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Well today I am going to talk to you about 13 stocks that I am personally invested in. Not just invested in but I have a large amount money invested in these stocks. These stocks aren’t in order from biggest to smallest its just a list of the stocks that are my biggest holdings.

Not only will I talk to you about 13 stocks but I will tell you why I like these stocks and what their future looks like. This isn’t a super in-depth stock video because I would be recording all day! But I hope you can see these stocks and maybe one of them grabs your attention and you are able to research it on your own and make an investment!

Hope you enjoy this video! It is fun to talk about all the stocks that I own but today I’m only talking about 13 stocks that I own. Let me know what you think of these stocks in the comment section. Let me know if you are an owner of any of these stocks. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Welcome to sunny Arizona hope you’re having a great day out there. As always, today I get to share with you 13 stocks, I have a minimum of $150,000 in each. Okay, these are my biggest of my big positions I have in the stock market. These are the stocks that I believe the most in for the coming years.

And I’m gonna tell you a little bit about each one of these stocks, we can’t go super in depth about each of the one of these stocks, obviously 13 stocks, I’d be like a four hour video and I just don’t have time to record a four hour video today. But I’m going to tell you a little bit about my bull case on each of these stocks. So hope you guys enjoy this.

As always, as far as thumbs up, we’re going for 22,222 thumbs up on this video, if we hit that,I tell you what, I’ll buy $22,222 worth of Tesla stock next week, okay, I don’t think we’re gonna hit that. But man, if we do, I’ll gladly buy it.

I’ll make a video about everything. All right. And also, if you’re looking to apply for my private stock group that will be linked in the description, also have that as maybe the pinned comment down there.

If you’re trying to scale your portfolio to six figures, seven figures and beyond that is a great group to join. If you’re looking to join stock hub, that’s our discord chat. It’s absolutely free to join in there.

And yeah, basically, that’ll be linked in the description as well already guys, let’s get into this first one of these 13 stocks up here that I have a minimum of $150,000 in is beyond me, okay, ticker symbol b, y and D. And by the way, this list is not like smallest positions two biggest positions or biggest positions to smallest positions,

I just put it in a random order some of these stocks, I might have a few $100,000 in some of these stocks, I might have over seven figures out okay. So beyond me right now is about a $9 billion market capitalization.

And this is the the leading company when it comes to plant based meat products, okay, and they’re not just in the lead, they’re in the lead by a mile. Okay? If you go to almost all grocery stores, they’re now carrying beyond me pretty much across the board.

And they’re doing deals with everybody you want to do deals with, we’re talking to McDonald’s. And we’re talking young brands, the biggest of the big fast food chains, restaurant chains, beyond meat is working deals with all those folks who came in the company supposed to already be profitable in 2022.

And you know, the for fast growth companies, sometimes these companies don’t reach profitability for you know, quite a while because they’re just adding so many employees and so many different costs to the business at a given time sales, marketing teams, things like that. And sometimes profitability isn’t the most realistic. But this company’s already supposed to hit profitability next year.

Okay, as far as current year here in 2021, company’s supposed to have 44% revenue growth, and that is a huge acceleration year over year. And then the following year, this will have 47 to 48% revenue growth in 2022, which is another re acceleration of growth for beyond meat. So beyond meat, there’s no doubt the stock trades rich, okay. There’s no debating that in the short term.

But at the end of the day, like where do you think beyond meat is in five or 10 years from now, I mean, this company should be massively bigger. Think about the international opportunity for be on me. They’re opening factories basically, very recently, in China, China alone could be a market two x three x, if not for x the size of the United States long term for that company.

And you just think about the opportunity for this company around the world. This company should be not just a multi billion dollar revenue company per year, but probably a 10 billion plus dollar number, longer term.

So beyond me, he’s got a very bright future as long as they continue to innovate, and continue to maintain their brand. They continue to work out deals, they just worked out a deal with Pepsi for distribution, a bunch of new snack products in different categories. Recently, this company makes deals all over the place.

Ethan Brown is a game changer, their CEO. Yeah, beyond me, it’s attractive stock for long term investors short term, who knows man, the stock could go to $100 for all I know, in the short term and $90. But for long term investors, I’m glad to have you know a significant amount of my money in that stock mixed up here stock number two of 13 is Dropbox ticker symbol DB X on this one, it’s a $23 stock here at a $9.5 billion market cap.

Dropbox is known as a cloud company, smart workspaces, collaboration tools, things like that for like small organizations, mainly, you know, organizations really with, you know, 100 employees or less than the company also owns hellosign, which is competing in basically the signing of documents space, we know DocuSign is going to win that category long term.

That’s something we do know Okay, however, who’s going to be the number two player long term in that space? I think hellosign has a great opportunity to be the number two player in EA signing documents long term and if that’s true, that’s huge. Okay.

The company trades like insanely cheap okay. It’s been trading anywhere between a billion dollar mark Kevin and a $10 billion mark cap recently. The Ford P is 17 in this company. Keep in mind this is a growth company with virtually no customer concentration, recurring revenue streams that continue to grow for this company, always growing customer base for them. It trades that afford pa 17.

It’s one of the most disrespected stocks in the entire stock market.Keep in mind, you know,if I’m buying Dropbox here today, I’m paying a lower valuation for this company, then it was valued in 2014. Okay, that’s ridiculous.

absolutely ridiculous. So one thing is maybe they overpaid in 2014 paying 10 billion in that private realm. But also, I think this company’s insanely undervalued in 2014, it was probably overvalued stock a in in nowadays, I think it’s very, very undervalued. And that happens with stocks.

Sometimes I remember, you know, Tesla was in a phase it back in 2013, where that stock got insanely overvalued, like ridiculously overvalued. And then next thing you know, is 2018 2019 and the stock got insanely undervalued.

And I see something similar happened with Dropbox where it was insanely overvalued back in 2014. And nowadays it is insanely undervalued in the market long term will will will show its colors through in Dropbox will be a stock that two x’s three X’s or more for me over time, in my opinion, stock number three of 13 up here of these stocks is the FB Facebook, okay, so easy money stock straight up.

I buy this stock today, I’m probably doubling my money over the next five years probably going to more than double my money and the chances I lose money is almost non existent. Okay, everything is possible in this world when you’re talking about investing, but it’s almost non existent. Okay.

This company is like Dropbox just so disrespectful, okay, it trades at a four P of 22. Which is laughable, literally laughable because this company has massive growth ahead, look at this year go ups $10.09. This year expect to do 1133 they’re probably gonna smash that number. Okay, next year 1353, they’ll probably some mash that as well.

All right. I mean, that’s just what Facebook does. At the end the day they just smash these numbers, pretty much, almost always, as far as current year revenue growth, almost 25% expected and then close to 20%, next year and 22 as well. 

But it’s all about the story with Facebook, they’ve done a poor job over time explaining the company in terms of getting investors really excited about this stock, because this stock should trade it to x two, three x valuation today, okay, not five years from now talking about today, it should already be trading at two x two three x valuation, but I feel like the management team over there has never done a great job of explaining things.

But something exciting is happening that I think is going to be the next game changer for Facebook stock overall, and get this company to a place where it commands a much, much higher valuation because people just continue to disrespect the unbelievable business model of Facebook, the platform, the messenger platform, Instagram, Whatsapp and things like that. But where I think things are gonna change is you know, virtual reality, virtual reality is the next big thing, right.

And Oculus is at the forefront of this Oculus is owned by Facebook, and the quest to is selling unbelievably strongly. And so I believe this company is going to turn to a story really around virtual reality in terms of the growth and then Facebook and Instagram, 

WhatsApp, those sorts of things will be looked at really as like the the cash flow machines for this company long term in Oculus is really going to be the major growth thing that people can be excited about, we’ll get this, okay, Facebook’s other revenue, which most of its coming from Oculus, okay, the revenue was up 156% over last year, and this is in the most recent quarter.

So this is going to start to turn into the real story of Facebook, especially when we’re talking about if they start doing a billion dollars plus a quarter, which is very realistic, they can start hitting that even this upcoming year. 

This is where the real story is going to turn for Facebook and the company will start to command a much, much higher valuation than it has previously being that they’re going to be in the forefront of virtual reality technology, which is going to be a massive category and think about how many different virtual reality products Oculus can launch over time.

If you think it’s just going to be video games long term. I think you’re mistaken. There’s going to be so much more there is even talk that maybe long term, maybe some sort of virtual reality headset is actually what takes the place of our phones. 

Okay so yeah, you know, I would just, you know, say don’t think short sighted when it comes to virtual reality really look at the long game potential for that business case. And that’s really the story there. And yeah, it will be the biggest company in the world, no doubt market cap wise within a few years, in my opinion. Okay.

Number 413. Stock up here is the planet. Okay, so we go from one of the biggest companies in the world to a very small, one $1.2 billion dollar market cap is for the plant. And when you think about the planet, they have massive superstores. They build they have one in Vegas, and the they’re going to be opening one out in Santa Ana area, kind of in the Orange County area that wants to be opening a few months from now. And those places are epic.

The owned brand opportunity, in my opinion is much bigger for this company long term. Then actually they’re superstores and then they have smaller store formats. So they’re going to open more and more up and it seems like management teams really interested in opening smaller scale stores that still can drive incredible volume.

still give a great experience to it maybe just aren’t as epic as something they opened in Orange County and something they have here in Vegas watching I’m not even in Vegas right now I’m in Arizona, but like the store in Vegas, okay. Now, the company has about nine figures of cash right now.

Okay, nine figures of cash. And this is a small this is more company, they are so well capitalized to like expand this business massively over the coming years. And the question is, they’re already supposed to be profitable in 2021. 

The real question is, how profitable are we talking as a company that earns like, five cents 10 cents, 15 cents a share? 20 cents this year? You know, I don’t think anybody really knows I think the management team knows there’s too many moving parts with this business is too fast growth right now.

But they’re already expect to be profitable in 21. And that’s amazing for a company that is growing this fast. Okay, in 21, they’re expected to grow nearly 100% 98% growth expected. That’s another number that we just you know, no one really knows exactly where the numbers is shakeout.

I could see them posting anywhere between 80% revenue growth and 120% revenue growth for this company in 2021. Okay, lots gonna depend on when that store in Orange County opens and how fast it ramps also, how does business come back to Vegas? I think in the summer, Vegas is going to be busy. It might not be all the way back to normal but I think this summer, you know, I think Vegas is going to be busy, busy busy again.

Okay. And that store was doing numbers even when Vegas Vegas wasn’t busy. I can only imagine when Vegas returns to big business. So yeah, the playtest talk I love that one stock number 513 up here that’s a major investment of mine is revolve ticker symbol RV.lv it’s a $46
stock $3.3 billion market cap on this one e commerce player, especially when it comes to apparel, okay, that’s the way you should think about it. Average order size usually for this company, if I recall is around $300.

And that’s like small amounts of money. And if you think about apparel sales, they’re gonna come back insanely strong in 2021. This was one of my reasons I got in Nordstrom stock many many months ago when that was like a 10 $12 stock because I saw apparel sales coming back extremely strong. It’s going to prove out I was at Nordstrom this past weekend. 

I’ve never seen a Nordstrom that busy in my entire life.
I just think clothing sales in apparel sales in general are going to come back stronger this year than maybe ever literally in the history of clothing sales. It’s going to be insane. Okay, company is expected to be profitable in 2170 cents keep in mind is a young company already be profitable with scaling is impressive 70 cents expect in 21.

Don’t be surprised when they smash that as far as next year goes 97 cents expected. Don’t be surprised if they smash that as well. Okay, as far as revenue growth, ie 10%. expected for 21 I think that number is low, I think they could be 20 to 30% revenue growth and 21 for this company, and 22 expected to do about 17 and a half percent revenue growth. So a very strong growth company.

It’s a stock that I still gladly hold at this particular time still pretty small company. I mean, it’s $3.3 billion market cap. And when you think about the long term opportunity for a company, like revolve, it’s pretty massive.

And you think about how many, you know, old department stores and things like that went out of business. This just the space has gotten less competitive over you know, over the last several years.

And revolve was just in a really good position. They understand influencer branding companies pretty darn good at what they do. Okay, that’s all I’ll say about that. And I’m a big believer in a great management team store number six of 13 up here,

That is a stock that I have a tremendous amount of money on is a Tesla tsla By the way, 22,222 thumbs up or more in this video and I’m gonna buy another $22,220 worth this stock straining about $689 here day $661 billion market cap.

Tesla, I mean, you know, yeah, trades rich, there’s no doubt about it. Okay, there’s no debating whether Tesla trades which or not, is that a Ford p about 175. And keep in mind, some of that profitability will come from basically tax credits and things like that. But at the end of the day, it’s Tesla.

And what do we know about Tesla, we know this company has a decade plus of massive growth ahead. And that’s what keeps me in the stock. I don’t care if it trades at 175, four p when it’s a company that’s a game changer. I’ll just gladly continue to hold the stock. And that’s exactly what I do.

To give you some reference, we’re up 1,412% on those shares, and I will continue to be a holder of that stock. Last thing I want to do is selling take a massive tax case there. Oh my gosh, okay. I mean, I’d have to pay, you know, I don’t know 100,000 200,000 of that money to the IRS. I mean, I would gladly just continue to hold Tesla. Huge, bright future in front of a company for the next 10 years.

And yeah, I’ll continue to hold that stock long term Elan musk there. Just can’t sell it man. I love I love that company. I was just fortunate to get on before a lot of other people come on that one. And that’s something I try to always do with all my stocks like I like to try to you know, see these things out. You know, try to look at my crystal ball, see where I think see things going over time and then get in before you know the big money gets in the hedge funds in the big investment funds.

And ETFs and things like that. And something we’ve been fortunate enough to do on many of these stocks that are in this video, but obviously, especially tesl. That’s just the biggest proof case of that.

Okay, step number seven of 13. Up here is ticker symbol wb a Walgreens boots Alliance, I do have seven figures in this stock and total, okay, about a $40 billion market cap, great turnaround play, got an outstanding CEO, incoming who’s been CEO over a Starbucks on Amazon Board of Directors has been the CEO of Sam’s Club in the past. And yeah, she’s just tremendous.

I think she’s gonna do a great job there. Walgreens has an extremely low valuation on this company, it’s set up in a perfect position to succeed in the future. Obviously, the Rooney Rooney shots, they’re going to be one of the biggest givers of those shots out there, if not the biggest the United States, that’s a huge opportunity for this company to expand, you know, basically not not just from, you know, standpoint of giving the shots.

But really, it’s about driving in store traffic and brand awareness around Walgreens. And that’s what’s huge. They’re, they’re converting a ton of their stores right now, to essentially, I don’t want to call it like a doctor’s office as well.

But in the back part of the store, they can basically do a lot of like checkups and kind of almost like Urgent Care type things back there. So yeah, I mean, you know, it’s a perfect turnaround play. In my opinion, it’s very similar to when I got Nordstrom, it’s just obviously much bigger company than when I got Nordstrom came a dividend yield of almost 4%. So I get 4% a year pretty much just for holding this stock. And keep in mind, my cost basis is lower. So I think I get like 4.3 or 4.5% or something dividend yield.

So yeah, I’ll gladly continue to hold these shares. I think they’re going to appreciate greatly over the coming years. And I think there’s a good probability they could even raise the dividend in future years as well.

Okay, as far as a conference call, and and their earnings announcement, things like that March 31, so it will be this month. And yeah, I really think the numbers are going to start hitting big for Walgreens, the following quarter though, the following quarters where we’ll start to see some of these big numbers start to roll in, in store traffic roll in comp store sales will start going crazy and things like that.

So yeah, I’ll gladly hold my seven figures worth of Walgreens stock over the next several years love that one. Okay? stork number eight of 13. Up here there’s a significant investment of mine is winning resorts ticker symbol WY and n k $133 stock here at a $15 billion market cap.

And when it comes to when they make the best properties in the world, okay, another finance youtuber was out in Vegas last weekend who I know Matthew and I, you know, I had to show him the strip and I had to show him like the difference in the properties like a wind property versus some of these other companies. I’m like, Okay, let’s walk through some of these other properties.

Let’s go walk through the Harris and some of these other properties, and Caesars Palace and these other companies. And then we’re gonna walk into the wind, and you’re going to just notice a massive difference. Sure enough, he did a cake. I mean, the wind properties are the creme de la creme. If you got big money, that’s where you stay.

If you like to gain a lot, you like VIP experience, you gain at the win. Okay, that’s just named the game. They got huge properties in Vegas, the wind encore, they have two properties in the old part of Macau when an encore over there.

And then they have obviously Wynn palace. It’s on the Cotai strip, they have a property in Boston. I mean, if you were to build their properties today, I mean, you look at for between the land costs that has gone up, and I’m talking like the construction costs, because everything you know, to construct those properties and everything you have, as far as materials inside have all caught up, it’s substantially if you were to try to replicate that plus you don’t get the gaming licenses into teams. And it’s impossible, right.

But if you try to replicate that you’re looking at, I think, you know, based upon my numbers, well over $20 billion, probably $25 billion. If you don’t know like the cost of almost everything is going up. I know, they keep saying there’s no inflation, there’s no inflation.

I don’t know about that. Okay, the wind properties are magnificent, incredible structures, inside and outside. And yeah, you’re not building all these different properties for under 20 billion, I can tell you that you’re probably looking at 25 to $30 billion a day. absolutely incredible. Story number nine of 13 up here of these stocks.

I have a pretty large investment in this one I didn’t put a lot of money into but it’s just gone up so dang much. canes are very good food company ticker symbol v RYYF. When it grew into, I think a multi $100,000 position. It’s at about a $400 million mark cap really small cap company, one of my smallest cap companies. 

I’m invested in revenue growth last quarter 322%. But I mean, this is one of the fastest growth companies you will find out there. absolutely extraordinary. And yeah, I look forward to seeing their continuation of growing their business, especially in the United States this year.

They’re going to start really growing the United States in a major way. And I look forward to kind of seeing their product hopefully getting some grocery stores shelves over the next year or two. And I continue to expand that over time.

All right, start number 1013. Up here is Shopify. So Shopify ticker symbol s h, o p, this one I put in same category as a test on my so in terms of absolutely trades rich, there’s no doubt about it, the Ford P is a half the price in the stock.

However, Shopify is business model is incredibly profitable is going to be much more profitable long term. The company is a game changer, an innovator in e commerce. And they’re just going to continue to expand rapidly over the next five to 10 years. In my opinion, this company is expected to grow revenues about 40% 2021 and about 30% in 2022. They’re going to continue to grow and grow and grow four years ago in the future.

And that’s why I’m a proud shareholder of Shopify even though it trades at a you know, really rich valuation, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the most important one of the most important tech companies in the world, if not one of the most important companies in the world period in 2030. And if it’s going that place, it’s going to a trillion dollar market cap long term.

That’s why I continue to hold that one. And I’m a proud shareholder, I hope it goes under $1,000 at some point in time, I would love that if it goes under 1000 I’ll be loading the boat on that stock just flat out give me as many shippers as you can give me. I don’t know if we would ever go down there again under 1000.

But if it does, man, I will be a happy buyer. Let’s put it that way. Storm number 11 a 13 up here. GG TT f can’t talk about it. But yeah, it’s there. I think 333,333 shares of that one. Stock number 12 or 13. Up here is tattooed chef TTC f I’ve been buying this one very heavily.

Over the past few months, I plan to continue to $1.7 billion market cap Game Changer when it comes to you know plant based food products. Specifically they’re focusing around frozen products right now.

I talked really in depth about that one in three stocks on buying March edition. Okay, so in that video, there was two stocks that were for sure stocks that I’m gonna be buying. And then I mentioned three stocks that are probably buys. And tdcs was one of those stocks mentioned. So if you want more bullish thesis on that one, check out that video in stock number 13 of 13.

And the last one up here is Corsair gaming C or s r. So when I started buying very recently, I plan to continue to buy these shares very heavily as long as it’s anywhere around a $3 billion market cap, especially if it goes into the tos, I will gladly to buy that one. And that was one of those five stocks mentioned on yesterday’s video as well. So if you want the bull thesis as well as other stocks in that video, make sure you check out that one.

As always hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button if you haven’t already 22,222 thumbs up that’s a goal if we hit that on buying $20,222 worth of Tesla, my Tesla stock you want to try to apply for the private stock groups. Try join in there, learn everything be part of the private discord chat, all those sorts of things and all that other million different benefits of being in there.

You can do so there’ll be links in the description metals have that as the pinned comment down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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