personal opinion, okay. Look at the financial performance revenues of 87% year over year gross profit of 17% year over year and adjusted EBIT up 126% year over year, those are very, very impressive numbers. Okay.

Now, they even did some very long term guidance, okay, or kind of guesstimate on what revenue could be gross margins could be in the future. Okay. So 2021, like we talked about 220 million, I think they’re gonna beat that. I think they’re gonna come in with 240 to 250. Okay.

2022, that talks about 300,000,020 23 they’re expecting that to be the first year they crack around a half a billion dollars in revenue, and then 2026, they have themselves doing a billion dollars of revenue, 35% plus gross margin, and adjusted EBIT da 20% as a percent of sales. Okay, so those numbers are interesting. Okay.

But my personal opinion, I think they’re going to crack a billion dollars for the first time actually, in 2025. The when I was running my numbers, and on what I expect them to get distribution wise, over the coming years. And, you know, as far as more skews out there than their longer term opportunity by 2025, they should start to be in, you know, Europe even as well, I think they’re gonna I think they’ll crack a billion dollars for the first time actually, in 25.

Okay, with very healthy gross margins. 35% plus very healthy, adjusted EBIT. Ah, and so that’s what I personally see if they can do that. I mean, that’s just, you know, destroying the numbers. Obviously, if you’re, you know, the CEO, the President, the company, you want to take a little more of a careful approach, let’s call it that, okay. 

And I’m all for that I would rather have them, you know, beat to the upside than disappointed investors because they don’t hit these numbers. But I definitely think some of these numbers are conservative, and like I said, 2025, in my opinion, within the first year, they crack a billion dollars in revenue, okay. And the great thing about that is, even after 2025 this company, as long as they continue to keep the pedal to the metal, they should have a massive upside from there. Okay.

Now, this just came out last week. Okay, this is big, big news. All right. tattooed chef news, innovation features, plant based meat alternatives.They’re coming out with a plant based pepperoni product, which I already tried on their cauliflower pizza bowls, very good, actually, like very good.

And I’m not just talking about the pizza bowls themselves. But I’m talking about the actual pepperoni in those bowls. Delicious, like some of the best tasting like, you know, even though it’s like, quote, unquote, fake pepperoni, right.

Some of the best pepperoni I’ve ever had in my life. I was like, this is this is actually She got an incredible kickback to it and incredible taste. Okay, so I’m really excited to see what that’s gonna do long term. And then they’re also coming out with a plant based sausage product as well.

So I am, I’m pumped, man, I gotta say, like I said, You know, I guess that Sara galletti is just in her blood, like your dad was in the food business for 100 years, man, it’s just in our blood or something, because I’m trying some of these products, I’m like, dang, he’s actually has a pretty darn good taste, and for how new school this company is, and making these type of products like they’ve only been doing this for a couple years, like, like, imagine where your company is going to be five years, 10 years from now, as far as the taste their products, and how well they’re doing things.

It’s incredible. Right now in terms of valuation, here’s where I think things get really, really compelling with tattoo chef. Okay. And once again, it’s a 1.2, let’s say $1.3 billion mark cap, something like that, as of today, as of recording this, right? In my opinion, in 2025, based upon the numbers I ran, I think this company will be doing anywhere from $100 million, at the low end to up to $200 million in net income in 2025, we’re talking them the money reaching the bottom line, okay.

And if that’s the case, like I’m paying, you know, let’s say a six to 12 2025, four p for this company. And I can say that’s a deal and a half in my personal opinion, considering I think this company is going to have massive growth way after 2025. I don’t think the company is just going to be like 2025 hits, and it’s like, oh, we’re done, you know, I don’t think that’s going to be the situation at all.

So when I look at a valuation like that, and I can make sense of it, and it looks ridiculously silly, cheap, I can easily see why this stock can potentially be a two x three x four x if not a five x stock over the next five years or so. Because you just start running the numbers and it’s like, oh, this is this is, this is pretty darn big. Okay.

Now, as far as price points for buying the stock under 20, loading the boat, that’s why I’ve been loading the boat, like literally been loading up on shares. You know, you guys saw I showed you, you know, all the shares I own already, it was like $280,000, or whatever. And that was in a matter of just the past week or two. I’ve just been loading the boat on anything under 20.

Okay, under 25. I like it a lot. It’s still definitely a buy range for me. And even anything under 30 is still very interesting from a buyer standpoint for me, okay. It’s just under 20 is where I’m loading. It’s like, just give me give me give me give me the shares, okay? But yeah, all the way up to 30. If it goes over $30 and say goes to 3132 3335, then I’m just going to be holding at that point, not really interested in buying anymore. I’ve already bought the stock very aggressively, I can continue to buy it. So anything over 30 I’m good. I’ll just hold at that point.

Okay, if you’re wondering how much more I could potentially put in the stock, I see myself buying another $100,000 worth of the tattooed chef company. Okay. But another 100 K, that’s what I could potentially see. Okay, now, let’s talk about the risk. Okay. The main risk I see with this company is if they were to get complacent, 

okay, so let’s say hypothetically, they just get lazy, they stopped innovating products, they stopped caring about getting more skews. And they just I don’t know, they just get complacent, which sometimes happens with companies, that’s obviously the risk with this company, okay, that it could run into where they get complacent.

They don’t continue to innovate, they don’t continue to excite their their customer base or things like that. Okay, that’s a risk, and I’m willing to take that risk in the stock. Okay. And that that’s something that could always be said for any company. But I will say if there’s one industry where you can be complacent, and it’s actually Okay, it’s the food industry, okay. I mean, you look at, you know, look at like, I don’t know, like cookie companies, for instance, okay, like chips ahoy.

They haven’t done much there for like 100 years, okay, and people still go buy Chips Ahoy, okay, Oreos, they might come out with a different look of an Oreo, right? Like, oh, it’s Halloween time.

So we got an orange Oreo or something like that, right? I mean, look at that company. It’s been like, you know, there for 100 years, right? Tv did or companies like that, you know, if there is one industry, you can be a little more complacent. It’s a food industry. I do not expect this company to get complacent. But that is a risk.

And that’s something I have to be willing to take is if they got lazy and they just like, whatever. Okay, I hope that’s not the scenario. Okay. But the reward for me on when it comes to companies I can to extra forex my money over the next five years. So I’m looking at this, and I’m saying there’s not much downside in my personal opinion, actually, very little downside potential.

Is this a stock? I could see falling? 50 60% not really, okay. Unless there was some, I mean, literally, it’s hard to imagine the stock falling 50% like, I literally can’t even go there. It just doesn’t even make sense. Okay.The worst case scenario, in my opinion is just kind of like the stock would be stagnant for years because they just stopped innovating. They stop, you know, caring about growing the company or something like that. Okay.

But the reward potential, literally two x two, four x my money over the next five years. So I’m looking at this and I’m like, Can this company become a 3 billion 4 billion $5 billion company over the next five years? I honestly think it can easily become that. When I look at it.

You know, they’re the Perfect type of company to capitalize on there’s a massive growing trend of people changing diets and the way they eat, and just this whole massive change in the food industry we’re going through right now. Okay? And so when I look at it from that perspective, it’s just it’s too darn attractive of stock for me to say, nah, let me just stay out of it.

But I really want to hear from you guys, you know, look into this company a little bit. And let me know what you think about it. I really want to hear from you guys in that comment section. And maybe even come back to this video in the future. Once you’ve looked into the company, I would love to hear from you guys on your perspective on tattoo chef.

And if you think this is a potential huge stock in the future, now my hope with this stock is if people want to invest in this company with me, I’m hoping that people are really in it for the long term because this is a type of company that has like 510 15 years of huge growth in front of them my personal opinion.

So I’m hoping like if people buy into this, they’re not just buying into it just for a short term trader because oh, Jeremy talked about so it’s going to go up 1020 30% or something that I’m really hoping that if anybody buys in, they’re actually like coming from it from a standpoint like I am where I’m looking at this company. I’m like, why would I just like I could have already sold off the stock, but why would I sell off the stock after a 1020 30% gain? It just doesn’t make any sense. Like this is a company that could potentially double triple quadruple up my money with I think limited downside.

So when it’s that type of scenario, it’s like why would I want to sell off with like a little money like why do I want to chase the breadcrumbs at the end of day like
I want a loaf of bread and so my hope is if other people buy into the stock like they’re coming from my same standpoint of being a long term investor because this is very promising company want to learn more about it you can check them out at Google like tattooed chef and go there and faster page or whatever.

Pretty Pretty exciting stock so hope you guys enjoy this me sharing this with you as always 10,000 thumbs up is the goal for today’s video submission if you don’t mind, we’re gonna try to you know, break a record and hit a crazy number and I think this is a type of video maybe we could do it on.

You want to try to apply for my private stock group and learn everything I look for in stocks, how to run a portfolio, how to make money from the stock market, all those sorts of things.

You can also apply down in the comments section all players like the pin comment in all that stock hub linked in the pin comment we have a tattoo chef category created a few days ago in stock of actually it might have been like a week ago.

So that’s one of the most popular chats if you want to chat about this stock with a ton of other investors in the market. You can do so down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.


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    We will never rent, sell, or spam your information.