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Today we discuss this insane story about a long island iced tea company changing their name to long blockchain and the stock going up like 300% in a day!

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Ah sorry guys I just got done throwing up this story I just read is absolutely ridiculous Long Island Iced Tea Corporation shares rose as much as 289% after the unprofitable New York based company is rebranding itself long blockchain Corp it’s a latest and near daily phenomenon sweeping the stock market where these stocks just come out and say.

Oh, we’re gonna accept cryptocurrencies or or we’re doing something with the blockchain and then their stocks go up massively. Long blockchain, which is now their business, whose business has been selling non alcoholic beverages says it will now seek to partner with or invest in companies that develop the decentralized.

Ledger’s known as blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin long blockchain shares may be benefiting from the announcement but so far the company has little to show for its aspirations. It has no agreements with any blockchain firm says there’s no assurance that any definitive agreement with these or any other entity will be entered into or ultimately consummated.

A request for comment was unavailable from these guys. Long Island Tea Company had a loss of $4 million last year on sales of 1.2 how you take a $4 million loss and you’ll have 1.6 million in sales like what kind of company is this? What a piece of crap for company we see since they came out and they announced they were going to do some things with Bitcoin whatnot, and stocks up about 300%.

So far, this is such an issue and I feel like I’m the only one in the world like looking at this and like seeing the issue that’s going on here. This is the same freakin crap that was going on in 1998 1999 into 2000 when the tech bubble hit anybody that was anything tech related and might be doing sales online, all sudden their stocks would go up massively 100% 200% 300% it didn’t matter.

If you’re tech related your stocks going up, everybody. Just no one would even cared about the risk to this off when you see this going on with kryptos. Right now, you see this going on with these blockchain things? We don’t know this is a freaking Iced Tea Company that can’t even make a profit.

And now their stock deserves to go up 300% in a day, just because they might be doing some with the blockchain. These guys are incompetent. They just took a $4 million loss how you take a $4 million loss when you got 1.6 million in sales like the numbers aren’t even added up to me.

These guys can’t even run a nice t company and now they’re going to be a blockchain specialist. What in the world is going on here? I feel like I’m literally the only one that’s like seeing like well how bad this is really going on out there.

We see crypto after crypto coming out of nowhere, some crypto the 850 of crypto that came out you know this year often goes up 100% in a day 50% in a day. It’s unbelievable guys and a lot of people are gonna get massively hurt from all this in a lot of different ways. And and I don’t know how many times I can like stress that you should be paying attention all this but you know, I don’t even know what else is

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