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Today I just bought over $22,000 worth of Alibaba stock. Jack Ma has done amazing job growing alibaba over the years and has instilled an amazing culture there. I will go through the 3 main reason why i bought Alibaba stock today. Enjoy!

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Holy smokers I just bought over $22,000 worth of Alibaba shares ticker symbol, Baba. So I want to go through all of this with you guys here today I want to show you the amount of shares I bought.

What price I bought those shares that I also want to give you the three core reasons on why I bought so many shares here today, okay, usually I don’t buy this amount of money all in one day.

But there are three core reasons on why I decided to go ahead and do this. This company, by the way, is reporting numbers in about a week or two. So that’s going to be very big. I’m kind of like crossing my fingers and hoping it goes down.

I would love to build Alibaba into a six figure position. So we’ll go through the three reasons on why I want to do this. Hope you guys really enjoy this today. So first off, I bought 40 shares in my public account.

So public account, anybody in my private stock market membership group can see that by the way, I sold off a ton of shares of I sold off all my shares of one stock. In particular, if you want to get my private stock market membership group.

I’ll put I’ll pin the comment down there for the link to it and also give you guys half off if you want to take advantage of that. But in that account, I bought 40 shares $177.77 I love that all those sevens That must be the Vegas in me.

I love all those sevens guys, that’s good luck right there. So 70 $100 in that account, and then my another account, I bought 85 shares $178 I paid in that particular account. And that one I bought over $15,000 worth they’re basically making into a 22,000 plus dollar position, once again.

Is is kind of uncommon for me to go in and purchase as many shares in a day. Usually when I start adding positions in stocks, it’s usually two to $5,000 positions. But being that I feel like this company is so undervalued.

We’ll get into why I feel so undervalued here in a second. But being that I feel that it’s so undervalued that in their reporting numbers in a week or two that I’m like, I’ve got to buy I got to get a big stake in this company bill just in case it shoots up after earnings.

Last thing I wanted to do is be like, Oh, hold off on buying, even though I feel it’s a great deal here, I hold off on buy, it shoots up on earnings, and then I never buy because I’m like, oh, maybe it’ll come back down, then I just don’t end up buying or something like that.

So I’m like I want to get a big stake bill already. And then hopefully it goes down earnings. And I can you know make this in a monster monster position. But we will see as time goes on.

So first off, the first reason why I love this company is this company has an unbelievable long term vision, you can tell this vision by listening to a 2017 investor day, okay, every single person on their team has an unbelievable long term vision.

Every single person on that management team, jack ma has instilled a culture of long term vision. This is Reason number one of three, why I invest in this company of all the companies I own.

I don’t own any company that has this type of long term vision these guys are so focus on the next five to 10 years and building this business. And you can understand why this company is worth nearly a half a trillion dollars, it should be worth a trillion dollars.

Right now, by the way, you can see why this company is built into such a massive beast, because these guys are so focused on long term, so focused on hard opportunities, long term opportunities, that this is why this type of company has been built up.

And this is why they will succeed in the future. Every single person on the upper management team from the CEO, Daniel Zane, from the CFO, which CFO Maggie Wu, by the way, in most CFOs.

They don’t even talk about long term vision. They’re just all about short term numbers. I was amazed to listen to her she sounded like another spitting image of jack ma talking up there. It was amazing.

It was amazing to hear it’s so powerful because it’s coming from a CFO and CFOs are usually the most boring people in the world. They’re all about what’s going on the short term numbers, she just you can just tell there’s a culture of long term in this company.

And that is amazing because very few companies have this in jack Ma, who’s the executive chairman is one of them. Pretty much the face of the company. All right. This guy is an unbelievable visionary.

And it has such a great job of execution that he does. Okay, so it’s one thing to have long term visions and be like, We’re going after this thing. It’s another thing to execute on those those long term visions you have.

He’s done a phenomenal job, the culture he’s instilled in this company that I feel like even even a day, you know, I don’t know when he’ll actually leave the company as far as executive chairman, maybe it’ll be five years from now.

10 years from now 20 I don’t know when it will be. But I feel like he’s This is a type of company that he’s instilled the culture so well, that I feel like there’ll be they’ll do well into the future is almost like what Steve Jobs did with Apple.

Okay, many companies, it’s hard to instill a culture like that. I feel like Steve Jobs did amazing job with Apple On his return, he really understood that if this company’s gonna last for the long term.

I got to instill a culture into this company, jack ma has done this 100% with Alibaba In my opinion, so if jack ma was to go away tomorrow, it would stay but at the same time, like I feel like this company would be just fine.

Reason number two, why I bought these shares is because this company is experiencing phenomenal growth. Okay. It’s amazing how big this company is, and the type of numbers they’re putting up.

We’re talking about 61% year over year total revenue growth 61% 62% year over year, core commerce revenue growth, right? Look at the cloud revenues up 103%. year over year are you flipping my flapjacks? They’re flipping it correct.

Oh my goodness, guys. Look at the consumer number 617 million mobile monthly active users with this company. All right. Unbelievable numbers. Look at every single category across the board is doing phenomenal with this company. Okay, China commerce retail up 56%.

China commerce wholesale up 28% international commerce retail up 63%. international commerce wholesale up 13%. All right, their logistics services a new business, that’s why you don’t see a number of year over year there.

There’s a new business they acquired their other category up 101%, cloud computing up 103% Digital Media entertainment revenues up 34% and another category up over 8% that guy’s meaning 61% revenue growth year over year.

This is a type of revenue growth that you would expect from a startup a very small startup company out of Silicon Valley or something that’s got venture capital money. Now the company is worth nearly a half a trillion dollars.

Guys, this is amazing stuff this company’s doing all right. Look at the net income. This is a company has still not even really focused big time on net income. But net income is still increasing very fast.

All right, 35%, year over year, up on the net income non gap diluted APS of 32% year over year. And once again, this is not a company that is focused on profitability yet as far as they are very profitable company already.

But in terms of let’s maximize our net income, let’s maximize our APS, this company’s a long way from from there right now. This is a company that’s still very focused on massive massive growth, okay, kind of like an Amazon is, but in my opinion.

This company should be valued more than Amazon because their growth is actually more impressive. And as far as profitability, they’re actually more impressive in the profitability category as well.

So if we look here, all right, the only the only segment of this company that is really bringing in, you know, a net income right now is the core commerce category, the cloud computing company are part of the business.

They’re not even focused on making money there yet, this is focused on revenue growth, they’re all right, because that’s a huge opportunity that they’ll be able to expand into digital media entertainment.

That’s a drag on the business right now. innovation of initiatives, that’s another drag in the business. So those are all drags on the business right now. But on the cloud computing side, and especially on the digital media and entertainment side.

Those are going to be unbelievably profitable businesses long term over the next five or 10 years, they just haven’t turned on the profit engine that though they’re worried about growing it, growing it growing, acquiring customers getting everybody into the system, and then they can worry about profit more long term right now.

It’s all about revenue growth there. So when I look at long term cloud computing, when I look at their digital media and entertainment, those are going to be straight profit engines five to 10 years from now.

We’re just going to put there push this company’s profitability up to to the higher and higher levels. Okay, then you got retail on top of that, that’s expanding very fast. And that’s already a very profitable business.

It’s amazing guys. The third reason why I ended up buying these shares is because flat out this company is undervalued. Okay, this company right now, you would think you would think you would have a four p in maybe 40 to 50 range, if not 60 Plus, because of how much growth this company has.

No, the four p on this company is in the 20s Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Guys? It’s like a joke. Are you kidding me? You So you’re telling me this company’s grown revenues across the board? 5060 plus percent? You’re telling me I’m getting this company for four p in the 20s.

You’re telling me that this is a management team that has unbelievable vision knows how to execute on long term vision. I’m getting this company for for this amount of praise. Like this is a joke to me, guys, this is an absolute joke.

It is one of the best deals I feel it’s probably the best, man. So I you know, I said last week or a week ago or whatever, two weeks ago, I said Facebook’s probably the easiest money.

Apple’s probably the second easiest money in the stock market, I would say Alibaba is probably second or third easiest money to make in the stock market is right around there. With apple in terms of the how like, like, it’s almost a no brainer.

You’re getting a company here, that Ford p You know, this company should be valued way more than is this is a high growth company. This is a high high growth company with much less risk than most businesses.

That have that are high growth because most of businesses that are that are high growth like this growing revenues 50 60% what do we know about them? Most of them don’t make any money. Okay, they don’t have any profitable segments.

All right, this company has a massively profitable business already. And it’s saying we’re gonna funnel those profits into these other businesses and grow those and grow those and grow those over time.

So it’s an unbelievable opportunity. You know, I’m looking forward to hopefully building this into a bigger and bigger stake. We got $22,000 so far in it, and like I said, if it goes down on earnings, I hope it does.

And I will be loading up probably another 20,000 plus after earnings and another 20,000 after that, and we’ll build it into probably a six figure position. But for right now, I’m very happy with that one.

I think we’ll Great long term I would love to hear your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section on what you feel about Alibaba. By the way, make sure if you want to get my private stock market membership group I’ll have it linked down there as a pinned comment if you’re interested in doing that.

I’ll let you in today for half off. So hope you guys enjoyed this. As always, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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