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Today we chat about a huge change going on in the stock market right now! Some stocks are going way up recently while other stocks are having real trouble. I want to explain to you all what is going on in the stock market. LMK if you have an opinion on stocks to buy now or some stocks to watch!

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Hey guys, we have a major, major change that is coming to the stock market as we speak right now. And as a matter of fact, this change has started kind over the past month, but you could really see this change.

Starting today, I’m going to show you guys exactly what is going on in the stock market and some changes that are happening that are pretty big, and a lot of these stocks you guys might own. And I’m going to kind of change some, you know, kind of perspectives on the market, in my opinion here today in such a confusing environment, which right now, it’s just a very confusing time.

It’s been like this for months now. And people try to figure out as a market can again, continue to go up, is it going to go down again, what’s going on overall economy, it’s a messy situation. Okay, three things I want to accomplish in this video here today. And these three things only.

Okay. One is I want to give you a backstory on what has happened here. And what is kind of leading up to this kind of change in the stock market in general around a lot of these different stocks. Number two, we’re going to talk about what is the big current change that is going on right now that I’m seeing out there is isn’t the first time.

I’ve seen it in the stock market, this type of change happen, okay. And number three, we’re gonna talk about what you should do with your money, in my opinion, and kind of give you my perspective on this as somebody has been in this market for over 12 years now.

Like, like, what do you do in this type of environment, okay, and by the way, today’s video has nothing to do with the trending subjects, okay, which are around stimulus checks in unemployment checks, and you know, airline TSA volumes, it actually has nothing to do with any of those like trending subjects, this is actually something completely different.

But this is a big change. Let me just put it that way, guys. So hope you enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smashing that thumbs up button, that helps out the YouTube channel in a big, big way. So I do appreciate that.

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Okay, so we’re want to start out today’s video is basically giving you a timeline of events and what has kind of, you know, led up to this whole, you know, massive change that’s happening now that I’m seeing out there.

Okay, so in February, right, you know, the market starts to sell off the ronnie Rona starts really going crazy, right. And I think if I recall, the market peaked right around, I think it was around February 23rd or so. Right?

And then after that, it seemed like the market just started to tank and tank and tank. And that led into March, which was just a time where it seemed like every single stock in the stock market, it didn’t matter what stock It was a great stock, a bad stock and Okay, stock, it didn’t really matter gross stock dividend stock, every single stock in the stock market sold off in a major way.
Right. We saw countless stocks hit either all time lows, or multi year lows, 52. Week lows, just everything. I mean, it didn’t matter what stock he owned, it was down during March. I mean, it was just an ugly time, right?

Then April, all stocks start bouncing back to a certain extent, right? They all start bouncing off those March lows, which were hit I think around March 19 or so. And everything starts to slowly bounce back in April, right, then that leads into May, June and July.

And tech just you know, destroys that. Okay, tech stocks. So stocks that are really climbing in a massive, massive way, those tech stocks just continue to go up and up and up. And we saw it and we saw it right. And here we are today I’m recording this video.

I think it’s August 10. But in May, June, July, it’s all we saw was tech stocks continuing to go up and up. And this is not just my opinion, you can clearly see this in the numbers right the NASDAQ Composite Index year to date up over 22%. That’s incredible, incredible performance, right. s&p 500. Meanwhile, only up 4% year to date.

It’s crazy how much the NASDAQ has crushed other markets, which means it’s just tech stocks, just tearing it up, right? Because the next attack is super heavy tech stocks, okay. And then you look at the Dow, the Dow is down, you know, over two and a half percent year to date.

So let’s take a moment here and put all the indexes next to each other so you can see exactly what I mean. Right NASDAQ up 22 plus percent, s&p 500 up only 4% endowed down, you know, two and a half to 3%. Which means tech stocks have been incredible.

Almost every other stock has been lower. Okay, Jim block. Okay. Let’s just put it that way. Tech is amazing. Everything else, blah. Okay. And so this is what allows people to say, you know, things like tech stocks for the win, because almost anything you put money in in the market, anything tech related in March, April, May, you probably made good money on it.

Let’s be honest, it pretty much doesn’t matter what tech stock you bought, as long as it was tech related. You’re probably doing very, very well in those tech stocks, with the poster child of these tech stocks being companies like Shopify, right? Look where that stock was at the beginning of April.

It was 300 was in the 300. Right? It’s over $1,000 here today. Zoom. Look at zoom stock. It was 113. It’s over 250 here today, right? So we’re double up in a matter of months. That’s incredible. I mean, it’d be nice if if you know, you find a stock that doubles over a three, five year span, nevermind doubles in a matter of few months.

It’s incredible, right? Look at Tesla on my so this is another one of the poster child of this extreme upward move. Now some people say, Well, this isn’t tough to an auto company now, people that buy a Tesla really think of it as a tech company. Okay, maybe the stock from a 300 to 14 $100 a share in a matter of months.

Okay, that’s incredible. That’s like a 4x in just months. I mean, just crazy. It’s not just some of the smaller companies. Look at the giants like an Amazon rate amazings on this stock, basically, as doubled up since March, march 12. This stock was 1600. And some changes share, right?

And today it started 100. That’s even on a down day, right? stocks nearly doubled up in a matter of a few months. That’s incredible Apple stock, another double up right to 24 back on March 23. For 50. Plus today, it’s been insane.

Okay, these are the tech stocks, these have driven the market so much higher specifically that NASDAQ with that 22% year to date return just incredible, right? And think about it in this respect as a kid, do you ever like walk on one of those things?

It’s like a little steel bar, and you got to try to keep your balance without like falling off. So I decide, right, and I feel like this is kind of how we’ve been in the market the last several months since Ronnie Rona, the once in 100 year event took off, right?

I feel like this we just kind of been balancing between like, the market is way overvalued because we look at things like this. We look at this from Yardeni research, right? Look at the four Ps on the s&p 500.

I mean, they’re the highest we’ve seen in you know, over a decade, this is put that way, if not, you know, multi decades is incredibly high. And so you know, we’re cutting this balance where we’re like the markets overvalued right. And then Apple goes out and beats revenue by $7 billion.

I mean, they beat analysts estimates by 7 billion that’s got to be one of the most ridiculous numbers I’ve ever seen. And so from this balance of the markets overvalued and Apple Beats by 7 billion, you go back to well, the markets overvalued Look at all those four peas and then Amazon goes out and beats by $7 billion.

So this well it’s like what the heck is going on? We get these ridiculous beats and then we go back to well the markets overvalued man look at the four P’s. And then Tesla somehow grows during a once in 100 year Roni Rona event, it’s like how does that company grow in this markets overvalued though look at the valuations.

And then Shopify reports an increase in revenues of 97% and we’re just in a limbo of balancing trying to figure out what the market looks so overvalued. The economic data looks bad, but look at some of these company earnings they’re incredible I mean absolutely incredible.

Right and when you want to talk about the macroeconomic environment look at this look at the unemployment rate. It’s the highest we’ve seen in decades upon decades upon decades, right when it comes to unemployment rates, and then you see something like this one of my businesses footlocker footlocker just reported com store sales increased approximately 18%.

In the company is going to be profitable. The company’s already going to be profitable for this latest quarter they’re going to report how what what I thought physical retail was done. I thought like unemployment was insanely high How the heck is footlocker reporting comp store sales increased 18% and they’re gonna report a profitable quarter.

Lot this is what we’re going through right now United States which has reported the worst GDP ever okay ever like there’s never been that bad before it ridiculously like negative 30% plus number like well, I highly doubt we’ll ever see another number like anybody that’s watching this video.

I can almost guarantee you you will never see a GDP number that negative ever can more likely even if we do have another once in 100 year event probably never ever see a number that bad ever again. Okay, there was a once in like multi generational type by you know, negative GDP like that will probably be you know, go down the worst ever okay.

And meanwhile you have stocked a planet 13 that was $1 and some change back in May 272 now and here I am every time I go by plan 13 that store is packed man. I angled out by there on a Thursday afternoon and it’s packed I go by there on a Saturday night it’s packed heck.

I wouldn’t buy last night a Sunday night it was packed. I mean like really really like high level business for that place. And it’s just it’s like what is going on man? What’s going on there it’s insane we’re getting so many conflicting you know data points that it just makes you think what like what what is going on are the strong and getting stronger and the weak getting weaker.

That’s what’s really going on here. Okay. And so investors that were selling in March, they thought they were smart. They thought oh man things are getting so bad. Look at look at GDP look at unemployment but let me get out of the market.

Let me sell and you know, a lot of people were selling out in March, it was clear look at how much the stock market went down in the month of March, a ton of people sold out, got really scared. But ultimately, those people weren’t smart.

The people that held or bought during March, they were the ones that were smart. Okay, this is why throughout that whole time, I’m like, I’m not selling stocks. Yeah, I’m cautious. I’m looking around. I’m scared. Like all you other guys out there. There’s no doubt about it.

But at the end of the day, I wasn’t like going to go sell all my stocks in the public count or something. There’s no way that was going to happen, just because I realized like, Man, you know, what is this guy out there named Jay Powell with unlimited money printer, and who he you know, did that money printer come through? Let’s just put it that way.

And it’s clear in these company numbers, okay. And then you take it to another level, there are a lot of investors who thought it would be really smart to you know, basically short stocks in March. And as a, you know, stock started to climb back in April.

And they started a short, short, short, because oh my gosh, everything’s gonna get worse. And conventional wisdom would tell you that unless the Fed, you know, put a ton of money out there. And those folks got absolutely decimated.

The losses for short sellers in this stock market have been absolutely manyu mental, okay. This is why I hate shorting stocks. And that’s why I’ve very rarely ever actually, I’d never shorted stocks.

If I’m negative on a company I might buy put options, but that’s even really rare. Because at the end of the day, you think you’re so smart, and then something comes out like a j pal money printer, and you just get absolutely decimated.

I mean, imagine you short, you know, something like tests laughter had gone, you know, from 300 something to 600 you’re like, Oh, it’s gonna go back down. 300 easy short, and you short it and it goes to 1700 you just got absolutely wrecked.

Okay, absolutely. wrecked. And that’s happened to a lot of investors out there. Okay. So let this always be, you know, everybody that’s watching this, let this always be something that sinks in. It’s a whole lot harder shorting stocks than going long stocks, I can promise you that thing.

The game is so rigged in your favor for going long stocks. I can’t even explain okay, but I will say some things are starting to change. Okay, there’s are some things that are starting to change. Let me start pulling out some of these things.

Okay. So remember, we talked about Tesla, you know, as an investment of mine, you know, my best investment actually, I think we’re up over 500% of the stock is done amazing for us. And I hope we continue to do amazing for years and years to go in the future. But the fact is, this stock has clearly you know, reached the top if you go back, you know, a month ago.

This was a stock that was 1700 plus dollars a share. It’s down well over $300 a share since that time you even look at a day like today, the company lost billions upon billions of dollars of market cap here today.

Just a 2.3% downward move for Tesla’s literally billions of dollars in market cap last, but yeah, I mean, this stock has clearly topped and it’s just kind of been downtrending Okay, but it’s not the only stuff the fact is there are countless of these high flying tech stocks that are in the same situation.

Look at Shopify, right go back a month ago the stock was $1,066 a share here today it’s $1,005 a share Okay, down what is that $61 a share over the past month so it’s clearly stopped going up and it’s clearly starting to go down right? Look at Netflix.

Netflix, you go back a month ago stock was $570 a share and now it’s 43 it’s clearly kind of reached a peak right. Zoom look at zoom. It was 278 back a month ago. 249 here today. fastly I mean look at this stock. I mean, it reached a peak here about a week ago right?

About $114 or so. It’s 78 here today in less than a week what a drop. I mean my goodness you I would have hated to buy that stock at 110 112 114 116 and in a matter of a week it drops to 78 like what a drop for that stock.

Okay, but why? Why the heck is this going on? Why are all these stocks that were the high fliers Why are they slowing down but why are they not just slowing down? Why are they starting to go down? Okay, well let me show you something very interesting and this is just today we seen this happen okay, look at this Okay, these are all stocks I personally own okay.

And what are we going to find up work a tech stock down Tesla a tech stock down FB a tech stock down any T’s down to NF T’s always down okay. Qualcomm tech stock down I robot tech stock down Cruz tech stock down skyworks Solutions tech stock down Look at that, like all my tech stocks are pretty much down today.

But then you look on the flip side and you look at my other stocks that are really non tech related. And they had amazing days. Look at my winning resorts here today. Almost 10% why Carnival Cruise Line up eight and a half percent today Why?

footlocker up nearly 8% today Oh my goodness. Okay. revolve is a tech stock but they also are retailing so we’ll just kind of we’ll put well we won’t count that one. Okay. TPR a retailer you know they own coach and Kate Spade and and Stuart Weitzman, right up over 6% today Nordstrom up five points.

6% today O’Brien’s up five and a half percent today Walgreens boots Alliance a pharmacy up over 3% today Berkshire Hathaway up over 2% today. What? Okay, this is what is going on in the market right now. Okay, here’s a little recycling symbol for you. Okay?

And this is what happens sometimes the marquee you might have heard me talk about this before and I’m talking about that often, but I call it rotation money. Okay. And what we’re clearly seeing right now and we’ve kind of seen this you know, over the past like month essentially, but we’re really seeing it on a day like today is like so clear and like in your face.

Like put in your face and just look at this. Okay, there’s selling out of tech stocks going on. It’s clear, right? We’re seeing billions upon billions of dollars you know, come off of these tech stocks over the past month, and that money goes into cash now that money can go into cash.

Whether it be for a few days, a few weeks, or even a month or so okay, but it goes into cash and this is usually a big funds either have to do this or forced to do this or because they want to do it because they feel like some sectors have way outperformed.

And they need to rotate that money over. And that money is going into being down dog stocks. Okay. The travel sector, right? restaurants, retail, all the stuff that you think about that’s just been absolutely hammered because of Roni rohner, right because you know travel has been pretty much shut down right.

A lot of people haven’t been going to restaurants might have been getting it to go and stuff like that. But a lot of the dine in restaurants have been hurting, right? retail stores, things like that.

These are all stocks that have you know, been like 30 4050 plus percent off their 52 week highs right still been down dog stocks by a lot of these tech stocks have climbed to all time highs during a once in 100 year event.

It’s just clear the money is rotating from those high flying tech stocks into these being down dog stocks. And let me just show you some more proof of this. Okay, look at the travel stocks here today. Okay.

And I got a whole bunch of travel stocks up here. Love that Southwest Airlines up over 5% here today. High End hotels. Right. The huge hotel chain right big in the travel sector massive in the travel sector up over 6% today.

American Airlines now the huge airline company right up over 7% here today. Look at the s&p 500 was up point two 7% here day and American Airlines was up over 7% I mean absolutely. You know that’s just such a massive outperformance of the market I can’t explain look at the NASDAQ was down point. 4% today right.

Las Vegas Sands up seven and a half percent today right Norwegian Cruise Line up over 8% today, Carnival Cruise Line up over eight and a half percent today. Winning resorts up 10% Royal Caribbean up 10% today MGM right up over almost 14% today on a day when the s&p 500 was up point two 7% it just shows you the travel stocks are performing unbelievably well.

Let’s look at some of the restaurant plays or just food plays okay some of these beaten down stocks right yum brands obviously a positive day to day dying which owns I hop in Applebee’s up 1.84% today cake which is Cheesecake Factory stock I own right up almost 2% today.

Starbucks up 2.2%. Today, Darden restaurants, which owns all of garden, Red Lobster and some other brands right up over 3% today play which is Dave and Busters right up 10% today, I mean if you would have bought any of these travel stocks, restaurant stocks, literally on Friday, you’re already like could have made like more gains than most people like like to get in the year.

Like a lot of these stocks have gone up, you know, 10% year to date in a day. absolutely crazy. And meanwhile I have a list on my stock tracker app right? It’s called the no valuation care list. Okay, and it’s only five stocks I have on here I could have a lot more than that.

But these are just five stocks I like to kind of track what happens with these particular stocks and one of the stocks I actually own when it comes to no valuation care and what it basically means is these are stocks that people don’t care about the valuation they buy them just because they believe in them over the next five or 10 years.

They can do there’s no way you can justify the short term valuation of what this company is doing this year next year even a year after you have to be valuing this company like 510 years out okay. And these type of stocks are these okay? Shopify zoom, tousle Massa which is a stock I own Okay, so I’m not I’m not afraid to you know, call it the way I see it.

Okay, cheap bought led Amazon. These are stocks that I call the no valuation cares. Like I said, these aren’t the only stocks there’s more I could add to this list. But these are just some of those you know, poster child stocks and look at them all today.

All very negative days for the stocks Shopify down four and a half percent zoom down 3.3% Tesla down over 2% g bought lay down 1.6% and amazings on down more than what the NASDAQ was down here today.

Just look at that the no valuation care stocks, all very negative, okay. So it’s clear there’s money rotating out of these big tech names into ultimately a lot of the beaten down stocks. It’s just clear as day Okay, so the question is, what do you do now in this whole situation?

Is it up As simple as sell all your tech stocks and buy all the beaten down stocks, like what the heck do you do in the situation? In my opinion? Okay, well, the first thing is quit sleeping on travel stocks, restaurant plays, retail plays, okay?

If there are any actual stocks you like in any of those spaces, whether it comes to the travel sector, restaurant sector, retail sector, and you really love them, and you really think these stocks are going to go up 50% 100% plus, over the next, let’s say, 357 years, quit sleeping on them quit being on the sidelines and hoping when goes down to 50.

Or, you know, CCL goes down to eat again, or whatever stocks you’re looking at, okay, or MGM goes down 10 or whatever, I would just say quit sleeping on that that’s really tough. Okay, because here’s what’s happening with these type of stocks. People have been, you know, waiting on them saying, Well, what if what if it goes lower? You know, what, if it goes lower?

Who cares if it goes lower? By more like people don’t get in the seven figure Club by always thinking, well, what if the stock goes lower? Because guess what, no matter what type of market, you’re in a bull market, a bear market, a sideways market, a kangaroo market, it doesn’t matter what type of market is, stocks could always go lower.

That’s just it’s not an excuse to to not buy stocks, you got to look at the valuation. And where you think that valuation will be, you know, three years, not five years from now, that’s where you have to look, that’s where the real money is made, not speculating on if the stock market might go down tomorrow, or next month, or next week.

And Gosh, what if I buy, you know, Darden restaurants at this price instead? What if it goes down that price, you could just buy more like if you just don’t love the company just as much, and it goes cheaper than where you started buying it that you can buy more like that’s what I always do.

And that’s how I’ve gotten a lot of, you know, phenomenal gains over the years, he show you a perfect example of a stock that, you know, is a perfect example of a situation. Okay, Planet 13. Right, this stock Mark 18 was 70 cents a share? I didn’t buy on March 18. Okay, I wish I did.

But I didn’t. Okay. Instead, I started to buy the stock much more heavily. Actually, I think it was around May. Okay. And guess what, the stock was much more expensive in May than it was in March. And so let me show you all four accounts. I own plant 13. Okay.

I have cost basis in this account of $1.25. Gosh, that’s a heck of a lot higher than 70 cents a share, right? But at the end of the day, look at plan 13. I’m like, huh? You know, where I think this company’s going over the next 357 years. Okay, look at this account here cost base of $1.47.

Okay, that’s a that’s like, what over double up of 70 cents. Okay, I could have looked at this and said, Oh, man, I gotta wait till it goes back down to 70 cents again, or, or under $1? Again, no, I just looked at this. And I said, Well, you know, here’s the thing.

I love the stock, I think it’s going to this price over the next five years. Hmm, dollar 47 is a lot better than you know, waiting years and years. And this stock just continues to go up, right? I got another account, I have $1.69 cost basis, right?

You’re looking at these cost bases, they look dang high compared to 70 cents, right? I got another account, I have Planet 13 is the last account, right? I think this is a retirement account. This one has cost base of $1.70.

I paid a well over well over a double up of where the stock was just a few months before. But at the end of the day, I looked at the stock and I said this is a stock that I think’s going to 10 or $20 a share over the next 510 years.

So it doesn’t really matter if I buy it at 90 cents a share 70 cents a share dollar 10 $1.30 Well, obviously, I would love to get cheaper. But that’s not always realistic, you’re not always going to be able to buy every stock right at the bottom. You just got to buy, you know, at a decent price that you feel like.

You know, there’s way more upside than downside to that stock in here today that stocks $2.70. Obviously, we’re up massively on the shares we already own. But I’m not even close to selling that stock. Because I think that stocks going to 10 to $20 over the next 510 years.

And so when I look at that, I say why what why would I wouldn’t have been smarter if I said, Well, let me just wait if it goes back down to 70 cents? No, because I never would have got the position bill. And we’ve already you know, we’re already in the positive on that stock. What 10,000 50,000 64,000 like 64 $65,000 we’re already in the plus on that stock, right?

That’s incredible. Rather than Oh, I could have waited because I might have gone down. That’s just silly guys, you don’t play this game that way. It’s not the way you know business great business people play that’s not the way Great Investors play.

You look at the valuation look at where that company’s likely going on future years. And that’s how you make your judgment not based upon well what if it goes down next week or next month? It’s just this doesn’t work that way. Okay.

Also, there’s another thing for you guys lower your expectations for these tech stocks as far as their performance goes, you think these tech stocks are all fine this guy you know, you’re already kind of seeing it’s not happening.

Okay, lower your expectations around all these tech stocks. If you think that there’s going to double up again magically and double up and double up. It’s not how this works, okay. They have to take breather sometimes.

There’s a video I posted in July on financial education two that was called my prediction for Tesla stock price in the next 12 to 24 months. And this is coming from a you know, Tesla shareholder to my loves Tesla right now.

Always has to speak have things. And I basically in that video went on to say that I didn’t think I know, I basically don’t think Tesla stocks going to go very far over the next 12 to 24 months, I basically think it’s going to stay in a range of anywhere from like $900 a share to about 18 $100 a share for the next one to two years.

And that’s when the stock was like I think it was like 1600 a share. So when I did that video, and a lot of people were like, what, like, What do you mean, it’s human, Tesla’s not going to really do much as far as the stock price, even though they’re going to put up amazing numbers.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, because the stock has priced in so much great news for the next several years, that actually over the next year or two, I don’t know, I basically expect that stock to stay in a range and just kind of trade up, down.

And oh, it’s really good day, oh, it’s a bad day, oh, it’s a good day, bad day, and not really do much in the end. And I think that’s ultimately going to be the situation with a lot of these tech stocks, they’re not really going to go much of anywhere for the next one to two years.

They’re all going to kind of take a breather, they’ll have some good days, I’ll have some bad days, I’ll have some days where it’s like, well, they’re all the stocks going to the moon again, and then have some days when it’s like all the stocks gonna crash again.

And so it’s gonna be like that there’s going to be bouncing around. And that’s kind of the situation I foresee there. Okay, so I hope you guys really enjoyed an in depth video on me kind of explaining everything that’s going on everything that’s transpired in this market, and kind of really give me a full market breakdown.

And just kind of changing some perspectives out there. Because I know you know, it’s obviously a big thing. So hope you guys enjoy. As always, if you don’t mind, smash the thumbs up that definitely helps out the YouTube channel.

And you know, a lot of work goes into a video like this, a lot of slides put together and kind of you know how I want to, you know, put this together. So I hope you guys appreciate that. And also, if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio.

Go ahead and check out first link in the description down there that will allow you to apply to hopefully get on a phone call with somebody high up from my team and we can talk to you about a product we have in the market that can help you scale your stock market portfolio.

Specifically if you’re somebody with already five figures plus in the market or somebody that is looking to invest five figures plus over the next 12 months that should help you out tremendously. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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