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Many people want to know how to trade stock, however very few know the right approach. The truth is you want to trade stocks very much how a casino owner runs a casino. This should be a great stock market for beginners video or how to invest in stocks video.

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

Since I moved to Las Vegas three years ago, I’ve learned a lot about the gambling industry a lot about the gaming industry a lot about casinos, these massive structures on the Las Vegas Strip, I’ve learned a lot about the industry.

And what I’ve found that running a successful casino is very similar to running a successful stock market portfolio. So what I want to take you guys through here today is how to trade stocks, like an actual casino builds their business.

All right, and anybody that’s you know, seeing casinos will flourish over time, you realize that’s a really good business model. I grew up in Arizona, right, Arizona has not really like legalized gambling in terms of you could just be a random person and set up a casino.

But if you’re on an Indian reservation, you can set up a casino, and I watched so many of them be these little tent structures, these little tent structures, and a few years go by and they collect all these profits.

And the next thing you know, they got a massive building. And next thing, you know, a few years a few more years later, they build a big old hotel structure. And it’s like, wow, that little structure started as a little tent.

And now they got this massive hotel structure resorts system going. And it’s like, how did they do that? Right? Because you got to understand in a casino, there are two ways you can either be the house, all right, you can either be the house, or you can be the player.

Alright, you can be the house or you can be the player. Now I’m going to ask you guys, which side would you rather be on? I pray that you guys said the house? Because if you said the player No, no, no, because the house always has the odds in their favor. Okay.

The odds are always on the house’s favor. Okay. It doesn’t matter what game it is. Everything across the board, the odds are in the house’s favor. All right. Something we got to understand.

Now, the odds are in their favor. Does that mean they can’t ever lose? Absolutely not the casino can lose money. Okay. casino can lose money in the night, in a week, maybe even a month.

Just because the odds are in their favor doesn’t mean they’re always win. Sometimes there’s going to be bad luck that comes up and somehow the player ends up cashing in on a bunch of money. Okay, this happens from time to time.

All right. Now, here’s the difference. All right. A lot of people in the stock market trade stocks, like they’re they’re scared house. Okay, you the first thing you got to realize is everything is in your favor as a long term term participant in the stock market. Okay.

You are the house. If you are in this for the long term, you are the house because you have everybody working in your favor. You have a board of directors of companies working in your favor.

You have chief executive officers working in your favorite chief financial officers. Okay, high ranking executives, they’re all trying to get that stock price up. All right, you have the government backing like like, you know, the government wants all stocks to go up over time.

Okay, the government wants an increasing stock market, the government wants the stock market, you know, to be able to say the stock market went from 10,000 to 20,000. From 20,000 to 30,000.

The government wants that everybody has your back in this game, okay. At the end of the day, as much as you can, you can piss you off. Sometimes, you know, a company that will reprint report, great earnings will go down or something like that, as much as those type of things in the short term can frustrate.

You just realize that’s part of the process over the long term. This is a rigged game, and it’s rigged in your favor. Unless you unrig it for yourself and screw it all up. Okay. So the house, you know, Steve.

When Sheldon mouse and some of the big casino magnets, sometimes they lose money, despite the odds being in their favor. Do these guys go ahead after that, that night of that week, or that month.

They lost money somehow in their casino and all these whales, you know, like gamble millions of dollars somehow, like won more money than luck? Do they go freak out and say, Oh, my gosh, I need to sell my casino.

I need to sell my casino now. No, they don’t. Okay, they understand it’s a rigged game. It’s in their favor. Eventually, over time, they’re going to win a lot more than they lose. All right.

While another bunch of people over here are treating it like that, even though they’re the house even though things are rigged in their favor over the long term. They’re treating it like they’re the player.

And they’re like, Oh my gosh, I gotta get out of this. I got to get out of this. Got to get out of this and try to make all these moves. That’s not how it’s done, guys. You want to trade stocks, like you were the house, okay? And you can’t be the house.

If you’re freaking out every time something happens in the short term. realize it’s a rigged game that’s rigged in your favor over the long term. All right. Now, you got to understand something about the way a casino floor works.

Okay, let’s say this is a casino floor. All right, this is the casino floor. And let’s say we got an entrance here and we got an entrance here. Let’s say this for at different entrances that how you get into the casino.

Which for a lot of big resorts are four different ways you can get out. All right. So you come in from here, here and here. What the casino is going to do is they’re going to strategically place different types of games around the casino that give them the best odds.

All right, so all these games that are going to be all here on the outside, guess what all these games are going to be they’re all going to be the best odds for the house. Okay, that’s where they’re going to put all these.

Because you got the entrance you got people coming in and out of the casino constantly right here, they want all the games that give them the best odds to the right in your face once you’re walking in the casino, okay, you can go to any place any casino out there in, they’re all going to have it Okay.

I’ve been to the win a million times in the games that give them the best odds are all the ones that you come in, and it’s some stupid game where you like spin the wheel. And it’s like, the advantage of the house is like 7030 or 8080 8020, or something like that, like is a huge advantage to the house.

But people will always walk in and they’re like, Oh, look at this game. I’m gonna play this game here, not realizing that game gives them horrible odds. Okay? And what do they end up doing the games that they have the least odds on.

they actually put in the middle, okay, they put in the middle of the casino, you got to go through all these other games are that are basically teared from the best odds for the house to the worse odds for the house.

Okay, you’ve got to go through all these different slot machines, all these different you know, games they come up with, you got to go through all those to finally get to the ones that are generally give you as a player, the best odds, okay, but still.

Even then the game is still rigged in their favor, and they’re going to end up winning more times, and they lose, okay, even on something like roulette, for instance, that’s one of the games that you’re going to probably have better odds.

So it’s not quite a 5050 chance, but the house just has a slight advantage there. But it’s enough that they’re gonna continue to win over the long term. All right, that’s something we got to understand.

So the question is, when you’re building out a portfolio, where do you want to be sticking the majority of your money? Where do you want to be sticking the majority of your money.

Do you want to stick it in the thing that you have the least odds in which the house has the least odds in these? Or do you want to stick your money in over here, where you have the best odds as a casino owner.

You want to stick your money in the ones that are the most sure things you have? Okay, so the stocks that you feel like are the most sure things that you have to take the least risk in? Those are the type of ones those are the type of stocks you want to be in, okay.

And if it’s over here, if it’s over here, you might not even want to be in these type of stocks. Even if it’s still in your favor, you still might not want to be in those type of stocks, right? What do you want to take? Because there’s so many stocks that are going to be out over here on the outside.

Why not just play with those ones? Right? Why not just put your money in those ones, the ones that are, you know, there’s very high likelihood that those companies are not going bankrupt, or anything like that.

Where do you want to play in the end? Okay, where do you want to play you want to play out here, that’s where the casinos like to play right? Now, here’s another thing casinos do. Okay, a casino.

Regardless, if the player won the last time or lost money the last time they want that player coming back in the casino, okay. So they’re going to give you money just to get you back in the door, okay, they’re going to give you free gaming play.

They’re going to give you a free suite, they’re going to give you free dinners at the hotel, anything, any any imaginable thing and the more money you spend, the more things you’re going to get anything they can do for you.

That can get you back through the door. If you don’t want boxing tickets, you know, to the big boxing event, they’re gonna get you tickets for that if you spent enough money, okay? Regardless if they won or lost money on you in the last one.

So let’s say they took $100,000 loss last time you became there, you got super lucky man, you were just knocked out a ballpark, you gamble a lot of money, you ended up winning $100,000 they end up losing 100,000 they don’t care if you won or lost money.

They’re gonna still try to bribe you with any ticket to get you back into that casino. Okay, they’re going to send you so many offers are going to be calling you up there and they’re sending emails any way possible.

They want you back in that casino, okay, they will throw whatever it takes at you to get you back in there. Because they know once again, the odds are in their favor over the long term right now in stocks, stock trading, how do people end up treating this.

Well, basically, if a person’s stock goes down, it goes negative for whatever reason, okay? their stock goes down. A lot of people end up selling, okay, they end up selling and getting out of that position.

When once again, they don’t realize that the odds are stacked in their favor over the long term, especially as long as you’re buying great companies. It’s always a buying opportunity. Apple, okay, Apple is a perfect example.

Apple has dipped a million times, okay, I’ve seen Apple stock dip a million times in a major way we’re talking 2030 40% every single time it was a buying opportunity, Google stock. I’ve seen the stock fall so many times.

It’s not even funny. Every single time it was a buying opportunity in Google stock. If you’re buying great corporations if you’re buying Coca Cola, Coca Cola every single time the stock has ever fallen.

It was a buying opportunity over the long term. Because you got to understand great companies are going to be great over time. All right, great. Companies will continue to be great over time.

They’re going to find new ways to make more and more profits. They’re going to bring it in the short term will be rough just like the casino just took $100,000 loss in this guy okay, but they don’t care.

They’re like, we’re gonna put more money into this because we know in the end our odds are with us, okay. So many people when they go down a position they just sell if you’re in a crap stock, a highly risky stock.

As a speculative stock, then maybe it does make sense to sell. But why did you even buy that in the first place? Right, we could even get into that subject. But the bottom line is if you’re buying great companies.

Great American companies that make huge profits, or even some Chinese companies that make these huge profits, and they have great long term stories going for them, and they dip for whatever reason, in the short term.

It’s almost always a buying opportunity, when you look at it from a long term perspective, okay? No different than the casino regardless of the player won or lost money, it’s always opportunity for them to get that player back in the casino.

So they can spend a bunch more money because they realize the game’s rigged in their favor. In the end, guys. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. But it’s somehow a lot of people still end up losing money in the stock market over the long term.

Because they just start treating it different. Okay, I’ve went through the rigmarole in 2015 when I got caught up into the whole margin deal, and I started treating it, like I was a player rather than the house before I was treating everything like I was the house, okay.

And then I start treating everything like I’m the player in the casino. And that’s not the side you want to be on. Because that’s when you start to lose a lot of money. Okay? Be the house in the end, okay.

Either house and have your money in the best stocks to give you the best odds possible. Okay, it’s a really big thing. All right. Remember, this game is rigged in your favor over the long term, a lot of stuffs gonna happen in the short term that doesn’t make any sense.

No different than a casino might have 6040 odds in their advantage. And somehow on a night day, they just you know, get really unlucky and they lose a ton of money the players and like.

How did this happen? How did this happen? It’s the same thing in the stock market. Sometimes you load in gray stock, they report great earnings and the stock goes down or whatever happens you’re like.

How does this happen? How just stock up your stock up not up big. That’s just something you have to go through. Okay, even as the house you’re not always gonna win 100% of the time, but the trick is.

You’re gonna win a lot more than you lose as long as you treat things like you’re the house and not the player Okay, and don’t freak out over different things. I hope you guys really enjoyed this this is how to trade stocks in build a portfolio like a casino builds their casinos out guys.

It’s a really good business model and it’s a really good business model. Go Go to Macau go to the Las Vegas Strip, and you’re gonna see how good of a business model is. It’s pretty unbelievable.

So hope you enjoyed this. Let me know in the comment section what you thought about this video, make sure you hit a thumbs up if you really enjoyed it makes you follow me on Instagram as well. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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