Elon Musk Please Do This Now with Tesla Stock @ $1,500+

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Tesla stock is now over $1500 a share… With Tesla stock going up so much I need Elon Musk to do something right now! I don’t think we should wait much longer and this move should be done by Elon Musk as soon as this coming week..

Tesla stock price closed today at over $1,544 a share!! Let’s raise. if Tesla raises 8 billion dollars will you put Tesla stock into the stocks to buy now category or just stocks to watch? LMK.

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Well guys, in today’s video, you’re gonna get to see me big Elan musk to do something that honestly I’ve never asked another CEO to do before as you know, I’m a Tesla shareholder I’m a big believer in this company.

I’m also a customer of this company, but as a shareholder of this company with what is going on with the stock price right now, Elan musk needs to do something right now in my opinion like literally like first thing Monday like get this done.

Okay, if you don’t know the top five shareholders of Tesla, number one do Numero Uno. Okay. Ilan musk owns roughly 38 point 7 million shares of Tesla he owns well over 20% of the entire company and what Ilan musk says happens okay.

If he wants to go do something on Monday or this upcoming week he can absolutely do it in a snap of fingers as Ilan musk okay. The stock is going absolutely bananas. Okay. Tesla stock is now $1,544.65 a share that’s where it closed out here today.

Up $150 a share what another amazing move for the stock price came up almost another 11% everybody is looking at this stock price right now in amazement. I don’t care even people that aren’t even that into investing and like that into stocks are watching the stock right now.

It is absolutely incredible what’s going on. everybody’s watching this move and everybody that is making money from the stock congrats Kay, make sure you smash that thumbs up button on this video. As always, I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this one.

Okay, so look at the move Tesla stock has made just over the past three months from 700 to now 1500. Plus, look at the move it’s made since March 17 when it closed at 300. And I think it was right around $380 a share all the way four months later now we’re pushing over 1500 a share this move has been massive.

And what happens when the stock price goes up a lot. The market capitalization of that stock also goes up a lot. Okay. So the market capitalization of Tesla now is $286 billion. Okay. Definitely a rather large valuation and by far and away the biggest valuation of any of the quote unquote, automakers.

Okay, since you know, I know, Wall Street loves to say, you know, Tesla’s just an automaker, it’s the biggest market cap, if you want to compare them against Toyota and Ford and GM, and all those other companies out there in the market capitalization has risen quite dramatically in the past year.

I mean, you go back a year ago, the valuation as far as a market capitalization of Tesla was under 40 billion, okay, it was under 40 billion in here today, it’s well over 280 billion. And in this video, we’re not here to debate whether Tesla stock is overpriced or underpriced.

You know, that’s a subject for another video for another day. Okay. I mean, a lot of people feel like this is a bubble stock. They’re saying, meanwhile, you have other folks that feel like no, it’s not a bubble stock, and this is going to be a trillion plus dollar company.

And, you know, they’re talking about the cost curves and amazing things that company is doing, you know, once again, we’re not debating whether this company’s undervalued or overvalued, just as a shareholder is company somebody holding stock in it.

I need Elan musk to do something immediately that’s all I know. Okay. So I want to start out here looking at the cost of a Giga factory so roughly the Reno Giga factory you know, Costco sparks Nevada, okay, cost roughly around $5 billion, somewhere around there.

Okay. Tesla expects Gigafactory three in China to cost somewhere around 5 billion. So you know, you just look at this you can think of somewhere around roughly a Giga factory cost for Tesla is around 5 billion and this is where they can do batteries, they can actually assemble the cars and they can get the whole job done, okay.

And so you say well, each one of these Giga factories they built roughly around $5 billion, okay. Now, keep in mind Tesla is going to sell likely millions of autos per year from 2025 on okay. Think about the imagined Tesla in 2025 right? The model wise, fully ramped, the model three is fully ramped.

Cybertruck is fully ramped, the semi is fully ramped, you’ll still like they have Model S and Model X still doing what they do possibly possibly a model two or something. By that time, we’ll see what happens with that.

But in my opinion, somebody that’s very bullish on this company and big believer and I’ve thought this for a long time, I believe that you know, 2025 and on this company will be moving millions, millions of units per year.

Okay, millions per year. This is very, very important. Okay, not just that the solar business. This is something that Tesla’s taking more and more serious now that they’ve started to ramp up their auto business now they’re starting to take solar panels more serious.

What about solar roof? Okay, this is a product that’s finally ready to start ramping up. Imagine where that products gonna be three years from now, five years from now, seven years from now Okay. Then imagine the accessories business okay.

Just think about it. Well, if the if the company is moving millions of autos per year, then Gosh, I’m probably going to be moving a whole lot more accessories, right? So, imagine imagine Tesla’s moving 2 million, 3 million, 4 million 5 million autos per year, along with hundreds of 1000s of homes, having solar roofs installed, the amount of accessories that go along with this, okay.

And then imagine other future game changing products that Tesla doesn’t even have in the market that we don’t even know about, right? It’s not like Tesla’s just like, gonna stop producing new products as of now.

And it’s like, well, what we have now is what we’ll just have forever, and we’ll never come out with something new. Okay, there’s gonna be things way past the model three, and the model y, and cybertruck in the semi and all those things.

And I would imagine there’s going to be different types of Game Changer products that Tesla will get to over time that we aren’t even thinking about right now. Because we’re just so you know, focused on what’s going on with model three and model y and the other vehicles coming up. Okay.

So in my opinion, when you’re looking at all this, the company Tesla’s going to need at least five to seven new Giga factories built in the next seven years, in my opinion, okay, well, if you think about how does this company get to a place where they’re producing 2 million, 3 million.

4 million autos a year with the the solar roofs, the battery, pack, the accessories and potentially even other products out there, you need a lot more Giga factories, okay, it’s just flat out, you’re gonna need a lot more Giga factories than they have today.

We know Shanghai just opened at the end of 2019, right? And we know the European Giga factory should open, let’s say, within the next 12 to 24 months, somewhere in there, okay, they’re still gonna need a bunch more Giga factories after that.

Okay, that’s gonna be fine for demand here over the next year, two, three years, four years, five years, seven years out, I highly doubt Okay, so which means testing, he said, build a ton more Giga factories. So think about this for a moment, okay.

If the company builds five to seven more Giga factories, that’s going to be roughly anywhere from 25 billion to $35 billion more of cost for the company to build those Giga factories out, we’re talking about, you know, 10s of billions of dollars, okay.

And some folks feel like they’re gonna eat even more Giga factories and that, you know, that these are my numbers. Okay, so 25 to 35 billion is what’s needed. Okay, just to get those Giga factories up and running over the next seven years. Okay.

Now think about this for a moment, there are less than 1 million Tesla’s on the road here today. This is incredible, right? Less than 1 million and a Tesla’s on the road. I mean, you think about how large the market capitalization is of Tesla.

And this is why people say, well, the company is overvalued, because they’ve already got eight cars on the road, look at the valuation and things like that. Okay, by the way, two of those Tesla’s actually sit in my garage, I absolutely love those vehicles.

And I can never see like buying a gasoline car again, like it just wouldn’t make sense. Okay, so Tesla Think about this, I just made a prediction that Tesla will be selling millions of autos per year from 2025 on, okay, remember this, this is important, okay?

Because what do you need way more of, okay, you’re going to need way more service centers, okay, if Tesla’s gonna double up and triple up and quadruple up and 5x on the amount of cars that are on the road, if not 10x plus, over the next, say, five or seven years or so that are on the road, there’s going to be more problems with them.

Yeah, there are less problems with electric cars and other cars, but they’re still problems. Okay, there’s still things that go on. So you still gonna need way more service centers, okay. And if you’re not just building out a bunch more service centers, then you’re gonna need a ton more of these mobile service fans essentially, right?

Which is another you know, big investment you need a ton of these mobile vans and I’ve had serviced by the gentleman that drive those vans twice now, okay, one time my model three, the battery went out so that, you know, Tesla send somebody out to you know, change the battery.

The other time, actually, there was something going wrong with the model X’s Falcon wing door, which I guess is like a recurring issue. And kind of one of the more problematic, I guess, you could say parts on any of the Tesla’s and so those vans are showing up to my house at least twice now. Okay.

And imagine if there’s double, triple, quadruple 5x 7x, the amount of cars out there, guess what, there’s going to be double, triple quadruple 5x 7x the amount of problems which means you need, you know, a seven times the amount of the workers you need seven times the amount of vans out there.

Okay? What else do you need more if you’re gonna need way more superchargers Keep in mind, you know, some superchargers aren’t that busy. So you know, usually you can pull up on a see not that busy.

I mean, you can pull up and you can get in a spot right away, okay. But I can tell you, there’s some locations I’ve been to into and especially in like, like, you know, Southern California, where some of these locations, you could be looking at a 20 3040 minute wait, just to get to your supercharged Okay.

Now think about this for a moment. Imagine when there’s double, triple 5x 7x the amount of Tesla’s out there. What do you think’s gonna happen, those superchargers they’re going to be, you know, insanely overfilled.

And from a customer standpoint, as far as you know, you’re trying to you know, get everybody over the electric side. Things got to be convenient you can’t have people waiting six hours to you know supercharge a vehicle because they need a supercharged and they’re going from you know here in Vegas where I live to LA or something like that’s just completely unrealistic.

So you’re gonna need way more superchargers. So look at all this a bunch more service centers are going to need to be built over the next five to seven years a ton more service vans are going to be bought over the next five to seven years.

You’re gonna need a ton more superchargers you add up all those different things you were talking about billions upon billions of dollars of cost, this stuff is not free. Okay? billions upon billions of dollars in cost.

Okay, then you look at Tesla’s employee amount, right now Tesla has somewhere around roughly, let’s say 50,000 employees, okay. In my opinion, if you’re talking about this business is going to double, triple quadruple 5x 7x.

Up, I in my personal opinion, the company’s going to need to add 100,000 plus employees between 2021 and 2026. That number couldn’t be conservative. Okay. I think that’s a minimum of 100,000 plus employees add it from 2021 to 2026.

Guess what, those employees they cost money. Okay, not just in terms of salaries, we have so many extra taxes to pay if you’re somebody like Tesla to state and local governments, federal governments health insurance, so many different costs that are in relation to your business, when you’re hiring 100,000 200,000 employees.

It’s billions upon billions of dollars of cost investment in those employees. Okay. So needless to say, Tesla needs to invest at least 30 to $50 billion in the business over the next seven years. Okay. 30 to 50 billion over the next seven years.

That’s a minimum. And here’s the biggest point about that, that does not include the autonomous taxi network, which if you’re you know, really, really bullish about the stock and you’re you’re you know a ton about Tesla and where the vision is for this company where it’s going, Thomas taxi network is a huge plane here, okay?

It never mind if that’s going to be built out with your autonomous taxi network. For anybody unfamiliar, that’s essentially imagine Uber but without an Uber driver, essentially, okay, Lyft. But without a Lyft driver, and the Tesla knows how to drive itself around and just come and pick you up at your house or your work or wherever you need to go.

And boom, you get in it goes drops you off. And so think about that for a moment. 30 to 50 billion, in my opinion, need to be invested in the business over the next seven years, and doesn’t even include the autonomous taxi network. Okay.

The company as of right now has around $8 billion, roughly, of cash on hand. Okay, around $8 billion. Tesla profits are almost non existent for this company. Now this company is you know, getting more and more profitable as time goes on, as you know, historically lost money lost money, but they are starting to make some profits.

And guess what, the profits will be bigger and bigger in future years. But when you’re investing so much in the business, it’s really hard to make any substantial profits. So at least for the next two, three years, yeah, profitability might increase a little bit.

But guess what, it’s not going to increase dramatically. Nautica Olson have a year where they make $10 billion in profit. That’s not coming anytime soon. 1015 years from now. Okay. You know, we could talk about that. But that’s not happening anytime soon.

So Tesla as far as any type of major, major profitability. Oh, you know, it’s not happening. Okay. So if you’re thinking about this, and the company needs to invest 30 to $50 billion minimum my opinion in the business over the next seven years, and you’re not making any, like substantial profits are not expected to anytime soon.

Where in the world do you get the money to do that? Okay, cuz I know no bank out there, especially any wall street bank is going to loan them $40 billion or $50 billion. That’s not happening. Okay. Where did you get that money? Okay. raise capital.

This gets me to my Elan musk point, Ilan musk raised capital, I just built you guys out a point on why this business needs ridiculous amounts of capital to really, you know, achieve what they can achieve over the next seven years.

They need to raise capital in a massive way. You must please like, this is the time to do it. Okay. Let’s go ahead and run some numbers from a you know, fellow finance nerds out there. Let’s go ahead and run some numbers if we haven’t written enough numbers already in this video and your brain is not fried.

Okay. So Tesla as of right now, $286 billion market cap, very large. Okay. So imagine when you raise capital, essentially, you’re diluting shareholder value. And this is why most people including myself, usually don’t like you know, basically share dilution because our shares become worth less, at least in the short term, okay.

But imagine this case, a 1%. dilution of Tesla stock right now would raise $2.86 billion. Okay, nearly $3 billion dollars Tesla could raise with just a 1% dilution the share count, okay, a 3% dilution of Tesla’s share count right now would raise about 8.5 billion dollars. Okay, think about that for a moment.

8.5 billion, that’s more than Tesla has on hand period right now remember, the company only has a billion on hand right now. So we’re talking about if they just diluted 3% of the shareholder value, they could raise more cash than what they have in the total balance sheet right now. Okay. And I think this could be.

I think they could pull this off very easily over the next week or two. Okay, if they really wanted to go big, they really wanted to go huge. And they want to, you know, raise a ton of capital right now, you do a 6% dilution, that would be massive.

Okay, you know, Tesla hasn’t done a 6% dilutions, anytime recently, but at a 6% dilution, the company would raise $17 billion, okay, that’s going to build you out a whole bunch of Gigafactory, and service centers and superchargers and a bunch of other stuff, Kay, that would be beautiful, okay, in my opinion, now is the time you don’t wait until the Tesla stock goes down.

Whenever that happens if the market gets weak, or if if the stock happens to go down, and then all sudden you have some bad news come out, and then all sudden, you have a scare in the stock price, and then all sudden you have panic selling, you don’t wait for a situation like that.

You do it when your stock is just everybody’s insanely bullish on in, everything’s looking great. And the stock price has gone up tremendously. I think I’m up like 555% of some insane number on my Tesla shares in a matter of probably like two years now.

It’s the time in my opinion, they should do at least a 3% dilution. Okay, I think this is a number where you’re not, you know, diluting so much where, you know, and would necessarily cause the stock to just, you know, go through the floor or something like that.

But I think they could easily dilute 3%, you raise $8.5 billion, roughly, okay. And think about, they have already about $8 billion of cash on hand. So it’s that we’re talking, they got 16 plus billion, if they did a 3% dilution, right now, it’s the time to do it, in my opinion, get it done this upcoming week, like why the stock is 15 $100?

Plus, don’t get greedy and say, Well, maybe it can go to 1600 to 1800, or 2000. If it does that great. Hey, you can, if you want to look more at that time, if it was to go up there, we can do that, okay, absolutely do that.

But at the end of the day, 16 billion plus, and with only a 3% dilution done, that would be beautiful. Okay, imagine if they dilute 6%. Remember, that would raise I think it was over what $17 billion dollars.

And then on top of that, they already have the $8 billion of cash on hand we’re talking about the company would then have 25 plus billion dollars on the balance sheet, you’re talking about, you know, so many years on an investment in front of this company that they wouldn’t even they I don’t my opinion.

If Tesla raised that much money, and they had 25 billion, I don’t think the company would ever need to raise cash again in its history. And technically, Tesla doesn’t need to raise cash. I just think if they want to accelerate the company’s mission.

Remember is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles sustainable energy, right, if the company is going to do that, they need to accelerate the amount of Giga factories, they build research and development employees and everything else across the board.

Okay, and so yeah, if they if they got like 25 billion plus in the balance sheet, they’ll never need to raise another Penny, because this business will within the next few years start pulling in a billion plus dollars of net income per year, and then 2 billion and 3 billion, 5 billion and eventually the the profits will be quite substantial for this company.

And so eventually they won’t even never need to worry about raising money again. But I just think if you’re going to really get up mass bill out over the next three five years this company and just you know spend a lot of money just raise the money get you know.

25 billion that would be you know, that would be you’re just looking at gaming either was already kind of game over for all the competitors against Tesla right now. But just imagine if all suddenly have a fortress balance sheet of 25 plus billion it’s just a crazy number.

Okay, I really want to hear your guy’s opinion on this. I know not everybody was able to keep up with the video on some of you guys might have never even heard of raising capital before and some of those sorts of things.

I know not everybody’s you know, been the stock market for a long time but if you’re somebody that’s a shareholder like me and this company and you have a strong opinion on this, I would love to hear from you if you think the company should raise money anytime soon.

If you think the company shouldn’t raise money if you don’t want to insurance diluted I would really love to hear your guy’s opinion I think it would increase the business dramatically and get the build out done and get any worries about any cash burn or anything out of the way but let me know your opinion that comment section.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always a little bit of an in depth one move round numbers and test the stock and everything that’s going on there. So definitely smash the thumbs up button and just so you guys.

know I have an exclusive video. The first link down there in description teaches you exactly how to create a low risk, high reward stock market account from scratch. So if you’re interested in checking that out, definitely check out the first link in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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