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I CANNOT STOP BUYING THIS STOCK! Holy Smokas guys I am so excited about this stock and all I can say is take my money! I will tel you about this stock that I am buying aggressively for the remainder of 2020. I will also talk about stock price of this stock, where I see this stock going, and why I think this stock is going to be a beast stock for me!

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about a stock that I am excited about and going in depth about this stock that I think is a great value in the stock market! Leave me a comment if you own this stock or if you are potentially adding this stock to your stock portfolio! Also let me know if there is any other stock that you are buying now? Or any stocks you are watching right now? Would love to hear from you!

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Wow what a thief the planet today Holy smokes is that email jokers oh my gosh what about Tesla last Oh Tesla last Oh look it’s a good day to what we’re filming already Billy you got to tell me when we’re filming oh my gosh welcome into today’s video guys hope you’re doing great out there as always in this video here today.

I am going to tell you about the stock that I can not buy enough of and. why I am so dang excited about this stock the next few years it’s not even funny and I am a girl passively adding the stock and so in this video we’ll also talk about why I am adding this stock.

Aggressively for the remainder of 2020 I think I just put like $20,000 into the stock like yesterday and I plan to continue to add this stock very aggressively for the remainder of 2020 we’ll get into that and this is a stock that I am planning to hold long term my three plus years so it’s not like.

I’m just trying to get in the stock for the next year or something like that like this is a long term hold planned at least as of right now meaning like three plus years and we’ll get into how much I think this stock will go up and why I think it will start flying up as early as 2021 and moving for so getting into all that today.

Guys hope you enjoy this video as always if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up is it going to be a value packed video I’m going to give you a ton of information on this company why I think this is going to be a huge winner for me over the next few years.

So I hope you got really enjoyed as always also if you haven’t gotten in stock hub yet definitely check it out is going to be the pinned comment down there. It’s also first link in the description stock hub is where you can chat with all the different investors from all over the world about a bunch of different stocks that you want to talk about.

We are over 16,000 members now in stock hub which is absolutely insane. Okay, this is only six days into the launch of stock up absolutely amazing super happy you guys are really enjoying a lot okay already guys.

So first up here what is a stock that I cannot stop buying enough of and why it is winning resorts Okay, this is a stock I’ve been interested in for about eight years now I’ve been in the stock before in the past has made me a lot of money and I’m aggressively adding this stock now here okay.

Wynn resorts has properties in Las Vegas. They have a beautiful property right outside Boston. They have a couple properties in the old part of Macau as well as a new wind palace that’s right on the Cotai strip. Amazing.

Unbelievable property. Okay, there’s a stock that here today is a $71 stock. By the way, the ticker symbol on this one is when Martin capitalization of $7.7 billion for the entire company. Okay, so that’s always a way I like to look at it.

Like if I’m buying this entire company, what am I truly paying for the entire company, and I’m paying $7.7 billion for this entire company. Okay, now I want to start out with this video, we’re talking about how much would it cost?

If I wanted to build those buildings I just showed you there? How much would it cost if I was building those here today? Okay, I think this is really, really interesting.

Okay, so the Las Vegas properties, if I want to build those exact same structures, on let’s say, that exact same piece of land, which is, you know, impossible, let’s say hypothetically, I was doing that.

It would cost me about $6.5 billion, roughly, in today’s dollars to pull off a project like that, in Las Vegas case, 6.5 billion just for those buildings, I remember paying 7.7 billion for the entire company, that’s assuming the debt as well, okay, 7.7 billion. Now, the Boston property,

if I was getting that same exact piece of land and construction costs to in today’s dollars, that would cost me about $3 billion, roughly, to pull off a project like that, as far as the old properties in the old part of a cow on that piece of land, with those buildings and all the construction costs, things like that.

That would cost around $5 billion in today’s dollars, in my opinion, to build that looking at everything, I look at what construction costs, land costs, things like that.

And then that part of Cotai strip that is really starting to heat up with that property winpalace, that would be about $5.5 billion. In today’s dollars. Let’s say I want to build that project. And by the way, these projects take three to five years to actually build it out.

It’s a long time because these are unbelievably massive properties. So essentially, you add up those numbers there, and we’re around $20 billion dollars ish if I wanted to copy those properties on those pieces of land, give or take about a billion dollars.

Okay, so let’s say somewhere between 19,000,000,020 $1 billion to emulate and basically replicate those exact same properties on those exact piece of land. Okay, that’s unbelievable.

I mean, there’s no other way to put it that is absolutely unbelievable number we’re paying 7.7 billion for the entire company. Okay, now before we get into a lot of the good stuff with this company why I’m so psyched about it let’s talk about the bad first Okay, cuz I know if there’s ever a critique sometimes people like Oh, you don’t talk about the downside potential.

The bad stuff with your stocks enough? Well, you know what, let’s go ahead and let’s get that out of the way. First off, the bat is Rona. Obviously, the Rhone is the bad situation for Wynn resorts and everybody in the travel industry right now.

Okay, if we go ahead and check Got the official website of the Department of Homeland Security and we’re looking at TSA checkpoints. The numbers are down massively. There’s no other way of putting it. I mean, look at the past, you know, few days.

Let’s just put it that way. I mean, look at that yesterday, a little under 700,000 people went through TSA checkpoints as versus 2.3 million last year. Okay. Needless to say the road has devastated travel travel is awful right now.

There’s no other way of slicing it. Travel is awful. And if you’re in the business has anything to do with travel 2020 is probably going to be your worst year ever. Okay? I mean, just absolutely devastating. Okay, I mean, who’s saying let’s go fly to Vegas?

Let’s go fly to Macau. Let’s go fly to Boston. who’s saying that right now? Okay. Not many people. Okay. I can tell you not many people.

I mean, a lot of people either are forced not to travel, don’t want to travel can’t travel things like that right now. Okay, so it’s not like everybody’s like, well, let’s let’s go on a trip. Let’s go fly across the country to Macau or, or fly across the world at one of these places. It’s just not happening right now. That is 2020. Okay, this is the year of the road.

I mean, look at the Vegas visitor numbers in the past last year 42 point 5 million visitors to the Lv in 2019. This year, we’ll see where all the numbers shake out over the next few months, we’ll probably be anywhere from 8 million to 14 million.

And keep in mind January and February pretty normal months. It was after that, you know things tanked. So who knows where we’ll shake out but I mean 8 million to let’s say 14 million, versus usually have 42 million plus visitors to your city. I mean, that’s there’s no other way slicing it.

That’s devastating. That just shows you no one is traveling right now because they can’t or because they don’t want to demand is so low on the strip during the week right now. Okay, weekends are decent, but during the week.

Because there’s no convention business and a lot of you know, folks can travel during the week, demand is so bad that the Encore is closing their properties monday through thursday now until business gets back to normal, which probably won’t be until 20 21k. That’s how bad it is on the strip.

And I think that’s a really good move by the wind, by the way, save on all that costs of operating that other side of the property just keep the wind site open because you know the the the amount of security and staff you have to pay to keep the other side open as well it with how weak the business is during the week, from what I’ve seen down there.

It just doesn’t make sense to keep it open the weekends. Absolutely. Weekends is definitely enough traffic to make it worthwhile. But during the week, Monday through Thursday, now it just doesn’t make sense right now, this is the worst case scenario. Let’s be very clear.

This is a worst case scenario for travel related companies and stocks. It gets no worse in this case, a once in 100 year situation like this, like literally get this like once every 100 years. You don’t it’s just it. I mean, there’s nothing that could possibly happen pretty much worse for the travel industry than NES. Okay, just no doubt about it.

It’s awful. But the good news is if you want to get some good news, bad times don’t last forever, okay? Doesn’t matter what industry it is. And this is the worst situation for this industry. Bad times don’t last forever. Okay, here’s what I see happening in 2021. For travel, okay, I’m not just talking about travel to Vegas and Macau in some of these other places.

I’m talking about travel in general, I think it’s going to continually pick up as the year goes. thing, one queue will kind of be the bottom, I think things will continue to pick up into to queue and I’m going to talk about the bottom I’m talking about Baltimore 2021.

We already bought him a long time ago. In terms of the overall numbers. Remember, we were down to like 100,000 people a day going through TSA checkpoints. The bottom versus usually it’s 2 million plus the United States case.

So we’ve already bought them from now on talking about the bottom and 21 Okay, one q the bottom I think things will continue to rise to about two Q and we get into the springtime and into the summertime and then into the travel season around the holidays.

I think things will continue to pick up as the year goes more and more along in the road becomes more and more of a thing of the past as 21 continues to roll on. So that’s the way I see travel going and obviously if you operate properties in Vegas, Macau, Boston anywhere doesn’t matter where it is.

That’s really good news for you. Okay, and I think 2022 will be the year where people say Vegas is back. Macau is back. the travel industry is truly back I think 2022 will be that year I think 2021 is just the comeback.

Okay, it’s the comeback but it’s not really the year you say they’re back to normal. I think 22 is gonna be a year where you say it back to normal these companies are super profitable again, the world is back on track.

Okay, now why am I adding aggressively for the remainder of 2020? Like why am I in such a rush to continue to buy you know, shares the stock over the next few months? Why not just wait till a year from now or why not wait till it’s a 2022 when you know things are quote unquote, back to normal? Why not? Okay, well, here’s what I foresee happening.

Okay, I’ve been the market for over 12 years and I see this happen time and time again. Okay, Wall Street will start buying up shares have V in 2021. In my opinion of Wynn resorts, the stock will start getting pushed up more and more higher and higher to higher and higher levels as a number.

To strengthen Wall Street will continue to buy in heavier and heavier and heavier. Okay, why is this? Well, I think there’s many different factors.

I think they’re going to be looking at the visitation trends and they’re going to see the visitation trends continue to move upward and upward more and more and more in Vegas in Macau and Boston pretty much just travel in general the visitation trends will continue to go up. Wall Street’s gonna take note of that and Hmm, okay, okay.

Okay. Rona, I think we’ll start to move to the backdrop. Whereas right now, I think even to this day, Rona Kenny is in the forefront of everything, although it’s it’s not as scary as it once was, in terms of scaring consumers.

I mean, remember what happened in March, people were running out to Sam’s Club and Costco and Walmart and buying everything they could water, people were in full scale panic mode of Rona, it is not like that right now at all.

Nevermind if you fast forward three months, six months, nine months, 12 months from now ruiner will definitely be moving to the backdrop, okay, then, in my opinion in 21 is going to be talk from.
When on conference calls, and presentations and interviews and things like that about profitability, that’s going to be a massive step like, oh, we’re actually going to stop having cash burn. And we’re actually going to go to profitability, I believe talk like that will start in 2021.

And that’s going to be a game changer. And that’s the type of thing that really wakes up Wall Street says, Hey, man, are we do we have a position? And when Why do we have a position when we’ve got to get in when? ASAP, okay, and there’s gonna be a lot of travel stocks in general. And I think travel stocks in general will become quote unquote, the play in 2021.

I think that’s going to become the play in 2021. As these numbers continue to get better for companies across the board, especially somebody like Wynn resorts, I think, you know, investors, Wall.

Street and hedge funds and whatnot are gonna be looking at the I say, this is the play for the next couple of years because a lot of these stocks are beaten down massively, and we got to start getting in these building positions for the 2021 2022 into 2023. Come back ahead of time, okay, it will become the play. All right.

Now, why am I planning on holding this stock for let’s say, three plus years, okay, well, when it comes to Wynn resorts, it is where the top 10% of income earners the wealthy they’d like to stay.

If they’re going to Vegas at the going to Macau, having one of those type of experience you’re going to stay. If you’re at all educated on what your options are, you’re staying at Wynn palace if you’re going to Macau, okay, or one of the other wind properties in Macau.

If you’re coming to Vegas, and you’re really educated in your high income earner or something like that, you’re going to the when you’re going to encore that’s where you go, okay. And that is where you stay. And why is this huge? You might ask why, you know, not just, I don’t want to cater to, let’s say, the, the middle class or just the average person or something like that.

Like, why is this so big? Well think about it this way. Okay. One is when you’re the creme de la creme in a property in an area when you’re the creme de la creme hotel. In these major markets, the room rates you can get are substantially higher than anybody else like wins.

Room rates are higher than anybody else can command on the strip and Macau in place like that case, the room rates, boom, restaurant bill, think about this, right? If you’re catering to let’s say the people that make.

I don’t know, 40k a year 30k a year that are coming to Vegas, like you think they’re gonna drop $500 on a on a at a restaurant or $1,000 or or buy a $6,000 bottle of wine? No, of course not. Okay.

But if you’re the type of folks staying at your property, like the wind does, and those people could drop 300 500 $702,000 on a dinner like it’s nothing okay? They’re not even notice that money is missing.

Okay, so restaurant bills, you can command so much more club fees, okay. Access is usually one of the highest grossing clubs in all of the world when Vegas is busy and access is busy. I mean, sometimes it’s like 100 bucks just to get into excess.

I mean, it’s insane. And the place is packed. When Vegas is packed. Okay, shopping, you command all the biggest and the best luxury retailers out there. That’s why you if you go into the wind mall here in Las Vegas, or in Macau, what do you see, you see nothing but the highest of the highest end stores.

And those stores are willing to pay you out a ton of money. And this is a beautiful cycle. Because if you have the shopping you have the best restaurants you have the clubs people want to go to and you have the best rooms. It all feeds into each other.

It all feeds into each other and that’s why the top 10% of income earners love to come stay at the Wynn and encore. If they’re going to Macau if they’re going to Vegas.

This is a phenomenal, phenomenal thing. Okay, but most in nevermind the customer service experience levels are dramatically higher the clientele dramatically higher than other properties you can get out there. Okay. But most important, okay, let’s get into the most important thing of all this. All right. Look, clients like this have the big gaming budgets, okay?

They’re coming with gaming budgets, if they even come with a budget, okay, they’re coming in with gaming budgets of 1000s of dollars 10s of 1000s of dollars, hundreds of 1000s of dollars, or the VIPs sometimes coming with a gaming budget of a million dollars or more.

Okay, these are the type of people that play for 1000s of dollars a hand if not 10s of 1000s of dollars a hand. That is the type of people you want gaming your establishment if you’re a high end establishment, you don’t want the gamers with I don’t know 60 bucks in their pocket to to play at your establishment.

No, you want the person that’s going to drop. You know, I don’t know. $600 on roulette Right now, okay, and I’m talking just one play, you know, that’s the type of people you want. Because ultimately, the house wins and and more than they lose, right?

All the games are, are in their favor. So if that’s the case, and you got people spending a lot of money doing this, obviously, it can add up massively to profitability.

This is why this is so big to be in the highest of the highest and player. Okay, so buying when stock is all about timing, I’ve been tracking the stock or owning the stock for like, eight years now. Okay, maybe even longer than that, it’s been a long time that I’ve even been in and out of the stock, or just tracking it in general.

And I can tell you, this talks all about timing, it is all about timing, you can get in under $120, you are looking really dang good with this stock. Okay, that’s just like historically looking, you look at a stock chart, anytime you get an under 120, you’re looking really good. If you can get on 100 you’re looking really, really, really good. Okay.

And then basically, it usually makes sense to cash out when, when it goes over $200. Because when we’ll go through some time periods and will in the future, where things are looking so great, and they’re just making money hand over fist and the stocks over 200.

That’s usually a time to kind of get out of this one and say, let me start taking some profits, maybe redeploying those somewhere else. Okay, that’s it’s just all about timing with this particular stock. Okay.

Now, how much do I think the stock will go up? And will it start flying up in 2021? In past, all right, well, the $70 stock right now, okay, I think in two years, this is 140 plus dollar stock, meaning it will have doubled up within the next two years or around the next two years.

And I think if we’re going three years out, I think the stock will be over $200 as all the numbers continue to come back stronger and stronger than ever before, when palace is going to ramp up massively like we’ve never seen before my opinion over the next three years or so.

And for that reason, this is a double up or triple up stock, in my opinion over the next let’s say two to three years, I think it’s going to be a high flyer and it’s when it starts moving, it’s going to start moving really really fast, in my opinion, because it doesn’t take much for wall street to start putting in and also desktop to start flying up. Okay.

Now what could mess all this up? There’s really no no you guys like me to talk about the downside and what could go wrong in this whole situation. And in my opinion, there’s two things that could mess all this up from happening. Okay. One is a massive Roan uptick in death percentage over 3%.

If Rona goes absolutely crazy, and just you know, I don’t know spreads like crazy, like the numbers get way ramped up, everybody starts freaking out again. And death percentage is over 3% that could definitely damage travel Intel, you know, we get a Vax or something comes online, and things get fixed there.

So that could definitely definitely mess up things in relation to kind of my prediction here. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think I although I think Rona could get a little higher in terms of the numbers, I don’t think it’s going to go crazy like that, where we start freaking people out so bad.

And we go full into panic mode and shutdowns and all those sorts of things. Again, it’s always possible, and that is the risk, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Okay.

The other thing that could mess all this up is if China doesn’t want to renew Wynn’s gaming license, if that happened, that could obviously devastate the stock as well or, you know, hurt the stock very badly, they would have to probably sell those properties in Macau. Somebody else that I don’t think is very realistic either.

I don’t think either one of those is realistic, a win just got their design done. This came out in September, they just got their design done for the crystal pavilions. Okay. And this is an unbelievable new kind of non gaming related property they’re going to have right next to their palace property, it’s got a $2 billion budget,

it’s going to take a ton of construction workers, it’s a build out, it’s kind of shows Wynn’s commitment to Macau, and projects gonna be like a 36 plus month project, absolutely massive, massive investment from when, I think obviously, Macau, the gaming officials.

All those sorts of folks are gonna see this wins always been a great partner to Macau, Macau has always been a great partner to win. And so I think, you know, with things like this happening,

I don’t think there’s, you know, a very high probability, I think there’s probably a 1% chance or less than a 1% chance that when doesn’t get as gaming licenses renewed. There’s just no reason for them to not get renewed in this whole situation, which, you know.

Obviously will be a very good thing, but it’s a risk, you never really know if the gaming licenses ever got taken away. That would be devastating. It just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s look at that property. Okay, that is absolutely beautiful.

If you don’t know what you’re looking at here, I’ll draw it out for you. Okay, so basically winpalace is there okay, and the one I have circled there, that’s all the new stuff case. So that massive new tower Think about all those additional rooms shopping, as well as the crystal pavilion part as well as restaurants right?

All that’s going to feed into a lot more people going into the gaming part and actually gaming right in the property. So you know, this is massive, massive project.

This would be a great thing for when overall and a great thing for Macau and Yeah, I definitely think that you know, things will work out there.

Okay, as far as revenue estimates, look at this 123% revenue expectations as far as growth goes next year.

I know I would say there’s a very high probability that when will grow 100% plus in 2021. And yeah, it’s just you know, like I said, Unless Roni goes absolutely nuts or their gaming license got taken away or something that doesn’t even make sense outside of those two scenarios.

Yeah, I can definitely see 100% plus growth for winning 2021 and that will be the business coming back in 2022 will be the year it you know, things are fully back.

So needless to say, I am super pumped about this stock, I think I’m gonna make a lot of money in it. Never mind the dividend cash flow I will make in the stock over time. Hope you enjoyed today’s presentation.

If you don’t mind smash that thumbs up helps the YouTube channel massively appreciate each and every one of you that is in the thumbs up squad.

Also, if you want to chat more with folks about stocks go to stock up, there’ll be the pinned comment down there is absolutely free to use. And we actually even have a Wynn resorts section.

So if you want to talk with other investors about when stock you want to talk about the pros and the cons of it and things like that, along with all the other stocks, you know,

but specifically obviously this video is in relation to when you want to chat about it with other folks. You can go ahead and do it in there. Stock up, check it out. It’s the pinned comment. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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