How Much Money I Lost On Tesla Stock...

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Time to come clean and tell everyone how much I am down on Tesla stock…Now the Tesla bears can laugh at me and the Tesla bulls will feel me. A lot of talk about Elon Musk possibly getting margin calls. No clue if it is true or not.

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Well, good day subscribers today we get to do a video that a lot of people have been requesting, which is how much money in my down on my Tesla shares. Okay, I know a lot of the Long’s are interested in this as far as the Tesla bowls as far as like, Am I gonna buy more Tesla shares?

How many would I like to add? What am I at right now for cost basis, I’m gonna show you screenshots of everything. And then I know a lot of the bears the Tesla bears out there. I know they want to laugh at me and make fun of me and call me an idiot.

So I think everybody should enjoy this video here today guys, hope you enjoy it. Make sure to smash that thumbs up button. Now, first thing we want to talk about is like like what what constitutes as a loss in the stock market? Because a lot of people say, Well, if you’re down big on a position, then that’s like a loss.

Yeah, you haven’t technically loss of money yet. But if you were to sell that you’re down huge. It’s a loss. So a lot of people consider different things like for instance, my elf position, we’re up over $12,000 on that position. Does that really count as a game? In my opinion?

No, the answer’s no, that doesn’t really count as a game, we’re up on that position. If we sold out of it today, we’d make over $12,000 profit. But in in the IRS is eyes, right? It’s not a profit until it is sold. So I think you kind of got to go by what the IRS says.

But it’s still cool to look at, you know, I’m really down on this position, or I’m really up on this position big. So let’s start getting into this guy. So this account, I believe his account, I hold the most shares and by the way, I hold Tesla shares in like four different accounts. So Tesla, in this account, we are down $4,472.

Here in this particular account, we have over $23,000 worth of Telstra shares here in this account 118 shares total cost basis on this one is $233.12. There as of right now, at least Telstra shares are trading at about $195. Now that particular account there has over a quarter million dollars in it.

So although you see the number you seems like a lot of money $23,000 in Tesla shares there, it’s actually a very, it’s actually one of the smallest positions in that particular account. But on the flip side, it is down huge like down $4,472 is certainly not a fun amount to be down needless to say, okay, so like I said, I own it in four different accounts.

So let’s pull out the calculator in this start adding these together. Okay, so the first one $4,472 loss on that one. Okay, next account up here, this one here is a margin account, but only says margin, because whenever a new trade is placed in the account, it goes on margin at the money hasn’t cleared yet.

But this one, we hold tests to shares 58 shares in this particular account. $11,292 is how much worth of Tesla shares we own in this account. My goodness, Tesla went down in that short amount of time I did the different screenshots now it’s down to 194, or something on this one, our cost basis is $228.96, which I believe is the lowest of any of my accounts of the four accounts.

I believe this one is actually the lowest end, if we look at the total gain loss there, we’re down just under $2,000 in this one here, okay, negative $1,987, down about 15% in that particular account, so you add that amount to the previous amount, and we’re up to $6,459 loss.

So, you know, down, you know, we shouldn’t say loss, because we technically come back and we could make a lot of money on the position. So it’s technically not money lost yet. But as far as being down 6400 between those two accounts. Okay, next account up here is just six shares. This is a really small position in this particular account.

Will hold testimony back to $195 by the screenshot $458 is what we’re down in this particular account as far as a percent, I think this one’s the highest 28%. But we can definitely get our cost basis down substantially because it’s such a small position in this particular account here. $271.49 is what I paid in that account. Ooh, that is rough.

Okay, so if we pull out the calculator, so now we’re up to $6,917 in loss go into the last one and this one, we only hold three shares in this particular account. $254.37 is the cost base on this one down about $178. So all total, basically we’re down over $7,000 on the Tesla position as of right now, you know, close to $7,100 on the Tesla position.

So approaching a five figure downward move, they’re essentially across all the accounts. All right, so you know, the Tesla bears have some fun with that one Tesla bulls, that’s what we’re looking at as of right now. Okay, now let’s go ahead and talk about if I’m going to buy some more Tesla shares and kind of like their low IQ.

What I would like to get in these particular accounts, I’m really going to talk about the main two accounts goes out to accounts or like there’s such a small position, it almost doesn’t even matter, but the two main accounts, what do I want to see As far as getting those shares to certain cost bases isn’t how many shares I like to hold. Well, in that main account that we hold 118 shares.

I would ideally like to get this account to around 200 shares, okay, I would like to buy about 200 shares, meaning that so essentially about 82 more shares, get to this account to about 200 shares total. And I would like to get that cost basis down to about $215.

I mean, if I could add those 82 shares, you know, over the course the next few weeks, and let’s say Tesla stock stays somewhere around roughly where it’s at now, we should be able to get our cost basis somewhere roughly, to around $215. On this account, in that particular account.

I would feel comfortable having about 200 shares, that would probably put us somewhere as far as you know, current value of somewhere around maybe $35,000, roughly in that account, and that account has over a quarter million in it. So $35,000 position roughly or so for Tesla is about right. For me personally, although I believe so much in tests.

I don’t want to make this into some type of, you know, massive Goliath position where it’s the biggest position in my portfolio, one of the biggest if it became that because the stock went up like crazy. And also this was a $500 stock next year, something like that.

That’s okay. Like, if that becomes just a big position, because it goes up a ton, that’s okay with me. But in terms of me putting my own money into it, do I want to make this into my biggest position, or one of my biggest positions? No, I’d feel comfortable with it. In that particular account, if it got to like 30,030 $5,000 worth of current value, I would feel comfortable with that.

Okay. Now, in terms of the other account, I would ideally like to get this one to about 100 shares. So I almost want to double up my share amount in this particular account here, which as we see right now, we only own 58 shares in that particular account, this one I can, I think I can get cost basis down to $210, maybe even $205, as long as you know.

Tesla’s shares stay somewhere, roughly where they’re at now, and I can buy this over the next few weeks, that would put my current value on the stake in in Tesla, in this particular account somewhere roughly around $20,000 or so. So I would feel very comfortable with that.

And then this would put me in a situation where, you know, I essentially have about 300, maybe just over 300 shares in tussle in total. And I would feel very comfortable with that stake. Now, if Tesla continue to go down after let’s say, I have my 300 plus shares in Tesla stock, I probably won’t buy more.

And if I do, it’ll be a very small amount. Basically, I just want to get finished getting out my Tesla position built out and feel comfortable with that position. And there are always a lot of good deals in the stock market. So Tesla’s not a situation where I want to get super heavily invested in that just for the mere fact that it is a speculative stock, like.

I would feel very comfortable holding somewhere around 300 shares, okay, and if my bullish thesis works out on Tesla, right, if everything goes according to plan, and the stock goes up dramatically, I mean, we could imagine the stock at let’s say, $1,000, a share in a few years.

Okay, this is assuming everything goes according to plan, okay, according to plan, then this would be a position that’s essentially worth around $300,000. Okay, roughly there. Okay. So that would be pretty sweet. Now, if my super bullish plan worked out over the next 510 years, in Tesla, you know, this is just the you know, the dominant electric vehicle maker, which.

I think they have great potential to be that the leader in autonomous vehicles, which I think they have a great chance to be that they have the autonomous taxi network, then I think, ideally, Tesla shares could get to somewhere around $3,000 a share, but that’s if Okay.

That’s if everything goes according to plan in, you know, Elan musk continues to pull off all these miracles that he, you know, consistently pulls off, then that puts us somewhere, you know, a little under a million dollars, essentially $900,000, roughly in Tesla stock. So I would, I would, you know.

I would definitely love that, but that, you know, if that ever even happened, okay, if Tesla stock was to ever even, you know, reach my max bullish thesis of $3,000 a share, that would take at least probably six to seven years, if not, you know, a little further out than that, if not pushing out all the way to 10 years.

Okay, so if this somehow ever happened my most my most, you know, my biggest dreams for testing, the biggest things I think they can create, like that would probably take honestly, like 10 years to pull off. I mean, it’s possible in six or seven. But that would be you know, that’s really hard.

We’re talking about stock that’s like $200 sales to get to this price is definitely difficult. We’ve seen stocks in the past, you know, Amazon’s A good example of this go up, you know, 1,000%, essentially, and in a six year span, we’ve seen Nvidia do moves like that.

So it’s certainly possible, but it’s going to be very hard, at least in the short term here. And so if this go if this always happens, you know, when everything works out, and you let’s just say it’s $1,000 stock, okay, in the future $300,000 position, I feel very comfortable with that.

And I would feel comfortable holding that and it’s one of those things where it’s not like I put that money in, right. I’m putting in You know, roughly I have what do I have in this a stalker as of right now probably less than $40,000. And ideally, I’ll probably get this up to a 60 or $70,000 position in terms of money I’ve actually put in, okay, 60 to $70,000 is probably around my max of what.

I personally want to put in Tessa, based upon, you know, kind of what I have in my private accounts in my public account and whatnot. And the fact that this is a somewhat speculative position, although it’s way less speculative, the most speculative stocks out there, that’s about what I feel comfortable putting as far as my personal money that’s about what I feel comfortable putting into Tesla stock, that’s a great read around my max.

And at that point, then it’s just a whole net it’s just a Holden and let’s see how things play out over the next few years. If it goes lower, it goes lower, I’m probably not going to be interested in buying it just because I already have a position built and if it starts to go up, it goes up Okay, and then at that point, it’s just to hold him we’re going to see those my bullish thesis around.

Tesla play out over the next 357 10 years, and maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but I like I like the risk reward proposition I’m getting in touch so Sherry guys have right now, because worst case scenario, the stock goes to zero, right? Let’s what literally worst case scenario, okay, so stock goes to zero, I lose all $60,000 or whatever I have in the stock, that would be pretty incredible.

I can’t I personally I can’t see that happening I think Tesla would sell out way before a situation like that ever happened if somehow that happened, which is very unrealistic. And also I think that you know, somebody would make a big investment I think a big tech company would make a huge investment in tests so before that situation even got anywhere remotely close, but literally that’s worst case scenario.

I lose $60,000 best case scenario is I make several $100,000 profit on this stock so my opinion if I’m if I’m the casino, I’m saying the rewards on my side versus a risk is on my side guys. So that’s my opinion there and In short, sellers obviously are taking a far bigger risk in the stock they’re their best chance of success is the.

Stock literally goes to zero and they can make 100% of their money there worst case scenario is the stock starts to go up from here they don’t cover their shares and they actually lose way more than 100% on their money because when you short sell stocks you can lose literally 1000s of percent well eventually you’ll get margin calls from your brokerage and have to cover your your position there or deposit more money or something like that.

But then they also have to pay interest on that money they’re shorting so you know short seller taking a massive risk with the stock in all hopes that it goes to $0 which in my opinion is very unrealistic on my side I can you know potentially make hundreds of percent or 1000s of percent and the most I can lose is 100% of my money so that’s my opinion on Tesla stock there and that’s you know.

Everything disclosed guys so hope you enjoyed this hope you enjoyed kind of me disclosing all this let me know your opinion on Tesla stock in the comment section. What is your cost basis on Tesla, what do you want to get your cost basis to? I would love to hear from you guys. If you’re short seller make sure you laugh at me hit that thumbs up button. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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