How I Will Grow This $800,000 Stock Account to $8,000,000. My Stock Market Plan

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A lot of people have been asking me when I think the public account is going to hit 1 mil.But Im not really thinking when this account is going to hit 1 mil because I know, the way that stocks and the stock market is going, this account is going to hit 1 mil some time in 2021. What I’m thinking about is when is this account going to hit 8 mil!! 

How I’m I going to 10x this stock account and how much time is it going to take me?Hope you like this video where I talk about the public account and when I think this account is going to reach 8 mil. Let me know what you think in the comment section?

Do you think this public account is going to get to 8 mil faster than I think or I’m I going to take the next two decades getting this account to 8 mil? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Also let me know which stocks you think I can add to the public account to help it get to 8 mil as fast as possible.

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Buddha is a public account is right around an all time high you today it hit $878,000. Now in the profit $460,000, I could take in that account just in stocks we hold nevermind past profits taken in there, a lot of people are asking, when is that account going to hit million? And that’s not even like my worry at all. Okay, that account will probably hit a million at some point in 2021.

I mean, it could hit it this year, but we’re gonna need the market to continue to roar. So I’m planning on 2021, for that account to hit a million. What I’m focused on is when is that account going to hit 8 million plus?

And that’s what we’ll get into in this video here today, what is his account going to hit 8 million plus, that’s my big focus on this account. How do we 10 exit from here and you must have a plan. Okay, if you have big goals like this, you want to turn you know, an 800,000 something dollar account into an $8 million dollar account.

Or let’s say you have an $8,000 account, you want to turn that into an $80,000 account? Like how do you do that. And this is my plan to achieve this because you must put a plan in place.

If you want to achieve something big way back in the day, when I was working at Walgreens making like little above minimum wage, I put a plan in place, I said, I gotta go get a better job, I got to live super frugally, I got to invest as much money as I possibly can.

And I got to spend as much time as possible looking into stocks. So I can hopefully reach my goals down the road, and I can get on to bigger and better things. And that’s the exact plan put in place and executed to a tee, then we fast forward five years later, 2014 I put a plan in place that I want to move to Nevada taxes are pretty much non existent Nevada, at least in terms of state income taxes, no state income tax, so I’m like I want to move out to Vegas and pay no state income taxes.

So I don’t keep having my money taken more and more and more by state governments. Okay, so I’m going to go start a business out there. Because I understood like a quick trip, my earnings potential was limited.

And that’s like that at all big corporations is like you hopefully wait years and years for a promotion, then you get that promotion, and maybe you make an extra 5k 10k a year or something like that. So my earnings potential very limited versus starting a business, you literally have unlimited potential for earnings, right.

And then like I said, I can even focus on stocks more and more serious than ever before Kwik Trip, I was working like 48 to 50 something hours a week, pretty much week in and week out. So I mean, it was, you know, a pretty draining job in terms of always being on your feet running around making sure the store is perfect all the time managing employees, all those different things.

And so I’m like, man, if I could get some more time back, that would be huge. And if I could increase my earnings potential by starting a business, I could go ahead and do that. So that’s obviously what I did, came out to Vegas moved out to Vegas in 2015, start a business, all those sorts of things.

Okay, so now I’m thinking, Okay, what’s our plan, we’re going to put in place to grow this account to $8 million plus as fast as possible in terms of fastest possible you got to think about risk reward, right?

I could stick all 800 something $1,000 in a bunch of call options on stocks, I believe in something like that. Yeah, you know, that could be great if everything works out, and I could maybe grow to the sky and grow to eight mil real fast, right. But also I could grow, I could go to zero, like literally like if call option contracts expire worthless, and you’re holding them, like you’re gonna lose all your money, right?

So I have to think about risk reward in this whole scenario. So hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up, I hope you guys definitely get value from this and kind of hear about my plan, how to actually execute something like this. So then you can look at your portfolio and say, Okay, I’m trying to get to this level over the next 510 years, how do I go ahead and do it.

And also, if you ever want to, you know, message me on it, I try to get in there at least once or twice a week. And if you want to kind of you know, show me your plans, or tell me a little bit about how you’re planning to grow your account. always feel free to do that. Okay. So in terms of public account, where I like to start is on like, what returns have we been getting recently?

And what’s a realistic return for us kind of on a long term basis, because this is so important, all that matters? And in terms of stock market accounts, how much money can you put into your stock market account? Let’s say each month, right? And what type of return can you get? This is the this is it?

Okay, that’s the whole like deal when it comes to individual stocks. Okay. It’s just about picking the best individual stocks possible. Right. So we made over 20k. Today in the public count, that’s not realistic, obviously, it’s it was definitely a good day in that account today.

116% one year rate of return calculated by Fidelity Investments for the public count. And last year, we had a 91% rate of return for the public count pre tax case. So absolutely amazing returns the past two years, if we go ahead and divide that out, okay, we go ahead and take those two numbers divided up by two years, right? 103% rate of return over the past, let’s say two years or so.

Okay, now, that is a ridiculous return. It’s not always going to be possible. Okay. How ridiculous is it? I try to use compounding calculator essentially, and I couldn’t even put in 103% interest rate essentially, or like a return you get each year. Okay.

You literally it tops 100%. Okay, so what I had to do is I had to put 99.9% Okay. This is definitely not a return that is always going to be possible in my personal opinion, just because it’s happened over the last two years does not mean I’ll be able to execute on that over the next 510 years, I understand that let’s play around with some numbers just for the fun of it.

Okay, the 878k that’s in that account right now, say we put in $10,000 a month, which is definitely something that’s possible for me to put in 10k a month, you know, over the coming years into that account, okay, at a 99.9% estimated rate of return, three years, we would hit about $8 million, like three years at that rate of return. Obviously, not something I think is super realistic.

That would be insane. For three years, and we’re almost at 8 million already. Look at this. In four years, not much things change in four years, all of a sudden, you’re at almost $16 million. I mean, goodness, if I could somehow keep up these type of returns over the next 510 years.

I mean, I’m gonna it’s just crazy. It’s completely unrealistic. But it’d be crazy. Look at this guy’s 10 years, all they put out was for 10 years. Okay, so I’m age 40. Right? Look, see if I got 99.9% return each year, over a billion dollars, kay billionaire status just from the public account alone.

Oh, my goodness, okay, that would be absolutely wild. But like I said, That’s not always realistic. It’s not always possible to get 116% in the past year, it’s not always possible to get 91% last year. And, you know, in my opinion, it’s not going to always be possible for me to get those types of returns,

I believe I can realistically get in the public account over let’s say, the next 510 years or so, I think I can get 30% per year on average. Keep in mind, if I had a garbage year, next year, let’s say my return was super negative next year, I would still be up way more than 30% per year on average. Okay, I’m just looking at it from this angle of like, what do I think is realistic?

I think for me, 30% per year, for the next 510 years is very realistic for me in the public count. Why do I believe this? Well, one, low interest rates, interest rates are super, super low, they will continue to be super, super low. Why is this important?

Because money is going to continue to be forced into the stock market, essentially, it’s just going to be what happens essentially, because there’s no competition, the only competition for stocks is real estate, right? And people are still really feel fearful of like a real estate bubble.

Because what you know, basically happened 2007 through 2010, right? A lot of people are still scared about that. So the only competition is real estate investing. And that’s it that the savings account is not an enemy of the stock market, simply because if you put your money in a savings account, you make nothing on it, and your dollars are being devalued every single day that goes by so

which means you’re literally forced, if you have a brain, you’re literally forced to put your money in the stock market, if you don’t want your money to be devalued over time doesn’t mean you have to buy individual stocks like me and research them, you just put your money in s&p 500 index fund, okay?

I mean, you’re just, it’s not even close, you’re not even competition, because interest rates are so incredibly low. And they will stay incredibly low for a good amount of time, the feds talking about maybe even potentially keep them down there for like five years. Okay.

So that’s one reason I think I’ll be able to get a 30% return on average, faster growth than ever for a lot of these stocks. I mean, a lot of these companies are growing at rates you just didn’t think was possible.

If you go back 10 2030 4050 years ago, I mean, a lot of these, you know, e commerce companies, cloud companies, video conference companies, I mean, just so many different industries and sectors are so good at growing so incredibly fast compared to what historical companies grew at, because of the online age, and because of artificial intelligence and a lot of what is going on.

So that’s just faster growth than ever. And these companies can keep this fast growth up for decades and decades. That’s what’s amazing. I mean, look at Amazon’s growth for the last basically, what 25 years. I mean, it’s off the charts.

It’s still a growth beast To this day, or, you know, decades later over two decades since Amazon came out, right. And this company is still a massive growth beast, even with a well over a trillion dollar market cap. absolutely incredible. Okay.

And lastly, I believe, I’ll be able to get a 30% rate of return on average per year, because I’m just better at investing in stocks than I’ve ever been, you just like everything you learn is cumulative. That’s the best way Warren Buffett put it many, many years ago.

It’s like what you learn in your first five years is crazy. And you learn a bunch more your next five years, your next five years, you just get better and better and better at what you do. Unless you eventually age out of the market, you get too old.

And you just can’t like keep up with the new companies and get your mind around and things like that. But as far as me, like, as far as an investor, I’m not even reaching my prime yet. That’s the craziest thing.

Like I’ve been doing this for 12 years now I’m not even in my prime yet. My prime is really going to come. I think like 2025 through like 2045 I’m blessed enough to you know, live that long things like that.

That’s really when my investor prime will be. I’m not even in that yet. But I’ve been in the market for 12 years, I’m just at a much higher level than I’ve ever been like me versus 2010. me it’s not you can’t even compare the two Okay, in terms of the crazy returns the 90% 100 plus percent rate of returns, you never know.

Okay, I won’t completely rule it out for this video. We’re going to rule it out. But then again, I didn’t Ever think I could grow two YouTube channels like the way we’ve grown them in the stock market space? Like that’s absolutely crazy.

So I have surprised myself before. But here’s what I mean, how many five straight years of 90% plus rate of returns in the public account. And for me to even consider like, oh, maybe I can start doing this on the regular I need five years plus two years is not going to cut it for me to say I can get 90% per year.

You know, I’m very confident with the 30%. But yeah, not 90% Plus, all right, already, guys. So let’s start working out this. Alright. So 870,000 10,000 a month I put into the account, in three years time, assuming I get a 30% on average return, I’ll be at about $2.4 million in three years and the public count.

I think that is pretty realistic, I think two to three mil in that account in three years, definitely possible. Okay, let’s look at four years from now. So we’re keeping everything the same exact four years out, now we’re at $3.2 million. Keep in mind, that’s $800,000 of growth, okay? Very, very important.

Let’s go ahead and look at five years out. So five years out, essentially, we’re at $4.345 million in the public account five years out. And what you’re going to notice here, the bigger the numbers are, the bigger the growth, okay? This is very key.

Remember, we just went from 3.2 mil to 4.3 mil in a matter of a year, getting a you know, basically everything’s the same exact, the monthly contribution, estimated rate of return, everything’s the same. All we did was a year into the future.

And we’re, we’re we basically gained over a million dollars, this is what’s very, very important. This is why getting the snowball rolling in the right way, over your first five years investing is so dang key.

Because if you could just get the ball rolling that first five years and get on the right track, like you’re gonna set yourself a very nicely and here I am 12 years into it. And you know that the numbers are starting to get really, really large, as we continue these gains to come in.

Remember, the public count is just one of seven stock accounts I have. So as I continue to build out these accounts bigger and bigger, the law of large numbers like really, like benefit you in a major, major way, actually, when it comes to investing up until you get to a point where you let’s say you had hundreds of billions of dollars or something like that, that would that would actually negatively affect you.

Because you could only put in such small amounts of money, essentially into a lot of these companies without moving their stocks really big. So at some point, it matters. But as far as like going from like, basically 100,000 to all the way up to like a billion dollars or so, man, as you get the numbers bigger and bigger.

It’s just working in your favor, more and more and more and more. And we’re gonna see that in these numbers here. Okay, look at this from your five, year six. Also, now we’re at over $5.7 million in the public count k $1.4 million of growth year over year, that’s incredible, with just the same exact return the same exact monthly contribution. Okay, that happy Look at that.

This is why once you especially once you get over a million man, the numbers begin to get really, really powerful in a stock market account. It’s all about getting to that first 100k, then from getting that 100k it’s all about getting over a million.

That’s why I give out awards everybody, my private group, basically anytime you hit 100,000 your account, you can send a screenshot of it, we send you an award and then the same thing, a million dollars, we send you this award right here when you hit a million dollars because this is so big, like once you hit 100,000 it gets so much easier grown once you hit a million man, I don’t want to say you know you’re at the finish line.

But now you know, your job as an investor just gets to become really, really fun. Let’s just put it that way. Okay, that’s look at this here. Now we’re into year seven. And now we’re $7.6 million. Now we’re getting very close to 8 million plus dollar number.

Look at that $1.9 million of growth year over year, you made almost two mil in your stock market account in just that that course of a 12 month span. absolutely extraordinary, right. And then look at this year, as essentially now we’re way over $8 million in the public count in that’s $2.4 million of growth year over year with the same exact return and the same exact monthly contribution each month.

absolutely extraordinary. That’s the best way to put it, man, when the numbers get bigger and bigger things start really, really working to your advantage. That’s why it is so key to get that first 100k in that first million in the market.

Okay. Now, taxes complicate this, you know, just like rate of return can complicated with like, What if you get a 20% return? What if you get a 90% return? What if you get this return that return that can complicate things taxes absolutely complicate things? Because then it’s like, well, did you sell for short term gains? Did you sell for long term gains? Did tax rates go up? Did they go down? Did you get new write offs, things like that like that can definitely complicate things.

But needless to say, if I can get a 30% return, on average, in the public account over that I say the next 10 years within the next 10 years, there’s no doubt even with the whole tax situation and whatnot. We should Absolutely be able to hit 8 million plus dollars in that particular account.

So that that’s basically what we’re looking at in the next decade at some point, we’ll hit 8 million plus dollars in the public account. Now let’s do something really, really fun.

Remember, I talked to you guys about you know time and how much you can put in there, what type of rate of return you can get, let’s say I’m able to achieve that for the next 25 years.

So Jeremy, age 55 where’s the public count at assuming I just keep building and building and building and doing exactly the same thing $10,000 monthly contribution each and every month in that 30% rate of return $901 million is where the public account can be in 25 years, if we can keep up that rate of return and just put in 10k each and every month.

Now obviously, if I put in more money than that the numbers will grow a lot faster. And obviously if I get a better rate of return, the account will grow even at a much faster rate at the same time if I don’t put any money into that account, or I get a way less of a return than that that can hurt the numbers as well.

But look at that in 25 years $901 million. I could tell you man guys you know what, let me know I live in Las Vegas you guys know you think I should throw like a big subscriber party like when that account hits like 8 million maybe we’ll have a big party in Vegas 8 million subscriber party let me know in that comment section guys, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up hope you guys enjoy today’s video as always put a plan in place that you think is realistic for you to get to where you’re trying to get to in the stock market over the next five years.

It is so dang key also if you guys want to check out a video I record it for you down in the description area how to make your first $100,000 in the market go ahead and check out that that is in the description down there is absolutely free to check that out definitely some value in that video and if you didn’t see the most recent videos on the channel, maybe check them out three stocks on buying

October edition and also the stocks is about 2x fast epic short squeeze coming so if you didn’t get to check out those videos, maybe go ahead and take a look at them if you want Hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day holy smokers is 8 million a nose jokers

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