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Well guys Roni Rona attempted to fight me and it seems like I am in the end of the fight and I am feeling amazing! I felt even better knowing that I bought this particular stock that I believe is going to be the next Tesla in my portfolio! In this video I will tell you exactly which stock I am buying in this stock market! But more importantly I will share why I am buying this stock and how much I am buying!

Hope you enjoy this video in which I go in depth about a stock that I love and currently buying. Leave me a comment with your opinion on this stock. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you just keeping your eye on it? Would love to hear your opinion. And also let me know of any other stocks you are buying now. Enjoy! I AM BACK!!

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Well guys Holy smokes This is a no joke is it’s the first full proper video I have recorded in nine days I am feeling great. And before we even get into this video I just want to say thank you guys for all the well wishes, the thoughts of prayers.

All those sorts of things like I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of support in the comments section like on Instagram and stock hub like everywhere, pretty much I am at like I’ve seen a crazy amount of support over the past week or so since I came down with the Roni so I am super thankful for all you guys and and all your thoughts and everything. I’m feeling great.

This is me slowly getting back into work. But when I come back after nine days, I can’t just come in with a regular video. You know, I’ve had to come in with a banger video. Okay, so today we’re going to talk about my next Tesla stock the next stock that I am investing in right now that I feel is the next Tesla.

Okay? And you know, when I say the next test, I’m talking about a stock that has tremendous upside Okay, Tesla stock, we’re up over 800% on it’s done absolutely tremendous for us.

I think it has, you know, more upside in the future. That’s why I’m still not selling the stock despite being up 800 plus percent, okay. But I’m not just calling this the next Tesla stock because I think it will go up hundreds of percent.

Otherwise, every single time I invest in a stock that I think is going to go up hundreds of percent in the future, I have to call it the next Tesla stock. Okay, this stock is very specific reminds me so much of Tesla in so many different ways. Okay, so it’s not just the fact I think the stock is gonna go up a ton over the next 510 years. Okay.

There are many similar characteristics as Tesla when I started buying tests A few years ago, Okay, number one, the founder is changing the world. Okay, going after a huge question. When you think about.

Ilan Musk, obviously, over at Tesla like game changing like visions, what they’re trying to execute over there, like trying to switch everybody, not just from like gasoline cars to electric cars, but also from cars you drive yourself to like the cars drive you around, and hopefully they do a much safer job than a human can do. Right.

That’s like changing the world. Never mind what’s going on over at SpaceX and what they’re doing with space exploration and everything there. Okay, y’all must change the world. In this gentlemen, we’re talking about in this video here today, he has absolutely changed the world in a massive way. Okay, number two way reminds me so much a Tesla stock.

It’s a niche brand, but get a brand that is almost known worldwide already, which is incredible rating. And you think about Tesla’s brand, Tesla, so such a small amount of vehicles here today, compared to a lot of the other automakers.

But yet is there any company in the automobile space more famous and Tesla? Like you really think about that for a moment? It’s absolutely incredible. And this company has the same exact like, like brain cache around it, where it’s known around the world and it’s just, it’s just so small compared to all these other companies.

Okay, number three, the company can 10x to 20x revs easily by 2030. I think they go potentially 100x revs by 2030. Okay, so meaning like in the year 2030, the 100 extra revenues from what they’re doing today. I think that’s very much a possibility. 10 to 20x. I think that’s in the bag.

That’s like that’s like easy numbers. Okay, for this company. Number four, the company is innovation lead. Okay, this is so dang key. When you think about Tesla, you think about innovation, you think about a tech company, more than an automobile company.

That’s certainly what I think about I think about this as a tech company. When it comes to Tesla on this company we’re talking about here today. It’s innovation LED, okay.

Number five, the founder CEOs are focused on long term with the business enough focus on just what the next quarter is going to put up for numbers, you’re focused on. How do they transition people to different things over the next 510 1520 years?

That’s huge, long term visionary type CEOs are in front of these companies. Number six factories are coming for future demand. When you think about Tesla, this factory is coming all over the place, right?

They got one they’re building out in Europe, they got one in Shanghai, China, they just opened and other parts opening very soon belong with they’re building a Giga factory in Texas. And this company, they got factories coming everywhere, factory in Europe, factory in China factory in the United States coming, all these sorts of things.

And lastly, here’s another big thing that why this reminds me so much a Tesla, new competition is having a lot of trouble coming to market.

Same exact thing we have seen with Tesla, where there’s a lot of companies that were like trying to come up with electric vehicles, and they’ve come out with like mock ups and like, Oh, this is what we’re going to try to do.

But it’s like, are they even in the real world? No, they’re not really. So new competitions had tremendous trouble against Tesla and seems acting in this space. I’ve seen a lot of competition have a lot of trouble actually getting in stores and things like that.

And the old competition is just not innovating nearly fast enough. The old competition is like not even focus on innovation. Like they have no clue how to innovate in this new type of age and the new type of space we’re going into and things like danis same exact thing we’ve kind of seen with.

Tesla where these huge companies like a Ford, GM Volkswagen Audi, Big companies have lagged years and years and years and years behind Tesla when they should have been in the forefront of electric vehicles, self driving vehicles and things like that.

Okay, so this stock reminds me so dang much drumroll please. beyond me beyond me, I believe this is the next Tesla stock in my opinion, if you don’t know beyond meat, they make plant based protein products that are supposed to pretty much replace your traditional meats out there.

Okay, and they have tons of products already in the market, and they have tons more products coming over the next several years. And this company is just it’s a very small player in the market when you talk about the food game right now. But my goodness, are they coming fast?

For this space at beyond meat? We started with simple questions. Why do you need an animal to create me? Why can’t you build meat directly from plants? It turns out you can. So we did. We hope our plant based meats allow you and your families to eat more, not less of the traditional dishes you love.

While feeling great about the health, sustainability and animal welfare benefits of plant protein. Together we can truly bring exciting change to the plate and beyond. Go beyond Ethan Brown. Okay, so in this video, I want to get across a few different things.

Why is beyond meat the next Tesla stock? In my opinion? Why does the stock have such huge upside potential? We’ll get all into that very into detail in this video. Number two, how big could this beyond meat company get? Where are they at today?

And how big do I see them getting over the next decade? Like we’re in 2020? Right now, right and toward the end of 2020. But where do I see this company in 2030? Well, that’s really what we’re going to get into Okay, the number three does this change anything for me in regards to the very good food company, which is a stock I bought a few weeks ago.

That I’d done pretty well with needless to say, and that’s it plays in the very similar spaces beyond me at the end of the day. So does this change anything for me in regards to that stock, we’ll get into all that in this video.

First off, let me just say I am not a vegan I am personally trying to eat a little less meat over time. That’s just the change I tried to make in my life over the past year or so. Like I’ve always always like raised to kind of eat like meat with almost every single meal and I don’t think that’s really necessary.

So I’m trying to cut down but I am certainly not a vegan just so I’m just want to put that out there so in case anybody’s wondering if I’m a vegan that’s why it’s made me you know decide to you know, invest in a stock Absolutely not.

I just see there to be a lot of money to be made in the stock like pretty much as simple as that. So hope you guys enjoy it. As always, if you haven’t gotten in stock hub yet, go ahead and do it second link in the description down there that is a biggest and best place to chat stocks with everybody out there and we do have a beyond meat chat.

I’m gonna probably move that to the popular tab because the stocks really popular okay. Also, if you haven’t applied for my private stock group yet and you would like to apply to hopefully try to get in there and get on a phone call somebody from the team, talk to you a little bit about what we have to offer with that scale your accounts and things like that.

That’s going to be linked down in the description first link down there if you’re looking to get involved with that, okay, and also if you guys don’t mind smash thumbs up that helps the YouTube channel massively.

And lets me know you guys enjoy a video like this where I go super in depth on a stock like this, in which we’re talking about the unmute here today. Okay, so BYOD here’s what I bought so far of this doc and one of my accounts,

I bought about $38,000 worth of shares in that particular account, which accounts for about 300 shares of beyond meat. Okay, and these purchases are literally just come in right now can I plan to buy a heck of a lot more, and we’ll get into that in this video, as well.

Okay, and another one of my accounts I bought about about $56,000 so far, and another one of my accounts that was 442 shares of beyond meat in that particular account, okay, anything under $150 a share for beyond meat stock, give me give me give me Okay.

I want those share. So this is not a position I’m done building. by any stretch of the imagination. This is a stock I plan to continue to buy for future weeks, future months, or Heck, maybe even for future years. This is not a position I’m just like done buying today.

If you remember Tesla, I bought that stock many, many times over the course of probably like a year like you know, go up some then go down some I’d buy some more and just build the position bigger and bigger.

And I can definitely see that with this particular stock beyond meat. So I’m adding aggressively anything under $150 a share here today, beyond meat is $127 a share as of recording this here today.

Stocks been everywhere. I mean, it’s been the whole way down at $48 all the way up to almost $200 a share. And that’s just in the past 52 weeks. So needless to say this is a very volatile stock one minutes on top of the world. It’s a huge growth company.

This is how these growth companies are, you know, next minutes like the world’s over for them. It’s the way it is and as of right now this company has about $8 billion market cap on it.

Anything under $10 billion. I really really really like the risk reward ratio I’m getting for this particular stock, okay, now when it comes to beyond me BYD, this is the brand name in plant based meats, plant based meats is something it’s a category that has just kind of come out of nowhere over the past five years or so.

And this is a category that is going to grow to become, you know, in my opinion, probably a trillion dollar industry over time. And this is the premier number one name in this space and it’s by far and away it’s not even close.

The next closest name you can even think about in this space would be impossible impossible foods like that’s just you know, they’re not even on the same level as beyond meat.

Okay, they’re like way far in the back so I’m getting the brand name the number one name in plant based meat so when you think of a plant based meat you think beyond meat okay? And it’s not just because you’re seeing it when you go into the grocery store and.

You’re seeing on the shelves and maybe Kroger or fries Smith Whole Foods some of these different stores it’s not just that okay, it’s when you go to like all these fast food places you’re seeing beyond meat everywhere and this is how this brand is blowing up.

And getting so famous despite not that many people eating the product yet it is getting incredibly famous literally out of nowhere because you go to Carl’s Jr. And there it is.

There’s a beyond burger. Okay, we’re talking about these fast food restaurants have 1000s of locations where you go Del Taco you pull up the menu and there’s Del Taco burritos and Del Taco tacos and tons of them are beyond meat branded.

Think about that for a moment so all sudden out of nowhere you might have never heard of beyond me in your life. And then also you go to Del Taco and there it is right in front of your face and like what is beyond meat burrito you guys are advertising here oh this Ababa.

Like Think about that for a minute Okay, you go to Dunkin Donuts they have the beyond sausage breakfast sandwich. Huge a ton of marketing behind that right Starbucks in China now carry beyond meat products in them. Okay, so it’s not just in the United States.

They’re expanding. It’s all over the world. Okay, look at this. This was back from February Okay, Starbucks to launch beyond breakfast sandwich in 1400 locations across Canada. Okay, so once again, this isn’t a company that’s just worried about expanding in the United States over the next decade.

It’s all about international growth remember the international market could be way bigger way bigger for beyond meat long term then the United States I mean, just think about for a moment think about people live outside the United States most people Okay, so huge opportunity.

They just did a deal with Pizza Hut and we actually got the pizza literally last night if you follow me on Instagram you saw I put a little hint out there in my Instagram story around Pizza Hut right and yeah, Pizza Hut they are now carrying a beyond meat sausage pizza. And look at the branding The box is all branded beyond me beyond me.

Like think about the branding power here. Right look at McDonald’s McDonald’s in Canada they’ve been serving guess what plant based Patty plant lettuce and tomato sandwich beyond meat branded once again.

And McDonald’s should be launching across the United States probably within the next several months what’s called a MC plant burger and we’ll see how big that gets in we don’t know if that’s going to be branded for beyond meat or not.

But my goodness if it is branded for beyond meat guys that is huge or gay I mean there’s no one bigger in the game than McDonald’s okay nevermind mentioned the United States over time they get in with Starbucks was they already are internationally but they get into Starbucks us have a basically a beyond meat sandwich of some kind and Starbucks.

I mean, guys think about how many locations these guys have. This is huge. Okay, last year, there was a test run at KFC and Lana. And basically they were trying out beyond fried chicken in the lines were insane for that, guys. It’s sold out, like in hours like absolute craziness.

Now I heard that beyond still working on you know, improving that product and getting it better and better. Some people were saying, Oh, it’s just very average, and things like that. So I think that’s smart to really get the product very, very good. Before you fully get this rolled out all across the United States.

But needless to say the demand is there. Okay. There’s no doubt about that. There’s a huge demand for beyond meat products in someone like KFC or any of these names, okay? And here’s, here’s why it’s so impactful.

Okay, when you get crazy sales, okay, so obviously you do a deal with one of these big fast food names, you’re talking about 1000s of restaurants, you’re all sent in and you’re talking about, you know, your volumes all sudden get picked up in a big way.

Okay, that’s kind of the obvious thing it’s going to help out revenue is going to help our profits. But that’s some Moeller piece of it in my personal opinion, okay.

The thing I get way more excited about is the branding, the crazy branding, the exposure this company is getting is on a whole nother level when you’re talking about they’re getting legitimacy in in a way you can’t even imagine across the world, across the world by getting in with all these huge fast food names.

And all sudden, if no one ever knew anything about plant based meats, all of a sudden now they No. Oh beyond meat. That’s the plant based meat company.

Oh my gosh, we’re talking about advertising spend dollars, you couldn’t spend billions of dollars better than how beyond meat is getting all this branding and all these restaurants and the legitimacy overnight, getting in with these players, guys, it is game changing, like I’ve never really seen other than maybe the fact that you ever go into fast food restaurants.

And there’s a Coca Cola machine sitting right there for you. You ever seen that before? Okay, think about the branding, and think about why Coca Cola dominates the soda category, right? There’s really one only only one other player in the world that you can even put in the same sentence as co colon, that would be Pepsi, right?

And those two guys just completely own a massive soft drink industry, right? And you think about Coca Cola, that’s a market cap of what 200 $300 billion, something like that, right? And think about all your life, every time you go into a fast food restaurant, right in your face.

Coca Cola products is not just what every time you go to the grocery store. Remember, as a kid going to grocery stores your mom, right? And you’re walking down the aisles, and there’s all those Coca Cola different products, right?

You know, I mean, I want some of that sugar, right? And there it is, in every single time you go into a McDonald’s or Burger King or anywhere, right? It’s powerful. It’s branding on a whole other scale. And that’s what beyond meat is essentially getting with all these players.

They’re just, they’re just, it’s a pure, powerful thing. I gotta say, I haven’t seen marketing done on this high of a level in a long dang time. Okay, other than maybe a company named Tesla, okay? Absolutely. Incredible.

Okay, so let’s think about the US opportunity for a moment, okay, when you have more and more people going full vegan, meaning they will eat nothing, like no animal related products at all. Okay, that’s just like the, the numbers are getting bigger and bigger as far as that goes, Okay.

Number two, you’re getting more and more people like myself that are interested in cutting back some of their traditional meat products and replacing some of those with still like a protein based products of some kind, which obviously, is perfect for somebody like beyond meat, okay, that’s, that’s, you know, uncredible, those numbers are continuing to rise quite substantially.

And they have a long way to go, okay, a long way to go over the next decade or two. Okay, number three, more and more stores are starting to carry beyond meat products. In my opinion, you will not be able to go into a grocery store in a year or two, without beyond meat products being in that store, they’re still there, they’re a good amount of stores actually still don’t care beyond meat.

In my opinion, in a year or two, it’s gonna be almost impossible. I mean, Heck, even CVS is talking about now carrying beyond meat products, k CVS, so that kind of shows you know where we’re getting with that whole situation.

Okay, more and more people are going to be eating beyond meat more and more often, in my opinion, okay, so you might have just been eating beyond meat, like once a month, then you go to once a week.

And then once a week, people go to once a day or once every other day, and you start eating some beyond meat products for some breakfast, maybe some lunch, or maybe some dinner, things like that. So I just see that taking off, more and more SKUs in stores.

So right now a lot of these stores that do carry beyond me, they might carry like two or three SKUs of beyond me, okay, in my opinion, that’s going to go to five to 15 sk use over the next three to five years.

I mean, we’re gonna see a huge pickup in SK use in all these different stores out there. Okay, number six, more and more restaurants are going to carry beyond meat branded products, because they just recognize, oh my gosh, like, we get huge bumps in sales volume, when we carry a beyond meat branded product of some kind, okay, and number seven.

There’ll be more and more products in these different restaurants to choose from. So instead of maybe just one kind of burger that has a beyond meat patty, or one kind of burrito or something like that, in my opinion that Ulsan there’s going to be four items, six items, choose from eight items to choose from, and maybe at the end of the day.

They’ll just be an unlimited combination that you can have with a beyond meat branded product. Okay, so more and more products in different restaurants. So there’s almost unlimited long term potential United States alone, okay, like literally almost unlimited. When you think about how small and how much of a person’s stomach behind me makes up for right now.

Versus where they can be at in five or 10 years. It’s a joke. Okay. The literally the opportunity is almost unlimited for this company. Okay. And then you think about the international opportunity. It’s the same exact thing, it’s the same exact thing.

Just a company is much younger, expanding internationally than they are in the United States and the international opportunities way bigger, way bigger for this company, then United States.

I mean, the United States, they should be able to, you know, just exponentially increase their business like we’ve never really seen before. And then you think about international. Oh, my goodness, guys. Okay. Ethan Brown, sorry about Ethan brown for a moment.

Okay. Let’s founder CEO of beyond meat. Okay. I’ve listened to several conference calls with this gentleman. I’ve watched a million different interviews with this gentleman.

I like them a lot. Okay. And I mean, okay, he’s a straight shooter, and I appreciate that he gives it to you how it is. He doesn’t like you They’ll try to, I don’t know, sugarcoat things or whatever.

He’s a straight shooter. He’s all about, you know, we’re not focused on just this quarter, we’re focused on the year, we’re focused on building his business over years. I love a straight shooter as a CEO. Okay, I don’t want, you know, I just like his confidence. Okay, that too, okay. He’s a visionary in the space. He’s changing people’s diets. I mean, it doesn’t.

And I’m talking on a mass scale. Other than, you know, Netflix and beyond meat are the biggest game changers in the world. And my personal opinion is funny. I think Netflix had a big documentary called game changers.

But I think they’re the biggest in the world when it comes to changing diets around the world toward more of these plant based meat products. And maybe people being interested in the vegan diet and things like that.

They’re the biggest reason like those two companies at the end of day, he’s a visionary changing the world, okay, just absolutely changing the world, huge stuff going on there. And a lot of respect for somebody that has a grand vision like that and wants to dedicate their life to You know, seeing mass change in some mass category.

So unbelievable. I like that guy a lot. Okay, beyond me, let’s talk about valuation for a minute. Okay, so a company is expected to around 59 cents of VPS next year, to be quite frank, no one has any clue what beyond meat will do next year for their EP SK, this company is growing way too fast to be trying to judge it.

I could see them basically breaking even next year, I can see them making $1 next year, okay. And anywhere in between, I mean, it’s just it’s like, you know, get a dartboard out and throw some darts at a dartboard and try to get to a VPS.

Because that’s about as good as you get. But let’s say for instance, they do do 59 cents a VPS, that puts a company at about a 215 for PE. Now, if you think about the food industry, okay, a 215.

Four p seems ridiculous. And if you’re judging it against other food related companies and food suppliers, you’re going to look at a 215 for painting and say this company is ridiculously overvalued. And if you judging off of what it’s doing today, yes, it is 100% massively overvalued. But that’s not how this works. It’s not how any of this works. Okay.

See, it’s like judging Tesla’s stock off of what they’re doing today versus where the company’s market cap is. It’s like, no, that’s not how you do it with companies that have mass growth in front of them, where it’s going to be like.

You know, 30% 40% 50% plus a year, you have to judge it off of total Tam opportunity to total addressable market versus growth rates over the next 510 years. And what’s realistic for that company? So it looks 100% expensive off what they’re doing today. But my goodness, when you look at the numbers, this company should be doing long term. This company looks like a steal.

Let’s just put that way okay. That company this year, should grow revenues, well over 40% Okay, next year, they’re supposed to take a tick up in growth. Never mind if they get that deal with McDonald’s done over the next year. And yes, Star supply McDonald’s, then it’s gonna be ridiculous growth, but growth in 2021, supposed to be 54 55%.

This company, so accelerating growth next year, which is something you really love to see, because most companies, they grow less and less over time right there, their growth is decelerating. It’s normal.

That’s how it is as a company pretty much and this company is going to have a go the other way we’re supposed to re accelerate next year. fy nominal. Take a look at where this company has come from over the past few years. Look at where they’re going. Okay. $32 million in revenues total they did in 2017 87 million in 18. This past year 2019.

They do almost 300 million this year, they’re going to do well well over $400 million in revenue. And next year, they’re going to likely do well well well over 600 plus million dollars in revenues in 2021. Okay, that is unbelievable five year growth from 32 mil to next year like 600 mil plus easily if not 700 mil plus next year, like think about that for a moment.

Like that’s incredible how many companies grow like that in a five year period. And they’re not done okay. Think about China for a minute to think about how big the China market can be for beyond meat and they’re just starting to take China seriously. Okay. They’re just starting to get rolled out in China.

They got some new factories coming near Shanghai, and these factories are going to ramp over the next year. And my goodness, think about how big China can be us plant based burger and sausage maker beyond meat is building to production facilities in China’s Eastern Providence, Xinjiang in its biggest push yet to enter the Chinese market for alternative protein.

The facility is located near the Zhang Zhang economic and Technology Development Zone that’s close to the mega city of Shanghai is expected to start trial production within months and this was back in September this was posted okay with full scale production in early 2021.

According to accompany statement to The move makes it it’s a first foreign plant based protein maker to establish a major production facility in China, the company said, it also gives beyond meat and edge over rival impossible foods, who’s listened to this?

Who’s a magic ingredient of him made from genetically modified yeast requires government approval in China. Okay, so if you’re thinking about I mean, you know, I don’t even really like to think about competition, because there’s just so much growth for any company that’s in the vegan space over the next 10 years that it’s kind of almost silly to think about competition.

But if you’re thinking about can beyond meat when China to become the biggest player in plant based protein in China as well, a market that’s going to be way bigger than the US are way bigger than Europe for this company. Yes. Okay.

They can become the number one player in there. Very, very possible. Okay. And that’s incredibly exciting. So wait to see the Chinese numbers come out over the next. I mean, it’s not like it’s just next year it’s over the next 510 years.

They’re going to be gargantuan Okay, especially as they get the branding right in China number two, let’s think about how big could be on meet the company gap. Okay, now you guys know that I’m you know, love this stock.

I think there’s huge potential here over the next decade. But how big could this company really get my opinion? Okay, so where I want to start is look at somebody like a Tyson Foods. All right, so Tyson Foods, big huge food company, right? They do about $42 billion in revenue, at least that’s what they did last year. Okay.

In my opinion, beyond me should be able to scale in basically in 2030 I think beyond meat can do around that number around $40 billion. When I look at you know, the growth rates, I expect this company over the next 10 years, year in and year out. I think I think honestly beyond me is going to be a lot bigger than Tyson Foods long term.

Okay, but I expect the company basically over the next 10 years to be somewhere around where Tyson Foods is at as far as the revenue numbers around $40 billion or so in 2030 expect them to do okay, that’s a huge take up from here because remember.

It’s companies only gonna do 400 million something dollars so we’re talking almost 100x as far as our revenues go over the next 10 years and I think the company can very much pull that off okay, but it’s not just that Okay, here’s the thing with Tyson Foods, only about 5% of their revenue through the door makes its way down to net income only about 5% or so. In my opinion when it comes

to beyond meat that company is going to be way more profitable long term the in a Tyson Foods Okay, just think about the cost for you know, Tyson Foods products. And you know, think about all the the take care of the animals and things like that.

And the lack of branding Tyson has somebody like beyond me, I think I think beyond meats gonna be able to always get a premium for their products in the market versus anything that’s a competitor.

And I think their products long term will end up being much cheaper to make than actually something like Tyson Foods. Okay, so in my opinion, a minimum of 10% of top line will make its way down to bottom line for beyond meet long term K.

So we’re talking about substantial differences being much more profitable company just like I think Tesla will be a much more profitable big auto company in the future than a lot of these traditional OEMs cuz I think Tesla’s just gonna make their cars much more profitably.

And nevermind, Software as a Service, I think their business model is going to be much bigger, same thing would be on meat, I think there’s gonna be way more profitable. And if that’s the case, okay, so in 2030, if they’re doing $40 billion, roughly in revenues, then my opinion, a minimum of $4 billion will hit the bottom line. Okay. $4 billion.

Plus, if you slap a 20 p on that stock, which I think it will be very, very fair, you’re getting an $80 billion market cap for this company.

Okay. $80 billion. And I think I’m being conservative, I think I’m being conservative, with assuming that beyond me only has $4 billion in net income in 2030. I think I’m being really conservative there. Okay. $80 billion market cap, we’re talking 10 years.

Okay. So if we’re looking at market cap, it’s a billion today, we’re going to 80 billion in my opinion over the next decade. That’s a 10x. Okay, and that’s what I love to look for in a stock.

I want to find stocks that have the opportunity for me to 10x my money over the next decade, especially if I’m building out a very large position a company I’m not just trying to like, let me try to double my money over the next 10 years.

No, okay, if I’m trying to do that, I’ll just put my money in s&p 500 index fund, and we could call it a wrap. Okay, then now double my money that way. Okay. I’m trying to 10x if I’m building out a really big position, okay. So I’m going to treat this stock just like a treat in my Tesla stock. Bye bye. Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye.

Buy in buy and then hold. Okay. A lot of buy in and just a long time of holding no need to rush out of it tomorrow or Something like that. Okay, Tesla, once again, we’re up over 800% of that stock. I watched it go up 100% Okay, thought about selling I watched you go up 200% thought about selling, watch it go up 300% thought about selling I watched it go up 400% thought about selling 500% 600% 7% now over 800% Okay, not sell it.

It’s just as simple as that I have no interest in selling a great asset I love for the long term, it just doesn’t make sense. I know a lot of people have trouble with this, you know, they want to make 15% and then run out of stock.

And I used to be that guy back in the day, man, I make 15% of the stock and I’m like, I gotta sell and then I’d watch that stock go up 200 343% over the coming years. I was like, uh, what am I doing? Again? Why? And I said, I Sokka 15%.

It’s just ridiculous. Okay, so yeah, I watched that one just go up and up and up. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do beyond me. I’m gonna buy buy buy for as long as I can for you know, as cheaply as possible.

And then I’m going to hold it and I don’t care if it goes up 300% I’m holding, it’s just one of those stocks on it’s, it’s too valuable of a company, in my opinion, to just run out of K, I want to buy at least 150,000 plus dollars more of this stock, okay.

I already bought, you know, a good portion, what was that like $90,000 $100,000 apostle for, I want to buy at least 150,000 plus dollars more of this stock over the next, however long it takes.

It could be days, it could be weeks, it could be months, I don’t really care. But I will continue to buy the stock heavily, heavily, heavily. And if it goes down a bunch, I will buy more aggressively than after. Okay, I would love to build this into one of my biggest positions I hold in my portfolio.

Number three, does this change anything with a very good food company? Very important question. And very good question. Okay. So very good food company.

That’s a stock I bought a few weeks ago, I own 40,100 shares of this particular stock. And this is a company that competes in the vegan space. Okay. And it’s a very, very small company, doing well and up almost 100%. But I mean, look at this company, okay.

I mean, it’s a $213 million market cap. So it’s a very speculative company, it’s very early days, and no, I’m not interested in selling the stock.

This is just he has beyond meat 60s does not mean this company won’t succeed, okay, it’s such a small company, it has so much growth in front of it, as long as they execute over the next 510 years, then it makes no sense for me to go sell out of the stock or something like that.

Okay, my hope with a very good food company, is not that this company becomes an $80 billion company someday, like beyond meat,

I think kind of the next decade, my hope with this company is over the next decade, it becomes an $8 billion company, okay, which is where beyond meat is that today, okay, a billion dollars or so that is my hope for the very good food company.

So at a $230 million mark cap, no, I’m not selling their stock, I’m just gonna hold it, I’m gonna hope they can continue to execute over the next 510 years. And this can get to become a good sized company.

I don’t think the very good food company is ever going to become beyond me. I just don’t as far as you know what I think beyond meats going to over the next 10 years, I think beyond meats going to be the biggest player in the space and by far, but does that mean there’s no space for very good food company? Absolutely not.

Very good food company could be very successful player. Okay. Impossible foods is obviously in the space as well. And who knows, maybe the very good food company, eventually, let’s say they build out the business very nicely over the next several years. Maybe the very good food company ends up getting bought out by impossible foods, or beyond meat down the road.

Because think about those companies will start making some really nice profits in future years, likely, right? Then all sudden, they’re gonna have to figure out okay, do we want to eliminate some of our competition by buying some, this is what happens in the food and drink space all the time.

That’s why Coca Cola owns like just 70% of these popular soda brands you drink, okay. And Pepsi probably owns the rest of them, right? Because there’s consolidation, these players will buy the players so yeah, I’m not interested in selling this company at all. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, this was a really in depth video about what I think is my next test of stock I hope to really look good in it.

And I hope anybody that is involved with it or wants to get involved with it, I hope you guys do very good as well do your own research on this. If you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps YouTube channel out in a massive way.

And lets me know you enjoyed a very in depth video like this on a stock. So appreciate all you guys and a thumbs up squad. Also, if you’re trying to get in my private group, first thing you need to do is apply that first link down there in the description.

If you want to get access to hundreds of exclusive videos from me, the public account the private discord chat with all the people with six figures, seven figures plus in the stock market, all those sorts of things.

First thing you can do is apply to be able to get on the phone call if your application goes through, somebody from my team will be able to speak to you about the product tell you a little bit about it. If you want to get a stock hub, it is absolutely free to do in chat stocks with a ton of other investors out there in the market, including this one we talked about here day beyond me.

Like I said, I gotta move that one to the popular stock tab because I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of people wanting to talk about this one. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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