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Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has warned short sellers that they have 3 weeks to cover their short position before it loses them a lot of money. Elon musk is highly unconventional and so is his company Tesla motors.

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Oh my word Ilan Musk is throwing haymakers at short sellers guys. We have some craziness that he has come out and said he is now starting to hype out Tesla stock in a major way. We’re going to look at that also the Tesla is now suing a former employee.

We’re gonna look at that as well. This is getting crazy guys. Ilan must tell shorts on Twitter. They have three weeks to cover before losing their money. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a CEO say something like that.

That is insane. Tesla CEO and Chairman Ilan musk went after shorts on Twitter over the weekend. He warns that people shorting the stock have around three weeks to cover if they don’t want to lose their money.

So someone on Twitter sent him a you know, tweeted Adam, short seem to be freaking out over the assembly line being in a quote unquote 10. Can you elaborate on the situation with the lines as this guy.

Elon Musk responds, they’d have about three weeks before their short position explodes. Okay, this is crazy guys. This is like major indirect typing of your stock. Okay, the direct typing would be like our stocks that I go to.

You know, our stocks at $200 going to $300, sometimes two and then kind of be direct. This is more indirect, but it’s basically hyping out your stock day because you’re telling short sellers, you have three weeks to cover your shares before this stock absolutely explodes.

This is straight height. Now at this point, Tesla stock has rally way over 20% since June when they had their annual shareholder meeting when CEO Ilan must promise profitability in the third quarter. Okay.

And also they announced that they were going to layoff about 4100 workers. As you guys know, I covered that on this channel. They also announced Well, they didn’t announce but it came out that Ilan musk bought around 72,000 Tesla shares, okay, spending nearly $25 million to do so.

Alright, then we also know they’re trying to hit this 5000 model threes per week. And you know, that’s a big, big goal there. We we know they’ve been, you know, not even getting close to that number.

Until maybe recently. in about three weeks, Tesla is expected to report on whether they hit those manufacturing goals are right there. So this kind of makes sense. He’s saying you know, if you have three weeks to cover well in three weeks to expect to report on.

If they actually hit these manufacturing goals. All right over the weekend must also question one individual who’s basically kind of like a troll of Tesla and Elon Musk and whatnot, on on Twitter.

And he basically, you know, kind of is like, hey, what is your short position? All right, because this guy named Tesla charts was he like I said he kind of like trolls, Tesla and trolls, Ilan musk and whatnot.

You know, my says how big is your short position, just curious. So he’s kind of, you know, talking trash, he claims that he just doesn’t want anybody to lose money out there. Basically, this is hyping out your stock.

Alright, so let’s move on to this next story. And we’ll get back to that last one. Okay, so Tesla Sue’s former employee for allegedly stealing gigabytes of data, making false claims to media. Tesla is suing former process engineer Martin Tripp for allegedly illegally exporting data and making false claims to reporters.

The suit alleges he took his action in retaliation for being reassigned after he allegedly had job performance problems, and was combative and disruptive toward fellow employees. All right, so we got a lawsuit going there.

Who knows how that’s gonna shake out there. That’s certainly newsworthy, but I’m telling you this other part is way bigger, because this is so unconventional for a CEO of a big company to do this, to, to come out and say.

You know, Oh, you got three weeks to cover shorts, because our sock is about to explode higher. That is that’s a big, big thing. That’s almost like a big, big No, no, you don’t do in business.

You’re trying to you know, if you’re running a public company, you try to never hype your stock. Okay? If you asked a direct question about your stock in, maybe they’re asked you, you know.

Do you think your stocks are undervalued or something? That’s fair game to say? Yeah, I think our stock is undervalued based upon what we’ve done based upon historical standards based upon where we’re going.

But to flat out come out on Twitter, and say, You got three weeks to cover shorts before your ass is burned. That is huge. Guys. That is absolutely huge. This is so unconventional, okay, this is so unconventional, but then again, unconventional list that got some guy in the White House. Okay.

So you know, if you’re gonna become president united states, going through an unconventional way of getting there, you can probably, you know, have a business succeed through an unconventional way.

Which is really what he’s doing because the conventional way, people will say, you know, you build profits, you take those profits and put them back in company and build the company that way, Tesla’s never made a profit.

They haven’t been profitable. Elon Musk has, you know, he’s obviously been a huge success in getting his company where it is, but at the same time, he’s put a lot of numbers out there that he has not met, the company has not met. And a lot of people in business would say, Man.

If this was another CEO he already been fired a long, long time ago, because when a CEO doesn’t says we’re gonna hit this number, and then they don’t hit that number, there’s hell to pay and then you do that a couple more times, and you’re out, okay.

Whereas, you know, Musk is kind of, you know, kind of kind of gotten a, you know, a way through on he’s missed numbers a ton of times, and you know, no one’s kind of a blink of an eye and it’s like, okay.

Whatever, you know, they still got the long term vision there. So this is absolute craziness guys, that’s all you have to say this is craziness like to come and see it. Like Could you imagine Bill Gates or or Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett going on Twitter and be like.

If you’re short our stock you have three weeks to cover your ass just toast like this is crazy guys. Tesla is a very hot stock, I’m guessing he just you know, they’re they’re getting to a point where they’re going to hit that number of 5000 model threes and he thinks.

Because they’re going to hit that number the stocks going to explode we’re gonna have to see like just because they hit that number might already be baked in remember the stocks up well over 20% just in the past, you know, let’s say month or so.

So up well over 20% in the past month, maybe a maybe things are already baked in or maybe he’s just going to be right and next thing you know, the shares are gonna be 500 $600. After you know, they come out and tell what numbers they hit and whatnot.

This should be very, very interesting, guys. I would love to hear your opinion, that comment section. Do you think Tesla is a smart short position to add do you think is more of a long position? Are you invest in Tesla.

Do you own a Tesla? Do you want to Tesla I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, all my premium courses are linked down there in the description. Make sure you get my stock market membership group.

If you’re an advanced investor, that is a phenomenal value for you out there. Make sure you get in there with me. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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