How To Double Your Income in 2018 (Easy)

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Today I teach you how to double your income in 2018. People always wonder how they can increase their income and today I will teach you not only how to increase your income in 2018, but how to double it! Enjoy!

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Every once in a while, I get so excited to make a particular video. And today is one of those days because I know it is going to change people’s lives out there. I’m talking how to double your income in 2018. How to double your income next year guys, though, for most people, it’s like they can’t even wrap their head around the fact of like, doubling my income, right?

Nevermind like like, even like a 10% or 20% raise, like they can’t even think about like, how am I going to even get 20% more income than they got this year, I’m going to tell you exactly how you double your income in 2018. And it’s not rocket science guys.

And once you kind of know it, and you understand it, and you can kind of wrap your head around it, it’s really not that hard to understand at all. It’s not like some kind of magic spell or something. Okay, so the first thing that you have to acknowledge, you have to acknowledge.

This before you can even get to the next step of actually going out there and doing something is you have to accept the fact that every single person pretty much in the world is an expert or near expert level at something. Okay, who knows what this thing is?

It might be I don’t know, playing video games, it might being you know, a housewife that takes care of a bunch of kids. That might be you know, a stock market or something, you know, what I mean? Like, for me, personally, is only really two things in this whole world that I consider myself an expert or something very close to an expert on.

One is the stock market. The second is social media building and passive income building through social media. Okay, those are really the only things that I would consider myself in your expert level on and of all other million things I know about right. I know a lot about football, I would not consider myself an expert on that.

I know a lot about I don’t know, flying drones, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. I know a lot about you know this and that a lot of different things, technology or whatever. Okay, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on any of that. There’s only two things in this world that I would consider myself an expert on.

You watching this right now you are an expert at something I can 100% guarantee you that it might be playing video games. I don’t know. There’s something you’re near expert level out. Okay. So you’ve got to acknowledge that first. Okay. That’s the first thing you got to knowledge. Now you understand that you are an expert at something who knows what it is?

I have no clue. I don’t know you personally, you got to think about that for yourself. Then you got to think okay, how do I top my income from here? Okay. So let’s say we got a guy named Joe Joe. He’s a plumber. Okay. He’s been doing this for how long? Probably about 10 years now. He is a plumber.

So he’s been doing this for 10 years. He owns his own plumbing company. What is Joe probably an expert at he’s probably an expert at plumbing. Okay. He’s probably an expert plumbing. Let’s say Joe currently is making $50,000 a year as a plumber. Okay, he’s pretty busy. He’s pretty busy.

He’s just got consistent work and whatnot. He wants to double his income, he wants to start making $100,000 a year. Okay, so the first thing we could say we could say, well, he could double the amount of customers he has, right? That’s a really hard thing to do, you’re gonna have to do a lot of very smart marketing strategies.

It’s definitely possible very hard, biggest say he can double the amount he charges for each job. But we know plumbing is very competitive. And if somebody is going to bid for 1000 bucks and you call somebody else and give you a bid on this plumbing job, and they do 500 bucks, like who you probably gonna go with, you’re probably going to go with the $500 unless you already have a serious relationship with that other plumber, right?

So those type of strategies is going to be freaking pretty hard for him. So we live in the age of video format, okay, and you know how you can record a video so simple on a smartphone for Pete’s sake it’s unbelievable, right? We live in this unbelievable technology age.

Well joe the plumber what he could do is he could start filming videos fixing plumbing issues, okay, and he could start uploading them to I don’t know Instagram, YouTube a lot of these platforms that tons of people are on that search stuff all the time. I would say YouTube would probably be the first one he could upload video on you know how to fix a leaky toilet how to fix this, how to fix that how to fix all these little issues Okay.

He could upload a massive quantity of videos on fixing all these issues All right. Now what he could do is that’s how he gets attention right? People are searching for these terms. They want to know how to fix a certain problem he shows up in search he starts getting views starts getting more and more attention people coming to his page learning about how to fix these type of problems right?

Awesome. Okay, this is very interesting. This is awesome for him. Now how can he capitalize on this? Well what Joe the Plumber could do is he could spend three to four weeks filming all his plumbing jobs and do a super in depth online course feature through something like a teachable right he can go through something.

Like teachable you to me something like that right some type of online platform, he could create this course that’s like a six 810 hour course super in depth that he went around all his jobs. He filmed them all. edited them all or hasn’t paid somebody to edit it right. Got this unbelievable course setup in all his videos.

He can have the link to that that course in there, he could charge $997 for the Super in depth course. All right $997 All he needs is one person a week to buy that course, one person a week to buy that super in depth eight hour course. And guess what he do, he doubles his income, he doubles his income by just getting one sale guys one sale.

And if he’s got all this massive quantity of videos out there 50 100 200 videos, and they’re all getting, you know, a few views a day or 10 views a day or especially if they’re getting 100 a 203 100 views a day we’re talking about that is a really, really easy thing to sell, guys.

That’s a really, really easy thing to sell, you got a lot of people coming in there for plumbing, nevermind a lot of guys that are learning about plumbing would pay 997 just to learn from Joe, the expert of plumbing guys, this is a phenomenal way he could also do a different strategy, which he could have like three different courses, he could place them all at like 297 apiece, or, you know, 350 apiece, he could have like an intro level.

Which is just for like people that are more like, you know, want to be do it themselves, you know, at home and whatnot, you get a more moderate level. And then you have a third level, which is like really complex stuff, things like that. He could easily double his income that way. And it’s not even a problem. Think about think about it this way.

Even to make like an extra what 26,000 a year was he gonna sell one course every two weeks. Like guys, it’s not rocket science on how to do it. He’s really good at doing this thing. He’s in a position where he could teach other people to do this thing. And what a lot of people worry about is they worry about well.

I’m giving away my knowledge for free. Oh my gosh, I’m giving away you know how to fix a leaky toilet for free. This is going to ruin the plumbing market. Oh, it’s not going to ruin the plumbing market. And the other thing is like, Well, you know, if I’m giving away all these different things for free, why are they gonna pay for my course?

Well, if your course is all in one place, and you might have a lot of the information throughout 100 videos, to a lot of people, it’s not worth going through 100 videos to just maybe get all the information you have in there in probably still miss them.

A lot of people would just rather pay the price, have it all in one spot and be able to do that whenever guys. So this is a phenomenal technique for someone like a job plumber in this situation. Let’s think about other industries. Okay, let’s think about what should we say? Why don’t we go with somebody who doesn’t even make money right now?

Okay, let’s do some, some hard ones. Because obviously, if somebody’s in an industry for 1015 years, this strategy could be adapted for a ton of things, whether it’s an electrician, whether it’s someone that puts in flooring, like whatever. But let’s say Sally, let’s say Sally, who is a housewife, okay, she’s a housewife.

And she has, oh, let’s say she’s got four kids she takes care of Okay, her husband works all day, and she’s got to take care of four kids, Sally, the housewife, okay. Sally, the housewife is probably an expert at doing a massive quantity of things, right? She takes care of four kids every day, right? She obviously probably is very good at somehow keeping the house organized.

Somehow doing time management, somehow spending time with all the kids somehow doing laundry in a time efficient way. She probably knows so many freaking hacks that can save people so much time that it’s ridiculous. If you actually got inside her mind, and you realize like how many little hacks she has to save this amount of time and this amount of time, it would be mind blowing to me, okay? Or to anybody out there.

So Sally, a housewife, she could create a YouTube channel around something like I don’t know how to, you know, do the laundry faster and do all these different laundry tips. And then you know, do other videos on how to keep the house clean with kids like these are things people search out all the time on YouTube and try to understand how to you know, give equal attention when you have four kids all these type of videos that people want right?

She could give tips all this stuff and how you know what she’s been good at and what she’d been successful at in the trials and tribulations and the things she’s had faults and whatnot. This is being done in mass scale right now guys people are becoming their house wives out there making hundreds of 1000s if not millions of dollars from this very philosophy that.

I’m telling you right now so this is not some kind of magic thing or something guys, then that’s just one way nevermind she could be doing affiliate links and sponsorships and whatnot once she gets built. But that’s another phenomenal way guys, this is someone that has no income right now but probably knows a freaking lot that a lot of people would love to know how to handle you know, a crying three year old You know.

That’s going through a tantrum or whatnot. She probably knows how to do this. She’s got freakin four kids, guys. So there’s a lot of Okay, let’s say, let’s say you’re 20 years old right now. You’re 20 years old. And you work at gamestop Okay, you work at gamestop and you just love to play video games all the time. That’s your life. You are 20 years old.

You work to register at gamestop and you love video games. And really the only thing you can consider yourself an expert on is video games. You play video games all the time, you know all everything about video games. Okay, how hard is it to create a YouTube channel talking about video games all the time thinking about interesting ideas, talking about why you thought the new.

Diablo was a piece of crap game and you want to go and try to return it to Best Buy even though you work at gamestop it would be kind of weird or these type of things like Why can’t you go out there and create something around that you’re like an expert at these video games right? You know these games inside know you’re always up to date on this? Why can’t you give your your ideas on?

Let’s say the new PS five comes out new PlayStation five comes out tomorrow? Why could you not upload a video right? Then they’re giving your opinion on why the PlayStation five is going to be a piece of crap, or what a PlayStation five is going to be worth every dollar they’re charging for the charge their own $1,000 for it’s worth it?

Why can you not create a video around that? Why can you not you know, do some Instagram posts around this? Why can you not start a conversation around this? You were like an expert at this, you do this? You play video games all the time you work at gamestop? You know what people like? And don’t like? You’re getting opinions from all these people?

Like can you not share that you’re like an expert, this is going to be a massive amount of people interested in this right? How many people play video games, ridiculous amounts, how many people love to you know, hear about the latest Call of Duty? And if they should buy the latest Call of Duty or whatnot?

Like why could you not make video videos about that, like, there are 1000s and 1000s of gamers and in things that are in the video game space that are making hundreds of 1000s of dollars, if not millions, if not 10s of millions of dollars, from giving their opinion on different things and playing these games and whatnot.

Why can you not do that you’re almost an expert at this. So if you’re at gamestop, and you’re making you know, $20,000 a year work in the register, what can you not create some YouTube videos each day in your part time that’s takes you I don’t know, 15 2030 minutes to produce or whatever, and double your income and start making 40,000 a year.

It’s not rocket science on that, guys what I mean when you think about how many views you can start getting in and how to just make 20 extra 1000 a year. And never mind the affiliate links. You gotta have affiliate links in there for all your different things. You have affiliate links to Amazon for all these different video games and controllers you like in gaming setups and whatnot.

You can have all that in there guys, it is not rocket science type stuff. Okay? Let’s say you are. You are Billy, your name is Billy and you are an interior designer, okay, you’re an interior designer. So you help people pick out furnishings and in different paints, and what type of counters they have, and what type of flooring they have, and all this type of stuff, right?

Well guess what, you can create a YouTube channel or something social media related, giving all your tips on on you know, okay, if you want this type of wall and you want this type of expression, this is what you need to have in here. Okay, if you want to countertop that, that is the you know, top five countertops for 2018, top five floorings that are in style for 2018.

You’re going to be making videos about all this stuff. And then you could have affiliate links to all the different retailers that sell those products, guys, and you whenever they buy something from your affiliate link, you get paid for that you’ve never been you could be making AdSense off that and all these different things, guys, and never mind that you could also be one of those that creates $1,000 course off that, that gives away all your information.

So new interior designers that are taking interior design, seriously. You’ve been doing this you have a successful business and you’re making you know, $75,000 a year from this or let’s say you’re making 100,000 a year you’re doing really good you’re making $100,000 a year. Okay, from your interior design business.

Do you think a lot of people are gonna want to learn from you that are coming up in the game? Heck, yeah, a lot of people are like 1000 bucks to learn from this guy. Hell Yo, hit a pill people work for months free as interns. Do you think if you’re a successful interior designer is making 100k a year, someone’s not gonna pay 1000 bucks for your course.

Like, give me a break. Of course, people are gonna pay 1000 bucks records. And how many sales a week do you need get? What two sales a week. And guess what? You just doubled your income. Now you’re making over $200,000 a year guys. This is what you got to understand. You are an expert at something, okay? Now you just have to find a way to make money off it.

And trust me, there’s always a way to make money off of anything, guys, online courses. It’s just a phenomenal one that’s just building right now. And it’s a huge growth factor that not a lot of people are capitalizing on. Because a lot of people don’t look at what they’re an expert on is like they’re being an expert, but you play video games 14 hours a day, and you work at gamestop like you’re an expert at that man, you know that you know that stuff, man.

So you know it is what it is guys, you just got to start viewing yourself as you know something so well. You can maybe you’re the best freakin fantasy football player, maybe you are phenomenal. You win the fantasy football championship like every other year and you’re always in the playoffs and you know everything about every player.

Why not start a fantasy football YouTube channel or something social media related, and then sell a course on how to become a great fantasy football player. You know how many 10s of millions of people if not hundreds of millions of people around the world play fantasy sports.

Like guys, this there’s so much potential for you out there. There’s so much to double your income. It’s not rocket science. Just go out and do it. Thank you for watching guys and have a great Great Day

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