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In todays video I’m going to share with you my 4 biggest stock positions. These total out at $2,500,000!! Holy Smokas! I will talk to you about these 4 stocks that I own and why I like these stocks and why I think ill do well in these stocks.

Some of these stocks are stocks I have been holding for a long time and some of these stocks are stocks that I have only recently started a position in. I hope you enjoy this video where I talk about 4 specific stocks and my thesis for them. I will also talk to you guys about these stocks valuations!

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Well, folks, welcome into silly Vegas, hope you’re having a great day out there. As always, in today’s big video I have for you Okay, I’m going to share some my biggest investments in the entire stock market and why these particular stocks I invested pretty darn heavily.

I have over $2.5 million in these four stocks I’m going to share with you here today in this video, some would say, a man, that’s too much money for only four stocks. Okay. And to that, I would say, for my approach, this is fine. 

Okay, from my personal approach, if we think about, like, if you’re somebody that like, let’s say you have excess money, okay, you could be on one spectrum, which is like you don’t invest anything, you just literally keep all your money in a savings account.

 Okay, so let’s be honest, savings accounts rates are almost nothing, okay. But you know, that’s a strategy some could use out there. Then on the other spectrum, you could have like somebody that has all their money just in one stock, something like that. 

And then the middle, you could have like somebody that has some real estate, some stocks, some savings and other things. And honestly, that’s me, I’m actually pretty well diversified. Nowadays. As far as like my wealth goes, I have several real estate properties, I have probably like 15 different stocks own maybe 17 different stocks, I own across my different accounts. 

I obviously keep always like seven figures plus just in like cash and cash equivalents. Plus, I have other investments, as well. As far as stock people go, like you could be on one spectrum, you’re like all index funds, you and your money’s just, you know, distributed around the sp 500, you could have a person going all in like a call option play a put option play, like they say they got 50,000 in their account, they literally just put all that money in a call option play that’s like expiring in a few weeks from now because they’re like, I’m going bigger going home, okay. 

And then you have like somebody that’s kind of down the middle. I’m a little more toward the aggressive side of investing. But I can tell you, like, you know, especially if you’ve been in the stock market, or how you’re gonna meet some people that make you look like you are the most chill person when it comes to investing. somebody like myself that, you know, I used to view myself as a little more of an aggressive investor, man with some of the stuff I’ve seen over the years. 

I’m like, geez, I seem conservative actually. Okay, it’s absolutely crazy. So anyways, hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, don’t forget to some mash, it’s so darn important in case you want to try to apply for my private stock group and fill out an application down there and to try to get in there. They’ll be linked in the description. 

Or you guys first stock up here is GameStop f $2.5 million in GM just came just kidding. Although I will say three weeks ago putting that money in whoa, wait. Oh, that would have been fun. Okay, first stock up here is Tesla. My Tesla. Okay, so this talk I have $641,000 riding in right now. Okay. Honestly, it should be more. Okay. should be more. 

The problem is, I made a very bad mistake this summer. And I decided to sell some of my Tesla stock like an idiot. Yes, I did. Oh my gosh, what a Dumbo. Okay, what a jumbo Dumbo Dumbo. How else can I disrespect myself? Okay. I mean, well, the most disrespectful thing I could have done is sell some of those shares off that was just silly. 

Okay. I don’t know what I was thinking in that day. But thank goodness, I still have 750 shares of this stock because it’d be a real sad camper if I ever decide to sell off the stock. Hey, and let me just talk about Tesla for a moment. Okay, Tesla, my so Okay, now there are certain folks out there that think Tesla is not going to cross $200 billion of revenue until 2030. 

And in my personal opinion, based upon the numbers, I draft up, I believe that Tesla is going to cross $200 billion in revenue, best case scenario in 2025, in worst case scenario in 2027. So this talk, I’ve heard from a lot of folks, and not really testable, it’s just like people that just like to write articles about Tesla stock, but don’t even own it, and don’t even really follow it well enough, Kay, but you know, some of them is saying 200,000,000,020 30, I’m looking at it, I’m like, I’m running my numbers. 

And I’m like, 2025 to 2027. You know, I don’t know what year it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be the 2025 2026 to 2027. This company’s crossing 200 billion plus, in revenue, my personal opinion, I just don’t see any other way around it. 

Unless the whole company just gives up and stops innovating. Like it just doesn’t make anything sense for them not to cross a number rather soon. And keep in mind, in my opinion, based upon the numbers I’ve run at $200 billion in revenue, this company should be doing worst case scenario, $20 billion net income, best case scenario, $40 billion of net income for this company, and when it comes to Tesla, it has an $800 billion dollar market cap and some folks will say it’s never going to make that valuation makes sense ever as too crazy. 

Okay. Yeah, I beg to differ. Let’s just put it that way. Okay. There’s huge growth coming in net income in the future years for Tesla, my ass, okay. You don’t just look at where the stock has gone over the past two or three years. This company was taking substantial losses, like epic losses, the type of losses that short sellers said this company was going to go bankrupt with K and look at how fast the switched it to profits now. 

Now these profits aren’t huge. But where do you think they’re going over the coming years? Probably up and up and up, in my opinion, you’re gonna see substantial increases in net income, operating income, everything across the board with Tesla in coming years. 

Now, keep in mind when the autonomous taxi network launches, if Tesla wants to launch its own fleet of vehicles out there, that could definitely hurt profitability in the short term. But the big question is, does Tesla want to launch their own fleet? 

Or would they rather just have people that own a ton of houses more and more people are buying Tesla’s each and every day? Would they much rather have just people that own tassels like myself, I’m gonna you know, when I’m getting my Model S, plaid edition or whatever? 

I think I’m getting that next month, they said, so I’ll home three testers. I honestly don’t need three testers. Maybe I’ll just put the model three, like out there on the autonomous taxi network or something like that. So that’s a big question. As far as profitability goes, but yeah, test them I have so Oh, my gosh, okay. Whoo. 

That’s all to say about that. One second stock up here of the bunch is Dropbox, so Dropbox stock, I have $119,000, in the public account, I have another $239,000 of this stock in my main private accounts, then they have $39,000 worth of call options on Dropbox. And those are expiring in January of 2023. I’m a big believer in this company over the next several years, just put that way, and then randomly chase account. 

Okay, I know it’s really weird to have a chase brokerage account, but I want to test out the product. So I threw some money in 44, almost $45,000 in that particular account of Dropbox as well. Okay. Dropbox is such a disrespect to stock. It’s almost laughable to me, okay. 

Now, first thing I’ll see, whenever I talk about Dropbox, I’ll see some people say I use Google Cloud, I use Microsoft Cloud. They’re better I like them way better. 

That’s what I’m using. I’m not using Dropbox, and things like that. And it just it’s laughable for me to, like, see people not even give the stock the time of day, simply because they use another cloud product. Because this is like, like years ago when like there was a whole Android versus iOS. I mean, I guess that’s still a thing. 

But I mean, it was even more substantial, like, five, seven years ago, okay. And yet people it’s like, um, Android, Apple’s trash products are ripoff. They’re overpriced. They don’t innovate fast enough. My Samsung can do this. You know what I mean?

 It’s like, they totally disregarded that stock in that stocks been a beast over the last 510 15 years, whatever, okay. It just doesn’t make any sense. Just because you use a different product or service that you write off any other companies that use like, you know, other people like other products and services, you do understand that not everybody is going to be 100% love something, okay? I’m huge in the apple ecosystem. 

Okay, I have iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, Mac, minis, air pods, the whole thing, okay, I’m like so Apple out. At the same time, I don’t think every single person in this world is going to use Apple products. So just get even close to that. 

Okay. And so then the day you gotta say, Do you like money? Or do you like arguing? That’s the bottom line? Do you like money? Like argument? Fact is Dropbox. I’ve been using that service for five, six years. I love it. A lot of us that are diehard Dropbox users, we’re going to continue to renew our subscriptions. We’re not going anywhere. Okay, we love it. 

And Dropbox will continue to attract more customers in the future. Okay. And if you know other people want to be Microsoft, or Google or, hey, that’s their own decision. All I know is almost every single soul on this planet needs cloud. Okay, and so that market is crazy big nevermind, a signing of documents and all those other things. Okay. 

So whole argument, why use this? So that’s irrelevant. It’s just, it’s a little laughable. Okay, forward p on the stock is 22. This is a growth company. Okay. Now, gentlemen, in my private stock group, send me these numbers last night. 

And this gentleman, he actually has an app on the iOS store, he actually had a meeting with Tim Cook a zoom meeting for like, 30 minutes a couple weeks ago, that was pretty epic. And he’s got a very successful app on the App Store. And he’s also invested in Dropbox. And he ran some numbers on what he expects his company hit over the next few years. 

And I honestly think that this is these numbers are very doable. Let’s just put it that way. I think these are conservative, but very doable. You look at the revenue growth over the coming here. So this company, like, you know, this is nothing like crazy, okay. 10% 12% 9% 8% revenue growth. This is very, this is like extremely doable for Dropbox. 

Okay, you look at the net margins, you look at the stock price over time, like this is all stuff that I think is definitely in the realm of possibility. Over the next few years. There’s nothing that you look at here and you’re like, well, that’s impossible. 

That’s crazy. nothing, absolutely nothing. This company is coming off a year where they’ve grown, I want to say 14% plus revenues, top line, okay, they’re going to continue to probably grow double digits for at least the next couple years. 

And then, you know, eight 910 percent after that. So this company is in a very, very good position. In my opinion, this is going to be a 40 plus dollar stock in a couple years. And that’s a conservative number from me. Conservative $40 plus stock. 

I think if we’re going a little more aggressive number, I think the stock can be $80 plus and that’s what this gentleman thinks the stock is going to i do i think it’s going to 80 plus over, let’s say the next three years 5050. Okay, I would say I’m 90%. 

Sure, plus that the stocks going to 40 plus based upon the fact that their valuations just need to increase dramatically based upon fact that a net income is going to be where it’s going to be at over the next few years. So I’m definitely comfortable with 40 plus 80.

 Plus, I’m like it’s a 5050. Let’s just put it that way. So they’re in a really good position. We will see what that one Okay, number three stock up here. That is a very, very big investment for me in the stock market is a tattooed chef, okay, TTC. 

If got $117,000 in the stock in the public account, I got $329,000 of this stock in my main private account. And I don’t think I talked about this one on three stocks and buying February edition. Okay. But when it comes to T TCF under $2 billion for stock, let me be very clear, in my personal opinion, is a deal a steel deal on a long term basis. 

If you’re really somebody that invest in companies long term like myself, I look at this stock and I’m like, under $2 billion for long term for this company is a joke, okay, this company should grow revenues, well over 50% next year, analysts have them grown 51%. Don’t be surprised at all, if this company doesn’t put up even stronger numbers in that case, actually much stronger based upon all the study I have done on the tattoo chef Corporation. 

And my immense knowledge of the food and drink industry, which is one of the industries I understand the to the highest level is just put that way, there’s no doubt in my mind that TTC f has a great opportunity to become a food giant over the next five to 10 years. I’m not talking about some little niche company over there that does a little bit of volume. 

I’m talking about a food giant over the next 510 years, okay, like one of the bigger food companies in the world. I just see their products sell through. I see their branding, I see the way they’re getting distribution. And I’m like, imagine where this company is at in five, 710 years from now. 

Okay, if you look at some of these other big food companies that are like established, you know, well known companies out there that have almost miniscule growth or actually no growth at all, like conagra brands, right? 

Almost $17 billion market cap in that company, Campbell’s Soup. I haven’t had a Campbell Soup since I was I don’t know probably in the last 20 years. Okay, Campbell’s Soup is over a $14 billion company Kellogg’s Corporation. Okay. $20 billion market cap on that company. 

Okay, General Mills, almost $35 billion. I still remember General Mills if I recall, they bought out an old investment of mine. I think it was any, any any company you guys remember any so they still sell and he’s a different stores. But uh, yeah, that was kind of a little more of a niche product there

And yeah, General Mills was $35 billion market cap there Hershey’s company, over $30 billion market cap, Kay. The fact is these companies are huge, huge, okay. 

And with minuscule to no growth, literally, some of those businesses might be shrinking in future years. And here you have the best, like plant based play, in my opinion out there from a risk reward standpoint, etc, if at 1.7 billion ish, somewhere around there.

 And I say, Hmm, okay, if I’m right about this company becoming a food giant over the next 510 years, where do you think this company’s market caps going? It’s going to 10 billion 20 billion or up, okay? Because also remember this company, as long as they continued up some very impressive growth rates, they’re going to command a much higher PE than any of those old dogs that are have no growth like conagra and all those other companies. 

Okay. So I’m looking at that and I’m like, Huh, how does all this play out? Okay, this is how it plays out. 2021 This company is going to get even much more distribution in Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, Target, they’re already in many Sam’s Club locations, but they’re not in them all. 

And I can almost guarantee you throughout 2021 they’ll be in almost all of them by the year and Costco. Same exact situation. And keep in mind, this company has literally like, you know, I think it’s probably a like getting close to 100 skews now. Okay.

 And imagine how many skews they’ll get into some of these retailers. A lot of these retailers only have 123 skews right now okay, Costco, but you’re in I think there’ll be an almost every Costco out there Walmart. I think this company’s gonna be in almost every single Walmart by the end of this year target.

 I think this company’s gonna be in almost every single target by the end of this year and they’re already in a lot of them like if you go to you know, your local Target or Walmart or Sam’s Club, Costco high probability you’re gonna already see their products.

Okay, never mind by the end of this year. So there’s mass rollout and all those big huge retailers have moved crazy volumes that you want to be in okay. 2022 is a year where this company gets distribution into grocery stores. 

And when you go to your, you know, grocery store, whatever grocery store you like to shop at mainly You’re going to start seeing t TCF products on the shelves my opinion right now almost non existent because companies way too early days and way too new to be in grocery stores yet they really had to focus on big Dawgs like Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart target first very smart strategy, then you start worrying about the grocery stores and getting into all those you’ll start to see.

By the way, you’ll likely start to see some ctcf products tattooed chef, you’ll start to see some of them in grocery stores this year in 2021. Okay, but the real big distribution will actually happen in 2022. Okay, then comes 2023 which will be all about sell through ramp and ramping SK use in more and more grocery stores continuing to ramp in the big dog stores across the board. 

Okay, and then 2024 In my opinion, this could happen before Okay, when 2024 international expansion is coming for this company, okay, it’s very possible they could get into international expansion before then I’m just looking at they’ve got a full plate in front of themselves no pun intended, okay, 

A full plate in front of themselves when you’re talking about you got to do all those big huge retailers continue to you know, get more and more skews you’re trying to build out factories and production lines keep product quality high get out the word about your company and all these sorts of things and then you have cash flow and it’s like do you raise more money or is there enough you know, a profit coming in net income coming in to you know, continue to rent factories and and buy you know, machinery and hire more employees and all sorts of things. 

So I don’t think they’re going to get around to international opportunity which is bigger for this company than actually the US market. Okay, international office way bigger actually. But like I can definitely see a day when tattooed chef is in markets like China in you know, many different Asian markets and in Europe and full distribution. 

And so I’m thinking about this company, the potential here is off the charts. Okay, I hope I hope Sam valetti is ready for what’s coming man because you know this this is a time to shine up with the next 510 years I mean, my goodness Kay, TTC up in my opinion is going to be a household name by 2024 at least in the United States and internationally probably not because I don’t even think they’re going to start getting around international expansion for at least a few years. 

So household name the United States by 2024 my opinion in this company is in a similar stage to where beyond meat was two or three years ago, where a lot of people didn’t know you know, never heard of beyond meat unless you were super into like plant based meats or something like that. Most people never heard of beyond meat two or three years ago. 

And nowadays beyond meat is a household name regardless of if somebody eats like plant based meats or cares about that or anything like that. Like most people know beyond me Even my parents say that they even know about beyond meat and I doubt they eat any plant based meats. I think I bought them some beyond me and I think they refuse to eat it by the way. But anyways, okay, and look at that. Look at the valuation beyond meat. I own that stock. 

It’s an awesome stock K or $10 billion market cap on that company. Member tattoo Chef 1.7 billion. Okay, what do you think is going over time? Okay, so yeah, t TCF, I love that one. It’s one of my favorite stocks entire stock market man I got to continue to buy that one as long as it’s under 2 billion I should continue to buy even if it’s under three S’s continue to buy it I need to add more shares.

 This is one I’m going to be able to look back on in 510 years and be like good job Jeremy glad you bought as many shares as possible and just hold those shares and that’s what I’m gonna be doing Okay, number four stock up here. 

That is a very large investment for me and this is my easy money play of 2021 easy money play meaning very very, very low probability I lose money in the stock the extremely high probability that I two x are more than two x my money on this particular stock. 

It is Walgreens boots Alliance ticker symbol WPA $44,000 of the stock I hold in the public count okay $978,000 I hold of this stock in my main private account, and then in the dividends only account $18,582 I hold in that one. 

Okay. Now I’m not going to go super in depth on talking about Walgreens is a lot of bullish points I have on that. And that was one of the stocks I mentioned on three stocks. I’m buying February 2021 edition. I think it was technically the second stock mentioned that video. 

So if you want to learn more about WPA, check out that video because that will help you out immensely and kind of understand my bullish thesis around WPA, which there’s a lot to be excited about for that stock, not just this year, but over the next several years there. Okay. 

I know there’s a lot of people that are newer to the stock market right now that are you know, like brand new, okay, so make sure you type into YouTube, like the search bar stock market for beginners 2021 K, and my video should be one of the first videos to pop up there when you search that and go ahead and watch that video. 

That’s an hour long video that goes super in depth. And honestly, even people that have a little more experience like you maybe been in the market for a year or two. I would highly suggest you check out that video as well. 

Like you know people are getting crazy amounts of value from that video. Let’s just put it that way that was a beast for me to put together. 

And this definitely video you want to check out regardless if you’re new to the stock market you’ve been in for a year or two and as always, never ever forget to smash if you have not already. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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