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Holy Smokas guys I bought a vegan meat company but it is NOT Beyond Meat! I have been buying this stock slowly for the past couple weeks and I think it has insane potential to grow into a beast stock. This company is fairly new and has a really small market cap. So, please, do your own research if you are considering this stock.

I hope you enjoy this video where I talk about a new stock that I am buying now. Leave me a comment with your opinion of this stock. Do you think it has great potential like I do. Or do you think this is just a company that will go to $0 in the future. Also let me know if you have tried their product and if you liked it.

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Well guys Holy smoke is the same no joke is I might have just bought what is maybe the next big vegan food company out there we all know beyond meat right beyond meat.

It’s the hottest of the hot vegan food companies out there that pretty much the biggest player in that market of let’s call it like the fake meats and those sorts of things right? And you know beyond meat stock has just been phenomenal right?

I mean, on the first day of trading is shot up like crazy was all the way up to like 60 something dollars a share here today it’s $161 a share that stock has performed absolutely amazing some folks feel that stock is overvalued in you know, at the end of the day, people have their own opinions.

That’s none of my business case. I don’t own beyond meat stock right now. I used to own it made some decent money on it. I don’t own it right now. It’s none of my business. That’s the you know, everybody can argue about if that stocks overvalued or not okay, but at the end of the day.

I want the next big huge potential vegan company out there and I’ve been looking for and I think I have been able to find what I believe is the next big potential vegan company out there keep in mind beyond meat has a valuation of over $10 billion dollars on it.

Okay, so I mean, we’re talking about investors are hungry for these sorts of stocks and no pun intended. And these stocks are performing amazing the capital markets want these type of companies to succeed in a major way a lot of people look at this as like the future in like something like beyond meat.

It’s everywhere now like literally like you go back a year or two ago, you hadn’t like actually look for beyond meat products. And I can tell you in most grocery stores around in, especially in my community, like every store has beyond meat.

Now I can’t I can’t literally think of a grocery store now around me that doesn’t have it for beyond me. It’s just about getting more and more product selection out there. And basically just kind of like taking market share from traditional meat products.

Okay, now, before we get into the stock, I have to give a warning out there and it’s a big warning because I know every single time I talk about a stock, there’s definitely a lot of people that go and buy that stock, okay.

And I always tell you guys do your own dang research. A lot of guys do do your own research, but you still end up buying the stocks I end up owning, Okay, I see the portfolios, I do portfolio reviews, almost every single week in the private group and consistently I see a lot of portfolios that have majority of my stocks out there.

Okay, so here’s the big warning. Okay. One is this is a super small market cap. It’s a little over $100 million company. Okay. So it’s it’s risky. There’s just no doubt about it. It’s a risky stock. It’s absolutely speculative.

Okay, it’s a very young company. This company’s only been around for a few years. This isn’t like some company has been around for 2030 years, something like that. Very young company. very speculative, very small market cap K.

That’s my warning out there. So you know, if you’re thinking about investing in this one, make sure you do your dang research. All right. So in this video, and this isn’t just your research video, can I always see those comments like I did my research? I watched this video No. Okay. Do your own dang research out there.

Okay, four things we’re gonna get into in this video here today. All right. The first one is why a vegan stock? Two What is this vegan stock? I’m buying three why this particular stock K and last thing we’ll get into number four is am I going to buy more of this talk or am I done buying hope you guys enjoy this video.

As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up helps up youtube channel massively in the algorithm. I appreciate each and every one of you guys, I would love to hear your opinion on this company as well in the comment section if you want to try to apply to get in my private stock group and join the six seven figure investors in there.

Go ahead and check out the first link in the description down there and see if you can get in Alright, already guys first up here. Why have he in stock? Why am I so excited about this? Why have we been looking in this category?

Well, over the past decade, especially over the past, like let’s say three years, like the vegan movement has gotten really really large. Okay, if you look at the trends for vegan for vegan restaurants, right? It’s just like a puppet upgrade, obviously with a huge dip there. That was because he was like pee grown a time at that time.

And people weren’t really trying to eat at restaurants but that way, but if you look at all these terms, like over the past 10 years, they’ve just gone up and up vegan diet right? Look at that one vegan food. What happened in January like what happened right around January first? 2017.

Like I messed up literally all these charts. The trend charts around vegging are so messed up. I don’t know what happened that day. Maybe some new documentary came out on Netflix or something like that, because look at that chart.

It just like shot up like crazy and messed up the whole chart. But no doubt these charts have been going crazy. And speaking about Netflix, I honestly think Netflix is a massive reason why there’s such a huge vegan movement. I’m just gonna be honest, there’s tons of vegan documentaries.

And those vegan documentaries are pretty dang well done. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen a few of them now. And they’ve they’ve basically convinced mass amounts of people to do more research on vegan diets and why vegan diets are good for you and things like that.

And I think Netflix is single handedly the biggest reason in the world why there’s mass amounts of people having mass amounts of interest over the last three to five years in these vegan diets. Just no doubt in my mind, and this vegan movement, it’s not just a trend we see sometimes diets come and go, right.

And they’re just like trends. But this whole vegan movement, this is not a trend in my personal opinion is not trend at all. Okay? There are real reasons why people are choosing this diet. Some people, they just don’t like the slaughter of animals in respect.

You know that that’s definitely a segment of the population out there is strictly vegan because they don’t want to see that the slaughter of animals, okay, there’s another segment of folks out there that do it for dietary reasons. So they believe that a vegan diet is more healthy for you than a meat based diet. And, you know, I’m not going to get into whether that’s true or false.

Everybody’s got their own opinion on that. And that’s like arguing over religion, okay. You just can’t do it. It’s like our politics. Obviously, we’re in political season right now. You just can’t do it. Like everybody has their own opinion, respect, okay.

There’s a lot of people that do it for that reason. A lot of people that do it for environmental reasons, and there are a lot of folks that do it for a combination of all three of those reasons.

Okay, so this isn’t just a trend is not just going away and beyond me has been part of taking this mainstream my opinions Netflix and beyond me are the two most important like entities in the world over the last five years on why vegan like ism has become such a big thing out there is because of Netflix and because of beyond me, in my personal opinion, here’s Jeremy’s vegan food charter K.

That’s food consumption of like vegan, like meatless products and things like that. Yeah, it’s just going to go up and up over the next 10 years, there’s no doubt in my mind, more and more people are starting to replace some meals with some of these products and I just see it growing like crazy over the next 10 years.

Needless to say, Okay, so that’s why I am picking like a vegan category and I want to play in one of these stocks in this space because it’s not going anywhere except up in my opinion. Okay, what stock is it?

This company is called the very good food company ticker symbol in the states is v r YYF. You have to buy an OTC unless you’re going to buy it in the Canadian market stock that’s like $1.70 here today Okay, you know, obviously that’s a pretty low price stock right dollar and some change right market cap of a little over $120 million on this one.

Like I said this stock is absolutely speculative and absolutely is a risk This is a young company that is very early days you know you don’t get stocks in this lower price brackets unless it is you know, speculative let’s just put it that way.

This is not a Wynn resorts This is not a test of my so this is not an FB This is not a sky work solutions. This isn’t some of those stocks I buy and I you know, do pretty well on this is this is this is more than planet category. Okay. No doubt about this one. Okay, very good food company.

Here’s what I bought so far. Okay, I own over 40,000 shares of this one so far. And cost base on this one. And we’ll talk later about if I’m going to buy more and how much more I want to buy cost based on this one’s $1.48 right now.

And as far as how we’re doing on so far, we’re doing pretty dang good. We’re already up $10,000 on this particular stock already. And this is literally just a stock I bought in like the past week or so.

So we’re already doing really, really well on this stock. So far, the very good food company owns a website called very good butchers.com. Okay, and I gotta say the branding is really good. I just love their website. I love the branding of the products, things like that.

Now, if you look on their website right at the top, basically look at this, due to overwhelming demand, processing time on orders will be two to three weeks, okay? So it’s not like if you place your order today, it’s not like you’re getting it tomorrow or something like that.

There’s too much demand for them right now. And there’s countless retailers, grocery stores that want to have their products in their stores. They just can’t right now because simply like demand is too high for where the companies that they’re trying to expand the team’s production facilities. We’ll get into that in this video as well.

And all those sorts of things. But literally they have to continue to tell retailers at the moment No, okay, they’re going to expand production massively over the next couple years and they’ll be able to start saying yes, but for right now there’s just way too much demand to keep up with for this particular company.

Okay, and if we go in and we look at the products they have on their website, they have burgers they have taco me a very British banger What is that? Okay, I guess it’s some sort of a sausage thing there okay.

They had begun smoking bangers stuffed brass, which I assume kind of tastes like Turkey. I’m not sure like the bacon is sold out there. They have a roast beef type product, they have a steak type product, they have a rib type product, right?

The the steak the ribs, those are sold out on the website and then they basically have like a hot dog competitor, okay, called the very good dog and I placed a pretty, you know, a decent size order I placed like an order that was 100 something dollars, about a week ago and we’ll see when that order gets here, I’m gonna try all the products out and see you know, how they taste and those sorts of things.

They also have a monthly meet Club, which essentially if you subscribe, you can save money. It’s similar to like Amazon has this on some products on their website right where you can subscribe and save and you get it delivered like every 30 days.

And so this company is going after that as well. Which I think is a Rather smart idea growth, you want to talk about growth. This is growth on a whole other level. Okay, I own some super fast growing companies, but I don’t own anything other than this stock that’s growing this dang fast.

Okay, revenues were up 395% year over year, that’s just read dunk gallons. Okay, just ridiculous, almost 400% growth year over year. Now it’s obviously super small company. So these numbers, you know, are obviously growing. But yeah, that’s a crazy growth rate and this company should be able to grow, in my opinion, hundreds of percent per year for at least the next few years.

And as far as like a, you know, it’s hard for me not to see his company grow huge every year for the next decade. Plus, as far as those latest quarterly numbers, what CEO Mitchell Scott have to say he says he’s extremely confident about the financial results in q2 and sees great future potential for his business saying that, quote.

We were extremely pleased with our financial performance for this quarter with revenue growth and gross margins, both producing industry leading result with a very healthy balance sheet and quickly growing demand for our products.

We are in position of strength as we change forward with our international expansion over the coming quarters International, by the way, because it’s a Canadian company, meaning basically just the states.

Okay, I know it sounds weird. Usually, we’re talking about international expansion, it’s coming from a state perspective outward, this is actually in 4k, over the coming quarters, investors can expect to see significant progress on our next phase of growth, as we transition to becoming a much larger company with global ambitions.

Mitchell, Scott says he’s a CEO over there, okay. And I think the branding for this company is phenomenal. And I’m not just talking about the packaging, I’m just talking about, like, the way this kind of brand is seen, it’s seen as like a cleaner company than like a beyond meat or something like that. Okay.

beyond me, like, if you really look at like what’s in beyond me, as far as the product goes in, you actually look at some of the nutritional facts and things like that. It’s not very impressive, okay, as anybody that knows a lot about nutrition, they’ll tell you, man, those beyond meat, burger patties you’re eating and then beyond meat products, it’s not nearly as healthy as you might think, let’s put it that way.

And so I think this company for a category that a lot of people like to be very educated on what they’re putting in their bodies, I think this is big, okay, because I think they’re just a much cleaner product and company, then beyond meet some of the other competitors. And that could actually give them a big advantage over the long term.

If this company has seen if somebody is going to a grocery store shelf, and they have an option to get a beyond meat product, or you know, something from the very good food company. And they look at these two products and like the very good food company has a much cleaner product, a much healthier product for me, what do you think those folks are going to choose?

All obviously, they’re going to choose the better product, if they care about that, if they’re making that decision to go out of their way to have a vegan diet, they’re probably going to care about that, right? This is really, really key in this whole scenario.

Okay. Now, Mitchell, Scott, he’s done a phenomenal amount of interviews on YouTube, okay. And these interviews tell you a lot about the company and the brand in what they’re doing. And those sorts of things.

And I love the story of this company, him and his family and his brother in law, basically, they had a get together one time, his brother was a chef who was also happy to be vegan, he wasn’t like happy with the type of products that were out there.

They weren’t clean enough and those sorts of things. And him and Mitchell Scott and getting together and kind of forming this company that they just been building out in building out. Okay. And so when I look at this company, they’re very good food company.

I see a story on point, a story that that you know, just like, it all makes sense, okay. The branding, in my opinion is absolutely on point with this company, the growth is Khorasan with this company just flat out crazy. And they’re building out the team very fast.

I mean, they’re gonna probably double up, triple up quadruple up employees just over the next 12 months, okay, they’re absolutely building that team very fast. And they’re going to attract a lot of talented individuals in the food category space, in my opinion, you know why? Because they’re going after a massive opportunity.

They’re young company. And a lot of folks love that type of story where they can be part of a smaller company like this and grow it into being the next big beast in the food category versus you just stay at some boring company in and you know, that’s just gonna sell the same amount of Oreos every year, something like that.

Right? So I think they’re going to get actually a lot of talent over to this company in the food category space. big huge news came out last month on September 3. Okay, this is huge.

The very good food company is pleased to announce that it is proceeding with its planned expansion into the United States market with a new strategically located California production facility that will significantly increase very good food company’s production capacity in support growth in the company’s wholesale in e commerce sales in the United States.

This is huge. Okay, I mean, this is the biggest thing the company can do. Literally right now on September 1 2020. The company signed a lease for approximately 25,000 square feet of space. In a fully built out food production facility located in Paterson, California, the California facility.

Requires minimal renovations as it already contains key food production infrastructure, such as coolers and freezers allowing for it to be brought online at an expedited timeframe when the initial 25,000 square feet is operating at full capacity.

After a ramp up period, the facility is anticipated to have a maximum production volume of 550,000 pounds per week to supply demand for very good food companies products in the US market. Under the terms of the lease very good food company has a right of first refusal on an additional 25,000 square feet in the same building to double the footprint of its facility.

Within the overall complex over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space is also available to the company for cold storage as its operations expand.

This is huge. Okay, the lease for the California facility provides an initial term of five years and seven months with renewal options for two consecutive five year terms. The base monthly rent under the lease is $24,743.

With the first payment due April 1 2021. The California facility is strategically located on the same property as one a very good food companies recently announced third party logistics providers such that the product can be delivered for distribution by a way of short haul forklift at minimal cost.

With no time in transit. The California facility is also located on key shipping routes for ground transportation to wholesale clients in in close proximity to key suppliers of input products. This is huge, guys. I mean, absolutely huge.

Now, in my opinion over time, this company is going to need more production facilities. I think they’ll probably do one in Texas eventually, I think they’ll probably do one in the North East at some point, and maybe something in like Florida area at some point in time as well.

Okay, I think this company, if they’re going to really expand the way I think they can potentially do over the next 510 years, they’ll need several facilities, but the most important one is to get in California first because that’s their biggest market in the States as of right now. And that will probably always be their biggest market in the States.

Okay. Now also this company raised money very recently 5.2 million Canadian dollars as well as they obviously went public this past year as well. So the definitely a well funded company that is having no issue raising capital.

I mean, no issue raising capital, and why would they they’re in like the perfect space, the vegan movement, obviously, a vegan company beyond me, like, it just makes sense that this company can raise capital very easily, and they should continue to have to raise capital, as they expand this business out to further and further Okay, now, my spec stocks have to have very key things,

if I’m going to invest in a company like this very good food company, they have to have four key things for me to want to put my money in risk my money versus something much safer, like an NF B or Google McDougal or something like that, okay, it has to have huge Tam opportunity.

Like we’re talking about the category, the company’s going after has to be massive k can’t be like a niche category, the company has to have huge growth going for them, the company has to have real possibility of scaling this business to a massive level, right? It’s so key if it doesn’t have real possibility, and it’s just a pie in the sky dream. It’s not worth me investing.

And I know a lot of people get into trouble with some spec stock sometimes, because they’ll invest in something that they don’t have real possibility and making it work. It’s just like a bunch of hope out there. Okay. And it has to be a company that proves that they have easy access to capital, okay.

And if I look at this company in a very good food company, and why I’m so excited about this stock, it has not one, not two, not three, but all four of these key categories, okay? The Tam opportunity for this company is about as big as you can possibly get, right? It’s food, okay, it’s food, and it’s in the perfect space.

The Tam is literally unlimited for this company. Okay, huge growth, the company just grew for almost 400% last quarter company should continue to grow hundreds of percent from months ago in the future, actually more than likely years to go in the future. Okay, real possibility.

This company like is legit putting things together, and they have a real possibility of becoming a massive massive food company, there’s just no doubt in my mind that they have a real possibility of achieving that in absolutely, this company has easy access to capital, whatever they want to raise, they can raise, they’re obviously already proving that out there.

And they’ll continue to as this company gets more and more built out, and it becomes less and less speculative. Hopefully, in future years, more and more money is going to be lent out to them because everybody’s gonna be looking at this and looking at this and they’re gonna look at the growth rates and say that this company could be the next beyond meat.

And so who’s not going to loan them money of course, they’re going to have easy access to capital because the TAM is so dang big and the possibility is so dang big and Growth is so dang big. So it all lines up perfectly.

I mean absolutely perfectly to be a what I call a super spec stock as in a, just a great one. Let’s put it that way, we’ll see what happens over time, obviously. But I have pretty big expectations. And I think this one’s gonna do pretty well for us.

Now, am I interested in buying more stock? And the answer is yes, I’m willing to buy about 40,000 to $50,000. More. And that’s okay, it is spec. So I do have to live in my position sizing.

If I put let’s say I put another 40,000 in stock, they’ll put me right around $100,000 into the stock. That’s what I’m willing to risk in a spec stock at this point in time. For me overall, okay, and that’s about it now $100,000, it’s a decent amount of money in stock for me, but it’s not even close, we wouldn’t even be close to my biggest positions. And as far as sizing goes there.

So, you know, it definitely would be a good size position. But it’s not like it’s insane for me or something like that. So that’s about what I could see there. And the way I look at this one in regards to like this one versus a planet or something like that.

Because I know like people always love to compare different stocks and the planet is way different stock and company than this one, right. So the way I look at this, this actually has higher reward potential in my personal opinion, then planet, I think planet has massive upside over the next 510 years as well.

But very good food company, I think actually has even more potential upside, believe it or not the in the planet, I don’t think it’s like a ton more, but I think it actually has more potential reward. However, with that little more, you know, potential reward.

I do think it’s slightly higher risk than the planet, the plane is much more built out than then this company, okay. And the planet has a really talented, kind of like two CEOs at the company.

Okay, I just feel like it’s a little safer of a stock than this very good food company. So you know, the kind of like, give some take some little little higher reward potential, little higher risk as well with is very good food company.

But keep in mind, if this company could ever become a beyond meat, it’s going to be 100x. For me, it’s going to be 100x stock for me. I mean, it’s crazy. If you can find a 10x stock nevermind 100x stock, I’m not banking on this one ever becoming a beyond me, I’m really not.

But can this company TEDx potentially, over the next five or 10 years, I think they definitely have the possibility to do that as long as they execute. And they continue getting the story out around this company, and the branding stays on point.

And they can get the distribution hit, like you know, I mean, it legit has a probability of going like a 10x this could you know, you could definitely see a day when this is a billion dollar company.

As far as Mark cap goes, as far as a 10 billion like beyond me, that remains to be seen, they’re gonna need to execute on a super high level for literally the next decade for this to be the type of company that 100x is but it definitely is a possibility.

And that’s what’s exciting about a spec stock because sometimes you get some some extraordinary opportunities versus you know, you buy something like Coca Cola, Pepsi, those are great stocks for preserving wealth, right? But are you even going to double up your money No, you know, never mind a 10x or 100x in a stock like that.

So hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up button, it helps out the YouTube channel massively. And that lets me know you guys appreciate that I shared a stock like this with you.

Also, if you want to get in the hub, go ahead and do it down there a second link down there you can chat for free with investors out there about different stocks and we will create a very good food company tab

I’ll probably do that within the next 24 hours and everybody wants to talk about this stock can actually talk about it in there. We got a ton of other company tabs as well. Also if you want to try to apply to get in my private stock group you can do so down there and the first link in the description. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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