How To get Rich in the Stock Market using the GVD 123 Strategy

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Today we chat about how to get rich from the stock market using the GVD 123 strategy. I went full-go on this strategy starting a few years ago and it has been a game-changer for me in regards to my return in the stock market.

This street implements a combo or value stocks, dividend stocks and growth stocks. 3 major positions and everything else minor positions. This stock market strategy might not be the best for people who are retired, or are lazy, or don’t know what they are doing, but for everyone else, it can be phenomenal.

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Well, howdy there guys and welcome in Look at this, this is one of those rare videos I do in which I’m going to go super in depth on a subject with you guys. And today I’m going to teach you how to get rich using what I call the gbd 123 strategy.

Okay, I’m gonna go exactly into this, I’m going to show you exactly how to implement this strategy. In the past, it has worked out tremendously for me. And since I went to this philosophy, it has been a game changer.

I went to this philosophy more around 2018. And moving forward over the last few years, I can just tell you, it’s taken my returns to a whole different levels than they’ve ever been at, I was implementing some of the strategy in the past and kind of like my first, you know, nine or 10 years in the market, but since.

I implemented this over the past few years, game changing, okay, and let me just tell you, okay, let me let me explain something to you guys real quick here. Okay, once you watch this video, I’m gonna give you a tremendous amount of value, a tremendous amount of value.

This is not the type of thing that’s going to make you rich tomorrow, or make you rich next next month, okay, if you want to get rich really quick, I don’t know, maybe learn how to shoot a three point or something like that and try to make it to the NBA.

Because it’s not how this works. But if this strategy is implemented, well, you can absolutely get rich over 510 15 year span. I mean, it’s life changing. People tend to weigh overestimate what they can accomplish in a matter of weeks in a matter of months.

And they tend to weigh underestimate what they can accomplish over a 510 year span. Okay, for instance, for instance, Kay, if we go back 10 years ago, today, I was worth $5,000 total, okay, total $5,000 total if we go back 10 years ago, okay.

Versus, you know, I think all you guys pretty much know, you know, what I’m worth today, it’s just crazy, like, how much can change in a five to 10 year span. And if you focus on the strategy that I’m gonna teach you here today, you’re gonna you’re gonna change your life for the better and you’re gonna be able to ultimately, you know, achieve the dreams you want to in life.

Which is you know, why why are we doing this? Why are we watching this video? Why are we going to try to invest in stocks, why we’re gonna try to build our wealth? Well, it’s to achieve your dreams, whether it’s a house, you know, you know, certain house, you want to have a air, you want to live in a state.

You want to live in a city you want to live in, right? You know, a car, you want to drive, you know, how when you want to retire, what type of health care you want to have, how much you want to vacation, all those things, okay?

All those things are dictated by if you can have financial success out there. So, like I said, I’m gonna give away a ton of value in this video, hope you guys really enjoy it. And you know, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button that lets me know that you guys enjoy super in depth, valuable video.

Like this also helps out the YouTube channel in a massive way. So I do appreciate you. And also check out the description area, I got a ton of resources linked for you guys down there in the description as well.

And like I said, I think the last time I did one of these videos was, I think, when I did like, you know, I’m probably showing you it here. It’s like what I did that video on, like, how to find the next million dollar stock and I was probably four or five weeks ago.

So it’s been a while I brought a bottle of water because this is going to be a very in depth video, we’re not going to do a lot of cuts. Sometimes these videos don’t get the most views as like the news related videos, but that’s okay, because I know you guys gonna make a lot of money from the strategy. Okay, so what we’re looking at here, and I’ll go through all this.

I’ll break it down. I’m gonna show you guys real life examples on how I’ve made this work and things like that is first gvd. What does this stand for? And how do we use this? Okay, so the G stands for growth, the V stands for value, okay? And the D stands for dividend, okay?

And these are essentially the three types of stocks you can buy in the stock market, okay. And what I’ve learned is, in order to be a truly great, great investor, okay, not a good investor, I’m talking about a Great Investor, I’m talking about the 1% of investors, okay?

In order to be in there, you really have to implement all three of these strategies I found, okay, which is essentially, you’re looking for growth stock, you’re looking for value stock, and you’re looking for dividend stock, but you’re looking for the best, the best that you can possibly find in each of those categories.

And like I said, I’ll go through, you know, full examples. Now, growth sock, what is a growth stock, that’s a stock that’s, you know, ideally growing at least 10% revenues plus per year, and they’re expected to for years and years to go in the future. Okay.

And if you’re thinking like, How do I know if a company is growing 10% plus per year, that’s you got to really, really research these companies, you got to you got to listen to conference calls. Okay? This is all available on the investor relations page.

This is all about you putting in the work. None of this information is like hidden behind a glass door or something you can’t get to it. This is all free information. Okay. So let’s say you wanted to look into some company, okay.

And you want to find if this was a great growth stock in the future, you can go right on that you can type in their Investor Relations page. Okay. So you know, whatever company it is, let’s say you were looking into Google Ok, Google Investor Relations page right there.

You’re the conference calls, the 10k the 10 Q. All the reports you could ever want to know so you can know this company inside and out. I mean, absolutely inside and out and have such a high like in a matter of a day or two. You Go from knowing very little about a company to having actually very high level knowledge.

You know, somebody that worked high up from that company would actually understand because everything’s right there, okay. And so you’re looking for a company that you understand on a high level, and you believe that company will grow 10% plus per year for years to go in the future. But really, if we’re really looking at a great growth stock.

We want 20% plus revenue growth for years and years go in the future, okay. 10% Plus is okay. But we’re really looking for that company that we believe is going to grow 20% plus per year, year after year after year after year into the future, like, as far as I can see.

And the fours I can see when I want to, in my opinion, when it comes to investing is about five years. Okay? That’s really, as far as I can see. 10 years out, it’s really hard to see what’s going on 10 years from now, because so much can change. But five years, you know, once you’ve read all those reports, systems conference calls.

You know, basically what looked at those investor presentations, you should be able to get a good grasp on this business and look in the industry and be like, I can see how this company is going to grow 20% plus top line meaning revenues for years to go in the future.

Okay, so that’s really what I’m looking for in a growth stock, that company has 20% plus grow or for years going future k value. Okay, value, what is a value stock, a value stock? It’s all about valuation. Okay.

When you think value stock and finding a value stock, think I need to find a stock that has such a compelling valuation on the stock, okay? value stocks, you have to be much more picky with price, okay, growth stocks, it’s a little different growth stocks.

You don’t have to be as picky with the price, okay? Because growth stocks just have so much upside potential that you know, sometimes even if you pay a really high p or for P or price to sales, sometimes it doesn’t even matter, just because that company is going to grow so tremendously over the next 510 years.

That it’s all it’s all okay, in the end, okay. value stocks, you need to be much more careful with with what you’re finding, okay. And when it comes to these types of stocks, whether we’re talking growth value dividend, it is all about risk versus reward.

And what I’m always thinking of, but my mindset, someone’s going, you know, to essentially when I’m implementing the strategy, and I’ll go into this, I’ll give you examples is I need to find stocks, that if I hold this stock over the next five years, it’s almost impossible for me to see that stock not being higher in five years from now than this today.

Based upon my judgments and understanding of that company. If there’s even a decent probability that in my mind that I think I’m going to lose money in that stock over the next five years, I’m talking even like a 15% probability, then it does not fit into this strategy, doesn’t mean it’s a stock I can’t own couldn’t be potentially still stock I own.

But it can’t be in this strategy. I’m showing you guys here today. Okay, that’s really, really big, like, like, I have to be like, I have to be willing to almost bet my life, okay, in, you know, like a figure of speech way, on this stock not going down over the next five years, because it’s just so unrealistic to imagine this stock being lower in five years than it is today.

Okay, that’s a really big thing. And also, especially if I’m thinking about, you know, growth stock, but all three of these, it has to be a stock that I am extremely confident, I will double my money or more than double my money over the next five years.

And if it doesn’t fit in that criteria, it doesn’t fit into the strategy, okay? It doesn’t mean I can’t own that stock, but it doesn’t fit into this particular strategy. Okay. Keep this in mind. Remember what I just told you, okay, very important. A dividend stock.

This, I mean, you know, a lot of you guys probably know dividend investing, this is a stock that pays dividends every single quarter, okay, so you make that cash flow money, and you can go ahead and invest that money into more stocks, or that same stock tank.

Now, basically, I’m looking for a stock in each of these categories to buy, okay. And if you’re wondering where the 123 comes in, this is what I call the big, we’ll call them the big guys, okay, we’ll call them the big guys.

Okay, these are the big guy positions. So when I build a portfolio out, this is where the majority of my money is going to be. Okay, between 50%. And roughly all the way up to 70% of my portfolio is going to be in these three stocks, you might see me hold 10 stocks, maybe even 15 stocks in a portfolio.

For instance, in my private group, I have what’s called a public count, okay. And in this public count, I hold 15 stocks in that account, but still anywheres between, you know, 50% to 70% of the money in those stocks is held in these three categories, essentially.

Now, I understand this might not be the right strategy, if you’re watching this and you’re 63 years old, and you want to you’re already retired or you want to retire or something like that, because it might be a little too risky for you.

But I can tell you, somebody like myself has been in the stock market for over a decade now. And 30 years old. This is a perfect strategy for me. Okay, I absolutely love implementing this strategy. And when I’m looking at 123 all I’m thinking As I’ve got to find one of these stocks has to be a massive growth company, okay?

One of these stocks has to be a phenomenal valuation candidate. And one of these stocks has to be a beautiful dividend stock, okay? And I need to implement all three of these, okay? Now remember, like I said, in order to be a great investor in the market, you have to implement all three of these, in my opinion, you can be a good investor and just focus on growth stocks.

You could be a good investor and just focus on value stocks, you can be a good investor and just focus on dividend stocks and collecting dividend cash flow and plugging back in. But to be a truly great investor, and 2020.

And beyond, in my opinion, you’ve got to be able to implement all three of these strategies simultaneously, okay, dividend, it’s a little bit different, okay, dividends, you’re looking for a consistent business model, you’re looking for a company that’s going to consistently pay dividends, regardless of what’s going on in the economy, right?

We’ve seen how many, how many companies have we seen cut their dividends during this whole Roni running situation? I mean, I feel like half the, you know, maybe it’s not accurate, but I feel like half the companies have either partially cut or fully cut their dividends, you know, since Ronnie Rona took off, right. And meanwhile, there’s been that other.

Let’s say, half a companies that are still keeping their dividends, those are the Primetime companies, those are the beautiful companies to invest in. If you’re looking for dividend stock, a member value is all about the valuation.

If I’m looking for growth, I’m looking for a 20% plus grower, okay, let me give you an example of basically three stocks that I did around this strategy when I started to build up the public count. Okay, so the public county got that up and rolling in my private stock group in in 2018.

Everybody can see every single move I make in that account. Okay. And what I wanted to do is I wanted to build that account, essentially, right around this strategy. Okay. So what I did is I bought three stocks, and I made these three stocks into my biggest positions, okay.

And what these three stocks ended up being one was Facebook, okay. I’m sure a lot of you guys know, Facebook company. The second stock was sky works, solutions, okay. And all three of these stocks were all positions.

I started building in 2018, and continue to build into 2019 till they were really big positions. And since then they’ve absolutely taken off, okay. And the third was Tesla, okay. Now, what do all these stocks represent?

Okay, these are the three core stocks, I really want to build that portfolio around. Because when I looked at these three stocks, I said, it’s almost impossible for me to and by the way, I’ll probably show you my gains here as I talk somewhere somewhere on the screen, okay. The way it looked at this is.

It’s almost impossible for me to imagine investing at any of these three companies and losing money over the next five years, I looked at all of them and where their valuations were at where their market caps were at, versus, you know, what I expect their profits to be in five years from now. And it just, it looks like it’s just, it’s just such a good deal.

I have to take advantage of all three of these. And they all represent different things. Okay. So if we started the bottom Tesla, which one did this represent? Obviously, in the portfolio, this represented that growth stock, that company that’s going to grow revenues 20%.

Plus, for years, and years and years to go in the future, right, we’ve heard your must go on record. He’s talking about 50% revenue growth for like the next decade, each and every year, we’ll see what happens.

But regardless, whichever way you slice, okay, Tesla is going to be a beast grower for years to go to the future. Okay, so I looked at this stock, and I looked at where the valuation was at which when I was buying in that I think the market cap might have been, you know, 400 billion, or excuse me, 40 billion, it’s probably 400 billion now.

I think it was like 40 billion 50 billion and probably, you know, show you the gains there. And, you know, obviously, it’s been working out tremendous for us, I think we’re up $260,000 or some insane number in the public count on this particular stock. Okay, so that represented that growth stock for me sky work solutions.

What did this represent, for me, this represent the dividend stock, okay, this represented the dividend stock will kind of do the one of these deals, okay, that represented the dividend stock. So skyworks solutions, when I was buying that stock, the valuation was so low on it, it actually had a valuation, or excuse me a dividend yiel.

Where I was actually paying like a 2% plus dividend yield on the stock. And the beautiful thing I found this guy works solution but with skyworks Solutions make semiconductors that go into a ton of different smartphones, tablets, and tons of different electronic devices.

What I found was a perfect scenario and skyworks solutions, is this a stock that paid me over 2% dividend yield when I was buying it, okay? But not just that. This was a stock that had a super compelling valuation, because when I was buying it, I think it was trading at a 12 to 15, four p, extremely low.

Okay, that’s an extremely low, but then I looked at the 5g opportunity this company hadn’t held they’re going to be in my opinion, one of the most important semiconductor companies when it comes to 5g technology.

And so it kind of represented a growth stock, a stock that’s going to grow 10% plus revenues as soon as 5g started take off. And so when I looked at all this sky works, it’s just that perfect stock.

I mean, absolutely perfect stock. It obviously represents the dividend stock of the bunch, but it honestly it also represented some value, and it represents some amazing growth in in this company. You’ll see over the next several years, as 5g starts to get rolled out.

You’re gonna see this company’s revenues more likely to go up and up and up, and you’re gonna see their bottom line net income continue to go up. And it’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing with skyworks solutions. Okay.

And then obviously, the last one Facebook, okay, Facebook, amazingly enough, Facebook represented of value stock K, which is absolutely ridiculous, okay, Facebook should not trade as a value stock, Coca Cola, and Pepsi and Procter and Gamble.

And Kimberly Clark and toilet paper companies and paper towel companies, they should trade as value stocks, not facebook, facebook, I looked at this company, and I said, here’s a company that when I was buying in it, I think the Ford p was under 20k, under 20 a day, and you guys can see the gains we’ve already gotten on this stock and the other stocks, okay.

And I looked at this stock, and I said the valuation is ridiculous on this company. This is this is price like it is a value stock, and 19 or 24 p when all along this company is going to grow, like pretty much a growth stock to go in the future. And here we are several years later now.

And Facebook just reported quarter where they grew revenues, 20 something percent, and they expect this company to grow revenues, at least 10% Plus, as far out as I could see. And so when I looked at this business model, it’s just like, it’s literally almost impossible, almost impossible for me to imagine losing money in this stock over the next five years.

And the chances I make money, at least a double up of my money over the next five years. Very, very high. And so for that account at that time, you know, I invested quite a bit of money, those are like the three biggest positions.

And all they’ve done is continue to build into the biggest, the biggest and the biggest positions. And here we are today. I think our gains are like, I want to say like $350,000 or some insane number, okay, in a matter of like, what is it been two years, two years $350,000 gain on three stocks that you know, this strategy, absolutely love, okay.

But it’s so key, and I’m gonna we’re gonna go into a little more in depth on this in just a moment. But it is so key to really think about that, that risk versus reward. Okay, that risk going in, versus what is the reward potential for you out there, okay. Because if it’s not a super attractive risk reward, it doesn’t belong in a top three, like I said.

You can own other stocks, you can I don’t like I said, I own like 15 stocks on public count. But at the end of the day, I’m writing with these three, these are going to be the three that really dictate where the rest of my portfolio goes. But you might be wondering, like, why own even some of these other stocks, okay, why not just have all your money?

And let’s say these three stocks only or something like that. Okay. Let me kind of explain that now. Because I think that’s an important subject. Because it’s like, well, if you got 50% to 70%, why not just go 200% on these three stocks in? Yeah, and the gains have been amazing for you on these three stocks.

So why not have just gone all in these three stocks? Okay, I want to explain that because I think that’s, you know, really an important thing. But what I find is, is, you know, from people that get in the stock market, they hold too many things, stocks, K.

Just flat out, you know, we’ll have some people join the the private group sometimes and, you know, they’ll show me their portfolio, I do, you know, portfolio reviews, and give my opinion on their portfolios and things like that. And, you know, sometimes some of these portfolios, I’m like, you know, somebody is like, 26 years old, and they own like, 26 different stocks.

It’s like, what the heck is going on here, man? Like, how are you going to keep up with 26 different companies, I can tell you, for me, if I own 15 stocks, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. And the news coming out in the quarterly reports and everything.

How the heck you going to do with you if you have 26 different stocks, also how in the world you want to believe as much in as stock number 24 as stock number three, like it just doesn’t make sense.

Like that’s just you know, that’s too diversified. And then Okay, by the way, if you’re interested in possibly joining my private group, apply, we take a very limited amount of people in the private group now each and every month, but you can go ahead and apply down there.

If you’re accepted, you might actually be able to get on a phone call with somebody high up for my team. That’s a shift first link in the description down there. Okay. So why own more than three stocks? Okay. Because obviously, you saw the gains you saw the strategy works.

Why on more than three? Okay. So why I think it’s important to own more than three stocks is one it always puts you in a position where you feel like you need to research more stocks, okay, you need to research more stocks, if you only own three stocks, and that’s all you hold.

Okay? You’re going to get lazy and then maybe not lazy and when in regards to like keeping up with that company, but you’re gonna get lazier in regards to like looking for the next great stock. If you hold 10 stocks, you know, 12 stocks, 15 stocks that say somewhere in there and by the way, 15 stocks.

You should only hold that many stocks, in my opinion, if you’re getting close to retirement age, or if you’re in a situation where you just have a really large account like it’s, you know, count approaching them.

Million dollars or maybe more than a million dollars or something like that, then then I can kind of give you a pass. And if you know you got a lot of time to spend on investing, obviously, right? But this always allows you to research because here’s the thing, okay?

Although those gains are amazing on those three stocks, okay, none of those three stocks are the best gainers in the stock market over the last two years, I can guarantee you that there’s some stocks that have absolutely destroyed those stocks. And I’ve done amazing on the stocks, right.

And that’s the beautiful thing about the stock market. By the way, there’s so many different stocks that are doing so amazing at different times. You know, that’s why the stock part is beautiful. But those aren’t the best performing stocks over the last, you know, two years, there’s been some stocks that are up way more than those stocks, okay.

And so I always think it’s important to always be researching new companies to find that next stock, that is a massive opportunity. Let me check time on this because the time timer usually shuts off at 30 minutes.

But it allows you to always research, find the next stock and the next stock and the next opportunity in the market, which is absolutely huge. If like, like I said, if you only own three stocks, you’re going to get lazy and and you’re not going to look for that next beautiful stock.

Also, it allows you to start putting a little bit’s amounts of money in some of these other stocks. Okay. So for instance, let’s say there’s another stock out there, okay. And this other stock, which is your position number, let’s say it’s number nine, okay, it’s your number nine stock, you’re putting a little bit of money in this, you know, a few $1,000 here and there.

It’s not a big position for you anything, and it’s stock number nine is your ninth biggest position, this might be a stock that ends up falling in price considerably. Okay, maybe something goes wrong. Maybe, you know, Wall Street got too excited about the valuation comes down massively.

Well, if you like the stock at, you know, let’s say this stock was trading at, let’s say it was trading at $20. And let’s say it falls to, you know, $15, for example, okay. So it felt it felt huge, I’ll put a minus sign not minus 15, and just fell to 15 minus 15. That would be that’d be rough man down to $5 stock.

So it falls down to you know, $15 a share. This allows you to dollar cost average, okay? DCA allows you to dollar cost average, or just bring your cost basis down on the stock. Okay, let’s say you bought 100 shares at $20 a share what I like to do if I still love this company just as much, if not more, and the valuation a lot cheaper.

I’m gonna say let me go buy another 100 shares, oh, heck, maybe let me go and buy 200 shares, okay, because if I was willing to buy 100 at 20, and I like this business just as much, but now the valuation just came down with that the 25%.

Maybe I want to buy 200 shares now because it’s just so dang attractive. And so maybe this wasn’t the type of position at first that you could really look at and say, this is going to be a top three position for me because maybe the valuation wasn’t right, maybe your understanding of the business just wasn’t there at that time.

Maybe the business model needed to play out a little bit more, that could be a lot of different factors at play, okay, but something prevented you from making that huge position. If the price comes down, you can take advantage. This happens to me all the time in the stock market.

Okay, so my biggest gainers ever guess what happened to them? They went down? About more, okay, about more and more, whether it been weeks after I bought the initial shares, months or even years, okay. For instance, we talked about my three big dogs, right? Which was Facebook, great.

And Tesla and sky work solutions. Okay. Guess what, every single one of those stocks, I was able to buy cheaper than when I initially started buying that stock. That is beautiful. Okay, every single one of those because it’s very rare that you will buy into a stock and immediately starts going off okay.

Unless you’re you know, let’s say you’re buying stocks in March and April right, right when the market had taken that huge massive you know, let’s just call it what it was it was a crash right and market falls 35% in a matter of 22 trading days or some insane number like that.

Like it’s never been done in stock market history. Like you know, that was my second crash I’ve been through the first was I start in 2008 2009 that was obviously the financial crisis and then this situation .

I’ve been through a lot of like, you know, dips in the market and you know pullbacks and things like that and even corrections but that was only my second you know, actual stock market crash I went through that was incredible. Like the the amount of value that was lost in the market and stocks in general was it was incredible.

Okay, and if you bought any stocks prior to that, more than likely Guess what, you got to buy those positions, heavier and heavier at extremely steep discounts and those discounts are what allow you to get monstrous gains like way better than you ever thought.

Okay, I remember after I bought into the FB i think that you know, it was more like Cambridge analytical stuff going on and just a lot more negativity around Facebook stock in general. Okay. skyworks Solutions after I’d bought in that one, there was a lot of negativity around the Huawei situation member of Huawei got banned in the United States and whatnot.

That hurt. You know, skyworks Solutions got 12 to 15% of their business from Huawei. Very important customer. There was all that negativity. All it was was it allowed me To buy in for cheaper, okay, Facebook, same exact situation, I looked at the I looked at what was going on, and I was like, you know.

It’s a negative for Facebook in the short term long term is actually a very bullish thing, because it’s going to make the company a lot better and understand their their importance in the world. And, you know, just the company’s going to be run on a much better level than it was in the past by going through this kind of, you know, short term negativity.

And we test them I saw, you know, that was a stock that it had several dips, after I had initially bought that stock, because it was like, oh, they’re gonna go bankrupt. And, you know, they can never be profitable. And a lot of just a lot of negative things around Tesla.

I got several dips, you know, massive dips in Tesla’s stock after I bought in that stock, and allowed me to buy in cheaper and cheaper. And so this is why a lot of people, you know, a lot of people are scared, let’s be honest.

Okay. When it comes to stock market investing, what keeps people away is either they’re scared, or they just they don’t want to work. Okay? No work. Let’s call it that way. Let’s put it that way. Okay.

This is what Honestly, I think, you know, other than the knowledge which the knowledge is out there, guys, I mean, I teach, I give away so much free value in my videos all the time, on YouTube, on both my different channels, I have this insane amount of value. There’s obviously my private group, which is even another level up of knowledge out there.

There’s so many, like, the knowledge is out there, you just have to go like learn all this stuff, right and put it up, put all the puzzle pieces together. But at the end the day, most people I feel like don’t get in because they’re scared, or they don’t want to put in the work a work that that’s what you have to decide, but scared, there’s no reason to be scared.

Even if you build a position to a really big position, the stock market, right? Because why do I have to fear if Facebook stock goes down? It literally doesn’t make any sense. Why would I have to fear Tesla stock goes down. Why? What was going to do is give me a better opportunity to buy more and more shares.

It doesn’t make sense for me to walk around and scared and be like, oh, shoot, if the stock goes up? No, because I’m always trying to keep some cash on the sidelines, I always keep 10 to 30% of my wealth and cash essentially.

So I always have money ready to go, I always put myself in that financial position, by the way, for any you guys that aren’t in that financial position, put yourself in a financial position over the next several months in the next year, focus on this case, get yourself to 10 to 30% cash.

So you always have money to ready to deploy in the market. Because look at man, there were a lot of people that would love to buy a lot of stocks in March and April. But they weren’t ready for that. Because they had no money around. Okay. They had no money.

I mean, if that’s not, that’s not that’s not a good situation. Okay, if you have no money around, and and you know, there are all these crazy deals, and you can’t take advantage of it. Like what like what good is it man that you know, you just you’ve missed a big opportunity. And it’s not like just you have to wait for a crash scenario like that stocks go down all the time.

There’s a beautiful thing, like our bad earnings report comes out something Wall Street didn’t like an analyst comes out and downgrades a stock By the way, that used to be something that was Tesla’s stock used to be involved with all the time, so much negativity from Wall Street and angels will put down this note.

And next thing, you know, Tesla stock will be down 10% in the next day, and it’s really 10% down for Tesla, because some analysts just lowered their price target again, it’s like it was just ridiculous, right?

All this stuff allows you is to dollar cost average, to get your cost basis down, to go ahead and get yourself in a scenario where your original cost basis was 20. And now it’s 17. Good. I mean, imagine this, imagine you think this stock is going to $40 over time, that’s why you bought it right?

You think it’s going to double up in price over the next, let’s say five years. And so you’re like, I can definitely see the stock doubling over the next five years, based on my research in this company. I would much rather have a cost basis of $17 versus a cost base of $20. Right?

I just got to get take advantage of massive, massive deal. The gvd 123 strategy is something that just works so phenomenally for me and it can for you guys as well. I mean, like I said, Unless you’re retired or something like that, this might not be the right strategy for you.

Or if you don’t want to put in any of the work, they might not be the right strategy for you. But you know, the growth value dividend, as long as you know what to look for and grow stock value stocks, dividend stocks, and you can build those big positions out. Like the gains you can get in these stocks.

It’s absolutely, you know, extreme. Like I said, Those three stocks that I’ve gotten the big gains on Tesla. Tesla is probably one of the better gainers in stock market, but I can almost guarantee you, it’s not the number one over the last two or three years, okay.

But Facebook scores, those are those aren’t the biggest gainers. But they flat out made me a ton of money. And what I always like to think about is not remember, it’s not just about the upside. Okay, this is this is the last piece I’ll leave you with here. Okay.

It’s not just about that upside. That’s just not about that, that 2x opportunity or that 3x plus opportunity. Okay, it’s about what are the chances that I’m going to lose money on the stock over the next five years? Because the last thing you want to be in the last? Well, that’s the last thing the last thing you want to be in is a bankrupt company that goes to zero, okay?

The second worst thing to be in in the stock is a situation where you invest your money for five years, and you lose money on that. That is that’s in my opinion, the worst thing you do because you just lost a massive amount of time, all to not gain any money. Okay?

That’s the I think the worst thing like that’s what we call you annoying management put your your money under a mattress or something like that, because your dollars are losing money each and every day, right? inflation is happening, the dollar becomes worth less and less.

And that’s pretty much all currencies out there, just use $1. Because I obviously live in the United States of America. But it’s not just about that upside. It’s like, what are the chances I lose money in the stock over the next five years, like I said, when it came to Facebook, Tesla sky works.

It was almost impossible for me to imagine losing money in those stocks for the next five years, based upon the massive growth, Tesla had ahead, how far away or how far ahead, they they were of any other automaker out there skyworks solutions, it was like this is a ridiculous value.

And this is going to be one of the most important companies in the world. My opinion, when it came to 5g technology based upon my understanding of the company, and what they came the FB I’m like, this is a joke, 424 company is gonna grow revenue, top line for you know, 15 20% Plus, for years and years go in the future.

I’m like getting a break, you know, that’s just, that’s just absolutely ridiculous. I’m like, they’re not going to get broken up. Because if they get broken up, then they’re gonna have to start breaking up all these big tech dogs, because then it’s gonna be like, Well, why are you break up them and not them, it just, it would be a mess, they can’t do that type of stuff in the end.

So this is the gbd 123 strategy. I hope you guys really enjoyed this, as always hope you got a lot of value out of this. There’s a strategy that if you implement this over the next several years, you should likely see a huge increase in your stock market portfolio in your wealth in general.

And this is absolutely a way that if you focus on this over 510 15 year span, you can get quote unquote rich, which by the way, it’s better to be wealthy than rich K, wealthy just feels better than rich in the end.

And the great thing is when the as the numbers get bigger and bigger, it like like the compounding effect is just an extreme like, and all of a sudden you start building, like if you build a $50,000 position, and you get a 5x on that.

Well, that’s awesome. But imagine you had a quarter mil and you get a 5x on that. Imagine you have a million dollars in the market and you double up that money, you’re all set out to mill right, versus you had 100,000 the market, you double it, you get to 200k, right, as a numbers start compound getting bigger and bigger.

That’s when you really start to see these huge differences and all sudden you start having gains of 5000 I still remember the first time I ever had a gain of $10,000 plus on a stock. I think it was Cabela’s. That was like an amazing feeling like up over $10,000 on this stock.

Oh my gosh, I still remember my first time I had a stock that I had over $100,000 gain and Okay, Tesla is the first time I’ve ever had over a quarter of a million dollar gain on the stock, that’s a new level for me, okay.

And there’ll be days in the future when I have a million dollar gain on stock, a $2 million gain a $10 million gain, okay, there’s levels to keep climbing and as you climb the levels, it’s more and more fun.

And you can you can you can obviously do whatever you want. You want to as far as your dreams and those earnings go obviously my big goal at the end of the pie after I create massive amounts of wealth.

I hope to start a massive charity and give away the money and you know how about a lot of people that maybe aren’t in the best position like someone like myself, they grew up in the United States of America and had access to all the different resources out there and learn from Warren Buffett on YouTube and knew about the compounding effect of money.

And got a decent job and and then started and built you know, YouTube channel, things like that not everybody has that same opportunity. So I love to be able to give back to the world mass amounts of money and hopefully change some different things and think on a on a different level and maybe some charities have in the past and those sorts of things.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video as always, once again, if you want to try to apply to get in my stock group, check out first link down there in the description. We only allow a very limited amount of people nowadays in their very limited amount every month.

So you know if you don’t get in, it’s fine. But you know, if you apply maybe I’ll shoot up like get on a phone call somebody high up from my team. If you’re interested in that it’s first link down there in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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