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Today I share with you guys how much youtube paid me over the past 3 years and how much I made on youtube in 2019 so far. How much youtube pays me is something that I think is very interesting considering I am the biggest stock market YouTuber and so many folks wonder how YouTubers make money and how much money do small you tubers make. Although I am a giant in stock market investing, I am actually a nobody on youtube in general.

My first youtube paycheck was received about 3 years ago and we are blessed to have seen the amounts of money youtube paid me to go up substantially. Thank you for being here on this journey. I know there are a lot of YouTubers you could be watching and I just want to say I appreciate you. Without my viewers, I am not able to make this kind of money and support my family the way I do. Thank you!

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Well good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there as always to damage to a video I haven’t done in a long long time on this channel and I’m going to show you exactly how much money YouTube pays me and I thought this would be an interesting video so you guys kind of see like how much money like.

I make from YouTube and whatnot and I just want to say before we even get into any of these screenshots I’m about to show you I just want to say like from the bottom of my heart like thank you for supporting the channel I hope you have learned a lot from the channel I hope you’re entertained by the channel.

I just want to say like thank you to all the supporters of the channel even like the haters of the channel like all 23 you guys like that always leave negative comments and thumbs down whatnot thank you to you guys too because you’re you like help support the channel help get views you help get an interaction whatnot so regardless if you like my content or you come here just to simply hate on my content like.

I think all you guys because it means a lot okay because literally I wouldn’t be here without you guys the viewers Okay, so let’s start getting into Susan a pretty interesting video to do because I don’t think there’s a bigger stock market related channel in the world when it comes to YouTube and when.

I say big I’m talking like how many views Do you get per video that’s really how I judge like the size of a channel how much a channel matters on YouTube and if we look at like the how many views like videos get on my channel usually 20,000 to 40,000 on average will have some outliers sometimes.

I get less than 20,000 and we will have some videos that get 60 plus 1000 in a very quick amount of time but I don’t think there’s another stock market related channel out there whether we’re talking investing trading news related I don’t think there’s one that’s bigger than that as far as the amount of views per an average video but let me know if you guys know of one and even like the second channel.

I think the second channel might actually be the second biggest stock market related channel in the world when it comes to the amount of views per video get so with that being said, you know yeah, we’re might be king calm when it comes to stock market. But when it comes to YouTube in general, we’re like a minnow fish.

Okay, yeah, let me explain this to you guys. In the actual eyes of YouTube, we like pretty much don’t even matter like just look at some of these channels. Look at Mr. Pugh. Okay, 3 million views. 5 million views. 3 million views. 6 million views.

I mean, look at the biggest channel when it comes to make up 7.2 million views. 11 million views. 8 million views. 18 million views. Look at a big vlogging channel 1.8 million views. 3.6 million views like it’s unbelievable, right? So needless to say even though we’re like a Goliath channel when it comes to stock market investing in YouTube terms were actually like a super insignificant like channel out there guys, which is pretty crazy.

Okay, now I have been going full time on YouTube for over a year and a half. Now I quit my real estate marketing company that was around December 2017, January 2018. I quit that real estate marketing company and I just solely focused on YouTube, which was taking a big risk. Okay, now if we go back in history a bit, the first video.

I ever posted in the history of my youtube channel was January 2016. I think it was January 5 2016. To be exact, I believe it was this video right here called what is a checking account. And that was my first video I ever post on YouTube. It was taking a big risk. I think I recorded on a little GoPro camera.

I think it was like super wide angle. I think I was doing the audio like from a laptop. I don’t know what the situation was. But needless to say that was our first video when we got started. Okay, so over the course of 2016 I made over 200 videos, over 200 videos that is that a lot of time that is a lot of work to put into something.

Okay, that is a ridiculous amount of videos I put out in 2016. So the question is I do all that work I put in all that time and how much money did I actually make from that I made $2,684 in the entire year of 2016. So now we got to ask ourselves, like how much does that break down? Like per hour? How much money was I making on a per hour basis?

Okay, now let’s go ahead and do everybody’s favorite subject, which is math. Okay, so 200 videos, by the way, did more than 200 videos, but we’ll just say 200 videos, each video took about four hours on average to make okay meaning planning it going ahead and setting it up actually recording it, editing it, all those sorts of things was about four hours per video.

So that means I put around 800 hours of work and during the course of that year, once again, we made $2,684 in total from those YouTube videos. So divide that out by 800 hours, and we made $3.35 per hour. Okay, let’s keep in mind the United States of America, the minimum wage is $7.25. So I was making less than half of what the minimum wage is in the United States of America for my youtube channel in 2016.

And this is going to seem even more ridiculous and more silly. When a couple years ago I had a job as a manager for a company named Kwik Trip and I was making over $20 per hour Never mind like the benefits I got from that job. So I leave a job where I was making over $20 per hour plus benefits for a job that has no benefits and I make $3.35 per hour.

Okay, that seems a little insane. Okay, so the conclusion is Jeremy left his job making 20 plus dollars per hour for a $3.30 cent per hour job. Jeremy is a clueless idiot. And me if anybody was like looking at me at that particular time, or like, like, they would have been like.

What are you doing with your life, dude, like you were completely clueless, you left a great safe job where you’re making over $20 per hour as a manager, and now you’re making $3.30 per hour for your time less than half of the minimum wage like you you like our clueless idiot, Jeremy, you have no clue what you’re doing in any logical person probably would have said that.

At that time. It makes perfect sense. Okay, so let’s see how things progress. So the next year 2017, we make some progress. Needless to say, we made just under $50,000 on the YouTube channel in the course of 2017. So now things are getting a lot more interesting. Things are getting a lot more interesting ones 2017.

And now I don’t think people could look at me as Oh, you’re a clue the city and now I was like, okay, maybe he’s got something here. Okay, so now keep in mind, we still made less than what we were making in 2014. Working for Kwik Trip, however, progress was being made in a substantial way. Okay, so keep in mind 20 $600 we made in 2016, we made $49,000 in 2017.

That is a massive, massive jump up there. And so it was like, okay, so progress is being made, things are kind of making sense now. Okay, now, 2018 is a first year I went full time on YouTube. And that’s when things got really interesting.

I once again, I left the real estate marketing company I had started out here in Las Vegas, there’s kind of let that go, which that business kind of meant the world to me, because that was what actually funded the YouTube channel. And what if the YouTube channel couldn’t have worked out if it wasn’t for that real estate marketing company, that’s if I had to work a full time job where.

I was working 4550 hours a week, I don’t think I would have kept up with YouTube, I think I probably would have quit YouTube because it just would have been the time. But the real estate marketing company, it was enough where I could pay bills with that money. But it wasn’t taking so much time where I was like I was drained.

So I couldn’t make YouTube video. So it was a big decision to make, we made the decision and 2018 things got real interesting in the course of 2018, from YouTube, we made over $157,000. And we even had some days where we actually made over $1,000 in just YouTube ad revenue alone.

And so what is my 2018 conclusion was we made it that was kind of what I felt like in 2018. and was like, okay, we made it all that work we put in in the past, it paid off 2016 when we made 20 $600. And we put in well over 800 hours per work. And we put in well over 800 hours of work basically into it.

It all paid off, we might have looked like an idiot that time. But you know what it all paid off. So that takes us up to today. And so the question is, how much are we making from YouTube nowadays, okay, and keep in mind, this is the main channel we’re looking at, we’re not even looking at my second channel, which a second channel, we might only make a few $1,000 per month from that particular channel.

Okay, so this is the main channel in so far in the course of 2019, we have made about $123,000. Now keep in mind, we’re about halfway through the year, it also keep in mind in the fall time in the wintertime, that’s when you usually have your strongest ad rates. So October, November, December are usually the best ad rates in particular.

Okay, so in 2019, we should do somewhere between a quarter of $1,000,000.03 $100,000 in YouTube income. And once again, I’m super blessed to like be in this position I’m super thankful for like everybody that supports the channel to like, get us to this particular point. That’s unbelievable.

I never thought in my life, I could make that kind of money from something I was doing income related. I always imagined like someday I could make that much from like stock market dividends or like stock gains or something like that, like maybe when I was in my 40s or 50s or something like that. But in terms of income, I never thought I could have that type of income in from like YouTube ad revenue.

I just like literally never thought like that would be possible. Like even like making 100,000 or $150,000 was like crazy to me and the fact that we should make a quarter mil of 300,000 like I’m just super thankful for that. And I’m super thankful for YouTube and all you guys being here.

Okay. Question is could we ever make a million dollars in a year just from YouTube ad revenue and I just don’t see it. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to make a million plus dollars from just YouTube ad revenue from the YouTube channel. And the reason is the stock market niche is just so small and there’s so few people that are interested like you think about it, like I have the biggest stock market related channel in the world.

And we’re getting like 20,000 30,000 maybe a good video 40,000 views or so that is so small you think about any other niche, any other super popular YouTube channel and a huge niche is doing hundreds of 1000s or millions of views the stock market niche is just so small that.

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to do what the other big channels in the other niches do like video games and makeup and vlogging and all those sorts of things in comedy channels, those huge channels can make millions a year or 10s of millions a year.

I don’t ever see that for our YouTube channel because it’s simply just in too shallow of a niche guys what it is what it is, I’m super thankful for the position and once again, I’m super thankful that all you guys that have been on the journey whether you’ve been here since 2016, whether you jumped on in 2017 2018 or you just came on this particular year in 2019 regardless of how long you’ve been here.

I’m thankful for you guys and once again I hope you guys really enjoy the channel whether it’s learning or whether it’s entertainment or anything across the board guys So anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this make sure you smash that thumbs up button. It does help in the YouTube algorithm.

All right, leave me a comment down there telling me how long you’ve been following the channel for I would love to interact I’ll definitely interact with a ton of comments for the first couple hours his video is out there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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