How To Invest $1,000 in 2018/2019

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Today we discuss how to Invest $1,000 in 2018 and 2019. This video should help anyone who wants to invest their money in 2019. We will cover real estate investing, stock market investing, investing in yourself as well as others. Enjoy!

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How to invest $1,000 in 2018. That is exactly what we are talking about here today, guys, I’m gonna give you five ways that you can invest your money in 2018 that are kind of the best ways I see possible, especially if you’re working with a smaller amount of money, somewhere around $1,000.

Now it’s up to you to decide which way is best for you. There’s five, all five of these are very different. They’re very diverse ways, guys. So usually I hold the best one for last. But I’m actually going to do the best one in my opinion, for the very first one, I’m just feeling very inspired to share this one with you guys.

And it has something a little bit to do with the butterfly effect and how much this has changed my life. So the first one is investing in yourself, okay, investing in your cell phone, okay, I why investing in yourself. So I made a decision in 2008 2009, I wanted to start looking into the stock market, I made a decision to spend around 200 to $300 in books, okay, looking into the stock market, looking into all these different ways of investing and whatnot.

That’s just what we did. We did have online courses or whatnot back in 2008 2009. So what you did you want to learn about something, you buy books, okay? Or you can go to the library. I prefer to actually buy books and you know, whatever one I want to just buy and I want to keep it Okay, so that year I spent 200 to $300 on books 2008 2009. T

his amount of money was a massive amount of money for me that year. Okay, at this particular time, I was making $8 an hour working at Walgreens, okay, $8 an hour, it took me several months to even get to a place where I can save up 200 to $300 right. Even though I was living with my parents still back then it was like I still have like a cell phone bill.

I think I had a flip phone back then or something like that. I still had my you know car so I car insurance and things like that. I drove around a little Junker and, and things always went wrong with it. So I always had to spend money on that car to like, get it fixed and whatnot.

So it would take me several months to even get to a place where I 200 or $300. So this was a massive amount of money to me at that time. Like I can’t even explain how much money this was to me at that time, guys. So investing in yourself, I made this investment, read these books and whatnot.

And a lot of those books didn’t pan out, like I read them and I spent the money on it. But some of them were just a waste of money. In my opinion. I like I never ended up adopting some of those philosophies and whatnot. But there were a few that changed my life, there was a few around value investing, which I ended up adopting as still, to this day is still my base framework for how I invest in stocks.

Okay, there’s value investing type style, I made a few tweaks here and there to a little bit more modernizing because the whole value investing thing that really became about in the 50s and 60s, I made a few little tweaks here that kind of upped my game a little bit.

And I was off okay, now through reading those books, if I never read those books, and I never got that investing mindset. I never ever have $200,000 in my brokerage account before I was age 25 I had $200,000 before I was age 25 in my brokerage account, that never, ever happens that never ever happens if I don’t make that 200 to $300 investment that.

I thought was all the money in the world back then I thought oh my gosh, this is so much money, investing in yourself changes the game, okay, it changes the game, because that that $200,000 that’s not magically there a few years later, okay. Also, this is little money, okay. And I was explained one way this as little money as you got to think, you know, how much money is that going to make me in the future?

Okay, that can make me a lot more than $200,000 in the future over my lifespan, right? But that’s just not it. Okay, that’s just not it by making this $200,000 by getting my brokerage account up to $200,000 that gave me the audacity to start a YouTube channel called the financial education channel that we now have over 100,000 subscribers, okay, over 100,000 subscribers and growing and gets massive amounts of views.

If I don’t have this, the financial education channel never happens, okay? And I only reason I got this a mainly is because I decided to invest 200 or $300 into myself in learning about which investment philosophy was best for me. Okay, so this helped produce this, which helped produce this.

And now I probably will make he if it’s a really bad year, next year, if it’s a really bad year, I’ll probably make $200,000 from financial education and all the products I sell, whether it’s books, online courses and things like that, that’s if it’s a really bad year, guys, I’ll probably still have a profit of over $200,000 So think about that.

The personal brand never happens. The the account up to $200,000 before was age 25 never happens if I don’t make that investment in myself and decide to start actually going out there and learning about things. I could have just viewed this as man, this is several months of me saving. I shouldn’t spend that money.

You know what, no, I’m not gonna do that. I could have viewed it like that, and I would be in a much Different financial situation than I am today. And I’m just thankful, I am super thankful I made that investment in myself because it’s changed my life and forever guys.

So needless to say, in 2018, especially if you’re a younger person, there’s nothing, I mean, zero things you will ever invest in, that are more valuable than investing in yourself, because that is lifelong. Those things you learn about, you will take that with you for life, okay, whether you want to learn about you know.

I don’t know, selling on Amazon, or selling on Shopify, or something social media related or something stock market investing related or real estate investing, it’s cute, because sometimes I get emails from people that like buy my stock market course and whatnot, and I’ll get an email from them.

They’re like, Jeremy, this is great. I made $110 profit. In my first month of investing, I took your your stock market, investing mastery courses is awesome. And I’m always like, Oh, that’s cool, you know, good, you know, I’m awesome, keep working, you know, keep doing you and whatnot. Cool.

But the email I’m more interested in is email five to 10 years from now, then somebody emails me and they say, You changed my life, I now have $800,000 in my brokerage account, because I adopted your investing philosophy. And I went about that way. And you inspired me to start a business because you’re an entrepreneur, and you talk about entrepreneurs the best way and no one in my my family has ever been successful in life.

And now I’m actually have some wealth built and things like that. And those are the emails, I’m more interested in 510 1520 years from now, because those are the game changing ones guys, and my game got changed, because I actually invest in myself. The second way you could invest $1,000, in 2018, is through the stock market.

Okay, this is your second option here through the stock market. Now, if you have $1,000, that probably means you’re a newer investor in the market, and you don’t have a ton of money out there. Right. So what I suggest for more newer investors in the stock market, if you don’t have a lot of experience, I suggest sticking to big companies, by big companies.

I mean, companies that have 100 billion plus dollar market cap, okay, those are the kinds of companies you’re going to really want to stick to, if you’re a newer investor in the stock market, okay, 100 plus billion dollar market caps. The reason being is those type of companies generally aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon, they’re usually super profitable, which is good, they usually have tons of money on the balance sheet in cash and things like that.

So you’re not just going to magically lose all your money. Also, a lot of these companies, you will probably know, okay, and you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of what their businesses and when you read about them and whatnot, it’s not so confusing to you.

A lot of times, if you’re a more advanced investor, you can look into different sectors and whatnot that you’ve never looked into. And you can kind of begin to understand that when you’re a beginner in the stock market, that’s very, very hard to do. Okay.

So these type of companies also that you generally pay dividends, which is very nice that you get to collect some kind of income from that. Also, the last thing you want to do when you’re starting out investing, especially if it’s a newer type thing you’re doing, right, you don’t want to end up losing all your money, right?

Because that might just screw up your mindset for forever. Okay. So think about it. Like a lot of people, when they get invested in the stock market and start looking at the stock market. The first thing that attracts them is like penny stocks, right? Because you’ve got very little money, maybe got a few $100 $1,000 or something, you see penny stocks, well, this one’s trading for 10 cents.

I got buy a ton of those shares. And that’s the type of thing that attracts a lot of beginners in the stock market, highly speculative stocks. The issue with that is if you lose that $1,000 a lot of times what the mindset goes to is wow, stock markets a scam or in this investing class is a scam because I lost my $1,000 here, I don’t ever want to do this again.

So you that’s generally not going to happen. If you’re investing in companies that have more than $100 billion market cap. These are companies that are generally doing great. Okay, so the chances are that company is going to somehow go bankrupt and you lose 100% of your money.

It’s going to be pretty rare out there. Guys, that would be a huge deal. If Microsoft magically went bankrupt tomorrow, or next year, or even three years from now, that would be like mind blowing to the world guys. Like how did everybody stop buying xboxes? overnight Nick’s sell products in and I don’t know cloud services and all this stuff.

Like how did everybody just stop by maker? Like, you know what I mean? That would be absolutely unbelievable for something like that to happen. like Google, like, could you imagine Google going like, how did they lose $60 billion in cash that they have in their in their balance sheet?

And how did everybody stopped using Google Search overnight, YouTube, like these things just don’t happen? Guys, it’d be insanely crazy. And the other thing you kind of want to do is you want to kind of be in two stocks. I know it’s not much money. So it’s only $500 in stock.

The reason being you just want to kind of you know, practice a little bit of diversification and kind of that will help you build your portfolio over time. And as as you get more and more money, you’ll want to get a you know, a few more stock.

So if you had a million dollars in the stock market, you were investing, you’d obviously want to be in more than two stocks, you’d probably want to be in five to 10 stocks or something at that point because two stocks is a lot of money to be having, you know, a half million dollars a pop so that is the second option stock market invest option number three is kryptos cryptocurrencies, this is super hot right now.

Kryptos are unbelievably hot. There’s a lot of kryptos out there, the ones that kind of get The most attention is probably, you know, bite coin in Litecoin. I’m just messing with you guys with the names I know it’s different names and whatnot. And you know, Bitcoin cash a lot of these different kinds of things, okay?

Kryptos it’s a way you could invest, but the key word is invest, okay? If you’re investing, you really have to have a strong belief that whatever you’re putting your money into is going to be, you know, worth a lot more three, four or five years from now you have to make a case on why that can happen.

Okay? So it can’t just be you know, the price is going up right now. So I’m speculating that there’s going to just keep going up, you can’t just make that decision, you got to have a bullish case on why you think this particular thing is gonna go up.

So if you’re investing in Bitcoin or whatever, you just have to have a philosophy on why that’s going to be worth a lot more three, four or five years from now. Okay, the same way a stock market investor would be able to say, I’m investing in Apple, because ABCD, you know, I think they’re going to sell more iPhones.

I believe, I believe that iPhone prices going up, you like things like that you, you’ve got to be able to make a case if you’re making an investment, okay? Now, you can also be a speculator to that. But that’s not really what this video is about. It’s about investing.

So if you can, if you really have a bullish case, and you really believe that you are investing in cryptocurrencies, and that’s certainly a possibility for you. Just make sure you fully understand everything you’re getting into and whatnot. That’s the only thing I would caution there.

If you’re getting into kryptos, don’t just kind of make it about, oh, well, it’s going up. There’s so much in there, some guys said it’s going to 100,000. And you know, this guy said it’s going to 300,000, that’s speculating, that’s gambling. At that point, guys, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, then you’re gambling, you’re speculating, you’re not investing.

So make sure if you have if you’re getting this stuff, you know what it is, because that means you’re actually investing rather than just speculating option number four, for how to invest $1,000 in 2018 is real estate. And I know what you’re probably wondering, what the heck you gonna do with $1,000 in real estate in 2018?

Like that’s unrealistic, what are you going to buy in the United States United Kingdom, or pretty much any country out there? For $1,000? Well, I got a strategy here that not a lot of people talk about that, I think is a very intelligent strategy. If you want to get into real estate investing.

Which is something a lot of people like to do, they like to get into real estate investing, what you want to do is you want to end up partnering with someone that flips houses, okay, you obviously have a much smaller amount of money. So for instance, some of that flips a house, right? They might buy a house for $100,000.

Okay, this guy buys a house for $100,000, then he’s like, Okay, I’m gonna put $10,000 into this house. Alright, and I’m gonna sell it for 140,000, which means our profits going to be 30,000 bucks on this, okay? Well, first off, you got to think like, what do you have to bring to the table.

So the first thing is, you’re bringing money, right? You’re, you’re willing to invest $1,000 into it. So meaning he only has to put in 9000, you put in 1000, make sure you’re partnering with someone you really trust, okay, make sure you’ve had a lot of conversations with them, make sure otherwise, you might get screwed over, if you don’t really trust them, and they don’t really trust you they are.

There’s more likely you could get screwed over in this type of situation, you don’t want to get screwed over and lose your 1000 bucks, right. So make sure it’s someone you trust, now you invest 1000, they invest 9000, think about what your profit is there. If you have 10% of what went into it right, then you’re gonna end up making yourself a $3,000 profit, okay, from $1,000 to $3,000.

Profit Nelson, you have 4k in your bank account that you can go ahead and invest in the next one, next one. And you can see at a certain point, right, you’re gonna end up having enough money where you can start being the one buying these houses cash.

And you can do it all yourself, if you want to take all the profits and all these kinds of things, guys, so that’s definitely a way but make sure you’re bringing something table other than just money, okay, it can’t just be the money, you got to have some type of expertise.

Maybe you’re also a real estate agent, maybe you have your real estate license, and you can actually sell the house, so is saving you guys a lot of money there. And as far as paying out the commission or whatnot, maybe you’re really good at plumbing. So any type of plumbing issues in these houses, you can fix that.

Maybe you’re really good at working your ass off as far as getting the backyard together in the front yard together. Okay, and you can fix that up really well. Well, maybe that’s what you bring to the table, maybe you’re really good at Interior Design, you’ve got to bring something to the table that really entices that real estate flipper, that they say okay, not only are they helping out a little bit with the money, and.

They’re putting in 10% of the money in this, this one. But hey, they’re also going to do this and this for me, this person’s very valuable. I want to partner with this person. So real estate flipping can definitely be a way it’s done. You’ve got to find the right person to partner with someone you trust, and make sure you’re bringing something table that they want to keep you around.

So then you do the next job and next job and you’re you’re less likely to get screwed over at that point, guys. So that’s option number four. Option number five on how to invest $1,000 in 2018 is actually investing through your workplace 401k or if they have a stock purchase plan. You believe in that company.

A lot of times a lot of these big corporations that are public on the public markets, they give you a discount on the shares. Okay, I know I remember at Walgreens when I worked for Walgreens, I think they gave either a 10% Or was 15% discount on whatever the shares were trading at the only catch was you had to hold those shares for at least three months.

I knew that Walgreens is going to be doing very very well in the future. At that time the shares were in the 20 something I was getting 10 to 15% off so I was trying to put in as much money as I possibly could toward this, since at times Walgreen shares are probably tripled or quadrupled since then, right. So obviously getting given a discount on it was just the icing on the cake.

So that’s definitely an option also a lot of workplace 401 K’s if you work for a very good company, a lot of times they will invest $1 for every dollar you invest Okay, so you put in $1 toward your 401k they put in $1 toward 401k if you work for a really great company they’ll actually put in $2 for every dollar so meaning.

Think about this if you invest a you know IRA you basically have $1,000 go through your to your 401k some of these companies that really treat you well right they’ll put in $2,000 So think about that you just essentially made a $2,000 profit guys and you there’s almost no way you can beat that by doing it by yourself even if you’re a Great Investor by the way.

I think i think i can get you know 30 to 40% per year usually right? Think about that if I got 30 to 40% that would have basically 1300 to 14 $100 investing by myself if I go through my workplace and they’re doing a two to $2 to $1 match that’s a lot of money there guys now the catches on some workplaces don’t do this so you got to make sure you look into this also some workplaces that naxa that something they might max out $500 a year.

They might you know only match up to $1,000 a year or $10,000 a year it depends on the workplace make sure you look at the paperwork and what that but there’s a lot of companies that you can make a lot of money off of based upon the fact that they give you discounts on their stock.

If they’re a public company and you believe in that company for long term and based upon the a lot of these companies will match dollar for dollar with you if not $2 for every $1 you do guys so big changes there in those are your five options on how to invest $1,000 in 2018 I hope you guys really enjoyed this take leave me a comment if you really enjoyed.

I love reading all those comments you guys leave you know especially the really nice ones that this video helped you. I hope it helped you out there immensely. Don’t forget if you want to learn about the stock market click that first link down there in the description. That’s my stock market investing mastery course that goes into everything I look into as far as what I look for as far as investing in the stock. Thank you for watching guys and have a great day.

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