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The stock market is about to have a wild next 30 days! As we know the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have been upgrading quite a bit since the March 23 lows! So many stocks have come back big time. The Dow 30 has also been upgrading. The next 90 days will be huge for the stock market in terms of if this market keeps going up and up or if we have a serious stock market correction coming.

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Well guys get ready for some absolute stock market craziness, the next 90 days oh my goodness, guys, we have so much that is about to transpire over the next 90 days in the stock market. And I just want to share all this with you guys, this is about to get crazy.

If you’re looking for some drama, there’s going to be a lot of drama coming over the next 90 days, I can tell you that a lot of people think, you know, with the market uptrending the way it has for the last, you know, month and a half or so since we hit those lows.

A lot of people think, hey, economy starting to reopen, it’s smooth sailing now up in a way. And you know, let me tell you a little story for a moment here. So every summer, my parents would you know, throughout the year, try to save enough money.

So we could go to Huntington Beach for like three or four day trip. It was our once a year trip that you know, the family went on my brother, me and my parents, and we went to Huntington Beach every summer.

And that’s literally the Holiday Inn we used to stay out every single summer when we go out there. I think when we first started going there, I think it was called something like the Newport Bay Inn or something like that.

Okay, that’s literally where we used to stay all the time and for Holiday Inn took the place over the main reason we would go is because you know, Phoenix has hot I mean, it’s just a very, very hot place.

And so you know, my parents always looked at it as, hey, this is our once a year family trip, we’re going to get out of town, we’re going to go to the beach, Southern California, get some nice weather and go in the ocean.

And as a kid, I love going in the ocean, man. It was so fun. And sometimes in the ocean, you can just been there a while and things are nice and calm. You just playing around, you’re like Oh man, this is so chill.

And Callaway comes out of nowhere and takes you out. And I can tell you, sometimes those waves in Huntington Beach could be the real deal. And you ever really gotten taken out by way before you went under real bad.

And you’re like your life starts flashing before your eyes and you’re just rolling around in the you know, there’s so much sand kicked up from the bottom of the beach, that you can’t really see anything and you’re just like, Oh my gosh, am I ever going to get to the top of the water? Oh my goodness.

Okay. That’s what happens sometimes in the stock market where we’ll go through these times, where all of a sudden out of nowhere, the wave just snatched up and you go under, okay, look at the NASDAQ it looked like it was smooth sailing, right?

And then all sudden this tidal wave came out of nowhere called Roni Rona. And we went down pat. Okay, we went down that and this is the stock market for you. It reminds me so much of the ocean so many times. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place.

But man, sometimes it just gets ugly and it gets ugly fast. And it tricks you into thinking. It’s just calm. When we know the ocean is incredibly powerful. And we know you know, you can drown in the ocean stock market man, you can easily go under and right now that ocean is calm.

It is so calm out there. And people think oh, it’s calm, it’s going to remain calm. Okay, you’re ready for some big waves in the next 90 days. And I’m about to tell you guys why you’re going to have some big waves coming over the next 90 days.

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So what do we know as of right now, the United States and worldwide economies have been in the process of slowly starting to open back up, okay, is this happening all over the world, China kind of was the lead there, China’s kind of the first country and we have had actually some negative news about China, in some regions starting to close back down.

Okay, we have had some of that news out of China. But needless to say, across the world, economies have started to open back up and keep in mind most major economies close during, you know, depending on when they close, but some closed in February, some closed in March.

And you know, some have started to open back up in May. And here in the United States of America, the economy has slowly started to open back up over the past week or two. And it is still ongoing process in the stock market has bounced back huge, right.

S&p 500 you know, if tomorrow’s an update for the market, a decent update, s&p 500 could be above 3000. Again, and when you’re talking about that you’re talking about there was a lot of hope of reopening. That’s one of the reasons why the stock market has bounced back so big and people feel confident in holding some positions.

Number two, there’s a hope that things will get back to normal. And when I see things getting back to normal, what I mean is corporate earnings, getting back to normal economic spending out there getting back to normal and all those sorts of things.

There’s a big hope that that is going to happen. Okay. And the fact is now we’re actually going to get the truth and the question to remains for the stock market. Can the stock market handle the truth Okay, because the stock market has really disregarded the truth.

Let’s be completely honest. Okay, there’s a 14.7% unemployment rate right now in the United States of America. But the real numbers way bigger, okay. And by the by the time we get to peak unemployment rate, we’re probably going to be looking at 20% Plus, okay, if not 25%.

Plus, we’ll see where it all shakes out. And but we’re likely looking over 20%. That is a huge number. And so now the question is, as the economy starts to reopen, how fast is unemployment rate come down.

So people can go out there and spend a lot of money again, we’ll just spend money in general economy can get back on normal track, when does the unemployment rate dropped to 15%? You know, let’s say it peaks out about 20%.

And that’s a, you know, 22% something? What is it? What How long does it take for it to come down to 15%? Does that happen? Like, you know, within the next few weeks, does that happen within the next few months?

Like, how are we looking for that? What about 10%? Remember, in the Great Recession, right, the Moore’s economic event, most of us that are watching this video right now have lived through right in the Great Recession, unemployment rate peaked at 10%.

Peaked at 10%. Okay, and then it came down came down, how long did it take for us to get back to 10%? I think that’s a major, major question. Keep in mind, if you have unemployment rate above 10%, for 12 months or longer, you are considered in depression.

I think there’s, you know, I’m not gonna say there’s 100% probability, but I think there’s a decent chance we could be above a 10% unemployment rate for you know, 12 months or longer. Here’s why. We’ve already been above that 10% unemployment rate for at least a month now.

And when you have a situation where unemployment rate could go 20% Plus, I mean, even come down to 10%. It’s pretty dang impressive. Okay, so how long does it take to get 10%? What about 5%, which is, you know, once you get down to about a 5% unemployment rate, then you consider like.

We have a good economy now, what about, like, where we been at for the last couple years ago? 3% 4%? How long does it take for us to get back to that place? How many years is the biggest question? How many years does it take for us to get back there? I mean, based upon where the stock market’s going.

You might think like, you know, we’re gonna be back there in the next 12 months or something like that. And that remains to be seen. The truth is coming, guys, by the way, congrats to all my fellow folks that live in Nevada, we are number one, baby number one for highest unemployment rate, standing at 28.2% in April, that means it probably has peaked at over 30% from Nevada.

Oh, my gosh, I mean, you know, we have a big, big market for a lot of jobs, direct and indirect jobs. And not just Vegas, but Nevada in general, is tourism. Right? tourism is huge here in my state, Nevada, and oh, my gosh, guys, so many direct and indirect tourism jobs in this place.

And unbelievable unemployment rate, how long does it take for us here in Nevada to get back down to a 5% unemployment rate? Or 7%? Or 9%? Like, you know, is this just gonna happen overnight? I don’t know.

You remember, the wind was talking about opening in May, that never ended up happening right now. The target date is June 4, to hopefully open properties, right. And so hopefully, the unemployment rate starts coming down.

But Gosh, when you’re at, you know, like, it’s probably gonna be 30% plus here in Nevada, by the time things you know, start to get going again, you know, wow. And keep in mind, just because you open something doesn’t mean necessarily, things are back to normal anywhere remotely close to normal.

Remember, Macau for the most parts open right now. Right? in Macau, ggR, still looking down 90 to 95%, in may think about that for a moment, the markets open over there, 90 to 95% numbers should be down in the month of May.

That’s awful. So what’s June gonna be June going to be down 70% to 80%. Like, you know, even if the numbers recover a lot, it’s still gonna be awful. I mean, it’s still gonna be awful. So, you know, this is just something we haven’t really worked through in my personal opinion yet.

It for a lot of the stocks in the stock market, the stock market is wanted to just price in a lot of Good Hope. The fact is, truth is coming, whether that truth is great or good or bad weather, you know, it remains to be seen.

But you know, there’s a decent probability, it could be, you know, average news at best, if not bad news, and the truth is coming. So the initial pop in terms of business is going to happen in June, right?

So the economy starting to reopen slowly but surely, in the month of May. And you know, we’re going to get to see what happens in June, this is going to be that initial pop of people saying, whoa, that store down the street is open, let me go spend some money there.

Whoa, the restaurants back open again, let me go. So you know, to that restaurant, things like that. We’re going to get that initial pop of folks going out there. And you know, just it kind of like embracing the moment that they can be out again, and shopping and going to a restaurant or doing something like that.

So we’re gonna have that initial pop that just kind of transpires in June, and we’re going to see what happens with that where it’s going to start. We’re getting really interesting in my personal opinion, in terms of like, if you think about things that are going to move the stock market positive or negative, it’s actually going to be in July.

Okay. So in July, we’re going to start getting some truth in numbers. Okay, we will get to start to see some unemployment rate numbers, okay? And how fast is the unemployment rate coming down? And the markets pricing in like, that’s going to come down really, really fast in a big way?

What if you know, unemployment rate peaks at you know, let’s say a little above 20%? And what if it only comes down to 17%? Or 15%? How’s the market going to take something like that? This is a big, big question.

Okay. We’ll start to get some truth in numbers in July. And we’re going to start to hear some CEO opinion, in interviews in investor presentations, and just overall remarks out there, we’re going to start to see what the CEOs have to say, believe me, every business publication out there.

Every financial media company is going to be trying to get CEO after CEO of all these different public companies and even private companies to speak about what is happening with their business. Because as the economy reopens, everybody really wants to know, how is business?

How are your numbers? Are they down 20%? versus last year? Are they down? 40%? versus last year? Are they down 60% 80% 98% from last year? That is what everybody is going to want to hear. And believe me, we’re going to start to hear a lot of executives start to you know, open up their mouth and talk about where things are at with their business.

How bad things really are, or are they optimistic and things like that. So July is going to be super intriguing. And if you’re talking about some things that are going to potentially move the market, huge.

Wait to hear some of that commentary, whether it’s negative or positive. Keep in mind, maybe things are great. Maybe these businesses open back up, and the companies have nothing but good things to say.

And they’re like, dang, man, it’s like we never dropped off like businesses right back, you know, it remains to be seen what happens there. But we will start to get some truth. So you want to go ahead and talk about a month where things are going to get really crazy. August.

Okay, basically, court toward the end of July, moving into August, especially tons of company earnings are going to be out right around that time, we’re going to get so many companies reporting earnings, it’s going to be insane. Okay, absolutely insane.

Basically, any company that you care about in terms of their earnings, they’re going to be you know, basically recording right around that August time period. Okay, maybe late July, into August, just so many companies were reporting earnings left and right.

And once the earnings come out, that’s going to be the truth in the numbers. How bad are things? Or how not bad are things? This is going to be very key, but not just the actual numbers? How much revenue declined increased?

Mostly company’s going to be a decline? But How bad was it? But the commentary? The commentary is so key. What is CEOs and these executives in general? What do they have to say about the state of their business?

How bad are things really how, you know, not bad? Or things? Are things improving? As the months go on? So as they would in from, you know, June into July, or July into August? did things improve? Or did they get worse?

Or did they just kind of stay stale? That commentary, I can tell you guys, the commentary will move the markets almost as much as the actual numbers because you know, everybody’s going to be wanting to hear, hey, are things getting better things getting worse, or things to stay in the same?

That is going to be so key. Okay. And here’s what you got to keep in mind. A lot of good news is already priced into the stock market. Okay, a lot of this good news already present. And even more bad news is going to be priced in if the market continues this uptrend we’ve been on okay.

If the market continues uptrending at the end of the day, we’re going to have so much good news priced in the stock market, it’s going to be priced to perfection. This happens the stock market sometimes, and honestly this happens with stocks in general sometimes, sometimes you just get into a particular situation where you’re priced to perfection.

And I can tell you if the NASDAQ goes back to all time highs or higher than all time highs, we are going to be in a situation where we’re priced to perfection. We’re already priced for you know, a lot of very good news is be very clear about that where the markets at today, NASDAQ s&p 500, even the Dow but price to perfection is if we go back to those all time highs.

I mean that is just going to be everything is going to need to be perfect the s&p 500 right now, you know, if tomorrow is a positive day s&p 500 could be over 3000. And that would put it only 300 to 400 points away from an all time high and if the s&p 500 goes back to an all time high, you know, after everything that’s transpired here.

You know, we’re going to be an ultimate ultimate price to perfection scenario in the stock market, which is not really the scenario you want to be when it comes to the stock market or stock in general.

Because then it just gets so hard to get you know, get keep that momentum going. Once you’re already priced to perfection. Keep in mind phrase to perfection. If you have great news like amazing, amazing, amazing news, even way better than people expected, you can keep going up in that.

And that goes for the stock market in general, or that goes for stock. If you just if you somehow still exceed everything, you can continue to go up. But keep in mind, when you’re priced to perfection, this is for the stock market, or for stocks, individual stocks.

If you report this good news, you go down, okay. And if you report bad news, when you’re already priced to perfection, you go down massively. And we’ve seen this with the stock market over time. And we’ve seen this if you’re an individual stock picker.

You see this all the time in the market, where stock ends up priced to perfection, they report some bad news, like oh, growth isn’t nearly as strong as we expected. And what happens that stock it gets absolutely slap, okay.

So, you know, when you’re talking about price to perfection, just be ready. Okay. So the question is, what can you do in the next 90 days to prepare for, you know, just some craziness that’s coming over the next 90 days, Okay, number one, you’re going to take profits, if it makes sense, very key is if it makes sense.

A lot of people just want to sell because the stock market could potentially go down, a stock could potentially go down. I don’t think that’s the best scenario. But if you truly you know, don’t like the fundamentals of a business anymore, and you get a chance to take a nice profit, like no one ever does great, you know, saying no one ever went broke taking a profit, okay?

If you feel that way, take your profit. If you feel like the company’s overvalued, now you hold, take the profit. And if you have a better place to put the money, take the profit. Or if you’re in a situation where you’re all in stock market.

You have no cash around, which puts you in a huge position of weakness, then you can take a profit, okay, there’s, once again, no one everyone broke taking a profit. But at the end of the day, if you hold truly great companies that you think still have the opportunity to 2x 3x 4x 5x over, let’s say, the next 510 years.

I’ll usually say don’t do that, okay, usually don’t sell if that if you really truly believe this company has an extraordinary opportunity in front of themselves, it doesn’t really make sense to sell just because you could potentially get it for cheaper down the road. Because guess what, it might continue to go up and then you’re stuck in a real bad situation.

That’s why I still haven’t sold you know, some of those stocks in the public count. Look at the Tesla stock, right? We’re up $80,000, or whatever it is on that stock. You know, what am I gonna do sell it and then I already have cash around.

I don’t I don’t personally need more cash. It’s not like I have some other stock out there that I’m like, Oh, this stock is so much better than tests. I gotta sell, sell and take the profits. And plus.

I think, you know, Tesla is amazing upside still. So why does it make sense for me to sell, but there are a lot of stocks out there that, you know, maybe are a little bit shaky value that you might look at?

And you say, Hmm, why don’t I go ahead and take some profits. So if it makes sense, you can definitely do that over the next 90 days. Number two, you can get your wish list Ready? Okay. Let’s just say hypothetically, things don’t go as planned when it comes to the market.

Let’s say the market continues to uptrend over the next month, let’s say for instance, and then the news isn’t quite what the market expects, we start getting a big drop in the market again. And maybe it doesn’t go down to the lows we were at before.

But maybe we should get a 10% 15% you know, decline something like that. That would be a very nice pullback in this market. Who knows if that will happen. But if it happens, get your wish list Ready? Okay.

Research, some companies figure out those five to 10 companies that if they were to drop to x dollar, you would gladly buy Okay, believe me, I always have a wish list Ready? Okay. And I can tell you most folks in this private stock group, they have their wish list ready, they love to post it Oh.

I’m gonna buy this stock. If it goes down this price, this stock this stock, they got their wish list ready. It’s like Santa Claus, man, sometimes Santa Claus gonna give you some good deals in the market. Sometimes Santa Claus isn’t going to give you any good deals. But you better have your wish list Ready?

Okay. So have it ready. Number three, you have an opportunity to lower cost basis on some of these stocks still, keep in mind just because the NASDAQ’s climbed a ton, just because the s&p 500 come back, you know a lot.

And just because the Dow Jones Industrial Average has come back, some doesn’t mean all these stocks have come back even remotely close to where they were at their highs, I mean, even remotely close. So you honestly might get, you know, more chances to lower your cost basis, not only now, but over potentially the next few months.

And if you get to lower your cost base, and some companies you believe in that either turnaround plays or their stock has just been unjustifiably put down, then you go ahead and take advantage of that I did a video on financial education to just a few days ago, about five stocks that are down 50% plus in that video and go into a lot of very interesting stocks that are down huge stuff.

And keep in mind, these aren’t the only five stocks in the stock market that are down 50% Plus, there’s a lot of stocks out there that are down 50% plus some of them deserve to be down 50% Plus, and others there’s a real opportunity there.

So look for those type of opportunities and if you get a chance to lower cost basis indefinitely. Make sense? Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, get ready for craziness over the next 90 days.

Make sure you smash thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video as always, and don’t forget if you want to take advantage of the private group do that later. is going to be pinned down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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