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Hello, everybody, by now knows my opinion on the stock market, right? I have a lot of money invest in the stock market, but I am not putting much money at all in the stock market recently, I feel like to be quite frank, the stock market is not a very good deal considering everything we have to work through.

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I’ve been very clear about that. Everybody knows that. But I’m getting a lot of questions now. About Okay, well, you know, your businesses are still producing money, they’re still receiving dividend payments and things like that.

So the question is, like, like, Where are you putting your money? Where have you been putting your money in 2020. And so I thought, let’s just do a full video, and I’m gonna open up but a lot of personal things, and exactly what is going on and what I am doing personally, with my money this year in 2020, what exactly I’m doing okay.

And you know, I’m spending it a lot on buying people’s six figure club awards, because my goodness, everybody’s hitting six figures, now the stock market keeps going up. So spending all my money on that.

And then of course, my hat collection, got to spend some money there. Okay? No, that’s just to be funny. Okay. So real questions is, what am I doing with my money? Hope you guys enjoy this. As always, I don’t do that many videos like this anymore.

Nowadays, where I talk about like me personally, and what I’m doing with my money and things like that. So, hope you guys enjoy it. You know, I haven’t done one of these in a while and special thumbs up?

If you do. Okay, so seven things I have been doing with my money over the last number of months. Kay, number one, I bought a house in Arizona, it’s being built right now. I think it will be done probably in the fall time or maybe the winter time. takes a while to build it.

And in terms of this house I bought in Arizona, like why did I buy a house in Arizona? Well, a couple of reasons. Okay. One is diversity of wealth. So I don’t own I didn’t own a lot of real estate as of buying that house.

I only own essentially one house, the house I’m recording this video in right now. Okay, so I was looking to diversify wealth, because so much of my money is tied up in the stock market. So I’m just kind of looking to build out like a real estate portfolio, maybe you know, own, you know, several properties, something like that.

So this is going to be like a second home. And it’s also going to be a recording studio. So we have a lot of family in Arizona and we go to Arizona many times a year, like probably five to seven times a year, we go to Arizona, and usually has to be such a quick trip because I got to get back because I got to record videos.

And I you know love to do what I love to do. And I can’t do that, obviously, in Arizona, because I don’t have a recording studio setup or anything like that. So the idea is essentially with that new house that’s being built, use that not just as a place to get away for a couple of weeks, and you know, go hang out with family and stuff.

But also be able to still work there and actually have a recording studio there. And I think I can actually get the tax rate off on two properties. Now at that point, which will be kind of nice. But those are the two biggest reasons by far and away diversify my wealth.

And also use an Arizona property as a recording studio where I can go out there for two, three weeks at a time and spend some time there. Okay, I’m also looking for a very nice price appreciation over time.

I think I’ll get somewhere between 50% and 100% price appreciation on that property by 2030. Okay, it is a property that’s in a guard gated community. And it’s one of the only if not the only like guard gated community.

Actually on the west side of Arizona, there aren’t many of them, needless to say, and that might be literally the only one. So I believe I get very nice price appreciation over time. We know Phoenix metro population is just continuing to boom.

And I don’t see that honestly slowing down anytime soon do go back just like 2009. So there’s like 3.5 million people that live in Phoenix metro. Now there’s about 4.5 million people live in Phoenix metro.

There’s a you know, a million people in what about 11 year span. And that number will continue to increase in future years. Why is this? Well, you know, housing is really affordable. And Phoenix, very modern housing, more and more jobs are being created in Phoenix, a lot of folks from from California, you know, kind of flee California over time.

Because California is very expensive. And so where do most people that flee California go, most of them end up either in Vegas, or they end up in Phoenix, those are the two biggest markets and some actually go out to Texas and move out to Dallas.

And that’s where a lot of the California folks go. And so in terms of the population, it will continue to boom for you know, probably decades to go in the future when it comes to Phoenix that’s not slowing down anytime soon.

So I’m super excited about that one. I’m super excited to have us, you know, a second recording studio, and somewhere where I can just work out of in Arizona for you know, maybe let’s say two, three, maybe four months a year.

So looking really forward to that one. Okay. number two thing, you know, I wouldn’t usually add a car to you know, something I spent money on but you know, model x’s are pretty dang expensive. So I did buy a Model X i think that was January about a Model X i believe, and I can’t even show you guys a picture of it right now because it’s literally getting wrapped.

Okay, I’m getting it wrapped right now as we speak. And I think I’ll pick it up tomorrow I believe so looking super forward to that. I’ll post pictures of it and videos of it. Once the wrap is finished tomorrow on my ID so if you don’t follow me on an ag You care to see that or anything else from my lifestyles type stuff.

Definitely go ahead and follow on there. Okay. Third thing I’ve been doing my money lately is I bought six figures or stocks in the month of March. And, you know, I will say I didn’t buy enough, I’ll be quite frank with you guys.

I didn’t put nearly enough money into stocks in March, I could have put way more, I had way more money to put in stocks. And I just didn’t put enough, I should have bought more. But you know, hindsight is always perfect.

But at the end of the day, I didn’t know things were going to bounce back as quick as they did. I mean, it was incredible how like short term, that dip really was, when you look back at it, it was really like a three week dip in terms of when the market actually dipped a big right.

It was incredible how fast it went down and how fast it came right? straight back up. And it hurts me to look at that stock chart because I’m like, I should have bought more, I should have bought more, but it was just.

I mean, you know, when you when you kind of have something like that happening, you figure Okay, you know, we can add to positions over time, you know, we’re gonna have a few months to kind of get in and this was just ridiculous.

I mean, it would down live with literally went down like a straight line and up in almost a straight line. It was incredible. But, you know, it is what it is, I still got to buy a lot, but the Fed got so involved with that the US government, you know, backstopping everything.

Let’s buy, you know, all the bonds, and let’s just, you know, try to make as few companies go bankrupt as possible. And this, you know, the Fed balance sheet would increase 3 trillion plus dollars in a matter of a few weeks.

You know, it was it was extraordinary. It was flat out extraordinary. And, you know, I couldn’t have predicted that the Fed would have gotten that involved like, you know, that’s crazy man 3 trillion plus added to a balance sheet in a matter of just weeks.

You know, it was it was a crazy situation. And I wish I would have bought more I’ll be completely honest. And obviously everybody that had you know, a little extra money on the sideline, looks back at that time and wish they all would have went all in right you know, I never go all in but.

I definitely could have went heavier on the market. Okay, for things I’ve been doing with my money has I bought, you know, about know, probably between 40,060 $5,000 worth of stocks in April, somewhere around there.

Roughly some of them, I actually document on the channel and I also bought, I think us Oh, it was in April and May some very nice profits on that one. April was kind of a month for me where I had a few positions here and there, but the market had already been going up a lot, especially in the back half of April. So it kind of pushed me away a bit from you know, buying more.

Let’s say a certain stocks out there. And so, you know, at the end of the day, I’m kind of you know, happy I bought some in April, but you know, I’m not going to pay overvalued valuations for lost stocks.

And back half of April, some stocks started getting very richly valued and have continued to get even more overvalued. Okay. The fifth thing I have done with my money recently is I bought a new house in Vegas, okay, it’s a new build.

Also, that one’s a beast, okay, I’ll be completely honest, it’s gonna take like, one to two years to be build is not going to be done any time soon. You know, it’s gonna be quite a place I want to type it out yet, you know, we’ll wait for the time to come.

But you know, looking super forward to that, why did I do that more diversity of wealth, this will now allow me to control roughly $3 million of real estate, you know, maybe a little under $3 million in real estate at today’s current prices then allows me to really diversify quite a bit because.

I have so much money in stocks that you know, now having, you know, roughly, let’s say $3 million in real estate I control that’s, that’s just a big thing for my overall diversity of wealth, you know, because, you know, and.

I usually kind of suggest, if people are super heavy on real estate, buy some stocks, like diversify your wealth. And it’s funny, you know, I know, you know, I’m not gonna mention any names, but I know people personally on the YouTube platform that you know, are more real estate people and they’ve been buying stocks really heavy.

And here I am the stock guy and I’ve been buying real estate really heavy. So you know, things are all confused in this world. You know, we got the stock guys buying real estate, you got the real estate guys buy a stock, what in the world is going on?

Okay, but at the end of the day, I have to diversify my wealth more around than what it has been essentially, it’s no different than you look at a stock market portfolio, right, you can have all your money in one stock two stocks.

It’s usually not the best decision, it’s usually best to hold 510 15 great companies because there’s a lot of opportunities in the stock market, it doesn’t make sense just to kind of hold one stock or two stocks or something like that.

And especially if you have a lot of money behind you, it just it that’s just crazy to be that under diversified. It’s just it’s just not a good position to be in. Okay, so looking forward to that too.

I think I’m gonna get huge price appreciation on that one over the next 10 years. I think that one I’m going to probably easily make a 75% to 100% gain over the next 10 years on that particular property.

I think that’s the one that’s the one property that I’m like I’m going to smash on this one in my personal opinion is going to be you know, my third property in total that I bought and I think that will be the one that all just you know, make some crazy money so I’ll I’ll have the biggest house in the community and probably the nicest house.

And I’m going to be in it for about 1.5 versus most of my neighbors are going to be in theirs for Two plus I was kind of able to get in before a lot of other people were able to get in, I was able to negotiate some things.

And I just foresee, like most people in that particular community, it’s another guard gated community, I think most of them will be in for two plus, and some of those people will be in for three plus three plus.

And here, I am going to be in that for roughly 1.5. So I think I’ll get very nice short term price appreciation. And one of my things I always like to do when when I’m thinking about, you know, potentially adding more properties and not just now but down the road.

Is I like to really like buy into communities, where it’s kind of like the top 1% of income earners that would really buy into these certain communities. And the reason I like to do that is because at the end of the day, you know, these type of folks that they have money no matter what, right.

Let’s just say you you make, you know, normally you make 10 million a year right? Let’s say the recession comes out nowhere and slaps you and you say your income falls 50%, which would be rough, right?

You still make 5 million a year you’re still doing just fine financially right? And so that’s why I kind of like to play at the at the high end of the market, right? It’s no different than Why do I always buy Wynn resorts if I’m looking to buy a gaming play?

Well, Wynn resorts plays on the very high end their clientele, they’re the VIPs, right? The people that you know, they have money don’t matter what you know, they’re not at jeopardy of like losing their job or something like that, like people like that have a ton of money behind them.

And no matter what, they’re always doing good no matter which way you look at it, they’re always doing good. It’s just a question of how good are they doing? And so that’s why I personally like to kind of buy in some of the more expensive areas is also all about location, location location, which is also huge. Okay, now just in terms of Vegas in general.

I think you know, I think all properties pretty much in Vegas will go up over the next 10 years but especially in the particular location I’m buying and the population of Las Vegas metro area is going to continue to boom for many of the same reasons why Phoenix booms you know, people move here from all across the United States.

That just are looking for a place that that housing is affordable that doesn’t have those brutal cold winters like some of the people back east right that are just sick of going through those those you know.

Zero degree winners with a snow that’s you know, you know, halfway up your door when you open it a lot of people just want that sunshine in that beautiful weather Okay, and and yeah, it is hot during the summer, there’s no doubt about that.

But you know, the rest of the year it is gorgeous and so that just attracts people, the population will continue to build and build and build and also this is going to be the closest guard gated community to a high school named Bishop Gorman This is a private high school.

So you know a lot you know, anybody in real estate will tell you it’s all about the location location location in terms of if you’re thinking about price appreciation over time and being that this will be the closest guard gated community to a private high school in which everybody that heavily has money in Vegas.

Sends their their kids to Okay, this is like this is a big like thing okay? This this high school like if you have money, you you send your kids to the private high school named Bishop Gorman. Okay.

And I think they won like three or four national championships in high school football as well. They got like this crazy sports program they like recruit kids from, I don’t know, like all over the United States. It’s insane.

So if you live in really nice communities, like let’s say you live in seven hills, you got a beautiful, you know, mansion in seven hills or something. Those people they send their kids to the private high school, which is Bishop corpsman, that’s where they end up sending you live in anthem Country Club, you send your kids to Bishop Gorman,

When they go to high school, Red Rock Country Club, the ridges, those particular you know, guard gated communities, you’re sending your high school kids to Bishop Gorman. Okay, you live in McDonald Highlands, you’re sending your kids over there.

So ultimately, and by the way, that school is very expensive yearly tuition, there’s $12,700 imagine that you paid $12,700 for your kid to go to high school. I mean, we’re not talking about college, we’re just talking about high school.

But man, you know, people got plenty of money. And they they do it. Just do it. Okay. And so that that particular private high school, it’s though it’s the only big dog like private high school in Vegas, and it’s a beautiful campus, you know.

I’ve been doing it personally. It’s unbelievable. It is and is, you know, for high school, it’s ridiculous. It’s way nicer than most colleges. Let’s put it that way. No, matter of fact, I haven’t. I’ve definitely never been on such a nice high school campus in my life.

But then again, if the students are being charged $12,700 while she said, the parents are paying $12,700 a year to send their kids there, I can understand why that Canvas is so beautiful. And so, you know, when you thinking about real estate.

You really got to think about the schools that are around there, because the fact is a ton of parents care so much they care so much about where they send their kids to high school and and, and I think you know.

To be around those types of schools is going to be you know, a big thing over time because a lot of parents you know, drive their kids, you know, from a far community all the way over to that high school, and now they’re going to look and they’re gonna say.

Well, I couldn’t live over there, have a nicer house and I head over there and be much closer to where my kid actually goes to high school. Maybe, maybe that’s an attractive place. So all At the end of the day, you know, I think that house is gonna be a big, big moneymaker.

Let’s put it that way. Okay, number six thing I have been doing with my money is putting it in online savings accounts. Now, why online savings accounts? Well, you just get a lot better return than any other savings account out those put it that way.

I mean, you look at some of these Capital One, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, which by the way, Goldman Sachs used to focus on the very high end of the market, Goldman Sachs continues to kind of go after everybody, as a customer, Goldman Sachs now is really starting through the markets products, really, they want everybody as a customer, now, you get like 1.3%.

I didn’t even know American Express actually has a personal savings account. Yet 1.3% on that Ally Bank, obviously is a very, very popular one. I think Ally Bank right now is paying 1.25%, if I recall on savings accounts.

So at the end of the day, just setting up an online savings account is a phenomenal plan. If you have some cash around, you’re looking to try to keep up with inflation, you’re not going to keep up with inflation getting 1.3%.

But at least we’ll help a bit and getting 1.3% is better than getting 0% right at the end of the day, like it just is. And it’s way better than the traditional banks, you look at something like chase savings. And you can look at Wells Fargo Bank of America, all the big Dawg banks, so many people have savings accounts set up through these guys.

And I can tell you, it’s just usually a big mistake, it usually just is you’re not getting anything, you might just have your money in your checking account. It’s just worthless, like look at limit chase point 01 percent rate is what chase pays, okay?

That means if you got $100,000 in there, over the course of a year, you’re gonna make 10 bucks 10 bucks on 100k in that savings account is completely worthless, let me be very clear about this, it’s completely worthless to keep money in a savings account with any of the big banks because they’re not getting anything.

If you’re going to save money, and you want some cash saved somewhere where you can still access it right away if you need to. Or if you want to, you know, for me, access is so important. Because I don’t want to have to wait.

You know, a bunch of days or a week or several weeks to get a hold of my money, I want to be able to access a right away, get that money, you know, transferred over to a brokerage account, let’s say the stock market, you know, let’s say there’s a stock I like that flows 20% of 25%.

Tomorrow, I need to get to my money right away. I don’t want to wait, you know, a week or something like that. So I can understand why a lot of folks want to have savings accounts. But if you do usually just set it up through one of the online guys.

You know, somebody trustworthy, that’s got a big name behind them, that’s going to pay you at least 1.3% or something because you’re just going to make more money. It’s just like, do you want to make more money, you want to make less money .

It’s really your call at the end of the day, okay. And the seventh thing I’ve been doing my money is I’ve just been keeping some money in my different brokerage accounts, at least seven different brokerage accounts.

And I’ve just been keeping some money in them to be quite frank, like, you know, I’ve been getting a lot of dividend payments, some of my companies cut their dividends, but I still have a lot of companies that still pay me out dividends almost every month, and along with the fact that I’ve been taking some nice profits in the stock market over the past couple of weeks.

Like for instance a public account, right, I got just $34,000 just chilling in there right now, I don’t really have a plan for it at the moment, I’m kind of waiting for some things to kind of happen in the market or you know, to get some more confidence about how the economy is going to do or things like that.

So I got 34k just chillin in there at the moment, I got a you know, one of my private accounts I have like 45k just literally just chillin there just collecting dust right now. It’s just getting a little dusty but it’s just sitting there at the moment.

And that money is ready to go when I feel like there’s a really good deal when I see something out there and I like the opportunity I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to deploy that money out there and I’m gonna use it but the fact is I have just been keeping some money in my different stock markets and that’s almost that’s pretty much all my stock market accounts.

Right now I got just money in all them just sitting around waiting waiting to get deployed and at some point I will Okay, I will tell you guys I will start funneling tons of money in stocks again, when I feel like when I feel like pricing is appropriate.

Okay, when I feel like either the economy’s you know, getting to a place where it’s showing a lot of strength and I have a lot of confidence that things are gonna get right back on the right track corporate earnings are gonna get right back on the right track or something like that.

Or if we have another scenario where the stock market dips huge again and I can basically buy a hope you know, I have no problem with buying off hope as long as I’m getting a really discounted price but as we were looking at the other day the NASDAQ’s up what was it I think it was 23% in the past one year when we looked the other day s&p 500.

Was up like six and a half percent in the past 12 months. You know I’m just in a position where I’m like already got so much invested in stocks. I’m not going to pay overvalued valuations and buy off hope at the end of the day I will buy when when buying makes sense when valuations make sense when four P’s make sense.

And when I can see a clear picture out there or when I’m getting super discounted prices like we were getting in March you know you give me super discount prices, stock market drops 20% tomorrow, believe me I’m Bama be sticking a whole lot of money.

I’m going to be coming out with a video saying why just bought $100,000 worth of stocks today. Okay. But outside of that scenario, you know, I’ll continue to play at home playing it. But there will be a day Don’t worry, when I’m buying tons of stocks again, we just gotta, you know, yeah, I’m just, I’m just at that point right now where it’s like, okay, let’s see how things happen.

Let’s see how this economy opens back up. Let’s see how corporate earnings do. Do they all come back strong? Do you know some of them remain weak for a while and things like that. So but yeah, you know, there will definitely be that day again, when you know, it’s all about 30 stocks on buying and, you know.

I just put $50,000 in the stock there will be that day again, but uh, you know, at the moment at least, it’s not that time so hope you guys enjoyed this, this me sharing, you know, basically a lot of personal finance type stuff and what I’m doing with my life, like I said.

I don’t do a lot of videos like this anymore, but I hope you guys you know, appreciate it. At least enjoyed it. All right. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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