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Today I just put over $70,000 into a new growth stock named Dropbox! Ticker symbol DBX! I love this stock for the long term. I think there is an extremely low probability I lose money in this stock in the next 5 years and a very big probability I 2x or more my money in this stock in the next 5 years.

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Well guys, what a store two weekend is this week, okay, I just put in $70,000 into a brand new growth stock within five minutes across three different accounts. And if you know me, you know that I don’t usually make moves this big into a brand new stock, usually I’m a little more conservative when I buy in a stock might buy $5,000 worth maybe $10,000 worth maybe up to like $20,000 worth.

But for me to put $70,000 into a brand new stock in this short amount of time, it has to be an extraordinary opportunity. But in this market, there are very few, I mean very few high growth stocks, that actually represents some decent value out there.

And I feel like this stock is actually very undervalued and it’s a double digit percentage revenue grower for years to go in the future, in my opinion, okay, so three things I want to cover. In today’s video, I’m gonna tell you about what the stock is obviously, I’m gonna tell you what price I bought the shares out.

I’m actually going to show you screenshots of what price I got the shares at here today. Okay, number two, we’re going to talk about why I bought the stock This is going to be the main part of the video, the bulk of the video, my bullish thesis, why $70,000 in five minutes, like that’s a lot of money to put in this, I’ll go through my football thesis.

And then the last thing we’ll cover in this video here today is how much more Am I willing to put in the stock and I’m just going to tell you, I’m willing to put a lot more money in the stock and I’ll tell you that exact amount.

And I’ll tell you that what price I’m looking for with this particular stock. And also I just want to say don’t buy a stock just because I’m buying a stock k it’s been amazing past few years in the market for me and I’ve had a lot of homerun stock but just because I’ve had other successes does not mean this particular stock will be a success, okay, it remains to be seen.

So never just blindly buy because I make a video on a stock or because anybody else does. Okay, do your own due diligence out there, do your research work, a sustainable strategy is going out there and doing the research work yourself knowing everything to look for in stocks not just buying because Jeremy’s buying a stock or something like that.

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That product is specifically for folks that have five figures plus already in the market, or are looking to invest at least five figures over the next 12 months. So that’s first link in the description. All right, already.

Guys, let’s start getting into that. So what stock what phrase Okay, Dropbox is the stock A is a stock trading under $20 a share here today 1988. At this particular price K, I told you about in three different accounts k first account up here, this is a public account, does it count for everybody in my private group to see every single move I ever make in that account.

So in that particular account, I bought about $15,000 worth roughly 755 chairs their cost basis 1985 on that, Okay, next account up here about 1270 shares of Dropbox in this particular account, right, a little over $25,000 worth, that one’s a $19.88 cent cost basis.

There. Okay. And then I actually just realized here today that I had like 30 cages sitting in a chase, like I guess stocked, you know, investment account, basically, I guess we get like 303 $100 or something like that $300 credit, if we put like 30k in this account for like a certain amount of time or something like that.

So I figured, hey, if we got that money over there, let’s go ahead and invest at 30k. And so I went ahead and did that. It’s actually my first move I ever made with this, you know, Chase, you know, investing experience, it’s like, it’s like very Okay, ish, okay, that’s what I’ll, I’ll tell you about this K, but I put 30k, basically, that 30k into this stock here.

In that one, we’re up about $20 so far. So right around, you know, pretty much the cost there in that particular account, we were able to get 1500 in five shares there. So you add up all those amount and basically you get about $70,000, I put it in the stock all within about a five minute span.

Okay, now, the most important thing we’re gonna get into now why Okay, what is my bullish thesis? Why do I think I’m gonna make a lot of money in the stock, which would be to put $70,000 in one day in a stock.

I have to be extremely confident that I’m gonna make a lot of money in this particular stock, Kay, this growth stock, okay, so Dropbox. First off, I like to always start out with the business fundamentals, then we’ll get into the financials, then we’ll get into valuation.

That’s the way I like to always think about a stock in regards to if I’m gonna buy a stock and why I’m gonna buy a stock. So if you think about Dropbox, historically, it’s just been for like cloud data.

like keeping your files, things like that a lot of you guys that are watching this video have probably used Dropbox before, if you never do use Dropbox, you know, that’s cool as well, I’m going to try to, you know, hopefully educate you a bit.

And even if you’ve used Dropbox, even if you’re a Dropbox customer, like I’ve been for many, many years, you might, you know, find out some new things that they’re basically trying to do here today in this video, but they’re going from just basically a place where you store files.

Whether it be documents, photos, videos, anything across the board that you know, you might want to store to now they’re trying to keep teams in sync. And they’re basically trying to create the first smart workspace, which is a totally kind of like game changing thing.

And keep in mind, when Dropbox really started to take off in you know, let’s say like the 2008, through like 2011 years, when a lot of people just, you know, finally started finding out about Dropbox.

And the business started to build like this was something no one had any clue about cloud, putting documents in the cloud, like people just didn’t even like understand this concept. Well, some people did, but most people didn’t.

Let’s be completely honest, in the fact that you could access these documents on any computer. It was it was you know, it was just different. It was amazing. And I feel like what they’re working on right now and what they’ve been working on last few years.

It just finally launched this product over the past year with this smart workspace I feel like this is that next kind of game changing thing where people are like, what is that even like, I don’t know, I can’t even comprehend what that is.

But I feel like this is something that five and 10 years out is also going to be like a mainstream thing people really understand a very high level. Okay, so Dropbox today. They’re basically a business software company that defies traditional boundaries, they’re creating a smart workspace for the world’s digital content.

But this is kind of the the thing I have circled there. This is kind of my big thing with Dropbox. And if I had like an overarching bullish thesis around the stock, it’s this right here, okay, Dropbox has a rare combination of virality meaning can get the you know, the message spread in a big way about what they’re doing.

Okay, scale, and cash generation, they’re actually very few companies that work in you know, this is a company that works anywhere from small business all the way to the enterprise. And even folks that don’t have businesses actually use Dropbox.

But let’s be honest, like most people that use Dropbox, small businesses, midsize businesses and enterprise, okay, but there are very few let’s call them like SAS type businesses that have that combination, okay. Some might be able to, you know, go viral with whatever they’re doing and things like that get a lot of consumers on, but they might not have the cash generation, okay.

Some might have scale, but they don’t have anything past scale, okay, in the fact that Dropbox can put all those things together is why I feel this company has a long runway for growth. There’s not only amazing business model now it’s gonna be an amazing business model.

Five years from now, 10 years from now, in my opinion, actually a much bigger business five years and 10 years from now than it is today. Okay. 600 million plus registered users for Dropbox cake. 550 billion pieces of content, plus have been uploaded on Dropbox.

Now that’s an incredible number. Okay. Over 15 million paying users now. And 80% of the subscribers use Dropbox for work. Okay. Remember, I told you about that smart workspace, Dropbox is actually building like the world’s first smart workspace, people haven’t even really started to think about this yet.

This is just kind of a whole new way how you can collaborate with team members of a company and think about this whole move with Ronnie Rona, right. And people working more virtually working from home, things like that, right?

It’s very important that you can collaborate and do things in a pretty seamless fashion. And it’s it’s crazy because Dropbox is at the forefront of creating technology that is perfect for this type of environment.

And I feel like Wall Street is is walking with blinders on in this whole situation. Because this is this is literally game changing stuff in my opinion that Dropbox is working on. Okay. Now the thing is, Dropbox thinks differently when they ever they do anything. Okay.

And I love that about a company. I love a company. It’s just things differently than how everybody else thinks. Okay, software playbook. So if you think about traditional like the software companies, they designing things for it.

Okay, though the problem with that is not everybody’s it in my opinion, the way things should be designed, is designing things for users making the user interface very easy to use. So somebody like myself.

Like I will, if you want to know my Dropbox story, it was like 2015 2016 I was starting my real estate marketing company, which you know, involves a lot of photos of houses that were going up for sale videos, doing marketing, drone videos, all those sorts of things.

Okay, I need somewhere to put this data so I can give it to my customers and easily send them a link so they can download it and put on the MLS Zillow wherever they need to put these videos on their their websites, things like that.

Okay, so that’s how I became a Dropbox customer and I’m still a Dropbox customer here in 2020. Although I don’t have the real estate marketing business anymore, right, and I’m just on YouTube, but I use all the time to like record different things.

As far as like voice memos either for other team members I have on my team or for like things that I put in the in the discord chat, things like that, as well as if I still need to store like big documents, guess where we store them in Dropbox, okay. And the way things are just designed, it’s so easy.

It’s just like it’s so it’s so much easier to use than traditional companies that they just, they just design it poorly, in my opinion, other companies just design stuff poorly. Unless you’re, you know, an expert in knowing this technology, you can’t learn it in 510 minutes.

I feel Dropbox man, you could use this product for 1020 minutes, and you’re going to know what you’re doing some of these other products in the market. My goodness, they’re just not designed Well, let’s put it that way.

Because they’re designed by companies that this is not their main focus, or companies that are just like they think everybody’s a super genius or something like that. Okay, as well as for distribution.

Okay, a lot of folks do like top down distribution, whereas Dropbox will do bottom up adoption, which is completely different. Okay. So they’re, they’re not trying to go top a funnel, they’re going bottom of funnel, working their way up.

It’s a it’s a completely different way than most businesses operate in the space. Kay, traditional playbook, their walled garden mean, they just want people using that and that’s it. Dropbox, open ecosystem, they like to work with everybody they like to be friends with everybody.

Okay? These are huge things that open ecosystem Look at this. Okay, so first off Dropbox you can use on your phone, tablet, laptop, you know, your your obviously your desktop, anywhere you need to access Dropbox, you can do it in its in a very easy fashion.

That is huge. Okay, they work with everybody, Microsoft, Apple, Android, what’s the penguin again? Can somebody let me know what the penguin is? I can never remember what the dang penguin is. Okay. Somebody in the comment section was paying attention knows what the penguin is.

Let me know what the penguin is okay. But look at this. The enterprise apps, the medium design, sales and marketing, project management, content management, productivity, security, communications, all the biggest players in those markets that you would want to work with.

This is an ecosystem that Dropbox brings to the table, they like to work with everybody and make it seamless. And especially if you think about their smart workspace, the very important that they are friends with everybody. And they work really well with everybody if that’s going to be something that works out huge for them over the next five or 10 years.

Okay, look at customer base. So remember, we talked about 600 million plus registered users, about 350 million is what are their potential high value targets. And they only have 15 million paying users today.

And so basically, what this circle chart shows is that there’s major growth potential for Dropbox, just based upon the existing folks they have on their platform. Nevermind future, folks. Okay, when you talk about 15 million 350 million potential targets, I mean, there’s a lot of growth there.

And then also upsell opportunities to their 15 million consumers as of right now, okay, they have a lot of products that kind of, you know, tear up. And so that’s really good for them as well. So there’s just this is tons of growth potential here like massive growth potential.

The new Dropbox, bringing together cloud content, traditional files in one place, brings tools together by integrate it with best of breed apps brings people together by transforming folders into rich workspaces.

You can kind of get a workflow going straight from the new Dropbox, I mean, you know, what they’re working on here is something that will continue to be refined and get better and better, but the strategy in my opinion is just on point. Okay, this is so future looking.

I absolutely love it. Okay. And if you think about the type of products This company has launched over the last year or two, they have so many new things they’re doing okay, Dropbox, transfer easily and securely share large files in folders, okay. Dropbox.

Passwords stored in sync passwords across all devices, easily sign in from anywhere. zero knowledge encryption keeps users data secure. Dropbox vaults securely store passports, tax documents, and financial statements. PIN code provides extra layer of security, designate trusted friends and family access to your vault.

Computer backup, automatically backup folders on a PC or a Mac content is continuously synced and shared to the cloud. In a hard drive. easily access all your content within Dropbox, Dropbox family, keep your family’s digital lives connected.

Create both shared and personal spaces, support up to six family members in one plan, okay, Dropbox App Center, discover and connect apps to your Dropbox account. Hello sign. This is a big one, okay, in my opinion, because you’re thinking about all these documents that are starting to finally finally move on to the digital world.

And companies like DocuSign and hellosign I think are the perfect You know, they’re just in the perfect space and Dropbox Bought hellosign A while back. And so now there’s going to be you know, seamless integration with hellosign in Dropbox.

Okay, sign, send and receive documents all without ever leaving Dropbox, manage an entire end to end workflow within Dropbox hellosign is now the primary e signature tool for Dropbox users. This is really big in my opinion because all these documents that you know, traditionally have had to be you know, basically signed by hand.

This is all moving into a sign Okay, finally, thank goodness, okay, no one wants to, you know, a stack of basically, you know, 700 documents, you got a printout, it’s like, let’s just esign all this stuff k deep integration partners.

Remember I told you guys, they work with everybody. You want to work with K companies like Google, Adobe, zoom, Slack, Microsoft, Salesforce, all these companies, they they they work well with them.

And I think this is really big, because not everybody can really get along with all these, you know, big dogs, let’s just call them that. Okay, there’s slack integration looks phenomenal. And if it looks this phenomenal already, imagine how well it will be done a year from now two years from now as they refine things and whatnot, right?

You’re gonna start slack conversations rate from Dropbox, right? You can share content to slack from Dropbox. I mean, it’s amazing. Okay, there’s zoom integration already looks really flippin good. Okay, really good. I mean, I’m imagine as they continue to get better and better, and the product more and more refined. But look at how good it already looks.

If you’re going to start a meeting, basically, and you want to show pictures and things like that, like, it’s just, it’s done really well, there’s so there’s no doubt in my mind that the business fundamentals, the opportunity here is massive for this company.

And they will continue to grow this for years and years to go in the future just based upon looking at the business fundamentals. I am 100% sold on this company, okay. But in order for me to invest my money, I have to be not only sold on the fundamentals of the company, but also the financials and the valuation.

So let’s take a look at you know, those other things. Okay. Financial highlights, look at where revenues gone, basically, you know, year over year, over year, last few years, from 1.1 billion and 17, to almost 1.4 billion in 18. Two this past year, over $1.66 million in revenue.

And that was 19% year over year revenue growth in 2019. Look at this quarter over quarter, they just report their most recent quarter, a few weeks ago, $467 million in revenue they reported versus 402 million, the previous year’s quarter as far as operating income, massive increase year over year.

I mean, look at that $96 million of operating income in this most recent quarter versus last year $40 million dollars of operating income. Huge difference. Okay, here, they show essentially, what they did in 2019 versus their long term targets.

And the last number down, there’s the most impressive one and the most important one, in my opinion, okay? annual free cash flows 392 million last year, that’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s pretty good.

You know, cash flow, just, you know, straight up like three to nine, 2 million is impressive, okay. But basically, where this company wants to go over the next few years, is getting to 1 billion plus dollars in annual free cash flow.

Okay, so we’re talking about, you know, there aren’t a lot of companies out there that can do 1 billion plus dollars in annual free cash flow. If this company gets to that type of number. I mean, we’re talking about massive, massive potential upside in this one.

Now, I want to show you guys for a moment here, the subscription plans around Dropbox, so you guys can kind of understand like, how expensive it is, and those sorts of things. Okay, the plus membership, that’s actually the one I signed up for back in the day.

And I think that’s the one I’m still signed up for. It’s like 120 bucks a year, yet two terabytes of storage. Everything is so easy as far as sharing links out and things like that, like I use, I also have a Google ours Yeah, it’s like a Google Drive.

I think it’s called a cow, which is kind of like a competitor to Dropbox a bit. And I can just tell you the experience I have found from Dropbox versus, you know, the Google Drive, in my opinion, I definitely prefer Dropbox.

And that’s way before I was ever a shareholder, like Google Drive. I never signed up for like an advanced program. I just like, you know, I just did whatever was free, which I think they gave you like, I don’t know, 15 gigabytes for free or something, whenever I signed up for that, and I just, I just didn’t like it.

And then it just wasn’t as good as Dropbox for almost anything across the board, in my opinion. So you know, that’s what I’m still signed up for it to this day, they have professional plan standard plans, if you’re a big enterprise, they can actually you know, do like a customized plan, hello sign which was acquired by them about a year or two ago, right.

That’s the basically, you know, e signatures and whatnot that has a bunch of subscription plans. So if you’re a business that needs e signatures, you can get all that done. And they also have some other subscription businesses as well. But that’s the that’s the main ones there. Okay. Think about DocuSign for a moment, right.

DocuSign has a market capitalization of $35 billion. DocuSign is the biggest player in the E signature market. But watch out for Hello sign. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Watch out for that. And when you think About the dropbox owning Hello sign in Dropbox, his entire valuation of the entire company is so minuscule compared to DocuSign.

It kind of makes you think, hmm, either DocuSign might either be way, way overvalued, or Dropbox might be massively undervalued, it’s one of the two. Okay, that’s one of the two, hello works has subscription plans as well to another product in the market that Dropbox has.

And when you look at the stock, it’s an $8 billion market cap $8 billion member, we just looked at DocuSign, which was 35 billion. And here we have Dropbox, which is, you know, in my opinion, the best experience for cloud files belong with a company that’s trying to create a game changing product, which is smart workspace, okay.

And then they own a potential big DocuSign competitor called hellosign. When you look at all those different factors, you kind of, say, 8 billion, this seems really undervalued for this particular space.

And I’m going to show you some other metrics that are just going to kind of, you know, make you guys say, wow, you know, this one’s actually a deal in a half in a space that has been very crowded with, you know, companies just going up like insane, okay, remember, the stock is under $20 a share here today, okay.

When it went public, the public offering was at $21, a share in that particular day trade up to $29 a share that was two and a half years ago. So I love the fact that I’m getting a company that I love on the fundamental side.

I love on the financial side for a valuation cheaper than when it went public two and a half years ago, okay, that is massive, that just gives me more confidence that I’m getting a really, really good value in the stock. And this is why I am moving so fast and start Well, you know, of why I’m putting $70,000 in one day, because I’m getting a steel, in my opinion on the stock.

And I mean, a steel and a half, let’s just put it that way. And when when I get these type of opportunities in this type of market, where it’s so hard to find really great deals, man, I need to pounce all over that no, something that hurt the stock price here recently was the fact that the CFO is stepping down, he’s going back to the venture capital world.

And some Wall Street just hates it whenever a CEO CFO leaves a company, but this gentleman’s been with them for eight years. He wants to go back to venture capital, I don’t think he wants to run dropboxes you know, financial matters forever and ever.

So he’s, you know, obviously, he’s going to leave the company over the next month or two, and he’s gonna go back to the venture capital world, and that’s good for him. As far as do I read anything into this?

Absolutely not. Wall Street freaks out every time a CFO leaves, and it’s like, Dude, this guy could probably make way more money in venture capital over there, then he’s gonna make being the CFO at Dropbox, just like straight up K, you know, that just like flat out? Okay.

So in my opinion, it makes sense for him to honestly go back to venture capital, because it’ll probably make way more money than it would be the CFO of Dropbox is limited income potential there, let’s just put it that way. Okay.

Now, as far as a balance sheet goes over $1.1 billion of basically cash and investments versus no long term debt on this company, all they have is capital leases, you know, extremely, extremely attractive balance sheet for somebody like myself, and you guys know, I love a good balance sheet.

And so when you think about that, right, 8 billion, take off a billion, you’re really paying like 7 billion for this company, if at all it I mean, it was already a steel and a half, right? Look at the Ford p on this one, a 25. Forward p and this one.

I that’s that’s ridiculously low. I mean, this market, and with the other companies that are in space is somewhat similar to Dropbox. I mean, a lot of those companies aren’t even profitable at all, okay, but the ones that are usually trading at foreign Pease in the hundreds, and sometimes in the 1000s.

And the fact that this one’s trading at 25, four p makes me laugh, okay, this is a type of thing that makes me want to buy, you know, $70,000 of stock in one day, okay, and a lot more in the future as well, price to sales ratio of 4.5 in this space, a price to sales ratio 4.5 is one of the cheapest I’ve ever seen in this space, or at least recently.

I mean, we’re talking about most of companies in this space, or you know, adjacent spaces are trading at price to sales ratio of 10 2030 I mean, heck, I saw zoom one day was trading at a price to sales ratio of I want to say like 85 or 80 if some insane number.

I mean, you know, there’s just a massive difference in correlation between price to sales ratios and for peace of these other companies in the space that are nice growth companies for something Dropbox that will grow 10% plus revenues.

Year in and year out for years and years to go in the future, in my opinion, okay, so valuation, very compelling financials, very compelling business model very compelling. That’s why I’m bullish on the stock. Hey, there’s a lot of money in coming to me in my opinion in this stock.

That’s why I bought so much of the stock here today. Okay, so that covers the first two pieces. So last thing we got to talk about here in this video is how much more will I buy for in the stock at what speed cific prices Am I looking for to buy this stock as far as buying more shares.

If I’m willing to buy more shares? Well, let’s say hypothetically you want to go buy a nice Model X with the nice rims and all those sorts of things and all a little fancy stuff. And you want to buy a model three performance edition with white seats and all that little fancy stuff, you look about 160k a k.

And guess what that happens to be the exact amount I want to buy more in this particular stock, I want to buy about another $160,000 worth of stock. Okay, so if you add up, you know, 160,000 potential buy, and then the 70,000 I bought here today is about $230,000 worth of this stock.

I’m essentially looking to buy total, okay, that’s about what I feel comfortable with just around a quarter million dollars is just under a quarter million dollars in this particular stock, not really the type of stock I’ll build into my biggest position, certainly not.

Or even, maybe even the top three. But could I see this being a top 10? top seven position with about, you know, 230k I can definitely foresee something like that happening. Okay, now, what about price? Okay, so under $20 is ideal for me, the risk reward at under $20 is just too dang attractive.

Okay, the chances are stocks under $20.05 years from now, I would say less than a 1% chance, in my personal opinion, everything’s possible out there. I just think there’s less than a 1% probability and this stock would be under $20 a share five years from now.

Okay, under 25 is still good, I will definitely still be willing to buy the stock, even if it’s at 2324 $25 still getting extremely attractive risk reward. I mean, the reward potential in the stock is double, triple quadruple up, in my opinion over the next five years versus risk.

Like I said, I can see it being like a 1% or less than a 1% probability this stocks under $25 it’s just a very, very low Okay, $30 I’m still getting an okay risk reward, in my opinion, okay, let’s talk I believe is going to be a lot higher than $30 a share, let’s just put it that way over the next five years based upon the type of things we’re doing.

Whether it’s business balls going those sorts of things. Obviously, it’s it’s you know, if we’re talking about $20 versus $30, we’re talking about 50% premium, right 50% premium, and I still feel like I would be good buying the shares, even if it was up 40 50%.

Okay, now, if we’re talking about 35 $40 a share, then I’m not getting as attractive of a risk reward in my opinion, then it’s just like, ah, I don’t know that it’s probably just a hold. So if it goes over 30 I’ll just end up holding my shares, but as long as it’s under 30 I’m definitely willing to buy under 20 is obviously loading the boat territory.

That’s why he did it today, under 25 is still really really attractive in my opinion. Now, let’s be honest for a moment Okay, after this video comes up tomorrow, this talk will be up 74,000% I’m sure so they probably you know, I’ll probably never get to buy another share this in my life and I’ll just have to hold my original Stephanie gay.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed that comedy. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button that helps out the YouTube channel in a massive way lets me know that you enjoyed a video like this where I go into my bull thesis around a brand new stock like this one.

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Go ahead and apply down there. Hopefully we’ll be able to get on call with you tell you about a product or service we have in the market. I can help you out so you can you know reach the levels you’re trying to reach and reach the goals and dreams you want to financially. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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