Elon Musk Shocks Tesla Investors

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Elon Musk said some pretty unbelievable things at the 2019 Tesla Annual shareholder meeting last night. Some things we already knew and others were pretty exciting surprises! Elon took Q&a from the Tesla shareholders for about 1 hour which was super cool to see. Great job Elon and team tesla for the great show yesterday.

Biggest Sale ever on my Becoming Master of the Stock Market Course! Things discussed at the 2019 Tesla annual shareholders meeting were profitability, negative media narrative, model 3 being a best selling car in terms of revenue, Tesla Model Y, tesla semi, Tesla truck and so much more.

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Well guys last night Tesla held its annual shareholder meeting and what a shareholder meeting was so much great information disclose from Ilan muskiness some shocking information. Okay, I want to start going through all this as you start getting into the guys hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy the Tesla videos, let’s get into this guys.

So first thing up here is around model three and some of the milestones Tesla’s been able to hit with the model three over the past few quarters. One it has outsold all competitors combined, okay, it’s outsold all competitors combined. That is unbelievable.

We all knew that, you know, all of us, I let our Tesla ambassadors, but it’s just unbelievable when you put it like that, right? It’s the highest revenue car in the United States. Okay, let’s look at this next slide here. This shows a model three is a best selling car by revenue in the United States of America last four quarters. Okay, look at that.

It is above things like the Toyota Camry, above the Honda Accord above the Honda Civic. What the heck, when did Honda start making karolos Okay, last time I checked, it was a Toyota Corolla. But needless to say, it doesn’t really matter because Tesla is being an all in terms of revenue. And this is amazing, guys, because keep in mind the model three is an electric car, right?

And this is like 2018 2019. And you’re thinking electric cars. Oh, they may do big volumes. They may do big revenue numbers down the road. But here we are already today, you know, model threes beating ones like the Camry, the Honda Accord, the Honda Civic who could have predicted this stuff. This is amazing, guys. It’s absolutely amazing.

What what model three is putting up for numbers are simply miraculous. Okay, it’s unbelievable. Okay, now as far as the most energy efficient cars in the world, okay, we see the model three number one Model S is right after that model y should be right after that then Model X and then we see some of the other electric competitors if you want to call them that, by the way Look up e Tron in French that might make you guys laugh.

Okay, so these say Tesla’s really being the competition whether you’re looking on the AI side, or you’re looking at the electric side that they’re making, you know, vehicles that are far more efficient than other vehicles and then look at this chart here.

This shows you the range, the range the Tesla’s can go versus, you know, their competitors like the Hyundai Kona, the Chevy Bolt, the Jaguar I pace the Nissan LEAF, the Audi e Tron, right. None of those vehicles are even to the level that Model S was in 2012. Never mind like what Model S is up to now with 370 miles of range.

I don’t know if that really just speaks volumes to the what Tesla has been able to accomplish with the range of those types of vehicles or just speaks volumes to like, like how much the ice competitors are having trouble trying to meet the range requirements that Tesla’s putting out there. Okay. And Ilan must set 400 mile plus range is coming soon.

Okay, which is a big statement. That’s something that kind of shocked me because they just came out with the 370 mile range Model S and now he’s already talking about 400 mile plus range coming sometime soon, guys, that’s a super surprising and when you’re talking about 400 plus miles of range, like that’s everything you can possibly look for an electric vehicle in terms of range. Unbelievable.

Okay, now we’ve heard a lot in the media about Oh, is Tesla demand hurting tussle demands hurting blah, blah, blah, and basically going off of nothing and the facts are, there’s no demand issues according to Ilan Musk, quarter to date orders for Model S x and three are out pacing the production in over 90% of the orders coming in are from non reservation holders.

Okay, they’re simply put, Ilan Musk said there’s no demand issue, like like, they can’t even keep up with the pace of orders. They’re trying to as far as a production goes, but it’s a very hard thing to accomplish. So that’s phenomenal news. So anybody that had any question about how’s demand going, demand is unbelievably strong.

Okay. And then just keep in mind, keep in mind right now, demand has not even been pent up for China, because a lot of the Chinese aren’t even ordering Tesla’s right now knowing that Shanghai is coming very soon. And so they’ll start ordering obviously, Tesla’s once the Shanghai factory is up and running.

So just keep that in mind. Guys. This is unbelievable. Okay, no, around Tesla’s processing chip, okay, this gets no respect in the investment community, as a lot of things don’t get respect to the investment community when it comes to Tesla. But their chip is over 20 times faster than the chip it replaced.

Which was Nvidia chip that is absolutely unbelievable guys, like think about this in a matter of three years, Tesla created this team took my create chip architecture, and they were able to make a chip that was far far, you know, 20 times plus exceeding what Nvidia could put out.

And why is this? Well, it’s because the custom chip for Tesla, so Tesla was able to basically make this chip ideally for a Tesla, okay, kind of like Apple does with a lot of their smartphone chips and whatnot. Right? It’s absolutely amazing. What Tesla’s put together there. It’s totally unappreciated by the investor base of all I mean, the true investors, the ones that are long shares that we understand this, right?

But by the whole like of Wall Street, they don’t even understand like how hard something like that is to put together in a three year span and get it into production and have it be the best in the world. This is unbelievable stuff, guys. It’s unbelievable stuff and it’s just not appreciated by wall street.

Okay, model y. As I’ve said many times on this channel, I expect model y to outsell model three, especially especially in North America. Okay, and if you look at it 2.5 times bigger segment than the model three. Okay, so we’re talking about model wise going after a way bigger potential population as far as buying that vehicle, then model three and Ilan musk even said in the model wide reveal.

He tried not to sell it too hard, because he didn’t want to take a ton of orders away from model three, because people would just wait for model y at that point in time. Okay, so neither say model y is going after a massive potential market. Okay, massive potential market much bigger than the actual model three, okay, now in terms of production that is supposed to go into production and fall 2020.

But Elon Musk said internally, they’re actually aiming for an early or full production than that, okay, so maybe even summer 2020. Okay, so very, very exciting. And that’s the next massive growth vector for the company, okay, you kind of have obviously, still model three tons of demand coming, which you know, the Tesla expects to grow very strong this year, then you’re going to have Shanghai come online, that’s going to be a huge amount of growth.

And then when model y hits in 2020, toward the end of 2020 days, that’s going to be huge. Okay, they talked about the Giga factory for a bit. It’s the world’s largest battery factory in the entire world, okay, it has the lowest cost per kilowatt hour. And they do almost half of the global electric vehicle battery production, from that Giga factory out there in sparks, Nevada, Reno, Nevada, whatever you want to say.

And that is simply unbelievable, guys, like that factory is just a massive behemoth. Half of the world’s production of electric vehicle batteries are coming out of that factory. That’s unreal. Okay, a lot of people when they first heard about the Gigafactory, they’re like, Why don’t know, what are they doing?

Because it was a crazy idea first, like, like, at first, it was like, we’re gonna make a factory that can basically make more batteries than the world that has in general at that particular time, right. Unbelievable. And now obviously, everybody’s starting to see Oh, yeah, they actually needed a Giga factory.

And they’re actually gonna need to, you know, increase the size over in future years. Okay, as far as Giga factory Shanghai they did bring up this to that’s a rendering of what the Giga factory is going to look like they’re saying vehicle production is going to begin in the end of 2019.

In the first phase, they’re going to be able to produce at least 150,000 model threes per year. From that you go ahead and look at you know, some of the YouTube channels basically, you can see that factories going up, this is very recent, this was within the past week or so. And look at that factory guys, it’s, it’s pretty far along.

Needless to say, it should be able to go into production in 2019. At some point in time, super exciting. They’re like the the pent up demand in China is going to be huge for Tesla users have had a lot of people putting off the orders for Tesla that live in China, because they’re going to be able to buy the cars for 5000 10,000, maybe $15,000.

Cheaper once that Shanghai Gigafactory is up and running, versus what they have to pay now, you know, basically having that car made in Fremont, California, then shipped all the states in tariffs and blah, blah, blah, it’s, you know, a huge cost advantage to go ahead and start making those cars in China.

And I think those model threes that they’re going to sell in China will be far more profitable than the model threes are going to sell in the States. Okay, so huge, huge, huge thing for the company, all right, Giga factory a Europe, they’re on an active search for a European location to build a Giga factory right now.

And Ilan said they expect to find a location at some point in 2019, which is exciting, because that means probably, that could start being built in 2020. At some point in time, maybe it’s a two to three year span to kind of get that factory built out, maybe we’re looking at 2022 2023 it’s not going to be like China, where it’s going to go up in six to nine months.

Okay, I can tell you they don’t build that fast in Europe, it’ll probably be a two to three year time frame from basically when it starts, you know, starts being built to when it actually gets open. So like I said, like if it starts at 2020, at some point, probably 2022 or 2023 when is when it will get built who knows where they’re going to build it they could be looking at in the UK.

They could be looking in Germany, we’ll have to see where they end up deciding on where they want to go in Europe, but that’s another huge growth factor for the company that will make the company more profitable when it comes to their European segment and probably be able to get up sales even more.

Okay, they touch on Tesla energy for just a bit and basically Ilan had a lot of the same stuff to say as always, but there was something very interesting he said that I’ve never heard him say okay, and that was around costs. And he says they’re aiming for basically as far as a cost of one of those tests of roofs Okay, as to be like the price of like a regular roof plus, like your electric bill for you know, a few years or something like that.

So which means in like consumers minds, they’ll be able to wrap their heads around it and be like, okay, it makes sense to get this whole Because they’re not really going to be able to get it to like a place where a solar roof is the same price as like a shingle roof or a tile roof or something like that, but they can get to a place where it’s like that price plus maybe like the electric bill for you know, a given number of years or something like that.

And so you get that back and after a certain number of years, all sudden, then you’re basically in the green after that. And so it almost makes like, like, you know, super good financial sense that you have to get a solar roof. Okay, so that’s exciting. We’re gonna see what happens down the road there that business is still very confusing as of right now.

Okay, as far as supercharger, she says, the volume three supercharger is being deployed in tons of locations around the world. Okay, and this supercharger can get you 75 miles of charge in five minutes. Okay, that’s unbelievable, guys. Now we’re starting to talk about when regards to the superchargers we’re starting to talk about super practicality.

Okay, where’s a lot of these old superchargers you know, if you want to go 75 miles, you might be there for 15 to 30 minutes, okay, which is a pretty good amount of time, right? You talk start talking about you go 75 miles in five minutes. It’s not quite as fast as like gassing up your car. But we’re starting to get to those type of levels, which makes it you know, unbelievably more convenient.

And for the busy locations of supercharger, that’s super important. Because some of the, you know, the lines can get really long as some of the really, you know, really, really busy superchargers. So if you get charged a lot faster, it makes sense to be able to charge a lot faster, you can get a lot more vehicles in and out, which at the end means Tesla can more than likely make a lot more money from that business over time.

Okay, now I touched on the product lineup a lot. We talked about model y, but also the truck is coming sometime soon as at least as far as it’s being shown off. Ilan is so excited about the truck. I haven’t heard him hype out a vehicle, probably since. Honestly, probably since Model X. Okay. It’s been a long time since Ilan has been this excited about a vehicle.

Okay, he is so excited about the truck. Needless to say, you know, he’s just dying to talk about essentially. And then they have the semi coming. You know, Ilan said something that was also a little shocking. I was like, Is he on joking about this? Or is he actually serious? Okay. He said that they might get into the mining business, because basically, they’re gonna be a lot more material for battery production.

With all these vehicles coming. He literally said that might get in the mining business. And he like set it laughingly. So I don’t know, he might be serious. He might be joking. I don’t know maybe the the height the test is gonna start a mining side their business? Who knows? Okay, they did say they’re gonna have a battery and powertrain investor day, either late this summer, or maybe in the fall time.

And a lot of us are super excited about that, because of the Maxwell deal. And we’re trying to figure out like, how transformative can the Maxwell deal be? Is this going to be something that you know, completely revolutionizes, like battery technology for Tesla, and puts them from just being in the lead to like, so far in front of everybody else? It’s like, not even fair, like, like, we’re trying to figure that out.

Right? There’s been so much talked about with Maxwell, and what they might be able to do or what they maybe can do, we should get a lot more clarity, that’s going to be a super big day for all of us investor to pay attention to. Okay, very, very important. They went ahead and answered some questions that were asked online. This one says, What is the status of Tesla’s insurance for vehicles?

Ilan Musk said it’s pretty close. He said, basically, they have a small acquisition, they need to close, I guess they bought some type of company that they need that acquisition to close, okay. And then also, they’re working on some software to be deployed.

And once that software is deployed, once the acquisition is closed, they’ll be able to basically launch their insurance product, which is super exciting. Like that’s a really like insurance business, really good business to be part of like, you’re generally going to get a ton of money upfront.

And what you end up paying out to customers is not nearly what obviously, you make on the backside, you know, insurance business, very good business that’s honestly Geico, if you didn’t know Geico is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which is Warren Buffett’s company.

That’s how he made that’s how he was able to basically take so much money and build it into so much more money as because he had that huge insurance business, which continue to build out over decades, if there was so much money for him to then go and invest in other businesses, okay, insurance businesses, lovely, I hope they get in.

I think they’ll be able to have them, you know, something that’s probably even cheaper than a lot of the competitors can offer. And I’m going to make a lot of money from that business. Okay, next question they asked is what is the date for the Tesla pickup truck event?

And Ilan said probably the end of summer, they’re going to show off that truck. Production for a truck probably won’t go into production till 2021 at some point in time, but like I said, He’s so excited about that truck. It’s almost hilarious. You know, he’s just like dying to talk about it.

Okay, it’s crazy. Okay. This question very important that short and long term demand in tandem with profitability seem to be the biggest concerns among investors currently. How is Tesla feeling about these metrics if things are looking good any details that can be shared to support that if not, what are Tesla’s plans to address this here?

Basically, llama said the company is growing super fast, right? The growth from 2017 to 2018 2018 2019 is near breakneck speed right growing super fast. He says it’s hard to be a profitable company. Basically, when you’re growing fast so there was really no solution offer. But he did say, you know, they expect to be cashflow positive.

So, you know, I think that was one thing that the investor base probably didn’t like, just basically hearing that there’s no solution around profitability. There was no like statement from him like, Oh, yeah, we’re going to be profitable from here on out, or Yeah, like, starting next year, we’re going to be able to be, you know.

Profitable, you know, we should be able to make certain amount of profits or something like that there was no statement by Elon Musk, basically saying that, and I think some investors at least were probably turned off from that. Okay, now, this was a very shocking, okay, somebody asked.

Would Tesla consider pushing out an update to its app for rideshare service soon, so at least both the Tesla and current owners as an easy way to make revenue now and fix bugs along the way until you full self driving and Robo taxis are ready. Okay, so basically doing like an Uber or Lyft service through the Tesla app, and Ilan said they might do that.

Okay, that was pretty shocking because not a lot of people expected that so basically, meaning that you could become a driver basically, if you have a Tesla like you could become like an Uber or Lyft driver but you drive your tests around Okay, very, very intriguing.

I must say, and I think it might probably be a worthwhile idea because you’re going to get to do a lot of testing get a lot of bugs out system before self driving ever becomes a reality and things like that. So very, very intriguing. Like Ilan said they might actually do it.

Okay, so that was pretty shocking. Now they did do a live q&a there and I just want to say hello subscribers, I’m guessing those are all the people that watch like Tesla videos right there. So anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this there was a lot of very intriguing information.

You guys want to check out the whole video it’s on the Tesla YouTube page. So just type in Tesla go to their YouTube page and the full two hour event is on there. If you want to go ahead and watch that guys. I hope you enjoy this make sure you smash that thumbs up button before you leave. The Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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