i crashed the stock market. Sorry

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Guys I am so sorry. I caused the stock market to crash because I left Las Vegas. Please forgive me!

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Well, hello there guys, not sure if we’re on the live stream or not hope you guys can hear me. And the notification should go out in just a second. And oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh, guys. Oh, I just got to apologise. Just got to apologise.

I hope the live stream is working here. I hope you guys are getting the notifications and whatnot. We will wait till everybody joins and we’ll kind of get into it. What’s going on and whatnot.

But anyways, hopefully, you guys are getting the notifications. Can anybody hear me? Can you guys hear me? Hello? Hello, let me know if you guys can hear me if the headphones are working and whatnot. We’ll love to hear from you guys.

As always. Hopefully those notifications are going out, guys. Oh my goodness, I done it. Done, did it. Oh my goodness, I crash the stock I single handedly crash the stock market guys, I I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, is happening every time I go on vacation every time I go on vacation.

As soon as I leave for vacation, the market just tanks like nobody’s business guys. And that’s exactly what has happened here once again. So I just want to apologise to all you guys who have lost money because I single handedly crash the stock market.

Every time I leave out of town every time I leave Vegas, the market just tanks. It never fails every single time I think literally I’m just meant to stay home and make money or something I can’t I can’t take vacations because every time it happens, the market tanks.

But anyways, we’ll get through it, guys, we’ll get through it. And the good news is I’ll be back Friday afternoon, so the market will probably just go down big for the next few days and then hopefully, bounce back.

But anyway, so there’s some stories that caught my attention. I haven’t been that in tune with the market today. But there were a couple stories that caught my attention. So one is the reason the markets went down.

So big today was the Morgan Stanley shares dropped big after the most in two years after Wealth Management exact says the business slowed. So that’s very interesting. It’s interesting that that caused the market to go down like 400 points today.

When you think about it from the factor of if Morgan Stanley came out and said their wealth management business was doing good. Do you think the market would have went up 400 points on that highly doubt it.

But you know how it is anytime any little fear gets out there? It shoots the market down like it’s nobody’s business and it just is hilarious that happened. And you know, just what was it a month ago? Goldman Sachs reports numbers, very similar business and Morgan Stanley reports.

Unbelievable numbers, beats all across the board. And then of course, you know, that doesn’t matter. But Morgan Stanley says, Oh, you know, are their personal wealth management businesses a little slow.

And you know, the market tanks, 400 points. So that’s pretty typical. Another story that caught my attention today, this one’s ridiculous, guys. protester at Amazon, protesters at Amazon shareholder meeting to fly a plane with a banner reading.

Bezos needs a boss. So basically what they’re saying what’s one of these shareholder groups is saying that Bezos needs somebody to be his boss, unlike what they want to separate the CEO and Chairman role and like, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Like basil is is a last guy, you’d want to take power out of his hands like that guy has done such an amazing job running the company that makes literally no sense to try to take any power out of his hands at all.

Guys, I’m like, you gotta be crazy. Amazon is one of the best performing stocks over the past decade, right? Like, are you freaking kidding me? Like these people got to be out of their mind. Amazon stocks up what like 60% in the past year.

Let’s say it’s now the second biggest company in the world. Like, come on. Like, it is crazy. Why would anybody try to protest and say, you know, Jeff Bezos needs a boss or whatever. And the last story that caught my attention day is Microsoft is now more valuable than alphabet.

So Google McDougal has been passed up by Microsoft in terms of market cap which is very interesting. What do you guys think about that? Do you think Google deserves a bigger market cap.

Do you think Microsoft deserves a bigger market cap I’d love to hear from you guys on that in the comment section as always, but yeah, once again I’m so sorry for crashing the markets guys. I’m going to be back on Friday.

So hopefully you know next Monday the markets can start picking up again once I’ll be back in Vegas and working again. But anyways, I hope you guys are doing wonderful out there just want to do a little live stream for you guys today.

I pre recorded for stocks my four biggest investment video so that I’m going to probably be releasing that either tomorrow or Thursday and I pre recorded that yesterday before I left Vegas so like.

I said that will probably be coming out tomorrow or Thursday so hope you guys enjoy that when it comes out and maybe I got one more video I pre recorded for you guys that will be coming out. So anyways, hope you guys have a great night and thanks


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