This Guy Just Threw Away $450,000,000 | What Would You Do? | Andrew Luck Retirement Craziness

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Andrew Luck the Indianapolis Colts Quarterback has decided to retire from the NFL and is basically giving up $450,000,000 by doing so. Andrew Luck is only 29 years old and is one of the best QBs in the NFL currently. Andrew Luck retiring is has allowed him to not make even close to as much as he could have throughout his career.

Andrew Luck was the number 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft and pretty much lived up to the hype. Now Andrew Luck never won a super bowl but he still accomplished much in his short career including raking up a net worth of 50-100 million dollars.

This brings us to another subject which is why is money powerful. What does having a lot of money represent? Andrew Luck in this situation to me represents someone who is already rich and can make his own calls. That to me is the true power of having a ton of money.

Being able to live your life on your own terms and if you want to retire early like the Andrew Luck retirement then you can go ahead and do so. That is true money power. Share this with someone who is into money, and Andrew Luck fan, a Colts fan, or an NFL fan.

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Well Holy smoke is is a no joke uh, something happened this weekend that I was like, I’ve got to talk about this on the channel because this guy just threw away nearly a half a billion dollars literally if you don’t know this guy on your screen right now his name is Andrew Luck and I was like I’ve got to talk about this This is crazy.

This is crazy. Okay, so if you don’t know is Andrew Luck is he’s basically a quarterback in the National Football League. All right, this guy was drafted number one overall on the draft, which is like a huge accomplishment in itself. That means like, you’re expected to be like the best player in your class. Okay, when you go number one pick like that’s like crazy.

Okay, this guy was a four time Pro Bowl selections basically means like, you’re one of the best people at your position in the entire league. And he was just respected as one of the best players at his position in the entire world. Okay, and so needless to say when a guy like this retires it’s a massive massive deal when you’re one of the best but it’s not just because he retired.

Okay, so you know, like, like people retire all the time from the NFL, okay, it’s no big deal. But this guy was 29 years old. Okay, he was 29 years old. He’s born the same year I was born Okay, he’s 29 years old and he placed the quarterback position.

Now why is this a big deal that he plays a quarterback position he retired at this age is to say people that play that position. A lot of times complaints there lately 30s if not their 40s Okay, three of the top five most respected quarterbacks in the league as of right now are over the age of 37 Okay, one’s 37 years old Philip Rivers another one Drew Brees is 40 years old and the go the greatest of all time, Tom Brady.

This gets 42 flippin years old, okay. 42 years old. So needless to say, this guy had at least probably 10 more years to play in the NFL and and you know, a ton of years to be a starter and he could have made a ridiculous amount of money. And he went ahead and retire. Okay, so basically the owner of the team Jim Irsay said he said basically that he quote, it’s a tough thing.

Look at it, he’s leaving 450 million to $500 million on the table potentially, or say said Saturday night, I mean, a half a billion dollars. And he’s saying, You know what, I want to have my integrity, I have to be able to look at my other players and my teammates and my coach in the eye and say.

I’m all in and he didn’t feel like he could do that. Okay, that is a ridiculous amount of money he could have potentially earned throughout the rest of his career assuming you’d play like another 10 to 12 years or something like that, which is very like normal nowadays in the NFL for the quarterback position people play in their late 30s or early 40s.

Okay. And so one thing I will say is good that basically the Colts the organization he played for, they could have also clawed back nearly $25 million they gave him Okay, so despite the fact that they could have recouped $24.8 million from their former quarterback, the Colts have already reached a financial settlement with Andrew Luck in which they will not take back any of the money they are owed.

So essentially this guy by retiring took a massive massive risk right? He won could have basically had that $25 million like taken away from him that was already paid out to him because he was under contract okay. And basically if he broke that contract he had to pay this.

$25 million back they said you know what, just keep the money Okay, so that’s pretty sick in itself but the needless to say that was a risk he was willing to take with us retirement and on top of that, nearly a half a billion dollars guys, this is a this is an insane, insane amount of money. But even after taxes are taken out even after taxes are taken out, they’d be over 250 million plus dollars.

We’re talking about that. He just said, You know what, I don’t want it I don’t want to play anymore. Okay. Now if you’re wondering why this guy went ahead and retired and called it quits, well, he had a you know, a lot going on needless to say, Okay, this was a physical toll on Andrew Luck throughout his six NFL seasons. He had a torn cartilage and two ribs.

He had a partially torn abdomen. He had a lacerated kidney that left him peeing blood at one point, he had at least one concussion with you know, with these players in the NFL, you never really know how many concussions they had, they could have had a ton of concussions, but he had at least one that people actually knew about, okay, he had a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder.

And he also had some type of calf ankle issue that was going on recently that basically allowed him not even to play Okay, so I think this is really really interesting to kind of talk about here on the channel as this is a money channel and we talk about money all the time and like building wealth and these type of things. I gotta ask you, would you do it? Would you do it for $450 million dollars would you go through that toll for $450 million.

Now some of you guys watching this video right now have net worth of less than $10,000 some of you guys watching this video have probably got 100 bucks in your bank account or five I’m in your box and you’re thinking, dude for $450 million, like I could lose like a leg or something like that for 450 million.

Some of you guys are like, that’s ridiculous no matter what I’m playing for $450 million. And I completely understand that, okay, and a lot of you guys with even, you know, good amounts of money that might be watching this video, you might have 100,000, or maybe even a million, and you might be watching this video invite like, dude.

I would still do like, go through all that for 450 mil respect, but here’s what I thought about this situation. Okay, what if you’re already rich? Okay, what if you already had millions upon millions of dollars? Okay. Andrew Luck is worth somewhere between 50 to $100 million. As of right now.

Okay. Now, what if you were in that situation? What if you were already worth 50 to $100 million? Would you then make the decision to go through that and the potential pain and like all the mental stress around and whatnot, we’re for the next 10 to 12 years? Would you then make that decision? Because a $400 million was worth it to you? Okay.

Was that worth it? Is that worth that? Okay? And so in my opinion, here is this doesn’t get talked about enough, okay. Sometimes people, you know, ask me like, well, what’s the point of having so much money? Or what’s the point of trying to have millions of dollars of 10s of millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions or something like that, okay.

To me, what Andrew Luck did is, is what’s having a lot of money is all about, okay? basically being able to make your own moves in the move, he made his like, Boss move, like level 1000. Okay, this is what it’s all about being able to make your own decisions and make your own moves out there.

Because what we find, you know, way too often, is people have to make decisions, because they don’t have a lot of money, right. And so they have to make a tough decision to do this, or do that, or forced to like almost like force themselves to do this or do a certain kind of job, because they don’t have that type of money. Okay, but what having a lot of money all about, to me, at least when.

I look at it, it’s not about buying the newest Lamborghini, it’s not about buying the biggest house in the street. It’s not about like having a private jet, or having the biggest yacht or something like that, to me having a lot of money is just being able to make your own moves. In fvf.

If you know, you’re in a position where you’ve already got a lot of money, and you say, dude, I don’t want to go after this extra, you know, half a billion dollars, because I want to do something else with my life, or I don’t want to go through the mental stress of that, or the physical pain in this situation that he was going through, which also took a mental toll like that.

That, to me was like the coolest thing. And I think that like exemplifies what having a lot of money is about I think too often people get it confused to pay too much too often, like people get it twisted. And they think it’s all about having the biggest necklace or the newest, like fanciest watch or something like that.

And to me, when I really think about it, when I kind of think about myself or like other people, and I’m like, you know, what’s the goal of having a lot of money? What’s the goal of having $10 million in the stock market or something like that, right?

The reason to have that is so you can make your own moves, and you’re not forced into doing things that you don’t want to do. Because when you don’t have a lot of money, you’re forced into doing things you don’t want to do. But when you have a lot of money, you can turn down, you can turn down 250 guaranteed million that he would have made, if not a half a billion dollars, you can turn that down, while other people out there would look at that.

And they’re like, Dude, are you flipping my cowboy hat? Like, you got to be kidding me, I would not do that man, I would not like I would I would have to play. I don’t care, man, even if for $10 million, I would play and go through all the pain and whatnot in respect. But that’s just usually someone that’s coming from a situation where they don’t have the money yet.

If you have the money, you can make your own decision if he wanted to make the decision to go through the pain and the mental stress and all that those sorts of things and make the half billion That’s great. That’s his move. But that’s what it’s all about is being able to make your own moves and do your own things and make your own decisions on whatever is best for you and those around you and whatnot.

So to me, this was a perfect example that I thought was so worth talking about. Because just way too many people have it twisted on like getting a lot of money and they think like like get by getting a lot of money by material possessions and have a lot of material possessions and that equals happiness or something like that.

And it really does it right you have a lot of money so you can make your own decisions like material things aren’t going to bring any sort of long term happiness maybe it brings you happiness for 10 minutes or something like that, but doesn’t bring you any type of long term happiness. Long term happiness to me is like being able to make your own.

Decisions and do what you want to do when you want to do things and make moves because you want to do it not because you’re in a money situation where you’re forced, you’re forced to do something okay so like this, this is like I was like this is so perfect to talk about on the channel today guys, hit a thumbs up.

If you agree with me on on, you know what money kind of represents and being able to do your own things and make your own decisions and be your own boss and things like that and not be forced into situations because you don’t have money. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video.

As always make sure you share with somebody that might be an NFL fan or even maybe somebody that’s not an NFL fan, but you know they might find this subject interesting guys. I would love to see Some of you share this around and whatnot. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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