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Oh, we’re living. What’s going on guys? We got the emergency upload Tesla live stream going on in the car, you know how we do notification should go out to everybody here in just a moment. So I’ll wait to kind of get rolling on this tell everybody’s kind of in this live stream and whatnot. So usually notifications go out within like the first couple minutes.

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I hope you guys are all doing great by the way. Hello, hello, hello, hope you guys are all doing great out there little emergency Tesla live stream going on with the whole move so Tessa down about I think it was 13% today 13%. So it got weaker up, they got weaker in the trading market today than it did after hours yesterday because after hours yesterday was down about 10%.

And it was pretty consistently down like 10% after hours. But then obviously today it got weaker. Let me know if any, you guys were actually buying shares out there, I would love to hear from you guys. As always, if you were out there making any moves in regards to Tesla, if you’re out there buying any shares.

I didn’t personally buy any today, I needed to go down to about. So cost base is on one of my main accounts is like 227. And another one’s at like 214. So I really want it if I’m going to add more shares a tusla and get it to my 300 shares, which right now I think we’re at like 260 shares or something like that, we’re gonna get to 300 shares.

I really need it to like maybe like 215 to 10, somewhere around there. And then I’ll go ahead and I’ll, you know, read the rest of the position. But as of right now at least we’re still up on our positions on Tesla, we’re still up on the main account, and we’re still up on my other accounts.

So the one we have 93 shares, and we’re up on those and the one we have 150 shares were up on those. So even after today’s drop, so you know, we’re positive, but I wouldn’t mind going a little lower and adding some more shares. So, you know, either way we’re with Tesla, Facebook was a little surprising today.

I thought Facebook would have had a better day. But then again, that stock is up. Facebook stocks up 30 something percent in the past six, seven months. So sometimes when you get that type of move in a stock, even if they report really good earnings, like Facebook had yesterday, stocks not going to move up much.

Which is essentially what happened with Facebook, you know, it’s just been a hot stock and a report really good earnings and nothing happened with the stock today. It was just a lame day for Facebook. But the earnings were amazing out of there. So Tesla now you know, people are wondering what’s next for Tesla, they report these earnings.

What’s going on next for Tesla. And my thoughts around that are there’s not a lot going on for Tesla here over the course of the next let’s say three months. Okay? So you’re going to have Shanghai Giga factory opening, but that’s not going to open tell prolly fault time.

Okay, so you’re in fall time, I’m talking really like November. So you know, for the next, let’s say two to three months, there’s not a lot going on there. Model y model y should be coming. But that’s not till 2020 at some point. So that could be summer, that could be fall time in 2020.

So that’s still way off. So if you’re looking at the next, like, let’s say two months, there’s probably not a lot happening with Tesla, it’s just gonna be busy. says, You know what happened? I’m gonna try to reconnect here. All right, I think we’re very connected guy. Sorry about that. It’s not the best connection here.

But anyways, so for Tesla, it’s like, there’s not a lot going on over the next six months. It’s just, it’s just on to be honest. So in order for the stock, I mean, I don’t know if the stocks gonna really, you know, perform well in the short term. But you know, this is something for the long term, and a lot of you guys are in for the long term.

So whether the stock goes up or 10% over the next few months, does it really matter? Holy smokes, look at the sizes flip. And Amazon will. This thing is like, Dude, this thing is so big. And I think they got this other one too. I’m not sure. That thing was insane. Holy smokes, guys. Oh my gosh.

Yeah, we’re just driving right now to elans. House. It’ll talk to Elon Musk a little bit about this last quarter. See what we got coming up for the next quarter. See if we can post up some great numbers now. But I’m sorry, serious note. Yeah. So we’ll see what happens.

But, you know, everybody gets tripped out over, you know, a five to 10% move in Tesla, or even like, you know, a 15% move in Tesla. And it’s like for long investors. We’re not really like in this or, you know, some people are trading Tesla, okay, some people just get Intel so they’re hoping to make a quick buck.

They’re hoping you know, to swing traded or whatever. And that’s fine. You know, people can do that. But a lot of us are in it for the long term. And I really, you know, thinking out 357 years out, you know, when I Think about Tesla, you know, if Tesla was at $500, today, okay, Tesla’s at what 220 230 Tesla was at $500 today when sell it, I wouldn’t sell a share, like I have no interest in selling Tesla anytime soon.

And that’s a lot of you guys are in that same boat where you’re like long term shareholders By the way, you know, smash that thumbs up button if you enjoy the live stream, I hope you guys enjoy me doing this. You know, I don’t do live streams that often. We did one yesterday, but it’s like something like we hardly ever do.

So I hope you guys enjoy it. But you know, when it when it comes to, you know, Tesla do we really like care about short term stuff going on, we honestly probably don’t, you know, short term moves or short term moves. All of it’s just mumbo jumbo.

A lot of us are in this hoping that this company becomes absolutely massive in the future, a company that does 10s of billions of dollars a quarter, not a company that does you know, $5 billion, a quarter, 6 billion or $7 billion a quarter we’re in this because we think this company is going to be doing, you know, 30 to $50 billion in the future quarter, if not more than that.

So that’s what a lot of us Long’s are playing for. And the shorts, you know, the shorts, you have different sides, you have some shorts that are trying to play Tesla to zero, they think Tesla is going to be a bankrupt company in the future. They think Tesla’s nothing, and that’s fine.

And they’re playing it for for the stock to go to zero, you have some other short sellers in the stock, that are playing this, as you know, something that they’re trying to swing trade, essentially, they’re trying to make a quick buck off. You know, maybe they shore yesterday and trying to hope to make a gain on that.

And so you got people playing both sides, for the real Long’s out there. The ones of us that are long, you know, for the next, you know, many years that are that way, you know, a day like today, it is what it is, I think too many people get too caught up in, you know, a tough day in the short term.

Some people get too crazy with Tesla, though, I will say that some people go way overboard, there are people that are all in Tesla, all in, I don’t think you should do that, especially if you have a significant amount of money. regardless how much you believe in Tesla, I believe in the company a lot.

I believe in a lot of companies a lot, doesn’t mean you go all in on them. It’s just you know, I learned that lesson A long time ago, and you guys that you gotta just, you know, you gotta chill out, even if you believe this company’s gonna be $1,000 stock someday $2,000 stock great, doesn’t mean you go all in on it, a lot of people are going all in on it.

You know, people have their entire life savings and teslin it’s just, you should never do that with any stock. regardless how much you love them. regardless how much you believe in it. It’s too risky, man, it’s flat out too risky guys, that’s the, that’s the bottom line. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, there’s a person, you know, I’m not gonna mention them.

But there’s, you know, people in my private stock group that have almost all their life savings and Tesla shares, you know, that’s just crazy, you know, no stock, I don’t care if you think it’s the safest stock, the best stock, I don’t care if it’s Apple, Google Tesla.

Amazon, you shouldn’t have everything in one stock, it’s just too risky, especially when you have significant amount of savings, especially especially when you’re you know, you know, getting up there in age, but even if you’re young, even if you’re in your 20s or 30s and you, you know, you got let’s say $15,000 in your account, Tebow 15,000.

And just in Tesla, it’s not ceman it’s not I don’t agree with it, even though I think Tesla is going to be a great stock in the future. And I think we’re gonna make crazy money on it. I don’t, I wouldn’t go there. I limit my positions, you know, it’s just, it’s something.

I think you have to learn over time, and it takes one stock to really burn you to learn that lesson. I learned that lesson, you know, many years ago, and I got burned and it is what it is. But you know, a lot of you guys are going to get burned by if it’s not Tesla’s stock you’ll be the next stock because whatever comes after Tesla, you’ll if you’re if you’re going all in stocks, you’re gonna keep thinking like you should keep doing that.

And then eventually you’ll get burned and it’s gonna be you know, it’s just not a good situation so But anyways, so that’s the story on Tesla there you know, it is what it is not the best day out there. I hope it drops a little bit more so I could actually buy some shares Like I said.

I want it down to like 210 to 15 and I’ll add like another 30 shares or so and get my full position built out to 300. But other than that, we’re gonna go live on think is live on Sunday. We’re giving away Yeah, live on Sunday, we’re giving away five free courses to becoming the master of the stock market course.

So we’re gonna go five of those free on Sunday that’s a lot of you guys are in that giveaway. So I want to make sure we get that done. And you know, hope you guys win. So anyways, I hope you guys are doing great out there. Have a good day. Go Tesla. We will win the war and that battle I think will win the war. I don’t know what you guys think. I think we’ll win the war. Anyways. Peace

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