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I just decided to sell something in 1 of my stock market accounts. I took a sweet profit in it and took some risk off the table. I want to talk about what i sold, why I sold it and where I will put the money next… Enjoy!

Socks had another big day day with there S&P 500 near all time highs and the Nasdaq reaching close to 10k! This stock market is a bit crazy IMO… It is a very hard market to find any good deals as most stocks are overvalued.. There are still a few opportunities in stocks though!

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Well guys, before we get into today’s feature presentation, I just want to say thank you for what is about to happen within the next 24 hours or so, we are going to hit a half a million subscribers on this channel, which is just absolutely insane and ridiculous.

I, you know, guys, I made a pivot in this channel about two years ago, which was a very hard decision, which was essentially go away from like personal finance related subjects. And just strictly talk about what I actually love to talk about each and every day, which is really like stock market investing, not that I can’t talk about personal finance things.

That’s a massive niche. Because if you do personal finance, that is everything. And to make a decision to go you know, almost strictly stock market. If you look at all the videos I released now, they’re almost all have to do with stock market related to make a decision like that was a big one, because we ended up niching way down, right?

If you’re talking about personal finance, everybody can be your potential watcher of your channel, right? When you go stock market, you’re niching way down. And so to get to this point, we’re going to hit a half million within next 24 hours or so.

I just want to say thank you guys, because that is absolutely ridiculous. Okay, like, you know, just insane. Like, that’s all I have to say like the numbers are getting insane. Okay, so thank you for that.

I thank you for each and every one of you guys that are here. And if we hit this tomorrow for tomorrow’s video, I’m going to smash a thumbs up for every single comment in the first hour, I’ll reserve an hour out of the day tomorrow, for whatever video that is if we end up hitting 500k tomorrow, I did this for the second channel when we hit 100k.

And my goodness, I never realized I’m gonna hear your comments you guys leave in the first hour of video. It’s ridiculous. It’s like, I don’t know, like hundreds and hundreds. It was like I would smash the thumbs up for comment, comment, comment, I’d have to refresh them and be done more common.

So, you know, once again, thank you guys. Okay, so in today’s video, we want to talk about three different things. There’s something I sold off here today. Okay, we want to show you that shows you exactly what price is off all those sorts of things.

The second thing we’re going to talk about is why did I make that move? Why did it make the decision to sell that off? Okay. And number three, we’re going to talk about where I will put the money next.

I know everybody wants to know all the time. Okay, you sold off something, you raise some capital there, you have some extra cash now what are you going to do with that money next? Okay. So we’ll talk about that as well. And there’s there’s several different possibilities on what I will do with that money next.

Okay. So hope you guys enjoy as always smash thumbs up. Let’s get into this guys. So what I showed up here today, or some call options, and fizzy get dizzy. Okay, and I want to talk about exactly why I went ahead and did so.

Okay. So last night, I was looking in essentially, I was like, dang, we’re up like over $13,000 on some call options. It’s been absolutely insane. Okay, up like 140% on these call options, and fizzy get dizzy.

I mean, it has treated us absolutely amazing. Okay, and so I said, You know what, go ahead and put in an order to hopefully sell these tomorrow, especially if his stock is up. And sure enough, lucky enough his stock was up here today, I put in the order last night $19.40 was a limit for those to get sold that and by the way.

Any you guys that are confused about what the heck a call option is because these were call option contracts. Essentially, they were contracts, I was betting that, you know, a fish stock was going to go up quite a bit in a short period of time, which, by the way, these these option contracts, they don’t expire until December, okay.

I’m just ditching them way early. I’m selling them to somebody else. And I’m going to make a you know, phenomenal premium on this. I let everybody know in the private discord chat. Hey, guys, I’m gonna go ahead and make this move here tomorrow.

I went ahead and made it and the order got filled and the proceeds from that order. And that being $23,271.20 to be exact. Okay, so I you know, how I was fine with that I made the decision, I ended up profiting, you know, a ridiculous amount of money.

I don’t know, $13,000, or whatever number it ended up being in a matter of like a two to three month span. Again, there’s a very short amount of time, and I can just tell you guys, you know, don’t get too excited about that, because this is a very special opportunity.

And it doesn’t always go that way. When it comes to you know, call options, put options. options can be highly volatile, meaning you could lose a lot of money in this, you know, there’s actually some option contracts out there, you could lose more than 100%. And I definitely you know, like if you do naked calls naked puts things like that.

But definitely disregard against those, you know, the most I could have lost in a contract like this, I could have lost 100% of my money, let’s say, you know, fizzy get dizzy went down and down and down.

And next thing you know, it was a $30 stock, a $20 stock and just everything went horrible, and it never came back. By the time December came, I could have lost 100% of that investment, which the cost base on this was $9,608.

So I could have lost $9,680 I was extremely, extremely confident in you know what was going to happen with fears over the you know, coming months. And whenever I do call options or put options, I have to see really an extraordinary opportunity to make money where where risk is very low in terms of going the wrong way.

The reward potential is very high. And that’s what I saw with these physical disease when I looked at it. And, you know, obviously it worked out, but the profit in that amount of time is ridiculous care to make over, you know, a double up and a two to three month span.

You know, I wish I could do that all the time, it’s pretty unrealistic. But hey, when I see those type of opportunities, I pounce on take advantage. And to look at the exact date when I went ahead and did these it was March 27. March 27, is when I actually did these physical dizzy options.

And, you know, they’ve done amazing for us. I mean, I’m absolutely amazing. Okay, so three things. Let’s go ahead and discuss now. Why did I sell these? Number two? Why did the move work? So Well, there’s some very specific reasons. So you can kind of look at this and kind of try to emulate something like this. Maybe in the future.

Remember, keep in mind these type of opportunities that work out huge up to seem very specific things. And you know, so to understand, so why something went so well like this, we have to understand a few different things.

Okay. And number three, we’re talking about where is the money going next. Okay. So one of the so I felt it was time to cash is at the end of the day, you know, with options, you can’t really get too greedy with these.

I mean, I made him insane. absolutely ridiculous gains, okay. I mean, that’s more than I could ever dreamed of, to have made in these options in such a short amount of time. I mean, it’s more than I could ever imagine, okay, you can’t get too greedy with these.

Because here’s the thing when it comes to a call option contract like this expires at a certain date. So it’s not like holding a stock where you can hold a stock indefinitely, right? You buy into I don’t know, Apple Corporation, and you could hold Apple for the next 510 1520 years, however long you want to hold Apple, it doesn’t work like that with the call option contracts.

These are expiring in December, okay, is December of this year, regardless of you know, anything else. Okay? So which means essentially, if for any reason this stock starts to weaken, the market starts to weaken anything across the board.

In these, these option contracts become less and less valuable over time, I could lose potentially all of my profit or a significant amount of my profit in this one, because they expire in December, you can’t hold these indefinitely.

Okay. So I felt at the end of the day, it was just time to go ahead and cash these ones out. Not that I don’t believe in phys, any more than be very clear, I believe a lot in fears. Okay. And that goes into point number two, I hold a lot of shares and fears.

I think I hold a small six figure position in phys shares overall. So I’m already significantly invested in the stock. It’s just I kind of, you know, went a little, you know, to the next level when I went ahead and bought those call options, and instead of deciding to put another $9,600, in just you know, shares the stock, I decided by $9,600 worth a call options.

So I hold a ton of shares. I made a ton of money. Why should I get greedy with this one? Sure. I believe this is probably going to go more, but at the end of the day, what if it doesn’t? Okay, once again, it’s not like I hope he’s not like holding shares where you can just hold it forever and ever and ever.

Okay. So at the end of the day, I said, You know what, I’m gonna go ahead and cash and again, I hope I look back at this and I hope I say, dang, I wish I would have held it all the way till December because physicals to 80 or $90 a share.

I hope that’s a scenario because, like I said, I got a small six figure position worth of the actual stock that you know, will make an insane amount of money if that ended up happening. So I hope that is a scenario but so Dennis.

I can’t get too greedy, but this one, okay, number two, why did this move work? So Well, I think this is very important to understand this. So if you’re looking for something like this and an opportunity in the future, you can kind of identify and understand some things.

Okay. One is we got to give credit to the market. The markets been strong. Yeah, the markets surely hasn’t gone up 140% or whatever we made on those, you know, fears call option contracts. But at the end of the day, we have to give respect to the market.

Because look at the market and march 27 the Dow is at 21,600. You know, that’s that’s pretty low compared to now the Dow is approaching 28,000 now. So the market has been very strong. And when the markets strong, it’s likely in a push up all stocks Okay, including a fizzy get dizzy, obviously.

Okay, so let’s definitely give respect to the market. Reason number two is I think Wall Street’s waking up to this one, the fact that Oh, my gosh, fizzy get dizzy might grow this year, everybody on Wall Street has totally like push the stock down.

They all believe the company is going to shrink this year, shrink next year. And I think some of Wall Street is finally waking up and realizing Hey, man, you know what, maybe this company’s not going to shrink revenues.

And this is when you get a massive change in a company. This is why I felt so confident in opening up that call option position. Because when I looked at this one, I said this is not going to be a company that shrinks In my opinion this year, next year.

I think you’re actually going to grow Okay, and so that’s a game changer that is an absolute game changer. When you go from a stock that is in shrink and seeing their business model decline to also oh my gosh, this business model is drunk.

It’s a it’s a game changing effect for a stock price. And I think Wall Street is starting to wake up for that. And by the way, let me be very clear, I don’t think fizzy get dizzy is going to grow you know unnecessarily 10 15 20% revenues over the next few years.

I just think they’re going to grow in the end, okay. And at the end of the day, when you go from a business model that you think shrinking and shrinking revenues to just growing, even if the amounts of small amount, it’s a game changer for the stock, that’s how you get those stocks to go up 50% 100% in a very short amount of time, when you go from, you know.

I’ve just seen it time and time again. And that’s once again, another reason why I opened up the position. Reason number three, the stock price has risen a lot, let’s be honest, I mean, when I opened up this position, the stock was around $40 or so I think, when I bought some my shares, even got some of them actually in the high 30s.

So we’ve seen almost a 50% rise in stock price. And so those call options almost 3x to that, which is kind of what you’re looking for when a call option because if you’re opening up a call option position, you don’t want to just make the same amount of money you’re making on the shares.

Because you have the risk of losing it all if the stock price doesn’t go to a certain price by certain days. So you’re looking to get that 2x 3x 4x opportunity. And obviously, we got this. So number three, just a stock price has gone up considerably in that amount of time.

Why else has this worked? So Well, number four, it’s a small market capitalization company. Now I know, you know, some of you guys that might not be so in tune with the stock market see a $2.6 billion dollar market cap.

And you think that sounds insane. And believe me, a company worth $2.6 billion is incredibly impressive. But in stock market terms, it’s not big numbers, okay. And like we go back to if Wall Street’s starting to wake up to this idea, where Oh, my gosh, fizzy get dizzy, they might actually maybe, maybe there’s a potential they could grow this year.

And some of these funds are looking at this one, they’re looking at some of the channel checks and some of the data they have that a lot of us retail investors just don’t have right. And also they’re starting to think, wait, maybe this one actually grows next year.

You know, when some investor momentum gets in a name like this, and it’s a small market capitalization, you can see the price increased dramatically in a very short amount of time. And as we’ve seen, the stocks gone up what 50% in less than three months, right 50% in less than three months, and just a lot of momentum in the name.

Reason number five, Why think the stock has gone up so much is keep in mind. What have we seen from companies out there, over the past several months, balance sheets get worse and worse and worse, more dangerous and dangerous bonds being taken out as extremely high rates, rate debt being taken out credit facilities drawn on all these different things.

And here we have physical dizzy with a balance sheet, that is just a stunning, okay, no debts in the balance sheet. 200 million plus in cash actually over 250 million. So you’re looking at a company that as of today has about 10% of its market capitalization, just sitting around in cash.

And so if you’re an investor, a fund anything like that, and you care anything about balance sheet, you’re looking at fizzy get dizzy as an extraordinary opportunity for an unbelievable balance sheet company. Okay.

And so for all those different reasons, this is why this move ended up working out so well. And I’m thankful everything worked out the way it did. And I’m you know, once again, I hope this one goes up a lot more cuz I make a lot more money on the shares.

And I hope you know, in three months from now, six months from now, nine months from now, I’m looking back, I’m like, dang, I should have held those options all the way to expiration, okay, let’s get into the last part number three here, which is where will I put this money next?

I know a lot of people are wondering this one. Okay. So obviously, with the proceeds being 23,000 plus dollars, it’s a good chunk of change that now I can put somewhere else. Okay. So sometimes what I will do with the stock if I if I you know, sell out of a call option position like this, sometimes we’ll just buy the underlying shares of that company.

I don’t really see myself doing this one with national beverage Corporation. It’s $59 a share here today. Once again, I think the stock is going to go up even more over the next you know, a remainder of time, let’s just put it that way.

But here I am with a with a you know, a six figure position already in this one. I don’t really need to buy more national beverage Corporation, especially since the shares have gone up 4050 whatever percent since we got in just a few months ago.

So here. Ah, although it might be tempting, I’m gonna say Nah, I’m good. I’m not going to buy more fish stock here. Okay, Planet 13 Holdings is a possibility. This is one of the possibilities on where I could put this money next.

It’s a maybe Okay, I did buy more Planet 13 Holdings here today. Okay, I had not a lot. I don’t mean like a few 1000 shares or so and one of my accounts, but I didn’t buy with that actual money. It was in a different account.

So it would play a 13 I could potentially buy some more. I want the stock today in fall. I don’t know what’s going on with this one. I thought after the massive move attend, which, you know, let’s look at the chart.

Let this one I mean, it had a massive move recently. I was hoping you know, I have two sides of the scale. One is I’m hoping a long term investor base emerges and plant 13 people that really want to be in this for the next 510 years. That’s a good sign but at the same time, I kind of secretly hope the stock goes down the short term.

So I can buy more shares because I do want to buy more shares at Planet 13. I bought some today, but I really want to add a lot more shares when we’re thinking in terms of buying a lot more shares. I went long If I could buy this one for a cheaper price, then you know $1.70 or roughly whatever I paid here today for another few 1000 shares.

So Planet 13 very much a possibility. I just want the stock to fall a little bit more. Okay, you know, we’ll see what happens here. Next possibility where I could put the money in more six figure club awards, like about another 20 30,000.

That is just kidding. Okay, just kidding. I just had to throw in tests on my Tesla here for a minute, having a great day. I don’t think it’s at a record high here today, but it’s getting pretty dang close is one of the best days in Tesla’s stock price history here today.

And oh my gosh, I think like 1000 at least 1000 of the 2000 plus members in the private group owned Tesla stock and we have people hidden six figures club left and right. Okay, so that’s just a funny one.

Okay, next possibility. So I listened to an investor presentation here today that was done literally just a few hours ago and I listened to it right before I record this video from cruisey doozy Cirrus Logic I hadn’t been very interested in buying more Cirrus Logic for a long time and a matter of fact.

I took a lot of profits in this one in 2019 and even some profits in 2020 I think only hold maybe like 200 shares roughly of cruisey doozy left okay in my accounts in total so I have a very small positions don’t cruzi doozy but I gotta say I listened to the investor presentation day and I got a little bit of excited about cruzi doozy once again and I kind of remembered all the reasons.

I’m bullish on the stock long term. And here it is here today. It actually is one of the few stocks that fell okay one of the you know, it seems like a lot of stocks were up huge day right cruzi doozy is one of the few stocks have fell in a fell over 4% today to $68 and so I’m thinking maybe there’s a possibility maybe.

I ended up buying some cruzi doozy with that money you know at the end of the day that Yeah, they get a significant amount of their revenues and their net income from who Apple okay, but then we know you know, iPhone sales might not be that great right now.

But just keep in mind this is something very important to think about when it comes to Apple right? If people aren’t upgrading their iPhones right now, that just means there’s going to be more customers that have to do it next year and the year after that and the year after that.

So at the end of the day you know once you’re in the once you’re in the ecosystem, you just buy the next generation products next generation products and if you you know miss a generation or two or maybe even three generations, then eventually your phone end up what breaking Okay, so you have to get the next generation that comes out at the end of the day.

That’s a really bullish thing for cruisey doozy Never mind the 5g opportunity which really you know proozy doozy won’t well really you know necessarily sell more chips because of 5g is more like just volumes will go up over time but cruisey doozy has a ton of IP ton of interesting things and we think about voice.

And how you know voice products are becoming bigger and bigger speaking to your devices interacting with different things you know, so many different products now you can just say something to it, it’ll automatically turn it on and so.

I don’t know guys I’m actually started getting excited about cruising doozy again, it’s a possibility that maybe I end up buying some proozy doozy sometime soon we’ll see but I can tell you especially if it fell if it fell out of 6562 I might have to end up buying actually some crazy dude I got really excited about that one once again here today.

Now the most realistic place I put the money for now is just keeping it in cash. Okay, this is the most realistic of all in at the moment at least market can change very fast stock prices can go up and down very fast.

But as of right now that 23 plus $1,000 the most realistic place for me to put it is just keeping it in cash and account right now. The Nasdaq here today approached 10,000. Okay, it’s already at an all time high and an approach to 10,000 level. Okay.

S&p 500 look at that breaking news K and s&p 500 erases its loss for the year as stocks rally on reopening optimism. Okay, incredible. The s&p 500 is now starting to approach an all time high an all time high like just getting like like think about that once in 100 year event.

You know, corporate earnings, devastating unemployment still super high GDP, you know, everything’s still really bad. And there’s just an extreme optimism that everything’s been become great again, and guess what things are going to become much better in the future by Gosh, I mean, the the rate of optimism in the stock market is on a level.

I’ve never seen in my 12 years being the stock market and I watched this market recover 2009 2010 2011 I watched it recover. But I can tell you the optimism at that time is nothing about recovery, like it is now Okay, this is a whole different level when we’re talking about markets at all time highs. When we came out of the recession.

2009 going into 2010 2011 there was not this type of optimism it still took many many years for the market to get to a new all time high. This scenario, it’s like a few months and oh my gosh, we’re at an all time high. It’s like absolutely incredible.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. And this is why you know at the end of the day, even for somebody like me, Mr. optimistic, it’s too much Oh for even me, okay, it’s too much optimism for you and me, which is why I will likely keep this one 3000 plus dollars in cash for now, okay?

I don’t know what it will take to break this market but I can tell you markets don’t go up forever and ever Okay, something’s gonna eventually break this market reality will eventually hit valuations will have to start making sense right now there’s just far, far too much optimism in this market for me and this is why.

I will likely keep that money in cash for now although you know, some of those other, you know, potentially a planet 13 buy some more shares, there may be a cruisee doozy if it falls, there’s definitely some potential out there for me to put the money.

But at the end of the day, guys, there aren’t a lot of great deals in this market right now there just aren’t and it’s just, you know, the market just keeps going up and up and up and NASDAQ and almost 10,000 when you’re in a market like that, sometimes you just have to kind of take a step back and say, you know, I already got a lot of money in this market let me just you know.

Keep this money over here for now. Because what what’s going on right now still has to kind of get worked through to just throw money in the market just because it keeps going up and it might keep going up.

That’s when you get into that FOMO mentality and that’s something we never want to be on. We never want to be in that oh my gosh, well if we don’t get the money in the market here today or tomorrow, it’s going to go up a bunch more and and oh my god, you know, don’t get into that type of mentality because.

I can promise you right when you start thinking like that, and you just have to start putting the money in as fast as you can and you start getting that you know, that’s usually when things are about to flip the other way so likely I’ll keep the money in cash unless we get a drop in Planet 13 price which I’m hoping for.

I’m just like, Come on man like like why are the breadcrumb chasers not chasing the breadcrumbs in Planet 13 I thought they would but maybe we’ve actually started getting more of a long term investor base and Planet 13 or something that’s the real one I really want to buy but it’s just it’s ridiculous.

It’s like it won’t sell off so we’ll see what ends up happening with that one and that over time but happy to take that profit once again. Thank you for nearly 500k guys will probably hit them next 24 hours and send me a screenshot you know ID or something whenever we hit it, I would love to see that.

Okay, thank you for watching. Have a great day. The landscapers are here right now. It is so loud. Can you hear that? Can you hear that guys? is so loud

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