Elon Musk Just Pulled A Miracle For Tesla! No One Is Talking About It!

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Over this past weekend, Elon Musk pulled a miracle for Tesla that one is talking about! Well, here today I will tell you about the great miracle Elon Musk pulled off for Tesla over this past weekend.

If you didn’t already know Tesla is building a massive factory in China called the Tesla shanghai gigafactory or Tesla gigafactory 3. This is amazing because this is the first Tesla factory outside of the US but not only that, it is also the first non JV factory for any US auto company in Japan.

The Tesla Shanghai gigafactory will be used for the production of Tesla Model 3s, Tesla Model Ys and that is it. The Tesla Model 3 in China should be a great seller. China wants to move away from internal combustion engines and focus on electric vehicles. Tesla is obviously the biggest electric vehicle EV maker in the world. It is a match made in heaven especially with Elon Musks’ charming personality and the fact that Tencent (a huge Chinese conglomerate) owns 5% of Tesla stock.

Now over the weekend Elon Musk and Tesla got a 10% tax break from the Chinese government on sales of the Model 3, Model Y, and other Teslas made in China. This is massive for Tesla. Not sure how Elon Musk pulled this off with the bad USA and China trade tensions but he did. This will make Tesla $1,000s of dollars cheaper. Phenomenal news for Tesla, Tesla stock, and Elon Musk!

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Well Holy smoke is is a no joke that Elan musk just pulled a miracle and I hear hardly anybody talking about this. This is unbelievable guys, I’m gonna go ahead and share this with you 4444 thumbs up and I will buy a Tesla cowboy hat. All right, so this miracle Ilan musk pulled over the weekend had to do with something that happened in China.

Okay. Now first off, if you didn’t already know Tesla is building a Shanghai Giga factory right now okay in China and this thing, it’s been up and then all this alone has been a miracle. Okay, how fast this thing has gone up like literally, it was just mud land back in January.

And now if you look at this, this project is literally almost finished. Okay, this is a miracle. But I would say this is more of a miracle of like the workers over there in China in those construction companies to build a massive factory like this in such a such a rapid amount of time.

Okay, this is like 80 to 90% done. And you think about that, like in a nine month span. It’s ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous what they’ve done, they’ve already made one, model three in the factory already, they should get to some type of big production here within the next three to four months.

So that’s all a beautiful thing. Okay. But meanwhile, you have a lot of trade tensions going on right now, if you didn’t know there’s a war going on. It’s an economic war between the United States and China right now. There’s tariffs being thrown back and forth.

There’s even things that have come out like the Huawei ban, right, where US companies can’t even sell into Huawei. They’ve been blocked by the US government. This has led to some boycotts of even Apple products, right? If you look at like iPhone sales in China this year, it’s been a complete disaster.

Okay, the sum of these quarters, China’s iPhone sales have been down more than 30%. And this is all unprecedented, right? Because the US and China have been on really good terms for last few decades. It’s put it that way. And recently, over the past few years, it has gotten really ugly between the two countries.

And there’s a lot of animosity, there’s a lot of hatred there. And there’s a lot of like pushback to US companies doing business in China because of the trade war and tariffs and people being scared and things like that. Okay, so needless to say, right now, China’s not liking a lot of US companies and things like that, because they feel like you know, the United States is trying to hurt China.

And then you have the one shining star of the United States of America that China seems to like this guy. It’s like the one American China likes right now. And his name is Ilan musk. Okay. Now, first off, we just talked about that Giga factory that’s in production, right?

That’s the first that’s the first auto manufacturer from the US that has ever been allowed to do a factory that is not a joint venture in China. Okay. So that by itself is just an amazing thing that that China would allow Tesla to have 100% ownership in their own factory in China.

No one’s been allowed to do that. For GM, everybody else. They’ve always had to do joint ventures where it’s basically like, you know, part their factory and part of Chinese companies factory. Okay, so the fact that they got to this stage, this is absolutely unbelievable.

Now, if you didn’t already know, a few days ago, Ilan Musk was actually in Shanghai. Okay, there’s a video that actually went viral here on YouTubes got 864,000 views. This thing was streamed five days ago, which is amazing. That’s absolutely amazing number because usually like interviews with CEOs.

Like no one watches those cases up like business nerds, like myself outside of us, like hardly anybody watches those type of videos, but this got a massive amount of views. So Ilan Musk was just in Shanghai. Okay. And so this leads me to like, what was the amazing thing that Ilan must pull off?

If I mean, look at all the amazing things is already pulled off, especially in relation to China, but he pulled off something here in China specifically in the past few days. That’s absolutely amazing. And we got to ask ourselves, why was he able to pull this off? Because this is sick, guys.

This is absolutely sick. Okay, no one’s talking about this. Ilan musk lands a 10%. tax break for Tesla vehicles during that China visit a 10%. tax break. Okay. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly charmed his way into a favorable deal. In China, the billionaire announced that Tesla cars would be exempted from a 10% tax that’s typically reserved for domestic electric vehicle makers, Bloomberg reported this is unbelievable guys a 10% tax break is absolutely huge.

When you think about you know how much a Tesla would sell for something like that. Like we’re talking about a 10 if you’re talking about 10% tax break, we’re talking about 1000s upon 1000s of dollars for each vehicle sold. These are huge numbers. Okay, these shouldn’t be like like brushed off to the side no one paying attention them. This is a massive massive deal. Okay.

10% on you know, a vehicle is $40,000 like that’s $4,000 Okay, on a vehicle It’s $80,000. Now we’re talking about $8,000 this is this is mind blowing numbers okay to get that type of tax break must announcement came after he met with Li XIAO PING Sorry, I have an in pronouncing name right, China’s Transport Minister.

According to the report, the transport minister also toured the site of a future Tesla factory. The one I was just talking about near Shanghai there, right? That’s gonna be, you know, Tesla’s first factory outside of the United States. Okay, so this is unbelievable. This is unbelievable stuff than that.

Ilan musk can just like, pull these type of things off, like, wow, I always talk about like, it’s the miracle that Ilan musk can like, raise so much money so easily. It’s, you know, it’s an talent to do that. Okay. So also a talent to know how to strategically put yourself in positions of power.

And if we look at what Elan Musk has done here, like, you know, United States and China are not on good terms. Right now. The China doesn’t want that much to do with a lot of US companies. You have Ilan Musk, a shining star and like, why is this Okay, well, how is he able to do this?

Okay. Well, if you didn’t know back in 2017, you must meet a very strategic move a very, very smart move back in 2017. Okay. Basically, China’s Tencent which is one of China’s biggest companies, okay. If you think about China’s like biggest companies, a lot of times you’re gonna think about Alibaba, and you’re gonna think about Tencent.

Okay, China’s Tencent announced that it had bought a 5% stake in Tesla, that was worth $1.8 billion, the Chinese firm will be a passive investor. But it was also reported that Ilan musk would get expected advice on how to expand into China, which is a potentially enormous market for the automaker.

And as you guys know, I’ve talked time and time again on this channel about why I think, you know, China could long term five years from now even be the biggest market for Tesla overall, because like China’s all about e V’s and Ilan Musk is so in with like the Chinese government, what not, I can see like TAs are putting up amazing numbers.

So you think about that investment. It was very, very strategic by Elan musk and Tesla there to go ahead and allow Tencent to invest nearly $2 billion into the company, yet Tencent gets part ownership in the business. And so they want to see it succeed, but they can help you know, test will become a massively bigger company over time, it was a great move in 2017.

You know, Elon Musk, I never liked the Solar City deal. And I gave him a lot of crap for that. But the deal with Tencent phenomenal okay deserves all the credit in the world for that. All right. Now, also, if you didn’t know, China’s in a race to become the global leader in electric vehicles.

Now why is China trying so hard to become the leader in electric vehicles, as far as you know, having most people drive electric vehicles? Well, at the end of the day, China’s middle class, as you know, has been going through an absolute boom, okay, we’ve seen 10s of millions of people in China get to the middle class each year, pretty much okay.

Now, these are unprecedented numbers. Why? Because you have 1.31 point 4 billion people living in China, right? And you have the Chinese economy that has been unbelievably strong for the last decade or two. So every single year, you’re gonna have you know, 10 million people, 20 million people, 30 million people going into the middle class.

What do people do when they get into the middle class? Well, they buy homes and they buy cars, okay, and then they buy stuff, but cars is a really, really big one. And if you didn’t already know China has a lot of pollution problems. Okay. A lot of pollution problems.

The more and more people that get in the middle class more people that buy cars, more people that buy cars more people that drive cars, more people that drive cars means more and more pollution in your cities and when you see some of these pictures like it’s unbelievable Okay.

There’s been a study done that basically air pollution is killing 4000 plus people a day in China okay a day these are these are you know, ridiculous numbers so it’s almost like it’s literally pretty much like a health crisis in China. The air pollution is so bad in China that it is literally like a health crisis in China.

Okay, so you know, they want to get onto electric vehicles as fast as possible needless to say, okay, you want to know how bad it is? They’re literally companies in Canada and even Alaska that are bottling up air Yes, you heard me right. They’re bottling up air and selling it to people that live in China.

Okay, look at this guy. He’s selling these cans of air literally it’s just air pumped in you know from people that live in Canada or people who live in Alaska, you know, where the air can be really clean in a lot of those cities. They literally pump the air into these cans and they sell them for.

I think it’s something like $32 A can you get like 150 breaths or something like that? It look at this you put it to your mouth and you breathe in the air this lady had like one like I don’t know hooked up to her arm or something like that. So this is literally become a business model. Okay.

And you think about like, a few decades ago it was ridiculous for people even think about like bottled water. People are like what people are going to buy a bottle of water that you can get from like the faucet over there, something like that. Right? You know, people thought that was absolutely ridiculous.

And now you’re going through this wave that pollution is so bad in China that people like if you live in like a place where hardly anybody lives and is supposed to have really Good air quality, like you need to get on and right now can start your million dollar business of selling air in that place to like people that live in China because that is absolutely ridiculous, most ridiculous thing.

But needless to say, it’s a serious problem. It’s a health epidemic that’s going on in China, the pollution is killing me, you know, 1000s upon 1000s of people every single day, because there’s so bad over there. So the Chinese government wants electric vehicles to be the thing.

And guess who’s the electric vehicle leader and then the world its tests, okay, they’re putting up the biggest numbers. And the you know, China has been a very small market for the company in recent years. And imagine what they can do once that factory is up and going and maybe build another factory.

And Ilan Musk is a one American that seems to get along so good with the Chinese government whatnot. And we know that our Chinese investments in Tesla so needless to say, when you look at all those different factors, it’s actually you know, a great thing for for Tesla in the 10% tax break.

I have no clue why no one’s talking about this guys. This is literally a massive thing. Like we’re talking about 1000s of dollars on each and every vehicle by that 10% tax break. Okay, this is big money type stuff. This isn’t like little chump change or something like that, guys.

So anyways, let me know your opinion on this. Make sure to smash that thumbs up button. As always, this is absolutely incredible stuff more people need to be talking about this, in my opinion, make sure you go ahead and share this video out with some of your Tesla friends and whatnot.

And some of the fans of Tesla as this needs to be told, like hardly anybody’s talking about it. I haven’t seen that much posts online and in my opinion, it’s a huge thing that people should be talking about. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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