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Want to buy CHEAP Stocks in the stock market? Well let me tell you how I get cheap stocks and how you can get them too! No this isn’t a scam! I’m just going to tell you what I do to find cheap stocks and hopefully you learn from what I do and you can buy cheap stocks as well, because who doesn’t love a great deal right?

I will get into how I get cheap stocks in this video and I will even go thru some examples of stocks that I have bought in the stock market at cheap prices. Hope you are able to learn a lot from this video because the more stocks to buy at cheap prices the better ROI you are going to get! Leave me a comment with your opinion of this video and my strategy. Also let me know if you have any strategies that allow you to buy cheap stocks in the stock market.

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Well Do I have a value packed video for you guys here today? If you’re anything like me, you love a great deal. You love discounts you love getting things for cheap, right?

So that store is like 70% off that gets us in there. And at least at least we’re looking, seeing if we can find a good deal if we can’t we go ahead and walk out. I love deals.

I love to negotiate. Let’s say I was looking at a new like real estate investment property or something like that, that I was I was like, I want to make some cash flows. And I think you’ll appreciate over time,

I think we’ll do really good. I don’t go into a full price. I haven’t go in with like maybe 30,000 or 40,000 offers something like that and try to come up to a price I want to discount man. I don’t want to pay full price for anything.

I mean, if I go to McDonald’s, I say give me a Big Mac for 99 cents please sir. guy behind the counter says sir, Big Macs are 499 that is when I go ahead and I pull out my sword. The guy behind the counter says Oh sir, you can have a Big Mac for free and I say Thank you Next thing you know I have to eat the Big Mac in jail.

I don’t know what’s going on. But anyways, guys, I love deals. I love things for discounts. I know you guys do, too. And so why should we pay full price for stocks? Why should stocks be any different? I want deals, you want deals, we want things for cheap because that’s how we make the money I just came up with that song on the fly.

Okay, so in this video here today, I’m going to teach you how I always get massive discounts on stocks and you can too Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button it helps out the YouTube channel massively lets me know you appreciate a video like this that is going to be value packed.

Also, you subscribe, you have notifications on all those good things. You want to know the exact stocks I hold check out first link in the description down there. Okay, so let’s go stock by stock in real life. I’m going to take you through real life examples.

I’m not just going to give you something like Oh, do this, do that. Okay, we’re going to go through actual real life examples where I’ve executed essentially getting stocks for very cheap and I want to kind of show you guys and there’s like a long list of stocks

I can give you we’re going to go through four because they’re for from very different industries, sectors, companies doing things and things these companies have going that way you can learn this way. I feel like real life examples just are so much more powerful than just saying do this. Do that something like that. Okay, so let’s start going through a few examples here.

First one I want to go through here is elf beauty and elf cosmetics. This is a stock we’re up 190% on right now. cost base of $7.28 in the stocks $21 Plus, okay, never mind that we’ve taken a ridiculous amount of profits in this stock in the past k $1,000 $279 $102 $406.12 $100.

And the list goes on and on and on when it comes to elf beauty. Okay, now how did I get this doc for such a massive discount? Well, elf beauty. I remember when they went public back in 2016. My wife actually brought it up to me, they’re not just that I remember they covered it on CNBC and things like that.

And the stock went up like crazy on its IPO and I looked into the company actually liked the company, I just was an overvalued stock, there’s no other way to put it. It was overvalued for where that company was at and where that company was going over the next couple years, in my personal opinion back in 2016.

So I never bought in I was like, hey, like actually like the company. I like the vision but it’s just it’s an overvalued stock. I’m not gonna buy it. Okay, that was Intel about February of 2019.

And I tracked this stock for years and years and years as they were public and I kind of watched the stock continue to downtrend and the valuation get more and more interesting until finally they reached what I thought was a really really compelling price and I said I gotta go ahead and pounce on this and Never mind that I watched essentially like huge traders like Jeffree Star and others making videos about elf cosmetics products and we’re getting you know,

like 5 million views 10 million views and I said okay, there’s something going on here with this company a massive turnaround in the stocks about as cheap as it’s ever been.

I got to go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity because this is about to be a stock that is going to go up massively and what has this stock done obviously it has gone up massively since that time it dipped with all stocks back in the march period but you know, other than that period

I mean it’s pretty much been up in almost a straight line because the stock was just a phenomenal deal and I watched your stock I kept on watch this for years and years and I practice patience with this stock kept an eye on it you know not a close eye like I’m watching a stock every day but maybe check in with it every few months or something like that.

And it was like it was a maybe some day stock kept on watchlist I exercise patience in this whole scenario and through keeping an eye on it and through exercising patience. It ended up paying off absolutely massively for me.

Okay, remember people were selling me elf stock for $7 $8 $9 a share people are actually selling me their shares for that price. I mean, you think back now and it’s like that’s absolutely ridiculous. If anything, they should have been doing the opposite. Is it right?

I mean, think about a Warren Buffett has a great saying he says the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

It’s a great saying and it’s one of my favorites in the stock market, those elf sellers should have been buying the stock not selling the stock, the stock was in a turnaround mode, the stock was at pretty much an all time low. Just because the stocks at an all time low or right around an all time low doesn’t mean you sell the stock. You look at what’s going on with the fundamentals.

And those folks should have been buying shares for 789 dollars a share instead of selling me those shares for so cheap, it was just ridiculous. They were selling a very good asset that was in total turnaround mode. For you know, pennies on the dollar.

Let’s just put it that way. today. I must say I do appreciate those folks for selling me those shares. Okay, let’s talk about one from this year, a 2020 by fizzy get dizzy. So this is one we’re now at 90% on over 90% up $35,000 in the public account on this particular stock.

And we actually own some in another private account in which we’re up quite substantially as well cost base of $40.42. So in terms of fizzy get dizzy, I remember the stock actually being mentioned to me it was either through an email, or like a DM somebody in my private stock group actually sent me and they were like, Hey, you know, what do you think about national beverage Corporation?

Do you think it’s a buy? Do you What’s your opinion on the stock, and this is back when the stock was like 100 something dollars a share. This is like kind of late 2018 is 100 plus dollar stock. I looked into that company, they were the number one player in sparkling water because they had this brand called Lacroix.

And I like the company but the valuation just back them at 100 something dollars a share. It just was not very compelling for where the company was at at that particular time. So I said, you know, hey, you know, it’s a company I like but the valuation is a no for me.

It’s not something I’m personally interested in, however, because I like the company actually kept it on a watch list. And I said I’ll check in with this one. Every once in a while. And then if we fast forward to March of this year, drinks are selling like crazy, right?

Anything drink related water related selling? absolutely unbelievable. You go to Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart anywhere. It’s like everything selling out. And so it gets me to think like, Huh, I wonder who’s benefiting from this something about all the different companies.

And then I was thinking oh my gosh, national beverage corporation is probably benefiting massively. I mean, absolutely massively from this drinks are selling insane. Plus, it’s a great deal. And so I went ahead and I started actually buying this stock and in the private discord chat during the month of April, I even added a tab.

So whenever members would like go to the grocery store, they take pictures of essentially like the Lacroix area and we’d see like, you know, how sell through there? Are they low on product? Are they stacked up things like that.

So we got a really good context from all over the world on how Lacroix products were essentially selling in stores. It was absolutely amazing. The stock was a great deal. And I went ahead and I pounced on this one, I bought 700 shares.

And one of my accounts which were up almost 100% on those ones. It’s almost a home run now for us and the public count about 960 shares, and we’re up over 90% on that stock. I could take 60,000 plus dollars in profits tomorrow on this stock. 

If I want and I made that in six months strictly from patience and putting in the work patience and putting in the work back what it was 100 something dollars a few years ago, where the company was at that particular time it just wasn’t a deal.

But all sudden you give me shares for 40 bucks. Absolutely. That was a very good deal. All it took was patience, the right strategy and some work ethic. Okay, let’s go into this one. It’s a semiconductor company.

Sky works solution it’s a really really interesting one it just hit home run status force very recently up 100% now on this stock in the public count very thankful for great sky work solutions, great management team over there skyworks solutions with a stock I came across back in like 2013 okay knew about this company for a while because

I used to be invested in Cirrus Logic back in the day that a lot of times Cirrus Logic and sky works would get talked about a lot in the same sentence because both of them got a significant portion of their revenues in their net income from Guess who?

Apple Okay, so I kept track of the stock back then when it was like a 20 something dollar stock 20 $30 stock. But ultimately, when it came to skyworks solutions, I just couldn’t quite grasp it. I couldn’t quite get my head around the stock fully back then and exactly what made them special exactly what their type of growth opportunity was, and things like that.

And so I never got to get in the stock. I watch the stock go from 20 $30 a share to $100 a share by March of 2015. I mean the stock absolutely went up like a rocket ship. And I was like Dang, man, they must have had something going on there. That was pretty big because I just couldn’t get my head around. Okay,

so then we fast forward to 2018 in a relook in the sky works. And now it’s like five years later, okay, I can finally really grasp around this company and get an idea of this because I saw the stock was faltering. It hadn’t done anything in years.

I’m looking at the stock and it was like It was under $100 a share. And I’m like man, many, many years ago, this stock was over $100 a share. So what’s going on with this company, and I started really researching it got a really good understanding, started buying the stock at at $70 a share.

I mean, look at all the different costs I bought, I even bought all the way up to $95 a share. So it’s 95 I bought an 80s bought in the 70s bought in the 60s, the lowest shares I got were $61.12 somebody was selling me their sky work solutions shares on January 3 2019 for $61.12. Imagine that we’re up 147%.

Now on that position, and what I recognize with skyworks Solutions is one I could fully understand the company what makes them special, where they’re going, but also, I figured I got to get in this stock before 5g comes it’s a beaten down stock,

they got massive opportunity in the 5g space, and I have to get my position fully built out before Apple even you know comes out with a essentially a 5g iPhone because I knew as soon as Apple comes out with their 5g iPhone, it will be game over and guess what’s gonna be happening next week. Apple will be coming out with like the their 5g iPhone.

It’s not 100% for sure. But I would say it’s probably about 95% sure, Apple will be launching a 5g iPhone next week in the stock has gone up what 100% or so since we bought in the position in average, right?

So I had to get in before that happened. And so what ended up happening here, I exercise patience. I didn’t rush into a stock I didn’t know anything about just because it was going up a bunch that would have been a very poor decision, right?

Imagine I’m watching that stock and it goes to 7080 $90 a share and I start buying in way back in like, you know, 2014 2015 and I’m holding that stock for years because I never even really fully understood it. And it doesn’t do anything for years and years and years.

That’s just a you know, that’s just not a good return on investment. Let’s put it that way. Okay, so exercise, patience, exercise, understanding, make sure a fully understood the company and exercise urgency. I didn’t say, well, let’s wait until the 5g iPhone comes out, because that’s when the numbers will start hitting.

No, that’s not how you do this. Okay, if you wait until the 5g iPhone comes out, guess what everybody’s gonna be gonna be in the stock by that point in time, or a lot of people are gonna be in the stock, they’re gonna be late people to the game, then at that point, I always have to beat Wall Street to the next deal, I always have to do it.

If I can’t be Wall Street to the next deal, then I’m not going to get the type of gains I want to get. For somebody like myself that’s trying to get 30% plus a year, I’m not going to get those type of games and less, I always beat Wall Street to the deal.

I have to see it before they see it after get in before they get in. Sometimes I might have to get in a year early. That’s perfectly fine. Look at skyworks Solutions I got in that position. What was it 2018 2019. And we haven’t even really started seeing basically 5g devices come out till in mass at least until this year in 2020.

I got in a year to too early because I understood man, once these devices already start hitting the market, and stocks already gonna have moved huge wall street’s gonna have poured money into this position. And it’s likely going to, you know, be up significantly.

So urgency is key. It’s like a it’s like a balancing beam. Imagine you’re trying to like balance on a string. You don’t want those people that like walk on the string. It’s always like you’re trying to balance between urgency and patience, urgency and patience. Okay, Tesla, my f oh my gosh, okay.

Got to mention this one. Okay, this one’s our best winner. This one’s our best winner. No doubt. 135% gainer on this one. In a matter of just a couple years, we’ve been in the stock $285,000. We are up in the public count cost basis on a split adjusted basis of $45.51.

Tesla, you want to talk about the ultimate patience play? For me? It is Tesla. I remember Tesla going IPO back in like 2010. Okay, I remember the first time I really really like looked in the company fully. I think it was like 2011. Okay, I kept track of this company since the beginning of time.

Let’s put it that way. Okay. And I watch this company go public. And I looked into it back around that time, I said, This company is way too speculative word too speculative. And there’s a very high likelihood that this company will go bankrupt. Okay. Elon Musk will tell you the same thing.

Yeah, it was very high probability several times along the way that Tesla was gonna go bankrupt. Okay. It’s a miracle. The company made it through. Okay, no doubt about it. So there was no way I was getting involved with the stock back then.

But I kept an eye on it because I said, there’s something interesting about this company going on. And I watched them come out with the Model S and I watch that go into production. I watched them come out with the Model X and I watched that go into production.

And people for the most part really started getting their hands on that one in about 2016. And I remember taking photos of this house here, which by the way, they’re still trying to sell I don’t know if they ever sold or what but I found it on Zillow, and they’re still trying to sell this house Kay, and it’s this big like massive mansion type house.

It’s like an all this thing. It was like seven 1000 square feet or something like that, okay. And I remember I was taking photos and I was doing a video for that house. This is like late 2016. And I remember the kids there, you know, rich kids right there talking about how one of the neighbors had gotten Model X.

And they couldn’t stop talking about how cool this Model X was. At that moment, I knew Tesla was a game changing company, because in order to impress rich kids, man, you got to really be doing cool stuff.

I also knew air pods, were going to be a hit because all the kids were asking for air pods for Christmas essentially overheard that as well. I pay attention all these little details that other people don’t pay attention to that can end up making you more money than you ever dreamed, essentially.

And then in 2017, I still didn’t get involved with the stock Hey, but then 2017, I watched the model three event, and I watched the pre order numbers pour in I mean, absolutely pour in for the model three. And this is what really started to like, make me consider strongly investing in Tesla, the company.

Okay, so I watched model three come out, I watched those numbers, I watched it go into production in 2018, in terms of really starting to scale production, and I look at the stock and the stock hadn’t done anything for like five years, okay, we’re talking like 2013 to 2018, the stock canon pretty much done anything.

And watch this company, not only not go bankrupt, but reach scale, to hire massive amounts of phenomenal employees and get to levels that it looked like they were starting to become like five years plus in front of everybody in the auto industry and as well as you know, other places companies going and I said in 2018 2019, I got to add add add add add the stock in different accounts.

That’s exactly what I did. Eight years, eight years went by, I kept an eye on the stock to finally buy on the cheap. And look at the way it has paid off that stock has made me many hundreds of 1000s of dollars profit I could take today.

Nevermind if the stock continues to roar over the next five to 10 years, what type of gains that can get me okay, but literally, eight years went by guys and I kept an eye on it. That is patience. Okay, that is absolute patience. Now, let me give you an example of one recently, this year, an example of a stock that I didn’t have enough urgency and I think this is really important.

Let’s talk about a stock I didn’t have enough urgency and it’s amazings on okay, I watched amazings on report earnings back in I think was March k somewhere around there.

And I remember he amazings on went under 18 $100 a share I think it was even under 17 $100 a share at its lows, and I’m looking at Amazon back then I’m like that’s a really really, really, really, really, really, really good tale for Amazon, in my opinion, for the companies at where that company is going over the next 510 years in my opinion, you know, under 70 $100 a share is a deal for the stock, but I looked at and I said I don’t have to buy it today because the markets been going down maybe it’ll go down more and I can get it for even cheaper.

And when you start having thoughts like that, usually you just realize you just took an hour Okay, whenever you start thinking well, you know it’s been going down and it could go down more that’s when you take out okay, you need to be judging things. Are you getting a really good deal today or not?

Okay, and if you get a really good deal today based upon all the things you look for in the stock you need to buy you don’t you don’t just be like you know, sit on your thumbs and be like, well it could go down so more tomorrow because it went down today. No, is it a good deal today by is it not a good deal day stay on the sideline.

Okay, as simple as that and I’m looking at that stock and I didn’t buy one share in any of my accounts not even one share when I knew it was a deal and a half just because all it might go lower. It’s ridiculous. Okay. I mean, this is amazing on we’re talking about here, there’s a difference between cheap and greed.

Okay, cheapest you want to stock for a really good deal. Greed is it’s already a really good deal. And you’re like, well, it might go lower. And so I’ll wait even longer. Big difference. If you want to get greedy, be prepared to miss out on countless gray gainers in the stock market you want cheap, then we’re talking so the major takeaway I always want for you guys to take away from this video and remember this for life.

There’s a balancing between greed and cheap Okay, and urgency and patience. Patience is key. Always really paying attention these companies keep an eye on them looking into these companies because the work you’re putting into a stock today might mean you don’t buy that stock today.

But the work you put in today that might make you $100,000 in a few years from now Okay, it’s done it for me countless time and time again we could have we could have literally made this video like six hours long I could have showed you all the different stocks it’s happened with I just said let’s do for today. Let’s cover this I think I’m going to get across my point.

Remember this guy’s the work you put in today can make you more money than you ever dreamed over the future. Okay, something so key. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always hope you got a lot of value.

Are you out of it smash a thumbs up if you don’t mind that helps out the YouTube channel massively lets me know you guys enjoy value packed video like this make sure you subscribe the channel also if you want to know all the stocks I currently hold, check out first link in the description down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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