i just bought $18,645 of TESLA STOCK

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I just bought a decent chunk of Tesla Stock today! I believe the Tesla model 3 along with the Tesla Model Y will transform the auto industry. I also believe Tesla will transform not only the auto industry but also the energy industry through Tesla Solar roofs and their Tesla energy storage products. I believe Elon Musk is a visionary and is pulling off something amazing with tesla.

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I just bought over $18,000 worth of Tesla stock here today. All right, and there are going to be a ton of questions with this one, I’m going to answer all those after we’ll get into all those questions that you guys have.

First off, let’s just look here. So basically, I created a separate account that’s away from all my other accounts, that is just going to be called the Tesla account. Okay, this account just has Tesla’s shares.

And so I basically bought for over $18,000 worth 58 shares in total. And the cost basis on that one is $321.98, here on the Tesla, so that’s what I’m looking at. That’s where we’re at as far as cost basis and whatnot, over 18,000 worth.

So what I want to do here is I want to fully go through this because I could imagine this NBL a lot of questions around this one with me with Tesla and whatnot. So let’s just get into this guys.

Why Tesla, no profits, why so little money in it? How long? How long will I be willing to hold for? Why not buy in chunks? Usually I buy in two to $5,000 chunks like why just 18,000 plus dollars all in one day? Will you add more shares.

And last one is what’s my risk versus reward like, what’s my potential upside in the stock was my potential downside. So we’ll get into all that. First off why Tesla is is probably the simplest, I believe they’re disrupting two industries.

I’ve always believed they’re completely disrupting the auto industry, the internal combustion engine, obviously moving to electric vehicles, and then not just on top of that, but then you talk about autonomous driving.

There’s a massive change going on in the auto sector that that’s gonna play out over the next five to 10 years in there in the forefront of that all right, but also, I believe this is a company completely disrupting the energy industry.

It’s just going to take a little longer for that one to play out. That’s more like a seven to 12 year play, rather than autos is like over the next five to 10 years, we’ll see a mass adoption of Tesla, Evie? Probably millions of units per year.

They’re going to start producing All right, so it’s pretty simple. I would buy Tesla like this, you know, obviously they’re completely disrupting some industries. All right. No profits, you guys know I don’t buy companies that don’t make profits. Okay, so here’s my view on things.

Everyone can own a spec stock in their portfolio, okay. My spec stock is going to be tests I do not own a spec stock as of right now, I want to own a spec stock is spec stocks can be a fun in the sense of it gives you some type of way you can make a lot of money.

It kind of keeps things intra interesting, okay. Because there’s a lot of times we can be in very boring companies. All right, a lot of value companies, you guys know, I’m more of a value investor than growth investor.

So a lot of the companies I’m in are pretty boring companies. At the end of the day, they’re they’re, they’re, you know, expanding their businesses, maybe 510 percent or so year. But they’re just kind of boring businesses.

At the end of the day, the spec stock gives you the upside of Wow, this could be a massive company someday, but it also gives you more risk. All right. So the reason I bought it in, you know, in a spec stock, if anything goes if you’re going to buy a spec stock.

Anything goes with a spec stock, okay, doesn’t really matter about balance sheet doesn’t really matter about you know, the P e ratio, or no p e ratio, a spec stock is a spec stock, the issue I have is when people end up making spec stocks, they’re their biggest positions.

That’s crazy, in my opinion, if you’re going out there, and you’re buying some speculative company that has no profits coming in, and you’re making that your biggest position or even close to one of your biggest positions.

In my opinion, that is crazy. Okay, that’s crazy, in my personal opinion, all right. Why did I put so little money in it’s only $18,000. The reason I put a small amount of money is because this is a spec stock. Okay, so at being a spec stock.

And by the way, I would say it’s better than most spec stocks out there. And that in the sense of this one actually has a tons of demand, and has, you know, 10s of billions of dollars of revenue and whatnot.

So it’s much less speculative than a lot of people spec stocks. Right. But in my opinion, I’m not I don’t want to risk the farm with this company. Okay. Do I believe they’re going to do huge things in the future? Yes.

Do I believe they’re going to be massively profitable in the future? Yes. Do I believe they’re going to be one of the 10 most important companies in the entire world? 10 years from now? Yes.

But at the same time, as of right now, this is a company that has historically taken massive losses, that would put it into a speculative category. So which means I don’t want to risk a lot of money, okay, which is why I only put a little over $18,000 in the stock.

I don’t want to risk the farm. And this one, even though it does have a huge upside. At the same time, what if this company goes bankrupt or something like that? Like what if they can’t get to a place where the profitable all of those are possibilities that you got to take into account when you’re when you’re investing.

So which is why I only stuck that amount of money in it? Okay? Also, how long am I planning to hold this stock? I would say at least five to 10 years I do not see myself regardless how much it goes up or down anything this is a stock I plan on holding for a long, long period of time.

All right, when you buy a spec stock like this, that has massive upside potential, you’ve got to be willing to go through the downs and up so if this stock was to go $200 if this stock was going to you know $1,000.

It doesn’t matter. I’m not selling the stock regardless, okay, this is a long long term hold for me. Most stocks when I get into them, I’m kind of thinking like two to five years out. This one since a spec play.

I’m thinking like five Plus 10 years out, you know, like, like, maybe I’ll take this one on the grave of me, like, who knows, this is just a super long term hold, okay, it’s no different than if you were buying Apple stock in the late 90s. Okay.

Apple was kind of on the comeback, and it was looking like maybe they could do some big things. But Apple had horrible financials at that time. And it was still a speculative investment.

But some people just bought in, and they’re like, we believe in the brand, we believe in the CEO of that company, we believe they’re gonna expand over time, we’re gonna take this to our graves.

And, you know, I’m not saying I’m gonna necessarily do that with this stock, but I’m just saying, I’m gonna hold this for a long, long period of time, probably longer than any stock I hold currently in my portfolio.

So that’s saying something. Number five, why not buy in chunks. So usually, I buy in two to $5,000 chunks, when I usually add shares of a stock, I don’t invest, you know, five figures plus all on a stock in one day like we did here, okay.

The reason I did is guess because this is a freak situation, it’s a spec stock, I just want to buy in my position on this one, I don’t care about doing anything else with this stock, I just want to buy my position and hold it for the next five to 10 years.

It’s almost like one of those stocks, they call you put in the filing cabinet type stock, okay, where you buy it, you don’t care about the stock price, where the sun phrase goes in the short term, you put in the filing cabinet.

You try not to look at it in you close your eyes, and in five to 10 years, and we’ll see where we’re at with that stock. That’s how I’m treating this one. So which is why I didn’t buy in chunks, I just bought a you know, 18,000 all at once.

It is what it is alright. Number six, will you add more shares? No, I have no plans to add any more shares, I don’t care if it goes down to $200, I don’t care if it goes up to $500. And they got some huge new thing going on.

I plan on adding no more new shares. So usually when I buy into a company, I buy a small chunk, okay, that’s how I usually do it, I buy a small chunk in that company, I kind of hope it goes down because I would like to buy more for even cheaper prices.

If it stays around the same or goes down a little bit, I probably buy more and more and more until I get a big position built Okay, with this stock, I do not plan on doing that. So regardless if it goes up or down, I don’t care.

Like this is my position, I built my position in Tesla, I bought it today. And it’s just holding for the next five and 10 years, there’s no plans to add any more shares, regardless how much it goes down or up.

And the last one we got to talk about here is what is my risk versus reward in the stock? As with all investments you’ve ever do in life, you always think about what is my risk going into this one? What is my potential renal reward in this one over time.

So my potential risk is obviously I could lose 100% of my money in this, I could lose all 18,000 plus dollars in the stock, okay, they can go bankrupt, they never make a profit and no one will loan them money.

It’s pretty unrealistic, but it’s always a possibility. Okay, with any stock pretty much, especially with a company that’s losing money right now. Okay, so I lose all my money $18,000 gone, or what can end up happening on the flip side is that my bullish thesis can play out in where I can see this company kind of going.

It’s kind of like a 10x, a 10 bagger, as we call them the stock market, which basically means you make 10 times on your money, okay, I think this company has that type of potential, when I kind of look out over the next.

You know, like decade, let’s say, we look out over the next decade, I think they’re going to have massive market share, not only in North America, but around most of the world for electric vehicles.

I think they’re going to completely change the electric system throughout the world, especially over time. You know, they’re just doing so many big things. And this is the type of company if they do those two huge things successfully, they’re gonna do some more things successfully over time.

This isn’t a company that’s just like, oh, we’re only going to do electric vehicles. And we’re only going to do energy, they’re going to do other big things. They’re going to disrupt more industries in the future.

This is what those type of companies do those type of companies that are this disruptive, they find the next thing, next thing, no different than Amazon, you know, Amazon used to be thought of only as a retail business.

And now they’re thought of, you know, as Amazon Web Services, and that’s kind of where, where a lot of the hype actually is around Amazon stock now, is that the potential for Amazon Web Services to be a bigger business than actually the retail business? Okay.

So that’s kind of where I think about this stock is a visionary leader there at Elon Musk. Does he say some crazy crap? Sometimes? Yes, absolutely. Okay. But just because you say crazy crap, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

It doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish big things. The most controversial person probably in the world is a president united states right now, who’s the most important person in the entire world? So think about that for a second? Does either I must say some crazy stuff. Yes.

But if you can become president of the United States, and say some crazy stuff, you can probably be CEO of a company and say some crazy stuff from from time to time. But the guy the guy’s a visionary, you know, genius.

As far as you look at what he’s doing with SpaceX, liquid he’s doing with Tesla, like the proof is in the pudding with the guy he is. I think he’ll definitely be remembered as a legend in the game.

We’ll just have to see how it all plays out. I think even if he you know, I think even as of now, people will look up to him as a legend with what he’s accomplished already in his life. If you look at his track record, and what he’s done with the companies.

You know, and what he’s been able to accomplish, so that’s my bullish thesis on Tesla. We’ll see how it plays out over the next five years, five to 10 years I’m not selling the stock like I said.

It goes down not buying more and selling off. If it goes up a bunch I’m not selling off either. It’s just what it is guys, so let me know if the questions I that went unanswered. I think I hopefully got most of them. questions answered here.

I would love to hear from you guys. As always, make sure you follow me on Instagram. If you’re not already posting more and more content on Instagram, take it up to whole new levels. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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