How I Lost $147,523

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Today I tell you are how I lost over $147,000 in stock market trading. Part of it was when I went crazy and started stock trading on Margin in 2015. Another part of it was when I invested in a really bad company that had a poor management team. Learn from me so you don’t make these same mistakes in the stock market when you begin stock market investing.

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Well, today’s the day I reveal some things in this channel I have never revealed before. Today is a day I reveal how I’ve lost $147,000 in my lifetime already, which I am only 28 years old $147,000 is a pretty substantial amount of money to lose.

So I’m going to share with you guys into detail exactly what happened. Everything behind the scenes and whatnot. And you know, a lot of people will tell me that I shouldn’t reveal stuff like this.

And my point is, it’s channels called financial education. If I don’t share the mistakes I’ve made in my financial life. I’m not doing justice to the people, okay, I’m not doing justice to the people in the whole reason I ever started this channel was simply for one reason.

And one reason only it was to teach people about, you know, finances, okay, build people’s knowledge up. And over time, I’ve made, you know, unbelievable amounts of money from this channel, I’m super thankful.

I’m super thankful everything this, this YouTube channel has blessed me with, okay, I’m super thankful. And I’ve given a lot back to the people. And today is maybe one of the biggest pieces I’ve ever given back to the people.

So hit a thumbs up if you really support content like this, because not a lot of people do it guys, not a lot of people that are in the financial landscape will ever talk about their mistakes they made, which is so key.

Because if all you’re hearing about is good stuff all the time, all you’re gonna think is only good stuff can happen. And it’s just unrealistic guys, and you got to learn to deal with the ups and the downs of this.

You want to do anything on a big scale in this world, you ever want to make a lot of money you ever want to have, you know, reach your true financial dreams, you kind of realize, man, you’re going to make some mistakes.

And I think it’s important to talk about. So I’m just going to get into detail with everything here, guys. Like I said, I hope you support content like this, I could just made a video about my successful use.

You see, there’s a lot of people on YouTube and in social media, whatnot. And all you ever hear about oh, I made $500 today and $1,000. Today, I made $2,000 today, everything’s just about their successes and successes and successes.

And they just keep throwing them in people’s face. And definitely a lot of people fall for that. But man, you’ve got to understand, there’s some mistakes that are made out here and I made some mistakes in my life.

Okay, so the first huge financial mistake I made started in 2014. Okay, so over four, over four years ago at this point, it started in 2014. And what ended up happening was, basically I started in the stock market, the end of 2008 to 2008 2009.

Were kind of my learning years 2010 2011 2012 2013 I do phenomenal in the stock market, okay, by the time 2014 rolls around, I got $200,000 in my brokerage account, okay, I’ve made a lot of money.

I funnel a lot of money in because I was working at Kwik Trip, I was saving a lot of money, putting a lot of money in and you know, I was making money off stocks, I was doing phenomenal.

So I started getting really confident. And what I ended up doing is just I left Kwik Trip and I’m like, dude, I can just trade stocks, you know, for the rest of my life. So I leave my job, cutie. And like, you know, I was just kind of done with that place.

And then and I’ve done so well on the stock market. I was like, I can just keep killing it. But at the same time, I need more money to invest. So how do I get more money to invest? Well, my idea was.

I’m going to start a margin account, I always knew not to mess with it. I always knew it was out there wasn’t like I’ve just built some 2014 rolls around. And I also figured out was something called a margin account.

I always knew what it was, I always knew it was out there. But I finally get into this margin account. Okay. And this is where my first massive mistake stems from is from margin margin. Basically how a margin account works in the stock market is for every dollar you have, you can invest $1 on a loan. Okay.

So it seems awesome. And it is awesome if you continually make money. But here’s the issue. If your stocks go down too much, you’re forced to deposit more money into your account, or you get what’s called a margin call a margin call.

And what happens in a margin call is a brokerage can say if this money’s not deposited within three days, we’re going to sell your shares automatically, or you can go sell them yourself, okay, one of those two things is going to happen. All right.

So it’s it can be a really ugly thing if things go south. And so what I end up doing is I start going slow on margin, I start just kind of like dabbling in margin. I would just kind of do like, you know it, let’s say I had 200,000 in my account.

I might do you know, an extra 100,000 on margin. So you know, it’s manageable at those points. All right. But the issue is, it’s very alluring when you see Oh, man, I got another 100,000 plus out there to invest.

Why don’t I start investing that and then one of my stock started going down. Okay, one of my stocks started going down. And what I ended up starting to do is I started margining heavier and heavier and heavier going into 2015.

Now at this point, okay, and I’m margining heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier. And next thing you know, I’m 100% margin down Okay, so basically I’m no breathing room in my stock, that stock continuously goes down.

It goes down more, it goes down more, it goes down more, and my accounts are just going down in general. Next thing, you know, I have to sell these positions at a massive, massive loss. Basically.

I got down to a level with my accounts where it was like, this was all we had coming in at that time. So I got to a level where I’m like, dude, I gotta do something with my life, I need to start businesses or something. Okay.

So basically what happened is I lost around almost $70,000 and lost around $69,000 in basically lost trade. So you know, basically selling shares for less money than I bought them. It was really ugly.

I’ve just kept getting margin calls. And it was just a horrible situation. Okay. And this all happens within like, within a year period. Okay, I went from being unbelievably successful and stock market a great story to within a year being like, what happened? What happened.

Okay, so I lost around $69,000, just from last trades, then I lost another five to 6000. So off of basically what I was paying in in margin interest, because you’re taking out these loans.

Well, guess what your brokerage wants money, and I was paying like, I think a 5% commission or whatever, to fidelity five or 6%, commission, whatever my accounts were at that time. And so I ended up paying in over $5,000 plus all the trades I was doing.

It ended up being a $75,000 loss in total, okay. That’s not where it ends margin account. I also started a margin account with my wife’s stock market account, okay, my wife had a good sum of money, because she had been working at Kwik Trip and I basically had her mirroring all the stocks.

I was in having tons of success in the stock market, her accounts were very built up. So then I decided to start a margin account with her as well. Okay. And I had I kept to her positions mirroring my position back then, because that was just what we were doing.

We have so much success. And she ended up taking around a $25,000 loss in her account. So net net between all this we take $100,000 loss. Ugly By the way, my wife is still with me, she’s a great woman.

I think she’s just got a lot of confidence in me. She’s just like, understands, like I, you know, am I going to make some mistakes from time to time? Yes, but am I the type of person that’s resilient, and is gonna fight back? And it’s like, I lost this.

But I’m gonna get it back. 10 times that much. Yeah, you know, she’s very confident in me, and I can understand why Okay, and she’s a great woman, very supportive. And she didn’t trip off it.

She’s never like, you know, disrict you know, like, like, put me down because of it. She’s never been like, you suck. You know, you lost this all this money. She never did anything like that, which is a great thing.

Because a lot of you know, a lot of women aren’t like that. Let’s just put it that way. But, you know, it is what it is. So we lose $100,000. And this was a massive, massive mistake I knew to never mess with margin.

Warren Buffett says, Man, if you’re smart, you don’t need it. And if you’re dumb, you have no place using it. I don’t know whether I was dumb or smart. But I felt dumb. Let’s just put it that way. Guys.

I have so much success in the stock market and to throw so much of my success away. in such a short amount of time. It wasn’t like this money was lost over a long period of time.

And it wasn’t like the stock market crashed or anything. There was nothing I could blame it on. Other than myself. That’s the worst part. That’s the saddest part about this wasn’t like I can throw it on. Oh my gosh, the whole economy fell apart.

And we you know, everybody lost money. No, no, I lost money. I screwed up. I made a big mistake. I got greedy. I got undisciplined, I started short term trading. I started I started doing stuff like I wouldn’t start basically what happens is there’s earnings. Okay.

Ridiculous. their earnings of companies, right, companies usually report earnings every three months. So what I would do is I say, hold this company over here, I think I think they can beat earnings because of whatever insight I had in that particular company. Okay.

So I would just throw $100,000 plus into some random stock that i thought you know, was going to beat their earnings because I had an insight on why they could beat their earnings and whatnot.

I would throw 100,000 plus dollars in that stock the day before they report earnings, and then hope it goes good, okay. And what happens a lot of times is even if that company beats earnings sometimes maybe guidance is weak.

Maybe that stock already ran up a lot maybe it wasn’t what its investors expect it and sometimes that stock goes down and sometimes you know, I’d invest in the stock and we go down 10% 100,000 plus dollars it’s a 10,000 plus dollar loss in 24 hours.

Okay 24 hours losing you know, five figures it’s it’s just it was so I went so far off the rails. I went I you know, in the financial landscape, the way I went with this whole deal is no different than somebody that just goes crazy on drugs right.

You know, you use somebody a normal person and then all sudden you they try some cocaine or something. And then next thing you know, they’re just full full tilt. And next thing you know, they’re just gone crazy.

And you’re like, Dude, what happened that person man, they just went off the off the deep end on drugs. I went off that with money, okay, and with margin and just went crazy with it. And, you know, it was stupid.

I was Is 20, you know, 2425 years old or whatever, when I lost that money, and the only the only, I’ll say two things about two things, while I’m happy, you know that money was lost, and we’ll get into the next part of money that I lost.

One, I’m happy, because in the sense of, you know, it’s never fun to lose $100,000 in that quick amount of time, but I’m happy it happened, because I was very young. And I didn’t have nearly as much money as I do nowadays.

So if you think about it, in this respect, imagine if I made a mistake like that nowadays, imagine if I hadn’t learned that lesson already. You know, think about it. Someday, when I have 10s of millions of dollars, like, like, imagine, then Ulsan.

I’m like, oh, let me start a margin account, and I start this margin account, and then then the loss is way bigger, okay, you know, it could have been hurt so much worse, I could have been hurt so much worse than then it really was, you know, you know, $100,000 $100,000, it sucks.

But you know, I get over it. And the other part of it is, is I ended up starting a business out of that I started a real estate marketing company, which really started my entrepreneurial ventures, which I think was a big moment in my life, it got me off my butt. Because before that.

I thought I would just stock trade forever. And this got me off my butt to actually get out there and start doing something in the world, and not just sit in my office all day. You know, basically, none.

I think there’s bigger things for me out there. Let’s just put that way. You know, I’m no disrespect to anybody that just trades all the time and whatnot. But for me, personally, I have more potential in this life, I can make a bigger impact.

I always felt like my impact was going to be bigger. And you know, the blessing of the financial education channel happened. And by the way, I still don’t feel like I’m at I still don’t think my impact has, you know.

I still don’t think this is it. Let’s just put it that way, guys. So let’s get on to the next part. Okay, so we still got $47,000 to account for here, unfortunately. And so my next mistake happens very soon after, very soon after, I take those margin losses.

So I officially take you know, the remaining of those margin losses. And I believe it was, it was either August or September 2015 was either August or September 2015. And I started kind of looking at my real estate companies trying to get that going.

2016 rolls around, I’m like, okay, you know, I’m starting this real estate marketing company, I want to start investing. So I start investing again. But the issue was, I took such a big loss that year, that also my mentality.

I think became like a gamblers mentality, where I was looking for that one stock to hopefully try to hit it out of the ballpark. Okay, that one stock that had huge potential that maybe this could be a company that goes up, you know, five times 10 times.

And it was a company named Yeah, I don’t even have to put it up here. Everybody that’s as loyal watcher. This channel knows what name that is. If you’re new here, this is your first video you ever watched you probably don’t know it, as a company named GoPro GoPro.

I was swinging for the fences with the stock, okay. And my goodness, so much went wrong so much when this stock, so much went wrong, and so much went wrong with my mentality around the stock, okay? One I went super heavy in the stock, okay, very undisciplined, very disciplined.

I’ll explain why I’m happy. I ended up doing that. In the end, we’ll all explain, you know, one, one good part of doing that. But I was super heavy into this GoPro stock. And as it went down.

I went heavier and heavier and heavier. And as it continued to go down, I then started buying options, call options in the stock, okay, I started buying call options. And neither say call options is an opportunity that if you buy call options in a stock.

It gives you the opportunity to maybe make way more money with way less money. But at the same time, if if a stock’s not at a certain price, by a certain date, you can lose 100% of your money.

So it’s a little bit different than investing in a regular stock. If you invest in Apple stock, the only way you can literally lose 100% of your money is if Apple went bankrupt. Okay? But if you invest in an apple option on Apple Apple call option.

Let’s say it’s at a $250 strike and apples at $180. And you have a year for it to get there and it doesn’t get there. You lose 100% of your money. Okay, so call options can be very dangerous.

So I’m still just playing this dangerous gambling game. Okay, I went from being on margin, which was already like a crazy game, to then I started investing in this, this GoPro company, which had a lot of questions around it and a very questionable CEO, who had a lot.

You know, and once again, this was a good thing that I experienced this, but I had a CEO, I’ll get into that in a minute. Had a CEO that had a lot of questions. This guy has sold shares through some kind of basically what happened is he was not when they went IPO when the company went public.

He was not supposed to sell his shares, okay, or a certain portion of them. He goes through a charity way and sells a massive we’re talking like $500 million worth of shares. He goes and sells a massive amount of shares.

Shareholders were really pissed because he sold at the way high prices for this charity called the Nick and Joe Foundation. Whatever and no one knows where that money went. If it ever went anybody didn’t go to anybody who knows we just know the CEO got to sell a massive amount shares in a time period he wasn’t supposed to sell.

He got through a loophole because it went through some foundation that was in his him in his wife’s name. It was super sketchy. It was so sketchy. Okay, so sketchy. But anyways, I get involved with this stock.

And when I first bought this stock, they were actually a profitable company. They were they were they were still kind of, you know, like, the previous year, they had made a profit, all right.

But very shortly after this company starts losing money, okay, this company starts losing money. And, oh, you know, historically, I don’t mess with companies that lose money, okay. And to this day, like, like one of my investing philosophies, if it’s not profitable company.

I’m not messing with it. I don’t care how much potential upside it has, I don’t care how much potential that company has, and oh my gosh, I got such a big vision. If it’s not profitable.

I don’t mess with it. But GoPro, I was still so like in denial about things and I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m trying to get all my money back and just you never know the getting the games Your mind is playing on with you in and whatnot, right.

So I stay in this stock, despite them not even being a profitable company. And they had a lot of promising things. But anyways, the company it to be very short, they dropped the ball on everything they they were years behind on cameras.

They were every time they release a camera, it lacked the features it should have had at that particular time, they come out with a drone, which was a huge hope for the company, the drone falls out of the sky, literally, like some of the drones were falling out of the sky.

They would go up and the battery would fall out a quick you know, quick note on this company is I knew about the drones phone now this guy before anybody knew about the drones phone I was guy I knew before GoPro knew about the drones fall now this guy, okay, because I stay on YouTube all the time.

And what I would search is like, like GoPro, Karma drone and whatnot, right? And I would search like newest videos, I remember like, I seen a video some guy posted like, like, you know, two hours previous or whatever.

And it was literally his GoPro Karma was up in the sky, and it fell down. Next day, I find another video, okay. And all sudden, you know, a week later, whatever news comes out that these drones are falling out of the sky GoPros like, Oh, crap, we’re gonna have to do a recall on this bla bla bla stock gets hammered.

I could have got out of the stock and actually made a profit because right before that the stock was at $17 I could have gone out and actually made a profit on the company. Okay, but, you know, still trying to swing for a homerun or hoping that management would turn around and they’d already made so many mistakes at this time.

I should have just got out of stock. Like that was so stupid, uh, stay in the stock. So anyways, uh, you know, shares are $17. And I get out, I stick it out with the company, company recall takes forever all it was was like a simple latch that needed to be fixed on the drone.

It was like, Oh my gosh, I took a month and months to figure it out. It killed all the vibe that was going for karma at that time. Also, DJI came out with a maverick at the same time. So they had the hit from DJI Maverick, which looked like a sick, you know, little teeny quadcopter.

So they got that hit, then their drones fallen out of the sky, and it makes them lose all credibility and drones. And it takes forever to even fix the simple little issue that had it was just an ugly times ugly situation. And we fast forward I saw out of stock in I think it was early to mid January 2018.

I finally you know, accept the fate that it didn’t work out take my big loss. And for a long time, I didn’t want to calculate what the numbers were behind it. People would ask me all the time and I knew it was a big number but I just never wanted to calculate.

What that loss actually was and then ended up being around $47,000 a little over $47,000 in GoPro $47,000. And man, you know, just there’s so many screw ups and it all stemmed right from that margin all stemmed straight from that margin.

Okay, now what I learned from all this Okay, we already talked about the margin part well a few things okay, call options can be dangerous, you know, no matter how much options should be used in supplementing not like I’m going to go crazy on options.

Especially in a company, you already own the shares and it’s a supplementing thing. Okay. Also, I went super heavy and GoPro which was a thing I would do consistently with companies I would go super heavy into them my number one and number two positions a lot of times would make up 80% plus of my portfolio okay.

80% plus of my portfolio was usually between my number one and number two positions. I no longer do that. The biggest position I have which right now is a company named l brands was I started buying a few months ago.

That’s my biggest position right now in that position doesn’t even account for I would say that position probably doesn’t even account for seventh of my portfolio. Okay. Nowadays what I do is I well diversify around a lot of companies that are top of their industry.

You know, I’ve really changed the way my investing outlook is. I really build portfolios, like like a portfolio should be built. Not Oh my God. There’s one or two stocks, I think have huge potential.

I’m gonna put all my marbles basically in one basket, you’re putting 80% plus of your money into two stocks. You’re right, you’re living and dying by those two stocks, all right, and eventually you will get burned in a big way by one of them, eventually.

Something’s going to happen, where you’re going to get one and it just doesn’t work out. Up until that time it worked. I did it with Cabela’s and monster and Trinity industries, and all these different companies that had tons of success.

And then, you know, eventually it came back to bite me, okay, we’re now I actually build portfolios. Also, it really taught me that management’s important. You got to sketchy management team, it’s not even worth your time.

It’s not worth your time. If there’s a CEO that’s questionable, and is like, well, he’s doing some weird stuff over there. It doesn’t look very focused. Don’t even mess with that stock. There’s 1000s of stocks out there 1000s and 1000s of companies to invest in? Why Why do I need to pick this one that.

You know, there’s some questionable things going on there. It taught me that it also taught me that, you know, don’t don’t mess with unprofitable companies, which was something I always, I never mess with unprofitable companies.

And then I decided to mess with this one. And it just, it’s just, it’s unfortunate, but that’s basically how I’ve lost $147,000 I took two massive hits in my financial life. You know, I basically started my financial life around 10 years ago, about a decade ago.

That’s when I started investing in stock market started kind of taking control of my financial life. And those are my two massive financial mistakes. Other than that, I’ve been pretty clean financially. But needless to say, I got really dirty like, a lot of money to lose, that’s a lot of money to lose at very young ages.

Okay. Although this, you know, I finally accepted my fate of GoPro here. That was really a mistake that was made back in 2016. Because that’s when I really started getting in that stock and sort of buying shares heavy.

You know, it was it was destined to, you know, take the hit on that. sucks, man, it sucks, but it is what it is. I you know, like I said, it’s all learning thing. And it’s all about how you bounce back in life.

It’s all about how you bounce back. Because I’m telling you guys like, like, there’s no one that lives life, like just like skates free, and it’s just like, everything’s perfect. Maybe they put out that image, maybe they put out that image and they portray an image of all my life, just straight up, and everything’s perfect.

And oh my gosh, but I’m telling you, it’s all about resilience, it’s all about being able to take a hit, fight it off and say, you know, I’m gonna come back better tomorrow. That’s just the way it is.

And anybody that’s watching this, any young people out there, you know, realize you’re going to probably make some mistakes, try not to make it you know, I’m here to help you. As far as you know, you guys understanding the mistakes I’ve made in the past, try to never make my type of mistakes out there.

You know, try to be the best you can try to build real portfolios out be diversified. And those types of things don’t be all in one or two stocks, don’t ever mess around on margin. Don’t go crazy on options.

Especially when it’s a shares you already own options are really something that should be for very, very special situations, and not like I’m going to go crazy heavy in them. And all those type of things, guys, so I hope you learned a lot from this, this is a very revealing video, you know.

It’s something I don’t have to put out there. Like I could just hold this back and keep the skeletons in the closet. But the way I treat it, I’m like, just get it out there, dude. Just tell it just tell the story.

Everybody knows a mounts and when you tell it, it’s like liberating, right? It’s like, I feel free like like, you know, there’s nothing to hide, like, I got my skeletons out it is what it is move on, and be a better you make more money and just just, you know, learn from it.

That’s, that’s all we can do, we can learn or we can choose to dwell on it, I can still be dwelling about this. Like, I can sit in my chair right there and be like, Oh my gosh, I wish I had the extra $147,000 that I’ve lost lost in 2015 Oh my gosh.

Why did I do that I can sit there and dwell and that’s what most people do. They talk about you know, they made a mistake, I have friends that have made financial mistakes in life. And they bring it up all the time and how they lost so much money in the housing crisis or you know, oil wells or this person lost money in some stock or whatever.

And they bring it up again and again and again and again and again and agaiSn and all the time. It’s not like the bringing up for video views or to teach people or whatever they’re bringing up because they just want to talk about it again and like and it’s like Dude.

Like move on like like it is what it is you can’t sit and dwell about stuff move on make more money become a better you and that’s the name of the game guys. That’s the name of the game.

That’s where the magic happens. That’s where the magic happens when you take some punches in life and you come back stronger because you know it is what it is. Anyways Hope you guys really enjoyed this make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you did.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram. I’m really posting a lot more on Instagram now. Especially a lot of stock market breaking news and whatnot. vank you for watching. Have a great day.

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