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If we hit 3,333 thumbs up or more on this video by tomorrow I will record the video tomorrow while trying to balance on a Bosu ball filled with Tesla stock. As promised I said if yesterday’s video got at least 2,999 thumbs up I would show you exactly how much Tesla stock I own along with cost basis. I am a man of my word so we are doing that here today since you guys beat the goal.

Tesla is one of my top 5 biggest investments in the stock market and a stock I have been buying heavily in 2019. I first became a Tesla shareholder in 2018 when Model 3 was starting to ramp like crazy. As we know 2018 was filled with Elon Musk the Tesla CEO drama. 2019 hasn’t been much drama for Tesla stock, however, the stock has had a bad year in terms of performance.

I am almost done buying Tesla stock but not quite yet. I love my Tesla model 3 performance edition and I think Tesla has huge things going for them in future years. I have to balance risk and reward with Tesla stock though so I can really buy an unlimited amount of shares or something.

Tesla Shanghai gigafactory is going to be in a big production in a few months and that is super exciting! I would love to know what you think of Elon Musk and Tesla stock. Share in the comments and good luck trying to hit the 3,333 Thumbs up.

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Well guys if you remember correctly in yesterday’s video I posted here on this channel why I am buying Tesla stock like crazy I issued you guys a challenge I said if this video hits 2999 thumbs up or more in the next seven days, I will show all the Tesla shares I own in all four accounts with cost basis shown and needless to say, you guys accomplish that in less than 24 hours.

So I’m a man of my word. So we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to do that video here today. Okay, I issue you guys another challenge I said if that video hit 3333 thumbs up or more by tomorrow, I would record the video standing on a Bosu ball trying to balance Okay, and the video nearly hit that number. Okay, came a little short.

So I’ll give you guys another chance here today. If this video here today hits 3333 thumbs up or more by tomorrow, I will literally record tomorrow’s video while trying to balance on a Bosu ball. Okay, now there are two things I want to accomplish in today’s video.

First is I’m going to show you all four accounts I own Tesla shares in and with my cost basis and everything. And number two, I want to go ahead and basically disclose if I’m going to buy any more Tesla shares, or if I am all done buying Tesla shares now at this point in time.

I know some folks wonder how long I’ve been an investor in Tesla for Okay, so I first came across a brand it was like 2011 Okay, y’all keep in mind Tesla in 2011 very much different company. It was the first time I ever walked into a Tesla store.

I don’t even know if they had a functional model s actually in the store at that time. But I do specifically remember, they had like the bottom part like torn out of like a Model S and it was there on the showroom floor. And I remember just like walking around that store and just kind of being fascinated by like what was going on there.

Because this was totally so much different than anything I’d ever seen in my life. When it came to cars like you think about cars. And like the car buying experience you think of like going to a dealership right? And just to like go to a store it was like in a really nice mall and like Scottsdale Arizona to like go to that store and like walk around, I actually made a bit of Newport Beach, California and vacation.

It was either in Scottsdale, Arizona Newport Beach, it was a really nice mall. And I just it was just a fascinating experience walking around the store that day. And that was my first time ever came in contact with Tesla. And the first time I had ever known what this Tesla was okay.

so I followed Tesla for years and years and years, not like super close, but like close enough to like know what’s going on with the company and whatnot. And then finally, in 2018, I started to actually invest some money in Tesla stock and throughout 2019. I’ve added more and more shares and I’ve actually became a part owner of Tesla Corporation now.

Okay, so that’s basically my story with Tesla. And I was always fascinated by the brand. I followed it for years. And then finally I decided to you know, say hey, you know what, this company because back in the day, I looked into the stock, and in back then I was like, Dude, this stocks way overvalued.

And then as time went on it, things started to make more and more sense. And the stock never went anywhere. And now I’m at a point where I’m like, Okay, now the stocks really undervalued. So let’s say I started buying shares. All right, so let’s start getting into these different accounts that I own Tesla shares.

And as I told you guys, I only in four different accounts. All right, so this first one, by the way, Tesla shares today closed about $221.71. And in this particular account, here, we are down $63.33 on our Tesla shares down 2.53%. In this account here, we basically own $2,438 worth of Tulsa shares, we only own 11 shares in this particular account cost based on this one of $227.47.

I believe this account Here I’m showing you is like some shares I have in like a 401k type account or IRA or something like that there. So a very small amount of shares. And you know, a couple other accounts have a lot of Tesla’s shares. This one, the next one don’t have that many. Okay, next account up here, we own 15 shares in this one, so a few more shares.

In this one, basically, we’re down about 7%, this is our worst cost basis on any of the accounts. Once again, it’s a small amount of money relative to the other accounts. So it’s not that big of a deal. But still, we’re down $257.51 here, and once again, that equates to just over a 7% loss, their cost basis on these ones are basically $238.88 so that one’s a bit higher, okay, you know, 220 ones, where the stocks at now 238.

But at the same time, you know, when I kind of think about some of these cost bases I’m showing you here, the cost basis are all on the low 200. And if you really think about like my bullish thesis on Tesla, and if everything works out, like I believe this can be, you know, a stock that’s 1000 plus dollars in the future.

So regardless if it’s like $280 cost basis, or like 220, or 250, does it really matter if things end up working out in the end for me, we’ll have to see if that happens. But, you know, needless to say, it really does. And I guess you can say okay, there’s one here we’re up about 3% 3.17% in this particular account, and now we’re talking about the accounts I have a lot of money in Tesla stock.

Okay, so this one here were up $769.80 six cents, this one has a current value of $25,000, a little over $25,000. Here, we own 113 shares, some of those shares are on margin, because I just bought them yesterday, and the money hasn’t cleared yet. But once those clear, they will go off margin and cost basis on this one is $214 in 90 cents.

So that one’s a little below basically where the stocks trading at once again, the stocks trading at like 221 today. So you know a little below that, and we’re actually making money in that account. But once again, you know, if it’s if things work out long term, it really doesn’t matter if it’s to 20 to 30 to 50, or at the end of the day, okay.

And the most shares I own in teslin. any of my accounts is his account here, which is actually the shares are actually in the public account, which is disclosed to everybody in my private stock market membership group, they can see all moves in that account all cost basis has everything I’m possibly doing.

And Tesla stock in this one, we’re down about 2.56%, were down $874.70. In this one here, once again, this is by far, the most tests of shares, we own any of the accounts and 30 over $33,000 worth of Tesla stock $33,256 to be exact, we own 150 shares, their cost basis on this one is 227 54. So if you want to go ahead and do the calculations on basically how much we are up or down on.

Tesla stock, basically you got to take the negative $63 number, then you got to subtract, you know another $257 loss or you know what we’re down right now, then one of our accounts were up $769. And then that last account, were down 874. So as of right now, we are down $425 on that stock, which basically.

I would call like breakeven, at the end of the day, whenever you’re like, you know, up or down less than $1,000. Or at least in my position, when you have a good amount of money in a stock. If you’re up or down less than $1,000. We’d call it like breakeven, because if we’re at 425, like, does it really matter, especially with where we’re trying to go with that stock overall, okay, now, if you know anything about me, you know.

I have a goal of basically having a 300 Tesla shares. So if you add up the shares, 150 shares, then with another account, we got 113. Another account, we had 15. Another account, we had 11, we’re 11 shares short of what the goal is I want to get to and as of right now, once again, the stocks at about $221, almost $222.

So we need to buy for another $2,431 worth of shares, essentially, you know, assuming the stock was at the same price if I went and bought it tomorrow or something like that. And so I believe probably within the next week or so, I will get this for this position finish building out in our old ones, again, own 300 shares in the stock and and my opinion, that’s what.

I want to hold in Tesla stock, okay, 300 shares has been my goal to get in touch the stock and then it’s just we hold that stock and you know, hopefully everything over the next 357 years works out, we make a lot of money on this stock. It’s a great stock for us and you know, it’s a long term hold.

That’s the goal. Okay, now some people ask me, okay, you have this goal of getting 300 Tesla shares, why not keep buying Tesla stock if it went down a bunch, okay, let’s say it goes to $180 or lower, or let’s even say the stock goes up, you know, remember my bullish thesis on the stock is for this to be 1000 plus dollar stock years into the future, okay, if not a multi $1,000 stock in the future.

So I have like big ambitions for where I think this stock has potential and because I can realistically see them five X’s or 10x in their business over the next five to 10 years. So when you think about that, you’re like, Okay, why only only risk 300 shares there, okay. And at the end of the day goes back to risk reward.

All right, there are some definitely some risk involved with Tesla stock. This isn’t like some stock that it just has no risk involved. First off, every single stock in the stock market has risk. I don’t care if we’re talking Apple, Google, the safest the safest companies, Facebook, Microsoft, every single stock in the stock market has risk inherent with it.

Okay, and Tesla has more risk than a lot of other stocks because of their balance sheet. And the fact that they haven’t proven they can be profitable, I believe they can get there in the future. But that is just belief. As of right now. It hasn’t been proven. Okay. So risk reward here. We definitely got some risk here.

Okay, so yes, there’s big huge potential on the other side, if they make it through and they they do all the things I believe they’re going to do in the future, but there’s still risk Okay, so if once again, we look at Tesla stock here today is about $221 a share and so if we go ahead and times out $221 by about 300 shares, that means I’ve risked you know, over $65,000 in that stock and for me like $65,000 is a good chunk of money.

It’s not like some like it’s super insignificant amount my like 65 plus $1,000 in a stock is a good size position for me, okay, so when I look at Tesla stock, I’m like, this is what I’m willing to risk on a stock 65 70,000 you know, based upon my net worth, like, that’s what I feel comfortable with in a stock like Tesla like if it went to zero somehow and nothing worked down.

They couldn’t raise money and like It’s like almost an impossible thing. But let’s say somehow it happened in total stock somehow goes to zero, right? If I look at that, like I can deal with like a 65, or $70,000 loss with a stock like that, but I’m not willing to risk several 100 1000s of dollars in Tesla stock.

I’m just not willing to do that, despite, you know, the fact that there could be huge reward potential because remember, everything in this game, I always preach to everybody, it’s all about risk reward, there’s a lot of risk in Tesla’s stock, but there’s also a massive reward potential.

So you got to kind of, you know, say what is your level of risk you’re willing to take in for every person is different, like some people, they want to throw their whole life savings and Tesla stock, you know, I think it’s crazy to throw your whole life savings in any stock, especially if you have a significant amount of money, even if you think it’s going to 10x over the future, something like that.

Okay. It’s, it’s still crazy to go to those type of places, believe me, you’re coming coming from a guy that has gone to those places before where I’ve been all in a stock are all in like two or three stocks, and with significant amounts of money coming from a guy that has done that in the past and experience how bad that can be, like.

Just take it from me, it’s not the best, you know, thing to do. Okay? If you look at a stock like tests, and you’re like, dude, I think the stocks gonna be huge in the future. Great, you know, and you looked at a company and you understand you want invest in it. Great, that’s good for you. But you got to always kind of, you know, ask yourself, what level of risk.

Am I willing to take in the stock? Am I really willing to wrap up 50% of my net worth in the stock Am I really really, you know, willing to put everything in this stock. And if you want to make that decision, it’s your decision. It’s your life, I’m just telling you from someone that with experienced the stock market of over 10 years, and has gone to those places with stocks, it usually is a bad bad situation, okay?

It puts you in a huge position of weakness in the end, okay, it’s just the way it works out. Staying diversified is always a great thing doesn’t mean you have to own 100 of stocks. But you know, having all your eggs in one basket guys, it is really, really risky.

And it puts you really in a position of weakness. And so anyways, I want to hear from you guys in that comment section, what stocks you were buying if you’re buying any more Tesla shares, or if you’re just holding Tesla shares, and even if you’re short selling Tesla shares.

I would still love to hear you in the comment section. As always, I know the shorts always love to kind of tell about you know why Tesla stocks going to go to zero and whatnot. So I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section.

As always, don’t forget 3333 thumbs up on this video and I will literally record tomorrow’s video standing on a Bosu ball trying to balance all right. So we’ll see if you guys hit that. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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